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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 35

Amongst the people I brought,

these ten are the best at qing-gongT/N: "-qing-gong" martial arts skill for making thebody light.

They are also experts in using poisons.

Chief Mei, please order them as you see fit.

Thank you.

Everyone rest well tonight

As for the specifics of our plan,

I will go over the details with everyone tomorrow.


Please follow me.

For this mission, we have no other choice but to
do it in Yaowang Valley's name,

thank you Old Master.

It was to save him that I chased all the way here

with the young ones.

So there is no need for thanks.

It's only that this plan may not be without risk.

If we miscalculate and lose,
I'm afraid there will be a period of time

where Yaowang Valley will suffer.

This I have thought over already.

Such a dangerous mission,

it's quite likely someone will slip up,
if anyone gets caught.

Just say it was its people from my Yaowang Valley.

Don't involve anyone else.

Anyway, Yaowang valley is far outside their sphere of influence.

As long as we go into the murky forests,

I can afford the delay, they can't.

Fei Liu? How did you get in here?

Burn this.

Fei Liu, are you sure you want me to burn it?

You don't want me to read what the letter says?

You are just too cute.

Take Prince Ji to Gong Yu's place.

I need to think on this.


I burnt it, okay?

Your Highness, where did you go?

I wanted to go to Xuanjing Bureau to see Wei Zheng
but Xia Jiang would not allow me.

In fact he looked unhappy that I showed up.

I think at this time

Director Xia doesn't want people

to know that you and he are working
together; especially his three disciples.

Xuanjing Bureau's inviolable rule over successive generations was to not get involved in politics.

Each executive officer has absolute independence over their cases.

Even though Xia Jiang is the Director,

but he still can't openly do whatever he wants.

So in the future, if there is any
message you wish delivered to Diector Xia

it would be best to pass it through my Fourth Sister.

Speaking of your Fourth Sister

what is with her attitude?

Does she not want to do work for me?

Every time I have her do something, there
is some sort of delay.

If she did not have connection with Xia Jiang
and was appointed to transfer messages,

I would never have put up with her disrespects.

I know Fourth sister has many shortcomings.

Except Xia Jiang does not trust many people.

No matter how bad my fourth sister is
she was one of the originals.

Even if she leaves in the future,
she would never betray us.

So I hope your Highness can be magnanimous
and be lenient with her.

Since you have been by my side for many years

I will give her another chance.

But remember, it is because of you.

My respects to you, Prince Consort.

Miss Qin is also here.

We are sisters, no need to be so polite.

I did not know that you and the prince were
discussing things here,

and came in unexpectedly.

I hope your highness don't mind.

You are the Prince Consort, you can come
to my study anytime you want.

Who would blame you?

I don't have any important business.

I will take my leave, I hope Prince Consort would not mind.

How are things in the palace today?

The Empress says that Consort Jing
apart from receiving gifts during the New Years banquet,

for last few days, she has constantly been receiving gifts.

But Prince Jing, after paying his New Years respect on the first,

hasn't entered the palace again in the last 3 days.

Not sure for what reason.

What other reason is there.

He's busy digging his own grave.

There's one more thing that the empress wanted me to tell you.

What is it?

The empress received a secret report from someone
in the Zhiluo palace,

saying that Consort Jing secretly erected

a memorial tablet for the former
Consort Chen in her private room,

and often pays respects to it.

Consort Chen's memorial tablet?

This is a great catch!

Consort Jing is really looking for death herself!

She is Prince Jing's greatest help at the moment.

If she falls, then Prince Jing will definitely
lose power and out of concern.

What are the Empresses' plans?

The Empress knows that this a big issue,

she hasn't made any moves in case they notice.

So she had me tell you first,

so that we can co-operate, inside and outside the palace.

Find the right time and attack.

Good, good.

I don't need to worry about the Empresses' methods.

Even if Consort Jing is exemptible from the death
she'll hardly be exemptible from punishment

This woman is really very much like his son,

so stupid.

- Young Master Yan.
- Is Prince Ji in?

Yes. Our Prince was just feeling bored. Please.


I have discussed the details

of the mission with everyone several time.

In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong,
I want to go over the exact steps

and route again with everyone.

The mission will at noon tomorrow.

Xuanjing Bureau will be changing guards, hence their defense will be at the loosest.

After meeting up with Xia Dong on the street outside,

she will lead you through the front gate.

- Wang Yuan,
- Here

You will take 15 people and remain outside to stand guard.

- Zheng Xuting
- Here

You will take 30 people and take orders from Xia Dong,

Tomorrow, Xia Jiang, Xia Chun, and Xia Qiu

will all not be at Xuanjing Bureau.

In the beginning, everything will go smoothly.

But no matter how slowly the on duty
Junior Executive Officer reacts,

at most you'll only be able to make it to
the outskirts of the dungeon.

From there, you need to start a full on assault.

Remember, Xia Dong will not help you.

she will only observe,

What you need to do is, no matter the cost
make your way into the inner court,

reach your respective target locations, then rush out.

The poisonous powers and insects you
had us prepare will be used at this time?


At that time, we will be fully dependent on the
skills of the Yaowang Valley.

There will be many officers inside Xuanjing Bureau.
So the place will be lacking in space.

Poisonous powders and insects will be most effective.

You are all one in a hudred master
Once the other party become loose

you'll be able to get back out.

Xiao-Yujin you've finally decided to come visit me.

You may all leave, go on.


I've got something good to show you.

What do you think.

What a fantastic new composition.

Where did you get this?

Come sit, sit, sit, sit,

Let me tell you,

since it's the mourning period,

almost all of the Music Houses have closed.

I invited some top composers and let them stay in my manor.

They composed it.

I was thinking, how in the Capital

only you would be able to appreciate it.

Your Grace, you're always praising me,

but you're the singular one, who knows
how to appreciate the good things in life.

Come, come, drink.

Of course, I realize,

your ears have been pampered by Miaoying House.

These compositions, no matter how good,
must still sound relatively simple and rough to you.

Is it not like for you as well?

Surely I'm not the only one who's captivated

by Miss Gong Yu's skills.

Miaoying House. Ah Miaoying House.

What a pity.

How could they have colluded with bandits?

You believe that?

Are you saying that they didn't?

Colluding with bandits. What group of bandits?

Do they have a name?

Is there records at the Ministry of Justice?

Who's the main accuser?

On what basis?

Completely fictitious.

Since they've been wronged,

why did the people in Miaoying House hide before hand?

That's very simple,

colluding with bandits is false,
but them offending a person is true.

They offended someone they shouldn't,
if they don't hide, are they to wait for death?

No way,

we are in the Capital, who could be so flagrant.

Your Grace, should know who gave the orders,

and who went to arrest them that day.

On that, I do know some details.

It was guards from the Grand Court of Review and

the orders were given by Prince Yu's brother-in-law, Zhu Yue.

Are you saying that, that Zhu Yue has some designs on Miss Gong.

Have you just understood now?

Zhu Yue is a lecher, everyone in the Capital knows this.

Miss Gong obvious does not want to cross him.

So she decided to hide for while
and find some other means of work.

Wait a minute,

how can you

know what Miss Gong is thinking?

Xiao-Yujin, did you hide her away?

I... I did not.

You cannot talk nonsense your Grace.

It's all over your face.

Tell me the truth, how is she now.

I really do worry about her.

When you retreat tomorrow, you must be quick

as long as you can get outside, things will be easier.

But once they're outside it'll be open spaces
that'll be advantageous to Xuanjing Bureau's guards.

Why would it be easier?

Tomorrow, the Taihang thief who stole Baoguang Hall

will coincidentally appear outside Xuanjing Bureau.

When you break out, the Capital Patrols
will be there to catch the thief.

When the two groups run into each other,
the situation will become messy.

I can just imagine the great scene.

I hope that everyone here can
all safely return.

Do not leave anyone behind, understood?


Your Grace, don't overthink it.
I did not hide Miss Gong Yu,

it was because she was in a difficult
situation when she escaped,

and came to me for help
so I helped her.

She's doing quite well now, she
even composed a new song.

When I went to visit for the New Years
I even listened to it.

Take me to see her, you must take me.
She and myself, we are friends as well.

When she is in trouble, I can't not go see her.

-But what, what are you afraid of? Zhu Yue?

What can that brat do to me?

Even if Prince Yu finds out, he will not
argue with me on this because I'm his elder.

Your Grace, it's fine to bring you to see her

but Miss Gong Yu isn't in the best of moods

she probably doesn't want to see
anyone people of nobility.

What do you mean? What kind of person am I?
Am I like those other people?

I must go, lets go, lets go now.

Your Grace, don't rush, look at what time it is now.

Alright, alright. I can't win against you.

I'll just brave Miss Gong Yu's blame,
and take you tomorrow.

No backing out.

Shifu, just now, a servant from Marquise Yan's manor
delivered a letter, saying you must read it personally.

- Yan Que?
- Yes

Shifu, what is it?

Yan Que invited me to meet with him at

Hanzhong Taoist Temple outside the city tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning?

You haven't talked to Marquise Yan for many years.

Why is he inviting you out now?
He must have some goal in mind.

No matter what his goal is,

I have to go.

Why is that?

In the letter, he says he has news of the
one I miss most.

Shifu, does the Marquis Yan know where
little shidi is?T/N: shidi - younger male under the tutelage of the same master

It's been over ten years since Shiniang left with Shidi.
T/N: Shiniang - the wife of one's Shifu

No matter if he is speaking the truth or not

I have to go.

Then I'll go with you.

-Is everything ready?
-Yes young master.

- Yujin
- Father

-Are you ready?
-Yes, we can go now.

Lets go.

Let's go.

Here, take this.

The last few days, listening to Chief Mei
discuss military tactics

everything is so detailed, I am very impressed.

This is not too different to fighting a war.

Organize your troops, understand your enemies,

come up with different tactics
according to the geography of the place

and be able to extrapolate on possible scenarios.

This is the basics of the art of war, nothing special.

Chief Mei, have you fought a war before?

It's a waste that a genius like you is not commanding an army.


Today is the 5th, are you going to Mount Gu again?

I only visit him once a year,
I don't want to miss it.

Nie Feng will understand your heart,
it is cold on the mountains, bring some more clothes.

That's right, there's something that I need help with.

What is it?

I have a case in my hands and have
recently found an important witness.

A person called Jia Xi who owns a fabric store
in Chisang Town

I'm worried that things will change if I go a day later.

So, can you make a trip for me

and bring this person back for me as a precaution?

Just a small matter, leave it to me.
Don't worry, I won't delay your case.

Thank you brother.

Then lets go out together.


Your highness, it's all ready.

Thank you brother.

We are siblings, no need to thank me.
Have another drink with Nie Feng for me.


Your Excellency did not say you were coming today,
I have not prepared anything.

It's fine, I just need a quiet room with some tea.

I am hosting an old friend.

Brother Xia.

This Hanzhong temple is hard to find,
so many side roads on the way.

You were riding but still arrived later than me
even though I was in a carriage.

How do we know that wasn't because you left first?

I brought you here to read the sutras,
why are you following me.

Father, do I have to do it for the whole day?

If you carry on you'll have to do it for two days.

Director Xia, I'll take my leave.

This child, I've spoilt him, can't take any suffering.

I think Yujin is still good, quite like
you when you were younger.

Brother Xia, when I was younger I was never as pompus.

But children all grow up too quickly

if Brother Xia's child was still here,

he'd probably be like Yujin.

Did Marquis Yan invite me to stand here and chat?

Of course not, Brother Xia, lets go in.

Your Highness.

Director Xia asked me to deliver a message.
Your highness please find an excuse to enter the Palace today and stay be his Majesty's side.

Enter the palace?

Did he explain why?

Since Director Xia wants you to be in the palace,
he must have his reasons.

Is then?

This temple's tea is said to be superb.

Brother Xia, please try it.

Marquis Yan, in your letter, you said you know
the whereabouts of someone I care for,

did you mean my son?

Back then, because of the Hua tribe Princess, Princess Xuanji,
your lady friend,

you left your wife to herself and

ignored the advice of your good friends.

It resulted in your wife leaving you with your son in anger
and till this day you still don't know where they are.

Even though it's been years since this happened and things have changed with the passage of time

but, Brother Xia, you are still only concerned about your son

and not your wife, with whom you've taken vows.

This is my family matter. It doesn't concern you.

If it really didn't concern me,
why did you come upon seeing the letter?

I came over today to ask just one question.

Back then you would not tell
me anything about my son whereabouts,

why are you willing to tell me today?

After all this time, Brother Xia has
always thought

we were not willing to tell you what really happened back then.

But you are wrong.

Your wife was determined to leave.

She didn't tell anyone where she was going.



I am thinking she must have been completely heartbroken.

Brother Xia, put yourself in her shoes and think about it for a moment.

Back then, in a moment of kindness,

she rescued the enslaved Princess Xuanji of a vanquished nation from Yeyou Hall,

and cared and cherished her like a mother and sister.

She didn't think there was anyone in the world who would be so heartless and repay kindness with ingratitude.

After she saw what was going on between the two of you,
it's not that she didn't give you any chances,

it's just that you were unwilling to repent at the time.

So all her hopes were dashed and she left your son.

The reason why she hid her whereabouts,

I think, was because she wanted to break off from the past.

Greetings, Prince Yu.

Gao Gong-gong, is father's in a good mood today?

Very good. It's the new years,
of course he would be.

Then I'll just be making things better.

Nanzhou, sent a curious rock as tribute,
Father will be even happier when he see it.

If its just that,

then why did you invite me out today?

Brother Xia, you must let me
finish what I have to say.

It's true that when she left, she didn't tell anyone her whereabouts.

Except that five years ago

she did suddenly sent some news to me.

Why was it given to you?

It's probably because of all the old friends in the capital
most have been eradicated by you,

the only person left was me.

Brother Xia, have you really
forgotten what you did?

What did she say?

She said she was sick and didn't have much time left,
her only hope is that,

during Qingming, her friends can send some prayers.
T/N: Qingming - tomb sweeping festival


Your son contracted a disease to the
brain and died at a young age.

You think I will believe this?

Brother Xia, this is the letter

whether you believe it not, is up to you.

You two were disciple siblings.

Even though the two of you are no longer
together, I am sure you will still recognizeher handwriting.

This should be the last thing she left behind in this world,

you dare to tear it apart?

Then why did you not tell me at the time!

This letter was for me

there was no indication in it that she
wanted me to let you know.

So, whether to tell you, or when to tell you

it is my decision.

When I first received this letter, I did not
want to say anything.

But today, I suddenly wanted to tell you. That is all.

Master. Master, calm down.

Marquis Yan.

If I am correct,

Prince Jing is planning the rescue today,
isn't he?

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Officer Xia Dong.

Keep the door open. Keep the door open.

Who is supervising today?

It's Junior Officer Kang and Junior Officer Tang.

Tell them to meet me in the East Hall.


Prison raid?

Of course, raiding my Xuanjing Bureau's prison.

To save Chiyu battalions Lieutenant Wei Zheng.

What do you mean by that?

The dungeons of Xuanjing Bureau is not
that easy to break into.

If you did not bring me here, Prince Jing
most certainly not dare to take action.

After so many years, I invite you out
to have tea with you

you are over thinking it.

I don't know when Marquis Yan started
working for Prince Jing.

These years, you certainly played the part well

even I thought you had become a Taoist.

Brother Xia

This paranoia of yours, still has not changed.

I think to you, maybe this world

there's crimes you can't confirm

only crimes you haven't thought of.

But to accuse a Noble Prince of prison break,

Xia Jiang, don't you think your thought
is a bit crazy?

Am I accusing him wrongly then? Is he not going
to try and save Wei Zheng?

To be honest, I'm quite worried he will
be too scared and do nothing.

But knowing Prince Jing's temperament
I am sure he will not let me down.

The way you put it, knowing Prince Jing's
temperament, he will.

But if you think about it, he is not a fool.

Your Xuanjing Bureau is like a dragon's den and a tiger's lair.

Even if he wanted to do that, he'd probably
not be able to.

That is where you come in, Marquis Yan.
Set up a distraction, bring me out here.

I'm sure, I am not the only one either.

Shifu, before Dong-er left, she asked Xia Qiu
to help her catch a witness

I don't think the two of them are at the bureau either.

If Xia Chun did not accompany me today

you would have a plan to get him out as well.

The high ranked Executive Officers are not present,

if Prince Jing attacks now

maybe there is the possibility of him winning.

I remember many years ago

when you first started as and Officer,
you were different to now

always replacing reality with your imagination.

How did you change into this?

Is it because we are too stupid

or is it because you changed too quickly
Brother Xia.

Am I really just imagining things?

Chun-er, explain to Marquis Yan.


Marquis Yan, Prince Jing used catching a thief
as a reason to move his troops,

on surface he is securing the city but
in reality he's spreading the troops.

In only the last two days, the patrol army guards that
Prince Jing has stationed around the Xuanjing Bureau

has doubled it's usual numbers.

Too bad, Prince Jing battling a war
he will definitely lose.

I am actually encouraging him

leaving loopholes for him to find opportunities
to take action.

All to increase his confidence

to let him think that there is hope
to successfully save the criminal.

Especially when he has someone on the inside.

Why Xia Dong is suddenly suspicious of me,
I do not know yet.

But her supporting you guys actually helps me.

She helped you?

I was worried that Prince Jing didn't have enough
confidence so wouldn't act

but Xia Dong could help him.

Wei Zheng's position in the prison and the
placements of the guards.

Whatever Prince Jing wanted to know,
I would tell him through Xia Dong.

With me as a secret conspirator,
Prince Jing would certainly think the plan was going very well.

Success was already more than halfway in hand.
Don't you think so?

Isn't that argument you just presented rather exaggerated?

Xuanjing Bureau's dungeon is still a complex place

but now all the Executive Officers are not there anymore.

With Xia Dong as an inside person,

a break in is possible.

Are you really not worried that
your own disciple would bring people to break into the prison?

And free Wei Zheng?

That's right, what you said is a difficult problem.

I understand the disciple I trained.

She really does have this capability
to help them break into the prison.

But Marquis Yan, do you think breaking into the prison
means finding Wei Zheng?

They should almost be at the door of the dungeon now.

They should be.

I can only wait here like this?

You have your own battlefield.

Unfortunately, my good prison

doesn't have Wei Zheng in it today,

but rather is filled with bombs.

It only needs the fuse next door to be lit.

Shifu, you didn't say there were bombs.

Because you could not know about this matter.

He certainly could not let you know.

Because in his heart,
he already does not care in the least about that person.

Perhaps you are still concerned about her now.

Xia Dong grew up at your side in Xuanjing Bureau.

She listened to your teachings, worked for you,
regarded you as a father.

But when you light the fuse of the bombs,

you care not for where she is!
You simply don't care

that she may be standing by the door at that moment!

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Changes and stories chronicle the pages

Trouble time stirring fears

Blood still flows but no one cares

Strong fire burns off lifelong hopes

Sword is given away to her

I have no wish for long life

Emperors palace is towering and mighty

Crystal clear vows lit the night

The red bow from long ago hangs on the wall

Long march begs for an end while the armors still bright

The forest cannot hide from the perceptive eyes

I say the world is like a painting

Who can repair the heaven when Mt. Guan lays across

The youth from yesterday with precious blood and long spear

Returns by his lonely self, no more war

It is written for all to see

That wind

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scatters the cloud