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Episode 34

According to Xia Dong's temperament,

there is no way she'll allow herself
to be controlled by her Shifu.

If she's willing to assist us, then we're halfway to success.

Can you confirm that Xia Dong will return after the New Years?

Every year, on the fifth day of new year

she will go to the mountains outside the capital to

visit General Nie. She has never stopped.

I sent people check on her recent movements. In 2 or 3 days,

she will return definitely return.

Then, Sir Su

do you intend to convince her yourself?


I am worried that if someone else went
they won't be able to convince her .

But I think, it's inappropriate if you go.

What do you mean your highness?

In Xia Dong's understanding, you are my strategist.

If you talk to her using this identity,

and try to convince her using the past events,

its unlikely that she'll believe you. After all,

she grew up in Xuanjing Bureau,

she is used to the idea of guilty until proven innocent.

If you go,

I'm afraid that she'll think it's for the faction fights.

She won't believe that you sincerely want to rescue Wei Zheng.

That makes sense as well...

I'm just a schemer who incites troubles.

If I try to use friendship and justice to convince her,

she will naturally not believe me.

I am only talking about the situation on hand,
didn't mean anything else.

Are you planning on going yourself, your highness?

That's right.

In the incident that happen 13 years ago,

Xia Dong lost her husband, while

I lost my brother and best friend.

We can understand each other's pain.

It will be easier for me, who was involve in the incident,

than for you, who was not involved,

to evoke past friendships.

At least,

she won't suspect my sincerity in rescuing Wei Zheng.

You are right, your highness.

Then, I thank your highness for going through all the hassle.

Thank me?

Clearly you are the one helping me.
Why do you thank me?

Uh...That...Oh yes.

Where is Fei Liu? How come I haven't seen him?

During the rescue attempt at the city gates the other day,
a martial arts expert appeared.

That must have been Fei Liu, right?

He might be in the backyard, playing with Ting Sheng.

Speaking of Ting Sheng, thank you for tutoring him.

He has improved a lot.

He already regards you as his teacher and
keeps asking to stay over at your house.

I just asked him some questions when I was idle.

How could I presume to be his teacher?


It's inauspicious.

Your Majesty, last night, the Grand Historian was observing the stars at the Li Star Gaze Dais and found
T/N: Li - is Fire or South, in the eight trigrams.

from the south east direction a scarlet light shone upon Ziwei.
T/N: Ziwei - Polaris, in Eastern astrology it represents the Emperor

It signifies the decline and shift of the Eastern Palace.

Even though I don't have the heart to, but the heavens wills it.

It looks like this matter

will have to be wrapped up before the new year.

The heavens have warned that the Crown Prince lacks virtue

Hence is now abolished and made Prince of Xian.
You are to leave the Capital today,

and banished to Xian province.

I thank His Majesty for his profound kindness.

Following the providence of the Heavens, his Majesty decrees,

Noble Prince Jing, Xiao Jingyan
having relieved the disaster in 5 states,

is prudent, loyal, tireless and contributed to the Nation.

Hence will be rewarded two more Royal pearls

and to wear the 7 Pearl Crown.

Thank my Lord Father for your magnanimity.

What's wrong, your Highness?

I should not have let Prince Jing go so easily
in Wuying Hall the other day.

While Father admonished him the other day

he did not take the offenses to heart.

He's even kept it out of discussions.

Not not only did he reward extra Royal pearls

and raised Xiao Jingyan to a status equal to me,

he summoned me to the Palace and told me to prepare

for the Year End Ritual where we are to replace the Crown Prince

and perform the rituals with "twin Noble Princes" on the side.

What kind of idea is this?

I think your Highness

need not be so upset.

If not upset, I should be happy?

If there wasn't Wei Zheng's issue

then his Majesty's reward is for his merits,

which means favoring him for real.

But with Wei Zheng's issue,

I believe, his Majesty reward,

is more like a warning.

You mean...

On the surface Father is rewarding him
but in fact is warning him,

it's to remind him to remember Father's favor?

To not defy Father's intentions and do something stupid.

This might actually be true.

Rewarding like this is unusual
considering Father's usual attitude.

He hopes Prince Jing will not make any moves

because of the rewards given.

But how can 2 Royal pearls

hold back Prince Jing's temper?

The higher one climbs the harder they'll fall.

If he insists on going ahead even with Father's rewards,

then the wrath of the Son of Heaven
T/N: i.e. the Emperor

will be beyond the norms.

Madame, we just received news

Xiao-Jinzhi the one who helped xiao-Xin escape out of the Palace

died from a sudden illness.


Yes, Consort Hui sent people to take the remains to the Inner Palace Management office yesterday.

They said that the remain have already been sent out of the Palace and cremated.

How is xiao-Xin's illness?

Do not worry Madame, xiao-Xin just has a cold.

I will look after her.

You may leave.

Yes Madame.

Eat slowly, don't choke yourself.

Camellia cakes.

This is not camellia cakes, it's Taishi cake.

Chief, Xia Dong has entered the city.

The arrow has been strung.
Do you still have some doubt?

If I fail this time,

Jingyan's future will be gone as well.

I pushed him onto the path of fighting for the crown,

but on this matter,

I was not able to persuade him to make the right choice,

this is my failing.

Whether its a failing will depend on how you look at it.

No matter how you argue it, in the end, what is the right choice?

When did you learn, like them,

to ask questions I can't answer?

If I was just a strategist I can easily answer your question.

But deep in my heart, I have more things than anyone

that can't be erased.

Not everyone can understand the
comradeship that exists in armies.

But Xia Jiang understands.

He knows how to turn these ties into deadly schemes.

You can say it's courageous to do things you know you shouldn't,

but at the same time it's very foolish.

As Prince Jing's only strategist,

I should tell him

that as long as we ignore it,

then the enemy won't have further moves.

But I could not convince him otherwise,

I couldn't even convince myself.

No need.

No need for what?

No need anyway.

Fei Liu is the smart one.

Su-gege is over thinking.

No matter right or wrong,
it's only what you want.

As long as it's something you want to do,

then just go do it, right?


Don't eat so much,

it's New Years Eve tonight.
There'll be dumplings later.


Aunt Ji!

How many dishes?

Your Majesty you've awarded 7 dishes already.

Did I miss anyone?

Duke of Qi, Duke of Zhen,

Duke of Liu and Duchess Qinghe.

Shen Zhui worked hard this year,

give Duchess Qinghe's household a plate of Wufu Qanlu.


Liu Cheng is in the central secreritat and has been working hard as well.

Liu Ji also became the new Minister of Rites

Two brothers from the same family, it must not be light.

Bestow the Duke of Liu Household a dish of

Golden Jade Full House.


For the dishes of other manors

Jingyan can organise it.


Shifu is sure hard working

it's New Years Eve and after receiving his dish
he went straight back to training.

Really makes us look bad.

Shimei as well, she was laughing and chatting
when Shifu was around,

the moment Shifu left, she went to sleep.

Left us two men here to wait for the new years.

At least there's still me,

lets go, I'll play weiqi with you.
T/N: weiqi - Go, board game

Okay, normally we are so busy,
there's no time to play.

Just right, I can learn from you.

Lets go.

I'm sorry, I couldn't bring you wine.

Thank you, sister-in-law.

Come, come, see what I've got.

- Tasty dishes! Let me see

Lets go.

Give me one, leave me some.

Xiao Xin.

Come, eat some.

I'm going to check on the coal in the stove,
when the Madame comes back from the New Years banquet

she can't have cold food.

I'll go,

you are already sick, the lady was being
considerate and didn't bring you with her

so use this chance to rest, don't bother yourself.

Because I am sick and have a headache

I will go check the stove and then go sleep.

It's new years,

I only hope to be better tomorrow so I can greet Madame.

So you must rest even more,

don't worry, there's us.

Then I'll go first.

Fourth sister.

Fourth sister is amazing

the palace is so strict yet you were able to get in.

I'm pretended to be Prince Yu's wife's maid

and accompanied her for the New Years Banquet.

So I can't stay for too long.

I'm by myself in the palace,
I don't get to see any of sisters

even though you came, we can't talk for long?

Director Xia is asking

whether you've completed the plan he organized?

That's not hard, I finished it ages ago.

Come, fourth sister, sit a while.

That day when Prince Jing entered the palace,
I cried Consort Jing's grievances to him,

and followed every line that Director Xia taught me.

When Prince Jing left, he was really angry

if that Mr. Su was there

he would have fought with him immediately.

Alright, just continue to act according to plan

and take note of Consort Jing's actions.

This is the first time I'm working for our Hua tribe

don't worry fourth sister, I will definitely do my best.

What's wrong fourth sister?

You seem unhappy.

Xiao Xin, between the sisters of the Hua tribe,

you are the youngest and was sent into
the palace at a young age

and was never used by Shifu.

You have no blood on your hands

so you can back out.

I advise you, when following orders

just do the bare minimum

if you can.

Don't overdo anything.

What do you mean?

Shifu taught me since I was little, that
as the descendants of the Hua ethnic

we were born to rebuild our kingdom
and will die for the same reason

never to have second thoughts.

Although Shifu is not here anymore

but when she passed away, she ordered us to
listen to sister Qin and Director Xia.

How can I just do the bare minimum.

You've been in the palace for a long time
so you don't know much about what's happening outside.

So you are innocent.

On some things, I'm not comfortable to say,

just look after yourself.

Chief, it's all been prepared.

This New Years Eve, not many people will
be at peace.

We can act now.


Tell me, exactly what happened?

I've already investigated,

yesterday, not only did the ministry of Rites'
Phoenix pearl get stolen

two other Officials had treasures stolen from their manors.

The thief's style is the same as that of
the Taihang thieves of Wuzhou.

Looks like, these thieves have already infiltrated the Capital.

The Capital Patrols did not guard the city
effectively, it is my fault.

But Father please don't worry

I will spare no effort to investigate and catch the thieves

and find the stolen goods.

- Rise
- Thank you father.

It's not all your fault that thieves entered the capital,

but since there are so many cases,
we cannot not act.

You usually act swiftly,

so I will entrust you with this case.

You'll have to work a bit harder during New Years.

I will definitely not disappoint you.


Shifu, just to catch a few thieves,
the Capital Patrols pretty much sent everyone out.

And even tightening security in the whole city?

Isn't that overdoing it?

They say it's tightening security around the city

but most of the patrols have been placed around
the Xuanjing Bureau

and it was done legally under the Emperor's orders.

This is at least smart move by Prince Jing,

Prince Jing doing so much,

is he really planning on acting?

Isn't he too impatient

he's not even waiting till after New Years.

I'm only worried that he won't act

since he is acting, I don't have to worry.

Xiao Jingyan, don't even think about
escaping from my hands.

Close the door.

Check thoroughly.

This year, His Majesty bestowed

more presents to Madame than on anyone else, except the Empress.

It demonstrates His Majesty's favor.

That's right. In the Zhengyang Palace just now,

the Empress's face looked so dark, like it'll rain at any time.

Your highness, Prince Jing was here just now.

He said His Majesty gave him some important tasks

and he didn't have time to wait.
So he kowtowed 3 times outside

to pay his respects for the New Year.

This child.

If he has work, he should just concentrate on that.

He doesn't need to be so polite.

That's Prince Jing being sincerely filial.

Your Highness, what's next?

I can go prepare.

I'm a bit tired. I'll nap a little.


Your Highness, the bed is ready.

It's the New Year. You should all go enjoy yourselves.

I don't need your services right now.


Former Consort Chen, Yueyao of Lin Family, of Da Liang

Jiejie, Jingyan T/N: "jiejie" is an endearing term used towards older females.

is about to take a risk again.


look after him.

It's so quiet.

Is she really asleep?

Zhen Ping tells me that it was lucky you saved him this time.

I was just there at the right time.

Even without me, Brother Qiu isn't likely to have caught him.

Sir Su.

Your Excellency.

You coming here on the first day of the New Year

is probably not to pay a New Year call.

You are a frank person.

I'll get straight to the point then.

I came today because I have a request of you and Yujin.

Me? There's even something for me?

My request of you is the most important part.

Sir Su, please come in.

Madame, you only slept for a hour.

Was it sufficient?

Even though my mind is still tired,

I'm afraid to nap more

in case I'm not sleepy tonight.

This is new from Inner Palace Department.

Your Highness, what do you think?

At my age, we should change to something more simple and tasteful.

Madame takes good care,

who can tell you have a grown son.

Sweet talk.

The usual would do.

Yes Madame.

At Zhengyang Palace today, I saw that Consort Hui wasn't looking too well,

take two bottles of newly made Yehe Pills

and prepare two boxes of desserts,

I will go visit her later.

Yes Madame.

Oh dear, are you still sick?

I was feeling quite good in the morning otherwise I wouldn't dare come serve Madame.

I don't know why it's acting up again.

Healing from a sickness is like unspooling a silk cocoon.

It's natural to have some small relapses.

Just rest at home.

I'll have Xiao-Li and Xiao-Jing go with me.

Yes Madame.

Madame are you sure you don't want to call the carriage?

It's not far, a stroll would be good.

Sister Consort Hui,

Don't be so courteous sister, it's the first of the New Year.

Sorry to have troubled you to come personally.

Greetings, Consort Jing.

If I had known Jingting was
here, I would have come another time

so I would not interrupt the two of you
from spending time together.

Sister, how can you say that

We are the only ones who look after each other and

comes around at all.

I always welcome you
to visit.



This is the Yehe pills I made with a modified formula, have one before you sleep with water boiled with cypress.

You should feel a bit better.

Thank you for keeping that in mind sister.

I had the Imperial physicians check this heartburn I get during the night

several times but they couldn't find anything wrong.

When the Empress heard this she said I was frivolous.

I couldn't think of anything else so I could only lament to you Sister.

Sorry to have troubled you Sister.

The Empress is always bullying Mother.

Be quiet, don't talk nonsense in front of Consort Jing.

Sister, please don't mind him,

he's just worried about me.

Jingting is a filial son.

But the Empress is still the Empress.

If she is good natured,

then it's our fortune.

But if she is impatient, we shouldn't complain either.

We need to know how to make peace with ourselves.

Many things may be frustrating at the time

but after it's passed, it counts for nothing.


I envy you most for your understanding

No matter what terrible the situation arises,

you have always been able to endure it with frank calmness.

Not like me

when Jingting's wife passed away,

I was worried.

Then his Majesty kept forgetting to find him another wife,

I worried again.

Then this betorthal to the Princess from Southern Chu

I worried even more.

If this foreign Princess marries over,

is it a fortune or a disaster?

Mother did I not tell you,

don't worry about me.

I heard the Princess is good natured.

Once the Grand Empress Dowager's mourning period is passed,

and the Southern Chu Princess marries over,
I'll see what else you can worry over.

Naturally I'll be worried about grandchildren.

His Majesty has good fortune with children.

Look at the 9th Prince, he's 12 already.

But why is it so hard with grandchildren?

Jingxuan only has 1 child.

Jinghuan, Jingling don't have any.

The 6th Prince has 2,

but the rest? They don't even have half a child.

Children are granted by heaven,
it'll do nothing even if you worry.

Look at my Jingyan,

he doesn't have any children either,

but I'm not chasing him up on it.

Jingyan only has a concubine,

and in the past he's always getting
sent out, of course he'll be delayed.

Now that his Majesty has allowed him to stay in the Capital,

he's young, once Grand Empress Dowager's mourning is done,

we just need to get ready to be Grandmothers.

That would be good. Hope your words come true.

I almost forgot something, with all our chatting.

I wanted to thank a servant in your employ Sister,

Which could've done something so good

that warrants a thank you from you Sister?

It an eunuch call Xiao-Jin



What is it, are you still not feeling well?

It's no problem Sister xiao-Ying

I'm just a bit dizzy.

Since you don't feel well, go lie down and rest.

When Madame returns we'll serve her.


the task Sir Su entrusted is not easy

why did you agree to it so readily?

I didn't just agree,

this time I sincerely wish to help him accomplish this task.

I don't understand.

That's because you know

I don't like party conflicts.

Father, you said before, party conflicts is repulsive.
Even though you've agreed to help Prince Jing

what you're willing to do is limited.

But this time why...

This time, it's different.

Yujin you should know, I also don't like Mei Changsu,



I cannot see through him even as he sits before me.

But I genuinely wish to help him this time,

no matter the cost.


Because this decision he and Prince Jing made,
had shaken me.


Knowing full well that it's a trap, that its the tiger's den,

and still wanting to rush in.

Knowing clearly the pros and cons, and still attempting to rescue.

I haven't seen anyone so foolish and yet

so courageous for a long time.

If I don't help them this time, in the furture

what face do I have

to go see my departed friends.

Father, please be at ease,
I am of the Yan family,

naturally I know what true piety and loyalty is.

My views on the current political state is much similar to yours.

I just don't know Prince Jing well,

but since Father and Brother Su are willing to support him,

then it means that he must have qualities that exceeds others.

This is a long story,

back then Consort Chen and Concubine Jing
were as close as real sisters.

Prince Jing was brought up beside Prince Qi.

The way he treats people, handles things, his ideas of governance were all heavily influenced by Prince Qi.

So on this point, I have no worries.

But his temperament is different to Prince Qi.

He is more reserved and has more perseverance,

but is less easy going and free natured.

As for Prince Qi,

you were young then, so you probably
don't remember much.

His voice and features were all similar to his Mother,

who knows how many would have fallen for him.

Father, how about me?
Do I look like my mother?

As for you, you are like me.

But only when I was young.

But by the time you get to my age

I hope you are not like my current self.

Actually, there are things in the past

that I haven't forgotten completely.

Uncle Lin, Consort Chen, Prince Qi.

All these things, I still remember a little.


you can still remember?

What do you remember?

Prince Qi was always very
patient with us

Whenever we had questions for him
he always answered them clearly.

When he took us riding, he always looked after us very well.

Not like Lin Shu ge-ge

Lin Shu ge-ge was very impatient with us.

Xiao-Shu was from a martial family,

he's naturally more spirited.

Lin Shu ge-ge found us annoying and
thought we were dumb too.

But still, Jingrui liked him the most

and always made me follow him too.

This memory, I remember most clearly.

Xiao Shu, Xiao Shu

The year he died, he was only nineteen years old.

The most deplored death

should be his.

What is it? Unless it's important,
Prince Yu has already said

to not to come to Zhengyang Palace.

Since I am here, naturally it's something important.

Tell me then.

Since this is something big, how can
I just tell sister about it here?

Follow me then.

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