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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 33

Your Highness, Her Ladyship almost couldn't see you

What exactly happen

Don't listen to the nonsense the maid is saying

She is only a naive child

Nothing big happen to me

Her Empress only gave me a difficult time

If it is really like that

Why stop her from speaking

Xiao Xin tell me from the beginning in detail

Yes. After the general was knocked unconcious

The person that was sent by Sir Su did not make things difficult for me

We only had to come back together

Did he say how Sir Su will be helping Mother Consort in the capital

Its precisely not that is why I was anxious

That person said Sir Su meant

that there was no intention to care about Her Ladyship

He really said that

He said if the news is reported to the Imperial Tombs

Your Highness will send people to save Her Ladyship

When they reached the case will be cold

There will definitely be no benefit

Rather let the Empress do more wrongs

So when His Majesty returns and see Her Ladyship grievances

Naturally will dote and favor more

Thus the Empress misgivings will be heavier

Anyways the Empress did not have the power to kill Her Ladyship

It is only a bit of mistreatment,

it isn't as if her life would be in danger.

Just because of a bit mistreatment? It
isn't worth to save her from this?!

What can he know of the
extent of harm my mother would get

or whether the Empress would
follow the rules!

Does he not care of any of this?

Jingyan, this maid is only repeating
what she may have heard from others

it may not be as it seems.

And I believe

Sir Su didn't mean it in that way.

Mother, look at what she said!

Is this something a maid could make up?

Heartlessly weighing the advantages over disadvantages.

It is not as if he hasn't done this before!

Last time with the Duchess it was
like this.

Now he is doing the same to you, mother.

He ignores the suffering of others, ignores feelings and truth.

And I had thought he was different
from other strategists!

Jingyan, calm down!

Last time what happened with the duchess
I think you over thought it.

This time

is not necessarily the way
you think it is.

Even if this maid is speaking the truth

Sir Su's predictions were accurate.

I was not endangered,

and the Emperor did reprimand the Empress after he returned.

Everything is back to normal.

What is wrong?

my Lady, it wasn't all simple

When the Empress ordered the guards to drag you down from the steps

Be quiet!



Your highness, you already heard?

-I heard
-Wei Zhen has been locked down in the Xuanjing Bureauprisons

so he could be executed at any time.

Your highness, what should we do?

Have you consulted with Sir Su about Wei Zheng's situation?

-I have gone.
-What did he say?

I did not even see him. I was told
that Sir Su is gravely ill.

Everyone at the Su residence are
acting strangely.

It's like everything I tell them
they are not even listening.

Why should it seem strange? Perhaps
what you have told them

it doesn't concern them at all.

Just because my mother won't die, she doesn't need
to be saved.

Might as well take the chance as a strategy,

so he won't even care about Wei Zheng

It's only an old case, it is not related to
the current faction fights.

Ignoring the issue is the best strategy.

He must be thinking this.

Your highness, we cannot leave things
like this.

I thought over the past year

I understood his thoughts, that we walked
the same path.

It was after this situation, I realize

it was my mistake only.

We should try and convince Sir Su

have him come up with a plan. Despite
it all,

Sir Su is a man with many ideas.

Xia Jiang said the prisoner's caravan was attacked at the gate

by Wei Zheng's accomplices.

But as to their background he didn't disclose a thing.

The Xuanjing Bureau did not spread this incident

maybe they don't care.

Tell the patrol army to be more vigilant

Don't let the Xuanjing Bureau
capture any more men.


Your highness, should we go over and
meet him?

Your highness. General Lei.

You asked me to come, is there
something you want to discuss with me?

Your highness, after leaving the palace,

do you not have anything to discuss with me?

Yes, yes we do.

Sir, you may know already,
a former lieutenant of the Chiyan arm, Wei Zheng

has been captured by Xia Jiang.

I know.

He is currently being held in the Xuanjing
Bureau's prisons.

It is shocking. We had all thought that Wei Zheng
had died in battle.

We had never thought he would
be alive.

But now he is behind bars.
We should hurry and rescue him.

The prince has spoken highly
of your planning abilities.

So please spend time to think about it.

Please calm down.

I can understand how you feel.

But I am sorry to disappoint you,

but honestly, no matter what idea
I have come up with

in order to save Wei Zheng, there is no way
to not involve Prince Jing.

All these years, Prince Jing has suffered

so much because of the Chiyan case.

If this becomes known

it will definitely upset the Emperor.

You will fall from grace
from a previously advantageous position.

You do not need to concern
yourself with this.

Today at the palace,

I have already annoyed my royal father over this.

Only now have I thought to hide it,
but alas it is too late.

That Your Highness could even return unscathed
is a small miracle.

Just by having We Zhng held in the Xuanjing Bureau

Prince Yu has the upper hand.

No matter what tactics Your Highness uses to help We Zhng

you will fall into their trap!

It cannot be that Your Highness does not understand?

This of course I understand.

The Chiyan old case

Is something that is like a thorn
deep in my father's side.

Xia Jiang's intentions with Wei Zheng

is to let father see

that the Chiyan case is still important
to me.

Once I had my power and status.

But it turned me into a threat against my father.

Because in the old case

the person who is most responsible
for what happened

was father himself.

How much your highness cares
about those Chiyan army members

everyone understands

that is why the emperor did
not think further.

But he is a paranoid person.

If your highness continues
with anything else relating to this case,

the emperor will no doubt start
to suspect something.

As a result, all of Prince Jing's mishaps that year

will be brought forth before the king.

Sir Su, with all you've said, what then should we do
about Wei Zheng?

Your highness wishes to save Wei Zheng

is because you care.

But from an objective perspective

to save Wei Zheng, would put you
and everything at risk.

Your highness.

In order to advance

you must retreat.

Sir, your meaning is

don't save him?


You have said

all that you needed to say.

Very good.

Sir, your advice

I understand.

Thank you.

Your highness.

Your Highness.

Your highness!

I had thought

Sir Su was a strategist with morals.

But now I see clearly.

You can, without a blink of an eye

become an immoral and heartless person.

If I complied with your intentions, Sir,

If I give up all moral principles without hesitation

just to aim for the crown,

then what did I do everything for?

Once I really become like that,

a heartless person, chilled to the bone,

can it be you would not be concerned, Sir,?
For in my future endeavors

you will support me casting aside all feeling?


if you are unwilling to help,

I have nothing to say.

We have different paths, different plans.

I, Xio Jngyn, from this point onward

do not need you, Chief Mei, to waste your time on me.

What do you mean, your highness?

Sir, you can calculate what is
in everyone's hearts

so you must understand my meaning.

How can you not know?

Let's go.

Your highness. Your highness!


-Don't worry about me

quickly, stop him!

Chief, the door

has been locked.

Tell me now

these past 2 days that I have
been ill

has there been anything else that
has happened?

No. Just General Wei and Tong Lu's

Oh, and there was also something
that happened with Consort Jing being mistreated bythe Empress.

She was confined a few days to her residence.
But how can that be your fault?

No matter what happens

Right now

we cannot let Prince Jing act rashly.

Help me up.

Your highness, are you certain

you want to block this road?

Despite everything, I still think
Sir Su

is sincere in supporting you, your highness.

That is why

you should not take things personally,
not over think it.

If I didn't already see him as a friend,

and think we were people on the same path

then why would I be this disappointed?

But with this current situation, without
Sir Su's help

how can we save Wei Zheng?

Didn't you hear what he
said earlier?

He didn't have any intention of saving
Wei Zheng.

Yes, what he said makes us angry.

-But it is not without any reason.
-How dare you.

I am sorry, but your highness

Sir Su does not walk the same path as us.

He does not understand the mutual loyalty we have with Wei Zheng.

Your highness, wouldn't it be best
to discuss it further with him?

Being alive, there are many things you can do without.

There is nothing more to discuss.

No matter how much he argues

I will not leave this matter.

Chief, if there is anything you need to do,
please allow us to do it for you.

Physician Yan said that you need to rest,
you should not go outside.

Chief, let us ask Commander General Meng
to convince Prince Jing instead.

Your health right now, what if

Chief, please.

I'm worried it won't be easy
to argue about this matter with Prince Jing.

Zheng Ping.

I listen to you guys now and return to rest

and let Prince Jing walk into Xia Jiang's trap.

what use would it be if I recovered
from this illness?

Madame, I don't know what
I did wrong.

Please forgive me.

It's fine. You may leave now.


Go now.


Xiao Xin.


You said you pretended to need to go to the toilet

That is how you found the opportunity
to escape.


This excuse

can only let you escape Zhiluo palace

all the other gates of the palace

how did you get past them?

It was Consort Hui's Xiao Jin who helped me

He had a cousin who was a palace guard and the
Nanhua gate.

It was like that.

These details

you should have told me them earlier.

Take some coins

and reward the Eunuch and his cousin please.

Yes, Madame.

Madame, I have passed the message

the Emperor will be arriving soon.

Prepare to greet him.

What is Prince Jing doing?

Our Chief has been standing out here in the cold

for nearly half an hour.

Do you not even have a fire pit?

We rarely have fire pits in the manor of Prince Jing.

-What did you say?!
-Zheng Ping.

Sir Su, the Prince is busy dealing with other matters.

It will be some time. It would best if
you left.

Please let His Highness know

that if he does not meet me today
I will not leave here.

Sir Su.

You really do not want His Highness to save Wei Zheng?

Have Prince Jing come out to speak
with me

I will explain things more clearly.

Are you feeling better, your Majesty?

Much better.

Please, leave.


Come, sit by me.


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Consort Jing.

Is there something your Majesty wants
to talk about?

That year, the year of the Chiyan case

how did you see it?

Your Majesty, why do you ask
about this?

Just tell me honestly

how did you see it?

I want to hear the truth.

Your Majesty asks me

I don't dare not to respond.

It is just that no matter what my
response is

I know that I will upset your Majesty.

Please accept my apologies first

please be considerate.

What do you mean?

I grew up in the Manor of Lin

and was very friendly with Consort Chen,

if I speak ill of them

how will you not be hurt?

Consort Chen didn't have many friends

so not many people miss her after she died.

If I consider our past relationship

and speak for the Chiyan people

then your majesty

will think that

that I didn't understand your heart to steady the kingdom

so how would I dare

so please your majesty

forgive me.

Forget it.

You are kind hearted

I should not trouble you.

Please, rise.


You have been in the palace over 20 years

you think that I do not understand you?

Everything you have said

You and Consort Chen

Are different from the other Consorts.

I shouldn't involve you in matters outside of the palace.

I understand

That year

you were willing to have mercy on Consort Chen

you also knew

Consort Chen may have lived a long time in the palace

but she has the blood of generals

so has a strong personality

facing that situation

how would she be willing to live by herself?

From what I know of her

rather than saying

she committed suicide to atone for her crimes

we should say

she felt like she couldn't face you anymore

and saw no point in living.

It's already been so many years

today in the palace,

The only person that is unafraid
to talk about Consort Chen with me

is you.

If it wasn't for your majesty's consideration

I wouldn't speak recklessly

Yesterday in the court

I saw Yan Que

every year

he rarely appears in front of me.

I almost

forgot about him.

The moment I saw him

I realized

that in our younger days

there were some things that cannot
be forgotten.

I thought it was weird

that you were like this today

It was because you met with Marquis Yan.

It wasn't because of him.

The reason why so many things
came to mind

is because Xia Jiang came to the palace

and told me

that had captured a survivor of Chiyan army.

Sir Su.

What is going on?

What is it?

Are you okay?

I am fine.

Li Gang's message startled me.

Everything was going well, how
did this happen?

Where is he?

He didn't just leave you waiting here?

Isn't it so? It has been over half an hour now
he has not yet come out.

It is as if there is something that
our chief has done to deserve this.

How can this be. Where is he?

I will find him.

How could he do this.

Prince Jing.

Sir Su, you didn't need to do this.

You have said

what you needed to say.

Until I have clearly explained everything
to your highness

it is not considered finished.

What you mean, I already understand.

In a strategist's eyes

saving Wei Zheng might have

no advantages at all

but in my eyes

this is a matter that has to be done.

If we cannot agree on this

we don't need to say anything else,

you mean

that you must save Wei Zheng?


What if saving Wei Zheng

will have painful consequences

even if you get involved

you might not be able to save him.

How will we know if we don't try?

Wei Zheng is only a vice general o the Chiyan camp

is it worth it?

After I die

and see Chiyan camp's general Lin Shu

If he asks me

why I didn't save his vice general

can I reply to him and say

it wasn't worth it?

Since you have already decided

then i will organise it.

But no matter what,

you cannot appear

also, the Manor of Jing cannot be directly involved either.

This can only be done by me

I will think of a way to save Wei Zheng.


that won't do.


It's been over ten years

they could still catch a criminal

I was really surprised.

Yeah, I didn't expect it either.

Who was it?

Do I know them?

You know him, it was Lin Shu

they caught Xiao Shu?

It was Lin Shu's vice general

Wei Zheng.


Your thoughts were a confusing

it even got me confused

how can Xiao Shu still be alive?

It really shocked me.

Are you blaming me?

You are indeed confused,

I hadn't even finished and you scared yourself

that year at Meiling

Xia Jiang personally le the army

the person least likely to have survived

would be Lin Shu.

When Leader Xia acts

it is definitely carry out your orders

but your majesty

Jingyan is stubborn

he might argue with you on this matter

please be considerate.

This i why

I came to talk to you today.

You need to tell Jingyan

to not be so silly

if he's still like he was before,

so stubborn and muddled

and naive

then don't blame me

for not being considerate towards him. Understood?


Do you still remember

after Princess Nihuang's incident

the rules I set with you?

So what?

The same thing

you've already done a second time

I cannot watch

you do it a third time with Wei Zheng.

Your actions have reached my limits

so I cannot believe you anymore.

You think I'm being insincere?

You don't think I'd actually save Wei Zheng?

Am I wrong?

Your majesty, please reconsider.

Sir Su is not this kind of person.

In the time that I was away,

Sir Su clearly knows what he's been doing.

Maybe, I am not as good a strateist as you

maybe, the advantageous situation in front of us
will end.

But saving Wei Zheng

I must do it.

Your divine talent

can find a new master

lets just pretend that from the beginning

you picked the wrong person.

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

Your majesty!

Xiao Jingyan, stand still!

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Sir Su, no matter what you say,
you cannot stop me.

If I don't stop you today

what do you want to do?

Rush into the palace

and force the emperor to release Wei Zheng

or take your guards

and save him from the Xuanjing Bureau?

That's better than being selfish and doing nothing!

The people of my manor are all blood-hardened warriors.

-They cannot do that!
-Xiao Jingyan!

You have loyalty

but why don't you have brains?!

Hasn't the fire at Meiling thirteen years ago
burnt hard enough?!

Has there not been enough blood lost
from the manor of Prince Qi?!

How many more lives do you want to throw in?

-Tell me!

I don't care if you trust me or not,
that's no important.

But to save Wei Zheng,

without my strategising, you cannot do it!

When everything gets ruined

what face do you have to go down and see
your brother

what face do you have to see Lin Shu?!

Your majesty.

I understand your feelings.

Thirteen years ago when they needed you most,

you were not by their sides,

this frustration

and pain

hasn't lightened at all right?

I know your feelings

so how could I be insincere?

I will try my best to save Wei Zheng.

I hope you can consider the bigger situation,

and not be reckless.

You cannot let anyone get anything on you,

you can do that, right?

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

What thoughts do you have?

Please tell me.

Nobody fret.

Prince Yu and Xia Jiang this time

is targeting you Prince Jing.

Wei Zheng will not be in danger yet.

The commander general's words are true.

Because they have this goal

we will have the time and opportunity to save him.

The ambush at the city gates

many of the Jiangzuo Alliance members were hurt right?

Zheng Ping, I heard from Li Gang you got hurt too.

Are you okay?

Thanks for asking, it's just a small injury.

-Nothing much.
-That's good.

Xia Qiu got attacked at the West Gate,
that was you guys?

That operation was too rash

so it did not have the desired outcome.

I didn't know

that the Jiangzuo Alliance had already attempted
to save him.

But during the operation, why didn't you
contact Zhang Ying to support you?

How would he support us?

Bring your manor guards

or the patrol guards?

Xia Jiang would be happy for you to do that.

Your majesty just returned
and received this news

and Xia Jiang challenged you in from of the emperor.

It's understanding that you got carrie away.

Sir Su, don't mind it.

Indeed. Sir Su, you said you would
come up with a way to say Wei Zheng,

so how should we do it?

Forcefully fight for him.

You want to forcefully fight for him?

I've been to the Xuanjing Bureau's prison.

It's security measures are more than
that of the imperial prison.

To act there

will be more dangerous than the ambush
at the city gate.

I know this is a bad idea

but there are not better ways.

If you ask for mercy in front of the emperor,

you will have fallen into Xia Jiang's trap of
distancing you with your father.


this matter

originally had a price to pay.

There is not absolute strategy.

Since we've decided to do it,
we must act quickly.

The more we drag it out

the deeper the splinter will hurt us.

Without seeing blood

how can we pull out the splinter?

Since it is like this

I cannot let your Jiangzuo Alliance
be in danger by themselves

while I sit and watch.

What his majesty says its true,
disregarding other things

I used to be friends with Wei Zheng

there is no way I will watch and wait
for Wei Zheng to be saved.

-I am willing to help?
-How will you help?

Xuanjing Bureau has many powerful people,

do you have confidence that you will come out fine?

The moment you get caught

Xia Jiang will use you as evidence

and accuse Prince Jing of being involved with
kidnapping a criminal.

What difference does it make?

In this capital,

apart from me

is there another person

who would use so much effort to save Wei Zheng?

Even if Xia Jiang can't catch my people

as long as he says I orchestrated this from the shadows.

Father would believe him.

So the moment it happens

I cannot escape involvement.

What you say is true,

no matter how good our plan is

as long as someone wants to get Wei Zheng

the emperor will suspect you.

Then what should we do?

Since Xia Jiang has already started this

it will be hard for you to escape involvement.

You need to be ready

for a long period of time

I'm afraid you

will have to endure coldness and pressure.

I'm already used to that.

Succeeding will be up to fate, but
strategising is up to people

until the final moment

I will not give up easily.

The end of the year is near.

Right now Wei Zheng is in Xia Jiang's hands.

He has the advantage so he will not act rashly.

But you have to remember,

no matter how he challenges you,

as long as you get through these few days
and wait for someone to get back, then that's good.

Wait for a person? Who?

Xia Dong.

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Brother, coming to visit the criminal again?

Brother Chun.

Didn't master tell you not to worry?

Brother Chun, you don't know

the master I met at the West Gate

his style was very strange

he is not someone a normal guard can withstand.

No matter how good he is,
he is only one person.

Are you worried that someone will come
into the Xuanjing Bureau's prison

and kidnap Wei Zheng?

Master is being loose outside but tight inside

without Wei Zheng, how can we attract Prince Jing?

Don't worry, master will be careful.

Brother Chun, this is what I don't understand

why does master need to fight Prince Jing?

Even though he was friendly with the Chiyan traitors,

he wasn't involved in the old case

and wasn't an accomplice.

Master has his reasons for his actions

you just follow orders.

Don't overthink about other things.

I'm not overthinking,

and it's not that I don't trust master

it's just this time I'm back, things feel a bit weird.

I don't even know where Donger is.

Do you know when Donger is coming back?

Xia Dong?

To get through the Xuanjing Bureau prison
and save someone

is impossible.

But if Xia Dong comes back

then we have hope.

But she is Xia Jiang's disciple.

Do you have confidence she will help us?

She is not helping me

or helping you.

she is helping her dead husband's friends.

That year, Xia Jiang used such shameless
ways and got Nie Feng killed

this has already broken their loyalty.

According to Xia Dong's personality

she will not listen to her master.

As long as she is willing to help

we have already half succeeded.

Changes and stories chronicle the pages

Trouble time stirring fears

Blood still flows but no one cares

Strong fire burns off lifelong hopes

Sword is given away to her

I have no wish for long life

Emperors palace is towering and mighty

Crystal clear vows lit

the night

The red bow from long ago hangs on the wall

Long march begs for an end while the armors still bright

The forest cannot hide from the perceptive eyes

I say the world is like a painting

Who can repair the heaven when Mt. Guan lays across

The youth from yesterday with precious blood and long spear

Returns by his lonely self, no more war

It is written for all to see

That wind

scatters the cloud