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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 31

Using Wei Zheng to defeat Prince Jing will be easy
but it will be difficult for Mei Changsu.

Unless... unless Prince Jing is not willing to take Mei Changshu's advise.

If that's the case

Then the first thing we need to do is
to get Prince Jing

to not trust Mei Changsu.

There is no compromise. Even if you do not
wish to listen, you must listen.

Physician Yan, I'll listen to everything you say

but each day, you must leave me some
hours in which I'm awake. So I can...

You want to do what?

You are not allowed to do anything. The next few
days you are to rest and take your medicine. You are to see no one.

Physician Yan, I

Chief, your health is the most important thing.
It will only be a few days

Mr. Shisan handling things outside, here you have
Li Gang and I, Prince Jing hasn't returned to the Capital yet,

and tomorrow, the Emperor is going to guard the Royal tomb.

There should be nothing happening in the palace.
You need not worry and should take this time to rest.

You see, there is nothing going on.


You have to listen!

You see?

- Fine, I will sleep.
- Good. Rest well.


- Young Master are you okay?
- I'm okay.

Hurry, let's go!


Leave quickly

Be careful!
Hurry go!

You must be General Wei?

Su Xuan of Yaowang Valley.
Dare I ask what crime I've committed

to trouble government troops to capture me?

General Wei, you don't need to deny it.
Yaowang Valley is wealthy and influential.

The Yun family of Xunyang is also an old and well-known family.

If we were not absolutely certain,

Xuanjing Bureau wouldn't dare offend you.

Its the self-proclaimed law enforcer, Xuanjing Bureau

Is there anyone that you wouldn't dare offend?

Although Xuanjing Bureau have formidable methods,
but we don't act on hearsay evidence.

General Wei was an officer in the past,

and not a nameless and unknown soldier.
It was not

hard to confirm your identity.

What do you want?

You are a smart person.
You know that

we only want you. Alive.

As long as you allow yourself to be captured,

I can immediately free these people. On the other hand,

if you want to risk a life and death struggle here,

then these people can only all die here with you. No one will live.

Young Master. Don't listen to his nonsense. We can rush out of here!

General Wei is righteous. I will also absolutely not go back on my word.

Free them. Let them leave first.

Quickly leave.

Are we still considered humans if we just leave?

Right. We won't leave.
Right, we won't leave.

What's the purpose of dying here?

Lao Xi, you're the most sensible one.

Go back quickly. Report to the Old Master. Hurry!

Young Master, you must hold on. We'll return to rescue you.

- Quickly leave
- Don't disobey orders. Leave with me.

This is really touching. I think these people's loyalty to you

is no less than your loyalty to your former Commander.

- Come. Take good care of General Wei.
- Yes sir.

Pay attention while we're traveling.

I'm afraid this General Wei would rather himself die

in order to protect certain people.

We must bring him back to the capital alive.

- Commander General, it's inconvenient for Chief right now.

There is no need, Li Gang has already informed me. Tomorrow I am accompanying the Emperor to Wei San

to guard the Royal tomb for Grand Empress Dowager's anniversary.

Including the round trip, it's going to be at least five days.

I won't be at ease if I don't take a look at him.

Very well. Please.

Commander General

Tell me the truth

what happened to him?

How did he get so sick in such a short period of time?!

Please don't be anxious. The symptoms look bad
but he will be alright.

Perhaps Chief will be able to get up when you return from the Royal tomb in 5 days.

I will leave it to you to take care of him then.

Remember, if there is anything, anything at all,

you must send people to Wei San to inform me.

Yes of course.

Early in the morning, you had to accompany the Imperial entourage to Wei San for tomb guarding,

you must have been cold. Head back early to rest.

You don't need to be here by my side due to formalities.

I want to keep you company, not just because of formalities.

Please leave, I wish to speak to my son in private.


Is there something?

Yes, there is something I need you to help me with.

The thing I wish to do is not difficult. However

it may cause difficulties for you afterwards.

What is it? Explain it clearly.

I want you to go to Zhiluo Palace and inspect Consort Jing's medicine supply cabinet.

Search Zhiluo Palace? What are you looking for?

There isn't really anything I am looking for.
And the intention isn't to find anything.

I just want you to do this while Father is not in the palace,

and search through Zhiluo Palace
for some medicinal herbs.

There naturally would be an Imperial physician
who'll identify something that is poisonous.

And then you will surmise that Consort Jing has intentions of harming the Emperor.

And have her confined and questioned.

If it was that easy to remove Consort Jing

would I really need you to show me how?

Not to mention that Consort Jing is always careful,
everything that she uses,

were provided by Palace Management and recorded at the Imperial Physicians office.

Even if they did find herbs she smuggled in,

with the favor of the emperor

it is unlikely that he would believe our accusations.

Also, Consort Jing and her son, have no background in the Court,

they rely entirely on his Majesty,

to say that she'll harm the emperor now

even I would not believe it.

Slow down Mother,
this is just an excuse to give Consort Jing some trouble.

It's not intended to actually solidify any kind of claims.

If don't intend to accuse her of anything then why all the trouble?

She is a Consort, I cannot have her killed while the Emperor is away.

All she will have to do is wait
until the emperor returns

and not only will I have to release her

I may be punished. How do we benefit
from this?

That is why I said earlier, the task
is not difficult to do

but afterwards, you will have to face some difficulty.

What are you planning?

You have seen through me, mother. I indeed have a plan

The actions in the Palace are in concert with it all.

Once everything is finished, I will explain in detail to you.

Mother with your intelligence, once you hear it you will understand.

- Is it that important?
- It is essential.

So be it.

Consort Jing's passive aggressive personality

is really getting on my nerves.

I will do this, even if it is just to let off some steam.
It will only be a small punishment for me.

I am the mistress of the Palace

The emperor cannot do anything to me.

Thank you, Mother.

I know you are unhappy.

Jingxuan is out of the picture and then suddenly there is Jingyan.

We never get any good times, it's all because I'm useless.

If the emperor favored me, then you would have been made the crown prince already.

Mother, please don't say that.

If you had not been here to support me, who knows what state I'll be in.

Don't worry, I will do my best.

Last time Qi Hong said that father never
speaks of my birth mother, Concubine Xiang.

Is she really a woman of a lowly rank?

You've asked me this question ever since you were young.

It's not that I don't want to tell you, but I really don't know the whole story.

I only know that your birth mother Concubine Xiang

was someone that your father courted outside the palace.

After she married your Father, she stayed with him in the travels Palace outside the Capital.

After your mother died

your father brought you into the palace.

This part I still have some impression,

but it's so far in the past that it's not clear.

Your father would know the story best.

When I was younger, I remember asking him about this.

But he wouldn't say anything.

Maybe it's like what Qi Hong said,

my mother was so low ranking that father doesn't even want to speak of her anymore.

Shifu, I just received a letter from Xia Qiu's courier pigeon.

Did everything go smoothly?

I trust the work you and Xia Qiu do for me.

Shifu, even though Shimei is impatient
T/N. Shimei - younger female under same Shifu

but she's is meticulous and decisive.

There are areas in which she is better than me and Xia Qiu.

Shifu, did Shimei get a new case lately?

Why has she left the Capital for so long and
not even sent a letter?

Perhaps there is a case.

She can independently accept cases from his Majesty,

and need to report everything to me.

So I did not question her either.

Shimei lost her husband early on, and has been a widow ever since.

While she may not be as open as before,

but believe her loyalty to Shifu is as true as ever.

If there is things you have differing opinion on, please provide her with guidance.

I dare ask Shifu to please not be upset with her.

I've taught the 3 of you since you were young.
What can I be upset about in regards to you three.

And I'm so busy here, I won't worry about her for now.
Just let her round around for a bit.

Thank you Shifu.

Physician Yan, is Chief getting better?

His condition isn't so bad now. I will
return later tonight to keep watch.

Tomorrow morning it'll be easier to tell.

Let's hope nothing serious happens before the New Years.

Once Chief overcomes this bout of illness,
he should take a period of time to rest and recover.

What do you mean a period of time?

From the beginning, he has not
been living the way an ill person should be living.

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Physician Zheng, you need to be thorough.


I found it.

Madame, this grass is called Huan Ge

If ingested it will cause the blood to clot and liver failures.

Causing a large amount of damage to the body.

What did you say?

Consort Jing has been making soup
with this grass to harm the emperor?

How dare she.

Consort Jing, the emperor has favoured you

But you are so perversed as to

use the emperor's trust in you

to make poisons from herb in order to harm his Majesty.

That is truly a heinous crime.

Huan ge grass's medicinal properties have long been recorded in medical books.

It is not all as Physician Zheng says,

if you say that it can clot the blood and damage the live, that is possible,

that is possible, but

Since you've confessed, what else is there to say?

I will not allow someone like you to serve his Majesty.


Confine her so I can interrogate her
further on this matter.


Madame! Madame!

Your Majesty.

If you wish to take me away,
I will not stop you.

But we have all lived in this
palace together for over 20 years.

Why must do you do so, when considering his Majesty's face.

Lock everyone in Zhiluo Palace in the inner chambers.

Without my permission, no one
is to enter or leave.


Prince Yu.

Mother, thank you for your troubles.

What are you planning next?


There is a maid in Consort Jing's residence.
Just let her out.

Let her go?

The situation in the Inner Palace is more complicated than the Courts.

If she get out and finds a way

to send a message to Wei Shan,
even if the Emperor does not return

a letter would be enough to tie my hands.

At that time, I won't be able to do anything to Consort Jing.

Mother don't worry, the purpose of letting her out

is to let her deliver a message.

- Gong-gong, Gong-gong
- What is itT/N: "gong gong" - Eunuch

Gong gong, I have to go the restroom, please let me out


I really can't hold it.

- I said no
- Please let me go, I don't want to make a mess here.

There are so many people outside,
how could I think about running away?

- Go back now.
- Just let her go.

- Fine, go.

Xiao Xin, it's me, Xiao Jin.

I'm from Consort Hui's Palace, come.

Xiao Xin, how did you get out?

We just heard that the Empress
locked down Zhiluo Palace and won't let anyone out.

Our Madame and Madame Jing are good friends.

When we heard the news we were worried,
what happened?

Empress found some herbs in our Palace, and said they were poisonous.

And she had our Madame taken away and confined.

I wanted to get away so I can find someone to
help, but I don't know who to ask.

Don't panic, for this situation, we
should first inform the Prince Jing before doing anything.

Since I arrived in the palace, I
have never gone outside.

How do I inform Prince Jing about this?

I have a cousin that is a guard Nanhua Gate who can
help us.

It's getting late, we need to get out before the Palace Gates close for the night.

Come with me.

Prince Yu, all things are according to
plan. The maid has left the Palace.

I have ensured that she has arrived at Prince Jing's manor.


Congratulations, your Highness
there is another piece of good news.

Is it Wei Zheng?

Wei Zheng has been captured and is getting
sent under Xuangjing Bureau's guard to the Capital.

There should be no problems bringing
him to the capital?

Your Highess need not worry.
It will take time to organize a rescue plan.

No matter how quickly Yaowang Valley
and Jiangzuo Alliance react,

they will not be able to form a plan before
the prisoner is brought to the Capital.


- Hui Yao.
- My Lord.

Prepare the horses, I want to meet with Xia Jiang.

You say you are one of Consort Jing's handmaiden?

General please! You must send a message to Prince Jing!

Madame, she is in trouble.

The most critical time has past.

Branch Master Li.

Some is knocking on the door using Yaowang Valley's secret pass.

At this time?

Of all the times this situation should happen! Prince
Jing is not in the capital, and the emperor is at Wei Ling.

It doesn't matter, we need to send a message!

We can't be certain of where Prince Jing is. But we
know that the Emperor is at Wei Ling.

If we ride quickly, we can reach there in 8 hours.
And Commander Meng is there as well.

If we can meet with him, then we can inform
his Majesty of the situation.

Yes, yes, if his Majesty could just send a letter,
then Madame will be saved.

Then given this, I will ride out immediately
to Wei Ling to find Commander Meng.

I will come too!

-You? Your so delicate, how can you follow?

I can ride a horse. And also, how can you tell the emperor about something that has happened in the palace?

It'll only work if I go.

What Miss Xiao Xin says makes sense. Go together then.

I will go to the Su residence, and see
if Sir Su has a better idea.

Let's go quickly. Let's go, go.

Lao-Xi? How come you guys are here?

Branch Master Li, take me to see the Chief Mei!
General Wei Zheng has been captured.

Xuanjing Bureau took us by surprise.

Yaowang Valley had no time to respond.

You said the convoy even avoided the 14 states in Jiangzuo's territory on their return to the Capital?

Does that mean that Xia Jiang is already suspicious of the relation between Jiangzuo Alliance's and the Chiyan case?

Not necessarily. Xia Jiang's capture of General Wei
is definitely a plan against Prince Jing.

The fact that our Chief is working for Prince Jing is obvious.

It's natural that Xia Jiang will guard against us.

That's right. We've kept Jiangzuo Alliance's real motive hidden for so long. It's not that easy to find out.

Then this situation, we need to inform the Chief Mei as soon as possible.

It take a few days before our Master
reaches the capital.

And Chief Mei is gravely ill; what should we do?

When Chief formed the Chiyu battalion at 16(yrs old), Wei Zheng was his Lieutenant.
T/N. Chiyu - Scarlet Feathers

The two of them together fought their way out of Mei cliff; their relationship is beyond that of just friends.

Even if Chief wakes up now, we cannot
let him know of General Wei's situation.

But given the situation, with just the few of us,
I am not sure if we can manage it.

Tomorrow, have Tong Lu ask Mr. Shisan
to come and discuss this further.

Branch Master Li, General Lei has arrived and
seeks your audience.

It is so late; why is he here at this hour?

Take him away.

Get up.

Our chief is gravely ill, he cannot meet with
you at this time.

Regarding Consort Jing's situation, informing
the emperor about it is correct.

As long as a message is delivered from Wei Ling,
the Grand Empress will not dare to do anything to Consort Jing.

That is good then. Prince Jing is not in the palace

if anything happened to Consort Jing, I would
not know how to explain it to him.

Consort Jing is only suffering some difficulty at the moment; you should return at ease and await for news from Wei Ling.

I see. I am sorry to have troubled you. I will take my leave.

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

-I am alright.
-Come, let me help you up.

I didn't expect a solider like you are so gentle with a woman.

Who are you?

You do recognize me, but I recognize you.

I am one of Sir (Mei) of Jiang Zuo's subordinates.

You are Mr. Su's subordinates?

You must have heard then from General Lei, that is
why you are here.

General, you need not inquire any further. I am here
to ask that the two of you return.


Why should we go back?

Mr. Su's intention is that the two of you
need not deliver a message to Wei Ling.

There is another solution to this situation.

What other solution? Madam is still under the Grand Empress's
control, who else but the emperor can fix this situation?

Mr. Su is not allowing us to go to Wei Ling, does he
have a better idea?

Mr. Su thoughts are that Madam is a patient person.

Just as long as she is not in danger, having to
to deal with some difficulty is okay.

Once the emperor returns, seeing that the more
that Consort Jing has suffered

then the greater the offense and punishment
will be for the Grand Empress.


What kind of solution is this?

How can he use Consort Jing like this?

If Prince Jing finds out, he will not allow it.

If that is the case, then I definitely
cannot allow you to inform Prince Jing.

Don't worry, he is alright. I just wanted to
stop you from going to Wei Ling.

The moment I recall that my Hongxiu courtesans all

Lost to a person like you

I feel great discomfort

I know you are stubborn. I know you are
unafraid to die.

But you should know, in this world

there are more difficult things to endure
than death.

Bring her in.

-Tong Lu!
-Jun Niang!

What are you going to do? She has
nothing to do with this!

She has nothing to do with this?
The two of you love birds

how could she have nothing to do with this?

What are you going to do?

What are you doing? Don't touch her!

Tong Lu, save me!

Tell me, who do you work for?

Looks like I was wrong about how much you mean
to him.

Please, stop!


Still love prevails. You should have spoken up sooner.

Then she wouldn't have suffered so unnecessarily.

Tell me then.

It is the music room.


It is Mr. 13.

Miaoyin Dance House

Xuanjing Bureau captured Wei Zheng.

They have been avoiding areas under Jiang Zuo control

So we had no opportunity to intervene.

Then we must do it while they are on route.

It's hard for us to succeed.

We only have the last chance to strike
before he went into prison.

He will definitely have his strongest guards there
to ensure we don't succeed in the rescue mission.

After they enter the Capital, I'm sure the security will loosen up. Let's attack them at that time.


Gather our men who's planted around the Capital.

-Who is it?

Mr. 13, Mr Zheng.

Gong Yu, did something happen?

The music room, it is under investigation.


This is not logical as we have already shifted our meeting point here for some time.

Miaoyin dance house is just a decoy. I'm sure it won't be brought to anyone's attention.

How did they figure it out? Do you know
who's men are investigating?

They are Prince Yu's subordinates. I recognize one of the men as Hui Yao.

After entering Luoshi Road, he was clearly headed for Miaoyin dance house.

He went straight there?

I think he didn't go there without a plan.

Zhenping, why didn't you ask Tonglu to be the messenger today

and even came here yourself despite the danger?

Tonglu didn't come to our house today. I thought you ordered him specially thinking that our Chief is sick.

Tong Lu.

How could it be Tong Lu?

Miaoyin dance house was completely empty.

They have ditched that place for a long time.

You deliberately said that place to trick me!

Jun Niang is your captive, how could
I dare trick you?

You are the head of Hongxiu network and should be very clear about the basic rules of spy.

You have held me captive for so long,
Mr. 13 must have been suspicious.

Since they aren't there,

it means that they won't go to a place that I knew.

You should already know this, no?

Xiao Xin!

Xiao Xin, Xiao Xin!

Xiao Xin, you have been missing for a day!
Where did you go?

I really wanted to escape, to find someone
to save our Madame.

Did you find someone?

Don't cry. The emperor will return in
about 5 days.

Nothing will happen to our Madame.

Prince, the people that were sent by Prince Jing's residence
have been taken care of.

The message you instructed that I tell them
has also been done.

The people?

The maid has been returned to Consort Jing's residence.

The other General has been given a sedative and left
at Prince Jing's residence.

Good. Let's see now how things start to fall apart on them.

The emperor is returning tomorrow. Have the plans
for Consort Jing finished already?

I cannot keep her confined so long.

Everything is done now. You can just release her.

When father returns, Consort Jing will definitely
speak of this

But mother, you must insist that the physician said that there
was something wrong with the herbs and you were only worried about the emperor's health

And in that distressed state, you had Consort Jing
confined and interrogated.

Besides, nothing has happened to her. We must abide by the culture of deference.

Just because a noble consort had suffered some discomfort
father cannot depose the Empress.

Then what about the physician?

The physician knew the consequences as soon as he agreed to do this.

If father gets angry, then he can take it out
on the physician.

I will reward the physician's family well.

This scheme of yours

How prepared are you?

Mother, just relax. I'm all ready.

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki