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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 30

Brother Su, regardless of what you discuss with my father today and regardless of what my father's decision is,

I think my father has his reasons.

Please, enter.

Father, I shall take my leave.


You will join us.

Whatever we discuss today, you
may be present for it.

The Crown Prince is now confined.
Prince Yu finally got his wish.

He should be flushed with success,
but why is it that you don't look so good?

Brother Su's old ailment will always act up in the Winter.

Mr. Su you are so young, how did you get such an ailment?

It is because I am young
I did not take care of my health.

Sorry to have concerned you, Marquise.

It's really hard on you, Mr. Su.

To still have to visit on behalf of Prince Yu

even when you're unwell and so close to the New Year.

You have been much troubled.

Just a moment ago Your Excellency said

that Prince Yu should be flushed with success.

Were those words sincere?

How is it not sincere?

Your Excellency has been in the Court for many decades,

In addition to courage and resourcefulness,
your perception is second to none.

While other's cannot see through Prince Yu's situation,

could your Excellency not see through it either?

The Crown Prince has fallen, his Highness Prince Yu feels lonely.
He wants to find a new rival.

Your Excellency is really perceptive.

The favor I owe you for saving me is still there.

But as I said, Prince Yu and the Crown Prince is the same.
There is no difference.

I will not help anyone.

I hope Mr. Su, does not forget what I said.

What your Excellency said, I naturally remember.

But the situation now is different to before.

Prince Yu's real opponent hasn't been the Crown Prince for a long time.

I will not help Prince Yu to deal with the Crown Prince.

So I definitely will not help Prince Yu to deal with Prince Jing.

I've not finished talking yet.

How can your Excellency assume that I've come to ask you to help Prince Yu?

Are you really not asking me to help Prince Yu to deal with Prince...

Brother Su, you paying a visit to father,

Could it be that you want to ask father

to help with Prince Jing?

Your Excellency, are you willing?

Current politics is a mess, the Inner Palace is dangerous,
people are unpredictable and the Emperor is biased.

In this situation, Prince Jing can't win over Prince Yu.

I live comfortably and leisurely,

but now you want to involve me in a fight that has no chance of victory.


The Empress is my sister.

Prince Yu is the Empress' adopted son.

You ask me to assist Prince Jing to fight against Prince Yu.
That is irrational.


Its irrational and has no chance of victory

why did you request me to do so?

Your Excellency,

are you willing?

I am.

My Lord, this Liuxi House is used as a Summer getaway.

It's quite chilly to come here in the Winter.

Even though we've come in the wrong season, but this place is quiet.

Suitable for private meetings.

Are you sure Xia Jiang will be here?

Since my Lord requested it, he will come

Not to mention the relationship between Xia Jiang and your Shifu,

If it's not because we oppose Prince Jing

Xuanjing Bureau would never ever have private contact with a Prince that's fighting for the crown.

It's never about me.

Regardless of what for, as long as he comes
then it's good.

Thank you, your Excellency for your willingness.

You are not surprised with my choice.

Your Excellency, you are from a Noble House,

was well-known and powerful in your time.

How can warm blood turn cold?
T/N. to loose your fervor and passion

Though the blood is still warm but the heart has turned cold.

It's because you've lost heart in the Emperor,
the Crown Prince and Prince Yu

that's why I know you would agree.


Father, I don't understand current politics.

But I am from the Yan family.
I know how to differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong.

As for why you agreed to Sir Su,

I understand already.

I have made such a decision today

but success or failure is unknown.

If any dangerous situation arises,

you and I are flesh and blood, father and son.

It will implicate you.

Father, we are family,

there is no need to speak
of burdening me.

Father, whatever your decision may be

I will follow it with no regrets.

The Yan House, is credited with bringing forth three Imperial Tutors, two Chancellors...

Certain things have seeped into the bones
beyond what words can describe.

Yujin, although you are involve in Court politics,

but your mindset and vision is extraordinary.

Your Excellency, please rest assured,
I will do my best

to ensure that neither of you
suffer any difficulties.

A gentleman's promise is till death.

Other things are not worth mentioning.

What do you need me to do?
Please tell me.

Since it's clear that the fight is now between Prince Jing and Prince Yu,

The courtiers hearts would be set afloat,
but with Prince Jing's personality,

he would not form a party like Prince Yu,

and cause faction fight
since it'll further deplete Da Liang's power.

- But...
- I understand.

While Prince Jing doesn't want to form factions,

but the courtiers all have their own thoughts.
We need to know what they are.

It's nearly the New Years, a good time to visit people.

If there is anything that
you or Prince Jing cannot not do,

I will do it on your behalf.

Your Excellency is second to none
in terms of perception and insight.

Prince Jing will benefit much from your assistance.

Sir, you are too kind.

I am unable to see through you
even as you sit before me.

I want to ask you a question.
Mr. Su are you a

former member of Prince Qi's household?

Father, why do you suddenly ask
this question?

Mr. Su, how could he a former member of
Prince Qi's household?

More than 10 years ago...
Didn't the Prince Qi's household...

Yes, they did.

My question just now is a bit abrupt,

but I can think of no other reason

why Mr Su would help Prince Jing.

For fame and power, aren't they all reasons?

I may have only met you only on two occasions,
but from what I can tell,

fame and power is too paltry,
it is not your style.

You are too kind your Excellency.

Jiangzuo Alliance has it's place in the pugilist world,
Chief Mei, you have your own pride.

The lure of fame and power, the forces of Imperial Power,
you would naturally dismiss them.

I thought it over,

the only possible reason is because of ties in the past.

I was a youth who admired Prince Qi,
and wanted to support him.

That motivation has not changed,
hence why you have the Mei Changsu of today.

That is all.

The past is in the past,
its ill-advised to dig too deep.

It was just a simple question,

please don't take to heart.

What time is it now? If he is not
coming, I see no reason to wait any more.

If only Your Highness was as patient as you were
when trying to win over the Divine Talent,

then you wouldn't be as anxious as you are now.

How many divine talents
are there in the world?

And how many would be willing to assist me?

If they could be either,
then I'm willing to wait how ever long is required.

The question is, can Xia Jiang really do it?

It looks like Prince Yu still does not have enough faith in me.

Director Xia has arrived.

In meeting with your highness today,

there is one thing I need to make clear first.

Director Xia, there is no problem.
The matter between us, has nothing to do with faction fights.

Of course it has nothing to do with it.

That is because the Crown Prince is
not worth consideration anymore.

Right now, the only competition
in your eyes is Prince Jing. As for me

I just have to help you get rid of Prince Jing.

Even if this throne is not you're Highness',
it eventually will be.

The Emperor's of Da Liang have always
trusted and relied on Xuanjing Bureau.

I would be no exception should I ascend the throne.

With both Director Xia and Prince Yu working together

there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

Father has always believed in
the method of counterbalancing.

In the past he used me to counterbalance the Crown Prince,
and now he supports Prince Jing to counterbalance me.

It is as he's always done.

But now the six ministries are following suite
and supporting the new lord.

While my rank is higher than Prince Jing, but

if it isn't because Father has intention to maintain it,
my power in the Court would be long gone.

I wonder what strategies Director Xia has to counter this.

According to what BanRuo said,

hasn't Prince Yu already found
Prince Jing's weakness?

Even if I've found it, it doesn't matter.
There is no way to act on it.

It is an old case that not only Prince Jing
cannot let go of

it is still rests uneasily on Father's mind.

I cannot bring up this case with Father without a reason.

In the worse case, nothing may happen
to Prince Jing, but instead I would be the one in trouble.

Since we have no reason to bring up the case,

then naturally we need to find some reason for it.

Director Xia you indeed have a plan.

It looks like you have something on had that can serve
as a key to bring this old case.

Chief, you must be tired today
you should rest early.

Since Tong Lu is here,
I don't mind hearing some update.

If there isn't anything important
I will of course allow the two of you to manage it,

and I will go to sleep.
Let him in.


Come in, Tong Lu.


You've brought in the cold air.
Sit closer to the fire while you speak.

In my haste I've brought in the cold air,
I hope the Chief can forgive me.

No worries.

Have some hot tea first.


Drink slowly, you will burn yourself.

It's okay.

Chief, there is not much news today.

Mr. Shisan asked me to come here
to inform you of two things.

After Xie Yu arrived at the penal colony
we've sent people to shadow him.

There were a couple of attempts on his life
but they didn't attack too fiercely.

It might just be probes.

As long as Grand Princess Liyang still has the pouch

Xia Jiang won't let Xie Yu die so easily.

Have more people watch over
Grand Princess Liyang.

Have Prince Jing's Capital Protrols
increase the defenses around the Princess' Manor.

For now, Jingrui is not by her side.
We need to be more careful.

Whats the second thing?

Mr. Shisan has confirmed that Nie Feng's wife, Xia Dong, has been out of the capital for the last few months.

She went to Jiaxing Border Pass

The general at Jiaxing Border Pass Wei Qi has been Xie Yu's left lieutenant.

He was transferred seven years ago.
Xia Dong probably want to investigate

whether or not Wei Qi know about the old case.

But, before Mrs Nie arrived Jiaxing Boarder Pass

Wei Qi has died in sudden.

Have you found out who did it?

Possibly a plant from Xuanjing Bureau.

At the time when Xie Yu went to Mei cliff,
Wei Qi was not with him.

He doesn't know much of inside information.
Xia Jiang even want to silence him.

Didn't want Xia Dong to know even a single detail.

Xia Jiang is really acuity.

Even though Sister Dong didn't do anything suspicious,
it still roused his suspicion.

Thankfully Xia Jiang only thinks
that Xia Dong is suspicious

and does not know that she
has actually heard Xie Yu's confession.

Otherwise, he would not be so kind.

- You must keep a watch of Sister Dong's safety.
- Yes.

Tong Lu, if there is nothing else
you should head hom early.

Tell Mr. Shisan, Qin Banruo would not give up
so easily, do not let up his guard.


What's wrong?

If there's something, say it.

Chief, do you feel that there is something
off with Tong Lu lately?

What is different?

Lately I found him to be more energetic.

Before, each time he comes here,
he seems to want to stay for as long as he can.

But the last few times, he seems more rushed.

As if he wants to leave as quickly as he can.
It is different from how he was before.

Do find anything odd?

I haven't noticed anything,

but, Zhen Ping has good senses
when it comes to seeing things others cannot see.

Zhen Ping you are meticulous.
If you've noticed something there must be a reason.

Have Mr. Shisan be more careful then.


It's so late, you are still here.

Just one wall separates us, it's very close.

I thought I would wait for you a bit.

I hope you won't think its annoying.

You know it's not that.
Thank you for waiting.

If I don't see you everyday, I feel empty.

Was the shop busy today?
You came back so late.

You must be hungry, I'll get you some food.

Jun Niang.

My uncle must give me permission for marriage.

I will go see him tomorrow, and tell
him that I wish to marry you.

I am a widow, would your uncle allow it?

My uncle isn't so bound by common customs.

And also, he knows about you.

How does he know about me?

When you first moved here, I told him about you.
He said there isn't any issues with you.

I think my uncle might be a bit surprised initially
but eventually he'll agree.

I will listen to you.

Chief Director.


After Officer Xia Dong left Jiaxing border pass, she went to Linjiang city and stayed for 3 days. She didn't come in contact with anyone.

After that, she went south on Wuan road.

And then?

Afterwards... we lost track.

You are only tracking.

There was no other tasks, how did you loose track?

Please be appeased Director.
Officer Xia Dong is an Executive Officer,

The rest of us, we cannot compare to her.

Dispatch people to survey the Capital city.

If you catch signs of her returning
report it to me immediately.


What is the situation with Grand Princess Liyang?

Recently, apart from praying for the Grand Empress Dowager

and performing some rituals for Xie Qi.
She usually does not leave her mansion.

The Capital Patrols have also increased surveillance around her mansion.

I have not had the opportunity to take action yet.

Xie Yu was just exiled.

If something should happen to
the Princess Liyang now

his Majesty might suspect that someone is doing something.

Don't do anything for now.
Just keep a watch on her.

Yes, I understand.

- Go now.
- Yes.

Since I dare answer your summons today and to work with you,
I naturally have something in my hands.

While it cannot raise the kind storm that happened 13 years ago,

but if we use it well, we'll be able to catch Prince Jing off guard.

And send him back to into the ditch.

Director Xia you are very confident

so it must mean what you have must be quite important.

Please explain the details to me.

Prince Yu, do you remember the young Marshal
Lin Shu of the Chiyan Army

How could I forget.

At that time, there was no one in the capital who could
compare with that prodigy Lin Shu.

For him to have ended like that

it was because he was too immodest.

By Lin Shu's side, there were two Lieutenants.

This I don't quite remember.

There was one by the surname of Wei.

Wei Zheng.

That year, when the Chiyan army was exterminated at Mei cliff,

whether it be Lin Shu or his Lieutenant, they
should all have died, no?

When the Chiyan army was exterminated,
by his Majesty's orders, I was present as well.

so I know the circumstances of that time very well.

Lin Xie had 18 lieutenants directly under his command.

They were pretty much completely eliminated.

But the corpses were heavily damaged and hard to identify.

Of the officers ranked above brigadier general, there was two whom we did not find their Chiyan wrist band.
T/N. it's like their dog tag

One of them was Wei Zheng.

You are suspecting that this criminal Wei Zheng survived?

I have already confirmed,
that the criminal Wei Zheng is alive.

Where is he now?

Your Highness have your of Yaowang Valley to the west of the Empire?
T/N. Yaowang - King of Medicine

Yaowang Valley's Chief, Su Tianshu,
he's 7th on Langya list of the Rich.

Over half of the medicine in circulation is from there.
How could I not know.

Su Tianshu adopted a son at some point.

In the last few year, he started handling matters in the valley.

His name is Su Xuan, have you heard of him?

I have heard a little.

This young chief may not be as famous,
but he married, Yun Piaomiao

who is the only daughter
of the famous medicinal Yun family from Xunyang.

Even in the Palace many people talk about it.

Highest form of seclusion is in the Court;
The golden mean of seclusion is in Cities.T/N. derived from the poem "Zhong Ying" by Bai Juyi (772846)

Su Xuan's background and his eye catching marriage

managed to divert Xuanjing Bureau's suspicions.

So I did not take notice of him for all these years.

Are you saying that this Su Xuan is the criminal Wei Zheng?

Good, good.

A criminal from the old case is still alive.
This is perfect.

Where is this person now?

Wei Zheng is of the Chiyan army.

Cunning by nature. Yaowang Valley is also not a place we easily intrude on.

So I tracked down the times and routes on which he conveys medicine.

And have sent my disciple Xia Qiu to capture him.

We should get some news in the next couple of days

So right now, you're telling me that it is not guaranteed that you can capture Wei Zheng?

Prince Yu, do you not believe in the Xuanjing Bureau's capabilities?

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His illness has resurfaced,

the next few days will be dangerous.

From this moment on, refuse all guests.

It doesn't matter who comes, he should not meet with them.

The wind is howling,

the snow must also be coming down heavily.

It'll be difficult for those still out in this weather.

Director Xia, you sound very confident in what you said earlier.

Perhaps we can capture Wei Zheng before the snow stops.

I personally planned Wei Zheng's capture,

and sent the best of Xuanjing Bureau.
There will be no slip up.

No one will be able to touch this criminal before I get him to the Capital.

How can there be no wine upon such good news. Banruo.

Once Wei Zheng is captured and sent
to the capital,

Director Xia, how do you plan on using him
to give a blow to Prince Jing?

I am actually interested in Prince Yu's ideas first.

Wei Zhengs' capture is a good opportunity to bring up old case.

But there's still no direct connection with Prince Jing.

If we want to make an issue out of Wei Zheng
then we need to forge a confession from him.

In it we can accuse Prince Jing of harboring and protecting Wei Zheng for all the years he was on the run.

And in this way drag Prince Jing into the case.

I don't think that'll work.

If it was someone else, once his Majesty is angered, they'll not have a change to defend their case.

His Majesty would sentence them based on a verbal confession.
But what is Prince Jing's status?

A verbal confession will not be enough to accuse him of harboring a criminal. Not to mention that this would be a forged confession.

What if His Majesty wants to personally question Wei Zheng?

Isn't this self defeating?

Director Xia, back then Prince Jing and Lin Shu was particularly close.

Wei Zheng was able to escape for so many years, do you think Prince Jing might actually be secretly assisting him?

If I could find even the barest hint

of communication between Wei Zheng and Prince Jing

then we wouldn't even be discussing this right now.

Prince Jing doesn't even know that Wei Zheng is still alive, I can confirm that.

If so, this is difficult. By capturing Weizheng it is only capturing a fugitive from an old case

How can we drag Prince Jing into this mess?

Director Xia, you must already have an idea.

If that's the case, then there's no need to keep me hanging.

Wouldn't it be better to share your idea with us and have a discussion?

Prince Yu

Prince Jing is your brother,

how well do you understand him?

What are you trying to say, Director Xia?

Prince Jing doesn't even know that Wei Zheng is still alive.

Up until now, we cannot find any evidence of involvement, correct?

- That's exactly the problem.
- What about after?


After Prince Jing finds out that Wei Zheng is alive and has already fallen into our hands, what will happen?

According to your understanding,
what will Prince Jing's reaction be?

Of course he'll want to save him.


Your Majesty can't fall asleep?

I'll put on this incense to help with your insomnia.

Your Majesty close your eyes first and rest awhile.

Yesterday I dreamt of the
Grand Empress Dowager again, and...

The day after tomorrow is Grand Empress Dowager's anniversary.

That your Majesty is dreaming of her now,

should be because she still misses you from heaven.

According to the ancestral rites, for Grand Empress Dowager's anniversary

I have to go guard the tomb for 3 days, the Inner Palace cannot come along.

This is incense for insomnia is really good. Prepare some for Gao Zhan to bring along.

It's already been prepared.

In such cold winter weather, the Imperial Tombs cannot be compared to the palace

Your Majesty must take care of your health.

You're always the most considerate.

In the Inner Palace, is there anyone who is not considerate of Your Majesty?

I heard that the Empress has been giving you a hard time recently.

The Empress has responsibilities as the head of the Inner Palace.

Naturally there will be areas that I need to be educated on.

How is that giving me a hard time.

It's good that you have a big heart.

Since she is the Empress after all,

if she doesn't make it too difficult, just keep a respectful distance.

Tolerate it if you can,

but if you really can't,

you have to tell me.

Even though there's no such thing happening,

but hearing Your Majesty say this

I feel very grateful.

Your personality has always been so calm.

It been over 30 years, but there is no big change.

If she could be more like you,

it would have been great.

But since birth,

her personality has always been so unyielding.

Have you dreamt of her before?

I'm not fortunate enough to have
the Grand Empress Dowager enter my dreams.

You know that I'm not talking about the Grand Empress Dowager.

I haven't dreamt of her in several years.

But lately, sometimes

she'll be standing beside the Grand Empress Dowager.

Have you seen her in your dreams?

Tell me, what is she like in your dreams?

Consort Chen...T/N: "-jiejie" is an endearing term used towards older females

still looks the same as back then.

She stands under that plum tree,

not saying a word, and just keep smiling at me.

Director Xia's tactic is to attack the heart,
very intricate indeed.

Judging by Jingyan's temper,
he won't be able to just stand aside and watch.

With that, while we don't have anything against him now,

as long as he makes a move, we'll have victory in our hands.

It's great if it can turn out that way.

But, I don't know why...

I still have some worries.

Worries about what?

Prince Jing is now very prominent in the Court,

his Majesty is also favors him very much.

It can be described as excellent circumstances.
But Wei Zheng,

he was just one of Lin Shu's low ranking Lieutenants,

a criminal who escaped by luck.

With Prince Jing's position today,

why would he risk

angering his Majesty and getting accused, to save such a minor person.

You don't know, Prince Jing's temper is like that by nature.

It's not like he hasn't done something stupid like this before.

I do know something about Prince Jing's personality.

Saving Wei Zheng does not give him any benefits,

But if he fails, he will the excellent circumstances he's in now.

The benefit and harm between success and failure is so big,

will Prince Jing really not hesitate?

What you're saying is not without reason.

The present Prince Jing is no longer the exiled Prince of yesteryear.

He now has the ability to fight for Imperial favors

he might not risk losing the whole game

just to save Wei Zheng.

Prince Yu.

It looks like you still don't really understand this brother of yours.

Rest assured, I am good at discerning people if nothing else.

The reason why I'm here today, strategizing

is because Xiao Jingyan, this person,

He would not change.

Director Xia's judgement is without fault.

But, you forgot about one person.


Sir Mei of Jiangzuo.

You mean the one they call the Divine Talent?

Director Xia, you must not underestimate this Divine Talent

The Prince Jing we have today is all thanks to him.

Even if Prince Jing is that stubborn and reckless, not caring of consequences

but Mei Changsu is not someone who is hotheaded.

Once he realizes that Wei Zheng's case is just a lure

and as long as Prince Jing does not touch it, it would be no danger

Mei Changsu will definitely not let Prince Jing act carelessly.

Banruo is right. Using Wei Zheng to defeat Prince Jing is easy.

But it will be difficult to defeat Mei Changsu.

Unless...unless Prince Jing is not willing to listen to Mei Changsu's advice.

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