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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 29

Minister Shen, it's my fault.

I know Your Highness already tried your best.

In terms of personal coffers, how could you beat him?

Looks like it will be a tragedy again this time.

Minister Shen, don't worry yet, there are still a
few days to organise everything.

Maybe we can think of a new solution and turn this around.

It seems very unlikely.

I can only hope that the skies will open and a flash of lighting,

should strike on Prince Yu's head.

What are you saying?

I take back what I said, please forgive me.

Sir, is your sickness acting up again?

It's not a problem. The weather's cold,

so my throat's a little itchy.

Since you are sick, then today...

It's not a problem. Really.

An itchy throat is not a sickness.

I know why Your Highness came today.

Rumors of the incident at the
Wu Ying Hall this morning has already spread.

Commander General Meng already came to tell me.

The Commander General came?

He heard I was sick.

Oh, no, he heard my throat was itchy. So he came to see me.

Even the Commander General knew, and I...

Your Highness is so busy these days, please don't worry about these small matters.

Talking about being busy...

When I'm actually needed for something, there's nothing I am able to do.

The disaster relief situation has already been finalized.

And with Sir being sick, there's no point worrying about it anymore.

It's not necessarily finalized yet.

Father already said he would send Prince Yu, how is that not finalized?

In his panic, Shen Zhui even wished for lighting to fall from the sky

and strike right on Prince Yu's head.

What he said is not incorrect.

If Your Highness believes in me, please wait another 2 days.

There's a lighting on its way, ready to strike.

It will definitely strike on Prince Yu's head.

There's a lightning on the way?

Is Sir planning something that you've predicted?

The five states suffering from the famine are not within Jiangzuo's boundaries.

I'm not receiving information any faster than the ministry of revenue.

So this time, being unable to plan ahead for you

that's my oversight.

Saying that makes me feel guilty,

it's all because I couldn't contend with Prince Yu in front of father

that's why it's come to this.

Your highness you're way of conduct is orderly
and will not bend to suite other's opinions.

So the emperor doesn't think that you are as
thoughtful as Prince Yu.

There's nothing that can be done about it.

There's really nothing that can be done.

I can't learn Prince Yu's tricks

and I don't want to either.

I can only bother Sir for this.

His Majesty's affection towards Prince Yu

is not something that can be changed in a day.

You must have some more patience your highness.

It's not because I have no patience,
it's because this is an urgent issue.

Sorry I am too impatient.

No, I'm just itchy again.

Give it a bit of patience your Highness.

Although we lost the first strike in this matter,

our luck is pretty good.

A few days ago, something happened that
might be able to turn this around for us.

Is this the lightning strike you were talking about?

Five days ago

a convery sending gifts to Prince Yu passed by Fuzhou

and was hijacked by Jiangzuo Alliance.

Only a group bearing gifts for Prince Yu getting hijacked,

that can't really hurt him right?

If you knew the person sending the gifts,

- then you wouldn't say that.
- Who?

Yuezhou's mayor.


Yuezhou is the worst hit area,
there are rumours that people have starved to death already.

Yuezhou's mayor still managed to get money to send to Prince Yu as gifts!?

Now that the Crown Prince is weak

The minister's in Prince Yu's faction
are all holding onto him.

The gift was not light either, there was 5000 taels of silver.

The disaster relief cannot be handled by Prince Yu.

Since we now have evidence,
what do you want to do?

Do you want me to write a report to father?

Are you itchy again?

No, not this time.

Looks like that's a bad idea.

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu
have been greedy for so many years.

The emperor probably knows.

He's just choosing not to act.

Even if you tell him about Yuezhou's mayor,

the most he will do is give a scolding
which won't change much.

But now, apart from his Majesty,

who else can control Prince Yu?

Apart from power, there is also the people's desires,

and their trust.

I have already prepared, in no more than two days

this issue will spread all over the streets of Yuezhou.

5000 taels of silver may not be much to the Emperor,

but to the starving people,

it'll be unacceptable.

That's right, when the people's opinions are made

it will definitely affect the emperor's
most valued thing, imperial pride.

Then, no matter how much he favors Prince Yu,

he would not let him disturb the stability of the empire.

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu would
deal with the post disaster relief riots

mostly through suppression.

Then blame it on the citizens for being too greedy
and dishonoring the Court's goodwill.

But this time,

the disaster relief aid has yet to be released,

so I want to see if Prince Yu

can come up with any new excuses.

How dare they act before the Court,

going to Yuezhou to provide money and disaster relief.

And what money are they using!?

Money that was getting sent to you as gifts!

The state council ordered for them to be caught

but even the local guards won't listen to orders

the citizens are all crying for justice outside the council.

The letters of the citizens have all been sent to me.

Now it's not only Yuezhou,

the surrounding areas, even the Capital is a mess.

All the accusations are against you.

You, so disgraceful.

Father, I am innocent.

I don't know why Yuezhou's mayor was sending me gifts.

He's never sent them before.

This I don't understand your Majesty.

According to what you said your highness, normally, in years with good harvest,

this Yuezhou mayor has never sent gifts to the capital

but this year, there's a disaster,
none of the crops have grown.

Why would the mayor think of doing something like this.

If it's really like this, then he must be very confused.

I don't know how he became the mayor.

Normally, you receiving a few gifts

as long as it wasn't too much, I left you alone.

But this year, what is this?

Don't you know to control yourself a bit?

Father, there are so many Princes in the capital

just from the words of the hijackers, how can
you say these gifts are for me?

I do not accept such accusations.

Reporting to your Majesty.

I was worried that the rumors might not all be the truth

and that it'd wrongly accuse his highness,
so I worked with the ministry of personnel

and sent an express request, ordering the Governor of Hejian to investigate the matter in Yuezhou.

This is the results.

Please look over this your Majesty.

This is the record of gifts over the years the Mayor of Yuezhou kept

your Highness, do you want to check if it's real?


Enough, stop talking.

I wasn't thinking of doing anything to you anyway.

Your Majesty.

But since this happened,

the people's opinions and feelings cannot be changed.

If I continue to let you handle the disaster relief,

it would be inappropriate.
This business...

don't worry about it anymore.

Father, I think...

What more do you want?

This whole year was a mess,

I've never had peace.

There's only two more months till the end of the year,

I don't want to do anything major.

Just stay quiet for a while,

stop doing things that will lose face.

If you continue like this,
I will not be so generous.

Yes, I understand.

Send for Prince Jing.


Your Highness Prince Jing

Your highness.

You're here.

It's good you're here,

pour wine for me.

His Majesty told you to be quiet for a few days and you really are?

What's the use being drunk at home everyday?

It's been half month since Prince Jing left to handle the disaster relief.

All we hear are praises for him.

That he's good on the battlefield as well as in the court.

Can you really listen to these?

What can I do about it?

He and Shen Zhui

have something new everyday

disaster relief tactics never used before.

Father pampers,

and praises him.

The people below are obviously following suit

boot-licking Prince Jing.

I still don't believe

so much money

how can he not be greedy for any?

There are no fish in clear waters,

no matter how pure and lofty Xiao Jingyan acts

can he really block everyone's means of making money?

When the time comes,

he will kill a few people

and get rid of a few more

he can be in control for a while, but can he do it in the long term?

No matter how he did it,

and no matter whether it will be long term.

At this point in time, he is in control of the situation.

Things have now come to this,

aren't you going to think of a way to fight back?

How should I fight back?

Teach me, how?

Being locked here these couple of days

I thought about the people that I can make use of.

I suddenly discovered that out of the
six ministries of the imperial court.

There isn't anyone who would follow me anymore.

Shen Zhui, doesn't pay me any respect.

Cai Quan of the Ministry of Justice

even argues with me directly.

The Chief Secretariat Liu Cheng,

he is a sly old fox.

The court officials are just watching the
situation and not saying anything.

The last thing I have is the Grand Court of Review, what use is that?

With this situation, how can I discuss fighting back?

The one who has the divine talent, will rule the Empire.

Lang Ya Hall's prophecy is indeed correct.

Last autumn, when Sir Mei of Jiangzuo had just arrived

what was your situation? What was Prince Jing's situation?

Now it's been over a year,
who was the one who really got the divine talent?

Isn't it obvious?

Your highness.

Have you never been suspicious?

When Jingyan became a Noble Prince,

I thought things weren't right.


considering Mei Changsu did achieve a lot.

He once got rid of Xie Yu this first rank marquis,

and pulled out the splinter in my eyes.

Mei Changsu getting rid of Xie Yu

was that really for you?

In the end, who's hands did the Capital Patrols fall into?

Your highness, stop fantasizing,

what I can confirm is that
Prince Jing has Mei Changsu.

With the current situation, do you still need me to bring you evidence?

This Chief Mei is quite amazing.

Has determination, dares to choose
and knows how to teach.

At that time, both you and the Crown Prince held much power,

But he chose Prince Jing who had
been neglected for many years.

Without his help,

how long would it take Xiao JIngyan to get
where he is now?

Now the situation in the palace has changed.

Noble consort Yue has fallen, Consort Jing has been promoted.

All these years she's been quiet, would the empress
even consider her?

We didn't expect that once they came into power,

that it'd be so hard to fight them.

Yes. This Consort Jing.

We've underestimated her.

The empress has tried everything,

but she's like a cotton ball

cannot be flattened or broken,
there's no way to fight her.

I underestimated this pair of mother and son.

I used to think they were just sheep,

turns out they were actually wolves.

Then since you know they are wolves,

How are you planning to face them?

Are you just going to admit defeat?

Of course not.

Even though Xiao Jingyan now has some power

what foundations does he have?

I can even defeat the Crown prince,

why would a five pearl prince be any different?

After the disaster relief is over,

Prince Jing will have another merit recorded.

I'm worried the Emperor will promote him again.

He only needs two more pearls

to be on the same rank as you.

I admire that you have the heart to tear him apart,

but Mei Changsu is a dangerous person.

If we don't first control him and his Jiangzu Alliance

I think it will be head for you to defeat Prince Jing.

Go against Mei Changsu and his Jiangzuo Alliance?

It's not as simple.

Wasn't your Hong Xiu Zhao also weakened by them?

My Hong Xiu Zhao has been weakened.

This round, I lost.

But whether I lose or not it's not important.

Your Highness's plans cannot be destroyed
by the hands of this divine talent.

Think about this long period of lies and being used.

Can you really swallow this outrage?

Looks like,

you came to use a shock method.

Doesn't matter.

You want me to use my energy to go against Mei Changsu

to take revenge on him for destroying your Hong Xiu Zhao.

This I understand.

If we discuss anger and hate

wouldn't I hate him more?

But the situation in the court has already changed

it is not as simple as going against Mei Changsu.

Your Highness means...

If this was one year ago,

as long as we kill this divine talent

Prince Jing would have no way of getting ahead.

But today my seventh younger brother

is not one to be underestimated.

He looks as if he's not building a faction

but he's support from the court is
unnaturally steady.

He is not just relying on Mei Changsu.

Saying this, are you planning on leaving Mei Changsu alone?

Of course not.

But no matter how brilliant Mei Changsu is

at the end of the day, he is just a strategist.

Instead of focusing our efforts on Mei Changsu,
we should pull the wick from the lamp, get rid of Prince Jing.

Without a master, what kind of divine talent will he be?

He'll just be like a stray dog.

Then where are you planning to start?


I don't know what Mei Changsu's weakness is,

but Xiao Jingyan's weakness is very obvious.

These ten or so years that he's been neglected by father,

why is that.

Is it because he is stupid?

Because he can't conduct business?

Or is it because he did something wrong?

It's none of those.


he has many achievements and is very hard working.

But father just won't reward him

and the reason for that,

is the old case that is stuck between the father and son.

That's right, Prince Jing's weakness

is the treason case of Prince Qi and the Chiyan Army.

And I have a stronger and stronger sense of feeling

that Mei Changsu is related to this case.

Why do you think this?

This is still just a feeling.

But the more he becomes my enemy,
the more clearly I can see his heart.

I believe that the many strange actions of Mei Changsu,
must have reasons behind them.

Now that Xiao Jingyan is not in the capital.

It gives me time to plan.

Let him go do some hard work for now.

When he returns, he will see my methods.

Your Highness wants to rip open an old scar?

This is indeed a good place to start.

But we cannot be careless,

we can't let Prince Jing notice anything.

We need to rip it open all at once,
the bloodier it is, the better.

It sounds easy

but when we act, we still need to iron out the details.

This old case is not only Prince Jing's weak point

it's also father's taboo.

So we can't bring it up for no reason.

If only there was some other opportunity.

An opportunity,

I don't have much foresight,
so I cannot see one yet.

So, I cannot help you with this,

but, I have thought of a good helper for your majesty.


Xuanjing Burreau's Director in Chief, Xia Jiang.

Although the issue has currently settled

but as long as Xie Yu's letter is still in
Grand Princess Liyang's hands,

I will still worry about it.

But the Grand Princess is the Grand Princess,

you must act carefully.



The Grand Princess is here, hurry and move the road block.

I don't think that will work.

Why not?

The Xuanjing Bureau was created with strict rules

and will not be involved in the faction fights.

I have never heard of an exception.

No matter how badly I fought with the Crown Prince,
Xia Jiang did not participate.

The Xuanjing Bureau is part of the Court, at the behest of the Emperor,

they are in the midst of politics, how can they be an exception?

We can't always look at the surface of things.

The Xuanjing Bureau has always been favored
and have never lost power.

I don't think that can be done without
involving themselves in faction fights.

- But in the past...
- The past is the past

In the past he never interfered between you and the Crown Prince.

There's nothing strange about that.

But things are different now.

Now your opponent is Prince Jing.

I don't think Your Highness has forgotten

who was in charge of investigating the Chiyan treason case.

While it was by his Majesty's orders, but Xia Jiang's involvement in this case,

was pivotal.

Prince Jing will not let him get away so easily.

Xia Jiang is not a careless person.

He clearly knows Prince Jing's connection to the Chiyan case.

To say it lightly, it's a knot in Prince Jing's heart,

but to put it severely, it's a need for revenge.

Xia Jiang can turn a blind eye to whoever takes the throne

but that person definitely cannot be Prince Jing.

No matter how loyal he is, he still needs to think about his own future.

That's true.

Xia Jiang can stand anybody

and he won't care who gets the throne between me and the Crown Prince.

But he definitely,

definitely cannot accept Prince Jing.

Your Highness, think about the agents Xuanjing Bureau has everywhere.

and think again how Emperor trusts Xia Jiang.

Don't you think he is the best helper to deal with Prince Jing?

You are right.

Even if Xia Jiang wants to deal with Prince Jing, he'll not necessary will team up with me.

What if he doesn't want to have anything to do with us?

If Your Highness wants to probe Xia Jiang to see if he's interested,

I can help you.


My Shifu was Xia Jiang's old friend.

Aren't you of the Hua ethnicity?

Your Shifu is?

Have you heard of Princess Xuanji?

You... you are the disciple of Princess Qin Xuanji who was heading the Hua tribe Court?

Your Highness, Minister Huang from Inner Palace Management asks to see you.

Let him in.


Minister Huang, please come in.

- Greetings to Consort Jing.
- No need.

It's cold today. What makes you come here personally?

You should get the juniors to deal with it.

Look at what you're saying Madame,
matters in Madame's Palace,

how can juniors handle it.

You mentored all those smart children yourself,

how can they not be able.

Madame, you are flattering me.

Madame, are you making new desserts again?

This is camellia that I plucked just now

to make taishi cake. It is nothing new.
TN. taishi - dessert, type of baked dough cake with fillings

Fresh camellia flowers need to be selected,

peeling off the petals and leave out the pistil,
It is very tedious work.

You are the only person in the palace to have such inspiration and craft to to it.

Just a common dessert.

You are too kind.

Quickly, bring over things for Consort Jing so Madame can review it.

It's cold now. We don't get as much fresh fruits from the South.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you Madame.

These are the new dried fruit and nuts just we just got.

I think Madame often makes desserts and will need these.

I picked some high quality ones for Madame to choose from.

I haven't finished those that you sent over last time.

I am just passing my time for making dessert.

There's no need for so much.

The Inner Palace Management is meant to send these according to rules, Madame,

have a quick look,

and choose some for your own use.


This. This.

And this.

The rest, there's no need.

Thank you for your kindness.

Madame you are welcome.

Xiao Xin, show them the way out.


Follow me.

I am getting old now.

The children are lacking experience.
They always overlook things,

and might not serve you well.

For future offerings

please have the servants tell me directly.

I will certainly have to bother you in the future.
I thank you in advance.

Madame you are most welcome.

If there is nothing else

I will take my leave now.

Madame, are the hazelnuts that the household management brings over not been very good lately?

Why do you ask this?

Before, you would make a hazelnut pastries every few days,

but the last few times that the management brought over dry fruits and nuts,

you've picked other things.

That's why I thought it's probably because the hazelnuts were not good these last few times.

Jingyan's tastes has changed.

For now, I need to make some different things for him to eat.

Come drink the medicine.


Very bitter.

How about you help Su gege drink it?

-I can help?
-You can.

Give me.

Don't listen to their nonsense.

You must drink the medicine yourself, only then is it effective.


It will take some time for the medicine to take effect.
Sit for a while.

You need to sleep later.

But, don't sit for too long.

I know.


It's nearly finished?

Do you know that before Prince Jing returns

you will not have these desserts anymore?

I know. You told me before.

Prince Jing left two boxes here purposely before he left.

It was all desserts and sweets can be keep for long periods.

Still not enough for Fei Liu.

Chief, is there something wrong with the desserts?

You look worried every time Fei Liu brings out the food box.

When I was little, Consort Jing always made me desserts.

I ate whatever she made,
and loved all of them.

But there is one that I can't have.

That is hazelnut pastries.
Even if I have one small bite,

I will have breathing difficulty,

and rashes will break out all over the body.
The only way is take medicine to throw everything up.

Young master Lin told us about it.
That is why I check the food every time.

I've never seen any hazelnut pastries.

That's the reason I am worried.

I am afraid that Consort Jing has become aware of my identity.

But, hazelnut is rarely use in desserts.

It shouldn't be surprising even if Consort Jing is not making it.

You don't know,

hazelnut pastries is Prince Jing's favorite dessert.

Consort Jing always makes for him.

Because of this matter, I even

tried to prob some information from Prince Jing.

The food box contains so many hand picked desserts.

Did you give me the food box that Consort Jing prepared for you?

Two boxes are the same, I can't really take the wrong one.

The two boxes are the same?

That means Consort Jing is afraid that Prince Jing would take the wrong one

so she make two identical boxes with no hazelnut.

Consort Jing never met you before.

How did she know of your true identity?

She must have found some clues from the book, "Record of the land of Xiang".

But, Prince Jing didn't act unusual lately.

That's why it seems,

Consort Jing knows about it and help me kept the secret.

It is so cloudy.

but the snow is not heavy.

Looks like the plum flower has blossom well in Prince Jing's manor.

Fei Liu likes to pick the flower from others' garden.

I wonder who taught him that.

Who else.
We haven't seen young master Lin for a year.

Kind of miss him.

Whenever he came to Langzhou back then,
it would be was so much fun.




Its ready.


You are not feeling to well. Let me go on your behalf.

In the future, I'll naturally have you go,

but this is first time.
I have to do it myself.

Mr Shisan,

Chief wants to close down the Miao Yin Court for now.

I think so too.

According to rules, during the mourning period

no musical performances can be done.

Miao Yin Court can't open for business either.

So, it won't be convenient for us to communicate anymore.

The musical store in the west market has been open for half a year.
It should no longer attract much attention.

It'll be more convenient to go from now on.

You can go now.


Something else?

Sir, my new neighbor Jun Niang

has her background been checked?

Yes, we have verified with Xianzhou.

Just as she said. Newly widowed and disowned by her family.

She came to Capital because of disasters in her village.
Shouldn't be any problem.

That's good to hear.

What is good?

I said it is good to hear she is not someone suspicious.

Although not suspicious she still a stranger.

- It is better keep a distance from her.
- Ok.

You may leave now.

Brother Su, it is a cold day.
Why are you here?

Yujin, is your father at home?
I have something to discuss with him.

He is in.
Come in please.

Brother Su.

- I...
- What is wrong?

It reminds me of the first time we met.

Although it's only been a year

not a long time, but so many things have changed.

It's a past that cannot bear looking back on.


Not sure how Jingrui is coping at Southern Chu.

We've been writing to each other.

He is fine.
Don't you worry.

Brother Su, regardless of what you discuss with my father today and regardless of what my father's decision is.

I think he has his reasons behind this.


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