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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 26

Let me borrow this book for a couple of days.

It's only a travelogue.
If Your Highness likes it, please take it then.

Xiao Shu,

is there a problem with that book?


- No?
- Then why do you look so troubled?

There's no issues with the handwriting or
the contents of my annotations.

- It's just that...
- Just what?

I reduced the strokes in two words to avoid a taboo.

Avoid a taboo? What two words?

My mother's name is the same as the name of a place recorded in the book.

When I annotated it, I reduced a few strokes habitually,

to avoid it being the same as my mother's.

What? Then is it important?

It should not be a problem.

Jingyan does not know my mother's maiden name.

The two words are not commonly used either.

Even in the past, he never realized I avoided these two words.

Maybe, he won't even notice it.

But, why are you still so nervous then?

I don't know either. Maybe because the book contains traces of the past.

I got nervous for no reason just now.

Then I realized, Jingyan probably would not notice at all.

I guess Prince Jing will also think that you lost your train of thought momentarily.

He did not get suspicious.

Don't worry. It's not a big problem.

Your right, it's not a big problem.

Brother Meng, if there are any problems at the Grand Princess Liyang's mansion,

you have to let me know immediately.

Do you really have to poke your nose into everything.

Even if you are lamp oil, you cannot burn yourself out like this.

They are innocent, yet because of me-

Xiao Shu. If you say that again, I will really get angry.


You can all leave.


Come out.

Grand Princess.

The Southern Chu envoys have already left the city,

are they not worried about leaving you here alone?

Gege is still here.

Do you know that

if I force you away, you would not be able to stay here.

I know.

Then why do you still dare to appear before me?

Father has said, the Grand Princess is a good person.

I don't want you to take Jingrui away. Do you know why?

I know my son,

he is generous and values his relationships with others.

The impact that this incident had on him is much deeper than you think it is.

He may appear calm, but the anguish he feels inside,

is not something that words can comfort.

He needs time to slowly,

little by little, accept it.
I wish to be the one to stand by him through this.

I don't want him to go to a strange land so quickly,

to see a father he does not know.

We will be good to gege. We will be really really good to him.

Look, fourth sister. Do you know where this place is?

It seems like the back entrance of the mansion of a wealthy person.

Talking about the owner of this mansion, he cannot be said to be rich or noble.

He is a scholar with no position or duties in the imperial court.

It has only been half a year since he bought this mansion,

but now when you mention the Su Residence in the city,

there is not one who does not know about it.

You saying this makes me curious about

who this incredible person is.

To be able to gain a spot among the rich and noble here.

If this Chief Mei is also a strategist of Prince Yu,

then what conflict do you have with him?

You want me to break his barriers, what do you want to know?

Fourth sister, please.

The person I want you to take down is not him.

This Sir Su is unpredictable, he will not be fooled by beauty.

- Then why did you ask me here?
- Fourth sister, please be patient.

Fourth sister, see there.

You're here, Tong Lu.

Bring it in.

See him? That's the one.

You're talking about the man delivering the vegetables?

What is weird about this person? Such a big mansion,

having someone who delivers vegetables, fruits and water. Isn't that normal?

He name is Tong Lu, many of my lost spies,

all have some connection to him. Think about it,

even if he bumps into and decides to save a damsel in distress

he can't keep rescuing damsels which are my in my hands.

- The situation for the last few days is like that.
- Okay

Tell Mr Shisan that although Qin Banruo's power base is damaged,

but her capabilities are still there.
The spies that her shifu left her,

definitely exceeds the few we got rid of.
Do not be careless.

Yes, Chief.

Is there anything else?

There is one more.

I heard that Young Master Xiao has decided to go to Southern Chu.



I see. You may leave.

Furthermore, as a vegetable seller who lives in a rundown village,

he should be someone of no significance,

but even Uncle Qian is not able to find out more about his background.

And the few places he often goes to,

includes the Su residence.

Adding on to what happened previously,

how can I not be alarmed?

You are sure that the Su Residence and Hong Xiu Zhao's downfall

is related?

Uncle Qian says that the Su residence

is like a swamp, normal on the outside,

but bottomless on the inside.
It is impossible to get close.

If he is able to make any progress,

why would need I ask for your help?

You suspect that Tong Lu

is working fro Mei Changsu?

And the crisis you face now

is caused by Mei Changsu?

I'll go off first. Thank you.


I feel strange about this.
This divine talent

since becoming Prince Yu's tactician did come up with many great and intricate strategies,

All of Prince Yu's victories this year, can all be attributed to him.

But how can it be that after so many victories,

the attention and care that Prince Yu receives is much lesser than before?

His power is less than before as well.

How is it not as good as before?
I heard that Prince Yu

is highly respected in the imperial court.
Even the Crown Prince

has been subdued by him.

Before Mei Changsu entered the city, Prince Yu

had absolute control of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Personnel.

On the army side, he had Duke Qing.

But what does he have now? Nothing, only an empty shell.

The current respect he receives is only because of the Crown Prince's failure.

If you look at it closely,

Prince Yu has no solid backing any more.

The one who has the Divine Talent, can have the whole world.

Is this how you would gain the world?

These words, you can tell them to Prince Yu self.

Prince Yu, after my multiple mistakes,

his trust in me has diminished.

Also, Sir Su is really shrewd.

He's been able to keep himself out of all of Prince Yu's trouble

No one can hold him responsible for any of it.

Think about it. If I tell Prince Yu that out of nowhere,

will he believe me? Even if Prince Yu is suspicious.

and questions Mei Changsu about it. With his way with words,

I'm afraid that before I can say anything

I would have gotten burnt by him.

Could it be that Sir Su is like you, he is not sincere about helping anyone?

He only wants to stir up a storm in the city.

- Please come in.
- Okay.

Waiter, give us a pot of tea.


I am not able to tell. This is not something I can tell with no evidence either.

Fourth sister, Tong Lu is the only person I know

that we can get over to our side.

I hope that you will be able

to help me out this time.

Fourth sister, if you are able to help me this time,

in the future, no matter where you go. I will not interrupt your life any more.

What if I don't succeed?

Fourth sister, Tong Lu is not someone difficult to deal with. With your capabilities,

even if he has a heart of steel. He will also be melted by you.

I am not like I was last time. But since we learn from the same master,

I cannot cut off my ties with you. I will help you one last time.

Banrou, please think of all our sisters and know your limits.

Thank you fourth sister.

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Mother, please take care of yourself.

Second brother, please take care of the house now.

Don't worry, I will take care of mother.

If you encounter any problems outside, always remember that we are all waiting for you to return.

Let's go.

This was the place we sent the princess off that day.

Yes. This is also the place I challenge gege.T/N: "-gege" is an endearing term used by females towards older males

Now that I think about it, it feels as though it was from another world.


Let's go.

Chief, they are here.

Jingrui, Jingrui!

It is Young Master Yan.


Gege, let's leave quickly.


Jingrui, where are you going?

I'm going to the capital of Southern Chu.

Why are you going to Southern Chu? You are a citizen of Daliang, and you grew up in Jinling. I won't allow you to go.

Yujin. Niannian received a letter,

saying that her father is in critical condition and he wants to see me.

My mother has already allowed, so on both logical and emotional fronts, I should go there.

It's like that? I thought-

What did you think?

I thought you were unhappy in Jinling and wanted to abandon all of us.

You really are only going to visit? You won't not come back right?

My mother is here, why would I not return?

Jingrui, I actually I've been wanting to speak with you.

But you have always been in a bad mood and then great grandmother passed away too.

Jingrui, some things, please don't take it to heart.

What happened in our parent's generation, has nothing to do with you.

Yujing, don't say anymore. I know what you mean.

But how can it have nothing to do with me?

My father, mother,

and brothers and sisters. These are relationships I cannot put aside easily. Furthermore, we were family for so many years,

and so many things I am thankful to them for. These are things I cannot abandon just because some truth is exposed.

- Jingrui.
- I understand all that you are trying to say.

I understand. You want me to not take them to heart.

You hope that I can still be the Jingrui of the past.

I understand all of this. But Yujin,

it is really hard to achieve that.

In the course of one night,

everything and everyone around me was not like before,

they have all changed. How can I not change as well?

So what if they change? Aren;t we all changing as well?

If you are not able to become who you were,

then it's okay as well.

Jingrui, I only wish that the relationship between us does not change.

I have known you since you learned to walk. So listen up,

you can never forget me. Remember that okay?

I'll remember it.

Just that when I learned how to walk, you don't even know how to turn your body.

Are you sure that you recognize me since then?

How many friends are there in this world,

of similar age, have similar interests,

who can get along forever,

but who would expect that it would all change in a night?

From then on, they can only see each other from afar.

Good friends will not care about the distance. A good friend will always be a good friend.

Chief and Prince Jing are like that as well.

Just that this trip to Southern Chu is a little far,

please be careful and take care of yourself.

When you miss me, write a letter to me.

I will.

You are so lucky to have a brother like Jingrui.

- Take good care of him.
- I will.

Okay, get on your horses. I will see you guys off.

Sir Su, I did not expect you to come.

Jingrui, I am really sorry.

What can I blame you for?

My mother's past has nothing to do with you.

My birth was not arranged by you too.

All the despicable acts, were done by Marquis Xie himself.

You did not plan them too. How can I hate you?

You merely revealed the truth.

What really hurt me, was the truth itself.

I will not place my hate on you.

But what happened that night was caused entirely by me.

I chose the most cruel method to reveal the whole truth.

I did not care about your feelings and our friendship.

Yes. I was really upset about what you did.

But I am after all, no longer a child.

I understand that all humans have to make a choice.

You chose to reveal what you think is most important to you,

and chose to abandon me. This is merely your choice.

If I chose to hate you because I was not chosen by you.

Then aren't there too many unforgivable things in this world?

After all, no one in this world is obliged to put me first.

No matter how much I wish they would, I cannot force them to.

Jingrui, ever since we knew each other, you have always been truthful to me.

But... But I treated you like that.

How I treated you was because I was willing to.

If I was able to get such loyalty in return, I would of course be happy.

But if I don't, I have no regrets as well.

Thank you Sir Su for coming to send me off. I will take my leave now.

Jingrui. Even though fairness is rare in this world,

but I hope that you will always maintain this attitude.

Jingrui is the most accepting person that I have ever seen.

Maybe God gave him this magnanimous and forgiving personality

to offset all the pain he will have to suffer.

Southern Chu is not a safe land too. Send my orders to Zhu Chen to follow them.

And take care of Jingrui while he's there.

Yes. Chief, the winds here are strong, we should return soon.

Your Highness, this rock sculpture is made by nature and it a work of art.

Ordinary rocks cannot be compared to it.

I specially got people to deliver this sculpture

all the way from Yangzhou. There are no damages at all.

In case it affected Prince Yu's proceedings.

Okay, okay.

This rock has another unique feature. I wonder if Prince Yu has spotted it?

Your Highness, please move this way.

Look at the sculpture from this angle.

Amazing, this is so amazing.

From this angle, the rock definitely looks like the word 'shou' (longevity).

It cannot be more appropriate as a gift for Father's birthday.

I won't dare to say much, but the present from the East Palace definitely pales in comparison.

What has the East Palace prepared? Have you found it out?

I have, it is unique and exquisite as well.

It is a 9-folds hand sewn dragon screen.

Even though the sewing is exquisite and unique,

but it is afterall made by a human.

What about the gift from Prince Jing?

Prince Jing?

Don't tell me you have not thought about finding out Prince Jing's gift?

Your Highness, you know that Prince Jing has always been ignored and does not receive much rewards.

Consort Jing is not able to help out much as well.

It must be like the past few years,

where they send a jade ornament or something.

Like the past few years?

To think you have been following me for years, and is able to write my reports for me so well, but how come your foresight has not improved?

Rub your eyes and see clearly. How can Prince Jing still be like the years past? How is it possible?

I have overlooked this. I will send someone to find out right now.

What a great bow. Chief, Prince Jing is a great shooter,

I guess this bow is prepared for him?

This is the gift that I have chosen for Prince Jing to give to the Emperor.

For the Emperor?

But from what I know, even though the Emperor knows some martial arts,

but I have never heard that he is interested in archery too.

I guess he won't like it much either.

If he doesn't like it, then why are we gifting it? Shouldn't the gift match the receiver's tastes?

Yes that is true. But a prince who has been neglected,

what connections does he have to find out what the Emperor likes?

Then, isn't is good enough to gift just anything?

This bow was chosen out of hundreds, wouldn't it be better left to Prince Jing?

If it was like the past few years, gifting just anything would of course not matter.

But the Emperor's rewards to Prince Jing have increased significantly this year.

If he does not give anything in return, it is inappropriate.

But our Prince Jing has always been thrifty and cannot gift any unique and exquisite items.

This bow is the most suitable. He is a great archer.

Being able to gift such an impressive bow to the Emperor,

it is more than enough to express Prince Jing's respects.

There are no many things to think about in a simple gift. How troublesome.

Only Chief is able to think of everything.

- Come back here!
- Is lunch ready?

- Zhenping, shoot him!
- Okay!

Your Majesty is still as impressive as ever.

You and your sweet talk.

How can I be compared to how I was like?

Jingyan, this is a great bow. Can you bear to part with it?

Of course. I see that you are busy with governing the country

I gift it in hopes that you will be able to relax yourself when you are free.

But I have overlooked the fact that this bow may be a little heavy.

Please forgive my inconsiderations.

It is good that it is heavy. I can gain my arm power back.

When we get to the hunting ground, I want a proper competition with you.

How can I be compared to Father?

You are all filial, I am heartened.

Jingxuan's screen was exquisite.

Jingyan's bow was good too.

But the rock that Jinghuan gifted, was most to my liking.

It was worthwhile for me to have pampered you.

Thank you for your compliments. But no matter how tall this sculpture is,

it cannot even be compared to how much I respect you.

Here's a toast to Father, I hope that you will always be healthy and will live for generations to come.


I know that you are all filial. I am filial too.

The Grand Empress has just passed away. Even though we have taken off our mourning clothes,

but music and dance are still prohibited.

A feast should not be overdone as well.

Let's have one last toast, before we end the festivities.


We hope that Father will have a long life ahead.

As we are still in the mourning period, we do not dare to dress too extravagantly, and we cannot play music as well.

I am sorry that your Majesty's birthday canot be compared to before.

You are sure good with your words recently.

On the other hand, I think being able to eat and drink, talk and laugh simply,

feels even more intimate.

Royal Consort, you enjoy the hustle and bustle of festivities usually.

How come you are so quiet today?

I saw that you asked Consort Jing to attend to you,

so you must be tired. Hence I was afraid to say more.

Furthermore, I look pale today,

I was afraid that you will be sick of looking at me.

What nonsense are you talking about? When have I ever gotten sick of you?

Here, come and sit over here.


You have slimmed down recently. Have you not been feeling well?

Thank you for your concern. I have been well.

The Empress has been taking care of me as well.

I saw Jingxuan earlier today and he looks listless and like he has slimmed down too.

He must have been missing the Grand Empress.

Yeqing has sent over some luodai (a coloring used by people in the past as an eyebrow pencil)

I think that you are the most suitable to use it.

I will get someone to send it to you later.

Thank you, your majesty.

Here, sit closer to me.

He should have woken up.

Your Majesty, you should wake up.

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty, you should wake up.

Oh my goodness.

My goodness.

Someone, get the imperial physician!

How is he?

His Majesty's pulse is weak and his breathing is irregular.

He needs to rest for a few days to recover.

Tell me the truth, it is not a big issue right?

Rest assured, it is not a big issue.

Okay, please do your best.


Greetings to Prince Jing.

- Greetings to mother.
- Please get up.

Why are you here so early today?

The Emperor is not feeling well so all the princes has entered the palace to send our regards. But Eununch Gao mentioned,

that the Emperor is tired and does not wish to see anyone. So we only bowed in front of the palace.

I have seen the Emperor,

he is merely tired from the birthday feast and had a little to much to drink.

It is not a big issue, and he will be feeling better after resting for a few more days.

In this times of unrest, when the Crown Prince has not been abolished, it is best if the Emperor does not have a serious illness.

I see that the Emperor still has feelings for Noble Consort Yue.

He showed signs of affection for her during his birthday feast too.

Sir Su said that the night at the mansion of the Marquis of Ning was like a battle between the Crown Prince and Prince Yu.

Xie Yu has fallen, hence the East Palace is no longer able to return to power.

With the Crown Prince's nature, he will definitely commit another mistake. We do not have to care that much.

The rest of the matters, let's leave it to Prince Yu.

This Sir Su has an interesting manner

when analyzing the situation.

What is mother making?

I am trying to use the concentrate of a kudzu root,

to make a sweet drink for the Emperor.

The kudzu roots that the palace imports must all be from Xuzhou.

I've heard that only the kudzu roots from that area are the most effective.

What a surprise. Where did you find out about this?

I borrowed a travelogue from Sir Su and remembered reading this.

What travelogue is it? It sounds interesting.

It is called Xiangdiji.

Bring it over next next so I can read it too.

If you want to read it, of course I will send it over. Although Sir Su was rather hesitant when I asked to borrow it that day,

I guess it must be a book he treasures. It must be returned after reading it.

Of course we have to return something that was borrowed.

Tong Lu, you just returned? You are a little late today.

We got another order today so I had to make an extra delivery.

Your business is doing so well, they must raise your pay soon.

Isn't that so?

Miss, miss.

Miss, wake up, wake up.

What happened to you?

Miss, what happened to you?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Look at yourself. You are not even able to stand up and you say you're fine.

Where do you stay? I'll find someone to send you back.

My house. My house is in Xianzhou.

Xianzhou is so far away. What is a young lady like yourself in the city for?

My house was robbed, I am here to look for my Aunt.

Then where is your Aunt's house?

She likes in Xiasi street, her surname's Qiu.

Xiasi street.

Qiu? Isn't it Madam Qiu who sells desserts?

Hey, don't leave Tong Lu. Madam Qiu is your neighbour, send this lady over.

Yes, yes. Send her over.

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