Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 27 - Episode #1.27 - full transcript

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 27

At the end of the day, Consort Jing is a medic.

This sweet soup works really well.

My mind feels much clearer.


Consort Jing is thoughtful

and the imperial doctors are too.

But most importantly It's because your Majesty has good fortune

look at this illness, you got better in a few days.

You're good at sweet talking.


The weather today is very nice,

makes me want to go for a walk.

Your Majesty, though the lotus flowers are no longer in bloom,

the Yugui garden's osmanthus are blooming.

Would you like to go see them?

For Osmanthus flowers,

the best ones are at the Eastern Palace.

That day when I saw Noble Consort Yue,
she looked pale and weak.

The Crown Prince didn't look too good either.

They have probably reflected on their actions.

At the end of the day, the Crown Prince is still the Crown Prince.

Even though he was wrong,

but these days I have been cold towards him

so its about time to go see him.

Gao Zhan, go prepare.

I will head over to the Eastern Palace.


Don't notify the Crown Prince beforehand.

I just want to go see the flowers.

I don't want him to overthink it.


Greetings your Majesty.

What is the Crown Prince doing?

Your Majesty,

the Crown Prince is inside.

Of course he's inside, if he's not where would he be?

I'm asking what he is doing inside?

I'm not sure your Majesty.

Your Majesty,

should we summon the Crown Prince to come receive you?

Hurry and go.


-Tell him to stand still.
-Stand still.

Your Majesty, what is this?

This person has always served the Crown Prince.

This is not the first time he's seen me arrive.

Why is he so nervous?

Maybe because they are surprised you would come today.

I doubt that's the case.
Tell him to come over.

Come here.


Your Majesty.

Lift up your head.

Let his Majesty see you.

You just said, you're not sure what the Crown Prince is doing inside.

Yes your Majesty, I am not sure.

All of you stay on your knees here.

Do not move or notify anyone.

Meng Zhi, Gao Zhan, come with me.


Greetings your Majesty.

Greetings your Majesty.

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Your Highness, drink another cup.

Come, I'll fill it for you.

Your Highness, drink slowly.

Your Highness you hold your liqueur so well.

Your Highness, have another cup.

Your Highness.

Your Highness, his Majesty is sick

so will not be asking for you for a few days.

It's okay to get drunk.

I tell you guys,

even if father is fine,

he would not summon me.

In his eyes, there is only Prince Yu.

There's no place for me.

Of course not your Highness.

The Grand Empress's death was only half a year ago,

even my birthday celebration

didn't have any music.

Look how filial he is.

That's why that eunuch was so scared.

So it because of such indecorous conduct.

Your Majesty, you must take care of your health.

If the Crown Prince did something wrong,

just scold him, don't get angry.

Don't get angry? Listen to this.

How can I not be angry?

Your Majesty!

Does my father treat me as the Crown Prince?

Does he still treat me as the Crown Prince?

How can you say that your Highness.

You are the Crown Prince,

the future emperor.

Of course his Majesty has you in his heart.

What do you know?

I've already thought it through...

Father is cruel, he always says I

don't have proper morals.

Slow down your highness.

Your Highness.

What an unfilial son.

He is already known to not have good morals.

Don't run, I'm the Crown Prince.

If I go in now...

Listening to music during the mourning period,

can he take the consequences of his crime?

Unfilial child, unfilial child!

You are so good at creating trouble for me.

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty, don't be angry.

Keep dancing, keep dancing.

Be careful your highness.

Keep going, keep going...

Here you go, your highness.

Let me tell you,

what ruling with morals is.

What is ruling with morals.

If it wasn't for Father,

how can there be a Prince Yu who keeps going against me.

Do you think that as the Crown Prince, that I would do those things?

Would I?

Saying I have no morals.

Are Father's morals good?

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

Your majesty, don't get angry.

Your majesty.

Your majesty, please reconsider.

Your majesty.

Please don't be angry your majesty.

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

Your majesty, take care of yourself.

Your majesty.

Take care of yourself. Your majesty.

Meng Zhi.


The Eastern Palace, the Eastern Palace is full of hatred..

Did I really do something wrong?

Your majesty.

Your majesty.

I'm old, I'm really getting old.

Your majesty, you're in the prime of your life,

you have plenty of time to scold the Crown Prince.

Yes, your majesty.

Today's incident,

cannot be known by others.

Keep it quiet for now.

From today,

seal the Eastern Palace.


cannot come in or out.

Including the Crown Prince?

Including the Crown Prince.

Please forgive me,

confining the Crown Prince is a big matter,

it will be hard to carry out with only a verbal order.

Please issue a royal decree.


Your majesty.



Let's go back.

Your majesty.

Call for the ride.

-Your majesty.
-Time to go.




The Imperial guards have sealed the Eastern Palace?

Meng Zhi would not have dared. It must be an order from the Emperor.

What does the decree say?

No one saw the decree. Even Commander General Meng says that it was a verbal decree.

An issue as big as cordoning off the Eastern Palace cannot happen out of nowhere.

How can there not be a verbal decree?

The officials and teachers of the Eastern Palace

all rushed over after they heard. They did not believe there was only a verbal decree as well.

They surrounded Command General Meng with questions and wanted to enter the palace to find out from the Crown Prince himself.

Then how did Meng Zhi reply?

He insisted that there was only a verbal decree.

He seemed utterly tiered of explaining further.

Then he decided to just hide away and refused to meet anyone.

Where can he hide? In the Commander General's office or his own house?

I want to see him now.

You Highness, it is not appropriate

to meet the Commander General now.

What is the use of avoiding suspicions now?

Something big must have happened for the Eastern Palace to be cordoned off.

I need to see him now, immediately and find out what happened.

Your Highness, a lot of people are looking for Commander General Meng now.

We really can't find him.


then we can't just wait like this either.

Follow me into the palace to met with the Empress.


The Empress may not know the situation either.

Let's make a trip to the Su mansion first, this should be discussed with him.

What happened exactly? The new of the Eastern Palace getting cordoned off shocked the whole Court.

The Secretariat office says that no official decree was received. The Emperor also says that he is sick and would not see anyone.

There are all sorts of rumors outside now. Meng-qing

this use of the Imperial Guards to imprison the Crown Prince is not a small matter.

What orders do you have in your hands?

I don't. I have nothing.

The Emperor only gave me an verbal decree. I can explain what happened.

Don't explain yet.

Follow me through the secret passageway to meet with Sir Su, if not you would have to repeat when you see him again.

Why isn't he here yet?

Do you think Sir Su didn't hear us?

No, he usually responds very quickly.
Don't fret.

Where is Sir Su?

Wait here.

We have an urgent matter.

I said. Wait here.

Sir Su sent you here?


Then where is he?


Did someone come to meet Sir Su?


A poisonous snake.

Poisonous snake?

Prince Yu?


I guess Prince Yu has heard the news too and wants to discuss with Sir Su.

Let's wait for a bit.

Fei Liu, why did you call Prince Yu a poisonous snake?

Su-gege.T/N: "-gege" is an endearing term used by younger people towards older males

Did Su-gege tell you that?

Then do you know why he calls Prince Yu a poisonous snake?


You know?

Explain it then.


Disgusting? Who's disgusting?

Prince Yu?


What are you saying exactly? I don't understand.

Fei Liu, you don't mean that Su gege is disgusting right?

But that after he meets Prince Yu,

he feels disgusted.


If Prince Yu is a poisonous snake, then what am I?

Tell me. If Prince Yu is a poisonous snake, then what am I?

A water buffalo.

After saying so much, are you going to go?

I won't. My brother already said I cannot go, it means I cannot go.

You really are stubborn.

I wasted so much time talking to you.
It's like playing the zither to a bull.T/N: meaning waste of efforts

You are just like a bull. A bull who does not know how to adapt.

Why is the stubborn bull ignoring people?

Say whatever you want. I definitely will not go.

Prince Jing gege never drinks tea.

He drinks waters just like a bull.

He is not only a bull. He is a giant water buffalo.

He only knows how to guggle, guggle, guggle.

Guggle, guggle, guggle.

What would a water buffalo drink other then water? I only know how to drink water.

I'm sorry. i'm sorry I'm late.

Prince Yu came suddenly, I had to take care of him first.

What happened? Did something happen?

What were you talking about just now?

It's nothing.

We were talking about water buffaloes.

Fei Liu, did you say something wrong again?

I did not.

I told you, that was the Duchess joking. You should not mimic her.

You do it too.

Your Highness, the Duchess was here before the new year.

She mentioned things of the past while here,

saying that your highness had a nickname in the past, called water buffalo.

Fei Liu and I thought it was interesting and have been inappropriate and rude when in private.

I hope your highness will forgive us.

So the Duchess was the one who said it.

I thought...

What did your highness think it was?

I thought Sir Su might have known some other person.

After the incident at Zhaoren Palace,

the Duchess regard Sir Su very highly.

She especially likes talking about things of the past with him.

I think it should not be something strange.

The Duchess is a warrior among women and she is even better at discerning people than me.

I used to only think the Sir Su is a sly strategist.

But recently, after spending more time with Sir Su,

I finally understood Sir Su's wisdom and magnamity.

Your Highness is too kind.

Even with grand plans and goals, things have to be done steadily, one by one,

step by step.

Let's talk about the issue at hand first.

Yes, we forget about the main issue while talking about water buffalos.

His Majesty has imprisoned the Crown Prince in the Eastern Palace, you've heard about it right?

Prince Yu mentioned it to me just now.

But the details, I still have to check with you.



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I really am getting old, aren't I?

Your Majesty, think about the age of the Grand Empress.

And you should know that you are not old.

Why are you having such thoughts?

What happened today,

if it had happened when I was younger,

I would have dealt with it

in a completely different manner.

Looks like as I get older

my heart gets softer.

I don't know what the Crown Prince has done wrong

but I believe

the reason you haven't done anything to him

is because you are a loving father.

It has nothing to do with age.


Back then... back then...

Who knows how chaotic it is out there,

and I'm still sleeping over here.

Even the Empress,

might give you a hard time.

It can't be.

The Empress is kindhearted

and considerate of your Majesty.

The officials that have come to see you

were all stopped by the Empress.

The Empress further advised me

to serve you well.

Those officials that ask to see me

are probably all harboring different ideas of what happened.

The Empress has her own intentions

for stopping them.

Lucky that,

it's quiet here.

Everyone know what happen next.

His Majesty returned to his palace and

I am left handling all the mess!

Grand Empress passed away not even half a year ago.

Even the commoners when mourning would not do such things,

Moreover he is the Crown Prince.

Mr Su is right, the Crown Prince

sooner or later will drag himself down.

The Crown Prince has always enjoyed a life of luxury.

He can't endure the quietness during the mourning period.

He thought that as long as he closes the door of his Changxin palace hall

then no body will know.

Who would expect the Emperor arrive so suddenly.

Are the people who server the Crown Prince still the same ones from the Eastern Palace?


Now I have bigger responsibility.

I am worried he will do something stupid.

I specifically had people to guard him.

This Crown Prince is pretty much abolished.

But I have idea what his Majesty's plan is.

The Crown Prince losing the Emperor's heart,

that's a fact without dispute.

From the Emperor's actions today,

he has no intention to abolish him straight away.

Do you understand what I mean your Highness.


Eastern Palace is in the Royal Palace. The Palace's defense

has been handed to the Imperial Guards temporarily.

But outside the Palace, it's still the Capital Patrols responsibility.

Your highness need to get more people

and tighten the rounds.

No matter how messy the Court becomes,

the Eastern Palace needs to be quiet.

If it gets messy, there will be accidents.

By that time, the two of you will be held responsible.

At this point in time, we can't let the Prince Yu take the advantage.

That's right. Right now I don't

have any official imperial edict.

I've asked his Majesty,

but whenever I open my mouth, Gao Zhan would interrupt me.

So now I have to fend off everything with only a verbal decree,

I can barely holding things up.

About this,

you should prepared a present and thank Gao-gonggong
T/N. -gonggong, when referring to an eunuch.


Thank him?

What for?

The Eastern Palace being sealed is an unexpected event.

This is our opportunity.

I have thought over the current situation.

And have discussed with someone too.

I would like to know what do you guys think.

Your Highness, this is our golden opportunity.

We shouldn't sit here and do nothing.

We should contact all the courtiers and prepare a petition immediately

to request a formal decree

pronouncing the Crown Prince's wrongdoing.

Your Highness, although it is a good news that the Easter Palace is sealed,

there are still many courtiers supporting the Crown Prince.

I believe

- we shouldn't make advancements brashly
- What do you mean?

Since the three masters from Eastern Palace

is also requesting a pronouncement of the Crown Prince's wrongdoing.

Why can't we follow?

But the three masters have asked Commander-General Meng for so long

and still nothing happened.

Maybe Crown Prince didn't do anything that bad.

If we forced the issue too much,

I am afraid we would seem like we're adding insult to injury.

I don't think so, Your Highness.

Eastern Palace and us have been competing for a long time

if we don't take this opportunity to step on him

it make us look hypocritical.

We shouldn't miss this golden opportunity.

But we cannot be too aggressive.

The only thing we can do

is make moves in secret.

Get someone to watch tightly over the Eastern Palace.

Get in touch with our informant when the opportunity arise.

It's critical is to know

what actually happen today.

We also need to get a feel of the Courtiers sway.

Before we know what actually happened,

don't impeach the Crown Prince.

The Crow Prince's self-defeating move

is our big opportunity.

The heavens will not give another opportunity like this.

This time, we do not let it slip.

Are you all clear?

Don't worry, Your Highness.

He was being kindness for interrupt you.

It's a favor.

You need to thank and acknowledge his kindness.

And return the favor. Do you understand?

No, I don't understand.

I am a rough fellow. Can you be clearer?

You said Gao gonggong interrupted you few times.

But when you first ask the Emperor to send a written edict,

he didn't interrupt you.

Did the Emperor give you any response?

He didn't.

Why didn't he give you any response?

Is it because you didn't say it clearly?

Or was he being silly that time?

- He...
- In this world,

who knows the best knows what the Emperor thinking?

It's not the Empress nor Noble Consort Yue.

Not the Crown Prince nor Prince Yu.

But it's Gao-gonggong.

If he does not have the alertness to have accurate judgment

how can he serve beside the Emperor for many years?

And always receive graces from Emperor.

Just like what happen today.

You kept requesting the Emperor to provide an official decree,

but the Emperor keep ignoring you.

That means he hasn't make up his mind yet.

He's worried that if the punishment is too heavy, he won't be able to revert it later on.

That is why he can't acknowledge you.

Still don't get it?

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If the Emperor acknowledged your request

and let the secretarial office to issue the imperial edict

to put the Crown Prince in house arrest.

Then there should be a reason for that.

Regardless of the reason, it would not be a small crime.

The Crown Prince is now grounded at his palace,

if there was another imperial edict pronouncing his crime

he'll have to be abolished no matter what.

That's why the official edict you asked for today,

is essentially a decree to abolish the Crown Prince.

That is not what I meant!

That is not what I meant!

- I just thought...
- I know.

You just want make it easier to take over control of the Eastern Palace.

I understand what you meant.

Gao Zhan and his Majesty also understood.

That's why he didn't get furious, he just ignore you.

But if you keep persisting,

what would his Majesty think based on his suspicious nature?

What you mean is...

I heard that

the case of the murdered eunuch, Prince Yu begged pardon on your behalf from Emperor.

That means, in the Emperor's mind

he would more or less suspected that you are on Prince Yu's side.

And this time, you persist to ask for an official imperial edict

which could put the Crown Prince to death.

Not an ideal move.

Ga Zhan understands, his Majesty's idea of

dealing with urgent matters sedately.

That's why he stopped you from talking on several occasions.

He is doing you a favor.

Don't you think you should thank him?

I should. I should. I should thank him for that!

Keeping company with en Emperor is like keep company with a tiger.

He can be the head Eunuch for many years,

he must be clever.

Since he wishes to form good relations,

it is a great thing for us.

I now understand.

What should I do next?

Wait and see.

Wait and see.

What you means is we shouldn't aggravate the situation,

and let nature take its course.

That's right. Pretend as if we were never involved in party conflicts.

Just continue doing our jobs.

At this time whoever adds to the chaos,

will get back luck.

I think, Prince Yu probably can't help himself to add to the chaos.

This moment, the Emperor wants peace and quiet.

He will side with the people who can stay quiet.

The situation in the Inner Palace

will also be the same.

Don't you worry.

My mother is probably

the calmest person in the Inner Palace.

Consort Jing is wise; of course she understands what to do right now.

Alright, Commander General Meng,

you've been missing for long enough.

You can't keep hiding. You have to show yourself at some point.

If you have anything to discuss, we'll talk about later.

Okay. Sir Su, please rest.

We'll take our leave now.

Hey, hey, hey.

- What?
- Book

- shu?
- Book.



Sir Su... farewell.

Your highness,

I have other matters to attend to so I'll leave now.


Aiya! You have many books here.

I can tell Your Highness is knowledgeable by reading so many books.

Do you still remember last time when we were in the secret room

you borrowed that book, "Records of the Land of Xiang"?
Have you finished it yet?

I read few pages and found it really interesting.

Can I borrow the book if you have finished it?

Why ask me? The book belongs to Mr Su.

You should ask to borrow from him.

If Mr Su agreed, I will pass it to you.

Of course he agrees. He agreed ages ago.

Mr Su always said to me: You need to read more.

Ok. But I am afraid you have to wait for few days.

The book is with my Mother at the moment.

How come it is with Consort Jing?

Why? Is there any problem with it?

No, nothing wrong with it.

Didn't you say you want to read the book at the time?

Now the book is with Consort Jing, I'm just a bit surprised.

Before entering the Inner Palace, Mother used to travel around,

and had been to many places.

Now, she's been in the Inner Palace for a long time,

and feels bored most of the time. So she loves travelogues as well.

If you want to read it

I will ask Mother for it next time I see her.

No rush, no rush.

Are you sure?

No rush. Really no rush.

Commander-General do you really want the book to read for yourself,

or someone wants the book back?

Why did you ask that?

Of course I want to read it. Who can I ask it back for?

Also, besides us

who else knows you have borrowed the book?

I never thought that you like to read.

Just a simple question, don't take it to heart.

I recently started to like reading.


All the same things, unreadable!

Look at this. Still the same matter.

Deliver an imperial edict to the Secretariat office

all petitions and requests that related to Crown Prince,

hold on to it and don't write me any summaries.

It's been fortnight and still want me to stop me.

Your Majesty, the Empress would like to see you.

What she is doing here? All right, let her in.


Your Majesty.

What brings you here?

Your Majesty, tomorrow is mid-autumn festival a time to gather the family.

We can't be too careless in preparing the family dinner.

That is why I am to ask for a permission from you.

You are the Empress, in charge of the Inner Palace,

You have been in organizing the family dinner for mid-autumn festival all the while.

You know well how to handle it. Why do you need any permission?

This year is Grand Empress' mourning period.

There are also rules during mourning period for family dinner

do you need me to tell you to follow the rule accordingly?

That's not what I meant. I am thinking

Grand Empress loved dearly all of her children and grandchildren.

The purpose of the mid-autumn family dinner is to gather all the family members together.

We can't miss anyone. But the Crown Prince...

I can't decided on my own. That's why I am here to ask for permission.

Should I leave a seat

for Crown Prince at this family dinner.

Don't you try to probe me.

I have decided to put Crown Prince in house arrest. No pardon.

You are right about the family dinner.

It has not been a year since the Grand Empress pass away.

Ministry of Rites knows how to arrangement to celebration of the moon festival.

That's more than enough. Just leave out the family dinner.

All Palaces,

kneel and pray for the Grand Empress for a night.

I take the edict.

This is the dessert using cinnamon and tail corydalis herb.

- Have a try.
- Ok.

Taste good.

Mid Autumn 2 years ago, you were in Qing Zhou.

Last year mid Autumn you were sent to subdue pirates.

This year, you are finally in the Capital.

But no there's family dinner. You and I

can't even stay together to view the moon.

The family dinner is not a big deal.
My rank is not high enough

and can't sit beside you.

Even though we can't enjoy the glorious full moon together at least now I can sit here

eat moon cakes that you make. I am happy about it.

I am happy that you appreciate it.

You like hazelnut. This is hazelnut cookie that I make.

Try it.

Every time I am here, you have prepare so much food it's as if I don't have enough to eat outside.

As Mother is always afraid that the children don't have enough.

Also, I haven't seen you for few days.

I was here few days ago. But father was here so that's why I didn't come in.

It's lucky that father isn't here today.

I heard Xia Jiang came to the Palace today.

Not sure what they were talking about.

All right. Don't think about it. Have some more.

Oh yes, Mother, last time you said you haven't finished the book "Record of the Land of Xiang",

Are you done now?

You want the book back?

A friend would like to read it as well.

Record of the Land of Xiang

Mother, you like this book very much?

Yeah. This travelogue,

reminds me of the days before I was here.

The remarks in the book

are written by Mr Su?


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