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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 25

I approve your request.


I will prepared the imperial edict.

Thank you Father.

Thank you.

Rise, rise.


The fuling chicken soup tastes good?

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu fought
on the Imperial Court again today.

The Emperor returned to the Inner Palace in a fury.
I didn't dare follow him,

so I came to see you.
Have you been well these past two months?

I'm fine. Why are they fighting again? Over what?

After Xie Yu fell- Stop eating so much.
Give me one.

No one is managing the Capital patrols.

Both the Crown Prince and Prince Yu wants
to take charge of the Capital patrols.

They fought until their faces turned red.
I just don't get it.

It's just the Capital patrols. Is it worth it?

You control 50,000 Imperial guards;
of course you wouldn't find the patrols important.


Within the capital city, things like guarding the city walls,

enforcing the curfew, and suppressing fights are
all looked after by the Capital patrols.

From the establishment side, the Capital patrols
are managed by the Ministry of Defense.

However, the old commander was the Marquis of Ning, Xie Yu. His position is higher than the Minister of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense can't control the Capital patrols at all, and was actually restricted by them.

The Ministry of Defense has always been the
Crown Prince's territory.

No wonder he came forward as soon as Xie Yu fell

to suggest taking back this responsibility.

Prince Yu will definitely oppose it. He'll suggest choosing a 3rd rank or higher officer who's posted outside the Capital,

to come back and assume the position.

This officer has to be one of his people.

Even though His Majesty doesn't value the
patrol guards as much as my imperial guards,

it still affects the protection of the Capital.
It's not a small matter.

Since neither of them want to back down,

it won't be easy for His Majesty to make a decision
any time soon.

If it was that easy to decide,

then this position wouldn't still be vacant
two months after Xie Yu's exile.

Based on your judgement, who'll win in the end?

When the crane and the clam fight, who do you think will win?
[T/N: Chinese idiom, two parties fight and a third party wins]

Jingyan, you're experienced in managing troops.

I want to give you control of the Capital patrols.

What do you think?

Are you afraid of hard work?

I wouldn't dare.
I understand Father's trust, it's just that...

It's just what?

I accept this responsibility.

I will work hard in the future to repay Father's trust.

You don't need to think too much.

You are a Prince with a wealth of military experiences.

What's managing the small patrol guards to you?

I will support you.
We'll see what they dare to say!

If you feel wronged in the future, let me know right away.

I will back you up.

Thank you, Father.

Your Majesty hasn't taken a nap yet, right?

Why don't you rest for a moment here?



Since I'll be resting here, you'll have to leave.

Won't I be disturbing a rare reunion

between mother and son?

Attending to Your Majesty is my number one duty.

If Your Majesty puts it like that, you'll end up frightening Jingyan.

Jingyan, since I disturbed you today

I'll naturally make up for it.
From today on,

you can enter Zhiluo Palace at any time

to pay respects to your Mother.

There's no need to request permission.

Thank you, Father, for your grand generosity.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Madame, today His Majesty lingered in Zhiluo Palace

and only just returned to Yangju Hall.

Today is Consort Jing's birthday, it's expected.

Things change so fast within the palace.
A mere nap

and some gifts later,

people are already trying to curry favor with her.

Zhiluo Gong was calm for most of the day.

Now that it's almost dusk, it's about to become lively.

What's happening at Zhaoren Palace?

I hear Noble Consort Yue is a little unhappy.

Consort Jing isn't anyone new.
She's been cooped up in the palace for half her life.

What kind of waves can she make now that she's old?

Yue is being petty again.

It's better for her to be upset.
She still thinks she's the favourite like back in the day.

I must be confused.
When was Consort Yue ever the favourite?

Madame is still holding that position.

Did you deliver the gifts I told you to give to

Zhiluo Palace?

I've already sent them over.

What time is it now?

It's about time

for Consort Jing to come and show her thanks.

Consort Jing is requesting to see you.

Invite her in.


Greetings, Your Highness.

Thank you, Your Highness, for bestowing such gifts

on myself.

We are sisters, no need to be so formal.
Stand up.


Noble Consort Yue is requesting to see you.

Invite her in too.


Greetings, Your Highness.

You're here too?

Today is your birthday, and I forgot to give you a gift.
Don't be mad.

I wouldn't dare.

In recent years his Majesty has had trouble sleeping,
especially in the summertime.

Aside from Yixian Hall,
he can't even fall asleep in Zhaoren Palace.

Who'd expected him to have a great rest

at Zhiluo Palace?

Everyone says Consort Jing is handy.
What did you make for His Majesty to eat?

Tell us, so we can learn as well.

Skills required practice.

If sister wants to learn at this age,

it might be a little late.

While I can still practice when His Majesty comes by,

Your Highness is busy with managing the Inner Palace.

His Majesty is considerate, and doesn't want to be a disturbance.

There's no need for you to learn these trivial things.

The principle is to study for practical application.

When you can put it to use, then we can talk.

Consort Jing isn't idle either.
In the future, Jingyan can enter the palace at will,

so she'll naturally be busier.

I haven't seen the Crown Prince in some time.

Is he still under confinement?

His Majesty means for the Crown Prince to meditate.

He still attends court,
and His Majesty is still relies on him heavily

for matters of politics.

That's natural.

Who else would His Majesty rely on if not the Crown Prince?

Jinghuan is different.

He only does small tasks like greeting diplomatic missionaries.

Mr. Shisan, we're here.

Here, slowly.

Since Uncle Shisan came here personally,
it must be something important.

Based on your orders, I've moved to clean out the informants placed everywhere by Hong Xiu Zhao.

These days, the effect has been notable.

However, some relationships are highly complicated.

I was afraid Tong Lu wouldn't explain it clearly,
so I wanted to report to you in person.

After you.

Young Duke Mu.

Commander General.

Why do you look depressed?

Do you have something on your mind?

Since Great Grandmother's funeral is finished,

I wanted to go with my sister to protect the tomb.

His Majesty didn't allow it?

I didn't even get to ask His Majesty before I got
scolded by my sister.

She said something like, listen to Mr. Su, don't make trouble.

It seems like you are making trouble.

If the Duchess goes alone to protect the tomb, it's filial piety.

Your family hasn't broken any rules.
If both you and your sister are sent to protect the tomb,

won't it seem like His Majesty is being unkind?

My sister scolded me like this too, but I didn't think that far.

You didn't think this far, but His Majesty will.

In my opinion, listen to your sister and Mr. Su,

and stay home.

Based on your estimates,
over half of Qin Banruo's informants have been uprooted?

Based on the numbers we have, it's over half.

I'm afraid it won't be that easy.

The number of informants that her Master
planted in Daliang back in the day

is far more than this.

Then you mean

Princess Xuanji has other people she didn't pass over to her?

This Princess Xuanji is really different from normal people.

Years after her passing, she still has this much power.

Back then, the Hua tribe first pledged allegiance to Da Liang,

and then turn traitor over to Da Yu,

causing the Chiyan army to fight a rebellion for over a year.

After this Princess Xuanji was captured,

but she was able to hide at Yeyou Court and survived in secret

and even managed to establish Hong Xiu Zhao.

Qin Banruo definitely can't measure up to her

strength of mind and craftiness.

If Princess Xuanji was still alive,

the situation within the city could be much more dangerous.

Right now the people of the Hua tribe

are no different from the Liang people.

Qin Banruo also knows there's no hope in reviving her kingdom.

She remain's by Prince Yu's side as a strategist
only to weaken the power of Da Liang

and cause internal instability and outside aggression

just to comfort the spirit of her Master.

Since you think Princess Xuanji's legacy is
far more than what we have here,

I will work hard to investigate further.

Since this time Qin Banruo has received a heavy blow,

she will do everything she can to return it.

We still cannot be careless.


- Jiejie, uncle Qian has sent us a letter.
- Did he find anything?

We lost over 10 informants that have been
planted in the various courtiers' households.

Five of them were deluded and wanted to retired
from Hong Xiu Zhao.

Uncle Qian was only able to track 2 of them.

Did he catch them?

Somebody help them and the got away.

Doesn't that mean we have nothing?

Even though they got away, the person who helped them left some traces. It's worth to look into it.


Didn't Jiejie have someone monitor the Su residence?

Su residence?

Jiejie, the Su residence is airtight like a metal pail.

We couldn't find anything there.

We can't get into it, but someone can.

Xiao-Shu, what are you writing?

Brother Meng, you come here too often.

I hope nobody suspects we have a close relationship.

Even your little Fei Liu can't match up to my skills.

I bumped into Mu Qing when came out from palace.

You're keeping him on a tight leash, huh?

The Emperor won't notice him for now and there's
no danger for him to stay at the Capital.

Let him stay.
So that he can see more and learn more. Not a bad thing.

It's your arrangement.
Of course it is good.

What are you writing? What is this book?
You are putting down comments?

Its called "Records of the Land of Xiang". The details of the customs and geography of the area are very well written and interesting.

Unless you've been there it's hard get such details.
I've been to some of the places recorded.

Just making some remarks to pass time.

Your handwriting is so different from the past.

Did you change it on purpose?

You can say so.
I also couldn't help it.

I have no strength in my wrists, so the strokes
cannot be written with the same vigor.

I wouldn't be able to write with the same
style as before even if I wanted to.

Even I'm not feeling sad, why are you sad?

Still nothing from Xia Dong.

Based on her usual temperament, something is not right.

Do you think Xia Jiang has noticed something?

I want to wait and observe Xuanjing Bureau.

Sister Dong now knows the truth.
She'll be on her guard when it comes to Xia Jiang.

She should have no problem keeping herself safe.

Regardless of whether or not Xia Jiang is aware,
I like to get them to have a minor confrontation.

And at the same time see what Xia Chun and
Xia Qiu's reaction is.

General Nie's widow should not disappoint us.

Chief, Prince Yu is here. He arrived suddenly and came in straight in, we couldn't stop him.

I'll go now.

Which way you are heading?

Secret chamber.

Your Highness.

Mr. Su, did you know the management
of the Capital patrols has been decided?

By the looks of you right now, was I wrong?

You're not.
Father did not let the Ministry of Defence take part in this.

Two days ago, he already gave the patrols to Prince Jing.
It was announced in court today.

- Prince Jing?
- Yes.

I just know that on Consort Jing's birthday, Father gave them rewards, but I didn't think he'd give this to him as well!

Father did not tell anyone about this, and just abruptly decided.

I do not know why Your Highness is angry.

Is it not good, that Prince Jing is the one to take control?
He is impartial,

and these days your relationship with him is not bad. You do not have to worry about him favoring the Crown Prince.

If he is just Prince of Jing,
I would be happy to let him do this, but-

Don't you think that he's rising a bit too quickly recently?

From the land grab case, he not only impressed Father,

most of the ministers have good opinions of him. His fame and prestige increases everyday like a boat getting lifted by the rising tide.

The few popular ministers that
were promoted lately are also impressed with him.

Although there isn't any sign of a clique forming,

he is absolutely not the Prince Jing that
came back to the capital a year ago.

These events do seem odd, but if Prince Jing is ambitious

it won't work without help and support from others.

Are you sure he hasn't formed a clique?

According to Banruo's information it's true,
but lately Banruo has disappointed me.

So many things were realized only after the fact,
and some were even wrong.

She even believes that there are traitors amongst us.
Otherwise she wouldn't have

lost so many informants and still be without a clue as to why.

I never ask about Miss. Qin's matter.

But I heard her informants are very secretive

not that many people would know the whole list.

It shouldn't be too hard to find who the traitors are.

Jiangzuo alliance can intervene if needed.

But It would be awkward if Jiangzhuo alliance
found something that I shouldn't know of.

Just a joke.
Your Highness doesn't need to take it seriously.

We're all people from the pugilist world,
it's good to leave some options for other people.

Your Highness, please take a seat.

I am Ouyang Chi.
Greetings, Prince Jing.

- Rise.
- Yes.

Have you received my order?

Yes, I have had all personnel, accounts and supplies ledgers

collected and sealed

ready for handover.


The Capital patrols will need to change some bad habits.

Do you understand?

I understand.

You came in a fury,

just because Prince Jing has take control of the patrol guards?

Not only that.
Father has decreed

that Prince Jing can visit his mother in
the Palace at any time without separate approval.

Only Noble Princes have such rights.

He might be conferred with a higher rank within the year and will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with me.

Father has ignored Concubine Jing for years,
then suddenly he confers her as Consort.

These can't all be coincidences.

Father clearly has intentions to support Prince Jing.

Just like when...

Just like when he supported you previously.

Mr. Su, I am not joking.

You don't seem to be taking my matters seriously.

Since Your Highness knows
His Majesty is being intentional, why are you worried?

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T/N. -qing, someone of the ruling class addressing their subject

Your Highness.

Why are you here?

I see.
Looks like I have to wait too.


Records of the Land of Xiang".

These remarks are written by Mr. Su?

I think so.

You mean Father did it on purpose?

I had advised you after Xie Yu's case

that you should stop pursuing Crown Prince for a while.

Looks like you are not taking my advice seriously.

You just mentioned once.
I never thought that it was serious.

Even if the Crown Prince is at fault,
he still the one chosen by the Emperor.

Your Highness pushed too hard and hit his Majesty's bottom line.

Did you notice that his Majesty's favor of you has reduced lately?

You are right.
Father has been cold recently.

I cannot figure it out.

It's not too hard to understand.

You've pushed the Crown Prince into a corner,

no one in the Imperial Court can fend against
your powers, they all listen to you.

Do you think this is something the Emperor wants to see? Something he would support and encourage?

But... he's always supported me in challenging the Crown Prince.

True, his Majesty has always supported it,

but he couldn't predict that things would come to what it is today.

Four Ministers fallen from power.

A dispute over rituals led to a court debate, the illegal fireworks factory implicating the Crown Prince.

And also Xie Yu's case.
These were all beyond his expectations,

and yet were all due to Your Highness.

Without any help from his Majesty,

you were able to remove all the supporters of the Eastern Palace. How can this not arouse the Emperor's suspicions,

not cause alarm and prompt him to censure your powers.

I have been a little too aggressive lately.
What can we do recover the situation?

There's no need to be too worried.

The Emperor is just giving you a warning by rewarding Prince Jing.

It's also a way of preserving your status.

I believe his Majesty is already appalled by the Crown Prince. His abolition could come anytime.

But this Crown Prince needs to be abolished because his Majesty wants it,

and not because you are so powerful that you just take over.

You should understand the difference between the two.

You're right. I must be patient especially now.

Father rewarding Prince Jing, is but a test to see my reaction.

If I make a wrong move,
the consequences will be hard to predict.

I should stay still to counter the changes.

Your biggest threat is still the Crown Prince.

Of course, you should still be on guard against Prince Jing.

Miss. Qin is resourceful, have her keep any eye out for things.

Xi Niu Town

Miss, what would you like?

I've come to see 4th sister.

Miss, you may have the wrong place.

Miss! There's no 4th sister here.

We were sisters once, since I've already come,

what's going to happen if you come out and see me.


Oh that's right.
Have the Zhuo family returned to Tian Quan Manor?

I've promised aunt Li Yang that I'll not trouble the Zhuo family.

They are a large house of the Pugilist world and
don't need my help in getting back.

Your right.

Zhuo Dinfeng may be injured but his foundations
in the Pugilist world is still there.

But because he was once Xie Yu's accomplice,
you should not make use of him.

It's better that you let them go

and earn reputation for being benevolent.

We might not be able to bring the power of the Pugilist world to the court, but they have their unique uses.

Even if the Zhuo family has suffered some setbacks their power base is still there, why can I not take...

With me here,
what is there to worry about in regards to the Pugilist world?

You are right.
Even when Tian Quan manor was at the zenith of their power,

Jiangzuo alliance would still dismiss them.

In the Capital, powers in the Pugilist world are restricted.

Miss Qin's informants are all based in the Court,
she should be more useful.

Banruo, I'm sorry for leaving without a word all those years ago.

But I was really tiered.
I dare not forget Shifu's kindness, she did brought me up.

But shifu is no longer in this world,

and I... We should live for ourselves for once.

4th sister what are you saying.

We have yet to restore the Hua tribe's kingdom, yet to revenge the shame of our kingdoms subjugation, how can you give up.

Shifu passed her mantle to you.
When I was in the Capital, I listented to your orders, but now

there are some things I must say.

Please go ahead 4th sister.

In the past, when we the Hua tribe had our own kingdom,

we could not help but struggle for an existence.
And now,

we have no kingdom, no capital, no roots, no foundations.

We have been sinicized.
The situation is even more difficult than then.

It is not that simple to restore our kingdom.

4th sister, all in all, you just have no confidence in me.

If shifu was still alive,
just depending on her brilliance and strategic mind,

you wouldn't be so despondent.

This Prince Yu is always wasting your time.
Half the day is gone already...

Looks like Mr. Shisan's operation to clear Hong Xiu Zhao's informants have been very effective.

Prince Yu wasn't so happy when he mentioned Qin Banruo.

It's just the beginning and he can't take it already.

Oh Brother Meng... I've left him in the secret chamber.

Too clever for their own good.
Shifu was not able to live long

because of her brilliance.

If shifu is still alive,

then the situation inf Jinling will be completely different.

But after shifu passed away even with all your hard work,

we've not reached even half of the power of
the days when she was there.

Banruo, the situation is as thus why must you be so obstinate.

What, so according to 4th sister,
because shifu is no longer around

then we should not revenge the destruction of our kingdom?

Shifu's strategies estranged Da Liang's emperor and his son,

resulting in his execution and the massacre of the Chiyan army.

Is this not revenge enough?

While it was the Chiyan army who destroyed the Hua tribe, but

it was Da Liang which subjugated our Kingdom.

Even if the Hua tribe has no hope of reviving our kingdom,
I will see to it that Da Liang is destroyed,

in order to console shifu's spirit.


4th sister!
These last few years you've lived peacefully and freely.

Because of sisterly ties, I did not troubled you when left.

If it wasn't because I've hit hard times,
I would not have disturbed you.

But 4th sister, why won't you even ask me why I've come?

4th sister, do you know?
I care barely hold up Hong Xiu Zhao anymore.

Commander General Meng, it must be pretty boring down here.

I've finally managed to send...

Your Highness

Sir Su must have gotten a fright

When His Highness first arrived, I got a fright too.

Has Prince Yu left?

He just left.
Your Highness please.

You have seen Prince Yu so you are aware of certain matters

Yes. I have heard that His Majesty has decreed
that the Capital Patrols be commanded by you

And is planning to bestow the rank of Noble Prince.

Noble Prince?

The royal decree only mentions about Capital Patrols,
nothing about being raised to Noble Prince.

Why, didn't his Majesty allow that you can
enter the Palace at any time?

That is true. In the future, when I am visiting my mother,

no matter the day, I need not ask for permissions anymore.

Prince Yu was so upset and emotional over this matter

Didn't you realize that this is a privilege of of Noble Princes?

I didn't think too much about it.

But, it could have been during my mother's birthday

father just allowed me the privilege with
no intention to confer further ennoblement.

For you to receive the title of Noble Prince,
that is something that should have happen a long time ago.

Even if his Majesty had no intention when he said it,

when the secretariat is drafting up the decrees

they will remind his Majesty that this
is a privilege bestowed only to Noble Princes.

Allowing you to conduct as a Noble Prince, but denying you the title? What kind of Imperial favor is that?

Since his Majesty intends to bestow a favor,
he cannot do things in halves.

Otherwise, it'll make people unhappy.

So, at earliest, this month, or latest, after mid Autumn,
my Lord will be made a Noble Prince.

This is good.
This is really great.

Then you'll be the same rank as Prince Yu.

But is it too early to make such head ways?

Didn't you want me to lay low?

So all the people that you've planted,

have been removed?

It's only been a few months,

the people I've made use off, have either died or betrayed me

even the most well hidden spies have been rooted out.

Prince Yu and his father are the same.
Both are suspicious and cold hearted.

The trust that I spent years to cultivate is all but gone.

With the way things are progressing,
it won't be long before, not only me,

but everyone in our sisterhood will be finished.

Fourth sister, didn't Master tell you to take
care of me when she passed away?

Will you not help me in this life or death situation?

Banruo, take this opportunity to leave.

Is it not good to live a free and peaceful life like me?

Fourth sister, I promise you

If you can help me overcome this difficult time

I will slowly let the rest of the sisters go.

We can plan this over the long run.

You really are...

What can I do for you?

I would like to use your power of seduction,

to capture a man.

Your powers are still weak,

keeping a low profile is still the best tactic.

But to be constantly forbearing and not
stepping forwarded is also not the best plan.

With regards to the Capital Patrol, we cannot fight for it

but if it falls into our laps there's no need to push it away

My Lord you have worked on this for over a year, if by this time,

I cannot resolve the consequences of you gaining
the just Capital Patrols,

then it would be a dereliction of duty on my part
as your tactician.

I will still say the same thing.
Your Highness cannot move aggressively but neither can you not move

Then that is good.
When father bestowed me the command of the Capital Patrols

I was worried that I would have disrupted your
pace and hesitated quite a while.

I heard, that his Majesty promised it to you face to face.
You still hesitated?

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu has
been fighting over this Capital Patrols

on the Court for over 2 months.

Now that his Majesty has promised it to you,
but you were hesitant,

his Majesty must not have been too happy.

He's probably never had such a hard time bestowing favors.

Seems like it, but...

I have experience managing troops, taking charge of the Capital Patrols won't be hard, but what about Prince Yu?

I've already persuaded him.

If he is willing to accept my explanation, and not trouble you,

then you can take this opportunity to gain power.

If he has only perfunctorily accepted my advice,

but in fact, still cannot control his sense of uneas

and wish to stifle you,

then we leverage his Majesty power and have the Emperor resolve the consequences of the Imperial favor.

That is really brilliant.

Thank goodness we have Mr. Su.
We got the Capital Patrol completely by surprise,

yet you are still able to plan so thoroughly.
Very impressive!

Strategic planning should be like this.

If we bet our success on the choices of our opponents,

then that is the worst method.
When we have a countermeasure, for what ever choices our opponents make,

only then can it be counted as having control
over the general situation.

While your Highness is still some ways away from that,

at least we have some basis of power now.

After you went to Mr. Su's place, you have calmed down.

Mr. Su believes that Father is only warning me and I shouldn't overly concern myself on this.

Staying still to counter the changes.
I need to restore Father's favor in me first.

That makes sense.

But recently whenever I see Prince Jing, I don't feel good.

I can't just ignore him.

Add more people to spy on him.

If he makes any moves or who ever he interacts with,
I must know about it.


What is it?
Is this there some difficulty?

Recently, there hasn't been enough people.

As you know, I've lost quite a lot of people and the new recruits cannot be used yet.

Yesterday, one of the girls I've planted as a concubine at General Secretariat Liu's place

actually ran way without telling me.
I still haven't found her yet.

We lost another one?

Our enemies have been very precise and effective in their moves.

I will not believe that they don't have an informant amongst us.

What do you mean?

What I mean is, there's' a turncoat in your Highness's people.

The only people who know your informants is me and adviser Ji.

Adviser Ji has worked for me for years, his whole family is living here.
It wouldn't be him.

If you don't have enough people, I can ask Mr. Su for help.

I don't want you and Mr. Su to worry.
I can handle it.

Commander General will have to wake up early tomorrow and it's time for your Highness to return home.

I've bothered you for a whole half day again, you should rest.

If I run into trouble, I will come another day to ask you for advice.

This book is truly interesting and I have yet to finish reading.

You wouldn't mind if I borrowed it for a few days?

Are you saying...

Can I borrow this book for a few days?

It's only a travelogue.
If you like it, you can borrow it.

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