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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 24

In spite of this,

if father wasn't already suspicious,

how could he not question such ludicrous accusations.

It should not have been...

I hate that I wasn't in the country at the time.

It was fortunate you weren't in the country.

Or else you would definately have been caught in the cross fire.

While this matter was started by Xia Jiang

but it was executed by the Emperor.

It won't be easy for you to redress this case.

Please take my advice,

let it go.

Do not investigate further.

What you've said is correct.

But if I really gave up on it,

there will be no ties of friendship or loyalty to speak of.

What Xie Yu revealed was merely the beginning.

How it progress step by step to the end we know.

If I don't figure it all out, I shall never rest in peace.

Sir, you are keen of thought and observant of character,

to redress this case,

I will need to rely on your plans and strategies.

My Lord, do you realize that

if the Emperor becomes aware that you are investigating Prince Qi's case,

it would bring you endless troubles.

I am well aware.

Do you realize that even if you know the exact events of the case,

it has no benefit to your current plan.

I am well aware.

Do you realize that as long as his Majesty still the Emperor

- he will not admit his own mistake.
- I am well aware.

Even thought you're aware,

- you still want to investigate?

I need to know how they were wronged.

So that,

in the future, when I become the Emperor,

I can clear their names.

If I were to care only about my personal gain,

and not care about my brother's injustices.

This is not something that I, Xiao Jingyan, will do.

Since I decided for you to be my Lord,

I will follow your orders.

From today onward, I will spare no effort

to help my Lord find the truth.

Thank you, sir.

How many times?

27 times.

The Palace ringing the Jin bell 27 times, that means

it is a grand funeral. Since there is no Empress Dowager...

It must be...

Great grandmother,

It's great grandmother, she has passed away.


Chief! Chief!


Great grandmother.







Su-gege's great grandmother passed away.

She could not wait until I returned.

Even though Chief cannot attend the Wake,

he will still observe the 3 day fasting ritual.

In addition to the kneeling and bowing,
I'm afraid he is going to get sick again.

But its the required ceremony of the younger generation,

we won't be able to dissuade him.

There is no other way.

We just have to ask Physician Yan to check more often.

I guess there's only that.

Jingyan, have some.

It's alright. Look at Jingxuan and Jinghuan.

Eat a little.

Funeral rituals are in the heart,

I am willing to observe it,

Third Brother, your health is not good,

you should eat some,

great grandmother would not blame you.

Brother Shen, did you hear about it?


His Majesty wants to have a Prince

to go to Mount Wei, to observe the Grand Empress's Wake.

Would it be Prince Jing?

I don't know, but looking at the last 30 days of piety ceremony,

it should not be him.

You saw it too?

Who didn't?

The Crown Prince and Prince Yu have always lived a life of luxury.

they cannot handle the strict requirements of the piety ceremony.

But they should control it, and not go overboard.

Prince Jing's rank is only a Duke,

and did not often go together with those two, so it wasn't obvious.

But the last 30 days, everyone was in the same place

the difference is very clear when compared.

Do you think he's better or worst?

What do you think?

Chief, take some medicine.

Fei Liu

You are back.

I came back for the great grandmas burial.

Did you see her?

Great grandmother looked

was very peaceful.

But I was not there.

For great grandmother,

you were always there.

After I returned to the capital.

I only saw her once.

That day she held my hand and said,

Xiao Shu, you've lost some weight.

Come, Xiao Shu

Eat, this is your favorite.

Take it

No matter if she really recognized me

or she was just talking incoherently,

I know she has always missed me.

I've always hoped,

I hoped that she could wait for me.

But now this hope is gone.

Out of all of the children,

great grandmother liked you the most.

When we were young, every time you did something wrong

and Uncle Lin wanted to punish you,

great grandmother would come and protect you.

Whenever I think about the things in the past,

I feel like an iceberg been roasted by a fire.

Sometimes its warm,

sometimes it chills to the bone.

Lin Shu-gege

For the future

For me

You need to take care

Ni Huang

If you don't have me in your future

You'll do well too.

You'll fare very well.

No, it won't

I don't want go back to Yunnan

I don't want to go to a place that's so far from you.

But if you stay by my side,

I will get distracted, do you understand?

I can go protect the Imperial Memorial.

We have a state funeral now,
his Majesty will not be able to marry me off that fast.

Compare to going back to Yunnan

He would prefer me to hold the Wake for great grandmother..


This Emperor of ours is unpredictable.

Perhaps going to protect the Memorial, will be better at settling his mind

than going back to Yunan.

No matter for army at southern border or for Mu Qing,

it is better.


you've allowed it?

I just want you be safe and well.

And not get involved in any dangerous situation.


He is lucky.

Even though his sentenced was execution, with Xia Jiang's help

and the Grand Empresses's death, it turned it into exile.

It's all because he chose the Crown Prince,

if not, how would a Grand Marquis and Consort Prince

become like this?

He only has the clothes on his back and a set of manacles
to accompany him on his way while getting herded by the guards.

He didn't bring anything more than anyone else.

In this world, there is only room for one supreme leader.

You are right.

He chose the wrong path,

sighing will not do anything.

Wait! Mr. Official, please wait.

Wait a minute!

We are here to see him off.

Please do us a favor.

Hurry up.


Your mother came as well?


Is it all finished?

I'm afraid it's not.

What else can I help you with?

No need..

You could not protect me even in the City.

Not to mention,

in the future, it is the whole pugilistic world.

That Mister Su,

sent a messenger to me yesterday.

He said that you had to give me a letter.


He said that if you hadn't wrote it yet, then write it now.

Because behind the case you told him about,

there's definitely more things to tell.

Write it down and give it to me.

Then you can live.

I don't know what he meant,

so I just told you everything word for word.

I think Mister Su is not a regular person.

His words must have a deeper meaning.

Think about it.

I understand.

He wants me to write the secret down.

And give it to you for safe keeping.

As long as I'm alive, it'll be kept secret.

If I die, it will leak out.

If the secret is in your hands,

Xia Jiang, will not harm me that easily.

Such divine talent.

Do you have pen and paper?

Mr. Su said that the more people who know that you wrote the better.


We want Xia Jiang to know

that I wrote this.

After leaving the funeral wake, I found out that you were sick.

It's been a while since I've visited, are you feeling better?

A lot better. I heard the candidate for guarding of the wake has been set.

Yes, Sixth Brother will go.

Today, Duchess Nihuang suddenly sent a request in

saying she's would like to stay at the Wake for a year. Father approved it.

Also, I learnt a lot from the discussions with you regarding
war horse supply chain planning before the funeral wake.

This is a summary of the major points of discussion.

- Please take a look.
- Okay

On the matter of war horse supply chains, in the imperial court

who would have better insight than you.

You told me to keep low, I couldn't express any of my ideas at the imperial court.

But here, I can do so till my hearts content, even if we always enter into endless debate.

The more we do it the more that I benefited from it.

You are most welcome.

Oh yeah, about the food supply chain issue that I mentioned last time

there were few points that I didn't have time to discuss with you.

I appreciate the further details.

If the food supply chain was interrupted and you had to source grain from the local areas,

it would be best to only purchase less than half of the local annual harvest amount.

If we take a war zone with a population of approximately 4000, in 10 villages,

according to average annual production rates,

the areas annual grain harvest would total 960 dan.
T/N. 1 dan =~ 31 kg

Hence, at most, you can only purchase 480 dan in one go.

If we take 10,000 soldiers as a basis...

My Lord?

Have you ever heard of Lin Shu, the young Martial of the Chiyan Army?

I've heard some.

Why did you suddenly mention him?

Your discourse just now reminds me of him.

I think, if he met you,

he will also become great friends with you, like me.

I am just an ordinary person and always sick

how can I be compared to young Marshal Lin.

You have overpraised.

But I feel odd that

although you are from pugilist world, you know well about the military provision.

Jiangzuo Alliance has some discharged from services soldiers.

I sometime will ask them for advice.

However, it is too random, not very proper.

You might be laughing at certain terms.

Finished writing?

It's finished.

Don't you worry. I won't let others to read it.

I won't read it too. I dun want to know what you have done in the past.

It is better that you don't know.

Li Yang, this silk pouch

can't give to Mei Changsu.

Don't worry. As long as you live

I will keep this with me all the time.

I bring you some clothes and money.

You can use it.

Li Yang,

will we ever meet again this life?

It is a long way for me.

I have to say goodbye now.


Take good care of your mother.

Xie Yu is on exile today?

Crown Prince has lost his main assistant and is very worried at the moment.

Are you going to get Prince Yu to push the advantage?

No, I will advised Prince Yu to let go quietly.

But I bet he won't listen to me.

When in good time a person will be hot-headed.

Crown Prince is pushed into this circumstances and father will definitely defend him.

If Prince Yu doesn't know when to stop, he will be rebuffed.

But, do you really want to keep Xie Yu alive?

I only defend him from Xia Jiang attack.

The rests, are not my responsibility.

The rests?

Xia Dong. Xia Dong will not let him go.

But this hatred, Xie Yu is not fully responsible.

Xia Jiang still her master. I am unsure how she is going to deal with it.

She's been the executive officer for many years

she has the required subtlety. The more she believe in Xie Yu

the higher chance that she won't confront Xia Jiang

I rather hope she would keep in heart.

It would help you in near future.

Sister Dong. What do you want? I can help you.

Get lost.

My mum and my brother are here.

I can't go off.

Madam Xia.

Why are you so nervous. I am here to see him off.

I just want to thank him

for brought back my husband's body.

Marquis, look after yourself. Your way is perilous.

It is better you are on high alert and not to too relax.

It is bitter cold in Qiandi. But some circumstances are worse than dead.

You must hold it up.


It's late now. Let's go.

Your Majesty, please look after yourself.

My two recalcitrant children are debt collector.

Always argued in front of me. I have enough!

That's nature for them to fight over the federal matters.

You can ruled modestly and don't be upset of it.

Your Majesty, you just had your lunch, do you want to take a nap?

Nap? The cicadas are so loud. How do I nap!

Didn't you all hear it?

Cleared all the cicadas!



Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

Today is Imperial Consort Jing's birthday.

She just promoted to Consort this year. She has different status now. Do you want to go visit her?

Consort Jing's birthday?

Have you sent the required rewards?

Don't worry. Inner Court officer has sent according to the rules earlier.

Consort Jing has been in harem for many years.

I should go visit her.

Get ready 10 bolts of brocade,

10 gok of pearls, 10 pieces of jade articles and follow me.


Do you think this is better?

That's good enough.

Mother's cook is even better.

It is indeed refreshing to eat this lily soup in the summer.

When I led the troops, if we encountered food scarcity, I need to suffer with them together.

I was hungry, then I would think of mother's medicinal food for satisfying the appetite.

If it's not too much work for mother, I really crave for it everyday.

I'm not afraid of work

But you cannot come in the palace anytime.

We don't have a solution. Eat more when you are here.

I also made gold dumplings and green bean cakes, take some when you leave.

Thanks mother.

This is Fuling chicken soup, I made it specifically for you, drink one bowl.

We didn't know Your Majesty has come, forgive our offense.

Come stand up.

You stand up too.

I remember today is your birthday, so I come to see you.

Your Majesty grants Consort Jing 10 brocades.

10 goks of pearls, 10 fine jades.

Thank Emperor, receive awards.

Thanks Your Majesty.

You don't like these gifts?

I don't dare.

When did Jingyan arrive?

Your Majesty, I arrived after lunch.

This is your mother's birthday, why didn't you come this morning?

I asked him to come after lunch.

I need to see and stay with Empress this morning.

I also need to kneel for Grand Empress.

Even he came, I didn't have time for him then.

The recent jobs I gave to Jingyan were done excellently, I'm very pleased.

Has been said wanted to grant you a reward but kept postponed.

Now just in front of your mother,

tell me what do you want.

Reply to father. It is my responsibility to do the job. I not dare to ask for reward.

But since you insisted, I will be of great courage ask for a reward.

Can you please give forgiveness to a exile prisoner being expelled to Lin Nan.

What prisoner? Another famous

but always talk nonsense

a self-conceited scholar that critic on Imperial Court?

You were loyal and devoted. Where did you learn the trick to start recruiting people of fame and compliments?

- Who teach you that?
- Who?

Please calm down. The person that I ask for forgiveness on behalf is merely a common citizen that has no fame nor reputation.

At the Imperial Examination, the son has used the real name of the past Emperors

committed an indignity too far for the great leader and being familial exiled.

Why did you help a common citizen that doesn't have fame nor reputation?

Pleas entreat your forgiveness Your Majesty.

The person was a physician in a village.

I learned my medicine skill from the person before I came into harem.

A month ago, I overheard that he had been exiled to Lin Nan.

I feel pity he is old and being slaved.

And committed a familial indignity too far for the great leader. Also, he wasn't on the forgiveness list this time.

I afraid he might die in foreign land and his lonely soul couldn't find the way home.

I don't have the heart to let it be

and thus was sighed in emotion with Jinyan.

I never thought that he

keep that in heart. If you want to blame

it is my fault.

Oh, that is how it is.

You are still soft-hearted.

In fact, that is nothing serious.

Jinyan is a prince and he can someone under him to find a way

it shouldn't be that hard to rescue him

That doesn't need my forgiveness at all.

Changed another reward.

I believe only the Emperor can released the wrong doing from indignity too far for the great leader

Even I am a prince, I run out of any idea.

To help mother, I only have this request. Please approved.

You are really stubborn.

But I am glad that you didn't misuse your power.


I approved your request.

I will prepare the imperial edict today.

Thank you.

Thanks Your Majesty.

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