New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Grabby Hands - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "New Amsterdam"...

To the Bloom sisters.

Barely functional,
but a ton of fun.

You haven't told her
you're sober?

- Not yet.
- When?

- Soon.
- Dr. Reynolds,

I can say without a doubt

that you are the worst patient
I've ever encountered.

Hey, what'd you say
your name was?

- I didn't.
- Hi, my name is Iggy,

and I'm on this app,

because who wants
to go through this awful,

confusing, joyous world alone?

Choo, choo.

- I...
- Hey.

- I wanna help you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey, Luna... Luna.

You gotta watch with your eyes,

Not your hands.

Yeah, be careful.

Here, give me that,

you little strawberry thief.


Whoa, hey, whoa, now, buster.

Blenders are for big people.


if you watch
those grabby hands...

Come here, you.


You can watch from right here.

All right, here we go.

that was not a good choice.

Here, give me that.
Let's put that back.

Come here.
You're just making a mess.

Oh, boy, okay.

All right, don't,
uh, touch anything, okay?

Grabby hand.

Oh, no, no, baby, baby,
baby, come here.

You okay?

You all right?

That's grabby hands.

You know what?

You're coming
with Daddy to work, okay?

Come here.

Hey, Nurse.

Trudy, wait up.



Do I look like
a Hildegard to you?

- You're right.
- You look more like a... Olga.

Not even close. Mm.

I mean, you could
just tell me your name.

And miss out
on all these crack guesses?

- Nah.
- Paloma?


- Julep?
- You're just naming cocktails.

- I am not.
- Harvey Wallbanger?

I think you're just picking up

that I want a cocktail.

Yeah, well, let's make it
happen after work.

Hey, girl,
you are not gonna believe this.

- What?
- They just offered me

a $20,000 bonus if I pack up

and go to Oklahoma City tonight.

Good for you.

I will meet you there
if the food is halfway decent.

- Deal.
- Okay.

- See you when I see you.
- I'll see you.

So you're a travel nurse?

Yeah, I'm here for eight
weeks and then on to the next.

But you were talking
about after work?

- You know what?
- I can't.

But I'll see you on the rounds.



You must be as hung over
as I am.


- Hair of the Dog.
- Oh, read my mind.

Make yourself at home.

Uh, I will, 'cause it is.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mom still paying the rent?

Yeah, when she remembers.

Oh, God.

Man, it is so weird,
Mom forgetting things

'cause she's old,
not because she's hammered.

I know.

Sucks... makes it so much
harder to be mad at her.

You ever think about it?

About what?

Getting clean.

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, sometimes.

Oh, my God.

Hey, do you remember...

You remember when Mom
used to get, like, wasted

and order, like,
8 million dumplings

from that one place?


I want those dumplings.

I say we get trashed,

eat them tonight.

What do you say?

Reclaim our heritage, Lauren.

- Yeah, yeah.
- I will pick some up

on my way home from work.

I'm, um...

I'm glad you're here.

Us talking, it feels, like, um,

I don't know,
healthy or whatever.

So let's keep talking.

Just two little stitches.

- Cool.
- What do we say?

Thank you, Auntie Lauren.

Oh, you are so welcome.

I don't get to see you enough,
do I, big girl?

- Whoa! Whoa.
- Do not grab the scissors.

Good news is we'll be seeing
Auntie Lauren again very soon.

32-year-old woman
with respiratory arrest

on the A train.

Please keep an eye on her.

Now with pulse ox
in low 90s on 100%.

Uh, is that what I think it is?

Skin that blue, it's gotta be
sodium nitrate poisoning.

I don't think
I've ever seen it before,

it's so rare.

with respiratory collapse.

- On the A train?
- No, 34 West 57th,

- fifth floor office.
- Two unrelated cases

of sodium nitrate poisoning?

Yeah, well, it used to be rare.

65-year-old man

- in respiratory arrest.
- I think we get the picture.

Okay, let's get all
three patients to curtains,

and let's start
methylene blue times three.

Guys, if you look out
your window to the left,

you will note some very...

Strange green objects
whizzing by.

Those are what we commonly

refer to as trees!

Those are trees, everybody.

You are officially out
of the city and into the woods!



Now, you know,
I know our little therapy group

is usually hospital bound,
but, um, you know, a good hike,

amigos, that is a therapy
all to itself.

It's unbelievable.
Our connection

to the natural world is just...

So, um...

Anybody reading anything good?

Ah, I see.

Yeah, I thought you guys

might like to know
that we are about to drive

right into a fire.

Also, the bridge up ahead
looks like it's out,

and I am definitely
going to crash the car.


Bigfoot straight ahead!

All right, okay.

Give me your phones.

Phones, please.

I'm almost done with this level.

- It'll just be a second.
- My friends,

we are going phone-free today.

Oh, my God, you are so mad
with power right now.

Can I have my phone back
if I do my breathing?

- Thank you.
- Give it.

Thank you.
This is not for me.

It is for you.

There, doesn't that
feel better already?

Have you seen
their ID bracelets?


They all have the same address.

I've been trying
to call the landlord

to let him know
about the exposure,

but I keep getting voicemail.

"Hi there,
you're poisoning your tenants.

- "Please call me back whenever."
- You try City Health?

Yeah, that would be perfect,

if we needed it dealt with
in ten years' time.

Look, pick a nurse
with a tox background,

and get her over there.
Someone needs to deal with this

- before anyone else gets hurt.
- I'll go.

Uh, thanks,
but I think we can find someone

a few ranks down
from Chair of Surgery for this.

- Text me the address.
- This is some ripe...


"Hi, Justine, it's very nice
to see you again.

"Uh, it's totally normal
to be nervous,

"and any questions you have,
just fire away.

I promise I heard 'em all."

I-ay ust-jay ad-hay
un-way estion-quay.

It's Pig Latin.

"Oh, why are you
speaking in Pig Latin?"

Ell-way, ay-may ids-kay aid-say.

I can help.

My kids did this
for a year once.

Go ahead, hon.

"I'm sorry about the Pig Latin,"

and, "My kids said

it was good luck."

"And just so you know,
I've resected lung cancers

like yours hundreds of times."

Excuse me, I need
Nurse Andrea Cantwell.

- Okay.
- Sir, you need to step aside.

"No, surgery is about to begin.

Whatever this is, it can wait."

I'm afraid it can't.

But New Amsterdam already
took responsibility for this!


I know you're just
doing your job,

but you're not hearing me, okay?

- But... but the hospital...
- "Keep prepping, Ms. Cerrado."

Already took responsibility
for this, okay?

- This is not her fault.
- Sir, you need to step aside.

- You're not hearing me.
- This is not her fault.

Ma'am, you're under arrest.

- It's okay.
- It's all right.

My husband... someone
needs to call my husband.

- I will call him.
- The lawyers are on this, okay?

Andrea Cantwell, you have
the right to remain silent.

Our whole legal team is on this.

Don't worry, okay?
We got you.

You have the right
to an attorney...

- Don't worry.
- We've got you... I...

If you can't afford
an attorney...

"What the hell is going on?"

Two months ago,
Andrea's patient died.

- "Yeah, this is a hospital.
- People die."

Well, tell that to the D.A.,
because they're prosecuting her

for murder.

Uh, Ms. Sawhook,
you're running point

on Nurse Andrea Cantwell's

- case, right?
- Yup, I drew the short straw.

Great, so you know that
this death was not her fault?

Andrea grabbed
the wrong medication

and injected it
into a patient's IV,

and it killed him.

Sounds like her fault.

Okay, uh, meds in this hospital

are dispensed
by MedRack machines...

I'm sure you know that...
But sometimes,

they make mistakes, all right?

They don't dispense enough meds,

or they dispense too many,
and occasionally,

the nurses have to override
these machines

- or patients would die.
- Careful, it sounds like

you're admitting liability.

Well, we already did that

the first time
this went to court.

Okay, HCC admitted
that this machine

that every hospital
in America uses,

made a mistake, all right?

That's not on the nurses.

That's on the entire
American healthcare system.

- That was in civil court.
- This is a criminal charge.

Andrea's not a criminal.

She was doing her job.

And the only reason that
this D.A. is pursuing this case

is because it makes
for a great headline,

and now it's open season
on nurses.

But it's your responsibility
to protect...

What's your job again?

- Medical director.
- Well, this is no longer

a medical problem.

these stairs are off-limits.

My hip hasn't let me
take those stairs in a decade.

- What's all this?
- This is, uh, rat poison

laced with sodium nitrate.

Yeah, no store brand
would have that...

Only cheap, basement-made crap
someone got off the internet

to save a buck.

Yeah, your landlord
was reckless, stingy,

and damn lucky no one died.

That's this building for you.

Every day, something like this.

Every day,
something like mass poisoning?

Wouldn't believe me
if I told you.

- Try me.
- There was black mold

in the bathroom.
Now I have severe asthma.

There was asbestos
in my floors, in the walls.

Now my G.I. tract is shot.

Roaches in the food,
in the sheets.

My ma got gastroenteritis.

- Spiders.
- Water damage.

- Sewage.
- Oh, New Amsterdam's great.

You did such a good job

when all those people here
got poisoned.

He means the last time
people got poisoned.

The furnace was out,
so everyone used gas ovens.

No vents, carbon monoxide...
It was awful.

Lucky for us,
our window was broken,

so we just got hypothermia.

And pigeons.

All right,
does everybody have water?

How 'bout hats

to keep your heads
from exploding when you see

the sheer beauty
of Bear Mountain?

I, for one,
am not doing courtesy laughs

until I get my phone back.

- Okay, fair enough...
- Gives me an opportunity

to improve my material.
No big deal.

It's not funny.

You're punishing us, and we
didn't even do anything wrong.

- Come on.
- Are you serious?

This is not a punishment,
you guys.

I'm not punishing you.
This is a gift.

I am giving you
the gift of nature.

Cell phone over us age,
social media, all that stuff,

those are harmful things.

It's like the early days
of cigarettes.

People would run around
like a bunch of dum-dums,

addicted to the things,
had no idea the damage

they were doing
to their own bodies, right?

And what about the Snapchat
thing this morning?

Some kid died
doing a Snapchat challenge.

- That's awful.
- Okay, the kid jumps

out of a car... a speeding car...
Because someone on Snapchat

told him to?

Yeah, he's got bigger problems

than things on the internet.
We're not morons.

Our phones aren't,
like, damaging us.

Mm-hmm, says the kid
who falls asleep in class,

'cause he's up all night
texting with his buddies.

And Skyla, when we first met,
you painted our entire art wall

with a beautiful,
gorgeous mural.

And now your folks tell me you
won't pick up a brush anymore,

because you're too busy
watching other people paint

on YouTube.

- It's fun to watch.
- I know it's fun to watch,

but watching is not doing.

It's not the same thing,
you know?

And I'm not picking on you.
I'm talking about everyone.

This is everywhere.
Like, Austin,

why did you have to
have thumb surgery again?

I played too much "Fortnite."

Yeah, you played
too much "Fortnite."

Yeah, and Bizzie, you spent
half the damn ride up here

trading seats with everyone,
trying to find

the perfect lighting
for a selfie.

There's only one person here

who has their phone
on them 24/7.

That's... okay,
that's totally different.

I am a doctor, and I'm on call.

- I didn't hear any calls.
- But back in the van,

I did see a lot
of push notifications.

Me too.

My mom has that same app.

Uh, she says
it's for professional singles.

Okay, yeah, all right.


you know what, guys?
You know what? You're right.

You're right.
I'm not being fair.

I got a solution though.

There, now nobody gets a phone.

No phones for anybody... none.

What do you think?

Guys, calm down.
It's a 90-minute hike.

I think you'll survive.

All right.

Let's go.

Let's get that heart rate up
and blood pumpin'.


Nurse Banner just quit
in the middle of a shift?

She's the fourth one today.

"So I've got room in my O.R.

"for the pulmonary
sleeve lobectomy.

"It's a really
challenging procedure,

but one you'll need to master
to make your careers."

- No, thank you.
- I'll pass.


"Okay, it's a major opportunity.

You're both just...
You're not interested?"

Or we don't want
to end up in handcuffs.

Um, can I see that?

Hey, um, why was a CT ordered
for kidney stones?

I mean, here's the X-ray.

If Andrea wasn't protected
by MedRack,

you think anyone's gonna be
protected by X-rays?

Excuse us. Thank you.

- Max!
- Max!

Excuse me.

"I just had to cancel
multiple procedures.

Because of Andrea,
everyone is in a panic."

I spent years trying to take
the fear out of medicine.

Now we're back to square one.

- "This is not square one."
- This is worse.

"We are not treating anyone.

"This place has ground
to a halt.

What are we gonna do?"

- Oh, hey.
- Oh, hi.

- You're in a hurry.
- Yeah,

I'm headed to legal.

I need to learn
about housing law.

Okay, spill it.

You and that building,
what's this about?

It's about your sodium
nitrate victims who were just

to an apartment building

that's gonna make them sick
all over again.

- Hey, where are you going?
- I am having a bonding night

with my sister,
which involves picking up

our favorite
childhood dumplings.

Oh, okay,
so you're still pretending

to be a party-goer
to impress her?

No, I think
what you're asking is

if I'm still using
unconventional methods

to form a therapeutic alliance
with my addict sister.

No, I definitely meant
the first thing.

Have you asked out
that nurse yet?

Uh, no, it's not gonna work out.

That didn't stop you and Malvo.

- Tell your sister the truth.
- Ask out the nurse.

- Agree to drop both things?
- Yes.

All right.

District Attorney Belber,
Max Goodwin.

Thanks so much for coming in.

Ah, well, almost in.

Is this usually
where you greet your guests?

Just the ones who
persecute hardworking nurses.

If it's all the same,
I'd rather not let a fox

- into a henhouse.
- I figured that's what this

is about.
Now, look.

I'm glad that you reached out.

Bringing criminal charges
against medical personnel

is new ground,
and I want you to know

- where I'm coming from.
- Great, I appreciate that.

I'd love to know
where you're coming from,

'cause right now,
I don't see it.

Do you know what an M&M is?
It's a conference

that we have
after a patient dies.

And doctors and nurses
get together

to have a candid discussion

about everything
that we could've done better.

We look mistakes
right in the eye,

because that's how you learn.

And if admitting a mistake
means life in prison,

just how candid do you think
people are gonna be?

So it's your position that
medical deaths should be immune

- to criminal charges?
- No.

If a surgeon operates drunk,
throw 'em in jail.

But when a nurse does
everything possible

to save a life
in the face of dire illness

and a malfunctioning machine,

then maybe cut her some slack.

You know, I heard the same
line from the police union.

Do you think I should stop
prosecuting wrongful deaths

- with the NYPD too?
- Look, our nurse didn't

pull a trigger.

She made the best decision
she could at the time

under the circumstances.
And the truth is

it could've happened
to either one of us.

It was great talking with you.

Do you hear how quiet it is?

We had to stop
taking ambulances,

because it's gridlock in there.
Do you know why?

Because our nurses are quitting.

Everyone is afraid.


Let Andrea go home to her kids.

She will.

Ten years.

She already took a plea.

Why is nature therapeutic?

What is the point
of this activity?

All right, guys, I know
we got off to a rough start

with the phones and all that,
but hey,

look around you.
Take a look around.

Look at the wind blowing
through the trees, you know?

Look at the leaves
dancing in the wind.

Feel that air.
Feel the crispness.


These are all tactile
sensations that you can use

to bring yourself
back to the moment.

Where's the trail?

Where's the...


- Uh...
- Well, we were so busy

looking at leaves.

I think it's that way.

No, no, it's, uh...

- No, I think it's over there.
- Was it that steep?

Dr. Frome, are we lost?

- What?
- No.

Um, no, we just, uh...

We just need...

A sign.

There we go... a sign, guys.
Come on, follow me.

They must've put these here
for this exact reason.


All right,
let's see what we got here.

What's it say?

"BP's low.

- "She needs Levophed."
- I know.

"She needs Levophed now!

What the hell
are you waiting for?"

The MedRack's refusing
to dispense the med.

"How long have you been

- "waiting?"
- Six minutes.

"Override the machine now.

If we don't act,
she's gonna die."

I have kids.

If I go to jail,
they'll have nobody.

- Get out of the way!
- Get out.


Elizabeth, if you do this,
it's on you.

Come on, come on.


"Let's get her to the O.R.

for a Left Ventricular
Assist Device, please."

Was it the wrong med?

"It was the right med.

We just waited too long
to use it."

I spoke to your landlord,

and... hang on to your hat...

Mr. Palumbo's prepared to fix
every problem in this building.

- He will?
- Yup, he's gonna clean up

all the black mold.
The asbestos in the walls?

- Gone.
- And in the ceiling?

And in the ceiling.

Hey, while we're at it,
how does an exterminator

- for the cockroaches sound?
- It's about time.

Like you forgot the spiders.

- Oh, no, no, no.
- He'll deal with the spiders.

He'll deal with the rats.
He'll upgrade the furnaces.

He'll fix your windows.

He'll deal with the pigeons.

He's gonna repair

what's broken,
replace what's busted,

and get this place
back up to code.


Yeah, um, so just hear me out.

He will need
to increase your rent by 50%.

- Raise it?
- This is illegal.

- We have a lease.
- Are you kidding me?

- Oh, I signed a contract.
- Hey, easy now.

Do you think
we're made of money?

- Ridiculous.
- Come on.

- Easy now.
- Hey, I said hear me out,


Yes, it sucks that
you'll be paying more money.

But hey, that's already money
you're spending every month

on medical bills, right?
And on lost wages

from missing work
when you're sick.

I mean,
once this place is safer,

those expenses vanish.

Big picture,
you're breaking even.

Only now, you have
a safe and livable building.

What do you think about that?

- No way.
- No, thank you.

- Hell no.
- I think it sounds awful.

- No, no.
- I don't... I don't get it.


I missed "Blue Bloods" for this?

I mean, I really don't get it.

You won't lose a dollar,
and you'd fix the building.

- That's right.
- We'd fix it.

Maybe higher rents would cost
the same as our medical bills,

but we shouldn't have either.

This is
the owner's responsibility.

Not ours.


- What?
- Yes.

Oh, yes!
Yes, Bizzie,

you wonderful woods woman, you!

Very nicely done.

Guys, what have I been saying?

I said if we keep calm,
keep our eyes peeled,

and we stick together,
we will get out of here

- in one piece, right?
- I think these

are our footprints.


No, no,
I don't think that's true.

No, see the weird
worm thing in the middle?

Those are Austin's shoes.

I don't think
they look like worms.


okay, okay, okay.
Yeah, um, okay, so

we know that we've been walking
around in circles, right?

That's good in a way.
That's a clue, right?

We know now more than we did
five seconds ago.

We do not wanna
keep going that way.

We wanna go one of,
um, uh, the other...

- Ways.
- Wait,

my dad said moss only grows
on the north side of trees.

- Oh, Lev, yes.
- Amazing!

Yeah, okay,
everybody come on over here.

Guys, come on.
Come check out the moss

over here.
We, uh...

Moss sucks.

North is not every direction,

Uh, Dr. Frome, I'm cold.

Yeah, I know you are, bud.

I know.
Me too.

Um, sorry about that.

You know, if these clouds

weren't so dang thick,
we could use the shadows

from the trees
as, like, a sundial, you know?

- Get our direction that way.
- Those clouds look scary.

Oh, don't... don't worry
about the clouds, okay?

Dr. Frome, it's raining.

Yeah, I'm aware, Skyla.

Thank you.

Okay, uh, guys, find cover.
Find cover.

Come on.
Go, go, go.

Find cover.


backs up against the tree.

Dr. Frome, my dad told me

never go under trees
when there's lightning.

Hey, Doc.

"How are you feeling?"

Glad to be alive

and able to speak
in normal English

instead of Pig Latin.

What is it?

"There's been
a complication."

The delay
in Justine Cerrado's care

caused permanent kidney damage.
She'll need a transplant,

and, um, her life will have
limits it did not have before.

But hey, legally speaking,
we're in the clear.

We were just
double-checking medications.

We were just, uh, being prudent.

We were just covering our ass.

Guys, I can't invent
a better MedRack.

I can't fend off the D.A.
They could come after you

for an honest mistake,
and I can't protect you.

But if we're putting our
welfare ahead of the welfare

of our patients...

then we failed.

We might as well shut the doors,

because patients first

is the only way
I know how to do this.

And if you can't do that,
then, uh...

Then you should quit.

And with everything
that's happening,

I wouldn't blame you.

Soup dumplings and memories

of our mother's inebriated past.

Get 'em while they're hot.

Ah, these are, like, 95% MSG,

but they smell incredible.


Three years sober...

Wow, that's, um,

that's impressive.

- Get out.
- Stop it.

What... okay, look,
can we just talk about this?

So I'm sober, who cares?

- Who cares?
- You've been lying to me

this whole time, Lauren!

I mean, what are you
even doing here?

Coming here to, like,
deprogram me or something?

Acting like we're best friends
all of a sudden

when you've been lying
to my face the whole time!

- I'm sorry.
- Why is my sobriety

any of your business?

I mean, you only know about it

because you went
through my stuff.

- Yeah, in my house!
- I was looking for Adderall!

I mean...

Classic druggie sister, right?

What will she do next?


Okay, can you just...
Please, can you just stop?

- Get out of my way!
- I'm sorry!

I don't ever
wanna speak to you again.

- I lied, I lied!
- Okay?

I'm a liar!
But this... us?

This is not fake!
You know that!

Just... can you just
tell me what I can do

- to fix this?
- I'm sorry, Lauren.

I haven't read your A.A. book.

I don't know
which step this is, exactly.

- You're not a step.
- You're just using me

to make yourself feel better
about your sad life,

about the crap
you pulled when I was a kid.

- No, I love you.
- You left me, Lauren...

With our psychotic mother
when I was nine!

Do you have any idea
how much worse things got

after you were gone?

I mean, literally.
Do you have any idea?


Get out.

- Pick those up.
- You...

Pick those up!

I was an 18-year-old
runaway drug addict.

And yeah, it sucks
that you couldn't come with me,

but I couldn't take care of you.

And the real villain
of your life is Mom.

It's not me.

And now it's you.

It's you
and your terrible choices,

like the one
you're making right now,

acting like
I somehow betrayed you,

when what I am doing is
easily one of the nicest things

- anyone's ever done for you.
- Oh!

Right, okay.

Where are you going?

- To get high.
- Oh, yeah, great.

Hurt yourself
to get revenge on me.

- Go right ahead.
- Yup.

- Wait, Nessa, wait.
- I didn't mean it.

- Just...
- Know what, Lauren?

You wanna live here so bad?

Go right ahead.




- Hey, Dr. G.
- Um, uh,


Just expected it to be

a lot less
full of people who work here.

- Did you consolidate?
- I didn't have to.

Nobody left.

None of us got into this
business to cover our asses.

You guys said this place
needs a better owner...

Someone who cares about it
as much as you do

and who's willing to do
what it takes to keep it up.

Well, I found them.

- Who?
- You.

Actually, all of you.

- Some sort of joke?
- I can't afford a studio,

- never mind a whole building.
- This is ridiculous.

- Come on, Gabe.
- Hey, hang on.

Let me explain.
New Amsterdam's gonna loan you

the money... below market rate...

To convert this place
into a co-op.

That way, you can all be owners.

And why would
a hospital do that?

Well, the short term is
it's a huge tax write-off.

Long term, you guys
are all such frequent flyers

that if we get you healthy,
we'll actually come out ahead.

But the monthly cost of each
unit will increase by 50%.

- It has to.
- Yeah, we know.

We already told you
we didn't want that.

Why on God's green Earth
do you think any of us

would pay
that much more in rent?

'Cause it's not rent.

It's a mortgage.

So instead of giving
your money away,

you'll be investing
in your future.

If you own,
the only thing limiting you

is how hard
you're willing to work.

You wanna fix something?

Do it.

You can actually make this
place what you want it to be.

You know why?
Because you own it.

It's yours.

I've been dreaming
of fixing up this place

for 41 years.

Lobby party.

Yes, lobby!

This wasn't just for us,
was it now?


we all deserve a good home.

Wow, where did you learn
to build a fire like this?


That's impressive.

Tell my parents.

They're still mad
about what I did

to the side of the garage.


Well, guys, I am...

I am so sorry.

I am so, so sorry.

You know,
phones are a nightmare.

They are a brain-damage-causing
actual nightmare.

But, uh,

taking them away like that...

Yeah, that's not cool.
It's a therapist's job

to help people cope,

and I basically asked you guys

to stick your fingers
in your ears

and pretend
that phones don't exist.

That's not therapy.
That's, um...

that's, like,
scared-old-guy territory.


You know, and obviously,
phones aren't all bad.

For example,
you can use them to call 911

when you're lost.

Bingo, Bizzie.


You know, what I'm really
apologizing for, though,

is not for taking your phones
away or for getting us

hopelessly lost in the woods.

It's for not respecting
that you guys have

more than enough character
and fortitude to handle

anything that cell phones and
social media can throw at you.

I mean, look at you guys.
Look at this.

We're soaking wet.
We're lost in the woods,

and you're not panicking...

Not even a little bit.
You're lighting fires,

and you're being cool as
a bunch of cucumbers, you know?

I'm proud of you.

What was that?

A bird, maybe,
or something like that...

Austin, what was that?

My iPad.

Austin, what is wrong with you?

- Why would you hide that?
- You had it this whole time?

He said phones.

- Give it to me.
- Give me the iPad.

- Okay.
- Hand it over.

Thank you.

Okay, all right,
we're good to go.

Let's go.
Come on, come on.

Oh, my gosh, Austin.


is my name.


All right.

I'm gonna get
one of those fancy drinks

you were talking about earlier.

You still out?


Yeah, I'm still out.

Are you one of those doctors

that think you're too good
for nurses, or...

No, no, no.

No, uh, I'm just one of those

doctors who's pushing 40,

and I'm nowhere near
where I thought I'd be

outside this hospital.

I'm looking for something
more permanent.


You know, and
I have been for a long time.

How is that going for you?

So bad.

So bad, you wouldn't believe it.

- See?
- Maybe you have just been

going about it all wrong.

How is that?

All I'm gonna say is

it's surprising how much fun
you can have in eight weeks.



You know what?

I think I owe you and
your grabby hand an apology,

because this morning,
when I was trying to make

your smoothie,
you kept trying to help me,

and I didn't let you.

But I should've,

because helping is everything.


- That's what...
- Yeah.

Yeah, that's what family does.

And you...

You're all the family I got.

Maybe that's why
I get so... scared.

But the world has been
reminding me that...

That fear isn't something

that goes away.

It's just something you face,


Yeah, so remember when I said

that blenders
were for big people?


That was silly,
'cause you are big.

You're the biggest.

That's why you are gonna
make a smoothie right now...

- All by yourself.
- Yeah.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

All right,
you wanna do the milk?

- Yeah.
- Kay, you get the milk.

- You got it!
- Keep going!


A little more milk.


What's next?

- Strawberry.
- Strawberries?

- Yeah.
- Okay, get 'em in there.

Here, yeah,
how 'bout two at a time?

Oh, two.

What's next?


Good job!

All right,
time for some fairy dust.

There you go.
You gonna put it in there?


You little scrunchkin'!

All right, ready?
One more in there.

Whoa, that was a throw.

Kay, you ready?

Last step, lid.



All right, give it a shot.

Oh, yes!

We did it!


Yeah! What?