New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Give Me a Sign - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously, on
"New Amsterdam"...

I'ma need you to come in
to New Amsterdam tomorrow

so we can come up
with a plan for treatment.

I don't wanna do any of that.

I got a condition.
I gotta make some calls!

Three years sober.
Wow, that's impressive.

And the real villain
of your life is Mom.

It's not me.

Where are you going?

To get high.

Well, if that's really true,


what are we doing?

I don't know.

I can't be
who I want to be...

with you.

The key to our appreciation
is looking deeply

and asking yourself...

How does it make you feel?


Uh, yeah...

No, nothing.

Tell me about it.

I've been on three of these,

and I haven't
hooked up anyone.

No, I'm not here
looking for a date.

I'm... no, I'm here... I wanna
broaden my horizons, you know?

Find out what I like,
what I don't like,

what I connect with,
where I belong.

- Shh!
- I...

Or I blew up
my entire life for no reason.

"Campus" by Vampire Weekend plays...

♪ Walked to class
in front of ya ♪

♪ Spilled kefir
on your keffiyah ♪

♪ You look inside
and turn to the door ♪

♪ Drag your feet
along the floor ♪

♪ Then I see you

♪ You're walking
'cross the campus ♪

♪ How am I
supposed to pretend ♪

♪ I never want to

♪ See you again?

♪ How am I supposed to
pretend ♪

♪ I never want to see
you again? ♪

What feelings does this
painting provoke in you?


That I've completely
and utterly ruined my life.

♪ And I'm sleeping
on the balcony after class ♪

Season 05 Episode 06

Hey, it's Vanessa.
Leave a message.

Nessa, I know
you're still mad at me,

but I'm worried, okay?

Look, you won't return
my texts.

I don't even know
where you're staying.

Can you just let me know

that you're not dead?

Oh... ha ha ha.



- You're glowing.
- 8,000 feet up,

- closer to the sun.
- I'm dying to see

- Machu Picchu.
- Oh, totally worth

the shin splints,
even the finger flint.

How many Pisco Sours
did you have?

A lot.

Well, well, well, look who
deigned us with his presence.

I'm sorry for whatever

Bloom's been putting
you through.

All right, all right,
that's enough.

Back to work.

He's not a member
of the Royal family,

and this isn't a red carpet.

- You miss me?
- Bay four.

Oh, so you gonna play it
like this?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Just say the words.

You missed me.

I didn't even realize
you were gone.

And yet you happened
to pick up bagels

from my favorite bagel place.

Attention, everyone...

These Monty's Bagels are not
in honor of Casey's big return.

They're just any other day
bagels that I happened

to pick up for no particular
reason whatsoever.

Just get 'em while they're hot.

Just admit you missed me.

- Come on.
- Never.


Fun, right?

You're so fast.

♪ I don't even know
what to say ♪

♪ You came in
like a hurricane ♪

Oh, wow.

♪ You hit a vein,
now there's no getting off ♪

♪ Of you

♪ Baby, the room


♪ I don't get
starstruck easy ♪

♪ Darling,
but you blow me away ♪

♪ I don't know what to say

♪ Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

by The Head and the Heart plays...

♪ Yellow top,
now I don't wanna stop ♪

♪ With the roof torn off

♪ I'd drive to you
through a windstorm, baby ♪

♪ Hell, I know
that it might sound crazy ♪

♪ Yellow top down,
it won't stop raining ♪

Whoa, look out!



Call an ambulance.
Don't move, don't move.

We're doctors.
We got you.

You'll be okay.

Client coming through!

Ma'am, I can see
that you have suffered

a terrible calamity!

I only hope that you get
the proper compensation...

Excuse me.
There's no soliciting

on hospital property,
all right?

I still have ten feet
of public property.

These people
were almost killed.

They're in shock.
They're in pain.

The last thing they need
is some two-bit sleazy lawyer

- preying on them.
- Yeah, sleazy two-bit lawyer

who specializes

in that exact intersection
that's a death trap.

'Get Yo' Crash Cash' Cruz"?

- How can I help?
- Don't say that.

Doc, listen.
We're on the same side,

and you never know when you
have to Cruz for justice!

Thank you.

- Does that hurt?
- A little.

Hey, you paged?

Uh, Rafael here thought

he could take down
a speeding car.

Tough odds, kid.

No bleeding,
so bone didn't break the skin.

But I am still worried
about a fracture.

Okay, no problem.
We'll X-ray to confirm.

But, uh, looks like you
definitely will need

a cast for that arm.

No, I can't do that.

Liza Stinson's
pool party's this weekend.

I can't be the loser that
doesn't go in the water.

- Oh...
- Doctor, is there anyone

in the hospital suffering
as much as poor Rafael?

- Grandma...
- "Oh, no, this is the worst

- I've ever seen."
- Hey.

Well, you'll still get to
stick your legs in the pool.

- It's not the same.
- Ah....

All right, well,
let's get you up.

We can wait
for Rafael upstairs.

Ah... aah!

- Let's get her down.
- Grandma? What's going on?

- Is she okay?
- Let's get her right here.


Let's get her to Trauma One.

Come on, sweetie.


Hey, bud...

- Do the big breaths.
- Let's do the thing.

Baby, look at me.
Listen to me.

Baby, look at my mouth.
Look at my mouth.


Remember? Do that.

- Hi, sorry, Doc.
- Hi.

- Uh, Josh and Chary, Jael.
- Hi.

This is why we're here.

That's okay.
This is why I'm here.


Uh, Jael was
a perfectly happy baby

until about two years ago,
and then...

it just keeps getting worse
every year.

We know... baby, shh.
Hey, it's okay.

Ever since starting school,

he's been spiraling
out of control.

- Well, have you tried...
- Yeah, no, no.

Look, Doc,
we've tried everything...

More sleep, less sleep,
no sugar,

uh, no... food coloring.

- The-the... what...
- Uh, uh, the calming jars.

Yeah, the calming jars.

We didn't wanna medicate him
till absolutely necessary.


It's clear to us
that he needs it.

Okay, okay.
Hi, hi.

Would you like a chair?

Hold on a second.
Honey, honey, look.

You gotta look at his mouth,

No, baby, no.
You gotta...

Can you do that again?
He needs to see your lips.

Jael's deaf?
I'm so sorry, my apologies.

I don't know how I missed that
on his chart.

Uh, you didn't.

We don't usually mention it

so he's not treated
any differently.

I see, okay.

But wouldn't you like
an ASL interpreter here,

at least, so that Jael
feels more comfortable

- communicating with me?
- No, it won't be necessary.

Jael doesn't know ASL.

Hey, Doc!


Come here!

Step into my office.

I would tell you to sit,

but I've only
got this one chair,

and I've got this whole
lumbar situation, and...

anyway, what can I do for you?

Well, uh,
this is a very nice office.

You don't need walls
or electricity or law stuff.

So you're here
to bring justice

to the kid and the old broad
who got mushed this morning?

I wouldn't call her that.

But, um, yeah.

And more people are going to
get hurt unless we fix it.

Put your mind at ease.

Be calm.

Come with me.

Now, you see
that crosswalk over there?

- No.
- Because there isn't one.

My point is that intersection
is not up to code,

and the city has never
done squat to fix it.

But at the end of the day,
that is not an intersection.

That is a slot machine.

And if your old broad
needs surgery, well then,

that slot machine
is set at all sevens.

I'm talking big payouts!
A lot of cash!

Get your crash cash, baby!
Get your crash cash!

I-I'm actually
not looking for money.

An obvious lie, but okay.

No, no, no.
All I am here for...

- Mm-hmm.
- Is to get this intersection

fixed, all right?
That's it.

Well, you cannot
sue a driver to get that.

Well, we're not
gonna sue a driver.

We're gonna sue
the city of New York.

10 grand up front,
and that's a discount.

5, and only if we win.

Let's go crush
these bastards.

Obviously, the city
of New York takes no joy

in what happened
to Ana and Rafael Linares.

But I must point out
that in this courtroom,

we have neither the perpetrator
of a crime nor a victim.

Where is the driver
of this car?

Where are the people
who were struck?

This is an irrelevant bystander
smelling deep pockets,

and the City moves for this
complaint to be dismissed.

Response, Counselor?

Time to make 'em hurt
where the sun don't shine.

Yeah, um, Your Honor,

this crosswalk is in a very
busy residential neighborhood.

Kids play there.
Families work there.

In fact, their hopes and dreams

are played out on this
neglected patch of asphalt.

And I'm not asking for money,

All I'm asking is
for the city of New York

to protect the lives of its

Which I believe
they are obligated to do...

And offer the cost
of a new coat of paint.

Now, I believe
that is a small price to pay

to protect the lives of
the citizens of this shining...



Uh, what?

What city charter regulation

are you citing
for your complaint?


Yarborough v.
City of New York.

That's the one.

With exception
of unsightly construction,

the City is required
to paint the intersection.

So ordered.
Department of Transportation

will restore the intersection.

The... what the... um...

- We just... did we win?
- We won.

And that, my friend,
is how you Cruz for justice!

God, I'm good.

Wow, I can't believe we won.

I mean, I can't believe that
you actually, you know, did it.

I had some doubts about you...
Maybe you noticed.

But that was incredible.
I mean, you knew exactly

what to say,
and this feels so good!

I think
I should've been a lawyer.

Yeah, I know, right?

Now imagine
how even better you'd feel

if they were actually
gonna paint that thing.

Yeah, but the judge
just said they have to.

So they're going to...

This is actually
the third time

I've won a city case
about that intersection,

and they ain't
never painted it yet.

That'll be 5 grand.

You doing okay?

- Yeah, fine.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Hmm.

That's the fourth time you came
in here to check on your phone.

Are you spying on me?

Well, I've known you
long enough to know

when you're upset.

I'm fine, Casey.

Ah, she says as she evades.

She says while working,

which is what you
should be doing too.

Oh, and, um, I'm sorry
to bruise your sensitive ego,

but I had things totally under
control while you were gone.



Kai, you okay?

I don't feel so...

Okay, okay.
Let's get you sat down.

Here you go.

Oh, my God.

Can you take Bay two?

Uh, Casey,
can you go see if the...

- I gotta go.
- No...

There you go.

Now, let me know
if your fingers go numb.

All right.

Is that about my grandma?


Is Nana okay?

"Your grandmother's injuries

"were more severe
than we expected.

"She cracked
one of the vertebrae

in her spinal column."


She's gonna be fine though,

I mean, you guys saw her.
She was walking.

She's gonna be fine.

"Well, at her age,
it's dangerous.

"But the good news
is that we can treat it.

"First option is minimally
invasive, but it means

"your grandmother
wears a back brace

"for the rest of her life.

"Second option
is open spinal surgery.

It does offer greater upside,
but it's risky."

Okay, um, which one
is she gonna choose?

"Your grandmother
is unconscious.

"So it's up to her
healthcare proxy to choose.

That's you, Rafael."


"It's in her medical records.

She chose you to make
these decisions for her."


What if I make
the wrong decision?

I... no, no.
You choose.

We can't.

Your grandmother trusted you
enough to make you her proxy.

And now you just gotta
trust yourself enough

to make a decision.


I say...

I say do the surgery.

At 12 months,
Jael was just starting to talk

when he got sick,

and then he lost his hearing.


we assumed that he needed
to learn ASL, but...

His pediatrician told us
it wasn't necessary...

That if we taught him to sign,
he would never learn to speak.

He would rely on sign language
instead of reading lips.

The audiologist
and the speech therapist,

they told us the same thing.

If we wanted
to give him his best shot

at navigating the world,

we had to motivate him.

His doctors said

that sign language
would limit him.

It would shrink his world
to a small bubble of peers

who could sign.

It would isolate him.

We didn't wanna relegate
our son to some dark corner

to be treated
like a second class citizen.

Well, is it working?

The therapy, the exercises,
are they working?

Can you hold
a conversation with him?

How many words
is he able to speak?


That's, um...

The average
that a two-year-old knows

is around 150,
just to put it in perspective.

The behavior that Jael
is showing is consistent

with language
deprivation syndrome.

The brain has a critical window
in which it forms language,

and if that window is missed,
it can cause a whole range

of issues.
Some are behavioral,

some mental.
If that window is closed,

it makes acquiring language
much more difficult.

If this is true, how come no
one's ever told us this before?

Because unfortunately,
medicine... our world...

Is still very much filtered

through an able-bodied

That's why.

You two need
to make a decision... now.

To give Jael
a language of his own,

even if it's one
that you don't understand,

because his window is closing.

If you're willing
to get your hands dirty

to get that intersection fixed,

this is where
the magic happens.

Great, and by magic, do you
mean making bodies disappear?

Oh, give me your phone.
I gotta send a text.

- My phone?
- Yeah, things are just louder

when they come
from an unknown number.

You know what?
I'm not gonna ask questions.

- Good.
- Great.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


You crazy bitch.

You scared the crap out of me.

Come here.

Hey, Dr. Max Goodwin.

This is Curt Waldichuck,
Deputy Commissioner

for Roadway Repair
and Maintenance

for the city of New York.

Well, I'll just assume

this is a totally normal
and professional way to meet

- and dive right in.
- Sure.

So we received a judicial
order to have your department

repaint an intersection...
Very dangerous.

So I guess we're here,
because we wanna know

what we have to do
to actually make that happen.


Judge's order puts it
right onto our action list.

We'll get to it ASAP.


Oh, you beautiful weasel, you.

We both know
that's gonna take decades

to get
to my client's intersection.

Unless, of course,
some friendly encouragement

might bump my client sort of
to the top of the list.

- I'm listenin'.
- Yeah, I'm also listening.

Sounds like... hey, hi.

Sounds like you were asking us
to bribe a city official?


Bribery, Doc?

No way.

For... God, no.

I'm just reminding my ferrety
friend of a little dalliance

he enjoyed
with a lady of the night.

- Oh, you wouldn't dare.
- That's not bribery.

- That's extortion.
- Oh, but you'd be surprised

- how well it works.
- You think

I don't got the goods on you,

- All right, hey...
- What do ya got?

Why don't we just all
just take it down a notch,

all right?
Your consensual sex life

is, uh, you know,
your business,

and I'm sure it's going great.
I think we should go.

Whoa, whoa, one second.

W-w-wait, Doctor, wait.

You are walking away
from a win.

Do you want
the intersection fixed or not?

Not like this.
I'm not gonna bribe

a city official just
to get them to do their job,

all right?
I'd rather do things my way.

Next time, money up front.
Let's go.


Guys, uh, tests came back...

Bacillus Cereus.

Which means it's my fault.

I guess
it must've been the schmear.

Are you trying to off us?
Is that what happened to Leyla?

Leyla got a better job
at Baptist.

But thank you
for bringing that up.

I guess the cream cheese

must've been left out
for too long.

Then why aren't you sick?

Oh, I had
the vegan cream cheese.

- What about Walsh?
- I also ate the vegan one...

By accident...
Nearly made me throw up

for an entirely
different reason.

35-year-old ice cream vendor.

- His stand got rear ended.
- Aaah!

- And this is?
- How they serve the ice cream.

- It's my tricking stick.
- He's hypotensive and tachy.

All right,
let's get him to Trauma One.

Let's go.

BP's dropping.
Heart rate's slow.

FAST is negative.

This thing is tickling
his vagus nerve.

we gotta get it out of him.

He's lost a ton of blood.

let's clear the puncture.



- Easy, come on.
- I can see why they call it

a tricking stick.

Lap pad.

- Suction.
- Got it.

- He's crashing.
- Okay, let's push fluids.

I'm gonna try
and suture him up right here.

Inject epi!

You want some help?

Just get back to your bay!

I've got this.

Can someone
please silence that?

It's your sister.

Why is your drugged-out
sister calling you?

Can you just
get back to your bay?

Let's hang a bag of O-Neg!

Hey, buddy.

Can you read my lips?

Are you hungry?

You hungry?


I'll get you a burger.

Hang on.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Okay, the kid likes burgers.

Get right on that.

Hey, Jael, do you
wanna learn a funny sign?

Kay, ready?

Burger King.






You're the booger king?

You're the...
I'm the booger king?

Mm-hmm, all right.

Good to be the king
of something.

Oh, boy, I can't imagine
how hard the last few years

have been with everybody
wearing a mask

all the time.

And you're not understanding
the language the entire world

was speaking.

Would you like
to learn sign language?

Sign language?

Can I show you something?

Wanna come with me?

Kay, come on.

Let's go.

Yeah, yeah, come on.
Come with me.

You too, Mom and Dad.
Come on, let's go.

Field trip.

- How's she doing?
- Vitals are stable.

That's Dr. Wilder.

She is the chair
of this entire department.

She's our top oncologist.

She runs this whole thing.
And guess what.

She's deaf...

Like you.

It's cool, right?

Yeah, sign language is a key
that unlocked the world.


- Alice.
- Vitals are stable.

- What, Dad.
- You're busy.

I get it.

Dr. Reynolds!
You're a man on the go.

- Where are you calling from?
- I'm a man on the go too.

I'm making moves myself.
But I need 100 bucks.

For what?

Before you say no,
hear a brother out.

I'm making... I've got...

Pops, where are you?

Get out of my way!

You get out of my way,
old man!

- Why are you in the street?
- You get outta my way!

- Go! Go!
- Are you in the street?

I got... I got plans.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm working it.
I got everything under control.

What's going on?


Hi, excuse me.
How's it going?

Just a second of your time.

How would you feel about
saving some children's lives?

Sorry, bud.
Don't got any cash.

Oh, no, no.
It's not that kind of donation.

See, there is a dangerous
intersection nearby.

I see a lot of people
get hurt there,

and how would you feel about

stopping by after your shift
and touching it up?

I mean,
you'd be improving the city,

and you'd be
keeping people safe,

and all it's gonna cost you
is some paint.

- So...
- So...

- Right?
- What do you say?

- We'd love to.
- Great!

I knew it! Finally.

- Thank you.
- We can't, though.

Can't... can't?

- Why?
- We don't just paint

wherever the hell.
We got a schedule.

Yeah, see?
There's a schedule.

The city inventories
every gallon of paint.

Yeah, 'cause it's the city.

Plus, our boss flips out
if we aren't on his schedule

- to a T, so sorry, guy.
- Um, yeah.

But I'm actually a boss myself.
So maybe, you know...

- Yeah, but Max, we gotta...
- Right, but maybe

- just one bucket...
- We gotta move on.

- Couple blocks.
- Gotta move on, okay?

You tried, all right?

You took a few swings,
and you missed a few balls.

But you played the game.
Now, now it's time to move on.

It's unbelievable.
You know, my friend

could've died this morning...

Or Rafael or his grandmother
or my daughter could be playing

by a street, and all it would
take is one speeding car

to see her one second too late.

You're gonna
have an aneurism.

People are getting hurt!

And it would be so easy
to just fix it.

And all anyone keeps telling me
is why they can't.

Can we just get something done?

How can running the largest
public hospital in America

be easier than just
fixing an intersection?

I'm gonna Venmo your 5 grand,
all right?

And thanks for your help.

"Stabilization complete.

"Let's lighten the anesthesia
and see if there's any damage

- to the spinal cord."
- Lightening.

"Ana, if you can hear me,

raise your index finger
on your right hand."

"Great, you're doing great."

"Now wiggle your toes."

"Ana, can you wiggle
your toes for me?"

"You're doing great."

So guys,
there is some good news.

There is an emerging program

that will help make up
for all the lost time.

Jael will learn
ASL much quicker

in an environment like this

as opposed
to a mainstream school.

Yeah, check it out.

It's a high-quality
deaf education.

They use a bilingual approach,
which means that Jael

will continue
to receive speech therapy

as well lip-reading instruction

and all the while,
he'll be learning to sign

while building up a very strong
foundation of language.

This is amazing.
Where is it?

The school itself is
in Framingham, Massachusetts.

That's a four-hour drive.

How many times a week
do we have to sign him up for?

Because of how late it is
in his development,

they recommend
that we enroll Jael

in their residential program,

which means
that he will be living there,

fully immersed in the language.

Oh, you just said
that he is acting out

because he can't
communicate his needs,

and now you want us
to send our five-year-old

to live in another state
with strangers?

- He'll be lost.
- Well, he's lost now.

He's on his own now.

Do you wanna go?


Go ahead.
Take a look around.


let's get him up to Post-Op.

They can continue
to take care of him up there.

Chart room, now.

Hospital maintenance
needed on 4-3.

Sent you a message.
Let's hear it.

Would you just stop?
It's private.

From a sister
you've been actively avoiding

- since I've known you?
- Yeah, what do you want me

to say?

What happened
when I was gone?

I was lying earlier, okay?

Yeah, no kidding.

I missed the hell
out of you when you were gone.

I mean, I turned to talk to
you, like, a million times.

But you were
on top of a mountain

where I couldn't even call you.

You're my touchstone.

You're my best friend,
and if you would've been here,

I would never have been so
stupid as to try to save her.

Does your sponsor know
that she's in your life again?

She's my sister.

Just tell me something.

What part about putting the
oxygen mask on yourself first

did you forget?

She's like this
because of me.

I can't just abandon her...


I can't.

You got the hundred?

I walked the whole way,
so I hope you got it.

Okay, um, you've been

Hell no.

I just got a plan.
That's all.

I'm gon' make
everything good again.

You watch and see.

I'm getting the garage back.



- With $100?
- Yes, sir.

I should never have sold it.

Everything was beautiful then.

I had it all...
Your mom, all you kids,

- my own shop.
- Yeah.

- It was beautiful.
- Okay, yeah, I know.

Let's go inside.
We can figure it out.

Oh, no time.
Just give me the money, son!

you gotta let me help you.

Help me?

Help me?

You can help me.
Just give me the hundred, son.

I'ma get you help.

It's a 51/50.
Just a temporary psych old.

What's going on?

This the 9.58?

- What'd you do, son?
- Just take it easy, sir.

- I... I'm your father.
- This is just temporary.

You're my son!

- Listen to 'em, Pops.
- Please, Floyd, please.

- Please, Floyd!
- Take it easy.

Please, Floyd, please.

Please, Floyd! Floyd!

Please, Floyd!

Now that you ask me...

I'm so high.
Pass it here.

I want another bump.

Stop hogging!
So greedy and selfish!

I actually am not.
You're so wasted.

You're just
literally babbling.

I'm gonna get more vodka
from Leo's downstairs.

How you doin'?

Don't beat yourself up.

There's no way you could've
known it'd end up this way.

She took care of me
when no one else did.

And now...

I don't know
how to take care of her.

And it's all because
of that stupid decision.

How did you
come to that decision?

I didn't.
You forced me.

Look, I forced you
to say something.

But you could've chosen
the less risky procedure.

My grandma goes for it.

I mean,

that's just who she is.

So I chose what I thought
she would want me to do.

There you go.

Then you made
the right decision.

What if she doesn't
see it that way?

Well, you go in there,

and if she needs
to be mad at you,

let her be mad.

You're not just in charge
of her medical decisions,

'cause accepting
the consequences...

that's a decision too.


Come here, baby.

Come here.

- Hi, hi, sorry.
- Hey.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, man, welcome.

How in the world
did I miss this?

You wanna give it a go?

Uh, oh, that?

No, thank you.

Not in my wheelhouse.

Not mine either...

till I got hit by a truck
and had to rebuild

my entire body from scratch.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

- You did that.
- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, no, no, no, no.

I have a bad back and bad arms,

bad legs, bad everything, so...

Well, this will help.
It did for me.

What do you got to lose?

Well, I would say my dignity,

but, uh, that sucker left
the building ages ago.

- So what the heck?
- All right, my man.

- Give it a go.
- Okay, so over here,

we got a dead lift.

That's not helping.

Okay, so hip's-width stance.

Hands just outside the hips.

- Right.
- Kay.

Your shoulders slightly
in front of the bar, right?

- Yeah.
- And then your hips

and shoulders are gonna rise

- at the same time.
- Right, okay.

Just grab the bar and lift.

Grab the bar and lift,
he says.

- Yeah, man.
- Here we go.

Just lift the thing.


Just pick it up.
Here we go.


All right!

All right!

All right.
You feel that?

You feel that?

Oh, I felt it.

I felt something.



The meeting's upstairs.

Hey, Doc!
Thanks for comin'.

Will you hustle up?
Come on!

Get out of the street...
For obvious reasons.

Did the, um, Venmo
not go through?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

While you were
nobly flailing today,

I was thinking to myself,
if you actually fixed this

intersection, then you would
ruin my entire business plan.

Well, it's New York,
so I'm sure you can find

another dangerous
intersection somewhere.

Well, my thoughts exactly!

So I took your money.

And I bought this.

- You got paint.
- I got paint.

- Are we-are we doing this?
- You are so doing it.

- Oh, I'm doing this?
- And I'm so overseeing it.

Great, where's the brush?

Mary, you're here!
Take this.

I'll just share with him,

Oh, my God,
you guys are so great!

Take this.
Take this.

- You're gonna want that.
- Yeah.

What about the guys?
Who else is here?

You can help...


Shall we?

♪ You were blowin'
in your hands ♪

♪ The heater broke
in the Oldsmobile ♪

♪ And the light
in your eyes... ♪

Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Yeah, but, uh, don't worry,

because I have
a, uh, good lawyer.

♪ I'll be your bright side,
baby, tonight ♪

♪ Tonight

♪ You're stranded
on the bridge ♪

♪ You're crying for
your kids ♪

♪ I'll be your bright side

♪ Baby, tonight

♪ Tonight

This side is looking
fantastic over here.