New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Island - full transcript

When an inmate comes in with an entirely preventable illness, Max, Sharpe, and Iggy head directly to the source, Rikers Island. Meanwhile, Bloom struggles with her recovery, and Reynolds gets news that could change his life.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Okay, I know, I know.

I know... come here, come here.
Hi, hi, hi, hi.

You're okay.

Hey, you're okay. You're okay.

Look, the air quality's terrible.

My guess is allergies.

When you hear hoofbeats, think horses,

not zebras, okay?

Our treatment's been working,
your tumor's been responding.

Let's not panic just yet.

Felt like the city was...

screaming in my face all night.

Well, that means you definitely
should stay right here in bed.

Is everything all right?

I'm just tired.

Give me a few minutes, and I'll be right.

Hey, you.

Ah, so this is where the party's at.

Uh, yeah, I do feel good.

Thanks to the 12-straight
hours of morphine

Dr. Handler has been pumping
into your system.

Okay, whatever. I mean,
like I even need morphine.

With my tolerance,
I'm not even high right now.

Well, I must say, for a woman that just

went through major
reconstructive leg surgery,

you look absolutely ravishing.



And if you believe that,

then you're most assuredly high.

Party's over.

Martha Randle, collapsed
in her cell at Rikers.

She's G3P4 with a history of fibroids

producing heavy menstrual flow.

Hypotensive, tachycardic, and febrile.

Also complaining of numbness in her leg.

Can you please tell me
where is the numbness?

Up and down my right leg.


Can you please lift your leg for me?


What's wrong with me?

I can't move my leg. I can't move my leg.

Dr. Proctor, this is Martha.

Martha, I'm an OB/GYN.

We're going to get you sorted out, okay?

I need to order blood and urine cultures.

I think you'll find Staph aureus.

Toxic shock?

Martha, have you been using tampons

for longer than recommended?

I used my last one...

for nine...

Nine hours shouldn't
cause this much damage.

She means nine days.

Alert me the moment the MRI is ready.

Nine days? How did you know?

Martha is not my
first patient from Rikers

with toxic shock.

How many more before someone dies?

- Where are we going?
- To find Max.


Max, I didn't think
you were gonna make it.

Well, it's a very busy day,
then I heard you were

running my best doctor out
of town, so I made some time.

Honestly, Max, I can handle it.

Yeah, I know you can,
but you shouldn't have to

because you did nothing wrong.

She was arrested in a heroin den.

Safe injection sites aren't flop houses.

They're the future.
And for helping her patient,

who most doctors would
have let die in the street,

you want to reprimand
the most accomplished,

most selfless, not to mention coolest

doctor in this hospital?

She broke the law. She got caught.

You'll have our disciplinary
action by end of day.

Imagine if you hadn't have turned up.

That might've gone poorly.

Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't hear any of this until I...

I didn't want to burden you.

Burden me.

Please, always.


we need to talk about Rikers.

Martha Randle is in Rikers
for marijuana possession,

and now she may not live
to see the end of her sentence.

It's not just tampons.
I've had a dozen patients

tell me that pap smears and
mammograms are being withheld

as punishment, and now they have cancer.

So much of this is preventable.

One routine visit at Rikers,

and most of my inmate
patients wouldn't even be here.

Hey, guys, I got the 911.
What's going on?

- Uh, Rikers.
- Rikers again?

Man, that place
is a mental-health catastrophe.

My patients go in for a month,

they come out with a lifetime of trauma.

Hey, anybody else thinking
what I'm thinking?

That basic preventative care

would cut the rate
of illness in half there?

That's not what he's thinking.

No? How many more guesses do I get?

Casey, grab me ten exam table rolls,

ten boxes of paper patient gowns, and all

the female hygiene products
you can fit in the van.

- The van?
- Yeah, also get a van.

Oh, that's what he was thinking.

Wait, you're not serious, are you?

Whatever you're in jail
for doesn't mean you deserve

to die because you
couldn't get a checkup.

These women are our patients.

They need our help, and we're
gonna give it to them,

so we are going to Rikers.

Sir, New Amsterdam doctors are here.

Warden Hughes, I'm Dr. Goodwin.

Thanks for having us.

We're very excited
to get our clinic under way.

The mayor said that
you could show us around?

- Did he?
- Let's go, ladies!

Well, this is the dining hall.

Upstairs is the rec room.

Through there are the cell blocks,

and that concludes our tour.

Thanks for your hospitality.

Look, I tried to stop this
fiasco every step of the way,

but seeing as the mayor
answers your calls

and not mine, follow me.

Play nice.

Warden, I get that you
don't appreciate me

going over your head
to the mayor, but our goal

is not to embarrass you
or to get in your way.

You're 0 for 2 there, Doc.

We just want to provide basic checkups.

A one-day clinic to treat
your female inmate population.

- For everyone?
- That's right.

All 600 of the women incarcerated here.

With zero prep time and no
additional COs... hell of a plan.

I imagine Martha Randle
would say that any plan

is better than what you have now,

or she wouldn't be in our hospital.

If you'd like to donate a box
of tampons, we'll take them.

Beyond that, if inmate Randle felt sick,

she should've gone to Sick Call.

She did, and they said that
she didn't seem sick.

This was a full day before she
collapsed from a massive stroke

caused by poison, so I can see
how she'd seem fine.

What happened to playing nice?

I said you play nice.

Oh, good cop, bad cop. I love it.

Very appropriate.

Liars, liars! You're all liars!

Oh, that's right! Oh, that's right!

- I'm crazy, huh?
- That's enough!

- Get off of me!
- This is the examination room.

Your attention.

The New Amsterdam doctors

are here to tell you how to do your job.

Sorry, this is it?

Um... where do you provide

pap smears or procedures
that require undressing?

Right here.

What about mental health?
You... you do that here?

Everything, right here.

But no one is going to ask
for care without privacy.

This is what's causing your problem.

Our problem is a health-care budget

of about $5 per inmate per day.

We had a heroin overdose
this morning, and that's half

of today's cash gone...
it's not even lunchtime yet.

We're doing the best
we can with what we have.

Now, I'm a results guy.

If you can improve things, I'll
be the first to say thanks.

And if you can't,

I'll be the first to tell
the Mayor all about it.

Suspected heroin OD from Rikers.

Severe pulmonary distress.

- Did you push Narcan?
- Two amps, no response.

She might be having pulmonary edema.

Renal function?
Creatinine is 1.8 and rising.

What's that mean?

Push 60 mg IV Lasix.

Set up an intubation tray
and a stat cardiac echo.

It means she's in trouble.

Just breathe.

I want a pill.

I bet you do.

No, I am serious, Zach.

You asked me
to monitor your hydrocodone...

a job I happen to take seriously.

So here's the deal.

Over the next 24 hours,
you're allowed four pills,

so this has to last you six hours.

What I recommend is that you wait...

you take this in one hour.

Can I take, like,
half now and then half later?

If you want to sacrifice pain management

in the name of a quick
and dirty fix, go nuts.

But for maximum pain relief,

wait one hour.


Brilliant. See you in 60.

Lucky me.

Martha, count backwards
from five, please.


four, three...

Very good.

I'm going to ask some
questions and your answers

will let me observe your brain function.

Do you have children?


Very good.

Now, if you could share a memory.

Any happy one will do.

My son's fourth birthday...

we went to this play center.

Ball pits, arcades...

Man, he loved it.

There was this... this room

full of trampolines, wall to wall.

And Darrell charged in like
a lunatic, doing flips,

making faces.

And his smile was just...

Do they visit?

Some people at Rikers,
if they know you got kids

and they want something from you...

It's better that they don't come.

Did you find what you needed?

Martha, it appears
you have a marantic embolism.

The bacteria from our vaginal infection

has traveled to your brain.

We need to remove the clot surgically.

Um, hi.

A moment of your attention, everybody.

Everybody, listen up.

Uh, yeah, hi, guys.

My name is Dr. Frome,
I'm from New Amsterdam.

And I noticed that your exam room here

is a little on the small side,

so I'm setting up shop
in the consult room to discuss

really anything that's on your minds.

- Free of charge.
- Yo, we got

this old Humpty Dumpty-looking
fool up in here.

Yo, Dopey, where the rest
of the seven dwarves at?

- That's good.
- Show some respect, inmate.

That's okay, I can handle it.
I've been to middle school.

Ooh, Doc got jokes.

What'd I say, Pearl?
Keep talking, it's a write-up.

May I?


- It's Pearl, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Is it always like that between you two,

or you just putting
on a little show for me?

That's how CO Sanchez is.

Want to know why there
ain't no trees on Rikers?

I don't know, do I?

Sanchez needed 'em all
for the big stick up...

Wait, you writing me up?

I said you keep talking, it's a write-up.

You just kept talking.

Oh, no, no, I asked her a question.

- She was answering my question.
- Take her out of here.

Rec privileges revoked.

Hold on, hold on, I asked her a question.

You a punk, Sucia Sanchez.

No wonder you're free of charge.

If this is real, I swear to God...

They set up in the cafeteria.

Nurse Kamoe, can we get these
two to the urgent-care table?

Right this way.

Not a word. Shut it down.

This is over.

Warden, you said
that if I can improve things,

you'd be the first to admit it.

- Well, this is an improvement.
- Improvement?

You're in flagrant
violation of regulations.

The exam room isn't small
for the hell of it.

The COs need a clear line of vision

on the inmates at all times.

Yeah, and they've got one.

The patients get privacy,
and the COs can still see.

You were given enough COs

to secure a hallway, not an open area.

There are 50 people in this line.

The regulations regarding
COs-to-inmate ratios are clear.

- Shut it down.
- Can we rotate more COs in?

With written permission from their union.

Should take about a month.


You here for back pain?

Form a line in A Block hallway.

Come on. Let's go... A Block.

Did I stutter? Let's do this.

Word's got out y'all got new mattresses.

Most folks here crying back
pain are just angling for dibs.


Ignore her scheming ass.

A Block's got their own Cos,

so that should ratio
y'all's ratios, right?

Game on.

Thank you. Max Goodwin.

Jackie Connor.


Almost there.

Mm. A little farther...

Looking good.

And the clot is out.

Will you please inform
Ms. Randle's family?

Can't do that.

They should know Martha's
procedure was successful.

No can do. It's a security risk

to let them know
she's out of Rikers at all.

She almost died.

You don't want her children to know?

Her husband? To offer comfort?

Pearl, you got a visitor.

Seriously, dude?

You trying to get me thrown in the SHU?

No, no, I came to apologize.

I did not mean to cause
any trouble for you.

It's not your fault.

Sanchez is always
up my ass for no reason.

Last week she gave me a shot
for excessive eye-rolling.


You know, power structures,
they can... they can get muddy.

Save it, Doc.

Sucia Sanchez is just mean,

always has been.

You mean since you've been here?

Since Mrs. Brenneman's
second grade class!


Yeah, we were friends.
Sucia Sanchez and Burly Pearly.

Yeah, so what happened?

She got her ass arrested
and put in my jail.

Doc, I know half the women in here.

- I treat them all the same.
- Yeah, except you don't.

That write-up you gave Pearl
felt pretty personal.

I'm a female CO. The men watch.

They see you go soft for one second,

that's your career.

- Right.
- So, yeah...

it's a tight leash on Pearl.

That's Rikers, bro.

That bridge outside...

you leave your friendships
at the other end.


Oh, come on...

Oh, yes.

Oh, God, okay.

And table three is now open.
Don't make me repeat myself.

Natasha, get on up there.

Yeah, Lindsay, it's cool,
just take your time.

It's not like there are, you know,

sick people here or anything.

When you get out of here,
just call me for a job.

Do I look like I have time to chitchat?

Just move the trash.

You okay?

Uh, yeah, just, um, swallowed funny.

You didn't look like you swallowed funny.

I keep telling my face

to do the swallowed-funny
expression better.

You keep asking me to burden
you, but that goes both ways.

Hey, you have a second?

Sure, what's up?

It's not for me, it's my girlfriend.

She's got some intense symptoms going on.

Big mood swings out of nowhere,
putting on some weight.

But she's too embarrassed
to ask for help.

- Could you...
- Of course, where is she?


Well, you're gonna have
to hand over those bags.

You can't bring those in here.

Well, we need tools to treat her.

Right, and I need the dangerous inmate

not to get her hands on things
she can kill you with.

- The bags?
- Makes sense.

Charly, you got company.

Charly, these folks are here to see you.

It's okay.

Hi, uh, I'm Max Goodwin,
and this is Helen Sharpe.

We're doctors,
and we're here to help you.

Your girlfriend, Dezi, said
that you were experiencing

some problems, uh,
so she asked us to come by.

How are you feeling?


can you... can you describe
your symptoms?

Uh, are you pulling your hair out,

or is it coming out on its own?

You mind if I take a look? Is that okay?


Your specific pattern
of hair loss may be...

Don't touch me.

- Watch it, Charly.
- We're okay.


Back up. You back the hell up.

Coming in here laughing at me?

You laughing at me?

Huh? Answer me.

Nobody is laughing at you.


you don't laugh at me.

I laugh at you.


Charly, Dezi said...

You don't say her name!

Get out! Get out!

- Are you okay?
- Yep.

Get the hell out of here!

Come on, let's go.

You know, holding down that call button

won't get me here any faster.

I'm sorry. I-I need another pill.

What happened to the one that you had?

It's gone. I have looked
everywhere for it.


Look, someone must've come in here

and cleaned while I was asleep...

Dr. Bloom, we can't just
give you another pill.

- Says who?
- Says you, remember?

"No matter what I say,
don't give me anything

- more than what's prescribed."
- That was different.

That was to stop me
from abusing the medication.

Just test my blood.
You'll see that I'm clean.

We can't. The morphine from

this morning is still in your system.

Oh, my God, all I'm asking for

is that you replace one,
tiny little pill.

- Is that too much to ask?
- I will page Dr. Ligon, okay?

No, Eddie, you know what?
I'm sorry, I'm just...

I'm just in so... so much pain.

So why not thyroid disease?
That would explain the hair.

Charly was the opposite of restless,

- and she wasn't sweating.
- Keep it moving, please.

Then ringworm or a fungal infection.

Makes sense with the hair,
but you're ignoring

what we saw when she just
stood up... she was wobbling.

If the muscular weakness
started around the same time

as the behavioral changes,
then it could be heart disease.

You're thinking about the
distention in her neck veins.

Yeah, or even rheumatoid arthritis.

- Time to go.
- Uh, just... not done.

Let me save you some time. She's nuts.

Hair loss, venous distention,
weight gain...

she's got so many symptoms
that any doctor would want her

under observation
yesterday, but to simply

dismiss them because of her
psychological issues is...

They're not psychological.


So I would like to start

by saying thank you both for being here.

I'm just here 'cause
Warden said I had to.

I'm just here 'cause the door is locked.

I know, I know.

Just when you thought nothing
could get worse than jail,

along comes couples therapy, right?

I'll make this quick.

There are issues from your past

that are impacting
your ability to get along

in the present, right?

So I would like to help
you navigate those issues.

Issue is she needs to obey me.

Our past ain't got nothing to do with it.

So why did you stop being friends?

She drifted into a bad way of life.

Girl, I'm in here on a misdemeanor.

You talking like I'm Pablo Escobar.

Okay, Pablo,
then why don't you tell me...

why do you think you two fell out?

I don't know.

She wouldn't tell me,
even though I asked.

You hooked up with that loser Justin Karn

and never wanted
to do anything ever again.

Don't lie.

So why did you being
with Justin mean that

you couldn't spend
your time with Sanchez?

You know how it is.

If I spent time with
my friends without him, he'd...

hit me or whatever.

I didn't know that.

So, when you get an infraction in here,

does that feel similar?

- Like I'm right back there.
- Right.

So what, then, that's on me?

No, nobody's saying that.

Good, 'cause I didn't put you in jail.

I'm just doing my job.

Right, and like you told me,

if you don't do your job,
the guys see it.

Damn right.

Right, so you both
have been controlled by men.

Look, I need this job. I got kids.

You got kids?

Hector and Ruby.

Ruby like your tía.

You remember her?

Look, I can't be talking
about this with you, chica.

I'm a CO, you're an inmate.

That's all we can be.

That's true.

You... you can't be friends
while you're in here,

but you can look at each other...

just for a second

and remember that
there's more to who you are.

I told y'all to go.

- Charly, just look at me.
- Dr. Goodwin.

I'm good, I'm good.

Dr. Sharpe, can you stand in the doorway

and hold up your hand, please?

Take five steps back, little man.

Just look at me.

Focus on my eyes
and don't turn your head.

Just stay with me.

I don't want to look
in your dumb-ass eyes.

Why would I look at you?

Because you can't see the walls.

Right? How many fingers
is she holding up?

Without looking... can you tell me?

You're having peripheral-vision problems.

They probably started around
the same time as your hair loss

and your leg weakness...
maybe neck pain, too.

We think you have a brain tumor

and it's pressing on your optic nerve,

and that is what is causing all of this.

That's why you feel the way you do.

It's why your emotions
have been so intense,

the behavior that got you in the SHU...

it's not your fault.

So I-I'm not...

- I'm not...
- You're not crazy.

You're sick.

And we're gonna get you to New Amsterdam,

and you're gonna get better.



You stay strong.

Your surgery was a success.

So I get to go back to Rikers.

In order to confirm
that Ms. Randle's embolism

is fully cleared,

I need to perform a radionuclide scan.

It emits a great deal of radiation.


I suggest you stay out here,

unless you prefer not to have children.

Got to be quiet.

- Darrell!
- Shh.

Mom, The doctor said we have to be quiet.

Okay. Come here, babies.

Oh, look at you.

You got so big. Are you okay?

Look at you.

I forgot how nice
it is to have you so close

that I can stop by just to steal a kiss.

Can't steal what I want to give.

Come here, you.


Hey, about this morning,

I know I need to give you some space.

Don't even. We're all good.

I'm just really excited that you're home.

So, sorry for misplacing my chill.

San Francisco Memorial

offered me a full-time position...

- Hmm.
- As Head Legal Counsel.

I didn't know how to tell you.

And I'm so sorry to drop
this on you in the middle

of the day, but I-I love you...

Well, what did you tell them?

I said I'd consider it.

- Get off of me!
- Excuse me.

Excuse me. What happened?

- Where are you hurt?
- Blood's not mine.

I just got knocked against the wall.

- Go, go.
- Stay back.

Tell me what happened.

Four injured! We need the medics.

She's got three deep lacs.

I need two ambulances...

four inmates, multiple lacerations.

Get 'em to New Amsterdam.

How's she doing?

To be honest, Dr. Ligon, not great.

She's exhibiting drug-seeking behavior.

She was just trying to lie
to me about losing a pill.

I mean, I knew that Bloom

had a bit of a reputation,
but this was...

- She was screaming at me.
- You mean Dr. Bloom?

Yes, I-I didn't mean any offense.

Dr. Bloom is one of the finest doctors

I've ever worked with, and I trust that

you're not one to put stock
into petty rumors.

No, of course not...

If Dr. Bloom said that the pill got lost,

then the pill got lost, understand?

Yes, Doctor.

Hey, how you feeling?

Thank you...

for what you said.

Oh, you heard that.

I looked everywhere for it.

I mean, I seriously thought
that I was going crazy.

I mean, at one point...

I thought that I must've taken it

and then forgotten that I'd taken it.

But I know in my heart...

I didn't do it.

And you believe me?

Well, let's not write
a sonnet about it, shall we?

Why do you believe me?


You've got no reason to.

I don't follow.

As one addict to another...

The only way that you could be...

Certain that I didn't take it...

Is if you did.

Addicts do two things.

Get high and blame other
people for their mistakes.

You're doing the latter...

or is this both at once?


Ella, I want to offer you

support I learned from the blogs I found.

You read blogs?

About how to be a helpful grandparent.

Have you heard of "meal trains"?

Perhaps I can conduct one.

Uh, Vijay...

What is it?

I have obsessive compulsive disorder.

I understand.

It is not uncommon
for pregnancy to cause OCD.

Right, uh...

but this is not from the pregnancy.

Okay, so when was it diagnosed?

About 12 years ago...

uh, after I was hospitalized.

Uh, they put me on high doses
of Zoloft and Trazodone,

but now I'm pregnant, so no more meds.

I've been talking with Dr. Frome,

'cause I don't...

I don't know if I can do this.

You will make a wonderful mother.

But in order to be a wonderful mom,

I have to put this kid first.

And so I made a plan

to make sure that I can manage my OCD.

And I'm gonna move
back in with my parents.

That sounds very wise.

In Idaho.




Rough day?

Just... tell me.

Is it getting worse?

See the lack of signal right here?

Tumor's gone.

But my... my throat. I was...



You're in remission.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I just heard that Jackie's stable.

That's great news.

Yeah, all four of them are.

How'd you leave it with the warden?

This was not his
favorite day at the office,

but he surprised me.

Yeah, in that he didn't stab you as well?

In that he...

has asked us to go back.

The warden is a results guy,
and he liked our results,

so I suggested that Rikers become part

of our med school rotation.

We could send students over

during OB/GYN and Behavioral Health...

and he's requesting extra
COs to ensure their safety.

That's great... that's great work.

I thought you'd be more pleased.

No, I am, I am. It's...


I have to go.

Are you okay?

I'll burden you if you burden me.

I'm in remission.

My God.


Max, that is wonderful.

So... so why isn't it?

I don't know.

Your turn.

It was Brantley.

Time to get my wrist slapped.

- You need backup?
- No.

Do you?


It's what you've been waiting for.

Remission, Max... you're better.

I only wanted to be better for you.

But you don't even get to know that.

You don't get to know...


I met her.

I got to hold her.

It's not enough.


But it's what we have.

And nothing you do can change it.

Nothing you do will bring me back.

You just have to say the words, Max.

It's okay.

It's okay to say it.

You're not here.

And you are.

You're still here.

I'm not gonna see you anymore, am I?

Every time you look at Luna.

The board has reached a decision.


Let's discuss, and then I'd like

to share some plans
from today's visit to Rikers.

Those plans are no longer yours to make.

Effective immediately,
you are stripped of your title

as Co-Chair of Oncology,

as well as your duties
as Deputy Medical Director.

- Huh? What?
- Fran, I'm Dr. Jessup.

What's going on? Where am I?

You're in New Amsterdam Hospital.

You're here from Rikers.

You overdosed, and it damaged your heart.

No, that... that's not right.
You need to stop.

I-I need to get out of here.

You're okay. You're through the worst.

I don't do drugs ever.

This is because I turned state's witness.

Someone's trying to kill me.

- It's okay.
- No.

You're safe here.

No, please, get me out of here.

Get me out of here.
Someone's trying to kill me.

Please. Please.

Can you buzz us in? I can't find my ID.

Hey, Officer.