New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Code Silver - full transcript

With the hospital on lock-down after the patients from Rikers escape from their beds, Helen and Max find themselves in a situation that could cost them their lives. Meanwhile, Bloom must ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "New Amsterdam"...

Effective immediately,
you are stripped of your title

as co-chair of oncology as well
as deputy medical director.

- We're adopting?
- I can explain.

You could if you
were coming home tonight.

These women are our patients.

They need our help,
so we are going to Rikers.

Table three is now open.
Don't make me repeat myself.

- Thank you.
- Jackie Conner.

- Get off me!
- Four injured!

- We need the medic.
- Get 'em to New Amsterdam.

You're here from Rikers.

You overdosed and it damaged your heart.

This is because I turned state's witness.

Someone's trying to kill me.


Came as soon as I heard.

If Brantley thinks
that she can demote you...

She can, Max. And she did.

No, no, no, no, I'm gonna fix this.

All right, I'll call HCC.

I will make an appeal to the board...

The vote was unanimous.

I'm lucky that I wasn't fired.

Fired? Do you think I would
let that happen to you?

If Brantley doesn't
reinstate you immediately,

then she can demote me, too.

Oh, Max, I don't need you to fix this.

I don't need you to threaten people.

I just need some time to think.

What is there to think about?


what am I still doing here?

Okay, listen to me.
By the end of the week,

you're gonna have everything back, okay?

Your department. Deputy medical director.

In the meantime, there's your patients,

your committees.
We still need you here, okay?

I... I need you here.

And what about what I need?

'Cause I don't think I'm gonna
find it at New Amsterdam.

So what are you...

you're gonna leave?


I'm looking for a reason to stay.

And right now, I can't find one.


What they did to Helen is just...

Yeah, I know.

We were a team.

If Helen hadn't brought you my way,

your cancer wouldn't be in remission.

And all that money
she raised for my research,

she didn't deserve this.

Frankly, I don't know
how I can fill her shoes.

I can't replace what she brings.

But do you think you could help me reset?

- Rally the troops?
- Of course.

There's going to be a lot
of tough decisions to make.

I'm glad you have my back.

So when you say
that you are moving to Idaho,

do you mean after having the baby?

I actually just gave
my two weeks' notice.

So soon?

Well, the pregnancy's really
doing a number on my OCD.

All my fears are heightened,

my compulsions are more vivid,

so I can't really do this without help,

without my parents.

Of course.

It's just that...

Idaho is so very far away.

I know.

But I have to do
what's best for the baby.

All surgical residents to OR 6.

All surgical residents to OR 6.

Zach, Zach, I won't be mad.

I just... I feel like I'm going crazy.

Just tell me that you took my pill

to teach me a lesson or to demonstrate...

I didn't take your pill.

And the more you accuse me,

the more you sound like a drug fiend.

I'm in agony. Please.

Please, just give me my meds.

I can't do that.

But I'm not gonna make it.

You are gonna make it.

May be the worst day of your life,

but you're gonna make it.


Fine. Then I am gonna make this
the worst day of your life.



Hi. Hey.

I'm so glad you came. Thank you.

You texted 52 times, so of course I came.

Yeah, I just wanted to explain myself.

And I want to give you
the space to do that,

but I still feel...

You're upset. I know, I know.

I hear you. Believe me.

I've had plenty of time to
think on the new bed over here,

and the good news
is that this has all just been

one big misunderstanding.

Iggy, you tried to adopt another child

without discussing it with me.

That's not a misunderstanding.

Martin, I just... hi.

Dr. Frome, sorry to interrupt.

Yeah, now's not really
the best time, Dr. Park.

Sorry, yes. Sorry.

Um, I'm here for my performance review.

Right. Um, yes, you are.

This will just take about an hour, tops.

Take all the time you need. Ah, man.

Excuse me. Martin, hey, hey, hey.

Martin, Martin.
Hey, Martin, wait, wait, wait.

It's just that I have to give
Tabitha some bad news.

She can't assert herself,
and I don't think she's cut out

to be a therapist,
and I've been putting off

telling her for as long as I can.

I can't put it off anymore.


Good-bye, Ig.

So if Evie takes a job in San Francisco,

are you gonna have
a long distance marriage?

That's not a thing, right?

Long-distance marriage is an oxymoron.

My friend met his fiancée on Asian Charm,

and they still haven't even
met each other in person.

Well, with the right data plan,

I predict a lifetime
of happiness for them.

I'm just saying distance
doesn't mean no connection.

Some of my deepest conversations

have been over text.

See, that's why my generation

is better than your generation.



I need help here now!

- Is he...
- He's got a pulse.

- Where are your friends?
- I don't know.

They told me... they told me
to go to the bathroom.

Please, I don't know anything else.

His sidearm's missing.

Code silver. I repeat.
We have a code silver.

This is a code silver.
Please evacuate the hallways.

Central, we're en route.

This is a code silver.
Please evacuate the hallways.

This is a code silver.
Please evacuate the hallways.

This is a code silver.
Please evacuate the hallways.

Hey, what's going on?
What's a code silver?

It's a combative person with a weapon.

- All right, all right.
- Get back in my office.

- Let's go.
- Move to the nearest room.

Hey, wait. In there.

Code silver. Move to the nearest room.

That's not gonna work, darling.

No one's coming or going.

Dr. Hiiji said if the pain got worse

to press the call button.

Push me over.

Where's the pain?

Dr. Hiiji was monitoring your appendix?


Well, it's about to rupture.

This is a code silver.


It's okay. They're with me.

Dr. Goodwin, you ready?

This is a code silver.


Lock this door,
and do not let anyone in or out

under any circumstances
until I get back, okay?

Please evacuate the hallways.

Copy that.

This is a code silver.
Please evacuate the hallways.



This is a code silver.

Move to the nearest room. Code silver.

Move to the nearest room
and wait for authorities.

This is a code silver.

Okay, listen up.
We still have a job to do.

Everybody needs to maintain
their focus on the patient

and the operation at hand.

We may be on lockdown,

but it's nothing we can't handle.

High levels of catecholamine.

Cardiotoxicity indicated.

Likely a combination of...

We have three Rikers
inmates on the loose.

Overtook a guard in the ED,
and Corolla stole his gun.

The guard, how is he?

- Stable.
- Good.

We interrogated the fourth inmate.

She said that killing the guard
wasn't their motive.

Well, then what do they want?

She didn't know or wouldn't say.

Our culprits are Dominique Ann Reed,

Suzan Parker, Jackie Conner.

- Jackie Conner?
- You know her?

No, I... we had a team at Rikers today,

and she helped us.
Are you sure that she...

Positive. We've got officers
on every exit and stairwell.

Shut down all the elevators.
Now we need to do a sweep.

I'll come with you. I need to triage

who's stable enough to stay
and who needs to be evacuated.

Max, where are we releasing people?

I need to get my patient to Baptist.
She needs constant care.

How about establish
a single egress point?

So we can clear everyone properly,

but keep the prisoners contained.

Uh, basement.


Ella, come with me.

It's okay. We are safe in here.

I don't... I don't feel safe.

No. Sorry.

Is there anything
I can do that might help?

I, um...

I like to organize things
from largest to smallest.


I know that sounds stupid, but...

No, no, it's not stupid. It's not stupid.


Threes are better.


This is a code silver.

Oh, I hate this so much.

These kids have enough trauma
in their lives

- without alarms blaring and...
- They're safe.

There's nothing more you can do for them.

And you said you wanted to talk to me,

so talk.

Martin, forgive me I can't
focus on us right now.

No, now seems like

the perfect time to focus on us,

considering we're gonna be
locked in a room together,

alone for the first time
in God knows how long.

This is a code silver.

Please evacuate the hallways.

Okay, right this way.
Let's line up over here,

and make sure that you show your ID bands

on the way out, okay?

How did this happen?

Jackie from Rikers.

- What?
- Dr. Goodwin.

- We need you over here.
- Yeah, okay.

I know this isn't your responsibility,

and I can understand
why you'd want to just

check out of here right about now,

but I can really, really use your help.

No, of course, go.
I'll keep things moving down here.

I'm so sorry, Lenore.

Security won't let me leave my office,

but Dr. Bloom will take good care of you.

Okay, I'm gonna need clamps, retractors.

Supply cabinet.

Are you out of your mind?
Are you even a surgeon?

I did my rotations.

Okay, I need that tray.

If you put any weight
on that leg of yours,

the bone will snap.

I am not the patient right now.

- Yes, you are.
- Gloves?

You're my patient.
You're my responsibility.

You might as well take a second pill.

You're sure as hell gonna need it.

I can't operate on narcotics.


she's gonna need this more than me.

Come on.

Okay. Lenore, here.

Now swallow.

Now give her a few more.

Security asked me to clear
the oncology department.

I'll come with you.


Are you okay? What happened?

I got separated from my group, so I hid.

Okay, we've got you.

There you go. Easy, easy.

We're gonna get you out of here.

I need a wider field of vision, please.

On it.

How are you feeling?

Just want to get out of here.

How did you get injured?

It was all so scary.

Wait, wait, wait, whoa, just lay down.

Just say down.

Just lay down, okay?

She's clammy, and her pulse is rapid.

I need to examine your injuries.

- Do you mind?
- Mm-mm.

Mm, sutures are broken.

She could go into hypovolemic shock.

I can keep pressure on it.

Okay. Uh...

there's no signal.

I'm gonna grab gauze and tape.


I just want to go home.

What happened to your ID band?

Thought I was leaving.
Didn't need it anymore.

You know I never would've gone
through with it, right, Martin?

Actually adopt
a child without telling you?

I was gathering information
so that we could discuss it.

But we never did discuss it.

What, were you just hoping
I wouldn't notice

an extra kid at the breakfast table?

I think you're overreacting.

Am I?


All of our responsibilities,
our social life,

everything we do is on your terms.

You obviously don't care what I think.

That is not true.

Never mind. You don't get it.

What, Martin? What...

What don't I get?

Dr. Frome?



sorry, nothing. Never mind.

No, no, no. What?

What is it?

Okay, I think maybe
Martin is saying that sometimes

maybe you make him feel
like he's not enough for you.

Which is none of my business.
I'm so sorry.

Shouldn't have said anything.

No, that's fine, Tabitha.

You're entitled to your opinion.

I just happen to think that you are way,

way off base.

She's right.

She's out.

If you're really gonna do this...

now's the time.

I think I need to be standing.

What, like an actual surgeon?

What if you were to hold me up?

It's the only thing that might work.

All right. Here we go.


Three, two, one.

All right. I got you.

I got you.


Well, this isn't awkward at all.

If you drop me...

You'll probably be in that wheelchair

for the rest of your life.

Okay, I got what we need.

- Max...
- Yeah?

We need to talk.

- What?
- We need to talk.

None of this was my idea.

I didn't touch that guard.

I've never hurt anyone in my life.

I don't want my daughters
thinking I'm some...

Okay, um, listen. We're gonna help you.

But you have to tell us
where the other inmates are.

If you fix me up,
they're gonna send me back to Rikers.

If we don't stop the bleeding,

you won't be going anywhere.

It all started when
Fran didn't die from the OD.

They had to figure out another way.

So Jackie made us
all fight to get us over here.

Who's Fran?

I don't even know.

Some state's witness who
wanted to snitch on someone.

That's Reynolds's patient.

Max, we have to warn him.

- Are you...
- Yeah, no, go.


Dominique, this is gonna hurt.

So when I am scared,

I say the alphabet backwards, you know?

Zed, Y, X, W...

Hello. Hello, is anyone in there?


Can you let me in?

Protocol is not to open any doors

until the danger has been cleared.

Please, let me in!
There's nowhere else to go!


Don't open it.

Let me in!

Did you warn Reynolds?


Can you walk?

I don't know. Why?

Dr. Goodwin's got a plan.

Getting you both out of here.

Note the WBP request.

Heart rate's a little fast.

Hang another bag of normal saline.

Grab a liter bag of normal
saline from the cabinet.

Re-warming agents in the line.

Oxygenator pressure normal.

One dose.

Excuse me.

What's your name?


Someone stop her.

No, Duke, Duke, Duke!
Get back to the patient.

- Call security.
- All right, you heard him.

We've got several lacerations.

Get the fluids going wide open.

Multiple stab wounds.

Adipose tissue and obliques involved.

- Boss?
- No arterial spurt.

- You're bleeding.
- Capillary leak only.

Need a fresh suture kit. Let's go.

You really think that you
can sneak them out of here?

It's the safest way.

Safest for who?

- How much farther?
- Jackie.

Don't act like you know me.

Dominique needs help.
If you just let me take her...

I don't care about her
or about you, okay?

So after all the help
that you gave us in Rikers,

after everything, you were just using us?

Yeah, that's show you survive.

Her gang uses me, I use you,

everyone has a price,

and everything is for sale, right?

We don't get the luxury of caring.

Give her your phone.

Come on, give her your phones right now.

Hand them over.

What do they say?

Uh, both the same.

"Attack in OR 7. Patient critical.

Request 6 units of AB plus ASAP."

That means Suzan didn't get it done.

Fran's still alive.

We have to go back in.

Jackie, I can't do this.

Look, we don't have a choice.
Where's OR 7?

Jackie, think about this, all right?

The hospital is on lockdown.

That means there will be cops,
guards everywhere.

They will recognize you.

Now, I am willing to get you out of here,

but there is no way
that I am taking you back

- to my hospital...
- Take me to OR 7.

Right now.

I can take you there.

I know a way to get you past
the cops and into the OR, but...

But first, I'm gonna need you
to put the gun down.

Okay. Start walking.

Come on.

Go, go, go, go, go, go.

Love, when I look at us,
I don't think that you're...

not enough or anything like that.

I don't know how to explain it.

Can you think of an instance
where you felt like that?


The dinosaur?

No, it was a goat that we rescued.

And guess where Barney the goat lived.

He lived in the house
for... for a minute.

And the weird thing is that...

it was kinda great.

He was strangely well mannered,
a great companion for the kids.

Iggy adorably dressed him up
as a dog for Halloween.


Made all his meals,

even found him this cute little goat bed.

In the spirit of full disclosure,

it wasn't really a goat bed

because they don't actually make those.

Yeah, but as I watched Iggy
take care of this animal,

I realized...

I'm jealous.

Of a goat.

And I'm not even a jealous guy.

It's just, he looked so happy.

He always does.

When he's helping, volunteering,

and that is so beautiful.

But I wonder,

do I ever make my husband look like that?

Am I even capable?


Of course you are.


helping people is just
fundamentally part of who I am.

And, um, Dr. Frome,

how do you think that you help Martin?

I, um...

I love him.

With all my heart.

Well, that's...

what I asked...

did you help Martin tell the kids

that they couldn't keep
the goat as a pet?

Martin's at home with the kids, so...

And Martin had to tell a lawyer

that he can't take in a needy child.

Do you think
that was maybe painful for him?


How often do your efforts to mend hearts

wind up with Martin having to break them?

Martin has asked you
to change your behavior,

and you love him, right?

So, I mean, maybe it's not
that you won't stop,

and more that you can't.

Why can't you stop, Dr. Frome?

Stop moving.

Trying to retract the far edge

to make sure the omentum is clear of pus.

In English.

I can't bend forward.

I need you to move to the other side.

- But your leg...
- Forget about my leg.

I won't die, but if you don't do this,

then Lenore will.

You ask me to monitor your medication,

and then you accuse me of stealing it.

You ask me to hold you up,

and then a minute later to drop you.

Do you even care about getting better?

Yes, I want to get better so I can help.

Otherwise, what's the point?

Who am I getting better for?

All right.

I'm gonna set you down.


I think I got it.

I got it.

Now we just need to close her up.

- That's her!
- She has a weapon!


Drop the weapon!

Shot fired, shots fired. Inmate down.

Ella, we are safe. The door is locked.

No, I...

I usually... I usually
feel movement, but I don't.

I put too much stress on the baby.

What if...

what if I...

I can't feel the baby, Vijay.

All clear.

O2 sat's 98. Pressure 130/88.

Dopamine at 7.

Flushes are ready.

Dr. Reynolds, can I help you?

Boss, you okay? You want me to take over?

Can I get a sponge count?

We're not hitting
our hemodynamic targets.

L-sac's steady.

More irrigation, please.

BP's dropping.

There's a pumper in here somewhere.

Now we're at 6.

Are you okay?

Retract the lung.

There. There it is.

Femoral map is the most accurate.

Pushing 4 milligrams of fentanyl.

BP's stabilizing.

Eluting stent is in place.

Sternal wires and plates are ready.

Sternum set on the tray.

Helen, please don't do this.

- Do you trust me?
- It's not about trust.

It is all about trust.

If we don't have that,
then I truly don't belong here.

- Who's there?
- Helen Sharpe, oncology.

We were helping escort
patients to the evac route,

but she's too critical to make it.

We need to get her to the OR at once.

This is Dr. Goodwin,

the hospital's medical director.

It's all right.
You need to let us through.

Go ahead.

How do you feel when you help someone?


like I'm here for a reason.

So how do you feel when you don't?

Everyone in the department
heard about the time

that you gave your shoes
to a homeless man.

Well, Imagine that
you just walked by him.

How would you have felt?

Like a bad person.

And I would've been. He needed shoes.

That's what you do.

Well, a lot of people walked by him.

Are they all bad people?

No. Not at all.

So why are you?

Can you try and list three
good things about yourself

that have nothing to do with helping?

Three things that would
be great about yourself

if you never adopt another kid,

or rescue another goat.

Okay, how about one thing?

Dr. Frome...

what do you think would happen
if you stopped helping people?

They'd see...


what would they see?

They would see...

what a complete loser I am.


corny, nerdy, fat, worthless, nothing.

- Baby...
- No, I... Martin,

I know it's not healthy, and I...

I have this voice in my head,

and it's a really loud one.

And it's saying...

that one of these days,
you're gonna realize...

That you can do so much better than me.

My ability to help people...

that's all I have. That's the...

that's the only thing
I even like about myself.

Without that,
I just can't think of a reason

why you would keep me around.

I can't.

Dr. Frome, I'm gonna ask
Martin to do something now,

and it would great if you
could just sit and listen.

Is that okay?

Yeah, okay.

Martin, will you tell your husband

three things that you think
are good about him?

You're kind.

You are a wonderful father.

And you are beautiful.

You're hilarious. You're patient.

You're smart.

You make friends everywhere you go

'cause they see what I see.

You shine.

You're amazing.

You're the love of my life.

And my life is so much better

than I ever thought it was gonna be

because of you, Iggy.

I love you.

I love you.

If I could've stayed calm,

this wouldn't have happened.

If I were normal,
I could've been a mother.

You will still be a mother.

A good mother, a wonderful mother.


Because your baby is okay.

You don't know that.


I will listen to your baby's heartbeats,

and that will tell you.

Okay. Do you hear anything?

You need to slow down your breathing.

I can't, I can't.

You said your OCD makes you imagine

the worst possible circumstances.

What if you imagine the best?

Hm? Close your eyes and try.


What do you see?

My baby.

My healthy baby.

Where are you?

In New York.

In a cozy nursery. In a cozy apartment.

It doesn't have to be fancy.
I'm not picky.

You can be picky. It's your best life.

Okay, so then I have a job that I love,

even if I don't know what that is.

And I can support my family.

And everything's okay.

I have something for you to hear.

Are we getting close?

Yeah, the OR is just through these doors.

Good, okay.

- Do you trust me?
- With my life.

- Gun!
- She's got a gun!

Drop your weapon!

Drop your gun!

- Drop your weapon!
- Put it down!

Hands up!

Hands behind you.

David 1-5, we've got one in custody.

Got any more weapons?

Let's go.

- All right.
- Yeah.

All right, folks, it's all over.

Come on in. Let's go.

Come on.

It's all over. That's right.

Hey, hey.

I got you.

You said you don't need
a fancy apartment.

Maybe you can move in with me.

- I love you.
- I love you.

- See you at home.
- Yeah.

So, Tabitha, it goes without saying

that you passed your performance review

with flying colors.

Well, in that spirit,
there's actually something else

I'd love to share with you.

Yeah, of course.

Well, the pattern of your behavior

can actually be indicative

of a more substantive diagnosis
per the DSM-5.

Such as?

Narcissistic personality disorder.


- have a great night.
- Yeah.

Dr. Bloom...

you are actually
a very decent human being.

Don't tell anyone.


I thought that...

I could be there for you, but I...

I... I can't.

You were great.

I took the pill.

In fact, I took quite a few.

I know what I've done is...


I know that I need help.

I've already lost all my family,

and my friend.

I can't afford to lose everyone else.

When you finish rehab...

Don't call me.

Don't email me.

Don't text me.

I can't ever see you again.

But you know that, right?

- Stand right here, please.
- All right.

Feet still.

Are you okay?

Thank God those criminals were caught.

Today's been a nightmare.

Yeah, well, every day's
a nightmare for those women.

Are you defending them?

Nope. But it's still our job
to help them.

Is it?

Don't scare me like that again.

It's all good. I'm right here, baby.

Life's too short for long distance.

I'm turning down the job
in San Francisco.


San Francisco's sounding
really good right about now.

Let's get out of here.


I'm sorry that I put you in danger.

But I didn't know what else to do.

It was the only thing to do.

It was brave.

And selfless.

Smart. It was you.

And you deserve to be
at a place that sees you,

that appreciates you.


And if that place isn't New Amsterdam,

then you should go.

You should go.

No matter how much I want you to stay,

and I...

It's not about what I want.

And, yeah, it'll be weird not...

seeing you every day,

and I will miss you, but...

we live in the same city, right?

So we can always get a coffee
or eat, you know, something,

food together, or...

- Max.
- What?

I'm not going anywhere.

You're not?

So you just let me do that whole awkward

rambling speech for no reason?

- Yes.
- Okay, well, great. Thanks.

It's not cool.

So you...

found a reason to stay.