New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - What the Heart Wants - full transcript

Sharpe lands in hot water when she goes out on a limb for a patient. Meanwhile, Max's grief comes to a head, and Bloom takes a major step in her recovery.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

I thought you left.

Not until you want me to.

Okay, we got Sameera's tofu bacon,

Harper's regular bacon,
and Raffi's turkey bacon.

Hey, if I pick up Harper
and Sameera from karate,

will you grab Raffi from D&D?

Yes, that just leaves
Saleem's piano at 4:00.

No more piano. I told you!

Well, it would save money,

but, um, shouldn't we be
teaching them to stick it out?

I will grab the troops.

Okay. Thanks, babe.

- Hello?
- Dr. Frome? It's Roz.

Roz, hey. Hi.

Great news. I have a baby for you.

What? You... you have, like, a real...

uh, uh, now?

You and Martin have 24 hours to report

to Brownsville, Texas to start
the custody paperwork.

That's... that's not a lot of hours, Roz.

Uh, I, um...

Breakfast now because
we're leaving in two minutes!

You know what?
I'm gonna have to call you back.

So what do you think about piano lessons?

Oh, you know, um,
I support whatever you decide.

Hey, come on.

We decide this stuff together.




- Hey!
- Let's go.

You've got a dump and run in the bay.

Pupil response is sluggish.

- Another OD?
- It's never-ending.

She's one of ours.

Shayna Davis.


Shayna, you're at New Amsterdam.

- Oh, it hurts. Oh, God.
- Okay, where does it hurt?

It hurts everywhere.
Please, just make it stop.

I'm gonna need you to be more specific.

Ask Dr. Sharpe. She knows.

We need more money, Helen.

- My clinical trial's coming up...
- You mean our trial.

Yes, you know what I mean.

- But the startup costs are...
- I hear you.

We're not selling the proton beam laser.

Cutting edge and cheap
don't exactly mingle.

$40 million can go a long way...

We're the only hospital
in the tristate area

offering proton beam therapy.

Where are all those patients
gonna get treatment?

All six of them?

We are trying to change
cancer treatment for millions.

- We're not there yet.
- We could be.

With that kind of money,

we can make
the proton beam laser obsolete

in a couple of years.

That is the issue. It's not obsolete now.

I really think you should recon...


Look at me.


It's the only thing that works.

The pain is just...

What about the Percocet I prescribed?

It... it barely made a dent.

After my last round of chemo, I...

I could barely get through
the day unless I tripled up.

When did you run out?

Two weeks before my next refill.

I... I tried to find some
on the street, but...

Heroin was cheaper.

I guess this is... this is my life now...

getting high with a bunch
of junkies at the Dalton.

Pain management is a part
of cancer treatment.

There is no shame in that.
Do you hear me?

I can make you comfortable
while we treat your tumor.

Can I have something now?
It just... it hurts so much.

We have to wait for
your tox screen to come back

to make sure that the heroin
wasn't laced with anything.

I'm not gonna make it. I'm...

Yes, you will.

I'm gonna make sure of it.

Has Tawan had any significant
changes in his diet recently?


And he's current on all his vaccinations?

Yeah. Absolutely.

And he's had no dramatic weight loss?

No, he's never had
any health issues until now.

It's like everything changed overnight.

Yeah. His grades dropped off,

his teacher said he can't
concentrate on anything

for very long.

And the shivers.

- The shivers?
- Yeah, he, uh,

he started having these
weird muscle twitches.

We're gonna figure out
what's wrong, okay?

Well, what could be causing this?

Well, I think we should order an MRI

and get some blood tests...

You must have a theory or guess.

Um, well, it sounds like

it could be an early onset of MS.


We'll know more once the tests come back.

Your leg is late
for a very important date.

You were supposed to be
in pre-op 30 minutes ago.

Okay, how do you know?

Uh, because you didn't answer

any of your pre-op texts or calls,

so then they harassed me.

Okay, well, I have
a cardio pulling up any second,

so I'm gonna have
to reschedule my surgery.

Nope, I'm here. I can hold down the fort.

- No offense, but actually...
- No buts, just legs...

that leg, up to surgery.

Gabriela Alvarez, 34, 28 weeks pregnant.

150/85, 130, diaphoretic.

Decreased respiration bilaterally
with increased effort.

Doctor, doctor, please save my baby.

Okay, let's get her to Trauma 1.

- Where's Reynolds?
- He's on his way.



- Max.
- What?

Maybe you let us handle this one.

What do we got?

Right heart strain.

Signs of tissue damage in the left lung.

Dr. Duke, what does that indicate?

Pulmonary embolism?

Ms. Alvarez? I'm Dr. Reynolds.

You have a clot in your lung.

That's why you're having
trouble breathing.

What about my baby?

Dr. Goodwin? Dr. Reynolds?

Why isn't anyone helping my baby?

- Ms. Alvarez...
- Prep me some lidocaine.

is priority.

- The fetus died en route.
- Gabriela, turn towards me.


The left ventricle was hyper plastic,

and there was stenosis
in the aortic valve.

Fetus wasn't viable.

We're not losing Gabriela too.

You're gonna feel a slight
pinch and then some burning.

I'll need a central line kit.

And prep an infusion of TPA.

The lidocaine is in.

Starting central line.

Pay attention, Duke.

About 250 CC there.

Central line is in.

in 20.

TPA is in.

O2 sats at 88% and rising.

Is my baby okay?



What I'm about to say is...

is gonna be impossible to hear.

I'm not... I'm not sure I understand it.

- I do something wrong?
- No.

No, you didn't do anything wrong.

It's just that... bad genetic luck.

The baby's heart never
developed properly.

And there is nothing that anyone

could've done to save her.

Stillbirths happen...

more than anyone
ever wants to acknowledge.

What do you mean stillbirth?
She wasn't...


we have to induce labor

to get the baby out.



You mean I have to go through all of that

with no baby at the end?

It's the safest way.

I'm sorry.

Is there anyone
that you'd like me to call?

Family, friend, partner?

No. There's no one else.

It was just gonna be the two of us.

Just me and S...

It's okay.

It's okay to say her name

if you want to.


Will you stay with me?

Are you following me?

Well, maybe.

Don't you have lives to save

or some surgery to perform?

I'm escorting you to yours.

- Why?
- I don't know.

Thought maybe you could use a friend.

Mm, thank you.

But actually, I have my mother.

Jeanie knows about your surgery?


She doesn't even know
when your birthday is.

Well, she knows the month.
That's progress.

It's one of my 12 steps
to make amends with her.

I don't know.

She cared enough to show up, so...

Hi, uh, have you seen a woman
who looks like me,

only immediately makes
you feel bad about yourself?

No. You expecting someone?

- Lauren...
- I am a big girl, okay?

I don't need balloons
or a stuffed elephant

or my mommy to send me off to surgery.

You sure? 'Cause I can just...

I am fine, okay? Go do your job.

Go! Go and do your job.

- Okay.
- I'm fine.

Social services to the ICU.

Dr. Kapoor, I just got
Tawan's test results back.


Nothing in the labs or MRI points to MS.

I'm not surprised.

I wrote down my diagnosis.

Schilder's disease?

You asked the right questions,

but you should have listened
more carefully to the answers.

Tawan's behavior, his withdrawing...

So he needs corticosteroids?

A rigorous course.

In future, it's all right
to offer a hypothesis,

but only if it's an informed one.

Get them off me!

Get them off! They're on my face!

Tawan, there's nothing on you!

He thinks there are spiders
crawling all over him.


Get them off! Get them off!

- Hold him still.
- They're on you too!

Get them off!

Get them...


Hallucinations aren't
a symptom of Schilder's.

- Are they?
- No.

LOC is shifting. BP dropping.

He's still.

Dr Sharpe,
did you discharge Shayna Davis?

- No, why?
- I think she bolted.

- Should I call security?
- No.

No, no. I think I know where she is.

Hey, I got it.


- Let me help you.
- You can't.

This is all I have...

this or the pain,
and I cannot take the pain.

- I... I can't.
- Shayna...

You're not gonna talk me out of it.

Okay, all right.

If you're gonna do this, then
at least do it somewhere safe.


Somewhere with clean needles
and clean works.

Oh, yeah? And what place is that?

I'm gonna take you there.

Okay, Gabi. This is it.

Big push.

Oxytocin interval. 15 minutes.


That's it.

2 Mu per minute dose.

You're doing great.

You're doing great.

Okay. Great job, Gabi.

You did it.

You did it, Gabi. It's over.

Pulse 92. BP 130/90.

It's so quiet.

I know. I know.


Do you wanna hold her?

I can't.

I know. I know.

I know it's hard,

but this is still your daughter.

This is Sofie,

the baby you have loved for months.

And it's okay to hold her,

even if it's just to say good-bye.

I can't.

It's okay.

It's okay.


Sofie's here.

This is called a CuddleCot.

It's a special bassinet that
keeps stillborn babies cool

so they can stay with
their parents a little longer

even after they're gone.

How can...

- It's so...
- Morbid?

These devices can give you something

that nothing else can...


That thing can't give me time with Sofie.

Not the time you wish you had.

Nothing can give you that,

but it can give you time to grieve.

You know, some parents
keep a lock of hair

or make a footprint or take pictures...

all the things
that you may have wanted to do,

and just because she's passed,

doesn't mean that
you can't have those memories,

those moments.

I think when you lose
someone that you love,

most of us would choose a few memories,

painful as they may be...

Over no memory at all.

Do you want to talk
to a grieve counselor?


Do you want me to take her away?


I just want more time.


Dr. Romer, 78...

Tawan's not responding to anything.

His crit's low, oxygenation's poor...

I don't know what to say to his parents.

I'm sorry, Agnes.

This case was not the piece
of cake I was hoping it to be.

I think we should go over
his medical history with them

one more time.

Maybe we're missing something.

No. Time for talking is over.

We need to perform the brain biopsy.

That's the only way to get
his definitive diagnosis.

Don't you think drilling a hole
into his head is a little drastic?

We are running out of time, Agnes.

Go and book an OR,

and page me when you find
Dr. Chambers, okay?

IM typical in appearance.

Fracture union normative.

No attributes...

Dr. Bloom's tibia realignment looks good.

So she's doing okay?

I would say better than okay.

Dr. Bloom should have
a relatively easy recovery.


Oh, um,

can you keep
my being here just between us?

I don't want Dr. Bloom to know.

That you care?

No, no. She knows that I care.

She just doesn't like it when I care.

Dr. Reynolds?

Duke didn't show up for rounds today.

I can't find him anywhere.

I thought we were past this.

Outpatient pharmacy. 4401.

Outpatient pharmacy. 4401.

Thank you.

Okay, nearly there.

Um, I'm here to see Omar.

She's with me.

Thank you.

Yeah, just meet me in half an hour.

- You all right?
- Mm.

Who is that?

What is this?

This is a safe consumption space.

People come here to use

without the threat of assault or rape,

and they're monitored
by health care professionals

to minimize the risk of overdose.

How is this legal?

- It's not.
- Helen Sharpe...

as I live and breathe.

Omar, thank you so much for this.

We have a cot over here for you.

Okay. Come.

Have you had much trouble?

Oh, comes and goes,

and we've gotten better
at evading the cops.

This one's you.

Can you, uh, can you show me your works?

It okay. You can trust him.

Thank you.

And if you'll allow me?

Thank... thank you.

I need to test your product
for Fentanyl to be safe.

I see you've not fully embraced
the value of what we do here.

I believe your intentions are good.

Yeah, but not our methods.

If people can start making
good decisions here,

then we're helping.

You're good to go.

I got a page. What happened?

- Room six.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't take her away!

- He's just moving her.
- What? Why?

We have another delivery coming in,

and we have to move
Ms. Alvarez to post-partum.

You said I could have more time.

- No, she gets to stay.
- But Dr. Goodwin...

No. Out, now.

We still have to clean...

You will if she asks you to.
If not, you won't.

She can use every resource
in this hospital

or none of them or anywhere in between.

She is my patient,

and she gets to stay
in this room with her daughter

as long as she wants.

- Is that clear?
- Yeah.

I... I mean it, Gabi.

As long as you need... days, weeks.

This room is yours.

So what do I tell the OB's?

That Gabriela Alvarez
is not to be disturbed,

and if anyone has a problem with that,

they can come talk to me,

which'll be very easy
because I'll be right here.

Isn't she beautiful?

Oh, she is.



What, you too good to go on rounds now?

- Rounds?
- Yeah, rounds.

Where the hell have you been?

I was trying to... I wanted to help,

but I... I think... I think
I just made things worse.

Hey, hey, come here.
What are you talking about?

What happened?

When we were in the ED,

I didn't know Ms. Alvarez's
baby wasn't viable.

And when I saw her so...
so scared and worried,

You didn't.

I told her we had the best
doctors in the country...

and that her baby would be fine.

Never promise a patient
everything will be fine

because you never know what might happen.

I know. I know.

- I just...
- No more "I just," man.

Come on, this is day one stuff.

All right? You never promise.

But you always say patients need hope.
Give them hope.

Without it, they don't get better.

- That's right. They don't.
- So which is it?

How am I supposed to give someone hope

without telling them
that we're going to help?

Just be there for them, all right?

When they're waking up from surgery,

when they're going under...

you don't even have to say anything.

Just be there.

It makes all the difference.

How we feeling?




But it never lasts.

Will you come back to the hospital now?

If you told me a year ago

that I'd be jonesing for heroin

to manage the pain
from a rare form of cancer,

I'd have thought you were crazy.

I should... I should've called you.

I should've asked for help.

You still can.


So how is Ella?

- Ella?
- Yes, Ella...

works in Pain de Vie,

is carrying my potential grandchild.

I am aware of who Ella is,

and you know that I can't
talk to you about this.

So she is a patient.

Do I look like I'm gonna
tell you anything?

I just don't understand.

What I'm trying to tell over here is...

Okay, I understand.

I know, I know. Vijay, I get it.

You're feeling helpless.
You're feeling stressed.

We're all stressed. Hell, I'm stressed.

Stressed about Ella?

No, not about Ella.

I did something stupid.

I contacted an agency about
adopting another child,

and now they have a baby for me,

and I really, really want this baby.

But I haven't told Martin about it yet.

About any of it?

I know. Ooh, this is bad.

This is super bad.

I, um...

I swear. I'm gonna tell him tonight.


Yes, about the adoption.

No, no, no.

My patient... he was adopted.

Oh, my God.

And now for the burr hole incision.


Tawan was adopted.

He has SSPE from the measles virus.

Are you sure?

We have confirmed a high
level of measles antibodies

in Tawan's bloodstream.

The virus has imbedded
itself in his brain.

But we vaccinated him.

Tawan was three years old
when he came to the U.S.

He must've been exposed

while living in the orphanage
in Thailand.

That was seven years ago.

SSPE can lie dormant for up to ten years,

but once it becomes active,

it progresses through full stages.

Tawan is in stage three.

Well... well, what does that mean?

We will do everything we can
to help Tawan fight the virus.


Every case of SSPE
I've seen has resulted in...

in the child's death.


Mind if I join you?

Dr. Proctor asked me to come by
and do a consult for Gabriela.

She wants to be left alone.

Yes, that is what
grieving people say they want,

but it is not always what they need.

Sounds like Gabriela needs help
saying goodbye to her daughter.

She's not ready to say goodbye.

If she does,

then her daughter will be gone forever.

We still talking about Gabriela here?

- Don't do that.
- Hey, I'm not doing anything.

I'm your guy, okay?

Since the day you came back,

I've been running interference for you.

Telling people to give Max his space...

you know, not to project
their needs onto you,

that you'll open up when you're ready.

I don't want to open up.

Yeah, I know. I can see that.

We can all see that,

but that's the only way
that you get better.

Then I don't want to get better.

If I get better,
then I have to let her go.

I don't want to.


Where have you been all day?

Meetings off-site. Why?

We still haven't decided

what we're doing to do
about the proton beam laser.

Yes, we did,

and I'm not having
this conversation again.

As long as we are co-chairs
of this department,

we both have a say on its direction.

Excuse me. Are you Dr. Helen Sharpe?


Please place your hands behind your back.

Wait, what's this all about?

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will
be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be assigned to you.

If you choose to answer our questions,

you have the right to stop at any time.

Do you understand these rights?

- Thanks for the rescue.
- What was I going to do?

Let you rot in jail
on some trumped-up charges?

Don't worry. We took care of everything.


Well, I hope you're well-rested

because I certainly am not.

She got the charges dropped.

And I kept it out of the press.

Do you know how many favors
I had to call in tonight?

They have photos of you in a heroin den.

It's a safe consumption space.

And because of it,
my patient is in New Amsterdam

instead of dead on the street.

I am not gonna apologize for that.

I don't care if you apologize,

but there will be consequences for this.

What consequences?

The board will discuss
your fate in the morning.

I'm so sorry, Helen.

I thought she was on our side.

- Anything?
- Not yet.

I've seen so many children
die in developing countries

from preventable diseases because

parents did not
have access to vaccines or...

or know they were important or...

or couldn't afford them.

But here?

In this country,

with all its wealth and education

and abundance of vaccines...

Dr. Kapoor?

- There's a new treatment?
- Very new.

With a lot of anti-vaxxer
kids coming of age,

SSPE is becoming more common.

It's forcing doctors to try
new, untested treatments.

This one is seeing
a very limited success.

It's a combination of antiviral
and immunomodulatory drugs.

You need to understand. SSPE has no cure.

If this treatment works,

Tawan will have to stay
on these medications

for the rest of his life.

I'm just happy it might work.

It will work.

When can we start?

You will have to ask your doctor.

She's the one who discovered it.

We can start right away.

Any available IV nurse to OR two.

Any available IV nurse to OR two.


Look who decided to finally show up.

Couldn't even be bothered
to bring me any balloons

or a stuffed elephant, could you?

Thought you didn't
want me hanging around?

Of course I want you hanging around.

You're like my best friend.

How much morphine you on?

But hey, this is what
I need you to do for me, okay?

- Mm-hmm?
- I need you to go down to the gift shop

and buy all the balloons

so all the nurses think
that people care about me.

Come on. People care about you.

No. That is not true.

People do not care about me.

People tolerate me.

People are glad when I leave a room.

I don't know. I don't know what it is.

I guess it's just me.

Okay, just, uh...
first of all, stop that.

And if I didn't care about you,

why would I bring you this?

- Peter Lugers?
- Bam!

My dad used to take me to
Peter Lugers when I was a kid.

When Jeanie was being extra Jeanie.

You remembered.


So now you've got to get better.


Oh, my God. Yes.

You're gonna save some for me, right?


So good.

- Do I have to go?
- No.

I promised. Remember?

I'm just heading home for the night,

but everyone here knows
you're not to be disturbed.

Am I crazy?

Keeping her close like this
even though she...

Is it... is it healthy?

Is it okay?

It's okay.

It's more than okay.

You can hold her if you want.

I want to,

but my head keeps telling me

that it'll make it worse,

you know, that that's not really her.

She's gone.

And then my heart tells me
that's my Sofie.

That's my baby.

What would you do?


All that matters here is you.

I feel like I'm sick.

I feel like I'm not normal.

Please, just help me.

Yeah, I, um...

I... I lost someone...

a few months ago, and it-

it can't, uh, compare

to what you're going through, but, uh...

I... I talk to her...

All the time.

I mean, full-on conversations.

And I... I know that people
would say that's crazy,

that it's not healthy, but I...

what am I supposed to do?

She... she, uh, died

right after our daughter was born.

She would've loved every second of it.

But she doesn't... she doesn't get to.

She didn't get any of it.

And I don't get her,

and neither does...

neither does Luna.

So I...

I tried keeping her alive.

You know, to make her a part
of these memories.

And I don't...

I really don't care if it's healthy.

It's just what I have to do, you know?

To keep going.

My worry for you, Gabi, is that...

you will never say goodbye to Sofie...

If you never say hello.


Guess who I talked to a little while ago?

I... I don't know. Who?

The kids okay?

Our kids? Yeah, our kids are fine.

It seems that there's
an issue with another kid...

a baby that, according to Roz,

we're adopting?

Babe, I can explain...

Yeah, you could if you were
coming home tonight.

Iggy, I can't even look at you right now.

- Martin.
- No, don't.




I've been thinking
a lot about everything,

and I think I finally... I...

I think I figured out what I really want.


I'm keeping the baby.


Yeah, really.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This is goodbye.