New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Karman Line - full transcript

When Sharpe has a case that hits close to home, she and Max team up to make things right for the patient. Iggy and Bloom are forced to make a tough call on a unique situation.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Yeah? Can we get a laugh?

Come on, Luna.

How about a giggle?

No? Nothing?

Maybe try your dance moves.

You wanna see some moves?


- Okay, yeah.
- ♪ Oh, whoo! ♪

♪ Say it now! ♪

♪ Get up off of that thing ♪

♪ And dance until you feel better ♪

- Oh, yeah.
- ♪ Get up off of that thing ♪

♪ And dance until you, sing it now! ♪

♪ Get up off of that thing ♪

Spin move.


Yeah? Is this...

Okay, okay, okay. I'm sorry.

That was bad. I know.

I deserve that. I deserve that.

You know she'll laugh when she's ready.

Aww, baby.

You know, Mommy used to dance...

yeah, not better than Daddy.

She used to float on the air like this.

She was luminous.


You were.

She was.

And this is for you.

- Thanks.
- No.

I'm not just giving you a dollar.

This is also to ensure
doctor-patient confidentiality.

Okay, but you know my rates

are considerably higher than that, right?

Remember I told you that
I am going to be a grandfather?


I was not supposed to tell you that.

Why, because it's the first trimester?

No, because Ella may not keep it.

Uh, what... what?


How do you feel about that?


- Helpless?
- Yes.

- Yeah.
- And I don't like it.

- I'm going to talk to her.
- What? No.

No, no, no, no, you can't...
you can't talk to her.

Ella's about to make
a profoundly personal decision,

one that is only hers to make.

- Yeah, but...
- Ah-ah, no "buts."

No meddling, no prying.

You can't even ask.


what can I do?

Whatever you need to do
to not talk to her about it,

you should do that.

There you are.

Sorry I didn't call you back.

It's been a crazy morning.

Seems like all your mornings are crazy.

How Memorial thought
that they can restructure

their entire legal department
in just two months is...

Hey, well, in two days,
you get to walk away from it

and I get to have you
back home in my arms

while we plan our wedding together.

Can't wait.

Well, sounds like you can.

No. I'm sorry.

I just really want to leave
the team in good shape,

and we're pretty far from that.

You've got this.

Babe, I... I gotta go.

Love you.

Don't look so worried, Paz.

You're just here for your routine scan

to check on the progress of your tumor.

Did your sister tell you

how promising her last PET scan was?

That's not why she's upset.

- Sorry, but you should tell her.
- Paz?

As you know...

when uterine cancer threw a wrench

into my IVF plan, I mean,

Jasmine stepped up to be my surrogate.

And she did months of testing
and hormone injections...

I was going to be implanted next week.

But our insurance company
suddenly changed the rule.

Now they won't cover surrogacy
of any kind.

That's insane.
When did they change the rules?

Three weeks ago, Max.

They basically stopped
covering surrogacy overnight.

Even though both sisters
are with the same company.

Barcroft, who will cover Jasmine
if she wants to have a baby

and Paz if she could have a baby,

but they won't cover Jasmine if
she wants to have Paz's baby.

I mean, it's not as if Paz's
embryo inside Jasmine's womb

is gonna cost them any more money.

Right, but having no baby
saves them a lot of money.

Adoption agencies
aren't exactly queuing up

to give kids to women
with cancer, so what now?

I mean, Paz waits three years

to see if her uterus
is still "hospitable"

after all the radiation?

That's her only shot
of becoming a mother?

Helen, if Barcroft
changed the rule overnight,

then let's get them
to change it right back.

Dr. Ligon isn't back yet?

Not only is he still on vacation,

he is also the kind of person
who turns his phone off

while on vacation.

- Who does that to an addict?
- Use someone else already.

I heard great things about Dr. Parsons.

Seven-year-old accidental choking victim.

Got caught in window blinds.

Heart rate 118. BP 110 over 78.

18 respirations per minute.
Setting 98% on nasal cannula.

Okay, let's get him to trauma one.

We're gonna take good care of you, okay?

- That's our son.
- Yeah, you can see him

once the doctors get him
stabilized, okay?

But let me show you
where the waiting room...

It's gonna be okay.

Hey, hey, come with me.

Sweetie, come on.

Look straight ahead.

That's it, Calvin.

Good job.

Can you tell me what kind
of blinds you got caught in?

I don't know.

Let's get Iggy and
Child Services down here now.

- What do you think?
- Let's just hope I'm wrong.

I was, uh, cooking breakfast.

Calvin was in his room playing,
and it was quiet.

It's never quiet,
so I went to check in on him

and I saw a cord, uh,

wrapped around his little neck.

And I tried to rip it off,

but it was all knotted up,

so I started screaming for Alana.

I turned the house upside
down trying to find scissors.

By the time I got them,
Calvin was turning blue.

He was thrashing,
so Ethan had to hold him still.

You know, I... I was
scared I was gonna cut him.

But I got them off and we called 911.

Now, if the police were
to come to your home...

- The police?
- Yeah, the police.

If they were to come
to your home, they would see

a piece of cord lying on the floor

where your wife cut it, right?

You know, I think I threw it away.

You threw it away?

Yes, after we got him loose.

But the rest of the cord

would still be dangling there, severed.

That's what the police would see.

And... and they would also see
the scissors lying on the floor.

And the drawers that
Alana looked through,

they would all be open.

And the breakfast that you
were cooking would still be...

on the stove.

Th-there were no scissors.

Um, there was no cord.

It was, uh...

Just me.

But I swear, it'll never happen again.

Please don't...
please don't take him away.

So what are you saying, that I'm lying?

The marks on Calvin's neck
aren't abrasions.

They're bruises.

A cord didn't do it. Hands did.

It was me.

He was having a tantrum.

I just snapped.

I didn't know I was choking him.
I just wanted him to stop.

Ethan, I don't think that your son

was choked by a man.

The wounds on his neck
were far too small.

May I see your hands?

A person who chokes someone

often has defensive wounds on their hands

from the fingernails
of the person they're choking.

You don't.

What happened to your brother, Juliet?

I wanted his phone,

so I took it.

Thank you for choosing
Barcroft insurance.

This is Jonathan, how can I
be of service to you today?

Uh, Jonathan, hi.

This is, uh, Dr. Max Goodwin,

uh, calling about a recent policy change.

No, no, I don't need billing. Operator.

I'm sorry. I didn't catch that.


This is regarding account number 42118?

No, it's regarding Paz Aquino.

She's not a number. She's a person.

I know this is
the wrong department, Frank,

but it seems to be the only department

populated by people.

Our call center's in Bangalore.

Bangalore, wow.

Uh, is there any way you could connect me

to someone a little closer
to this side of the Earth?

- Good afternoon.
- Mm, is it?

I have a question for you:
you don't happen to be located

anywhere in the
Western Hemisphere, do you?

- I'm in Kuala Lumpur.
- Kuala Lumpur.

Um, forgive my ignorance.

Is that closer to New York City
than Bangalore?

Please hold. Let me check on that.

Happy to.

How do you think Calvin felt
when you hurt him?

Well, you know,
if I had to take a guess...

which I don't, but I'm going to...

I would say that he was probably afraid.

I don't know.

Hey, I am going to say a sentence,

and then you tell me if it describes you.

Can we do that?

Okay, cool.

"I think that
most other people are stupid."

I don't think that.

All right, what about this one.

"I manipulate people to get what I want."


Juliet, come on.

It's okay. It's just me and you in here.


I've seen tons of kids come through here.

It's obvious to me that
you are, like, mega smart.

I'll bet you're the best
at manipulating people.

I'm really good at it.


Why do you think you're so good at it?

It's... it's kind of like when I draw.

You mean manipulating people
makes you feel in control?


I mean, it's just really easy.

- Mackenzie Adams?
- Yeah, hi.

- Hi.
- This is my husband, John.


I'm Dr. Reynolds, cardiothoracic surgery.


Uh, we came here because

my wife, uh, lost control of her bladder.

I'm sure it's just a UTI.

Well, no.

The urologist said that all of
your tests came back negative,

so cardio's the next step in the workup.

Well, my heart is fine.

Well, heart issues
can affect bladder control,

so we'll just do an EKG to
measure your heart's activity.

We're not even from New York.
We're just visiting.

It's a simple test, Mrs. Adams.

Colonel Adams.

- She's an astronaut.
- Oh.

I'm scheduled to fly out on Expedition 64

to the International
Space Station in 58 weeks.

I've been working toward this
my entire life.

This is my first space mission,

so nothing can be wrong with my heart.

Uh, what are you doing?


Earth to Vijay.

I am meditating.

Okay. Why?

To control the chaos in my mind.

Because I cannot talk to someone

I desperately want to talk to.

Well, that sounds completely
pointless, but you know what?

I am desperate,
so I'm gonna give it a go.

Come on, help me up here.

Okay, now fold your legs. Sorry.

Close your eyes and breathe.

I'm sorry, do you have
to breathe so loud?


Hello, this is Aneel.

Aneel Jay who works
in the East 34th offices

of Barcroft Insurance?

Uh, yes.

Who works in the appeals
department on the seventh floor?

Can I help you with something?

Yeah, uh, could you remind me
of your office number?

728. What is this regarding?

Hold on. Yeah?

Hey, it's regarding the
extremely impersonal practice

of trying to help someone over the phone.

I just think nothing really gets done

until you sit down with someone
face to face.

You know what I mean?

- I was just leaving for lunch.
- Were you?

I know a great place.

The honey yogurt's really good
if you want to try it.

Look, it was an abrupt change, I know,

but last year, Barcroft hemorrhaged

an unprecedented $80 million
in surrogacy coverage.

Sure, but how many babies did
you help bring into the world?

We don't track that kind of data.


That's why I brought you here.

Your company gives you data.

You get case numbers instead of stories.

You get account numbers
instead of people.

What is this?

This is account number 42118.

Her name is Paz Aquino.

Excuse me.

Hey, Aneel?

And people say
insurance companies are cruel?

- I'm just trying to show you...
- Human suffering?


but I hear heartbreaking
stories every day.

Along with the carpal tunnel
and the crappy paycheck,

it comes with the job.

Then why don't you help me
do something about it?

I may have a title that sounds effectual,

but I have absolutely no power.

I can't help you do anything.

"I think that tears
are a sign of weakness."


"I think that other people's
feelings are not important."


"I think about hurting my family."


Just your brother?

Who else?

My mom and dad.

Why do you want to hurt them?

Because I can.

You know, I mean, it's early,

and one session
is a small sample, but, uh,

Juliet does present
as callous-unemotional.

You're saying she's a psychopath.

She's been to dozens of doctors.

We've heard schizophrenia, ADHD, RAD.

No one's ever said "psychopath."


It's, um...

it's not a diagnosis that doctors
really like to give because,

historically speaking,

there is no cure.

- Then what do we do?
- Well...

She'll go into an inpatient facility

run by the corrections department.

Jail? She's 11.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.
There is one other possibility.

Um, punishment bounces off
of callous-unemotional kids

because they can't feel shame,

but there has been some very
promising behavioral therapy

based on a reward system.

I'm sure you've noticed
Juliet's reward drive

is extremely high.

That's why she takes whatever she wants.

So if I can demonstrate
some progress with Juliet,

we can admit her here.

She could be an inpatient
at New Amsterdam.

- Dr. Frome?
- Yeah.

Have you ever had success
with a child like Juliet?


You okay?


I just replaced pills with sex.

I would say that
I make the worst decisions,

but you know what?
I'm not even sure that I make decisions.

I just do things.

Why is that bad?

If all of your instincts
tell you to do something,

why shouldn't you do that?

My instincts told me

to bang my physical therapist,
and it is not going well.

I thought I was distracting myself

from the pain, but you know, actually,

I think I was distracting
myself from being sober.

You know what? Enough is enough.

God, it is time to face reality...

to stop avoiding
and start making decisions

that are actually good for me,

like go to an NA meeting.

You just got all of that from meditating?


That is how it works, right?



Not here to harass you.
I'm just here to apologize.

- You are?
- Yes.

And to find out
what office your boss is in.

- You can't be serious.
- Face to face.

It's gotta be worth something.

- Tenth floor, 1021.
- 1021?

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.

So at New Amsterdam, we run into

arcane policy inconsistencies
all the time.

For example, Frances...
may I call you Frances?

- I'd rather you didn't.
- Okay, sure.

For example, there is
a very expensive spinal surgery

that is covered by your base policy,

yet there is another procedure
that is less expensive

and less invasive that is not.

And that means that Barcroft is, in turn,

shelling out more money than it has to.

- My patient, Paz Aquino...
- Account number?

It's 42118.

Her claim was denied

because Barcroft
no longer covers surrogacy.

So I've heard, but Barcroft will cover

a uterus transplant for her,

which is a procedure
that will cost ten times more.

So, uh, I guess what I'm saying is,

if Barcroft doesn't want to
reverse its policy on surrogacy,

then I am gonna have
to advise all of my patients

to consider uterine transplants instead.

And how do you think that's
gonna affect your bottom line?

That's a good point.

Maybe we should stop covering
uterine transplants

starting now.


- No, it is not covered...
- Hi, so sorry.

Can you tell me who her boss is?

You have a condition called
supraventricular tachycardia.

It's an atypically fast
heartbeat that develops when

the heart's normal electrical
impulses are disrupted,

and the frequency of the palpitations

forced your kidneys into overdrive,

which overwhelmed your bladder.

How do we fix it?

Well, I can do a catheter ablation.

It'll destroy the source of the problem.

It's non-surgical.
You won't even have to be put under.

NASA has run hundreds of tests on me.

How did they miss this?

It might be the first time it happened.

Will it happen again?

It's hard to tell. It might.

It won't.

We came here last-minute for family.

I just need to get back
to Houston, back to training.


NASA said I'm fine, so I'm fine.

Um, Mackenzie,

the attack you had today
probably lasted a few seconds,

but a serious one
could last a few minutes,

maybe even hours.

And instead of losing control
of your bladder,

you could lose consciousness.

If that happens while you're in space,

your whole mission could be compromised.

You could risk the lives of your crew.

I would never do that.

Then don't walk out of here.

If I do this procedure,
will I still be cleared to fly?

If it's successful,

this will take care
of the problem permanently.

After a period of observation,

I don't see a reason why
you'd be grounded.

You got this.

Paz, I have your scan results

from this morning.

Your tumor has stopped
responding to the chemo.

To prevent it from spreading,

you'll need to have a full hysterectomy.

Once we remove the cancer from your body,

you will enter remission faster
and you will survive.


Then there... there's no way...

I'm never gonna have a baby.

Hey, look at me.

We will find a way.


I know that there are more
important things than...

but I always dreamed of having a child.

Yeah, I know that sounds
old-fashioned and...

No, no, no.

No, it doesn't.

It sounds human.

Okay, let's play a game.

I will set a task,

and if you complete it, you win.

What do I win?

I am gonna give you

Iggy Bucks.

- Those look lame.
- Well, I'm not done.

Iggy Bucks are how you get
to the real prize.

50 of these earns one hour

with this bad boy.

All right?

It just so happens that
this first task can earn you

all 50 Iggy Bucks in one go.

What's the task?

You apologize to your brother.


Why not?

He deserved it.

Juliet, I know that you don't feel sorry,

and I know that you may never feel sorry,

but hurting Calvin was a big deal.

And a big deal means a big apology,

but it also means a big reward.

You in?

If a big apology means a big reward...

what about a small apology?

Yeah, sure, okay.

We'll start small.

One small apology, 10 Iggy Bucks.

What's that?

Oh, um, that's something
that one of my kids made me.

It's ugly. Is your kid stupid?

I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

Small apology. 10 bucks.

Oh, okay. Um, that is not... wow.

- I... I didn't, um...
- Okay, golly gee.

Wow, hoop-Dee-doo.

Is that supposed to be me?

I'm so sorry.

20 bucks.

All right, I didn't say
that I was playing.

You never said you weren't, Fat Face.

Were you fat as a kid?

Did other kids make fun of you
because you were fat?

I'm so sorry. 30 bucks.

Okay, Juliet, why don't we
go over the rules of the game...

You sweat. You're sweaty.

You have sweat stains under your arms.

That's gross. I'm sorry.

40 bucks.

Okay, I'm not playing.


Dr. Frome,

I'm really sorry.

50 bucks. I win.

Okay, take it easy, man.
I'm just trying to help out.

- Aneel? Aneel?
- Come on.

Hey, this is my friend Aneel.
He's gonna explain everything.

Could you explain to them that
we're just trying...

- Come on.
- To help people?

That we're trying to do the right thing?



I have been trying to fight
my instinct the whole day

and I have finally decided
to come to you.

For a cup of coffee.


I do not want to discuss
your personal matters,

but I...

I do want...

Yes, I do want cream and sugar.


I do not want to pry, meddle,

or counsel you in any way.

So from now on, for my cup of coffee,

I will go to the other coffee shop

so no unintentional or
misconstrued advice slips out.

But for now...

I do want a croissant.


Chocolate one, please.

Dr. Bloom.

Dr. Ligon is back tomorrow

and can see you at the usual time.

No, actually, I would like
to book an appointment

with Dr. Parsons for tomorrow morning.

Mm, Dr. Parsons'
all booked up tomorrow morning,

but Dr. Ligon is free.

What about tomorrow afternoon?

Dr. Ligon has an opening at noon.


I'll squeeze you right in.

Thank you.

I see the aberrant pathway.


Well, there's a second pathway.

What does that mean?

All right, if do more than one ablation,

it could weaken your heart

and increase the chance of recurrence.

I'm sorry, Mackenzie. You need surgery.

That will ground me.

Well, so will a fragile heart.

When I was little,
I used to sneak out of the house

when everyone was asleep.

I would lie in the yard
and feel the dark all around me,

and I would look up
at the stars and I knew...

that someday,
I would be up there with them.

I really thought I would get there.

All right, I don't like it,

but I can do two ablations.

It will destroy all the damage, but...

after the procedure, you have to let me

put your heart through a stress test.

Is that dangerous?

Well, if the ablations are insufficient,

it could push Mackenzie
into cardiac arrest.

- You could die.
- I won't.

I won't.

So, Mackenzie's resting.

We'll do the stress test in the morning.

Thank you.

Can I ask you something?

How can I be married to someone

who loves space more than she loves me?

Well, I wasn't gonna put it like that.

I love Mackenzie

the way she loves the stars.

She loves me more than anything on Earth.

Can't ask for more than that.

Could ask her to stay.

Uh, you think John Glenn's wife

ever asked him to stay?

I wouldn't blame her if she had.

You know what the Kármán line is?

It's the boundary where Earth ends

and space begins.

Loving Mack means

helping her cross that line,

even if she's leaving me
on the other side of it.

I really thought that face to face...

How could they say no?

But it's so unfair.


I mean, even without
the financial issues,

IVF is...

it's so fraught.

It's just so filled with hope and with...

despair, and...

and blame.


Did you...

After the accident,

everything just seemed so...


I don't really know
what I was waiting for.

It's what I've always wanted,

so I just went and I made it happen.

And the minute that I did it,

I knew that I'd made a mistake.

Because I want to be a mum,

but I realized that
I don't want to do it alone.

And luckily, it didn't take.

We can't let Paz lose.

Juliet, grab a seat.

So, you were really very good at my game.

Your game was easy.

Yeah, you kicked my butt good.

But I'm not so sure

if you're ready for the harder version.

Expert level.

- I'm great at games.
- You are.

Yeah, you're great at games
because you like winning,

but also because

you like making other people lose.

You made me lose emotionally.

You made Calvin lose physically.

Whenever you win,
someone else has to lose.

That's how winning works.

Yes, but not in expert level.

In expert level, you have to win

without the other person
ever knowing that they lost.

You make somebody angry,
you upset them, that's it.

Game over.

You lose.

What do I get if I win?

Calvin's phone.


when do we start?

Right now.

All right, Mackenzie,

I'm going to inject your IV
with enough adrenaline

to simulate the stress of launch

and reentry, all right?

Now, it's going to be
extremely intense, all right?

It's gonna feel like
your heart's pounding

right out of your chest,
but the first sign of trouble,

I'm gonna stop the test and intervene.


Now, the target is 195 beats per minute.

If you can achieve that
without any cardiac event,

you should be clear to fly.

Ready when you are.



Mackenzie? Mackenzie?

Come on back.

Congratulations. You passed.

You did it.

You did it.

We did it?


Hey, sweetie.

Hey, Dad.

Hey, Cal.


I'm sorry I hurt you

for a stupid phone.

I really didn't mean to...

and I'm...

really sorry.


Can I... can I play with your phone?

I'm not done.

But I apologized.

Here. Trade.

- No.
- I want it.

- I apologized.
- Juliet...

- I think we're done here.
- I want it!

I want it! I want it! I want it!


I don't know why I get so angry,

and I wish I did, because everyone thinks

I don't care about anyone, but I do!

I care about you.

And I want your phone because
when we play the same games,

that's the only way
I know how to be close to you.

I thought you hated me.

I hate that I'm...

different from you.

Thank you.

You call that progress?
That was terrifying.

- She manipulated them.
- Okay, yeah.

I mean, I'll give you
that it wasn't exactly

a Hallmark moment, but come on.

We all operate on
a reward system of some kind.

You know, you do good in school,
you get good grades,

your parents buy you a car.

You hold down a job and you get money.

We'll spend the next few years
shifting Juliet's prizes

from phones to real-world things
and then who knows?

If she can learn to always
play on expert level,

maybe she'll win the big prize...
a normal life.


there will always be something
missing with her.

Yes, empathy.

She'll never have it,
so we have to have it for her.

Thank you for choosing Marcos Insurance.

This is Melissa.
How can I be of service to you today?

Hi, Melissa, I'm just calling to see

if your company provides
coverage for surrogacy.

Well, I'm sorry, sir.

Unfortunately, Marcos Insurance

does not cover surrogacy of any...

I wanted to be a doctor.

You did?

I did a year of med school,

but I couldn't cut it,

and I've spent the last ten years

kind of numb

because instead of helping people,

I ended up doing the exact opposite.

Until today.

Trustee exemption?

Anyone on the board of trustees

can override a policy claim

without changing the policy itself.

Then you found a trustee

and got them to make
an exception for 42118?


I got them to make an exception
for Paz Aquino.

She and her sister can proceed with IVF.

- Aneel?
- No.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

How did you pull this off?

I talked to someone
at the top, face to face.


Thank you.

- How's it going?
- Good, good.

There's still a ton to do,
so I doubt I'll get to sleep

before landing in New York, but...

But you love it, right?

I do love it.

Hey, how much time would you need

to finish out there?

Six weeks.

But I don't expect you to...

Then I'll see you in six weeks.


I don't know what that was earlier...

But if I want to talk
to someone in the future,

I would like to talk to you.


Whatever you decide...

We will always be family.

Oh, Max.

Join me to celebrate Paz and Jasmine.

Yeah, well, I would love to,

but we actually, uh,
already ordered bottle service.

So, think we're good.



Was that your first laugh?

Oh, my God.
We gotta show Mommy that laugh.

I didn't mean to...

- No, of course.
- Think things come out, uh...

I know.

We have a, uh, picture of Georgia

that we talk to sometimes.

You don't have to explain.

That was her saying good night.