New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Righteous Right Hand - full transcript

When a group of women on a retreat end up in the ED, Max gets some troubling information that could put a patient in jeopardy. Sharpe and Kapoor work together to mend fences between two feuding sisters.

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I don't think I've seen
the ED this quiet since...

I don't think I've ever seen
the ED this quiet.

Could be the new moon.

Or because NYU's on spring break.

I'd say I hope it stays
like this for you,

but I know you're a masochist.

Uh, no, not anymore. I've changed.











32-year-old woman,
restrained passenger in MVA.

A van hit an embankment.

02 sats in the 80s and dropping.

Okay, she may need to be tubed.

I'll get an airway box.

Casey, draw up etomidate and sux.

We got this. One, two, three.


Okay, let's bag her with 100% O-2.

Looks like a class two airway.


Okay, use a rapid sequence technique.

Casey, when you finish,

get a 12 lead EKG
and a stat portable chest.

You got it.

- Restrained passenger in MVA.
- Man, I was good and asleep

and then all of a sudden, boom!

Glass was flying everywhere and whatnot.

- Let's get her to bay 27.
- God bless...

just trying to get an early start

back home to Alabama.

Okay, ma'am.

We were at this church convention.

- Ma'am.
- Oh, no, excuse me.

- Ma'am.
- I am not a ma'am.

I am a Miss. Miss Verdene.

Miss Verdene, well, I am Dr. Bloom,

and this here is Nurse Brunstetter.

And they're gonna take care
of your lacerations.

Okay, thank you.

Okay, let's expose the skin,

irrigate the wounds,
and set up a suture tray.


This is Kaye Henry,
restrained driver of the van.

Airbag deployed resulting
in chemical burns

and a bleeding nose.

We're from Holy Gethsemane
Christian Fellowship.

Everybody from our group has insurance.

- That's okay.
- No, we can pay.

Well, today, I am fixing
broken noses for free.

Bay 24.

40-year-old woman in respiratory arrest.

Seriously? Let me guess.

Restrained passenger in MVA.

Please, somebody help her!

Can someone please help with her leg?

Please, please, someone.

Please, please, don't let her die.

Mariana? Mariana, bay 26.

Pneumothorax, let's place a chest tube.

Someone, please, please, help her.

Please don't let her die.
Lottie's got babies at home.

All right. All right.

- Why's it so hard?
- Okay, ladies, I need for you

both to breathe for me, okay?


Turan, compartment syndrome.

Measure lower right extremity
for anterior pressure.

I'm not getting a good seal.

Mariana, angle the tube posteriorly

for better blood evacuation.


- Okay, Nurse Jackson.
- I'm right here.

Nurse Jackson, let's get this going.

Where's my cane?

All right, how you feeling, Kaye?

- Okay.
- Good?

- Yeah.
- Okay, keep that... that's right.

That's right.

Chest pressure's equalizing.

- Great.
- Bloom, leg pressure's 40.

Okay, do a fasciotomy
using the two incision

four compartment technique.

- I need my cane.
- Ow, it hurts.

All right, Kaye.

First time you've broken a bone?

- Yeah.
- All right.

This is gonna hurt,
hopefully not too much.


- Auntie Kaye.
- Chante!

- That's my niece.
- Kaye.

- You need to relax.
- I need to get to her.

Auntie Kaye, where are you?

Restrained passenger in the MVA.

She has chest bruising from the seatbelt.

My chest really hurts.

Okay, we're gonna take a look at that.

Let's move Chante to a side bay

and get chest x-rays,
both PA and lateral.


She's been sick the last few days.

- Nausea, vomiting.
- Kaye, I got her.

I promise.

The best way for you
to take care of her right now

is to take care of yourself.

All right? You need to rest.

Alfreeda Watson, 54-year-old...

BOTH: Restrained passenger in MVA.

- Got it.
- Her leg was trapped

under the seat in front of her.

Okay, Ms. Watson,
does your... does your leg hurt?

Well, it ain't childbirth,

but I 'spose it does ache a touch.

Now, I'm not one to complain,

but I think that New York is
tired of all us ladies

here from Alabama.

Uh, bay 28.

Let's get some x-rays and page Kapoor.

- Looks like nerve damage.
- Dr. Bloom?

- Dr. Bloom.
- Yes?


Your nurse cut
my blouse... brand new blouse

- clean off of me.
- And I've apologized several times.

- Okay, Miss Verdene...
- It was a final call sale.

Now, what are they gonna do about that?

They're stitching up my face.
They're gonna stitch up my shirt.

Uh, Brunstetter, what have you got?

Sister Mary Joseph node.

Good find. Okay, let's page Sharpe.

Bloom, pressure's bottoming out!

- I'm gonna be right back.
- What?

Someone, I need my cane.

Restrained passenger,
hit her head during an MVA.

And this fool done put an ice pack on it.

- You're in pain.
- But the damn thing leaked.

It's full of all kinds
of fake-ass chemicals.

Okay, we're gonna irrigate your head,

make sure all the chemicals
are washed away.

Irrigate? Oh, no, ma'am.

- This is not wet and wild hair.
- Brunstetter!

Okay, this is Nurse Brunstetter,

and they're gonna take great care of you.

- Bloom.
- [ANGRILY] Ooh.

I can't wait to get back home.

Take a look at this.

She's hemodynamically unstable.

SVT. We need to cardiovert her.

Come on.

She's in defib. Charged.


Go again, increase to 150 joules.

- Charged.
- Clear.


- We have sinus rhythm.
- Back to normal rhythm.

Blood pressure's rising.

All right, vitals are stabilizing.

Casey, pull up the portable
chest X-ray that you did.


What are you thinking?

EKG is showing low voltage
in the lateral leads.


Cardiac tamponade,
probably from that right there

on the chest X-ray.

- What?
- There's a shadow.


It's more like a mass.

Let's put Zoll Padz on her chest

to shock her heart
back to a regular rhythm

next time it goes off and page Reynolds.









If one were more conspiratorially minded,

one might think that you were
actually trying to avoid me.

[YAWNING] Uh-uh.

- Rough night?
- You could say that again.

Well, surely not because
of this adorable munchkin.

Yeah, well, to her credit,
it does take commitment

to sustain six straight hours
of screaming.

Well, like her father,

it would appear that she's
only content inside a hospital.

Yeah, cruel, cruel irony.

Let me help. I mean, after work,

I could take her for a couple of hours,

give you some me time.

That's very kind,
but I couldn't ask that of you.

What if I insisted?

Yeah, thanks anyways,

but we kind of got a whole system going.

So we're good... for the most part.


You're right, looks like a mass.

Well, based on the size,
she's had it for a while.

Any of these women know
her health history?

- Not that I can figure out.
- Where'd you want me?

Sister Mary Joseph node in bay 29.

Let's take her up.

Dr. Bloom, point me.

Uh, bay 28, nerve damage.

Okay, Ms. Watson, I'm Dr. Kapoor.

I realize it might not look this way now,

but you ladies really were lucky,

considering that there were
so many of you in the van.

So because I'm a black woman, I must be

with all the other black women
you got up in here?

No, that... not... that's not what I...

what I meant was...

Relax, I'm with them.

But you should see your face.

It's like you caught
a spirit or something.

Is that a bad thing?

Depends on what you say about my foot.

Well, your foot is not broken,

but the swelling is troubling.

Yeah, well, that's nothing new.

As long as I can walk
my fields, I'm fine enough.

You're a farmer?

Fourth generation, soybeans,

when the foot isn't giving me the blues.

Have you seen a doctor about this?

You doctors want so much out of pocket,

and I make too much for Medicaid.

So I figure I just ride it out
until I qualify for Medicare.

Unfortunately, riding it out
is not an option.

I need to ask a colleague
to evaluate it further.

Have a good day.


I know you. What's your name?

Dr. Sharpe.

No, no, that isn't it.

Dr. Helen.

You come on after my stories sometimes.

- Don't play.
- Okay, yes.

[LAUGHS] I knew it, Dr. Helen.

Fancy cancer doctor.

Oh, wait.

Are you here because I got cancer?

Verdene, you don't have cancer.

Miss Verdene.

Miss Verdene, you don't have cancer.

You gonna swear on them chunky earrings

you love wearing?

No, they're not that big, are they?


Miss Verdene, may I?

- This reddish lump...
- Mm-hmm.

Next to your belly button
is rather concerning.

It indicates an infection
in your lymph nodes.

So what's that mean?
Antibiotics, a cream?

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

The infection's being
complicated by your diabetes.

I got diabetes too?
Talk about buzzard luck.

My father lost a foot to sugar.

When was your last checkup?

Well, they closed
the nearest hospital to me.

Take me at least an hour to get to one.

Now, who got time to drive to two hours

round trip on top of an appointment?



Miss Verdene.

I'm gonna go get my colleague
to come and see you.


I think you just had a seizure.

- Vijay.
- Oh, good.

I have a black female,
54, farmer, dry sense of humor,

presenting asymptomatic
lower extremity edema.

Black female, 52, restaurant worker,

cutting fashion sense,
presenting with petit mal seizures

and untreated diabetes.


All right, I'm gonna need
a sternotomy tray,

a sternal saw, and hand me the echo.

♪ Feel discouraged ♪

What is that?

No idea what she's singing.

♪ Should the shadows ♪

She's induced, spontaneous respiration.

♪ Why should my heart ♪

Forceps and chest tube,
pass it on the tray.

Turn up her meds.

♪ And long for heaven ♪

♪ And home ♪

♪ When Je... ♪

- You have those suture boots?
- Yeah, X-ray detectable.

Oh, she was almost to the bridge.


You're interested in learning
to become a surgeon today,

Dr. Duke?

- She was singing...
- Get your head in the game.

Ten blade, please. Thank you.

We are ecstatic to be considered

as adoption candidates.

Believe me.

It's just that to come
in... for us to in come tomorrow,

I don't know my... um,

I don't know
my husband's schedule, really,

and I don't wanna spring
anything on him...

on his schedule, I mean.


Oh, I see.

I see.

No. No, no, no, no.

No, if tomorrow at 4:00 is
the only time you have,

then we will make it work on our end.


Yes, thank you.

No, we look forward to meeting you.


Well done, Iggy.

Hi, Chante, I'm Doctor Frome.

I work here at the hospital.

Is it finally my X-ray time?

No, it is not finally your X-ray time,

because I have one or two questions

that I'd like to ask you first,
if that's okay with you.

Where's your white coat?

The white coat, um, I don't know.

You know, I haven't worn
that thing in a long time,

because I find that it makes
people feel more comfortable

when I don't wear it.

Plus, if I'm being honest,
I'm a super messy eater.

- So lame.

You're crazy.

You're definitely not the first person

to tell me that.

So when's the X-ray?

Well, Chante,

um, we can't give you an X-ray,

because you are pregnant.

We give a blood test to women
who don't know

if they're pregnant
before we give them an X-ray.

Because an X-ray can harm the fetus.

Do you understand what it means
to be pregnant?

I have a baby in me?

Am I in trouble?

No, you're not in trouble.

No, you're not in trouble at all.

Um, did you know that you were pregnant?

- Maybe.
- Did you plan this?

Um, was the sex consensual?
Did you want to have sex?

Who doesn't wanna have sex?

I like sex. Do you like sex?

Do I like sex? Um, sure.

Sex is great. Wow.

- Yeah, okay.

Okay, yeah. That's healthy.

There's nothing wrong with liking sex.

I just need to make sure
that nobody did anything to you

that you didn't want.

I wanted to,

and my boyfriend was a scaredy-cat.

He forgot the condom.

Yeah, condom's pretty important.

Let me ask you this.

Do you have a plan with your pregnancy?

I want an abortion.


Do you understand what that means?

I don't wanna... I don't wanna
have a baby.

Sorry for the impromptu music.

My mom used to sing
"His Eye is on the Sparrow",

like, every Sunday.

Yeah, after church, it was
laundry, singing, and folding.

Angle that light for me.

She was choir section leader
before she got sick.

The altos, music, church,
it meant a lot to her.

Dr. Duke, I am fully aware
of the relationship

between black women and church.

They're everywhere but the pulpit.

My mom doesn't let me miss a Sunday,

but that's on Sunday.

Can I have the cardioplegic
solution sent down?


- Ah, damn it.
- What's wrong?

The mass causing the tamponade has grown

through the chamber wall.

Where is the echo I asked for?

On its way from Hastings' surgery.

Get it here now.

Can you do a resection to remove it?

The way it's positioned posteriorly,

I have to remove the heart entirely

and then resect the mass.

And then put the heart back in?

Prep the SCS bath on the back table.


Ms. Henry, I'm Dr. Goodwin.

I just wanted you to know
that everyone in your group

has stabilized except for Tamala Robeson.

Her family's so worried. How is...

- Whoop, you okay?
- I'm fine.

- Why don't we take a seat?
- I'm fine.

Why don't we have a seat?

- No, I'm fine, really.
- Why don't we have a seat?

Tell me about Tamala.

There was a complication.

During surgery, we found a tumor,

and it was there long before the crash,

but it has penetrated her heart.

So there's a number of things we can
do, but I need you to understand

that your friend is facing
a very high-risk operation.

Well, it's covered.
Anything she needs is covered.

I organized our trip.
It's all right here.


When we rented the van,

we paid for the personal injury

I've read the policy, there's no limit.

So she's entitled to
the best care you can offer.

- Hmm.
- The very best.

And I made everyone pay the extra $7.50

for the insurance.

They carried on a while, but...

Well, I'm sure they're thanking you now.


Dr. Goodwin, would you be
open to praying with me?

Um, I'm not really the most

prayerful of guys.


Heavenly father
from whom all blessings flow.

It was your will to work
through this accident.

Bless the hands of these surgeons

as they do your work.

We are your instruments, Lord,
prayerful or not.

Bless us and show us the way.


Lucky the accident happened
so close to us.


Some are calling it an act of God.

What do you think?

Well, I know is that

half these women came in with a host

of preexisting conditions,

diabetes, cervical cancer, hypertension.

And then they crash
right when they need care most.

I don't know. I'm a cynic.

I mean, maybe it was divine intervention.


Maybe there was an intervention.

I just don't know if it was divine.



Is there an update?

Uh, no update.

I just, uh... do you mind if I sit?

Um... I met this woman once,

and the amazing thing about her was that

she loved her friends...
more than anything.

And her friends were in trouble,

through no fault of their own.

They couldn't get the care
that they needed.

So she decided that she was
gonna help her friends...

No matter what.


So she did something dangerous.

And I would never tell you her name,

because I don't wanna get her in trouble.

Because I respect her.

I expect she appreciates that.

But I do have a question for her.

How did things get so bad

that the only way she saw
to save her friends

was to crash their van?

Perhaps it's what this woman saw.

She had a friend who used to
love going for walks.

Now she can't breathe.

One's in and out of a wheelchair,

another died too early.

This woman sees it all,
sees her friends at church,

praying for the hospitals to return,

for money to buy medicine,

for deliverance slow to come.

So maybe she prays
for something different,

for the strength to act,

for a sign,

and she gets nothing.

Until a nice young man
at a van rental office

offers to sell her supplemental
injury insurance.

You spend your life wondering
what salvation will cost,

and the answer turns out to be $7.50.

All I had to do was one scary thing...

And all our prayers were answered.

"So do not fear, for I am with you.

"Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

"I will strengthen and help you.

I will uphold you
with my righteous right hand."

Meaning God will see you through?

Meaning sometimes

you wait for the right hand of God,

but sometimes the hand is you.


So me losing my concentration
is me having a seizure?

In some cases.

Petit mal seizures present
in different ways.

And this is from the diabetes too?

Uncontrolled diabetes
puts you at a high risk

for strokes and other diseases.

You should not drive until
you get this under control.

Well, if I can't drive,
how am I supposed to get

to a doctor for help?

A church member can't drive you?

An hour each way?

Perhaps family?

No one I can rely on.
I'm always bailing them out.


So what am I dying of?

Miss Alfreeda, you're not dying.

Tell that to your face.

The swelling in your leg,

we thought that it might be
cancer or a blood disorder,

but it's neither.

It's your kidneys. They're failing.

So I am dying.

Well, your GFR is 16,

which means that the creatinine
isn't clearing

from your kidney,

which means you need a new kidney.

Well, it's a good thing
I brought a spare.

Well, you did bring a vanload
of potential donors.

You want me to take a kidney
from one of my church members?

A blood relative would be better, though.

Do you have any family?

No, I don't have any family here.

Stop telling tales.
I'm her much younger sister.

Right. I forgot about her.

See... you see how she is?

I was gonna do the Christian thing

and offer up one of my kidneys,

but I ain't doing it now unless she asks

- for once in her life.
- Nobody is asking you

for anything.

Like, when I helped you keep

Mom and Daddy's farm last year.

Go ahead, tell the truth.
Shame the devil.

You know what? That's right, baby sister.

Go on, keep Christ
in your heart and your kidney,

because I don't want nothing from you.


We'll have only two hours for this.

Why is that, Dr. Duke?

Because we're harvesting
the patient's own heart.

After two hours, the organ will degrade

beyond viability.

And the mass?

Is presenting posterior
as a left atrial mass.

And I can resect it with clean margins

in about 45 minutes, maybe another 45

to restructure the heart muscle.

That leaves you with 30 minutes

to sew it back in and warm the trunk.

Is there enough time for that?

Sitting about 4 degrees Celsius.


All right, ladies and
gentlemen, listen up.

Now this may be
an atypical surgery for us,

but what is typical is our efficiency

and our precision.

So use them today,

and we may have a chance to save a life.


Let's get after it.

You're fully on bypass.

SVC partial dissection complete.


Transecting the ascending aorta.

Pulmonary artery clamped and dissected.

Aortic cross-clamp off.

Removing the heart.

Resection tray right behind you.

Heart is on the move.

Start the clock.

Pregnant? Chante, you pregnant?

Yes, ma'am.

Is it Mario?

What'd I tell you about messing around

with that fast-ass boy?

The baby.

Is the baby okay?
What with the accident...

The fetus is totally unharmed
as far as we can tell.

[WHISPERING] Thank you, Jesus.



We're gonna figure this out.

I don't wanna be a mommy.

Oh, baby.

I know it may seem scary right now,

but Auntie Kaye will be right here.

I took care of you, didn't I?

We'll get through this.

Ms. Henry.

Chante has expressed
more than not wanting

to be a mother.


Well, why don't we let Chante
take this opportunity

to share her feelings?

I want an abortion.


Did you put her up to this?

No, but she is clearly articulating

her choice to end this pregnancy.

Then she should have clearly articulated

that I am her legal guardian,

and I am in charge of her decisions,

including her medical ones.


I... you need to know that I'm just here

in support of Chante and what she wants.

And it seems like this pregnancy

would be a burden.

Because you think we couldn't
care for this baby?

That's not what I'm saying...

We are more than capable
of taking care of our own.

Every child born
into this family is loved

and extremely well taken care of.

Chante's child will be no different.

But is that what's best for Chante?

Based on what,
your 45 minutes of knowing her?


Folks always want you to make a choice,

then look at you funny
when you don't make the choice

they wanted you to make.

One side shakes their heads,
saying you're oppressed,

the other filled
with so called "Christians"

who don't give a damn as soon as the baby

gets pushed out.

But let's be clear.

This black family right here

ain't being co-opted
for anyone's crusade.

Oh, Max!

What about if I got you a food service?

Don't need it.

It would take the pressure
off of cooking.

Luna's still bottle feeding, so...

Not for the baby, for you.

- Oh.
- Be my treat.

Yeah, I'm good. I eat most of
my meals at the hospital anyway.

Have you tried
the pretzel and hummus combo?

- It's very...
- Max.

I'm good.

Why won't you let me help you?

You know what? How 'bout this?

When I need your help, I'll ask for it.

Speech therapist to distro four.

Speech therapist to distro four.

How's our group?

Most are recovering,
and we've got aftercare plans

for the noncritical ladies...

Are you the medical director?

Is this about my unpaid parking tickets?

We're following up
on the accident on the FDR.

I'm Detective Grove.
This is Detective Vasquez.

Oh, why don't we discuss this outside?

We'd like to have
a conversation with the driver,

Kaye Henry.

Well, she's recovering.

If she's awake and conscious,
we wanna talk to her.

And if she isn't, we'll wait.



Kaye, the police are here
to speak to you.

You understand there will be

if they find out the crash
was intentional.

And the only option is to tell the truth.

So what are you saying?

That I don't want you to go to jail

or your friends to lose their insurance.

But they didn't do anything wrong.

They don't even know what I did.

It doesn't matter.

Deliberate actions negate
the policy you purchased.

For a while there,

I really thought I was doing God's will.

But this and Chante...

I was all wrong.

Now it's time to do right, Dr. Goodwin.

This isn't in my hands, never was.

Kaye, what are you gonna tell the police?

I continue to be thrilled
that I am an only child.

What do you mean?

Verdene and Alfreeda letting
decades old personal drama

get in the way of their health.

Will it kill Alfreeda to ask?
It's a kidney.

But why offer someone something

and then make them ask for it?

Asking isn't such a big deal.

So it makes perfect sense
that Alfreeda could die

while Verdene keeps her kidney hostage,

waiting for her to ask for it?

It's about respect.
Verdene has sacrificed

her own health, swooping in to help

her entire family,
never getting a word of praise.

I'm sure no one ask her
to be their savior.

She's doing it for the attention.

- That's not true.
- Of course it is.

She's gotta be the bride at every wedding

and the corpse at every funeral.

Come on, show her some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


Respect is earned, not demanded.




- Hi, Chante.
- Hi.

So Chante, I brought
Dr. Bloom here with me,

because I thought
you might feel more comfortable

speaking with a female doctor.

I also wanted to tell you that
we went around the hospital

and we spoke to some lawyers here.

And if you want to have
an abortion, then you can.

- Yeah.
- But Kaye said no.

Yes, I know, but as your guardian,

she is there to support you
whenever you can't

make a decision on your own.

But in this case,

I think it's very clear that you can.

And as you're only nine weeks,

it is still legally your choice to make.

I don't want Kaye mad at me.

Chante, you know,
I had to make a choice too

when I was your age.

Doing what was right for me,
it helped me make that choice.

Didn't make it any easier,
but it did make it clearer.

Do you wanna have an abortion?



Now, look, since you're
under guardianship,

we just need to ask you
a few more questions.

More questions?

Just to make sure that you
have thought everything through.

Like, after the abortion,
what's your plan?

My plan?

Your relationship with Kaye, um...

it may change.


Like, if she's mad

and doesn't want me
to live with her no more?

Not living with Kaye is a possibility.

Something that you have to think about.

And I can't lose Kaye.

I can't lose Kaye.

Which is why we need a plan.

I don't need a plan.

I don't need a plan.

I need just Kaye.

Uh, excuse me, Detective,
where you taking her?

The precinct. It's none of your concern.

Uh, you're taking a patient
out of my hospital.

I'm very concerned.
Kaye, what did you say?

Nothing, just that she lost her way.

So now we go to the precinct.


- I'm attaching the aorta.
- You have 45 seconds.

Still have to do the pulmonary vein.

Duke, I need those hands.

Target core temp is 37 Celsius.

- Sir?
- That's the pulmonary vein.

Right there. Use your 6-0 Prolene stitch.

Don't back wall the vein, stat.

Give me a 6-0 Prolene on a stick tie.

Idle breathing looks good.


She's normalizing.

You have five seconds,
but they're flicking by.

Vitals are stable.

Ah, the boot should be wider


- Time, Dr. Reynolds.
- I hear you.

- Almost there.
- Full shocks, holding.

- Detractor number two.
- Clamps.

- Duke.
- Done.





- Got a heartbeat.
- I got a pulse.


Dr. Reynolds.


The brainwaves aren't picking up.

Brain's warming too slowly.

Does that mean she has brain damage?

We won't know until she wakes up.

A little help here.

Get her to bay 24.

What happened?

We were driving away
and she just started seizing.

- Casey, do a finger stick.
- What's going on?

We need ten units of insulin.


Blood glucose at 550.

I need ten units of insulin, subq.

Is she okay?

Kaye's a brittle diabetic.

- Brittle?
- It's a form of diabetes.

It manifests with dramatic
spiking of blood sugar levels.

Could that have caused the accident?

Very well could have.

How are you feeling, Miss Verdene?

Well, it ain't childbirth.

How long till you know if I'm a match?

Could be as soon as tomorrow.

You can say thank you now.

I could.


Thank you.

Now, was that so hard?


Well done, Vijay.

Acting out their ridiculous
feud in front of them.

Who was acting?

You weren't really upset, were you?

Talk to my hand.



Um, hi.


I should learn to accept a blessing

when it's offered to me, right?

And to be, you know, less of a jerk.

Well, it's about time.


Oh, and some other ideas
I've been noodling:

a diaper service.

Or what about a CSA?

Or how would you feel about
your very own car service?

It all sounds great. Surprise me.


Auntie Kaye!


You're about to squeeze me in half.

I don't wanna lose you.

I'm not going anywhere.

- Don't go, don't go.
- I'm right here.

The court is restoring Chante's right

to make this medical choice.

And, um... she hasn't made
a decision yet,

because she's a little bit scared of how

it might affect your relationship.

Auntie Kaye, will you still love me?



But you're blocking a blessing, Chante.

No, I'm not. God's with me.

God is with you?

I prayed no baby.

God crashed the van here.

The doctor said "no baby," see?

I crashed the van.

It was me. God had nothing to do with it.

God's in you.

Is God in me?

No. No, that's not... [SIGHS]

[VOICE BREAKING] I don't know.

I don't know.

I hope so.

Auntie Kaye.

Auntie Kaye.


Still no change?



Tamala kind of reminds me of my mom too.

It's just we, uh... we haven't
talk much lately.

Family stuff.

Well, if this was your mom,
what would she want right now?

Couldn't hurt.


♪ Why should I feel ♪

♪ Discouraged ♪

♪ Why should the shadows ♪

♪ Come ♪


♪ Why should my heart ♪

♪ Be lonely ♪

♪ And long... ♪

♪ Why should I feel ♪

♪ Discouraged ♪

♪ And why ♪

♪ Should the shadows come ♪

♪ His eye ♪

ALL: Amen!

♪ Is on the sparrow ♪

♪ And I know ♪

♪ He watches me ♪


Hey, Mama.

No, no, no, nothing's wrong.

I, uh...

I just called to tell you I love you.

♪ And I sing ♪

♪ Because I'm free ♪

Could you enter this
in the database, please?

♪ His eye is on ♪

Shall we wait for your husband?

You know, he's not gonna make it,

but we are both very excited
about moving forward

with the adoption process.

Okay, great. Come on in.


Have a seat.

♪ His eye is on ♪

♪ The sparrow ♪

Ed's still empty.

How'd the changed woman enjoy her shift?

You know, it was exactly what I needed.




Tidy Town Cleaners.

Are you... Dr. Goodwin?

Uh, yeah, but I didn't...

The bill's covered, tip included.

A gift from your friend Helen.

- Right.
- May we come in?


Sor... you know what? Sorry.

Actually, I'm good. I'm okay.

I'm okay. Thank you.

- Oh, but we've already...
- Thank you.

- Yeah, sorry.
- But we've already...

No, no, I appreciate it. Thank you.




Hi. Hey.

Come here. Okay.

Hi. Oh, I got you.

[GASPS SOFTLY] Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.