New Amsterdam (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Denominator - full transcript

When Iggy and Kapoor discover a patient might be suffering from lead poisoning, they are forced to take on the city. Max's unsolicited attempts to help a patient backfire,

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
♪ Tell me things
you've never said out loud ♪

♪ Just try and go there if you can ♪

♪ Show me the parts of you ♪

♪ You're not that proud of ♪

♪ I want to know, I'm just a man ♪

♪ I'll have you know that ♪

♪ I have good and bad days ♪

♪ Come on now, love, don't be naive ♪

- Oh.
- Oh!

- Oh! Oh, game point!
- Game!

- You guys got schooled.
- Yeah, boy.

I gotta open up the shop.

Kenny, you're leaving us one short.

Like y'all ain't gonna
be at the shop later,

begging to fit you in
for a lineup, right?

Hey, stroller guy, you want to run?


Oh, sorry. Baby.

I'll watch your baby.


No, no, that's okay. I don't want to...

I babysit all the time.

You got no reason not to play.



Go, go. Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap!

Go, go, go, go!

Hey, stroller guy,

who taught you to dribble, your baby?

♪ What a life, what a goal,
what a dream ♪

♪ What a life, what a goal,
what a dream ♪

Not in my house, baby!

Did I mention I have cancer?

Hey, stroller guy, I hope you pass

some serious math skills onto this baby.

♪ What a life, what a goal,
what a dream ♪

- Watch the screen.
- Shot, shot, shot!

Hey, stroller guy, you want
me to bring you a golf club?

♪ You can get zapped
when the sparks fly ♪

♪ Get 'em hog-tied ♪

♪ Seeing the world
through business eyes ♪

I know. I'd be crying, too.


We'll get that back.

Sorry, guys, I got to... duty calls.

- Aww.
- Fun's over.

You might not be able
to shoot, stroller guy,

but look at Marquis.

You definitely had him
running up and down the court.

It was fun.

Yeah, man, good playing with you, man.

You, too.

Hey, thanks.

First time playing basketball?

No way.

Two years YMCA rec league. Basically pro.

Daddy's got mad skills, right?

- Don't listen to them.
- Dad, are you okay?

- Dad!
- Rod, grab the stroller.


Give me some space.

Call 9-1-1.

32-year-old man found down.

No pulse, no respirations.

Cardiac resuscitation
started immediately.

Get the defibrillator ready.

He was sweating profusely
as he boxed me out

- in our pickup game.
- Your pickup game?

Why does no one believe I can play?

Is he gonna be okay?

Yeah, just come with me.

Nuh-uh. I'm going in with him.

I need you to stay here.

Just tell me plain.
Is my dad gonna be okay?

You watched over my daughter,

and we're gonna watch over your dad.


First, I divide the pleura
to isolate the diaphragm.

Then, with forceps
applying gentle traction,

I plicate the paralyzed area
using a series of U-sutures.

Where are those anchored?

Costal arch of the sixth rib.

I also dug deep and found

a completely endoscopic approach.

No partial thoracotomy?

Since when? That's not how I trained.

You got some reading to do.

Damn, Duke,
you're putting me on the ropes.

I'm just, I'm so mad at myself right now.

So much for telling you my news.

We have four children under 10 already.

But, no, I have to suggest to Martin

that we adopt another one. Why?

What am I doing?
Why do I always do this?

But it's like if you see
a squirrel in the park

and it's injured, or, like,
a pigeon with a bum wing

or whatever, do you not try to rescue it?


You don't? I do.

That's, like, my go-to.
I just can't help myself.

But Martin, you know,
you should've seen the look

on his face this morning,
Vijay, it was like...

I don't know.
What's a word that means angry

but also profoundly exasperated?

English is not my first language, but...

I see these kids in the refugee camps,

and I see the looks on their faces,

and it's a no-brainer for me.

We have money, we have space,
we... Martin... ugh, Martin.

No, Martin's right. Martin's right.

Martin is always right.

We have a full family as is,

and there are tons of other ways to help.

Thank you.

Thank you for talking
me through this, Vijay.

I appreciate it.
Now hit me with the good news.

What's going on?

We are having a baby.


Are you seeing someone?

Not me, but Ella,
she's carrying my grandchild.

Can you believe it?

No, not even a little bit.

At first, it was all bad,

but what choice do I have
but to take it as a blessing?

I can't stop smiling.

Are you okay?

We're having a baby.

We're having a baby!

Maybe you're not stretching it enough.

You know what? I never thought of that.

- Really?
- No, not really.

I am doing all
of the recommended stretches

and exercises, and you know what?

Sometimes things just hurt.

On a scale of one to ten,
how's your pain level?

A hard one.

Sounds more like...

Oh, you got me.

Yeah, my pain level is jazz hands.

You know what? Even if you are right,

and I am in otherworldly pain,

I've got physical therapy
right after work.

That's in nine hours.
Why don't you see if Ligon

can squeeze you in for a quick session?

Just so you can get through the day.


What's wrong?

This time, I should be on top.

I, of course, say that
from a therapeutic standpoint.

Ms. Richards.

Welcome to New Amsterdam.

Thrilled to be here.

Yeah, so I understand
that you were previously

at Mount Zion under Dr. Castro.

Yes. I'm embarrassed to ask you,

but would you mind?

Could you just write,
"Warm regards, Molly"?

Of course.

It's an old co-worker.

We recently lost a mutual friend.

I can't grip the... ow.

It's not a problem. There you go.

Thank you, dear.

I'm Dr. Sharpe. I run the oncology...

Dr. Castro and I head the department.

I'm glad to see women
are running things here, too.

I was a partner at Goldman and Fitch.

Investment banking. Impressive.

I have a number
of patients in that field.

Almost all are men.

We gals, as they called us,
were about one in ten.

It was great fun, before I was sidelined

by this stupid disease.

I can see you're in a lot of pain.

Dr. Castro warned me this latest

experimental agent might be rough.

How many have you tried?

I don't know. Seven.

How you feeling?

I was gonna make
a Floyd Mayweather reference,

but I don't think sports is your thing.

He was a boxer.

Oh, was he? Thank you for that.

Uh, Marquis, you have a heart
that's been working overtime.

Do you know you have hypertension?

Of course my blood pressure's up.

I'm in the damn hospital.

You get me outside,
it's a different story.

Well, it's high blood pressure
that brought you in here.

That's impossible.

I exercise every day. I eat healthy.

Your condition's been
developing for some time.

When was the last time that you
had a checkup or a physical?

Not since I've been alive.

Why go to the doctor when you're healthy?

Best time to go to the doctor
is before you get sick.

Blood sugar checks, cancer screenings...

And the added benefit of missing work?

How many guys I met today

have the same policy on doctors?

All of them.

Hi, there.

Stroller guy.

Yeah. Also known as Dr. Max Goodwin.

Dr. G.

That's cooler. Let's go with that.


Thanks for helping my boy Quis out.

- Sure.
- How's he doing?

It's tough to say,
but just glad I was there.

Marquis is one of my best customers.

How about I give you
a trim free of charge?

You know what? I actually...

I have a free service for you.

What kind of service?

What do you think about Kenny's Kuts

having its own in-house physician?

So you want to set up in my shop?

Uh, yeah. I want to give
consultations to your customers,

free of charge.

Yeah, but, like, here?
Like, inside the shop?

Right here.

Look, Doc, the only cutting that
goes on inside this clinic is hair.

Look, Marquis is your customer, right?

He just had a cardiac emergency
due to unchecked hypertension.

But what if he had a doctor
checking his blood pressure

every so often, say,
every time he gets a haircut?

I feel you, but what makes you think

all of my customers need help?

Three in four African
American men develop

high blood pressure by the age of 55,

and are twice as likely
to die from cardiac disease.

I don't know, man. Not buying it.

Look, it's not gonna
cost you a thing, all right?

Once a week,
I'll spend an hour in the back,

and if anybody wants

to get their blood pressure
checked, I'm here.

And if it's high, I give them a pill.

What you think, man?

I don't know.

White guy in the back, handing out pills?

That doesn't look too good.

What's in it for you?

I won't have to watch
another 14-year-old girl

think her dad just died.

♪ By standing on the wall ♪

♪ Get your back up off the wall ♪

♪ 'Cause I heard all the people saying ♪


Mrs. Martone?


And this is Xander.

Hey, Xander.

My name is Dr. Bloom,

and this here is Casey.

Do you mind if I take
a look at your head?

Ooh. Okay, that is what
us doctors call a doozy,

but it's nothing
a few stitches can't fix.

So how'd this happen?

He was doing his homework

when he started to get frustrated.

Next thing I knew...

he was standing and banging
his head against the wall.

Can we get Dr. Frome down here?

So here's the damaged area of your heart.

Now there are two options.

We can tuck an internal defibrillator
just under your skin

to shock the heart back
into normal rhythm

when it goes out of control,

or we can perform surgery
and take out the part

of your heart that's causing the problem.

I was fine this morning.

Now you want to cut into me?

Look, I'm a single father with
a daughter to take care of.

Who's gonna take care of me
after open-heart surgery?

I won't be a burden to her.

Wait, wait, hold up, hold up, hold up.

Might be another option.

So you will wear this all the time.

Even in the shower?

Yeah. While you're sleeping,
eating, exercising, everything.

Now your monitor's gonna
transmit your heart rhythm

back here to the hospital.

If there's any more troubling rhythms,
the hospital will know about it,

and we'll be able to coordinate a
response to the GPS in the device.

Marquis, glad you're feeling better.

- Thanks, Dr. Goodwin.
- Yeah, just so you know,

you can get full health care
from me at Kenny's Kuts.

Wait, what?

Yeah, I got a chair in the back.
I'll see you there.

Why would...

Valentina, I've just met Molly Richards.

Dry as a martini, isn't she?

She's suffering.

She's been through a lot,

but she's a trooper.

She mentioned how she's
on her seventh drug regimen.

She's gone through all kinds
of medications

that haven't even hit the market yet,

even phase one trials.

So the drugs you're giving her

are only to see if people
can tolerate them?

That sounds like a judgment.

If she's suffering this badly

and you don't even know if they work...

Molly's been breaking
barriers her entire life,

so even now, with incurable cancer,

she gains satisfaction
from pioneering new treatments.

Gives her meaning to her struggle.

Mm. And it advances your career.

Excuse me?

Are these treatments helping her, or you?


she's my patient.

Hello. Hi.

Hi, Xander. My name is Dr. Frome.

I heard that you did a real
number on your noggin there.


You think you can talk
to me about why you did it?

It's okay, sweetie.
Dr. Frome is here to help.


I don't know.

No? That's okay.

Why don't you tell me what happened?

I don't know. I just...

I just got mad, and then I was, like...

Hurting myself.

Well, that must've been scary.

Have you gotten mad like that before?

I've been frustrated before,
like, with school.


My mom.

But never this bad.

That's okay.

It's okay, Xander.

It's like...

I'm mad all the time.

And I can't control it anymore.

I bet that's hard.

Xander, has your hand
been shaking like that

since you hurt your head?

It's been like that for a while.

You two take it easy here.
I'll be back in a bit, okay?

All right.

Xander Martone has neurological damage.

From his head injury?

No, worse. From before the head injury.

Okay, I'll run some tests,
and I'll page Kapoor.



V-fib, outpatient heart monitor,

- Marquis Cannon.
- Damnit.


Let me through. Make room.

He just stopped and fell.

- Hey, Kenny.
- Hm.

What's up with Nurse Jackie down there?

That's Dr. G, here on his lunch break.

So, what, you line me up,
and then Doogie Howser

down there amputates my leg or something?

- What, takes out my appendix?
- You know what, man?

I think barbers
actually used to do surgeries.

He's here for folks like
you who ain't been to a doctor

in a month of Sundays.

Man, do I look like
I need to go to the doctor?

Hey, maybe I do.

I mean, these pythons
is a little sick, you know?

What about that time
you busted your elbow

falling off your bike?

Man, I wrapped it myself.

Let's check it out. My elbow fine.

Yo, anybody who's seen your jumpshot

knows that's not true.

Okay, okay, okay, you got jokes.

Man, shut up, man.

It ain't like
you ever been to the doctor.

Don't trust 'em. Never have, never will.

Look, guys, I know it's a little unusual,

but I'm just... I'm just trying to help.

Doc, man, do yourself a favor,

and go find you some real sick patients,

like at a retirement home, huh?

Actually, that's exactly
what I'm trying to do.

Doc, you ain't getting it, man.

Ain't none of us sick.


it's just that...

untreated malignant
hypertension can kill you,

and as African American men,
you're twice as likely to have it.

And, Damian, I mean,
how do you know you don't have

a small hole in your heart right now?

You know, I mean,
you could be sitting here,

chatting with your friends one minute,

and then the next, you've thrown a clot,

and you're having a stroke, you know?

Or, you, you could have
untreated type 2 diabetes,

in which case, I really would
have to amputate that foot.

Aren't y'all supposed to have
bedside manner, or something?

Yeah, I know... I didn't
mean to kill the vibe in there.

I just got carried away, and I...

My customers don't come here
to be threatened or shamed.

Okay, especially by some stranger.

I get it. It won't happen again.

Yeah, no kidding,
'cause you're not coming back.

Fired in the first hour.
That's a new record.

Okay, so something's
not working in my heart.

That's clear.

What' this thing about the pacemaker?

That's the one that doesn't involve you

cracking open my chest, right?

Right, but to be perfectly honest,

that option won't be curative.

I want the pacemaker.

- I don't want surgery.
- Weak.

There's a doctor telling you to your face

there's a good option and a weak option,

and you're going for the weak option,

'cause he just said the pacemaker is like

the midrange jumper of medicine.

So do me a favor, Dad.

Finish at the rim, or jack up a three.

Go for the cure or go home,
'cause I don't even want you

in my house
if you're not gonna play right.

Looks like I'm getting the surgery.

Okay, let's start him on Phenytoin.

850mg IV loading dose.

Excuse me, have you seen Dr. Bloom?

Oh, you are not serious.

Oh, there you are.


Here I am on the floor
I am supposed to be on.

Come with me.

Okay. I know what's going on here.

You do?

Yes, I came to see you twice yesterday.

I was desperate and hurting and
I was having a good-hair day,

and you thought maybe this

would turn into the kind of arrangement

where you could just pop down here

any time you had an itch to scratch

and I would service you
in between patients.

That's not...

But this... hey, this is not
about sex for me.

This is about managing my pain,

and I come to you,
not the other way around.

I need your help.

How can I help?

That's very good. Um...

my first day at the barber shop
was not exactly a success.

I got fired.

Yep. Saw that coming a mile away.

Did you? Thanks for saying something.

Um, I was thinking maybe
you could give it a shot.

What makes you think I can do any better?

Well, it's just,
you know, I think my particular

complexion puts me at a slight
disadvantage, shall we say,

that maybe you won't encounter
for various reasons.

- It's 'cause I'm black.
- It's because you're black, yeah.

Right, and you want me to bail you out

with a group of people
who don't trust you.

If you wouldn't mind.

Except the problem isn't you.

I mean, well, it's always just
a little bit of you, but...

it's things like the Tuskegee
Syphilis Experiment.

Henrietta Lacks, experimental
surgeries on slaves.

Those kind of things
are the things that cause

black people to take pause

whenever a doctor like yourself
comes around asking to help.


What are you telling me, not to help?

I'm telling you that it doesn't
matter who you send in there.

They're not a part of their community,

they're gonna be met with a block.



Max, I know that face.

Whatever you're thinking, don't.

Thank you.

Dr. Sharpe.

Bearing gifts.

If you're really
the head of the department,

surely you have people
to do that for you.


And I like seeing patients.

Make sure they're being
taken care of properly.

Control freak, huh?

Me, too.


do you mind if I call you Molly?


How did you lose your friend?
From the letter.

Stupid accident.

I confess. Part of me envies her.

Life, fine.

Death, at this point...

fine, too.

It's the middle ground,
waiting for death,



So why are you continuing
with the treatments?

Dr. Castro said my tumor
is a good one for study.

Some genetic variant makes
it deliciously interesting.

So you like being part of the process.

You find it satisfying.

I used to.


Has Dr. Castro ever
talked to you about hospice?


The trial...

someone else is still
pulling the strings.

I miss being in control, especially now.

At the end.

Your son's CT is clear.
That's the good news.

But his blood work revealed...

extremely high levels of lead toxicity.


What does that mean?

Well, this level of exposure affected

every one of Xander's organs.

It's the reason for the impulse control,

the violent emotional swings,
also the hand tremors. All of it.

But we caught it early.
We'll get him started

- with the chelation therapy right away.
- Absolutely.

How was he exposed?

Most likely in your home.

But I have notified the city
to come out and test your home.

Unfortunately, full disclosure,
they are a little backed up.

It could be a few months.

So I'm supposed to go back home and just

hope that it's safe?


For Xander's sake, you can't take him

back until it's cleared.

Where am I supposed to go?

I don't have anywhere else.

Perhaps we could help.

No lead.

Has your turned red anywhere?


So we will have to test Xander's school

and all of the parks
that he likes to play in.

And by we, obviously I mean the city

whose job this actually is.

Yeah, you good right there.

Let me see one of those swabs.

Uh, okay.

Look. Lead.

What are you, some sort of lead magician?

How did you know that?

That overpass has been repainted.

They would've had to scrape
off all the older

layers of the lead paint.

Oh, yeah.

So if Xander's house
had exposure to lead,

then so will all of his neighbors.

And their neighbors.

The city poisoned
this whole neighborhood.

Still got time for that cut?

Hey, yo, doc, I thought I
made myself clear this morning.

Yeah, no, you were. It's just a cut.

Nah, man.

I had to spend the rest
of the day taking shots

from everybody 'cause of you.

Sorry. I tend to have
that effect on people.

You know how hard I worked
to gain those people's trust?

Hm? Make them feel safe?

Everybody who comes to my shop
has something to worry about.

Their jobs, their family...

and, yeah, their health
probably should be

on that list, but people have
a hard enough time as it is.

What if there's a way
to keep them safe...

and healthy?

You didn't come here for a cut, did you?

Not really, no, 'cause
I realised that your customers

don't need some doctor from
the hospital down the street.

They need someone they trust and respect,

someone they know has
their best interest at heart.

- They need you.
- They already got me.

Well, I'm thinking bigger, Kenny.

I'm thinking you could be the one
keeping your community healthy.

So, what, you want to make me a doctor?

Look, how about you give me
that free cut...

and we can talk?

If I don't like your plan,
I'm charging full price.


The defect is sub-aortal.

Blood pressure.

Maintain monitoring.

All right, suction.

Duke, what do you see?

The left ventricle's dilated.

That's right.

The heart wall's much thinner
than I expected.

I'm gonna have to go slow and careful.

Tell the scheduling nurse
we'll need more than two hours.

How long will you need?

Uh... six hours or more, and page Max.

All right, let's go ahead and start

the endoventricular circular plasty.

You sure about that?

Why not do the McCarthy technique?

We'll do exactly as I said.

Is that clear?


Thank you for coming down, Mr. Laettner.

Oh, Nathan. Nathan's fine.

Good, good, good, you know,
it's not every day we have

the Deputy Comptroller

of the City of New York in our midst, so.

We wish to speak with you
about the lead contamination

in the local neighborhood.

Yes, you see, Nathan,
the Cross Bronx Expressway

was built before 1972.

I don't know if you're aware of that.

And this is the part
that's just bananas to me.

Back then, the city
only used lead-based paints.

The city is fully aware
of that fact, Dr. Frome.

Oh, are they?

Yeah, my office is actively
engaged in replacing

all lead-based paints on public
works with safer alternatives.

Yeah, for which the city
is eternally grateful,

but if your workers had done so properly,

we wouldn't be here treating them.


You see, Nathan, when the city workers

were sandblasting the lead-based
paint off that overpass,

they must not
have sealed the blast zones.

Toxic airborne particles
managed to pollute

the entire neighborhood,

every yard over a six-block stretch.

So it appears your office
has a huge cleanup job

on your hands,
and a temporary housing crisis.

You're probably gonna expect to cough up

a pretty hefty settlement on this one.

That lead could've come from anywhere.

Occupational exposure, food,
structures in the neighborhood,

they were all built before 1972.

The city is not responsible
for this mess.

And you have no proof
that says otherwise.

He's seizing.

Push 2mg of ativan.


I'm fine. Get back to the patient.

- Just lean on me.
- No, I said I'm fine.

Damnit, Lauren, just lean on me.

I am fine.

Lap pad.

Tissue strength is lower than expected.

How is he?

He's fading, Max.

I'm gonna be honest. So am I.

Well, you want me to call
Flores so you can take a break?

If I can get
a stitch to hold, I'd be done.

Per the standardized calculations.

The sutures just keep pulling through.

I can't get the walls
of his heart together.

How can I help? Say the word.

You can prepare his daughter.

In case.

We'll leave nurses scrubbed in.

You wanted to see me?

Yes. Thank you, Jules.

Molly, are you depressed?



I'm a lot of things,
but that's not one of them.

Do you still find meaning in your life?


And how would you describe
the quality of your life?



Why are you asking me this?

These are extremely powerful painkillers.

They're very good at what they do.

But if you take too many of them,

your breathing will slow...

and you will die.

I'm gonna leave the room now.

If they're gone when I return,

there will be no questions asked.

This is your choice.

No one else's.

You're in control.

Harmony, your...

your dad needs a little more help,


it might be more than we can give.

Is there someone I can call for you?

No one but me and my dad.

Okay, well, I know that
waiting can be scary so...

if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

I'm fine.

Okay, well...

I'm just gonna sit here, too.

If that's okay.

I want to know exactly what
you said to Molly Richards.

Why? Has something happened?

She checked out of the hospital

after 16 months of working
tirelessly on her behalf.

Where did she go?

What did you say to my patient?

Okay, first of all, Valentina,

she's not your patient.

She is our patient.

There are no sides in this department.

But yes, I did speak with her.

Of course, you did.

And I told her
that I thought you were doing

an extraordinary job,

but if her pain had become too great,

I knew that you
would understand if she chose

not to continue treatment,
because as a physician,

there is no way
that you would put a drug trial

or scientific discovery ahead
of the needs of your patient.

And I am certain
that she appreciated that.

Next time one
of our patients has an issue,

I promise I'll be equally
supportive of you.

This is my last album.

Oh, man, is that you?

Look at you, you little tough guy.

We're, like, four.

Well, I don't care how old you are.

Serving that attitude.

Anything outside your house?

Halloween, obviously.

I love the wings.

Oh, my God.

I don't even know what's happening here.

They just grow up so fast.

I've been through so many albums.

My battery's dying.

I don't think I'm gonna find anything.

May I?

I think you just did.

Dr. Kapoor?

This looks like proof to me.

Oh, hey, Andy.

Where's Ligon?

Dr. Ligon's on vacation.

Are you serious?

I thought he went down
to the ED to tell you.

Would you like to see Dr. Parsons?

She's also a miracle worker.


Thank you.



I can't stop thinking about the big news.

- Vijay...
- Don't Vijay me.

We are a family now.

You haven't told anyone, have you?

Of course not.

Okay. Um...

Because I am not sure if I'm keeping it.


Your dad hit the three.

He's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

You wanted to see me?

This is my OR.

Everything I do here is for a reason.

It works for me.

Now out there on the floor is
a loving, peaceful democracy,

but in here,
it's a full-blown dictatorship.

You got it?

- Understood.
- I didn't say you can go.

Run down the McCarthy technique.

Top to bottom.

Yes, sir.

You start by opening the LV apex

at least 1.5cm from the LAD.

Then, using a purse string suture,

you pull together the damaged
left ventricular wall.

- Hi.
- We need to talk right now.

I see you heard about
our plan to sue the city

over lead contamination.

What? No.


Oh, then, never mind.

I'm here because I heard
about your little plan

with the barber.

Oh, yeah. Pretty cool, right?

- No, no, not cool.
- Not cool?

No, I'm just training
a barber at Kenny's Kuts

to check his customer's blood pressure.

- That's it?
- Yeah.

Mostly. Hear me out.

Kenny sees people once a week in
a relaxed and trusted environment.

You couldn't ask for a better
monitoring situation,

and if anyone exceeds
140/90 for over four weeks...

The barber is diagnosing hypertension

and dispensing prescription meds?

With my oversight.

What oversight? You're not there.

You're here.

Kenny has a detailed checklist to follow.

So do Legos, but no one's
life depends on them.

I mean, what if mistakes are made?

There's a built-in system
of checks and balances

that I'll be carefully supervising,

and, sure, there's some risk,

but Kenny and the others
will be saving lives.

- Just imagine...
- Wait, wait, stop.

What others? You said others?

Yeah. So far I've enlisted
seven barber shops,

and I'm trying for more.

Max, what you're doing is decentralizing

and de-professionalizing healthcare.


There's no reason that healthcare

has to be delivered in a hospital.

In fact, patients are best
served in an environment

where they're made comfortable

by trusted members
of their own community.

Hospitals have to go
meet patients where they live,

not the other way around.

So in your idealized world,

there are zero patients at New Amsterdam?



♪ Come ♪

♪ Come along ♪

♪ Come with sorrows ♪

Hey, stroller guy.

♪ And songs ♪

♪ Come however you are ♪

♪ Just come ♪

I got stroller guy. I got him, I got him.

- Ah!
- Oh!

♪ Come let yourself be wrong ♪

♪ Come however you are ♪

♪ Just come ♪