Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 8, Episode 1 - Iain & Leon - full transcript

Wrestler Iain is looking for the perfect partner to pin him down for good, and bi-curious graphic designer Leon wants to share his new body with a special someone.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains adult content, full
frontal nudity from the start and throughout.

In a time where your online profile
defines who, how and where you date,

we strip away the likes and the swipes,
leaving only the unfiltered truth.

As we have a more
instinctive way to find love.

Can picking a partner based
solely on natural beauty...

Ohh. Wowzers.

OK. you find the one?

Ah! Wow.

This is the first time
I have seen a vagina.

Yeehaw. Whoa-ah-ah!

We like to start where
a good date ends...

It's time to see some poon-poon.


a textile artist, a chef

and a zoology student

let it all hang out for
their potential soulmates.

Come on. Let's see them.

They look like they've got
babies in there. What is that?

Lick the lizard.

Right, I'm looking for the dick
that I want to suck for the first time.

Would that hurt me, though?

I had 17 piercings.

You had... I've
only got six now.


I've never had
a tit-wank before.

We know it's what's on
the inside that counts.

He can make his cock move.

Oh, my God.

But you've got to like
what's on the outside first.


You're what I call sex on legs.

They're bangers, innit?

So you're the queen
of the blowjob?


It's time to try
dating in reverse.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the show full of bodies
that are not to be sniffed at.

No, seriously,
please don't sniff them, honestly.

Inside each of these six pods,

I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will
be picked to go on a date.

But who's doing the choosing?

I'm Iain, I'm 32

and I'm from Manchester.

By day,
I'm a sleepy IT consultant,

by night... wrestler,

also known as Jet Fashion.

I just take my shirt off and people cheer.

I love it.

I would describe my
fashion style as sports metal,

'80s Miami.

Always roll the sleeves.

They're the key rules.

♪ Where have all the
good men gone... ♪

I haven't always
been this confident.

Basically didn't date
anybody at university

cos my psoriasis like popped
off in all sorts of horrendous ways.

Hairline, hands.

♪ I need a hero... ♪

Once I started wrestling,
I got buff

and transformed myself
from like skinny guy

to some guy with kicking
pecs and sick delts.

♪ You're the best!

♪ Around!

♪ Nothing's gonna
ever keep you down... ♪

I'm single because...

..I just don't meet many
like-minded people.

I'm always on the lookout
for a meaningful connection.

So come on, Naked Attraction,
give me somebody I can grapple with.

STYLE: It's Jet Fashion!

I am loving it.

So, Jet Fashion,
or can I just call you Iain?

Ian's OK. Iain's
OK? Iain's all right.

So listen,
you're a sexy pro wrestler,

so you must have
had hundreds of ladies

chucking their pants at you,

Yeah, posing around with my
shirt off is a great advertisement

but it's a male-dominated world,

so the odds are kind
of against me a little bit.

You've not met
your life partner yet.

Not yet. OK.

How do you feel about
getting your kit off later?

Yeah, I'm into it,
I'm ready, you know.

I've not always been the most
body confident but... Oh, really?

..since I started wrestling
and started going to the gym,

I like myself in the mirror.

I've never met a mirror I didn't
like ever since. I'm loving that!

are you ready to play the game?

So ready. Let's go.

You have got six coloured
pods in front of you,

each of which contains
a totally naked lady.

And they each have
a physical attribute

that you have told
us you find attractive.

We're going to reveal
them to you bit by bit.

All you need to do is whittle
them down from six to one,

using naked attraction alone.

All right.

Can we see the bottom half of the bodies,

I don't know where to look.


Wow, amazing.

You've got six fannies.

Never been in this
situation before.

Let's go orange first.


Now, before I came on this show,

I did not have a
view on vulva choice.

All vulvas are beautiful.
They are indeed.

And I love going down
on vulvas and the rest.

OK, so, orange,
you like her vulva.

So where do you want to go next?

I'll check out yellow.

What do you think of her vulva?

Oh, it's nice,
really tidy, right?

Is that a piercing?


OK, so it's a clitoral piercing.


I want to see blue.

She was giving me great energy.

Can we have a twirl?

Oh, nice bum. Got lots to grab.

What do you like
to do with a bum?

Oh, you know, all sorts.

I want to get my face in it.

Are we talking rimming?
If conditions allow, yeah.

Anilingus, or rimming,

is sexually stimulating
your partner's anus

using your tongue by licking,

kissing or penetration.

And according to one survey,

40% of Brits are down
with a bit of bum fun.

But be warned,
faecal matter and e-coli

live in the anal area,

which can make you
sick if you digest them.

So before you get
your tongue stuck in,

be sure to clean your ring.

are you up for a little bit of rimming?

No. Thumbs down. That's fine,

No, no, spin back round,
just before Iain gets his face in there.

Moving on. Red.

Really slender legs,
really nice.

Lovely nails.

Can we have a twirl?

Wow. Super tidy. I love that. Yeah,

Ooh! Are we a pro-spanking booth there,

She's into that. Yeah, OK.

Do you ever sort of like
bust out a few kind of,

you know, pro wrestling moves
in the bedroom at all, Iain?

There's crossover skills. There's
something called the tombstone piledriver.

What is a tombstone piledriver?

I would be stood as I am. Yeah.

And then they would
be rotated upside down.

OK. Held in place.

Yeah. Face in, face in.

Wow. All the faces,
all the places. Wow.

Have you ever been
tombstone piledriven?

No. Would you like to be?

Yes, she would. All right. Wow.

OK. Pink. Pink.

Tidy vulva.

Could you see yourself
getting right in there?

I could. You could. I could.


Appreciate the decorative pubic hair. You're
into that, it's like whatever they're into.

Yeah, whatever. Have you ever
had any accidents in the bedroom?

Yeah, well, being a wrestler,
there's a lot of power involved.

So this one time,
it was all going pretty well.

Yes. I was putting
the power down.

Right. And then slipped out.

And then for me it was like
punching a shark on the nose,

banging against the wrong part,
you know?

But for her it sort
of bled after that.

So she had a vaginal tear?

Um, yeah. Oh, Iain.

But it's OK,
I sent her a Moonpig card to... compensate.


So not flowers, not chocolates?

Amazing. I...

Oh, God, I love that.

you've got six ladies in front of you.

One of them you're going
to have to say goodbye to.

Oh, my God.


I'm going to have
to eliminate pink.

Why pink?

Just in terms of physical charisma,
you know.

Sort of the energy I
was getting. Not today.

OK. You are saying goodbye to Charlie,

pension administrator
from Hampshire...

..and she's a looker!

Oh! Charlie, come down, say hi.

Would you have liked to
have wrestled with Iain?

Ooh, we could've had a bit of fun,
couldn't we? Definitely.

Charlie, off you go, my love.

Thank you.

Could have been,
could have been.

Wasn't attracted to him,

so I'm not disappointed.

In this round, you get to see
the middle part of the bodies.

OK, let's see the girls' boobs,

So slow! Come on, give me boobs.

I know.



I'm feeling red.

What do you think of those fun-bags,
then? Could you wrestle with them?

Absolutely. They're just right, aren't
they? It's the old Goldilocks situation -

not too small,
not too big. Not too big.

Who shall we have next? Green.

Smashing pair. Lovely and full.

Poster-worthy stuff.

Rated. Yeah, rated?

Rated. OK, green is rated.

Go blue.

Definitely couldn't fit
those in my mouth. No, OK.

But I would fit between them pretty well,
I should think.

And you'd have fun trying,
presumably. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Let's go yellow.

Swish the hair from the
boobs for a full appreciation.

I like them. Yeah?

I could definitely completely envelop them

and then grip and rip.

Grip and... Gosh, are you up
for a bit of grip and rip, yellow?

Well, I mean,
staggeringly, she is.

So you are a
professional wrestler,

so would you quite like to see what
these ladies might look like posing?

A pose down? Yes!

Girls, can you give us

your best sexy,
strong silhouette?

Starting now.

Oh, blue is pulsing there.

Dance moves coming in.

Work it, mix it up.

Oh, yeah,
let's see a double bicep.

Very good, ladies.

Loving that.

Blue, you look like you're doing

sort of Bruce Forsyth.

Some staggering posing going
on there. What are we saying?

yellow was doing some Hulk Hogan moves. OK.

That was a good superhero
pose over there in orange, yeah.

OK. It's decision time.

One of them has to go.

I'm going to eliminate...


I felt like the muscular poses,
showing off,

didn't quite come as
naturally as the others.


So, Iain,
you are saying goodbye to Kirsty,

and she's 36. She is
a chef from Worcester.

Hello! Kirsty, come and say hi.

Hey. Hi, you all right?

Yeah, hi.

Kirsty, is he your...? Yeah,

I was getting turned on just by
looking at his boots, so, yeah.

Oh, really? Yeah, yeah.

You're not going to be getting
your hands on that tackle, not tonight.

Goodbye, Kirsty.

Love to have wrestled with
Iain around my bedroom.


Coming up, Iain bares all

before choosing who to date.

This is extremely hard.

And a brand-new singleton

gets to pick a partner

based on naked attraction.


Earlier, pro wrestler Iain
whittled six potential dates

down to four,
based solely on naked attraction.

He can only choose
one girl to take on a date,

so who will he lose next?

Just remind us again,
why are you here?

I may be, you know, a wrestler

who likes to flash
his shirt off and stuff

but I'm looking for a
meaningful connection.

So it's time to
have a relationship?

Yeah, I think so.

This is the round where
you get to see the girls' faces,

but don't forget,

they get to see you.

Here we go,
can we please reveal the girls' faces.

Oh, my.

I don't know how
I'm going to choose.

Who would you like
to go and look at first?

Let's see red.

Red. Throwing me the wink,
you know, that's it, exactly.

Gorgeous. I love the hair.

Nice full lips, yes,
kissable lips. Kissable.

I do love to kiss, really do. Oh,
do you? Yeah, big into that.

How do you know if a girl's
going to be a good kisser?

The wetter the better, really,

in general, you know,
across the board. Right.

When lips lock,
it really is the wetter the better

for men wanting to smooch
their way into the sack.

Guys, your spit carries the
sex hormone testosterone,

which not only makes
you appear more attractive

to the person you're snogging,

but also enhances
the woman's sex drive.

No wonder a recent
survey found that

men are 15 times
more likely than women

to initiate a kiss.

OK, green.

Gorgeous. Lovely,
like, full cheeks.

Think she's working it,
she's really working it. Yes, absolutely.

All right.

What are you liking
about blue's face?

Very friendly, very nice.

She's a cheeky one, isn't she?

Sparkling eyes, yeah,
I've seen cheekiness the whole time.

Orange, then.

I love the hair,
mermaid central. Yeah, yeah.

And again,
she's really flirting with you.

I know, I know.

Oh, what am I going to do?

OK, it's decision time.

One of them has to go.

This may be one of the
hardest things I've ever had to do.

I'm going to have to lose blue,

Why blue?

Just on the hair front,

just stands out a little
bit less than the others.

So, Iain,
you are saying goodbye to the lovely Tina.

She's 48, she's an admin officer

from Weston-Super-Mare,
by the sea.

Hello, madam.

Could you have got
him in a headlock?

Well, if he's really nice, yeah.

May have met my match.

Off you go, Tina.

She's holding that head up high.

He is definitely
not my usual type.

Men my age,
they don't tend to have a lot of hair left,

especially not that much.

This is the round where you
get to hear the girls speak. OK.

So, girls, Iain, as you know,
is a professional wrestler.

His professional
name is Jet Fashion.

So Jet,
because he's fast and nimble,

and fashion cos
he's always in style.

So if you had a wrestler name,

what would it be and why?

Orange seems ready to go,

Let's have it, orange.

Smackdown Sophie
because one night with me,

you're going to want to tap out.


One, two, three, out.


That sounds a
little bit down south.

Essex. Do you like
the sound of her?

Yeah, absolutely. OK.


Petra The Punisher.

Pick me or not, I'll punish ya.


Voice is lovely. I couldn't
place the accent though.

I'm Hungarian. No way.

But I live down south.

She's Hungarian,
lives down south.


Let's go red.

My wrestling name would
be Iliana The Incredible,

and my moves are
going to show you why.


Oh, ho, ho, ho, Iain.


I feel like I want to see the moves,

I'll start gentle,
don't be scared.

She talks a great game.

one of these lovely ladies has got to go.


Just seemed to
inhabit the character

a bit less than green and red.

OK. I'm sorry.

You are saying
goodbye to Sophie.

She's 25,
a content creator from Essex,

and she's a beauty. Mm.

Hi, you all right? Hi.

What do you think of Jet Fashion,

Do you know what?
I'm not too disappointed,

because at least you're
not going to smash my vulva

and I get a Moonpig
card in the post. Yes.

Sophie, goodbye.

Sashay away.


That was a smackdown, Iain.


Iain's wrestling name
was Jet Fashion,

which I find quite ironic

because that shirt didn't
look very fashionable.

Now, up until this point you
have been ogling them. Mm.

You've seen
everything they've got.

It's your turn to
get that kit off.

Say farewell to those
pleather jeggings.


Based on Naked Attraction,

32-year-old pro wrestler Iain

has whittled six
girls down to two.

22-year-old zoology
student Petra

and 31-year-old model Iliana.

But only one can go on a date
to find out if there's chemistry

when the clothes go on.

The last time you saw Iain,

it was in his shiny
leather trousers

and his wrestling boots.

All of that is about to change.

SHE LAUGHS In you come, lad.

♪ You're simply the best

♪ Better than all the rest... ♪

Very well worked out, young man.

You get the cleavage now.

Yeah, let's have the cleavage.
You get the full-on cleavage.

And another one.

Oh, I'm loving that one.

what do you think of Iain's physique?

Yeah, I like the chest,
it's nicely built.

I like the long hair. I
can plait it and stuff.

Can you play with that?


Well, obviously,
yeah. Well, there you go.

Talk the talk, walk the walk,
play the game.

And, Petra,
what do you think of Iain's body?

He's got a really great butt... grab on to.

How do you feel
about Iain's penis?


you're going to have to make a decision.

Who are you going to take on your date,

Petra or Iliana?

This is extremely hard.

I'm going to pick...




Why Iliana?

Just, I've been getting
energy since round one, I think.

it is time for you to tap out

of this particular
wrestling match.


Sashay away, lady.

Iain didn't pick me today,
which is quite a shame

because I would have loved
to give him a bit of whipping.


Two perfect bodies.

Next time you meet,
it's going to be with your clothes back on.

Are you guys excited?

Yeah. Yeah.

Be careful with her, Iain.

See you later.

I'm super stoked for the date,

because she's just gorgeous

and seems hilarious.

We're going to have
a laugh on the date

and I'm actually quite looking
forward to a tombstone pile-drive.



Hi. You look very nice with clothes on,
actually. Yeah!

Oh, when she first walked in,
she looked amazing.

I fancy the pants off her.

I fancy the
sequinned top off her.

So I can feel the connection,

I like your colour
shirt. I love purple.

I've gone for the Double
Decker combination.

What's Double Decker?
The chocolate bar.

Fashion sense is not that great,

but we can work on that.

Whip it off.

Let's do the show again.

Definitely the kind of person I
want to take things further with

cos she's super interesting,
super nice, super friendly,

super everything. Super woman.

What do you call it?

Little Iain?

Little dude? No, just my dick,
just, it's just my dick.

Well, at the minute,
we'll just say it's Illy's Willy.

You're taking ownership of that,
just like snatch it up, yeah.

Illy's already laid claim to my penis,
it seems.

I mean, there might be a
fight for the rights over that,

but it's a fight I'm
willing to go with.

Thank you for picking
me to come on this date.

My pleasure. I've
thoroughly enjoyed it.

How could I pick anybody else?

So cute.

This date has been absolutely wicked,

I think he could be
boyfriend material

if I can... his wardrobe.

He's not wearing no
two-tone shirts and shit, yeah.

I'd love to do it again,
or even tonight,

if we can see where the
night's going to take us.

we could be naked somewhere else. Oh!

Cheers. Cheers.

Iain's got 20 quid in his wallet

and he can take
me for a few tequilas.


Yes. Hello. Hi.

Awesome. How the devil are you?

I'm good. Much better now.

So what happened after the date?

What happened after the date?

Do you want to enlighten me

cos I feel like you know
something I do not?

You don't remember? No.

Right. There were
some slight moves made.


Oh, shit.

Have you been in
contact since the date?

We've been sending texts
and trying to make plans.

Although I don't answer
him as quick as I should do,

cos if I don't answer
within so many hours,

I get a question mark

and that's so annoying.

So how are you both feeling?
Do you fancy each other?

Yeah, I'm down for it.

I fancy the pants off you,

Thank you.

I'm definitely down
for date number two.

Nah. Yeah?


No, no.

I'm so sorry.

That's a shame,
that's all right.

You're so sound but I just feel
like I should want to pounce on you

like a black panther
and like "Rr-bl-bl..."

I feel you... and I'm not getting that.
Makes sense. I'm not getting that.

That's all right.

♪ There's always a
space in my heart for you. ♪

Welcome back to
Naked Attraction,

the show that's got more studs
and mares than the Grand National.

Inside each of these six pods,
I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will
be picked to go on a date,

but who's doing the
choosing this time?

I'm Leon, I'm 31

and I'm from south London.

I started skateboarding
when I was about 14.

I wanted to immerse
myself in alternative culture,

so I got into, like,
heavy metal,

and it all led me to skateboarding.

When I was younger, I was quite
big and it did affect my confidence.

I never felt like
the attractive one

and I was like every
girl's best mate.

When I hit uni,
I lost a lot of weight really quickly

and I got a lot of attention
on the back of that.

It was like, "This girl likes me,
this girl likes me,

"this person likes me", and in
that really sexual period of my life,

I was just being experimental
and I wanted to learn.

Up until this point,
all my partners have been women,

but I'm keen to explore
my bi-curious side.

When it comes to dating
guys I am a complete virgin,

and the main reason I want
to come on Naked Attraction is,

I want to throw myself
in at the deep end,

choose between an
attractive girl or attractive guy

and understand
my sexuality more.

♪ I'm just curious,
is it serious? ♪

welcome to Naked Attraction!

Check that out,
what an entrance.

Oh, ho-ho! How are you doing?
Welcome. Lovely to be here.

Now, listen,
this is the first time

that you are going to be seeing
men and women totally naked.

I know, right? How are you feeling
about that? I am super-excited.

So why are you single? You're gorgeous,
what's going on?

When I was younger,
I was quite big

and then out of nowhere,

I just sort of like lost
the weight really quickly.

Got random attention,
and it just really started

to make me want to explore all the
sides of my sexuality. Good for you.

How do you feel about
getting naked later on yourself?

Oh, awesome. Yeah? Like,
it's almost like showing off my hard work.

Good for you! OK,
are you ready to play the game? Born ready.

In front of you,
you have got six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a naked person,
men and women,

and they each have an attribute

that you have said you
find physically attractive.

We're going to reveal
them to you bit by bit.

All you need to do is whittle
them down from six to one

using naked attraction alone.

Can we please reveal the
bottom half of the bodies?





Everyone looks amazing.

It's so good.

Who would you like
to take a look at first?

Definitely orange.

She was giving a
lot of personality,

she was literally just
like giving a bit of the hips,

got a very beautiful puss... I mean,

We can say... Can we say pussy? All right,
cool. We can say pussy.

Oh, she's working it. I know,


I've never really been with a man sexually,

but he's got a beautiful penis. Like,
it's really well proportioned.

Yeah. I love a bit of circumcision. Oh,
do you? Yeah.

Given that you've not been with a fella,
why do you like circumcised?

Aesthetically. Also,
I got circumcised quite late in life.

So how did it change after
you had your foreskin removed?

Basically, it was like

I was feeling sensations all the
way down to the base... Really?

And it was literally like

I'd just got gifted a new
dick sort of thing, like!

How amazing!

Pink caught my eye straight away

because I am a
sucker for thigh tattoos

and she's got nice, like,
thick thighs as well.

See, she's squeezing them.

How experienced are you with ladies,

How many women have you slept with,
would you say?

Don't judge me,
but it's somewhere between... Go on.

75, 90-ish, but I don't know
where the attention came from

but I just rode the wave,
and was like, "OK".

Leon's got a lot of notches on his
bedpost compared to most of the UK.

Recent studies have found

the nation's average number
of sexual partners is seven,

with only 3% of people
having had over 70.

If you're looking to get your leg over,
then get yourself to Dagenham,

which in a recent survey was the
most sexually active town in the UK.


Moving on,
Leon... On blue. Blue? Yeah.

I always love
alternative people. Yeah.

And there is
something really sexy

about watching your dick get
grabbed by a tattooed hand.

I don't know why! OK.

Oh, a little stroke as well.
He knows what he's doing.

Let's give yellow some love.

This lady obviously is
keeping it natural. Mm-hm.

I'd really like to
explore her pussy. OK.

You understand? To find
out what's going on in there.

Yeah, just, like, love it and,
like, taste it and feel it.

Good man. Finally, green.

Kind of hairy. Well, hairy legs,
but no hair round the cock.

Actually, yeah! Talk to me,
because obviously, you're bi-curious.

Yes. Have you
copped off with fellas?

Kissed guys, but I've never
gone anywhere further than that.

I am at the point right now

where I'm just literally,
not to be too crude,

but looking for the dick that I
want to suck for the first time.

Totally understand. OK.

It's decision time.


I think the first person
I will have to lose...

..probably be red.

Why red?

With everyone else,
there was a bit more of, like, a mystery

and a bit more of, like,
an allure. Interesting.

Well, look,
you are saying goodbye to Javoy.

He's 26 and he's a
chef from east London.

Hi, Javoy. Hey. Come on down.

How are you? I'm good.

Are you a little
bit disappointed?

A little bit,
but it's all right.

it ain't going to be a date. Off you go.

See you later. See you later,

I feel a bit gutted being
the first one off, but so is life,

you win some, you lose some.

You've got five
people remaining. Yes.

Let's please reveal the
middle part of the bodies.



Every single person has beautiful nipples,
by the way.

Oh! Whose nipples do you want
to go and have a closer look at?

Er, pink. Oh, my God,
she's got a little pierced nipple.

Oh, yeah.

Oh. You like that?
Obvs. Come on.

I know it's unconventional,
but I love tan lines. Do you?

I start thinking about, ooh,
meeting her on holiday

and that whole fantasy of being,
like, by the swimming pool.

Oh, she's got a cute bum.

I think we do need
to see some bums.


Orange is literally
ticking all the boxes.

Hello! Like,
I'm loving the personality.

And you can see the
lips through there as well.

I know, oh, that's hot. Wow.

eating pussy from behind is... oh.

..Is one of your pastimes?

You sound very sexual.

I take it you don't just
do it in the bedroom?

Of course not. I've licked
out an ex-girlfriend on a bus,

sex in, like, church grounds.

Did the vicar see?

Where would you like to
do it that you haven't done it?

I would love to
have sex in a sauna.

Anybody here up for
some sex in a sauna?

Yellow's like, no!


Who next?

Let's go over to green,
because I feel like we're neglecting green.

Now, hairy bloke. I don't know,
it's kind of nice in a sense

because, like,
you can play with it.

It's like a night forest,
you know!

I'm loving it.

It is decision time, Leon. OK.





I'd have to say goodbye to.

Yellow? Why? I do like people
that are a bit more adventurous.

I feel like we might have
a lot of those situations

where our
personalities clash. OK.

You're saying goodbye to Jenny.

She's 27,
a textile artist from Brixton.

Ohh, south girl!

So for you it's just like,
no to the sauna?

I've had sex in a hot tub.

Oh, yeah? And I got thrush. Oh,

So like, I'm not... yeah,

Jenny, goodbye.

See you later. See you later.

I wasn't down for the sauna. Like,
I'd probably pass out, to be honest.

Coming up,
Leon bares all before choosing who to date.

Oh, it's so hard,
it's so hard! Yeah.

31-year-old graphic designer Leon

whittled six people down to four

based on naked attraction.

He can only choose one
person to go on that date,

so who will he lose next?

Just remind us again,

why are you here?

Well, I'm 31,
I've been dating women all my life,

and now I'm just comfortable
exploring my bi-curious side.

Good for you.

Now, this round you get
to see the people's faces.

Let's do this.


They're all gorgeous.

Green gave me a little
cheeky wink on the way in,

got a little wave from orange.

Can we go to pink first?


There's like a vibe here.

So go on.

Got a beautiful smile.

Like, I'm loving her hair

and she's very warm,
like, very inviting.

So you can feel that? Yeah.

Where next? Green.

It's cheeky boy.


He was a lot more
attractive than I ever thought

he was going to be.

Like, lovely jawline,
great eyes,

but a bit cheeky as well.

OK. Where now?

To my girl, orange.

She's been working it.

You've got beautiful lips.

Oh, she's got the undercut.

I love alternative hair, yeah.

She owns it really well,
doesn't she? Yeah, lovely eyes, oh.


And it's sexy blue, hi.

Face tattoos.

Like, respect for that.

Strong eyebrows as well.

I do love an eyebrow.

You might be surprised to learn

that the size of your eyebrows

can indicate if
you'll be good in bed.

The ancient Chinese
art of face reading,

known as Shiang Mien,

has been going on
for over 3,000 years.

According to the practice,

a small, thin eyebrow

means that a person's
got very little interest in sex.

So the bigger the brow,

the stronger the sex drive.

Those Liverpool girls
with their scouse brows

must be getting a
lorra-lorra action.

What do you like on a date?

I'm a big drinker,
so I do like someone that can drink.

And what would turn you off?

Messy and loud eaters. It's
just something that gets me.

Like, I'll be there and I can hear,


So, guys,
you've just heard there

that Leon doesn't
like a messy eater.

So I think it's only fair to
see how you eat that sausage.

Pick 'em up and get it in.

Blue! I'm loving the
way he's holding that.

Slightly looks like
he's going to gip

cos it's a vegan sausage.

Oh! The eye contact orange has got is,
like, amazing.

Green's, like,
broken it up into bits.


I'll eat it my way. Yeah.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone
enjoy a sausage as much as pink.

Pink loves that frankfurter.

Thank you very much, team.

Leon, it's decision time.



The person that I
would lose would be...

..probably green.

Why green?

I don't like a messy eater but
you know at least love it. Nah.

No I've got you, so maybe
green's just a little bit more reserved.

Yeah. That's fine.

You're going to have to
say goodbye to Jonathan.

He's 25 and he's a retail
assistant from Essex.

Come on, bring your sausage out.

Would you have eaten Leon's
sausage with the same kind of care?

Maybe a bit more vigour.

Oh, a bit more vigour.

So it's not going to be a date,
but thank you so much, Johnathon.


There's some more
sausages in the back.

I like the look of Leon,
I really liked his voice.

Eating Leon's sausage?

Rather nice.

This is the voice round.

So you heard earlier on that Leon
likes to have sex in unusual places.

If you were to have sex with Leon,
where would it be and why?

I liked blue's reaction.

I guess it'd be cinema
because I like some action,

and there won't
be time for popcorn.


I'm trying to guess
where you're from. Poland.

Polish. Hey, nice.

OK, so who's next?


Top of the Eiffel Tower
because it's romantic but risky.

Bit of vertigo,
get in trouble with international police.

Is it a northern... Where
are you? From Somerset. OK.

she's Somerset. Somerset.

Which leaves us with orange.

So I would have sex in a hay
barn because you could take me

for a roll in the hay.

Ay, I love, like,
a husky voice on a girl.

Yeah. It's actually really hot.

Thinking somewhere like Kent or
something. Where are you from?

I'm from Bristol.

Could you see yourself
rolling in the hay in Bristol?

Oh, yeah. OK, Leon.

Two girls, one boy,
who are you saying goodbye to?

I think...

I would have to
say goodbye to blue.

Oh, you're saying goodbye
to your bi-curious side.

I know. I always want
it to be natural. Uh-huh.

And if it didn't naturally
happen today then it surely

will at some point. Fine. You
are saying goodbye to Simon.

He's 28, he's a bartender,
originally from Poland,

but now living in Birmingham.
Come down and say hi, Simon.

Hi. Hello.

What do you think of him? Oh,

He's beautiful. He is beautiful,
isn't he? Yeah.

I'm so sorry, Simon,
thank you very much. Thank you.

Take care.

He's bi-curious,
but maybe he's not ready.

I would definitely give
him some more experience.

All right, you're left with two
stunning women. Beautiful.

Up until now you've
seen them totally naked.

You know what's going to happen,
Leon. I think I do.

Get those knuckle
dusters off in there. Sweet.

Based on naked attraction,

31-year-old Leon has
whittled six people down to two.

25-year-old barmaid Deanne
and 21-year-old model Martha.

But only one can go on a date
to find out if there's chemistry

when the clothes go on.

The final two ladies standing,
do you fancy Leon?

Yeah, he's very much my type. Oh,
yeah, definitely, 100%.


OK, well,
we've got some competition here, ladies.

Come on out, Leon.

Well, hi.

Look at you. All right.

How are you feeling?

Feel really good. Liberating?

Yes, it's beautiful,
like, I love it.

Let me introduce you to
Deanne and you've got Martha.

So what do you
love about your body?

What I love the most is probably
just my arms and maybe hands.

You're a beautiful-looking boy.

what are you making of Leon?

So, I love your ink,
your calves are lovely,

you've got really
nice collar bones too.

Thank you, wow.

And also you've got yourself
circumcised a few years ago. Yeah.

Got the boy trimmed.

What do you think,
Martha? I'd definitely give it a go. OK.

what do you like about Leon?

I think he's
absolutely beautiful.

I love how confident he is and
how he's lost loads of weight.

I just want to take him now.

OK. Now, Leon, this time
you're picking the girl you want to

go on a date with. OK.

Oh. It's down to you, boy.

You've got Deanne, Martha.

I'd probably say...

Oh, it's so hard, it's so hard.

I would like to go
on a date with...


OK, so why Martha? So shocked.

The confidence which she
had from literally the get-go.

OK. And beautiful nipples.

Deanne, are you disappointed?

I am, but that's life, innit?

you have been absolutely amazing.

See you later,
gorgeous girl. Lovely to meet you.

Bye, and you, bye.

I liked Leon's penis.

I'd suck that.

So you both look
absolutely thrilled.

Definitely. Yeah?

Have a brilliant time. Will
do. See you later, have fun.

He's definitely my type
and he's got fantastic legs.

I could definitely see there
being a few boundaries crossed.

I can't get over her nipples.

Hopefully we can act upon
me actually sucking them, like.

Our couple wanted to
have a proper romantic date,

so we made sure they
tested negative for Covid first.

Hey, you all right?

How are you? Yeah, good.

I'm really excited, I haven't been
on a date in a really long time.

Really? You're the only
one that wasn't super,

super reserved and I was like,

I was really surprised

cos I was like, "OK,
he's exploring his bi-curiosity,

"he's looking for a guy". I just went,
"I'm not going to get picked".


Because I've got curves,
I've got good boobs and I know

I've got a nice butt, so I was like,
"Please don't let this fail me now".

you've got a beautiful bum.

She's very confident in her body

and I can literally
vibe with that energy.

Going into like
your own sexuality,

you seem like you've
got a good hold on it.

I've never been like "Oh,
I'm straight".

And then I've always
appreciated women just because...

Women are beautiful.
They're hot. Yeah.

We share bi-curiosity
and I think we're both

up for like exploring that
maybe together hopefully.

It's kind of surreal how
much we get on after only just

meeting each other.

I watch a lot of wrestling.

Oh, yes...


I'm literally working on a custom
Undertaker jacket at the moment.

Oh, my gosh.

So, she's quite sexual,
quite experimental and likes wrestling.

Like, this is awesome,

it's, like,
everything you say I'm just like, "Me too".

BOTH: It's weird.


I'm just hoping to carry on
building this great connection

and exploring where that goes.

Everything about you is just "mm",
like, you're just gorgeous.

I have been on a lot of dates

and this is definitely going up
there with the best ones, for sure.

I'm just going to get
on one knee now.


Wow, OK. Didn't see that coming.

Genuinely, though,
I was absolutely gobsmacked and I was like,

"Is this actually happening?

Hello. Hello. How,
are you? Not bad, you?

it's been a while. Yeah... yeah.

PRODUCER: How did the date go?

Yeah, the date went really well,
we got on like a house on fire.

And there was a little kiss,
was there?

There was a little kiss, yeah,
a little cheeky one. Yeah.

It wasn't, like,
super passionate.

But you... you did come on quite
strong I thought, like. OK, my bad.

Not in a bad way, but, like,
"Why don't I just marry you now?"

It's like,
"OK". That was a pretty good joke.

Yeah, I was, I mean,
I knew you were kind of joking

but also I was like,
"On a first date, really?"

There was no seriousness in it,

like, I have no desire to
be tying any knots soon.

So there is a fine line
between taking the piss

and, like, being serious.

I'm sure if you'd said
that to someone else

they would have been either quite offended,
shocked or

maybe, like, taking you really
seriously and got way too attached.

What happened after the date?

So after the date,
I got a phone call from a really, like,

a close friend of mine and
they basically sort of said

they wanted to go out with me,

that was quite surprising but nice,
so I'm seeing where that's going.

How do you feel about that,

Yeah, it was quite disappointing,
it being the same day,

we'd been getting along
for hours and hours,

sort of running
full pelt and then

it just hit a wall, like any human
being would just be super confused.

I'm really glad we met
even if it didn't sort of go

the way that either of us
particularly wanted it to. Yeah.

Which is fine. Yeah, of course.

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