Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Amira & Andy - full transcript

22-year-old transgender woman Amira finally feels happy in her skin and seeks a man who's proud to show her off. Rugby player Andy has a soft centre to share with a girl for romantic nights in.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This programme contains strong
language, adult content

and full frontal nudity from the
start and throughout.

ANNA: When it comes to finding the
perfect partner, why beat around

the bush? We're stripping back the
filters and the clothes as we have

a more instinctive way to find love.

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

Impressive. you find the one?

Wow! I do love a handful.

She's got "brr-rrr", you know?

You've got a face full of fanny!


We like to start where a good date

That is a lot of breasts.



A carer, a programmer
and an HGV driver

let it all hang out
for their potential soul mates.

Oh, gosh!

Kind of got a donkey cock.



That is a lot of penis in one room.

You don't want an HB pencil
poking you.

I'm going in. Ooh!

When we're entirely unfiltered...

That is buried treasure, isn't it?

..what do we really find attractive?

Nice bit of girth on that penis.

You are very much a lesbian virgin?


Buy one, get one free.

This is just too much.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the dating show that says,
"Ding dong, show us your schlong."

Inside each of these six pods,

I've lined up six brave singletons

standing completely in the buff.

Only one of them will be picked to
go on a date,

but who's doing the choosing?

I'm Amira, I'm 20,

and my motto is you can't blend in

when you're born to stand out.

I've not got the greatest
dating history.

All that I've ever wanted is just,
like, one man

to be proud to show me off
and love me.

Growing up wasn't easy.

I was born with a penis.

From a young age,
I knew I didn't want to be a boy.

My dad was Muslim and he found my
transitioning hard

because of his religion.

My mum, on the other hand,
has been amazing.

Definitely my rock through all this.

Don't know where I'd be without her.

I love you, no matter whether
you were a boy or a girl.

You're my daughter.

Thank you, that means a lot,
to be honest.

I'm now just out here living my life

the way I always should have been.

For a trans person, it is so hard
to find love

but I think Naked Attraction will be
good for me.

I feel probably more comfortable
being naked than actually clothed.

So, Amira,
welcome to Naked Attraction.

Thank you.

So, you're a trans-woman.

A Muslim background, born a boy.

The way I look at it,

I was born a girl but
with the wrong part.

Now I've got the part that,
you know, I was supposed to have,

and I'm complete now.

I feel like I'm more comfortable
naked than what

I actually am with clothes on.

Are you ready to play the game?

I am. Come on, then.

In front of you, you have got
six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a
really sexy,

totally naked man.

Each of them has an attribute that
you have said you find attractive.

We're going to reveal them to you
bit by bit,

all you have to do is eliminate,
one by one,

based on naked attraction alone.

Shall we reveal the bottom half
of the bodies? Let's do it.

Oh, my God! Ahh!



I feel like my birthday

and Christmases just came all at
the one time.

You've got a beautiful smorgasbord
of penis.

OK, well, I am very attracted
to green,

and he has got a good-looking penis

and I like the balls, as well,
you know? They're not too hairy.

Well, I don't think anyone's a fan
of hairy balls, are they?

I like a guy, like, with trimmed

I do like to suck on toes,
to be honest. Do you?

But did you know
they produce, get this - ugh! -

half a pint of sweat every day?

Well, for the right guy,

I'm willing to take it on.

So, who else would you like
to look at? Blue.

I like the look of his penis.

Is that a good size for you?

Because obviously, you know,
as a trans-woman

you've had your vagina created,

so have you got enough room in there
to take a really big penis?

I just had a guy with a big penis,
and it was touching places

that it shouldn't have been,
but it felt amazing. Really?

When a man transitions to become a
woman in sex reassignment surgery,

a vaginal cavity is created between
the rectum and the prostate.

Testicles are removed

and the tip of the penis is used to
form a super-sensitive clitoris.

So much so, research found
85% of trans women

can reportedly climax post-op.

The first time I ever had sex,
you know, I actually cried

because it felt so normal
and so natural. Oh, wow.

Yeah, absolutely! Well, it should be
celebrated, you should enjoy sex.

Mm-hm, exactly.

Now, I want to go to orange.

I think he's feeling a bit left out.

Mmm, I'm liking the tattoos,
to be honest.

Could you work with that penis,
do you think?

Oh, 110%, definitely.

Let's go to red.

He's circumcised.

It reminds me a lot of myself.

So, this reminds you of you pre-op?

Yeah, it's good cos I know
how to work it

and I know what he'll enjoy. Ah-ha.

He's like, "Yes!"

Shall we go and have a look at

I'm liking this little patch
of hair.

What, just the little, sort of,
boy Brazilian going on there?

A "boyzilian"? All right legs, too.

OK, we've not looked at pink.

Hairy legs.

Do you like that?

End of the day, he is a man.

Come on, a man is a man.

And, yeah, he's got a nice penis
to look at. Yeah.

So, it is time to make a decision.

You are going to have to say goodbye
to one of the boys

based on who you find least
physically attractive. Right.

I think I'm going to have to let go



Why pink?

It's the hairy legs.

You are saying goodbye to Matt

and he is a 21-year-old waiter
from Shrewsbury.

Oh, hello! Come on down, Matt.

How are you?

Bit gutted, but, yeah.

Come here, you.

There's not going to be a date
simply because of your hairy legs.

Off you go.

Nice arse.

To be the first one to go out was
a little bit gutting,

but she did say she liked my arse
as I walked off as well,

so I suppose I can take that
as a win.

You've got five more guys,

so can we please reveal
the tummy area?

All so different.

Interesting, interesting...

I'm liking red, you know?
He's toned.

Shall we have a look?

He sort of seems like he doesn't
work out TOO much, you know?

Like, I don't like guys that are
too built

but I don't like guys that are too,
too skinny neither.

So just in the middle works for me.


Yellow sort of seems like he'd be
a bit small, like, in height.

I do like height when
it comes to a guy

but I think I could possibly work
with it.

OK, who else?


Now, green has been taking
your attention.

I'm liking the tattoos.

What about the nipples?

Oh, the nipples are fine, I think.

They're just the right size.

Do you like yours to be played with?

Of course I do.
I do like them to be licked.

Ooh, should we sort of, you know,
have a little bit of nipple action?

Well, I've got some nails on
so I'd like to give a little

bit of a pinch. Ohh!

Green, are you OK to have your...?

He's a very playful chap, isn't he?

Yeah, he is. Let's do it.

I'd say they're very, very...

He's got very good, firm, erect

Mm-hm, he does.

So, tick, you approve?

Yeah, I approve, 100%.


I'm liking orange and I'm loving
the nipple piercing, as well.

I'll give it a wee pinch.

In you go. Oh!

Oh! Oh.


Ah! Lord, give me strength.

Right, you. Come back, Amira.

That's way too much flirting.

So, it is time for you to make
a decision

and lose one of them.

This is a bit hard.


I think I'm going to need to let go
of yellow.

He seems like he'd be smaller
than me in height.

I mean, I want to feel like the
woman in the relationship,

not the man. Fair enough.

So, Amira, you are saying goodbye to

who is a 23-year-old
event coordinator from Canada.

Hello, you.

Come here, you.

So, Coby, I'm sorry, it isn't going
to be a date tonight

but thank you very much, my love.


She got rid of me because
of my height.

I do tend to date taller than me
out of necessity

but I understand that's not
for everyone. That's all right.

Coming up...

Amira bears all before choosing
who to date...

I like them both so much.

..and a brand-new singleton gets
to pick a partner

based on naked attraction.

There's a lot to look at, isn't

Earlier, 20-year-old retail
assistant Amira

whittled six men down to four

based on naked attraction.

She can only choose one man to take

on a date, so who will she lose

Amira, you still have four gorgeous
guys in front of you,

but just remind us, first of all,
why are you here?

I'm a trans woman, I've had my

and I just really want to get out

encourage people just to be

like, who cares what people think?

You're from a very small place in
Scotland, aren't you?

Yeah, a small town.

How have people accepted you in the
small town?

Well, my life growing up,

I was, sort of, slagged by a lot of
people at my school.

Those are the people that are
actually mailing me on Facebook

trying to shag me now. No!

And I'm like, "Wha-a-at?!"

Oh, wow. OK.

In this next round, it's the face

so they are going to get to see YOU.



I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

Who do you want to go and look at



He's got a cute face and he's got
beautiful eyes too.

Oh, OK, so eyes are important to
you? Yeah.

They're standing out to me a lot.

Who next? Blue.

I'm liking the eyes, they remind me
almost of my own eyes.

You know, the dark brown. Really?
Yeah, yeah, beautiful.

Really standout.

A lot of people say I've got these
"fuck me" eyes.

I don't even realise that I'm doing
it, to be honest,

but, you know, it works for me every

Blue's definitely agreeing. You've
got "fuck me" eyes. OK!

Shall we go over to green? Yeah.

I was expecting some hair, but I'm
liking it!

He's got that, sort of, what do you
call that? The guy fae RED?

Jason Statham! Yeah!

There is a bit of Jason Statham
about you.

And he's got lovely blue eyes, too,
as well.

OK, Red.

I'm liking the hair and stuff.

Good eyebrows, too, as well.

Mm! Mm-hm, and got beautiful teeth,
as well. Oh, yeah.


You know what's going to happen,

Based on naked attraction alone,

you have to say goodbye to one of

Breaks my heart to say this.

Do you know who it's going to be?


Uh?! Green?!


Why green after all that flirting?!

He's just too much of a man's man
for me.

I'm scared he might break me!

Too much of a fella.

We are saying goodbye to Steve,

who is a 39-year-old HGV driver from



So, there you are. I know, there I

Have you ever been told you're too
much of a man before?

Only afterwards.

Well, it's not going to be a date
for you tonight, Steve.

Nice to meet you.


Mm, nice bum and all.

Oh, yeah!

When she said I looked like Jason

I was made up.

I thought I was in. And I wasn't!

This round, it's time to hear what
they sound like.

See, to be honest, I've got a thing
for the Scouse accent.

It's almost a bit like a turn-on,
that's how good it is,

but I like a Geordie accent as well.

When it comes to dishy dialects,

a recent study found the Essex

is the UK's sexist,

while the Geordie comes out top for
the friendliest,

but could it be bye-bye to "why
aye?" As experts believe

that, due to voice recognition

programmed to talk to us

in a neutral voice,

in just 50 years regional accents
could die off.

So, shall we find out what they
sound like? Yeah, let's do it.

OK, boys. Amira's favourite body
part is her vagina.

What's your favourite body part and

We'll go to red first.

The lips, cos they're really good
for kissing.

Yeah, I agree, to be honest, I think
they would be.

What do you think about the voice?

Yeah, I cannae really tell what
accent that is.

I think you're from the south,
aren't you?

He's got a really deep voice, hasn't

Aye. OK, blue.

My eyes.

A lot of people tell me I have quite
deep, quite beautiful eyes.

Do you like the tone of his voice?

Yeah, and it's masculine as well.

Yeah, it is.

And, finally, orange.

Me arms, because I've been told I'm
a good cuddler.

Mmm, I'm liking it, I'm liking it, I
really do like it. OK. Really?

What is it about that kind of accent
that really does it for you?

It's probably because it's so close
to home.

It's just my preference, really. You
like it? OK.

Amira, three boys here, you've heard
what they sound like.

Now is the time to say goodbye to
one of them.

Who would you like to lose?


The accent didn't turn you on?


I'm afraid you're saying goodbye to
the lovely Mike,

who is a 30-year-old programmer from

How are you feeling, Mike?

Yeah, all right. Quite disappointed.

There's not going to be a date
tonight, but thank you so much.

I thought she was absolutely

Disappointed I'm not going to be
going on a date with her.

It would have been nice to get to
know her a bit more.

So, Amira, the next time these two
boys see you,

you're going to be completely in the
nude. Are you ready?

Oh, I'm ready. OK.

Get those platforms off.
See you later.

Based on naked attraction,
20-year-old retail assistant Amira

has whittled six men down to two -

20-year-old biomedical science
student Martin,

and 30-year-old warehouse operative

But only one can go on a date

to find out if there's chemistry

when the clothes go on.

It's just you two now.

One of you is going to get picked
for the date.

So, I want you guys to size up the

Ste, what are you liking?


What, his knob? Yeah, his knob.

Really? Really.

There you go.

Martin, what are you making of Ste?

Erm, I'd say you've got really
nice eyes.

Now, the last time we saw Amira, it
was with her clothes on,

but she wants to show everybody that
she is the woman that she

really wanted to be, the real her.

Are you ready? Yes. Yes.

Here we go. Amira, come on out.

Hello, gorgeous, how are you
feeling? I'm easy.

What do you like about your body?

My vagina.

The surgeon did say it was one of
the best.

It is the best!

I want it.

I am going to have it, so...

Oh, I say!

I'm liking the confidence, give me
them both!

You can't have them both!

You have Martin and you have Ste.

You have to make a decision about
which guy

you want to take on a date.

This is so hard. Yeah, it is!

I like them both so much.


..and Ste.

To be honest, it's who I think I'm
going to probably

have the most fun with. Uh-huh...?

I think I'm going to go with Ste.

Martin, I'm sorry, you were so

You're there going, "I AM going to
have that vagina!"

What was it in the end that just
clinched it for Ste?

It's the accent doing something!

If it wasn't for him, I'd have you
in a heartbeat.


Martin, you were this close...

..but it isn't going to be a date
for you tonight.

Thank you, Martin. Thank you.

See you later!

The reason she chose Ste over me was
because of his northern accent,

but sucks on her, because I can do a
good northern accent.

Ye all right, love?

Ste, come on, how are you feeling?

Speechless! She's gorgeous.

Things are hotting up in here for

Next time you see each other,

it's going to be with your clothes
back on.

Have a brilliant time.

I really fancy her.

She looked bubbly.

Looks like we'll get on really well.

She's my kind of girl.

I've got the feeling that every
single one of them liked me,

but I just knew who I liked at the

and I knew I was going to get him.


How you doing? You look absolutely
stunning. You all right?

Fine, yeah.

She's gorgeous, she looks stunning.

The minute we clicked eyes,

I knew I really wanted to get to
know you.

Was looking forward to meeting you.

You were?

Massively, yeah.

Truthfully, this is only, like, the
second date

I've ever been on in my life.

Guys in the past, they'd only just
want to go with and sleep with.

They wouldn't want to be proud

to walk about with me in the street.
They're only after one thing.

He seems like he really does want to
get to know me more,

and I'm definitely wanting to get to
know him more.

I think it would be great to just
have that one partner

that you can do everything with.

Want to show her that not all men
are the same.

There are some good guys out there,

and hopefully I'm the one.

Do you think it's actually, like,
you know, like, good, like,

seeing me naked, like, beforehand?

I think it's quite good. Yeah.

What do you think of my fanny?

Your fanny? Looks lush.

It's quite sensitive, as well. Is
it? Is it?

I definitely fancy the pants off

Want to go for a drink

or shall we call for room service?

Definitely room service.

There's no way I'm letting him leave
my sight today without really,

you know, getting to know him.

Hi. Hello.

You smell good.

You look good.

How did the date go?

The date went well, didn't it?

Very well.

When we got back to the hotel room,
it was even better.


We got pizza in the hotel and

Is that all you can say?

Like, you can tell them.

You did, you rogered me well.

You gave me a good rogering.

I gave her a good rogering.

Yeah, and I showed you, I think, a
good time.

It was a week after we met up,

on the Saturday night, met my

It was special.

It meant a lot to me.

What's happened since then? Have you
guys still been in touch?

On and offish, but... Very little.

You went a bit more distant, though,
isn't it?

You were more distant than I was.

Yeah, I suppose in a way.


To be honest, like,

I have sort of, like,

started seeing somebody.

Have you?

Oh, right.

I've obviously lost out, but, yeah,
I'm pretty gutted.

Obviously, like, we're still going
to be, like, great pals.

Do you reckon?

Yeah. Course we will, can't just
get rid of me.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,

the dating show where even a fig
leaf is considered over dressed.

Behind me I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date,

but who's picking this time?

Hi, I'm Andy, I'm 24,
I'm from Coventry.

I've been a mechanic probably
six or seven years now.

It's a very hands on job.
You get grubby, dirty, sweaty.

Rugby is a massive part of my life,

I've been playing for nearly
15 years now.

It's quite a tough sport,
it's very hard and physical.

The club I play at,
we're just a massive family.

We're at the club every Saturday.

You'll get dared, "Oh, you won't go
speak to that girl over there,"

so I just have to prove them wrong,
go and do it.

It doesn't always work.

I might come across as this big,
hard rugby playing mechanic.

It's more of a defence mechanism
for me. Like, I put up a guard.

Deep down I'm just a big softie.

My last relationship ended
quite badly for me

and now I'm ready just to move on.

Naked Attraction, I need your help
because I need to find that
right girl.

Andy, hello. Welcome to the show.
How are you feeling?
I'm really good, thank you.

Just explain to me why a handsome
young buck like you is single,

what's going on?

Had my heart broken a little bit,
enjoyed the single life,
played a lot of rugby. Yes.

Now just ready to kind of like find
someone else, I guess,
find that next person.

What do the lads think about you
doing this show?

They're happy to see me on TV.
Like, they see my, my cock every
weekend in the showers.

Do you have a softer side?
I know a lot of rugby lads.

You know, they ... Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I've got a massive soft side.

There's flowers, rose petals,
candles, dinner, everything.

Well, listen. Shall we crack on with
the game? Yeah. Crack on, yeah.

In front of you, you have got
six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a naked lady,
each of whom has a physical

attribute you've told us
you find physically attractive. OK.

We're going to reveal them bit by
bit to you

and all you've got to do is whittle
them down from six to one,

just using naked attraction alone.

Can we reveal the bottom
half of the ladies, please?


There's a lot to look at,
isn't there?

Oh, wow. Just six fannies.

Which one is drawing your eye?

So, what is it about Blue's figure?

It just looks quite tidy.

It's quite neat. Very just trimmed.
Her legs are nice as well.

And do you like that little
sort of landing strip of hair?

Yeah, it's nice. Cute.
OK, where else shall we go?

Pink? More the tattoos
that are drawing me to this one.

Ah, hah. Very colourful.

How do you feel about the vagina?
It's very nice and neat.

Nice and neat. Yeah, very, yeah.
A little bit more hair on the front.

There is a little bit more, yeah,
but it's not too much.

So, just tell me about the kind
of bants that you boys get up to.

We're always naked,
always fighting each other.

We get, like, massages and stuff.

Once somebody sat on my head,
I was getting massaged.

Just opened his arse and sat on my
head. Are you sure you're
looking for a girl?

Yes, honestly I am.

OK. Where else shall we go?
We'll go yellow.

She's got nice legs, a very,
very nice figure, very nice shape.

Yeah. Good, yeah.
She's got lovely ankles.

Yeah, very nice ankles, yeah.

Who else would you like to go to?

Very nice. Nice curves.

Ah, so you like a curvy girl?
I like a bum.

Come on then.
Spin round, ladies, for us.

What is it about a bum
that you like?

My favourite position is reverse
cowgirl so, like, just something
to hold on to.

You can grab it and it's just nice
to look at.

Pink is... Giving it loads!

Pink, you...
You are really working it.

Where else have we not looked?
Go to Red. Red, what do you think?

It's nice. That's a really pert bum.
It is very perky.

Amazing. OK.

You do have to say goodbye
to one of them. OK.


Going to say...


I just wasn't drawn. Fair enough.

You are saying farewell to Bridget

who is a 26-year-old cafe
manager from Hove.

How are you, you OK?
I'm OK, how are you?

Good, thank you.
Oh, you smell amazing. Thank you.

It's not going to be a date tonight,
Bridget, but thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you.

Coming out first is absolutely

Didn't actually get an opportunity
to see my personality.

OK, can we please reveal
the middle part of the bodies.


I love boobs.

What do you like to do to them?
Grab 'em. Mm.

Shake 'em and lick 'em,
and suck them.

Anything you can do with a boob,
I can do it. You can do it.
I can do it, yeah.

So. Pink.

Come on then. Very nice figure.

Yeah, it's perfect, isn't it?
Yeah. I love the tattoos.

Would the boys approve? I think so,
yeah, I think they would.

What do the boys call you?
Have you got a nickname or anything?

Oh, yeah, they call be
Big Dick Bolton.

I'm quite modest,
I don't think it's that big.

I'll be the judge of that, Andy.

The perception of rugby players has
changed from big and burly

to toned and honed with pin ups
like Jonny Wilkinson paving the way.

And this transformation has
certainly caught the attention
of the ladies.

A recent study of 1,000 women found
they would kick

a footballer into touch if they
had the chance of dating a hunky
rugger guy.

A whopping 70% also
think they would be better in bed.

Who else would you like to go to?

Yellow. Yellow.

OK. Boobs. Handle those?

Yeah, a handful. Nice enough there.

Enough there? Yeah, definitely. OK.

Blue. Very nice figure.

The hips are great, boobs are great.

Piercings are nice as well.

Who have we not done?
We'll go Orange, here. Yeah.

Orange. Yeah, very nice.

Could you see yourself
playing with those? I could.

The more she jiggles them, I can.

Oh, could you see yourself
having a tit wank?

I mean, yeah. I could, yeah.

Who else would you like to go to?

The waist goes in,
she's got a nice figure, yeah.

How do you keep yourself in shape?

Obviously I know you play rugby
but... Boxing occasionally, as well.

With your girlfriend do you want to
do a bit of sparring, shadow boxing?

I mean, it'd be nice to go to the
gym with somebody, definitely.

Right, ladies. can you give us your
very best shadow boxing, please? OK.

MUSIC: "Eye Of The Tiger"
by Survivor

Orange, there is a beat, come on.

Yellow? Yellow looks like she's
trying to get out of an anorak.


Pink is really working it.

Orange's boobs have gone insane.

Do you see yourself working out
with these girls? Yeah, definitely.

Thank you, ladies. Well done, girls.
Thank you for that.

It's that time, Andy. OK.

You're going to have to say
goodbye to one of them.



I just feel the rhythm and the
boxing and the athletic...

I just don't feel it would have
suited me as much.

You are saying farewell to Ashley,

who is a 26-year-old bar
supervisor from Australia.

Oh, wow. Come on Ashley, come and
say hello.

Hello. Hello. How are you? Good,
how are you? I'm good, thank you.

OK. Hello, lovely. Hello.

What was that boxing all about?
I can't box to save my life.


I'm so sorry Ashley, you will not be
going down under this evening.

I know. But thank you very much, my

Goodbye. Thank you. Thank you, see

He liked that I had jiggly boobs

and he felt that he
could have a tit wank with me.

They are quite nice
and they're really big,

so they're fun to play with
when watching Netflix.

Coming up, Andy bares all
before choosing who to date.

Oh, no.

Earlier, car mechanic Andy
whittled six potential dates

down to four based on
naked attraction alone.

He can only choose one girl to go on
that date, so who will he lose next?

So, Andy, just remind us
why you're here.

OK, so, I'm a rugby lad.

I'm quite, like, life of the party,
kind of go out a lot. Yes.

And I just want to find someone that
I can kind of settle down with.

Well, you've got four girls
remaining. Mmhm.

In this round, this is where you
get to see the girls' faces,

but they get to see you.
Yeah, of course, yeah.

Are you ready? I'm very ready,
let's go. Here we go.

Wow. Oh, wow.

So who are you giving the,
"Oh, wow" to?

Pink. I like the lips.

I think the lipstick helps,
makes her stand out a bit more.

Kissable? Yeah, very kissable.

OK, next colour.

Green, because she's laughing. She's
cute. She really is, isn't she?

Very cute, yeah. She's very sweet.
I like the dimples on the cheeks.

Yeah. Yellow. Yellow.

Nice smile. Very nice smile, yeah.
She has got great teeth.

Very nice teeth, yeah,
very nice teeth. Teeth important?

Very important. Oh, OK so are they
your own teeth, yellow?

Yeah, thank God for that.
They're her own teeth.

Andy is not alone in his desire
for a perfect set of gnashers,

as research found 84% of people feel
pressured to have the perfect smile.

Singletons are reportedly twice as
likely to have a whitening procedure

than those in a relationship,

and looking after your pearly whites
might not only capture
someone's heart

but could also do wonders
for your own,

as research has found bad teeth
can lead to cardio problems.

So just keep brushing.

What about Blue?
Beautiful. Yeah. Very big lips.

A piercing as well. Got teeth?
She's got teeth. Yeah. Oh! Ah!

Have a look around. Yeah.

Which girl are you going
to say farewell to?


I think it's the hair and the eyes.
Wow, Andy.

Just shorter hair,
it's not brunette.

Not brunette and too short for you?
I think, yeah, shorter, yeah.

You are saying goodbye, Andy,
to Lesley who is a 27-year-old

carer from Lowestoft.

Come down, Lesley. Come and
say hello. Hey, babe, how are you?

Oh, could you have handled Andy?
I wouldn't mind having a go.

Oh, really? You've missed out there,
Andy. I have.

Lesley, I'm so sorry, it's not going
to be a date. Off you go.

I know I've got big hamster cheeks
and dimples

and everyone thinks I'm cute,
but I'm not that cute and innocent.

You've got three ladies remaining.

Now in this round this is where you
get to hear the girls' voices.

OK. Andy wants a girl who can be

but also be able to hang out
with the lads,

so to test this Andy has a special
initiation just for you.

You're going to have to down a
special Naked Attraction

non alcoholic pint, then tell Andy
why you think you can handle him.

Who do you want to go for first?
Pink. Full of it.

Straight off with pink. Come on.
Come on then pink. Down it, down it!


Doing all right to be fair,
better than I would be.

She's not even coming up for breath.

Done. Oh, wow.

Do you think you could handle Andy?

See, I keep my eye on the prize
and I'll tackle anything that
comes in my way.

Cheeky. Very cheeky. Very cheeky.

Where are you from, Pink?
I'm from London originally.

But is it a cute, cute voice?
Yeah, definitely, yeah.

We'll go yellow.
Come on then, Yellow.

She doesn't like it.

Well done. Ooh.

Can you handle Andy?


What does that mean, Yellow?
What have you said?

Only a big beast can handle me.

Only a big beast can handle Yellow.

Are you a beast? I can try.

What language is that, Yellow?
Where are you from? It's Slovakian.

I've never been. Never been.
Never been, yet. Yet.

OK. Now, we've got Blue left.

You can chug as much as you want.

Here we go.

She doesn't look like a chugger.
It's something you have to win.

No? You can't handle your beer
but could you handle this one?

Well, it depends what you
need me to handle.


Hmm. Where are you from then, Blue?

Hungary. What do you think of the

Husky. It is quite husky, isn't it?

So, remember, the two girls that

will get to see you
totally naked.

OK. What are you going to do?

Um, wow, OK.


I mean, apart from just not
chugging on the pint.

Maybe the voice. The voice maybe...'s just difficult, I think.

So it's hard to understand
is what you're saying?

Yeah, I think so. From here maybe,

You are saying goodbye to Tina
who is a 29-year-old trainee

teaching assistant from Slovakia.

Tina, come and say hello.

Hello. Hello. Hello, how are you?
I'm not bad, how are you?

Tina, could you handle Andy?

Err, well, not sure.

Is he not enough of a beast for you?
No, no. Not big enough.

I'm so sorry,
it's not going to be a date.

See ya. See you later. Bye.

I'm originally from Slovakia
but I live in Leeds,

so I've got kind of a mixture
of accent....accents.

Oh, for God's sake with that word!

It's that bloody beer they gave me!

Two stunning ladies remaining. Yes.

The next time they see you, it's
going to be with your clothes off.

Yeah, whatever. Yeah?
It is time to take yourself and your
casual slacks through there.

Based on naked attraction,

24-year-old car mechanic Andy
has whittled six women down to two.

25-year-old dancer Lauren
and 20-year-old model Bianca.

But only one can go on a date
to find out if there's chemistry

when the clothes go on.

So, ladies, it is time
to size up the competition.

So, Lauren, check out Bianca.
What are you envious of?

I already have, she's so fit.
And she's so tanned. I know.

Bianca, if you were to check out
Lauren, what are you envious of?

They're so nice, I actually can't.

I love that, just scoop it up.

OK, now, the last time you saw Andy
he had his action slacks on,

you're about to see him
totally naked.

Here we go. Come on out, Andy.
Let's see what you've got.

Hello. Give us a spin,
let's have a look.

Big, innit? Peachy.

So, girls, what do you think
of Andy so far?

He looks like a grower. A grower.

Lauren, how do you feel about that?
Yeah, he's all right.

I mean, you don't want them too big.
Why's that?

When you get scared, like,
about a penis, then it's really not
the penis for you, so.

I like his thighs.

His thighs? Thighs.

He's got big rugby thighs.

Now, you need to make a decision,

and this time it's the girl
you want to take on a date.

Oh, man.

You've got Lauren,
you've got Bianca.



Bianca. Oh, Lauren.
Pipped at the post.

What swung it in the end then, Andy?

I just think the personality shone
through with her and it was great.

Yeah. But I think just natural type
wise, I think Bianca.

Give Lauren a massive hug.

I know, come here babe.
Ah, let's have a cuddle.

Thank you.

Lauren, I'm so sorry. It's not going
to be a date for you and Andy.

Goodnight, my love.

Bianca was the perfect match,

But, hey, my personality shone


Guys, next time you see each other,

it is going to be
with your clothes back on.

OK. Have fun on the date.
See ya. See you later.

When I saw him naked I noticed
his thighs, I like big thighs.

He's got a big built sort of body
size, which is good.

The thing I like most about Bianca?
Probably her hair.

It's quite long, brunette.
She just seems very shy.

I'm looking forward to finding out
a little bit more about her.
I'm very happy with my choice.

Hello. Hey, how are you? You OK?
I'm good thanks. Good.

It's nice here. Very nice, yeah.
You nervous?

Um, I am a little bit.
Really? Yeah.

There's nothing to be nervous about.
He's giving me good signals so far.

There's a lot of eye contact,
which is good.

You said really nice things about
me, which is good. Did I?

Yeah. I tried.

Am I what you thought
I was going to be, or...

You wasn't what I expected.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

It's a good thing, it's a good
thing. Thank God for that.

She's beautiful. Seeing her with her
clothes on, I'm still massively
attracted to her.

Like, it's instantly,
as soon as it lifted,

you were, like, my instant
attraction. Like instantly.


I'm really clumsy, sorry. I'm the
clumsiest person you'll ever meet.

Did you see me drink the beer?
I dribbled.

Yeah. I seen, yeah,
dropped it everywhere.

I wouldn't say there was a spark
as of yet.

Once she's kind of out of her shell
completely, then, yeah,

I mean, I don't see why not.
Never tried a lobster before,
I'm really scared.

You never tried? Why did you order
it if you've never tried it?

I don't know. Oh, shit. It's nice,
it's really nice. I'm really scared.

Really chewy.

I need to spit this out.

Sorry can you look away.
Just do it.

Don't mind me. You crack on.

Don't worry,
get a McDonald's later? Probably.

We got on really well, she's really
laid back, which is good.

Oh, I've definitely made
the right choice.

We took each other's Instagram

and so we'll be in touch
with each other, for sure.

Hello, you all right?
Fucking hell. Sorry. How are you?

Yeah, I'm good. Yeah? Yeah.

Andy, how did the date go?

The date went really well.
We had a lot of fun, spoke a lot.

Romantically it was, it was all

I think we got on fairly well.
Yeah, the date went really well.

There was, like, some flirting
and... What you laughing at?

You had lobster and spat it out.

Yeah, I spat the food out.

It was good though,
we had a nice time.

I had a nice time anyway.

So, what happened after the date?

Not a lot, we spoke a bit,
but not a lot.

I'm just a rubbish texter,
it's quite bad.

I'd love there to be a second date

but I guess that's just down to you
isn't it, really? Yeah.

Do you want to go on a second date?

Yeah, I'd love to.
You'd love to?

Yeah, but don't make me eat lobster.

I won't, don't worry about it.
OK, thanks.

Would you like to test
the power of Naked Attraction?

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