Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Josh & Matt and Mary - full transcript

Twenty-year-old virgin Josh seeks a princess to pop his cherry. In a first for the show, couple Matt and Mary seek a 3rd person to join them in bed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let's face it, when it comes to looking
for love, we've all been caught out

by fancy filters and
exaggerated online profiles.

But we have a more instinctive
way to find love.

Tonight, a nurse, an English student
and a door supervisor

are stripping bare to attract the
perfect partner.

All right, all right, all right.

Because we like to start
where a good date ends...

It's a penis and it's in my face!


Hell, yeah! What!? I know.

Can picking a partner based solely
on natural beauty...

Give me a little wiggle.

Oh, blimey.

..Help you find the ones?

Sniff 'em out, sniff 'em out.

Do you look at that and think,

"I want to get the helmet on
and I want to explore"?

..When we're entirely unfiltered.

What do you do with a gooch

I think you just lick it.

What do we really find attractive?

I identify as non-binary.

We're looking for a third partner.

This is a Naked Attraction first.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

You're going to have to say
goodbye to one of them.

Um... Ooh...

Can I take them...
no, I can't take them both.

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the dating show for those who like
to eye it before they buy it.

Inside each of these six pods,

I've lined up a naked singleton.

Only one of them will be picked
to go on a date,

but who's doing the choosing?

# Can you feel the love tonight? #

I'm Josh, I'm a lettings agent,
and I live in Bristol.

When it comes to relationships,
I'm an old romantic,

so much so that I love
fairy tale musicals -

the whole story, the romance,
how magical they are.

I'm basically just a Prince Charming
looking for my princess.

But despite searching, I can't seem
to find the girl of my dreams,

and because of that, I'm actually
still a virgin.

# Like a virgin... #

My mates have all done the deed

and they just think I should get
on with it.

I mean, you're halfway to being
a 40-year-old virgin, mate.

I'll start panicking when I hit 30.

I just hope my princess is waiting
for me

and we can have a happy ending...

Something that I've not had before.

And we can live happily ever after.

So Josh,
welcome to Naked Attraction.

You're looking a bit sort of like
"Aaagh, what am I doing?" Yes.

You're a little bit different,
aren't you,

from some of our other pickers?

Yes, I'm actually still a virgin.

Congratulations, because you're
holding out, aren't you? Yeah.

You are kind of looking
for a Disney princess? Yes.

I don't want the first time
to just be a cheeky smash and dash.

Why do you want to pick
a girl naked?

I find dates a little bit awkward

and it kind of gets the
awkwardness out of the way.

You're going to get a proper
education from this one.

Every day's a school day.

That's what I like to hear.

Inside each of these six coloured

we have a naked lady just for you,
Josh. Ooh.

Each of them has an attribute that
you have said you find attractive.

Yes. We're going to reveal them to
you bit by bit.

All you've got to do is whittle them
down from six to one

based on naked attraction.

Shall we start? Yep, I'm good.

Let's reveal the bottom half
of the bodies, please.

Have you ever had six vaginas in
your face before? No.

Have you seen any vaginas?

No, no, actually no,
to be honest, this is a first.

Which vagina would you like
to take a closer look at?

I think blue.
Tell me a little bit about blue.

She's got shaved legs. That's nice,
I appreciate that.

How do you feel about her vulva?
Vulva, um...

Do you know what the vulva is?

Give me... give me...
give me a definition.

OK, so the vulva... Yeah.
Is the front part of your noo, OK?

OK. Do you know what the labia are?
No? OK.

So what we're seeing here is,
we've got the vulva. Yeah, go on.

And then you've got
the labia majora,

the sort of bigger lips
that you see. OK, yeah.

And then it's a whole other world
once you get inside.

Once you get inside,
a whole new world, OK.

OK, so how do you feel
about blue's vagina?

It looks quite nice. Indeed.

Who else would you like to
go and look at? Green.

So how does green's vagina
compare to blue?

I suppose a bit smaller,
I don't know.

Do you know where the clitoris is?

Somewhere. It is somewhere.

In... yeah, that..
that's the target, yes.

We've got more nerve endings in our

than you've got in your cock. Wow.
And that's why it's a joy.

Yeah, I don't know how many I've got
in my cock, but I imagine a lot.

Quite a lot. I've got more, though,
so who's the winner? OK.

OK. Let's look at pink.
I'm not a huge fan of tattoos.

As they go, they're actually...
they are very nice.

Yeah, and if we have a look at the
vagina, very neat and tidy. Yeah.

Shall we move on to red, then?

Vagina-wise, what are we saying?
Yeah, um...

I guess where I'm going with
this, Josh, is,

Do you look at that and think,

"I want to get the helmet on
and I want to explore?" Um, yeah.

Shall we have a look at yellow?

I mean, the tattoo's
a bit more aggressive.

Well, "Let your world burn".

Yeah, that's... that's quite out

And talking of out there,
obviously a more exposed vagina.

Yes. Yeah, definitely is.

So shall we just have a quick
look at orange? Yeah.

Very neat and tidy vagina.
Yeah, it is very tidy.

Go on. Now, you're a man of 20,

how have you controlled your urges
up until this point?

I mean, is there a sort of crusty
sock in your bedroom?

I've not got a massive sex
drive in that sense.

But in fairness,
you also haven't had sex. Yes.

So maybe it's like having a

Once you find out it's really
nice... That's it.

You can't stop. Well, once you pop,
you just can't stop.

Once you pop, you can't... well put.

It seems more people are now waiting
to pop their cherry.

12.5% of British millennials are
still virgins at 26 years old,

compared to previous generations
where this figure was only 5%.

And there might be a payoff to being

as doing it at an older age can lead
to more satisfying relationships.

So, it is now time to say goodbye to
one girl

based on naked attraction.

I know how Alan Sugar feels now.

Who's going to be fired?

I think... yellow. Yellow!


"Let your world burn".

I'm not a huge fan of tattoos
generally. OK.

Shall we find out
who Miss Yellow is? Let's find out.

This is the lovely Brianna.

She is a 20-year-old sales
advisor from Surrey.

Hello, gorgeous girl.
Thank you very much.

Nice to meet you.
Brianna, thank you so much.

No worries. But I'm afraid it's not
right for Josh.

See you later. See ya.
Thank you, see you later!

Looking at him face to face,
he seems quite sweet and innocent.

If I went on a date with him,
I'd eat him alive, yeah!

So Josh...

Yes. OK, can we please see
the middle part of the girls?


Take it in.

You are totally
speechless, Josh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah!

Right, then, Josh, what do you look
for in a woman sort of figure-wise?

Like more like an hour...
An hourglass? That's the...

The classic feminine figure. Yes.

OK. Where would you like to go?

Let's start over... Over at green?
Over at green.

The boobs are a nice size.

How do you feel about nipples?

Yeah, no, that's fine, that ticks...
that ticks a box.

That ticks a box, OK.

Well, if we look at pink...

If we're thinking Disney princess,
amazing waist,

you want the hourglass.

Yeah, they are very lovely tattoos,

more of a Snow White with all
the animals...

Snow White or evil queen,
I don't know?

Evil queen, ooh, now, that would
be a twist in the tail.

Shall we have a look at red?
Yes, let's look at red.

I mean, she's quite natural.

Quite short hair, though,
I'd probably prefer longer hair.

All right, let's have a look at

because we're not entirely sure how
long her...

Oh, ohh. Oh, is it Elsa?

That's a game changer.

I was a bit worried
when I couldn't see the hair.

So just going back to the fact
that you are a virgin,

how far have you got with a girl?

I have kind of slept with a girl

How can you kind of slept with her,
have you been naked in bed with her?

I literally was naked in bed
and then we slept.

That's what I mean by "slept
with a girl". I'm very literal.

So I did touch the vagina. Yeah.

Didn't really give it a
thorough inspection. Right.

So I never really saw it.
But you felt it.

Yeah, no, I felt it, and...
and yeah, that was...

So this business?
The old... this business,

the old finger blaster went in.
Dust off the finger blaster.

Dust off the finger blaster,
get out, go home.

OK, so, Josh, it is time to make
a decision.

I mean, it's... it's a tough one.

I'm going to go for...

Red for this one.

We're saying goodbye to red because?

I think they've got
quite shorter hair.

She's got shorter hair. Yes.

OK. Let's find out who Miss Red is.

So this is Nina. She is a
20-year-old student from Hampshire.

Hello, my love.


Your hair's actually very lovely.
Thank you.

Nina, are you a little bit

Maybe a little bit, but I'll be OK.
Thank you so much, Nina.

No worries, thank you.

It's not going to be a date for you
this time. Thank you. Goodbye.

He seems like a nice guy,
yeah, he was good looking,

but he was a virgin.
I haven't taken that many cherries!

Coming up, Josh bares all
before choosing who to date.

This is difficult.
And a couple...

We're looking for a third partner.

Get to choose someone to join their

based on naked attraction.

whittled six potential dates
down to four

based solely on naked attraction.

He can only choose one girl to go on
that date, so who will he lose next?

Right, Josh.

Remind me why are you here?

I'm a virgin, and I'm just really
looking for my princess

to pop my cherry with. Ahh, OK.

So this is a crucial round now,
it's what the girls look like.

This is. So don't forget this is
where they also get to see you

for the very first time as well.

Can we please reveal the
girls' faces.

You've gone shy, Josh? I'm...
I'm being a little shy.

Initial thoughts please?

Still drawn to blue at the
moment, I think.

OK, Blue.

Your hair's very nice, it's the
princess blue eyes as well.

Give us a smile, Blue. Lovely smile,
got lovely teeth.

Are teeth important to you?
Teeth are very important.

She brushes twice daily.

Clearly the dentist is very proud
of you, Blue.

Funny you should say that,

according to one survey 40% of
people don't brush their teeth

every day. Oh really, wow.
Imagine kissing that.

Ugh! I have.

This recent report means that a
shocking 26 million Brits

do not brush their teeth daily.

Amazingly that's the equivalent to
the population of Australia.

But with smelly breath seen as one
of dating's biggest turn offs,

buffing those gnashers daily could
help your dating game.

So what do you make of pink?

I don't.. I'm not sure about the
nose ring,

I like a little kind of piercing or
like little ear piercings...

Yeah but very pretty girl.

But, yes, definitely. Green.

Green. Green is very natural, I like
the curly, wavy hair.

What about orange?

Where does she fall on the
perfection spectrum?

She does look very friendly and
nice, very warm.

OK. So you need to lose one girl
based on naked attraction.


It just gets more difficult every
time. It really does.

Who's it going to be?

So.. So, I think this round it's
going to be...

..Pink. Pink!

Why have you chosen pink?

The nose piercing, does look good on
you but it's not my kind of thing.

This gorgeous girl is Amelia.

Yes. She is a 21-year-old accounts
assistant from Skegness.

Hello! Thank you.

Gorgeous girl, how are you feeling?

Think I'd eat you alive, so...

You'd have him for breakfast. I
think that's fair, that's fair.

Amelia, I'm sorry it's not a date.

It's been a journey. It's been a
journey, see you later. Thank you.

He's just after the Disney princess,

and I think I'm definitely an
evil queen.

OK, this is where you get to hear
the girls,

what kind of voice do you like?

A very, you know, soft voice, a warm
friendly voice.

OK. Girls, when Josh was younger he
didn't like his teeth,

he got them fixed, now he
loves them.

Is there anything that you would
change about yourself, and why?

I think let's start with Orange,
let's go, let's start..

Oh, yeah, you've got a little thing
for Orange. Go on, Orange.

I hate my toes. I actually broke
them all when I was younger.

Oh. They've gone like big
fat balloons.

So you've got fat balloon toes.

Yeah. She's a wild spirit, she just
goes around breaking her toes.

Can you work with northern?

I'm a soft southerner so not what I
usually go for.

adventurous lifestyle because
they keep getting injured.

There's a theme going on here
isn't there?

Sort of girls with injured feet.

Adventurous. She's adventurous.
She's adventurous, neutral voice.

I quite like it.

What about old Blue?

So being a member of the gym,
there's always exercise to be done,

and there's always room
for improvement.

I like it, so that's ambitious,
a little bit icy,

a little bit icy and cold.

I mean, you're going to have to make
a decision, Josh.

So who are you going to
say goodbye to?

You're saying goodbye to... To...'s going to be Orange
this round.

Why? I think I just prefer the more
neutral voice.

So the accent too much for you?

So the accent too much. OK.

This is Jess, she's a 20-year-old
waitress from Stoke on Trent.


Are you a little bit disappointed?

Just a little bit. It's not going
to be a date.

Thank you. Thank you, my love.

He was like "Oh, I don't like you
'cause of your accent",

I'm too northern for him.

Not bothered.

You're left with two stunning girls.

Now it's only fair, this is where
they get to see you in the nud,

are you ready? Yes, I'm ready.

Go and take those briefs off.

Based on naked attraction
20-year-old Josh

has whittled six individuals
down to two.

21-year-old bar manager Elise,

and 21-year-old English
student Charlotte,

but only one can go on a date
to find out

if there's chemistry when their
clothes go on.

Here you are, you've made it down to
the final two.

The two princesses.

Charlotte, what are you making of
the competition there?

I mean, she looks incredible.

Personally, I'd like smaller boobs.

Would you? I'd have said the
opposite, I want your boobs.

Go for it, go for it.

You're both perfect.

So it's now time to see him with
no clothes on.

Are you ready? OK, Josh, let's see
what you're packing, sunshine.

Here he comes.


Hello, darling.


So give us a spin, Josh.
All right.

Positives? Yeah, really nice body,
nice figure.

He's... I think you're the
perfect height

and you've got a good little bum.

Oh, thank you.

Good size.

So what do you like about your
body, Josh?

Well, I suppose the
southern serpent is..

is... that's quite good.

So, Josh, it is decision time.

You can only take one on a date.

It's either Elise, or
it's Charlotte.

Now this is.. this
is... this is difficult.

Who would you like to be
your princess?

I'm going to go for..

Elise. Elise.

You're getting right in there,
right in there.

What was it about Charlotte that
wasn't princess enough for you?

You like really are, I just felt
Elise was kind of warmer.

Charlotte, I'm so sorry but it's not
going to be a date,

but do you guys want to have a
little bit of a hug before you go?

Thank you. Thank you.

Have a lovely date. Thank you so
much, Charlotte. Thank you.

He's a very good looking guy.

I guess I just didn't come across as
friendly enough for him,

but I'm quite friendly.

Elise, Josh, you two are sort of
like boyfriend and girlfriend.

The next time you guys see each
other it's going to be

with your clothes back on.

And then you're going for that date.

Thank you so much, guys.

Shall we? Let's go.

I didn't think I'd win, but
here I am.

The fact that he's a virgin doesn't
bother me,

I guess I could show him the ropes.

I'm very happy with the
choice I made.

If the date goes well, and we start
seeing each other quite a bit more

then I think, maybe, she will earn
the right to take my virginity.

Hey. Hi, you OK? Good, thank you,
how you doing?

I'm good thank you.


That's so cute. Got you a rose.
She's very attractive.

I like what she's wearing, I think
it really suits her personality.

What was the thoughts behind the
bananas? I love bananas.

My favourite fruit. What's your
favourite fruit? Strawberries.

Strawberry and banana. Someone put
us in a blender, we'd be delicious.

It's going well, we're having fun.

He got me a rose which is
really, really cute.

I was worried, right, that I'd...

I'd freeze up on the date, so
earlier on I made these cue cards.


Excluding yourself what is your
favourite world wonder?

Wink seductively. You, babe.

Oh. Why, thank you.

I think it's going well.

The next test is to sing some of my
favourite musical songs

and see if she knows the words.

# Can you feel the love tonight. #
Yeah, I know the chorus.

# Hakuna matata... #

I... I'm better than you.

# Now that I'm grown I eat
five dozen eggs

# So I'm roughly the size of
a ba-rge. #

# Tell me how do you like your eggs
in the morning? #


# How do you like your eggs
in the morning?

# I like mine with a kiss. #

So, what would you say is the
perfect number of dates

before doing it?

I wouldn't put a number on it.

Sometimes you're like
"Damn, I definitely want to

"have sex with you," you're
like... you just know it.

And were you thinking that about me?

To be honest, not yet, we're still
on our first date.

That's OK, we'll take it slow.

I feel like we are quite comfortable
around each other,

I've been with a virgin before and
he ended up being one of the best

people I ever slept with.
Would you have sex with me yet?

I like to get to know someone well
before just jumping into bed.

I think it's quite attractive that
she's not just a smash and dasher.

Down the line I might want to have
sex with her,

but we'll need to see how
that one goes.

Cheers to happily ever after.

Hello, how are you?

Hi, I'm good thank you, how are you
doing? Oh, lovely to see you.

How have you been?
Very good thank you.

Good. Is it nice to see each other?

Yes. So nice.

The date was good. I thought
the date went well.

It was good, really good fun. And
then afterwards we met up with

Charlotte. We did. I said to Josh,
"You fancy doing something

that's a little bit outside of your
comfort zone?"

And we went to a drum and bass gig.

Was there any romance?

No, I don't think there was any
romance with Elise.

So on that, have you lost your
virginity yet?

No. No, my life's very boring.

That's fine, that's fine.
Want to know something interesting?

Tell me. So, after the gig I started
messaging Charlotte.

Did you? Are you going to meet
her, or...?

Maybe, maybe.

Nothing's happened as of yet,
but maybe. Hoping.

How do you feel about Josh texting
someone else?

I'm not bothered, I'm quite happy
for him.

I think we could be friends in the
future, definitely.

Are we friends then?
Friends! Friend zone.

This is why you're a virgin.

Welcome back to
Naked Attraction

the dating show that lets it
all hang out.

Behind me I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date,

but who's picking this time?

I'm Matt. I'm Mary.
We're from Manchester

and we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

So I'm straight. Yeah, I'm bisexual.

We've got a great relationship,
we love each other a lot.

We've been together four years but
we're just hoping to explore

the possibility of a
polyamorous relationship.

Polyamorous for us is just having a
connection with someone else,

as well as with each other.

Not just about threesomes,
it's not just about sex.

Yeah, just bringing somebody else
into the relationship.

Both like girls. We're just
exploring a new possibility,

seeing whether it can work, really.

When we're on a night out trying to
find a potential partner,

we can be quite tough, if we find
someone who's straight,

they like me, find someone who's
gay, they like Mary,

it's very difficult to find someone
who just kind of clicks

with both of us.

Picking one girl's going to
be tough. Definitely going to be

conflicts, can see that coming,

but if we can find someone who can
connect to us as deeply as we

connect, that'd be brilliant.
That'd be brilliant.

So Matt, Mary, hello,
welcome to the show.

Brilliant to be on here.
This is a Naked Attraction first.

Yeah. You are looking for somebody
open to a polyamorous relationship.

Yeah, that's right. We started
talking about this about a year ago.

One night we was out in town,
she kind of liked the look

of one girl, she just came out with
it and said,

"Do you mind if I go over, and
try and kiss her?"

It was a bit of a shock, but
I was open to it.

From that we've kind of, you know,
evolved from it, I suppose.

Has it been difficult to find
somebody to join you?

We haven't managed it,

that's why we're hoping
Naked Attraction has the key.

Shall we play the game?
Absolutely, let's go.

Yeah let's play. In front of you,
you have got six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is a stunning
naked girl, open to polyamory.

How lucky are we? Oh, yeah.

Each of them has a physical
attribute that you've both

said you find physically attractive.

We're going to reveal them
bit by bit.

The only thing you have to do is
whittle them down

from six to one, and then you have
your date.

You make it sound so easy. I know.

Can we please reveal the lower
half of the bodies?


Oh, my God.

This is not going to be easy.

I've never seen so much
vagina in one spot. Wow.

Matt, who are you drawn to first?

I'd say Green. Mary, who
drew your eye?

Pink. Pink.

Crikey, this is going to be..

this is going to be a round and
a half, isn't it?

Can we agree on which one
to go for first?

We can go to Green, if you want.
Let's go to Green.

I love the thighs,
I think her tone is fantastic.

I like quite a sporty type of girl.

So I think your legs are what give
the sportiness away, really.

What do you think about the vagina?

Very tidy, very clean shaven.

We both like shaven.

Let's move on to Pink,

and yet you've said you're not so
keen on pubic hair.

But I was.. yeah, that works.

Little bit more exposed though,

you can see some inner labia there,
is that your thing then, Mary?

It's not, but for some
reason this works.

I've generally been a fan of a
little bit of lip. Yeah.

OK. Red.

Definitely like her legs.

Big thighs, very toned though.

Yeah, strong. I really like the
tattoo. I love tattoos on a girl.

So how is this going to..

I mean, imagine you guys are
going out on a date,

will you be doing everything
together or is it like

sometimes I want to go
out with Mary. She hasn't got time,

one of us might be working,
like we work alternate hours. Yeah.

So if you'd want to go out, go for a
meal or something. Handy. Yeah.

Polyamory means having more than one
intimate loving relationship

at the same time, with the full
knowledge and consent

of all involved.

And it's on the rise, with one
survey revealing that

49% of under 30s believe their ideal
relationship would be non exclusive.

Just don't confuse it with polygamy,
or you could be unlawfully

I really don't like body hair.

So not into the body hair.

I've got to ask him, and obviously
you're exploring polyamory,

what have mum and dad had to
say about it? Think we're nutters.

Yeah. You think it's fair to say
that polyamory

is a real taboo subject still?
Oh, 100%.

Everyone who I've spoke to about it
at the moment can't quite get

their head round it.

Why should there be a taboo against
it if everyone's happy?

Well, listen, good for you guys,
you know what you want.

Is Orange what you want?
Great set of legs.

Yeah, really nice legs.
Nice vagina?

Yeah. Definitely.

Kind of mesmerised by the vageegees.

Come on then. It is time for
a decision.

Have a bit of a conflab together.

I think we might need to have
a talk about it. Go and have a talk.

Oh, this is so hard.
I know.

Who do you fancy, who do you not?
What do you think?

Any disagreements? Or do you
think.. No.

It's going to be Blue.

Why Blue? It's just the hair.
Little bit too much hair?

That is literally it, just the hair.
Pretty much, yeah.

So, guys, you are about to
say goodbye to Jo,

and she is a 31-year-old
therapist from Manchester.

Look at this amazing body.
I know.

I love your complexion as
well, I'm so sorry.

Don't apologise. I feel so bad.

It's obviously what you guys like,
it wasn't my type,

I am more au naturel, you know, so.
Yeah, yeah.

But you seem like a lovely couple.
Oh, thank you.

Being polyamorous to me just means
kind of being open and very fluid.

My pubic hair was a bit
excessive for them.

But the razor blades aren't coming
out any time soon,

that bush is going to keep growing.

You have five gorgeous
women remaining.

Yeah. Are you a fan of boobs, Matt?

I am a big boob man.

I'm hoping you're going to say
you love boobs, Mary.

Oh, yeah, I'm just the same, 100%.
Shall we have a look at them? Yeah.

Oh, wow, OK. Wow.

It's getting so hard already.

Gosh. What a selection.

So, first of all Mary,
who's drawing your eye?

Green and Pink.

Matt? I'm not going to lie, Green
she's got a great hourglass figure

to her, I love the bellybutton
thing by the way.

Yeah, I love the belly piercing.
Have you got piercings

as well, Mary? Yeah. I don't have
any myself to be fair.

So you're au naturel. Mary, you
know, you're a little bit more

of a rebel. So is one of you kinkier
than the other?

No. I don't know. You're a dirty dog
let's be honest, let's just..

let's just put it out there.
Now we're getting it.

OK. So let's move over to Pink.

That is probably my perfect dream
collar bone right there.

She's got a great figure, to be
fair. Yeah.

Absolutely. Where would you like
to go next?

Orange. Ooh.

What kind of girl has paws
on her boobs?

It just shouts 'feisty' for me.

So do you want somebody
who's quite feisty?

I think we both are, to be fair.

If you guys are going out.. Yep.

And you want to meet somebody,
do you think that you can get a

sense of whether somebody's open to
a polyamorous relationship?

It's just a matter of seeing someone
you find attractive,

and talking to them and figuring out
whether they are or not.

OK, team, you guys need to say
goodbye to one of the girls.

All right we need to have a talk.
Yeah. Go on.

Let's be honest we do need to talk.

Keeping Green. I'm just saying.

It's the bellybutton for me. Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah, that one.
Come on then.

We did find it very tough but I'm
sorry we're going to have to

say goodbye to Orange.

So what swung it then?
For me it's the belly button.

I just don't like outy belly
buttons. Yeah.

I feel like I'm going to live to
regret this moment, I know.

So guys, this is Dee.

A 36-year-old administrator from
Chorley, and check out that smile.

Give us a hug. It's all right.
So sorry.

Come on.

You've got such a nice smile.

Well Dee, I'm ever so sorry.
It's fine.

Goodbye.. That'a'way.

Goodbye, nice to meet you.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

I hope they find the right person
though, because it sounds fun.

Coming up, Matt and Mary bare all
before choosing who to date.

I literally like them both.

Earlier, Couple Matt and Mary
wittled Six potential dates

down to four based on naked
attraction alone.

They can only choose one girl
to go on that date,

so who will they lose next?

Guys, just remind us again,
why are you here?

We're looking for somebody
to potentially be a third partner.

Not just a bit of fun,
an actual relationship.

Well, the good news is you have got
four girls who are very, very

open to polyamory, and joining your
gang, so in the next round you get

to see the girls' faces, but don't
forget they also get to see you.

Yes. Shall we have
a look at them? Yeah.


I feel a little flustered to be
honest. Do you?

Yeah, a little bit.

Right, so we're all going home now.

Red's eyeing... well eying you up,
she wants to take you home.

I don't know how to choose.
Mary, who's caught your eye?

Yellow. I thought there'd be
controversy, but there's not.

Both interested in yellow?
A little bit. Come on then.

I just think she's a very
attractive girl, to be fair,

really nice eyes
without a shadow of a doubt.

What kind of hair would you
normally go for?

Long hair, usually, long, dark hair.

That's why I've shocked
myself as well,

because I always go for
long, dark hair.

And yet you've gone for a sort of
shaven, blue hair. Yeah!

I don't know. Right.

Stunning girl, Red, come on.

Without a doubt. Yeah.
She's got a little bit of like...

what's she called, Orange Is The New
Black, girl with short hair.

Ruby Rose. Yeah, thank you. You have
got a Ruby Rose look.

Definitely, great set of lips,

love the little cupid's bow
going on here.

Lips with a defined cupid's bow have
been lusted after for centuries,

named because the double curve shape
resembles the bow of cupid,

the ancient Roman God of love.

Getting that perfect pout is
popular, with some cosmetic surgeons

claiming lip fillers account for
up to 70% of their work,

with a pronounced bow being the most
sought after feature.

Pink. Stunning. Yeah.
Looks very innocent.

OK. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Well, I know, I should have learned
that by now on this show.

OK, Green.

I am a sucker for the
long, dark hair.

Yeah, I love long, dark hair.

Sorry, do you mind just flicking
your hair back so I can see

the collar bone?
Oh, what the collar bone?

Lovely collar bone, yeah. Yeah, just
looking at the collar bones.

So you have to make a decision.
It is time.

Oh, this is harder than I thought
it was going to be. I know.

I don't know.

Are we agreed? Yeah. Yeah?
Come on then.

That was a decision.

Green. Green. Hang on a minute.
I know!

From the very beginning,
she was the favourite. Yeah.

Why are you losing green?
Was there just no connection there?

It's that automatic wanting,
do you know what I mean?

Well, you are saying goodbye
to Mercedes,

a 38-year-old hair and beauty
student from Spain.

Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Hello. I love the name.
Thank you.

Hope you guys find the one.
Thank you, darling. Oh, thank you.

Thank you, Mercedes, my love,
goodbye. Thank you.

I think having a relationship
with another couple is quite

different and interesting.
Maybe a few fun nights.

You are left with three girls now.

Oh, gosh. Yep.

But this is a round where we get to
hear what they sound like.

Interesting. OK, so, girls, Matt and
Mary are exploring polyamory

in their relationship.

Pink, what could you add to their
relationship, and why?

I think I'd just add a new
sort of dynamic.

It'd be something that I'd be
looking to explore. Oh.

Interesting. She sounds as delicate
as she looks.

Yeah. The voice really
fits the person.

See the excitement in her voice.
Yep. Red, what could you bring

to the relationship?

I'd say I'm quite an exciting,
adventurous type of person.

I want to go explore the world,
I want to do all sorts, so...

Mary, you are literally beside
yourself about all of them.

I wasn't expecting that voice.

You weren't expecting the voice,
but you like it? Yeah.

She comes across very confident.

OK, Yellow.

I think I can offer some, like,
chilled out fun and I'm

always up for like new
exciting things.

When she spoke she became
much more girlie.

Bit of a princess? Yeah.

I don't think there's room for two
princesses in the relationship,

to be honest. She means me,
by the way(!)

Well, guys, it is time to make
a decision.

Oh, wow.

Have a chat, decide who's going.
Right, let's come this way.

Still like Ruby Rose.

No... Then who do you want? Right.

We'll have to compromise
and go Yellow.

No, we're totally disagreeing. Yeah,
I know we're going to have problems.

Like, totally. There's a lot of
debate going on.

Right, right, right, compromise
in a relationship.

Because you can't, simple as.
For fuck's sake.

Right, OK.

I'm about to be very sad,
but, yeah, we've decided.

Red. Red.

You're annoyed about this
aren't you? She is,

do you know what? She really is.

And it's Red's birthday.
No, it's not! No, it's not.

Aha. Stop it.

Oh, we could have taken her out
for her birthday.

What was the clincher in the end?

Beautiful as you are, not my cup of
tea, I suppose.

Mary, Matt, you are saying goodbye
to the gorgeous Georgina

who is a 25-year-old-door supervisor
from Farnborough.

Nice to meet you. Hi there.

I'm so sorry. Hiya.

So, Georgina, what do you
think of Mary?

Absolutely stunning, piercing eyes.
What do you think of Matt?

He's beautiful as well.

His name's not on the list,
he's not coming in. Goodbye.

Definitely not. See you later.
See you later.

Are you going to forgive
him, Mary? No.

I'm really gutted that Matt didn't
find me attractive, but Mary did,

so, yeah, if Mary ever splits up
from Matt

she can always come and find me.

You are left with two
stunning women.

They've seen you fully clothed,

you've seen them in their
birthday suits. Yep. Yeah.

All of that is about to change,
you know what you've got to do.

Yeah. Off we go.

Based on naked attraction,

Matt and Mary have whittled six
girls down to two.

25-year-old nurse Cara and
24-year-old fashion student Kat.

But only one can go on a date
to find out if there's chemistry

when the clothes go on.

Cara, Kat, you have made it
to the final two,

so, Kat, how are you feeling?

I feel pretty good, it's a very
strange experience,

but, like, they both were really
nice and friendly.

And how about you, then, Cara?

It's been a huge confidence boost,

it's nice to meet
like-minded people.

Now, the last time that you saw
Matt and Mary,

I think it's only fair to see
what you're getting.

Shall we get them out with
their clothes off? Absolutely.

Well, hello.

Come and join me.

Oh, I like that, lead the lady in.

You sort of look better
with your clothes off

than with your clothes on,
you look really comfortable.

You're just flattering now. I think
they're both absolutely gorgeous.

What's catching your eye?
Mary, gorgeous hour glass figure,

and really beautiful.
I like his body hair.

The obvious is great also.

So, Kat.

Yes. What are you loving about Mary?

I really like your smile and I
really like your legs as well.

And what about Matt? I like your
arms, I like your body,

just in general, it's very nice,
you look very in-shape.

And the obvious?

I mean, it looks like
plenty to work with.

So, I'm afraid, guys, it is time
to make a decision.

You have Cara, you have Kat.

Are we going to have a naked
conflab? Yeah. Yeah.

I don't know how to choose.

Right, OK. But are you happy? Yeah.

Yeah? Give us a kiss. OK.

OK, who are you going to take
on your date?


Kat! It's OK.

It wasn't a decision made easily.
That's OK.

No, it really wasn't easy. So, what
was it in the end, then, guys,

that gave the clincher for Cara?
As it went further up, kept getting

better and better to
be honest, so...

OK, Kat, I'm sorry it's not going
to be a date for you,

but thank you so much.
Bye, everyone. See you later.

A little bit gutted, but I'm sure
I'll find my polyamorous

couple out there somewhere.

Cara, come and join the group.

How are you doing? Good, thank you.

Hi. So, guys, next time you all
see each other,

it will be with your clothes
back on. Yeah.

Go and have a brilliant date, I'll
keep my fingers crossed for you.

See you later.

Most people get to go on a date with
one person, but I get to go on

a date with two people and they're
both stunning, so how lucky am I?

Hello. Hello. Hi!

You look a lot different. I know.
Good to see you.

Hello, how are you? You look lovely.
And you.

We're, like, coordinated, no way.
I know, we're matching, it's good.

No way. Won't be able to tell the
difference between the two.

Meeting polyamorous couples isn't
something that I've done before,

but it's something that
I've wanted to do,

I think this is the best start that
I've had to anything like this.

So, what made you pick me, then?
It's the eyes, eyes and the smile.

Really? Yeah. I'm quite proud
that I chose her first.

I know. Yeah. Because..
I know, I know.

You were like Green, Green,
and I was like,

"No, Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink". Yeah.

So far, so good. Yeah, definitely
picked the right girl.

We both find her attractive.
Yeah, good choice.

I've read about a three couple, both
of them had children with the guy.

Really? Yeah, they had like date
nights, so, like, we'd go on a date,

then you'd go on a date, and we'd go
on a date, and the other

person would look after the kids.
No way. And it was like so they...

That's such a good set-up though,

it'd save a fortune in childcare,
wouldn't it? Exactly, exactly.

I'm getting lots of eye contact and
smiles and the conversation's

flowing quite easily.

I'm hoping for the rest of the night
to just have fun,

and see where it goes.

We both have a good banter with her.
Yeah, yeah.

We'd be looking to take it further,
and, hopefully, fingers crossed,

it works out, really.

Nice to see you again.
And you, how are you?

I'm good. I'm feeling good yeah.

Good. So, the date was really
good, wasn't it?

Yeah, we had a bit of
a kiss at the end.

I thought maybe it'd be a bit
awkward because there was two

of them and it was, you know, which
order do I kiss them in

and things like that.
Being ganged up on.

It felt quite natural to me.
Yeah, it did feel natural.

Since the date, have you guys been
in contact with each other?

We actually made like a group chat
on WhatsApp. A group chat, yeah.

I think it's the only fair way to go
about it, to be honest with you.

So nobody's missing out. I think
there's been

quite a bit of flirting.
Won't go into too much detail.

Stop it. Shut up! But it's been
fun anyways.

Will the three of you be seeing
each other again?

Yeah, definitely. Yeah 100%.

So far, so good really,
we've had fun up to yet.

We'll just see where it
goes after today.

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