Naked Attraction (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Alesia and Louise - full transcript

Psychology student Alesia is tired of meeting 'boys' and hopes to meet a real man. After 200 dates all over the world, Louise is ready to meet her soulmate.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Adult content, and full frontal
nudity from the start and throughout

From status symbols to status
updates, dating in the 21st century

has never been harder, but we have
a more instinctive way to find love.

Tonight, a writer, a psychology
student and a retired soldier

are stripping bare to attract
the perfect partner,

because we like to start
where a good date ends...


Oh, wow! Wow!


Oh, my God!

I'm so spoilt for choice.

Can picking a partner based
solely on natural beauty...

Could be a grower, not a shower? you find the one?

If it doesn't fit in your mouth,

it's probably not going to
fit in your bum. OK.

When we're entirely unfiltered,

what do men and women
really find attractive?

This person was born with a vagina,
but he identifies as a man.

Wow! OK.

Let's find out by dating in reverse.

Who do you want on
that date tonight?

I really can't decide.

I just want to take them both!

This is Naked Attraction.

Welcome to Naked Attraction,

the dating show for singles to
mingle completely in the buff.

Inside each of these six pods,
I've lined up six naked guys.

Only one of them will be picked to
go on a date,

but who's doing the choosing?

MUSIC: Single Ladies
by Beyonce

I'm Alesia, I'm 26, and I'm a
psychology student from London.

# If you liked it then you should've
put a ring on it... #

I've been single for about
a year and a half now

after being with my ex-partner
for eight years.

Since then, I've not had much luck
on the dating scene.

Too many boys, not enough men.

Well, I think that you're giving off
the wrong kind of vibe sometimes.

What makes you say that?

You know, I think men find you very

You know,
you're a very beautiful girl.

The thing is, you're too picky.

You do need to start giving people
more of a chance, darling.

But I want you be settled

and with someone that's going to
look after you.

I have two beautiful children,
but there's only one thing missing,

and that would be a man to
complete the family.

Alesia, hello.
Hello, Anna. Welcome to the show.

Come on. Mwah! Let's do...mwah!

Air kissing. Air kisses today.

Now, listen, tell me a little bit
about yourself.

I'm quite confident,
a little bit bougie,

but I'm an absolute sweetheart.

What does bougie mean?

OK, so bougie is somebody that
stands out

when they walk down
the street a little bit. Oh.

You're definitely bougie.
Someone... Just a tad.

Why would you pick a guy naked?

Because I think you get that out of
the way before you have a bit of a

tragic incident when it comes down
to getting intimate with a guy.

The thing is, though, Alesia,
you've also got to get naked,

so are you body-confident? Uh...

I think I look good, but I've got
two children... OK., you know, after kids,
your body does change.

Well, from here, you look amazing.

Thank you very much, Anna.
Thank you.

So, are you ready to play the game?
I am indeed.

All right.

In front of us...

Yeah. ..we have six coloured pods.

Inside each of them is
a gorgeous naked man.

They each have an attribute...
OK, yeah.

..that you have said that
you find attractive.

OK. Amazing. We are going to reveal
them bit by bit.

Amazing. All you have to do -

you've got to whittle them down
from six to one.

Okey dokey.

Can you reveal the bottom half of
the bodies, please?

All right.




I have to be honest -
I am quite speechless.

May I have a little walk around to
observe? Let's have a walkabout.

OK, let's have a look at Pink.

He's got really nice toned legs.

The calves aren't, I suppose, big.

I'm intrigued to go up
a little bit more.

OK, so a question mark on Pink.

Oh, hello. So, Red's definitely
got Brazilian going on.

Gosh! Yes, he does.

He's very, um, well-pampered
in that department,

but he's not standing like someone
who is confident.

So, shall we move somewhere else?



OK, he's got a good sense of humour!

Yes. I like that.

A little bit of banter.

Yes. He's standing very confident.

I'm liking a lot.

He's got really good legs.

Blue. Are you into ginger?

Um... Maybe. Ish.

OK. Not sure, Anna.

Not sure with Blue.

Orange, hello.
Orange, hello, hello, hello.

Look at those thighs!

He's got amazing legs.

Hasn't he? Yeah.
Now, that's a strong man.

He looks confident.

I like Orange. What about Green?

I do think that's somebody
that looks after themselves.

He looks like an older man.

Look at the hands.
He's got older hands. Mmm.

OK. Definitely an older man.

It sounds though you are open to
dating different ages?

Yeah, various different ages,
but I do like a silver fox.


The allure of an older gent

could be done to brains, not brawn,

as a survey found that 30% of women
have ended a relationship

because of an immature partner,

and it's no wonder why,

as researchers have found that

the average male brain reaches full

emotional maturity 11 years later

than women at the age of 43.

OK, so it is time to
make a decision.

Oh, God.

It's really hard.

It's going to have to be Red.

You're going to lose Red.

I'm going to lose Red.
I'm so sorry, sweetie.

Why? I'm getting this impression
that he doesn't seem very confident.

He's not standing like someone
who is confident, again. OK.

Let's see who you're
saying goodbye to.

This is Paddy.

He is 21.

He's a cocktail bar waiter
from Northampton.

Paddy, come and join us.

I'm sorry. Oh, come on.
I'm so sorry. It's fine.

Oh, no, Paddy.

Are you a bit gutted?
Yeah, I am a bit.

It's fine. So sorry, Paddy.

It's fine. Thank you so much
for playing, though.

But it's not a date. Goodbye.
See you.

That's one heart broken.

I'm really disappointed
at getting knocked out first.

You know, I'm not in debt,
I'm sociable, I can drive,

so, yeah, feel like
she's missing out a bit.

Five men remain.

Yes. Yeah. Let's do it.

Let's reveal, please,
the middle part of the bodies.

I'm absolutely nervous.

Oh, my God! Ooh!




Green. I...

Oh, gosh.

He has got an amazing...

Torso? Yeah, yeah.

I'm very, very intrigued
to know more about Green.

So, intrigued by Green. Yes, I am.

I really am.

Pink's flexing.

Pink looks older now.

So, an older guy maybe?

He looks like an older guy.

I don't know why. It's the frame.

Moving on.

, hmm...

I'm not sure about this patch.

It just looks like a grass patch.

I don't know.
A sort of accidental grass patch.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry...

You need to wax that, babe.

70% of men admit they give
their chest hair a trim to

optimise sex appeal
and impress the ladies.

Top styles include the tree and the
snail, popular with younger men,

and then the rug,

or you could go au naturel
and sport a woolly jumper,

which is the favourite with
the more mature gent.

OK, Blue...

I'm not seeing much definition
in the body.

I like, you know,
somebody who's more defined.

OK, not sure about Blue. Mmm.

Well, Orange, gosh.

There's nothing I can say
about Orange.

I think everything's just,
in my eyes, just yeah.

Yeah? Yeah. Really?

OK, so, Alesia, you've had
a good look at the torsos.

They've all got something about them
that I like,

so it's really hard.

Unfortunately... I know, Anna. is time to make a decision.

Oh, God.

It's a really hard
decision to make...

..and I think I'm going to
have to say Blue, Anna.

Why Blue? Yes, erm...

The torso -
there's not enough definition.

Shall we find out who you're
going to say goodbye to? Mm-hmm. OK.

Oh, God.

This is Aidan. He's 22.

He's an apprentice engineer
and he's from Manchester.

Ah. Come and join us, Aidan.

Hey. Hey, beautiful. Oh, thank you.

She's gorgeous, isn't she?
Are you a bit gutted, Aid?

Yeah, I'm gutted, but she's a
beautiful girl and good luck to her.

Sorry, it's a no-go.

Right, thank you, take care.
I'm sorry. Bye, honey.

Great bum as well.

Yeah, he's got a good bum,
hasn't he?

I feel like I've gained
a lot of confidence,

and to stand up there and do it
was a big thing for me,

and I'm just glad that I wasn't
the first person that went,

so I'm happy with that.

Coming up, Alesia bares all
before choosing who to date...

Oh, God, don't look at me like that,
boys, please.

..and a brand-new singleton
gets to pick a partner

based on naked attraction.

It's just not what you expect.

Earlier, psychology student Alesia
whittled six potential dates

down to four, based on naked

She can only choose one guy to
go on that date.

So who will she lose next?

So, Alesia, describe the perfect
man to me.


He would be a silver fox.

Have you dated younger men, though,
as well? I have.

It depends on the person.

Alesia? Mm?

Four guys remain. Are you ready?

Yeah, I think so?


OK, can we please see the faces?

What are you thinking? I don't know!

They can see me, that's what
I'm thinking.

They've got a smile going on,
these boys.

Some, not all.

He's quite serious.

Yeah, Orange is definitely serious,
isn't he?

Yeah, really serious. Yeah, crack
open a smile there.

Shall we go, and... Yeah, can I
inspect a little bit closer?

..inspect the boys, now?

Give us a smile, Green.

Got a good face, he's a
good-looking man.

I told you, I like a silver fox,
I like an older man.


Pink. Pink?


Yeah. Why so serious?


What's...going on with the eyebrows
there, Pink?

I didn't notice that, until now...

It's a little bit of a, sort of, a
fashion statement, I think.


, he's got a cheeky smile.
Yeah, he's well cheeky.

It just... I think, yeah,


I like, you know, a chiselled jaw

Just turn... Good eyes. Yeah.

So, Alesia, it's time...
Oh, God! make a decision.

Oh, gosh, I don't know!

Oh, God, don't look at me like
that, boys, please!

OK, I think it's going to have to be
Pink, Anna.

Pink! Yes!

I'm sorry, sweetie.

Why Pink?

He's too serious, he's not smiling
that much.

This is Dean, he's 26, he is a 3-D
visual effects artist.

Oh, wow. From London. Impressive.
Dean, come and join us!

Hey, nice to meet you!

Did you think you were in with a
really good chance?

I did, actually, yeah. Did you?
Yeah, of course.

Oh... Of course, I mean, a
good-looking boy.

Yeah. I'm so sorry.

Dean, I'm sorry, on this occasion,
it's not a date.

Thank you. I'm sorry, but thank you.

I think she has missed out,
to be fair.

I'm a young guy, I'm handsome, I
know how to get dates in the future.

OK. So, three guys left. Yes.

Now it's time to hear what they
sound like. Amazing!

Is voice important to you?
Yes, very important! Why?

Uh...cos I like a man that has a
voice that can, you know,

that takes control...
a little bit of husk.

It's just orgasmic. Voice? Yeah!

You've got to have an orgasmic
voice? I think so, yes. All right.

I'm going to ask you boys...
after having had children,

Alesia would consider making changes
to her body.

Is there any part of your body that
you would change?

Who do you want to ask first?


Uh...varicose veins.

I would like to get them removed.

Just vanity, really.
That's all, really.

Interesting, so, what do you think
of the voice?

It's a really soft tone!

It's very soft. Thank you.
Very calm.

Moving on to Yellow.

What part of your body, Yellow,
would you consider replacing?

I'd change my nose, because I've
broken it a few times.

How have you broken your nose,

Um, playing rugby.
OK, do you like his voice?

He's got a lovely voice.
Yeah. Definitely.

Lovely smile, cheeky. Yeah.
Quite posh. Yeah.

What part of your body, Orange,
would you consider changing?

My hair.

Your hair?
Not for obvious reasons.

I like it the way it is, so it's
constant upkeep.

So, I'd rather not have any,
full stop.

Right. So, you're constantly shaving
your hair off?

From there, down, off? Yeah.

He's obviously Northern, you like
the Northern accent?

Yeah, it's cute.

You know what time it is, all right?
Oh, gosh, I know.

It is make a decision,

Which colour are you going to wave
goodbye to?

Oh, gosh. I don't know.

, I'm so sorry, it's going to
have to be you.


Yeah. Really? Yeah.

Why Yellow? I'm surprised by that!

It's the cabbage patch...thing.

It's just really annoying me.

Fair enough. Shall we find out who's
annoying you?

This is Richard, he's a 22-year-old
student from Dorking.

Oh... Richard, come and stand
with the girls.

I'm so sorry.

No worries. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.

Are you a little bit gutted?
Oh, God... Yeah, a little bit.

I thought you really liked him?
I did, but, babe, this...

..just, I don't know.

Oh, no, I actually normally get
rid of it.

All my friends told me not to!
So why'd you bloody keep it?

I'm so sorry. Sorry, babe.
It's all right.

On this occasion, it ain't for you.

No worries. Thank you. Thank you.

Apparently I've got a cabbage patch
on my chest,

but I'm not really sure what I think
about that.

Maybe next time, I'll get out the
razor and, uh, get rid of it.

OK, so, just two guys remain.

Yes! Green and Orange.

Now very shortly, you are going to
get the chance to see them,

and speak to them face-to-face.

But not before they get to see


..completely naked.

All right. Get that red dress off!

Based on naked attraction,
26-year-old Alesia has whittled

six guys down to two.

55-year-old writer, Roderick.

And 31-year-old security guard, Sam.

But only one can go on that date to
find out if there's chemistry

when their clothes go on.

OK, fellows.


You've made it to the final two!

What are you thinking of the

So, Sam, check out Roderick, he's in
amazing shape.

Vintage. He's in good shape,
isn't he?

Roderick, what do you think of Sam?

So, boys.

Up until have only seen
Alesia fully-clothed.

All of that is about to change.

Here she comes!


Alesia, come and stand here,
gorgeous girl!

Check you out! Mm-mm.

You've made an effort like nobody
else! I tried.

Boys? Delicious, yeah.



Can we talk about this?

Yes, we can!

It's just a little bit of, you
know, vajazzle.

Vajazzle? Yeah, a little vajazzle,
why not?

Bit of sparkle. Yeah, why not?

A little bit of a sparkle
on your foof. Yeah.

Have you got, are those just, like,
sequins on your nipples...

No, I've got my nipples pierced,

The other piercings are a little bit
more than that, so...

Really? Yes.

What, have you got other

Other piercings, I've got quite a
few piercings, darling.


Well, Roderick. Yes?

Take a good look at Alesia,
what do you think?

Beautiful, stunning. Thank you.

She's in amazing shape.
Very good shape. Ah, thank you.

Alesia, you now have to make a

Who is it...that you want to date?
Oh, my God.

Are you going to go for your silver
fox, Roderick?

Or your younger man, Sam?

Gosh! I don't know, Anna!

Um, um, um...

I'm going to have to go with Sam,

Sam! Finally smiling. Yeah, finally.

It's good to see.
Something to smile about!


Roderick, so very, very close.

Thank you so much for taking part
in this show. Oh, a joy.

It's not a date on this occasion.

I was happy when she said
silver fox.

I thought, "Here we go, the old
boy's gotta be in there."

I used to be a strip-a-gram, so...
that was sort of my second nature.

Guys, you two are now officially
about to start dating.

We are! Hiya.


The next time you see each other,

it's going to be with your
clothes on. It will be, yes!

Exciting times.

You are together.

Let's go! Thank you very much,
have a good time, guys!

Sam, from the beginning, I was just


He had an amazing body, and it just
got better, and better, and better!

We got to the two, then she said my
name, I just couldn't believe it.

I was never, ever expecting to win.

Hello! Hi. Look at you.



Ah, you smell lovely. Thank you.
You smell gorgeous. Very nice.

Thank you.

So...tell me more about you.

I'm 31. Mm-hm?
Born and raised in Hull.

That's about it, really.


Not much of a backstory.

Um, uhh...

What's it like up there?
I've never been.

Pff,'s just home to me.

Like, he's not...talking.

Like, I'm...just not getting
anything from him, at all.

Cos what I think of Yorkshire,
it's like...

..just lots of grass and animals.


Yeah, there's buildings.
There's brick buildings.

Oh, OK.

She's...she's smiling,
conversation's flowing.

So, I think, yeah, she's enjoying
it, hopefully.




I'm trying to think of a subject we
can talk about.

I'm bored out of my head!

You know, what is going on?

He's just bland, isn't he?
It's just...

..there's no...

..I don't know!

You're so quiet. I'm always quiet.

Seriously? Yeah, yeah.

I've got a game plan now.

Gonna give him a kick at the
botty, yeah?

And if it doesn't go anywhere after
that, I'm off.

I think we need to go somewhere
else, to be honest.

I think we need to try and get a bit
more bubbly.

Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah?
Yeah, yeah.

Right, let's do it!

I think, you know, the change of

the fact we've gone out has
really helped things.

And I'm actually warming to him.

Yeah, there's been flirty chat.

Smiles, winks, that sort of thing,

..definitely something there,
I think.

I think if Sam was going to give me
a kiss, um...

..I think I'd probably kiss him


Oh, wow!


You all right? Yeah, you?
Not bad, thank you.

Good to see you again. You, too.

OK. Mm-hm.

Why is it awkward?
I don't know, I'm all right.


I'm not, if I'm honest!
Why? Go on. Because, I just...

..I don't know. It's just a
bit weird, isn't it? Yeah?

We kind of clicked.

You kissed me, and I've not heard
anything back, so, it's just

a little bit...I don't know
how to take that... be honest.

I don't know what to reply to that.
Yeah, I'm sure you don't.

I kind of went with the flow, and
then that was it for me, I'm afraid.

For me, it's the distance,
where we live.

And it's not going to work for me.

So I thought, "Why keep in touch?" polite and say that,
seeing as you do have my number.

And say, "Do you know's
not going to work."

Or, blah, blah, blah.

We're just not compatible, you know?

We didn't quite click. No.

Welcome back to Naked Attraction,
the show that strips modern dating

Behind me I've got another six
singletons hoping to get a date.

But who is picking this time?

My name is Louise, I'm 38 years old.

I describe myself as a free spirit.

I spend my free time meditating,

travelling, festivals.

I go wherever life takes me, but I
still haven't found the one.

I've been on about 200 dates in
about 10 years,

and I just keep meeting the wrong

I'm attracted to the charmers that
end up breaking my heart.

They are always hoping for something

I hope Naked Attraction will break
the cycle of rotten men!

Louise! Hi! Welcome to the show!
How are you?

I'm great. Feeling OK?

Bit nervous. I don't know why you're

You've had 200 dates in 10 years!

That sounds really bad! So what kind
of guy are you looking for?

A kind, sensitive, artistic...

So you want the real deal,

I want the real deal. So why do you
want to pick somebody naked?

Because all the bravado's gone.

Well, I can offer you an array of
people inside these pods.

Are you ready? Yeah, I'm ready.

Inside each of these six coloured
pods we have a guy completely in
the buff.

Each of them has an attribute
that you have told us you find

physically attractive. Right.

We are going to reveal them, bit by

So based on naked attraction

Mm-hmm. ..all you have to do is
whittle them down from six to one.

Shall we start? Yeah, let's do this!

Let's do it! OK, YOU are raring to

I'm ready. Let's reveal the bottom
half of the bodies, please.

Here they come.



Here we are, we've got
a wall of...a wall of "penii".

What are you immediately drawn to?

Shall we go and have a bit of a
look? Erm...yeah. So we're going to
go to orange.

Really nice legs.

Now, the penis?

Bit erm...hairy.

So body hair, that bothers you?

Not... Yeah, yeah.

OK. I'm not really in to too much

Let's move on to blue because...
I tell you what.

As an image those legs are

Yeah. It shows strength and

This is a man, I would say, who is
mentally and physically,

a very strong personality.

Oh, yeah. And what about...

..what about the penis? Happy with

Erm, it's ... I shouldn't say
pretty, but it's...yeah.

Thumbs up, blue, you've got a pretty

He's got a pretty willy!


Nice legs again.

I think that's quite an
admirable penis, isn't it?

Yeah, it's neat.

Red's got very shapely legs.

I like his legs. Absolutely. Yeah.

I think we need to discuss pink,
don't we?

Yes, quite a lot of hair there.

I need it a bit neater.

So you want a smooth guy?

Yeah. Interesting.

Do you want to have a look at some

Oh, yes! Boys, could you please turn
around, show us your bums?

Who's catching your eye straight

Lovely bum back there.

Green? Green. It's just that curve,
that curve, that...

You need something you can really
grip on to.

Absolutely. So any other bums that
you're so drawn by?

Oh, come on, yellow's got a
beautiful little bum.

He's got a lovely little bum. That
is lovely... Give us a twerk!

And it's not hairy.

Nice bum. OK, fellas, if you

Come back around to the front?
Thank you.

Which colour would you like
to say goodbye to?

I'm going to have say the

Pink? Sorry, pink.

Why pink?

The hair. The hair around...
I feel like the hair,

like, needs to
be a bit more trimmed.

Do you know what, Louise? Let's see
who you're missing out on.

Oh, no! Bob. He is a 30-year-old
account assistant from Leeds.

Oh, I'm so sorry... Oh, Bob.'re gorgeous!

Oh, lovely. I've already trimmed
it a good inch or two, so I thought
I did enough, so...

You are joking! I blame my mum and
my dad for the genes! You're flexin'

Bob, thank you so much. I'm sorry,
it's not a date this time.

Thank you very much, guys. Thank
you, love.

Look at his bum go.
He's sweet and he's got a nice bum.

She wasn't a fan of my pubic hair,
which is completely understandable.

It's her preference. But my
preference is to have

a little something down there.

You're left with five gorgeous men
behind those pods.

Are you ready to see...

the next part of their body?
Yeah! The torso?
Really ready, yeah.

Can we please see the middle part of
the body?

All so different.

What are you making of the chests?

Any taking your fancy?

. Lovely arms.

Yeah. He's definitely a man, isn't

Yeah. He's got perfect man arms.

Now, what I do know about you,
Louise, is that you're a fan of

Can you explain, please?

I love the smell of a guy's armpit.

And it has to be...not deodorant,
their kind of natural smell.

So, that turns you on?

Oh, my goodness, does that turn me
on, yes.

Do you know, there is a word for


You are somebody who is attracted to
armpits and their odour.

Oh, my goodness! Do you want a


Researchers have found a chemical in
male sweat called androstadienone,

which they believe is the human
equivalent to pheromones in animals.

This musky scent has been proven to
attract a female mate.

But every man's scent is unique.

And what's catnip for one woman
might be a turn-off for the next.

OK. Ready. So that you can't see
their faces, because that would be a
giveaway... Yeah.

..I'm afraid I'm going to have to
ask you to wear this eye mask.

Put that on.

You're going to have to... OK.
Come this way, I'm going to take
your hand.

Green, can you step forward? Yeah.
Get your nose in.

Get involved.

He's yeah. Very nice smell.

Red, come on.
Step forward young man.

Push your nose, OK.

In, in, in, in.

No, not so much?

Not so much, no.

Sorry. Sorry, red. Sorry, let's move

Yellow, could I have your right

OK. Where are we?
In you go, in you go.

Why... That smells good.
..why is it nice?
It''s a gentle smell.

And it's just a really nice odour.
It's just really nice.

That's masculine, that's... yeah.

That's a turn on for you?
Yeah, yeah. That's a man? Yeah.

OK, moving on to blue.

In you go.

Not bad. All right, OK. So let's
move across to orange.

And straight into the arm bush.

I like that. You like that? Yeah,
that's nice.

All right, thank you. You can
now... That's a manly smell.
..take the blindfold off.

Woo, wow!

Now that you've had a good sniff,

which colour do you want to say
goodbye to?

Oh, no.

Oh, I'm really sorry, green.

Green. Sorry!

Why green?

It's the hair. Let's see who you're
missing out on.

This is Matthew. He is 50, he's a
technical sales consultant from

Oh, sorry, you're gorgeous. It's
all right. Hi, Louise.
Nice to meet you.

You all right? Yeah, yeah.

I am so sorry, Matthew.

You're not the one this time.
Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

There he goes.

I've got a really cute bum,

and I thought I was onto a massive
winner there.

But, unfortunately, the hairy body
killed me.

Coming up, it's Louise's turn to
bare all before choosing who to

Earlier, yoga-lover Louise whittled

six potential dates down to four,

based solely on naked attraction.

She can only choose one guy to go
on that date,

so who will she lose next?

So, Louise, are you looking for more
than just a fling?

Definitely. You know, I'm 38 now.

So I really want someone that, maybe
I can, like, you know...

..maybe marriage, and... Yeah.
..settle down with.

OK. Back to the game!

This is where we get to see
their faces. Mm-hm.

Are you ready? Yep!

Please, can we reveal the faces?

It's just not what you expect!

Who's the biggest surprise to you?

. Yeah? Yeah.

You wouldn't have thought that he is
a slightly older gentlemen.

Yeah. But you did love his smile?

Yeah, I did. You did. I did.

So what is it about faces that you
love in particular?

The eyes. You can understand a
person through their eyes.

Which guy, in terms of his eyes, are
you most drawn to at the moment?


See the smile, beautiful smile!
Yeah, amazing.

And the eyes, it's...gorgeous!

Did you know, women are most
attracted to, sort of,

doe-eyed, big-eyed guys when they're
at their most fertile?

Oh! I'm not saying anything, Louise.

We're after a Naked Attraction
baby, that's all I'm saying.

When we see someone we fancy,
our brain secretes

an excitement-inducing hormone
called Dopamine.

This causes our heart to race,
and the pupils of our eyes to widen.

Research has shown that we
unknowingly pick up on this cue,

viewing people with larger pupils as
more attractive.

Anybody else? Uh... Blue?

Yeah. Lovely eyes, as well.

Does a beard put you off?
I like a beard.

It's weird, I love a man's beard.

Bingo, Blue.

OK. Take a long, hard look.

You know what's coming.

Who are you going to lose?


Um, I'm afraid it's going to be

Sorry, . Yellow!

Why Yellow?

It's just...not so attracted to...

Older men? Yeah!
Is that where we're going?

Let's see who you're saying
goodbye to.

This is Jason, he is 51.

He's a mountain bike mechanic
from Bolton!

Hello, Jason! Hello.

Hi...hello! Hello.

Coming for the hug.
So good to meet you.

Well, I'm ever so sorry. But on this
occasion, it's a no-date.

No problem. Thank you for taking
part. You're welcome.


Great bum! Yeah, great body.

Getting naked was really good
for my confidence.

And I actually quite enjoyed the

Maybe I'll have to Google that, and
see if there's a club I can join!

OK. You've seen what the boys
look like.

Now it's time to hear what they
sound like.

Is accent important to you?

Yes. It is, yes.

I like, um...a foreign accent,
an Italian or a French.

It's very, kind of... OK.
Sexy and, you know...

Shall we ask them a question,
and find out what they sound like?

Yeah. So, Orange.

Which part of your body do you feel
reveals the most about you?

Like, you said my face and...
my smile, cos I'm always smiling.

And...I'm a very laid-back person,
and I smile all the time.

Espanola. I know!


You do, you like a foreign one.

I do!


OK! Red, what part of your body
tells a story about you?

I'd say, uh, my hands, because I'm
a very hands-on person.

I like to get things done, I'm
always keeping myself busy, as well.

Oh! Yeah, it's...a nice accent.


I would say my scars, because they
tell a story.

What story do the scars tell?

I was blown up in Afghan back
in 2010.

I was part of bomb disposal.


And you've comes through the
other side.

Yeah. Actually, I have.

OK, OK. That's...a massive story.

Strong man. Yeah. Mentally and
physically. Hard, yeah, yeah.

OK. Wow.

It's time, Louise...
Oh, my goodness! make a decision!

Who would you like to say
goodbye to?

Afraid it's going to have to be Red.

Why Red?

I'm not as attracted to him as I am
the other two.

Let's see who you're saying
goodbye to.

This is Peter, he is 28, he's a
retail worker from Southport.

Peter, come and join us!

Lovely to meet you. Lovely to meet
you, too.


Oh, Peter, I'm really, really sorry,
but thank you so much.

Thank you.

Fantastic stride going on there.

I am slightly disappointed, only
because I wasn't chosen.

But at the same time, she's...
a lovely lady, but just not my type.

So, Louise, just two boys remain.

Very shortly, you're going to be
meeting them face-to-face.

But not before you've gotta get
your kit off.

Yep! OK.

Off you go!

Get your kicks off.

Based on naked attraction,
38-year-old Louise has whittled

six guys down to two.

26-year-old ex-soldier, Ash,
and 36-year-old IT worker, Jose.

But only one can go on that date

to find out if there's chemistry
when their clothes go on.

Boys, congratulations to you both!

You've made it to the final!

How are you feeling, Ash?

Feeling good, yeah.
Happy to have made it this far.

Absolutely. Jose, what about you?

It's surreal, I didn't think I would
make it this far.

So, what are you making of the
competition now, with Jose?

I think he's got one-up me with
the accent, definitely.

Jose, what do you make of Ash?

I'm jealous of your physique.
Seriously, I...

So, you've got the physique, you've
got the charm.

Up until now, you boys have only
seen Louise fully-clothed.

All that is about to change.

Are you ready? Yeah.
Totally, yeah.

Louise, come on in!

Wow! A goddess!


Boys, you've gone very quiet.


I think she's very beautiful,
I like her legs.

I think you need to give us a bit of
a spin around.

Nice bum, too. Wow.

Wow! Jose, what do you think?

She looks amazing...
Lovely legs, all natural.

I like it, yeah.

Louise, what do you like about
your body?


My eyes. And...I like my bum.
And your bum? Cheeky bum!

You've definitely got a pert bottom.

All right, we're going to have to
put the boys

out of their misery, aren't we?

Is it going to be...Ash?

Or Jose?

This is, like, the hardest
decision, like...

Two amazing people, like...

Ash. Ash, wow!

What is it about Ash that you
just loved so much? Um...

..just beautiful eyes, and so much
about him that interests me.

Jose's like, my type that I go for.

And that hasn't been working for me,
I need to change it up a bit.


Jose! It didn't work this time,
what can I do?

Come and give your near-date a hug.

Ohh, I'm so sorry! You're lovely!

Goodbye, sir. Goodbye.

She said that I'm usually the type
of man she goes for, but...

..this time, she decided for a
different choice, so...

..her loss.


Now, listen.

The next time you see each other,
you're going to be fully-clothed!

Thank God! Enjoy yourselves on the
date, are you looking forward to it?

Yeah, definitely.

Louise, Ash, thank you so much.

A fantastic couple, enjoy
your night.

Thank you. Thank you!

Physically, he had the most
beautiful eyes, and

gentle, loving face.

He just came across as a beautiful

You never know, he could be the one.

Not in a million years did I think
I'd get this far.

I thought, maybe, round one,
round two.

She said she'd had quite a few bad
boys, and I think finally, for once,

a nice guy has finished first.

You all right?

Hello! Heya.

So, I suppose the big question is,
then, why me?

Really... just have something that
they don't have.

Um... No, I think I'm missing
something that they have!


The most attractive thing that I
find in a person is their eyes,

and you have beautiful eyes.

You've got quite nice eyes yourself!

Our conversation is...flowing-ish.

You know, it's, we're both,
I think...

..I'm nervous. But we're getting to
know each other.

So, what's your story?
Joined the Army at 17.

And at the age of 20 I went out to
Afghan, perfectly fine,

and then, one day,
I stood on an IED,

and just got blown up,
that was it, really.

The way I look at it, though,
is shit happens, doesn't it?

You gotta just pick yourself up...
It's life, so appreciate every day.

I just find it hard to believe that
a girl as pretty as you

has been single for ten years.

Um...yeah. I'm fussy!

You've got to be pretty special.
Am I special enough? You know...

We'll see.


I'd love to continue on the date,
but I've got one.

I've got rugby training tomorrow.

Oh, wow, rugby? So...

Well, wheelchair rugby.

I've got a get away to that, but...
It's been lovely.

It's been lovely to meet you.
It's been good meeting you as well.

Yeah, it went well.
A bit awkward at first.

I was a bit nervous,
I think he was, too.

Uh, obviously, she saw...something
in me.

Um, so, hopefully, it can go

So what happened since your date?

He messaged...a couple of times, but
we haven't spoken since the date.

I am feeling a little bit
nervous, yes.

Hello. Hello! You all right?
All right?

Yeah, good, cheers.

The date with you was,
it was lovely!

It was really nice, we...had a
lovely conversation.

I really enjoyed it,
but I kind of, probably

kind of gathered that we're on two
different... Yeah.

..two different paths in, kind of,
life, so...

We're quite, like, different

So, it's just a bit of a...'s not so much a clash,
just no merge, really.

Yeah, there wasn't the spark. No.

There wasn't the attraction there,
but... a person, you're a lovely
person, you know.

We get on well as friends,
but as dating-wise... No!

I mean, it's definitely a no.
No, definitely a no.

Would you like to test the power of
Naked Attraction?

Subtitles by Ericsson