NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 18 - I Love Lucy - full transcript

Two transvestites, named Angela and Peaches who assisted Russell on a previous case, arrive at the precinct where 'Angela' is seeking protection from a man who's beaten him. But afterwords,...

Can I help you?
Diane Russell, I need
to speak to you.

Angela, this is not Diane's
cup of tea. We want these
male cops involved.

I'm gonna try
not to take that
too personally, Peaches.

Diane, you know
our feelings towards you.
But look at that face.

Angela's gonna be a dead ho
unless we get a strong
male presence involved.

I guess strong
would leave you out?

‐ So, who hit you, Angela?
‐ God, you are such a doll.

‐ Who hit you?
‐ [ Peaches ] Could we do
this over doughnuts?

Come on.

Morning, boss.

I hope you got those
Don't touch me.

I'll serve, you explain, and
do not go easy on that person.

All right. I've been thinking
about having the operation,
and I decided that I would.

And then I decided that I didn't
want to 'cause I knew this girl.

Last year she went and had it,
but they didn't properly
complete the steps.

She got infected
and complicated,
and she almost died.

Back and forth to the hospital,
still a year later,
nothing works right on her.

So, Angela, this guy
who hit you, or maybe
is looking to do worse,

he wants you
to have this operation?

That is a detective.

[ Clears Throat ] Broke bad
when you changed your mind?

To do it right,
you gotta go to Europe,
but he don't want to know.

[ Peaches ]
Now he's saying
he's gonna cut her throat.

[ Angela ]
I don't think he means it.

I saw that man look at you
with murder in his eyes.

I got an idea.
How 'bout you put
a name to this guy,

you sign a complaint,
and we'll go out
and we'll arrest him?

‐ Complaint?
‐ Yes, a complaint, Angela.

What do you think this is,
a counseling service? File
a complaint, we arrest him.

‐ I never said arrest.
‐ [ Peaches ]
Arrest is too strong.

You guys gotta go out
there and shake him up.
Can you smack him?

‐ I don't want him smacked.
‐ Girl, look what he did to you!

Give up the name or
take a walk, Angela.

‐ You gotta put him in jail?
‐ You give up a name
and his usual places,

and then we decide what we do.

Do you realize what this
morning is gonna be like?

[ Softly ] I know.
You can come
with us on this.

I think it needs
a strong male presence.

[ Sighs, Coughs ]

‐ [ Sobs ]
‐ Got her head on the notebook.

Here, lift your
head there, Angela.

‐ Jimmy Cortez.
‐ Puerto Rican muscleman.

Won't accept
a person for herself or
his own nature neither.

You should have your
own talk show, Peaches.

Your case would require
a long conversation.

Did somebody do your hair
with a blowtorch?

What happened
to the pastry array?

Ah, some complainants don't like
to leave with empty pockets.

[ Sighs ] Like a swarm
of locusts went through.

If you all have a second, I'd
like to show you something...

Lillian asked me to show you.
What do you got, boss?

Um, a variety of products,
um, um, vitamins, hair care‐‐

‐ Lillian asked me to show you.
‐ Your wife got one of those
Amway franchises?

Well, it‐it's not Amway,
but it's a similar principle.

I could, uh, definitely use
a vitamin supplement, and
that's a reasonable price.

Yeah. Yeah. She said
the products are
excellent and...

‐the prices are very reasonable.
‐Nice hairbrush.

Now, there is absolutely
no obligation to buy anything,

and if anything is not
to your satisfaction,

‐ you get a full refund.
‐ I use this shampoo.

Absolutely no obligation.

‐ Can I help you?
‐ Our name is Hastings.

We need to talk to someone
about a robbery.

Greg. James? Detectives Medavoy
and Martinez will help you.

Those are samples,
I'm gonna put those away.

‐ Is that Jill Kirkendall?
‐ Can I help you, folks?

Would you be more
comfortable talking with
Detective Kirkendall?

‐ Would that be possible?
‐ Um, Jill?

‐ Diane? They know Jill, so‐‐
‐ Hey!

‐ She and Diane can
work the complaint.
‐ [ Medavoy ] Sure.

Ah, 12.95 for the vitamins?
Don't do that here, Greg.

‐ It's been so long
since we've seen you.
‐ How's Lucinda?

Oh, Marshall,
you remember Jill.

‐ You're a detective now.
‐ Yeah. Excuse me.

Diane, could I work
this interview alone?

I'm gettin' thrown
off cases left and right.

[ Chuckles ]
This way.

This does not belong here.
[ Paper Bag Rustling ]

Come on in, folks.

Lucy always liked Jill.


You didn't answer when
I asked how Lucy was doing.

‐ She's not doing very well.
‐ She's become a thief.

Now, wait a minute.
She's a thief
and a drug addict.

It was after her divorce that
things started going bad.

‐ That's when
the stealing started.
‐ She was an addict before that,

and that's why
her marriage ended.

As far as the stealing goes,
it was mostly little things.
Going into my purse.

More embarrassing
than anything.

So, Lucinda was living with you
after the divorce?

Oh, she still comes
over, of course‐‐
She comes over...

after we threw her out,
and last night...

she stole from us again‐‐
and this is the end of it.

‐ What did she steal?
‐ A Mont Blanc pen...

which was a law school
graduation present
from my father.

In terms of the criminal
aspects, their value to us
is largely sentimental.

‐ Lucy still using drugs?
‐ Oh, she's been in programs‐‐

She's using drugs, yes.

My daughter is a thief
and a drug addict.

That sums it up.
And you're here
to press charges.

That's why we're here.

If the items could be
retrieved, is that something
that would satisfy you?

And maybe if Lucy
went back in a program?

Not another
damned country club!

If you'd list the items,
and, uh, where I can find Lucy.

[ Pen Scratching Paper ]

Jimmy? Yeah, is‐‐
is Jimmy there?

‐ [ Woman On Intercom ]
Wrong apartment.
‐ [ Door Buzzing ]

Jimmy Cortez?

[ Sighs ]

Moron broad don't
write the apartment down?

I like that
you call her a woman.

I take 'em as I find 'em.
Try not to look
between their legs.

We got to check out 1A and
1B when we come back‐‐ Andy.

‐ Hey. What's your name?
‐ What's that to you?

‐ See that right there?
Tell me your name.
‐ Jimmy Cortez.

Jimmy Cortez. All right,
Jimmy, let's go talk
in the hallway, here, huh?

What, so you can kick my ass,
no witnesses? You want to talk
to me, let's talk right here.

‐ All right, your call.
‐ You datin' a person
named Angela?

What, that bitch made
a complaint on me? Huh?

‐ She came complaining on me?
‐ Tends to happen when
you smack 'em in the face.

Look, I didn't know that was
a man. Okay, you see her? Tits
out to here, cute little ass.

How you supposed to know?
Hey, Jimmy. No one
is jammin' you up...

‐ for confusing her sex, okay?
‐ Smacking her in the head's
what aroused the concern.

What's going on?
Now everybody's
got to know about this.

You're worried about
the wrong thing here, Jimmy.

Nobody wants to do a lot
of paperwork on you,

but you lay hands on this
Angela again, and you're gonna
get collared and brought in.

‐ What'd she do for you?
‐ Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah,
that's right, Jimmy. Yeah.

‐ Her and us, we've been
having, like, secret trysts.
‐ Jimmy, yes or no.

‐ Are you gonna stay away
from this Angela?
‐ [ Scoffs ]

I'm not a fag.
You got that?
All right.

If we agree you're
not a fag, are you gonna
stay away from Angela?

She's deep inside me, man.
What the hell are we doing?
Come on, you're coming inside.

Nah, Nah.
I'll stay away, man.
Square business on this.

‐ Don't want to be hurtin' her.
‐ Even if somebody else hurts
her, we're coming after you.

‐ I got ya. I'll stay away.
‐ Hmm?

Deep inside him.
That guy's trouble.

Collar him for slapping a whore,
judge just laughs in your face.

‐ How much?
‐ Lucy?

‐ [ Baby Crying ]
‐ Oh, my God! Jill Kirkendall!

What are you doing here?
I‐I'm such a jerk, I‐I thought
you were Chinese food.

Can I come in?
Yeah, sure.

Uh, I'm such a slob.
[ Laughs ]

My God, you look‐‐
You look fantastic!

‐Thanks. How're you doing, Lucy?
‐Geez, I haven't seen you
since high school.

You know, I‐I think
it was.
[ Gasps ]

So, what's happened
in the last 20 years?

Oh, uh, marriage,
uh, two kids‐‐ divorce‐‐

Men. That entire gender
is defective.

Well, I'm raising two,
so I try to keep an open mind.

I became a detective.
[ Lighter Clicks ]

[ Chuckles ]

Well, I hope this is
just a social call.

I'm really glad to see you
again, but your parents
filed a complaint...

about some things that were
taken from their apartment.

Well, that's
a new line of attack.

Usually they send
shrinks, ex‐nuns‐‐

Did you take
those things, Lucy?

You know, I'd ask
for a lawyer, but my parents
would have to hire him.

You using?

It must be the super's.
[ Laughing ]

Look, um, truth is,

this guy I hang with,
he's cute but trouble.

What can I say? You know
those models that look
like junkies? Guess what.

They are!

Hey, who's this?

‐ That's my Jenny.
‐ Oh.

I was married 10 months to
a major asshole. Left me about
two weeks before she was born.

She's up in Darien. My parents
decided that I was unfit, and
gave her to my cousin Frank.

‐ Did you fight it?
‐ Please, you try
fighting my father.

I get to see her some.

When I can hold on
to train fare for
more than a day.

So, this stuff you stole,
you still have it?

What, my dad give you
an earful about
the Mont Blanc?

You know, he's got
Parkinson's disease.

He feels like
the world let him down.
It all lands on me.

You know, if you
only knew how many times‐‐

how many times I had
to listen to how my gramps...

just made it out of
the vineyard for Dad's
graduating Yale Law,

‐ giving him that stupid pen.
‐ They want that stuff back,

‐ or you could
get locked up, Lucy.
‐ [ Sighs ] God.

‐ I sold that stuff last night.
‐ On the street?


Should we go talk
to him, see if we can
work this out?

Oh, yeah. He'll do
next to anything for me.
He's a huge fan of mine.

‐ Typhoid Mary.
‐ I'd like to see
your police book.

‐ In reference to what?
‐ Just show me the book.

‐ How many ways you gonna
jam someone up?
‐ What, you think...

‐ I want to bring her down here?
‐ Well, I didn't see her
landing by parachute.

I don't see entries for
jewelry and a Mont Blanc pen
sold by Miss Hastings.

Well, I‐I got behind
in my paperwork.

‐ Have you still got
those things, Mr. Babcock?
‐ Yeah, I got them.

‐ And nonspecific urethritis.
‐ All right, you know what?
I'm gonna wait outside.

‐ Lucy!
‐ Yeah, maybe while
we're gettin' this done,

she could turn
a half‐and‐half
in the alley.

Just show me
the jewelry and the pen,
and keep your mouth shut.

"We don't need no party hats.
I'll just do you
right behind the counter."

Two days later,
I'm at the doctor's.

‐ Is that the stuff?
‐ Yeah, that's the stuff.

If you'll release
this property, the owners
will come back...

to compensate you
by the end of
the business day.

We'll overlook
the police book infraction.

Plus, she don't
come in here no more.

Yeah, I'm dying to spend
some more time in here.

Oh, this ain't the worst place
you're gonna spend time in,
you lousy junkie whore.

Shut up!
Another satisfied customer.

Hi, Gina.

What's that,
hand lotion?

I'm getting hand lotion,
vitamins, kitchenwares,
and maybe these mints.

Easy, you're gonna go
through your whole paycheck.

‐ This is what
I've selected, Lieutenant.
‐ Sure you need all that, Gina?

‐ Aren't these good products?
‐ Well, my wife says
they definitely are.

I'm really just
buying necessities,

Except for the mints.
Yeah. Yeah, all right.

How'd that go with,
uh, Angela's boyfriend?

‐ Tremendously productive.
‐ There's nothing more
we could do about it.

There's, uh, half a chance
it still could come up wrong.

[ Sighs ]
The D. A.'d never move
on a complaint.

‐ Yeah.
‐ Hmm.

So, how's engagement life?

[ Chuckles ]
You're gonna laugh, but
it does feel different.

It feels different?

It is different.
Feels great.

Wish I could tell people.

Put the boss
in a bad position.

[ Sighs ]
I keep thinking we
could, um, tell Andy.

‐ Oh, yeah, with a megaphone.
‐ Uh‐‐

One by one
he'd tell people, and
in complete confidence.

[ Sighs ]
What's up?

‐ What?
‐ What's going on?

‐ Nothing.
‐ Nothing, Andy.

This really sucks.

You know, you
really got to put me
through this, Jill?

I mean, I saw
Scared Straight, I saw all
of the public service ads‐‐

Let's talk in here.
All right.

In here.

Have a seat.

It's just, I really gotta
take off, Jill.


‐ So what, are you gonna
throw me in jail?
‐ Might come to that.

[ Sniffs ]
I mean, I just really
gotta go meet some people.

‐ Meaning you've gotta
get high.
‐ Oh, I gotta go,

so that means
I'm gonna score drugs, right?

You need to get into a program,
Lucy. That's the condition...

of your parents
not pursuing charges.
Sure. Okay. Fine!

You've got an intake
interview in half an hour
at Phoenix House.

I want to
take you over there.
Just look! Look!

Sit down!

Jill, it's ju‐‐
You made your point.

Here's my address
and phone number.

I'm not passing you off.

[ Scoffing ]
But you've got
to understand.

Either I take you to that
program, or you're a collar.

Boy, I'm really, really glad
we got back in touch, Jill.

Diane, pross D. O. A.,
4th and "D."

‐ Any description on the pross?
‐ No. Work it with her?


He/She pross,
hacked up pretty good.

Oh, son of a bitch.
[ Gasps ]

There was another hooker
here screaming,
but she ran away.

‐ Black girl?
‐ Got a license plate number.

‐ Someone tacked it to a pole.
‐ Yeah, we'll run that.

What the hell's the point?
It's gonna be the boyfriend.

Let's go pick
the stupid bastard up.

Hey, you all right?

Detective Medavoy's
called in sick?

Said he had
a bad upset stomach.

Let me call him up.

Come in like storm troopers
to a man's place of work?

Up all night, plus
we're storm troopers?

Looked to me like you
came in pretty voluntarily
there, Mr. Drury.

To avoid humiliation.
Next time when you
get a polite request...

on the phone,
you'll think twice
about not hanging up.

[ Fancy ]
His line's busy. Did he say
what the upset was from?

[ Gina ]
Just got the impression
it was like a stomach virus.

Oh, morning.
Yeah, we got this guy in.

Someone put his
license plate number up where
the prostitute got murdered.

So, you're looking at him
as a witness or the perp?
Well, maybe a trick.

He could've seen something.
We still gotta like
the boyfriend for doing her.

Yeah, and he's in the wind.
We sat on his place
all night.

We're also looking for
the black pross who used to
hang around with the D. O. A.

‐ Morning, Lieu.
‐ Yeah. Um, did you happen
to speak with Greg?

Yeah, he's got some
kind of stomach difficulty.

Lieu, I'm gonna
talk to this guy.

Did he say it was

His stomach problem?

He didn't say,
one way or another.
Yeah, okay.

Hey, Gina.
Hey, James.


Not one damn bit
of concern for damage
to a person's reputation?

‐ We're still on this
interesting subject.
‐ [ Simone ] What is that?

Is that an uneasy conscience
there, Mr. Drury,

reading so much into
your coworker's reactions?

How 'bout if your wife
knew we were talking to you?
That've wound you up even more?

So, did you transact any,
uh, personal business...

before going home
from work yesterday?

An alley off of 4th and "D."

‐ You people are scum.
‐ No one is looking to
embarrass you here, all right?

We are investigating
a murder, and we're trying
to get you to cooperate.

I have nothing to do
with that. A murder.

We figure that's
absolutely possible,
so why don't you stop...

your pissing
and moaning how everyone's
infringing your good name,

tell us what you know,
so my partner and me can
do a little freshening up.

This can be kept from
my employer and my family?

We need to know what
you saw, Mr. Drury.

[ Sighs ]
Okay. We got into the car‐‐

Wait. Wait. Back up.

You picked her up
on the street?
Just in that immediate vicinity.

And she asked if I wanted to
go to a hotel, and I didn't have
time, so we went into the alley.

She was just starting
to undo my trousers‐‐
You'd paid her?

Forty dollars. And before
anything else could happen,

her pimp or some street thief
came up to the window
on my side...

and opened the door,
and held a knife to my throat.

You had your door unlocked?

I wanted to be able to get
away quickly in‐in‐in case
she decided to rob me.

Anyway, uh, he took
my money and threw my wallet
on the floor,

and then headed around
the front of the car.

‐ I‐I was just glad
enough to get away.
‐ And she was still in the car?

She, um‐‐ She got out.
She was screaming at him.

I don't know if they were
working together, or if the
screaming was a show or what.

You see anybody else around?

A black hooker came running.
I almost ran her over.

‐ Describe the guy
who robbed you.
‐ [ Inhales ] Uh, muscular.

Um, medium height.

All right,
thanks, Mr. Drury.

We may want you
to come back in later
on for a lineup.

I will not testify
in any open forum.

He said he might need you
for a lineup. Stop yellin'
before you're hit.

‐ Can I go?
‐ Okay.

[ Sighs Deeply ]
[ Door Slams ]

Wash up, hit Peaches's stroll?

Yeah. Think
if he'd have known about
Angela's johnson down there,

that would have been
an unhappy surprise?

That would've been
the anchovy on the pizza.

‐ Hi.
‐ Oh, hi.

Um, could you close the door?

The way you sounded on
the phone, I thought I might
find you in restraints.

This won't work, Lillian.

You need to take these
product samples home.

Obviously, I've come to
take 'em. But I'd like us
to take one whirl...

at discussing
this rationally.
Medavoy's sick.

God knows what that's about.
I don't think it's about
the vitamins you sold him.

And I don't want to have to
wonder about that, Lillian.

Or worry that
Gina's buying mints to
curry favor with her boss.

I can see where
that might be a problem.

But it seems to me, uh,
an articulate and fair‐minded
person like yourself...

can communicate
that's the opposite
of what would happen.

‐ I told them
not to feel obligated.
‐ I'm sure they believed you.

It's you that can't accept
that's the case.

[ Sighs ]
This company's been
in business for 23 years.

And 60 Minutes does
exposés all the time about
these pyramid schemes.

You're worried about
distributors selling franchises.
I'm not doing that.

This is crazy. We had this
conversation last night.

Look, with the girls in school,
I know we need the extra income,

but I don't want
anyone thinkin'‐‐

‐ Don't shake your head at me.
‐ I'll take these home.

What are you shaking
your head for?

I'd like to take that boob that
sits in judgment in your head,

and punch him in the nose.

I'm sorry.
[ Rustling Paper ]

Will you at least tell
people they can call me?

With no obligation.
No, Arthur.

If they call and don't buy,
I'm gonna come
and beat 'em with a stick.

‐ I love you.
‐ I love you back.

Mr. Hastings?
Mrs. Hastings?

Can you identify
these items for me?

That's my pen.
That's your grandmother's
necklace and earrings.

‐ And is that everything
that was taken?
‐ Yes.

‐ I suppose so.
‐ Good.

‐ Will you sign this for me?
‐ Sure.

You'll need to go to
that address I've indicated
to take it out of pawn.

Lucinda enrolled
at Phoenix House yesterday.

I promise you,
it's not a country club.

I can't tell you
how grateful we are.

Mrs. Hastings,
you need to understand...

that Lucinda's
trying to get well
is a long, hard process...

and doesn't have
the world's greatest
success rate.

She's never understood that.
She doesn't want to now.

Mr. Hastings,
I'm sure you understand.

Knowing the process is hard, and
Lucy might not succeed, doesn't
mean you stop loving her.

It means your life
can't revolve around
whether she does or doesn't.

Other people
are suffering too.

I told Lucy to use this
whenever she felt the need.

I hope you'll do the same.

Can we call Lucy?

I think you should wait
till she calls you first.

Jill, I feel this is just
a turning of the corner.

‐ I'm just so optimistic.
‐ Thanks for your help.

Sure. Ah, can you
show yourselves out?

We got our thumbs up our butts
pretty good. Perp liable

to be relocated
to San Juan.

Now this Peaches
is in the wind.

Yeah, Peaches in the wind
probably means Jimmy Cortez
is still around.

You figure
she's hiding from him?

What makes you think so clear
after being up all night?

We've gotta find Peaches,
and we gotta sit on this guy
Cortez's place again.

How would you put out
a description on her?

"Subject looks like Rolonda
or Godfrey Cambridge."

[ Stifles Laugh ]
That's accurate, Bobby.

Crime's down.
Crime's down.

They always come up with
these full‐of‐nonsense

Look at that cheek of yours.
I'd just as soon
not talk about it.

You know, you need to get you
a little piece for your purse.

‐ Arthur Cartwell.
‐ Says he has information
on your case.

Yeah. He's got information
on every case, including that
big blimp that caught on fire.

‐ Which one crashed? Not Snoopy?
‐ What do you got, Arthur?

I'd like to communicate
in somewhat more confidential

Oh, absolutely.

You look like something
the cat dragged in.
Sleepless night.


[ Coughs ]

Pretty pross named Angela,
she no longer amongst us.

Give it up, Cartwell.
How 'bout you giving up...

how much a eyewitness I. D.
gonna be worth?

Being as how, uh, that
Willie Lopez clearance...

put big feathers in y'all's
caps, and left me 'bout
as poor as when I woke up.

I.D. and an eyewitness
testimony will get you
a couple thousand.

But you gotta make all
the hearings, Arthur.

I'm familiar with
how them wheels turn.

Are we hearing chapter and verse
any point in the near future?

Jimmy Cortez did Angela.
Cut her up in that alley
like a bird.

‐ Which you saw from where?
‐ Across the street in a car.

They're in the street having
a shouting match, then he take
her over in that alley...

start cuttin' on her‐‐

I mean, I'm like, "Oh, man,"
but, you know, before I could
do anything, he gone.

Hmm. What were
they fighting about?

I don't know. I guess
it was a‐a lover's quarrel.

You know, certain elements.
You know, they‐‐ everybody
know they got a thing.

‐ Anybody else around there?
‐ Uh‐uh. But y'all got me.

Hmm. You're lying, Arthur.

See, now there you go
with this doubtin' me.

That black whore send you
in here, huh? Told you what
she saw, clean up the story?

I don't have the faintest idea
what you're talking about.

Oh, sure you do, Arthur.
You see, we know
Peaches was there.

She's afraid to testify.
She wants this guy collared,
she comes to you.

[ Coughs ] Okay.
Say that this is so.

Cortez did do Angela.
Y'all want the clearance.

‐ Shut up!
‐ Where we gonna find
Peaches, Arthur?

How much that gonna be worth?
You not needin' to have
your jaw reset.


[ Clicks Tongue ]

This is where you'll find her.
You know what'd be
worth more?

Now, I will now turn my
attentions on where that evil
Puerto Rican's hiding out.

You see, I just oughta be
made an honorary member
of this department.

Detective, I didn't know
where you were.

‐ What is it, Gina?
‐ You have a male
babysitter at home?

What's wrong?
He wants you to come home.

Says he let someone in you gave
your card to, now he's worried
what they're doing.

Tell the Lieutenant
I'm taking lost time.
All right.

I need to get through.
You okay, Jill?

I need to get home.
Busy, busy, busy.

Shut up, Cartwell.

[ Knocking ]

Are the boys all right?
I couldn't reach you,
and she said that...

you told her to come here.
This is Lucinda Hastings.

She showed me your card.
Hi, Mom!

Hi, Sweetheart! Hi.
She looks bad. I didn't know
if I should call the hospital.

We got a sleepover.
We do, huh?

‐ Lying down in your room.
‐ Her name's Lucy.
She looks pretty sick.

Oh. Well, I'll tell you what.

You guys stay here,
and I'm gonna go see
how Lucy's feeling, okay?

All right.

Stay with the boys.

[ Moaning ]
Oh, sh‐‐

‐ [ Sighs Deeply ]
‐ Jill.

‐ What did you take, Lucy?
‐ Nothing. I'm too sick.

I'm not asking you
what you stole. I'm asking
what drugs you took.

I was trying for smack,
but it was a beat bag.

‐ You don't know what was in it?
‐ No. [ Gasping ]

‐ Emmett!
‐ Walked out of that program,

and tried to trick a cop
but it was a beat bag.

Call an ambulance
and shut the door.

So, when the bag was bad
you came back here to rob me?

Still had to get off.

I wasn't attracting too many
johns throwing up on myself.
[ Laughing ]

Can I get some water?
No, I don't want to put
anything in your stomach...

‐ until we know what's going on.
‐ God, you've got so many rules.

‐ [ Knocking ]
‐ [ Boy ] Mom, can I come in?

‐ No, sweetheart.
‐ I want to draw
a picture for ya.

‐ We'll do it later.
‐ [ Grunts ]

‐ What's gonna happen now?
‐ We'll get you taken care
of at the hospital.

‐ Then you're going to jail.
‐ [ Sobbing ]

I ain't gonna be a part of it.

Peaches, you reached out
to someone else to give
a perjured statement...

'cause you wanted
this guy collared.

[ Sobs ]
Did you see how he cut her?

‐ We'll protect you from Cortez.
‐ How you protected Angela?

She came here and
begged you for help.

There was nothing
we could do there, Peaches.

Bring the D. A.
a whore getting slapped,

all's we're gonna
get is, "Don't let
the door hit your ass."

Murder's a different
story, Peaches.

Eyewitness, you'll get housing,
D. A.'s squad looking after you.

[ Sobs ]
She was my friend, you know?

We were friends for six years.
I know that.

Here we go with the faucets.

I'll make you this promise,
and I'll promise
Angela at her grave.

Some future day when
Jimmy's unaware,

I will come and take
a razor to him.

But don't do nothing
simple, like give up
a statement now.

When he's unaware, 'cause
a cut throat don't entail
walking around on bail.

[ Knocking On Door ]

What's going on?
That, uh, snitch Cartwell
says he can...

put you with your perp.

Peaches, we gotta go somewhere.
I‐I'm gonna get Hank to take
you home, all right?

‐ Sure. Whatever.
‐ I'll get Hank.

[ Cortez ]
Hey, let me out.
I'm gonna get you, Cartwell.

[ Cartwell ]
Hey, batter, batter‐‐
Let me outta here!

‐ Batter, batter, batter‐‐
‐ [ Cortez ]
Let me outta here, Cartwell!

'Cause you're not going
nowhere, my brother!
[ Tires Screech ]

‐ Let me outta here!
‐ [ Cartwell ]
Do just like I said.

I'll be damned
if he don't got him.

[ Simone ] What's he got,
a board blocking the door?

Here's your man,
Jimmy Cortez, trapped like
the Mighty Joe Young.

You're the greatest, Arthur.
Now, get outta here.

‐ [ Russell ] Get back.
‐ Shoo! Hard evidence!

‐ You, me and Jimmy Cortez.
‐ Get outta here now.

It's not too late
in the day to get that
money issued, is it?

Just call us in the morning.
I'm going
down there, my brother.

‐ Ready!
‐ Calm down here.
Drop that phone.

This case has been
humiliating in every aspect.

Get that phone thing.
Come on, take it out.

Just calm down.

‐ You scummy little snake!
‐ [ Sipowicz ] Yeah, can't argue
with you there, Jimmy.

‐ You better hope
I don't get out!
‐ Shut the hell up!

Put 'em over your head!

All right. It's all over.
It's all over.


[ Whispers ]
I gotta go.

[ Sighs ]
Hi. I hope
I'm not bothering you.

You gave me your card.

How can I help you,
Mrs. Hastings?
just come from the hospital.

The doctors seemed
to feel Lucy was stable.

She is so sick. I was
so grateful to you, Jill,

for helping us retrieve
those lost items.

Those items were stolen,
Mrs. Hastings.
You're right.

You're absolutely right.
But my understanding now is,
we dropped those charges.

I'm pressing charges.
That's why Lucy's
being held.

I see.

And you feel that's best?
Mrs. Hastings, Lucy is a heroin
addict and a street whore.

Her body and mind are both sick,
and she won't face any of that.

I just can't believe
jail is the solution.

Are you gonna bail her out?
I‐I can't imagine
it's the solution.

No. No, it's not.
Jail's a terrible place,

but Lucy's in
a terrible place already.

I can't see any other way
to make her understand that.

Well, couldn't she just stay
where she is in the hospital,
with the guard outside?

Mrs. Hastings,
I don't want to
hurt your feelings,

but the way you're thinking
is helping to keep
your daughter sick.

Lucy has to face
the truth without someone...

protecting her, or else
she won't face it at all,

and then she's gonna
wind up dead.

I know you don't want that.
My husband is dying,

and now you're saying
my daughter may die?

I'm saying your daughter
has to learn how to live.

‐ I wasn't anywheres around her.
‐ 'Cause we told you
not to be, right, Jimmy?

Yeah, you're in big
compliance with the law.
Sit down. Sit down!

And the next time
you murder somebody,
asshole, change your shoes.

The lab is gonna run
that shoe, Jimmy,

and if that's Angela's
blood, you are going down
for murder, man.

If that's blood, I don't
know how that got there.

Right now, we got
cold‐blooded murder.
If it went that way, fine,

don't give no statement up‐‐
we got a lot of pimp murders
go that way.

You know, it didn't go down
like that! I ain't no pimp.

So, what?
Was it the operation?
Huh, Jimmy?

Did that enter into it?
[ Sighs Heavily ]

She had me doing things
that was never who I was.

Out there on the stroll,
giving me her money.

I wanted a wife and a home!
She's treating me like a pimp.

So what happened on the street?

It was just like you said.

We was beefin' about
the operation. She says
she's going out to work.

I get all messed up drinking,
and I go out looking for her.

It all extends out of that.

You find her with a john?
Jimmy, that make you upset?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Shivers ]
When I met her,

I thought she was
the most beautiful... girl.

[ Sobbing ]

And I'm not a fag! You can't
just turn yourself into that!

You want to write this up?

Be dancing sometimes.

Slow dancing.

Be holding her.

She was so sweet.

And that smile‐‐
[ Chuckling ]

"That's it, baby.
Don't change nothin'.

Just do how you are."

And you just killed her?

[ Sobbing ]

[ Door Opening ]

‐ Cortez writing his statement?
‐ Simone's got
the better rapport.

‐ Okay.
‐ Could I buy some of
your laundry detergent?

I've decided not
to sell that in the squad.

‐ Detergent specifically?
‐ Yeah. The whole product line.

At some point, if people
want to contact Lillian,
that's between them and her.

‐ How'd you come to that?
‐ Well, being in
a position of authority,

‐ it made me uncomfortable.
‐ This isn't directed at me?

‐ What are you talking about?
‐ You're not selling to others,
but not to me?

‐ No.
‐ [ Door Opens ]

Hey, Greg,
how you feeling?

[ Sighs ]
Oh, yeah, better.
I'm up to 4:00 to 12:00.

Such an imbecile.
I know Thai food
don't agree with me.

‐ Hey, Greg.
‐ Hey.

That guy's writing, boss.
I got the five.
You wanna take off?

So, boss, uh, you think
vitamins help me, uh, fight off
my upset so successfully?

You know that's not logical.
Don't say that 'cause it's
Lillian's franchise.

Well, I'm going home. Night.

Don't move, Medavoy.

[ Waiter ]
Here you go.

He saw the ring.
Oh, yeah?

You think he's
gonna call the boss?

[ Chuckling ]
Having to keep everything
secret, Bobby,

that's why a church wedding
doesn't really make sense.

Yeah, there's so many people
that we care about
we can't even invite.

Mm. I understand the job,
not wanting married people
to work together.

I just‐‐ I wish they would
make an exception for us.

A city hall wedding
definitely don't strike me
as being too romantic.

Maybe we could drive
to Connecticut somewhere.


[ Simone ] Oh, man.
[ Russell ] What?

The waiter, he took too
long bringing your sherbet.

What's the matter?
Hey, Robert.

Hey, how's it going there, Joe?
Diane Russell, Joe Salvo.

‐ Pleasure, Diane.
‐ Hi.

‐ Sit down?
‐ No, I got people.

‐ So, you still
with the department?
‐ Yeah, I am. How 'bout you?

‐ Yeah, I got my application in.
‐ [ Chuckles ]

What do they pay you, 50?
With overtime?

‐ Oh, opening up my paychecks.
‐ Best‐looking guy.

Smartest. Had to get cursed
with a conscience, huh, Bobby?

‐ Anyways, good to see you, Joe.
‐ I'd like to sit down
with you sometime.

‐ Yeah, we should work that out.
‐ Take care, Robert.


Stickup guy.
I guess maybe he pays
the wiseguys some tribute.

[ Chuckles ] Someday,
I know, I'm gonna meet all
the upstanding citizens...

from your neighborhood.
I don't how
I got through the net.

You want to get outta here?
No, I want to talk to
my girl about our wedding.

I like the Connecticut idea.

From Mr. Salvo.

Tell Mr. Salvo,
"Thank you very much."
We're pretty well done here.

This is a dessert wine.
Hey, I know what that is.
Tell him we don't want it.

[ Softly ]
We're going.

I guess Joe...

is not gonna let us
work out getting married.

Joe don't let us
work out getting married,
I'll shoot him in the head.

You just make sure you
get the drop on him, 'cause
he will shoot you first.

Come on.