NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 17 - A Wrenching Experience - full transcript

Simone and Sipowicz investigate a shooting that is related to the victim trying to leave a street gang. Meanwhile, Kirkendall and Russell investigate the death of a baby who appears to have been shaken to death by the baby-sitter. Medavoy and Martinez look into a murder at a garage where they have a suspect who looks guilty despite the fact he claims to have an alibi. That evening, Medavoy has dinner with Abby and her lover, Kathy. Also, Simone takes Russell out to a movie and proposes to her again, and this time she accepts.

D.O.A.'s Tony Perez, 23.

Girlfriend says
he's walkin' her to work.

Three guys come up,
start blasting.

Whoa. They weren't
savin' on bullets.

You got any witnesses?
A couple of people saw
three guys book in a white car.

No one got a plate.
Who's the girlfriend?
What's her name?

[ Woman ]
Wanda Diaz.


All right, thanks.

Wanda Diaz. Thanks.

[ Siren Wailing ]

I'm Detective Simone,
Miss Diaz.

This is
Detective Sipowicz here.

We're really sorry
about Tony.
I'm freezing cold.

All right.
Let's talk in the car.

[ Man ]
Step back there.

[ Man #2 ]
Let's go.
[ Chattering Continues ]

‐ May I ask your first name?
‐ Wanda.

Is it all right
if I call you that?

Sit right here.

We realize how upset
you must be there, Wanda.

I saw him shot
in front of me.

Whatever you can tell us while
your memory is fresh, that's
really important to this case.

I work at Santoro's Bakery.
Tony was walking me to work.

And we were just walking along,
and I don't know‐‐

There were these guys there,
and they got guns,
and they shoot, and...

they shoot Tony, and‐‐ and
then they take my new jacket
and drive away.

Wanda, could you tell
how many of them were there?

‐ Three.
‐ Could you describe 'em?

‐ Like me maybe‐‐ 22, Latino.
‐ Good.

I don't remember anything else.
It's like‐‐ It's like
a bad dream.

How'd the shooting go down?
They say anything
when they came over to you?

‐ No.
‐ So this wasn't like
an argument on the street?

It was more
like an execution, huh?
I wouldn't say.

Maybe something went down
before Tony picked me up.
Argument in the street.

[ Sipowicz ]
Tony say anything about that?
I gotta call my work, okay?

So Tony gets shot, they swipe
your coat, and then they split?

You see the car
they were driving?

I wasn't looking at the car.
I was looking at Tony
bleeding on the sidewalk.

Okay. Okay.

God, this is our baby coming.
Do you mind if we take you
to the station house?

Maybe you can take a look
at a few photographs of kind of
like the guys you described.

Maybe work a little
with the police artist?

Screw that. I'm going home.
I'm calling sick
and going home.

Maybe we can have a cop
drive you home and bring you
back whenever you're ready.

I said what I'm gonna say.

All right.

Must've been after
my new sheepskin coat.

I got it new
four days ago, but‐‐

Damn, I'd have just
given it to them.

Give her a ride home?

Come on.

She's some cold business.

It's gotta be a whack,
or they'd have snatched
her purse up too.

She don't know who.
She sure knows
what it was about.

Maybe she's holding back
out of respect for her coat.

[ Siren Wailing ]

I'm reading about the Knicks.

I'm not too optimistic
about tonight's game.

They played the Hawks lousy,
plus it's consecutive
road games.

‐ Yeah, huh?
‐ Yeah.

The, uh, kid's road
engagement's tonight too.

‐ Oh, your dinner with Abby?
‐ Six weeks.

Everyone's schedules
finally meshed.

Huh? It's zero hour.

Tonight the mystery's
finally revealed.

How do you know it's not
just meetin' her girlfriend?

Oh, that's‐‐ that's
a component of it, James.

Yeah, me meetin' Kathy, but
that's not the total purpose.

No. Abby said so
when we dined out.

Yeah. Well,
time will tell, huh, Greg?

It's zero hour.

Anyways, you probably
want to read about the Knicks.

[ Martinez ]
Yeah, there's
several stories here.

Guys, homicide
at a transmission repair
shop on Second.

[ Medavoy ]
Got it, boss.

[ Martinez ]
Son of a bitch.
Morning, Lieu. Hey, guys.

Good morning. Um, possible
shaken baby at Bellevue.

‐ Okay.
‐ Um, work it with Diane.


Detective Simone.
What's doin', Miller?

That's Milo Guzman.
He's a collar for sticking up
a K. F. C.

‐ Wants to talk to you
about your case.
‐ Let's chat. Come on.


A fetching necklace, Milo.
You in the Latin Kings?

I‐I need help
with this other thing.

Yeah, sticking up
that K. F. C.

Me and Julio Diaz
got arrested for that.

That would be information
already in the department's
possession, Milo.

Look, I got somethin' else,
all right?

There was a third guy
in the stickup.

But if I give up his name
and you guys don't help me, I'm
gonna get shanked in the joint.

If you help us clear
this Perez homicide,

we give you our word it gets
attention from the D. A.

‐ Attention, huh?
‐ We talk to the D.A.
The D. A. talks to the judge.

Hey, stack it up against
all your other offers.

The victim that got shot,
Tony Perez‐‐

He's down with
the Latin Kings too.
It starts with his girl.

‐ Then he looks
to drop himself out.
‐ This is Wanda Diaz?

It was more his idea than hers.
She went with another King

We ain't like the Mafia.
If you want out, it's possible.

It can happen. But you gotta ask
the Crown Jewel's permission.

I know we're closing in
on the Perez homicide, Milo.

A couple other Kings wanted me
to go with them to see Tony.

It was just gonna be talk.
That's all.

‐ The guns are just
to get his attention?
‐ I‐I‐I didn't have no gun.

The other guys are packin'?
Yeah. Tony too.

He sees us.
He throws down.

You know, I hid for cover.
The guy shoot back.
Then it was over.

One of my guys took
the girl's jacket 'cause he
wanted it for his old lady.

And the stickup later on‐‐
That was all for needin' money
to leave town.

The heat from shooting Tony‐‐

Yeah, we know how
one thing leads to another.

Julio Diaz you got in custody.
The third guy is Leo Ramirez,

which is the Crown Jewel
of the Kings.

I'm givin' up
the Crown Jewel.

Ramirez is at his
regular places?

Holed up somewheres.
Hiding. I don't know.

Hey, no one does dick
with the D. A., Milo,
if we don't get Ramirez.

Sometimes he'll hide
with Rudy Moreno.

Rudy got a good job.

Him and Leo are boys
since they were kids.


They live on 10th Street.

Imagine the Crown Jewel
in our very precinct.

What do we got?
This guy's
one of the licensees‐‐

Mel Eigen. Cash
register's cleared out.

He's shot in the head.
Took a good beating
to the face.

Who found him?
Customer came
to pick his car up.

Calls him in dead and splits.
I got the customer's pedigree.

‐ All right, I'm gonna
start the canvass.
‐ [ Martinez ] All right.

[ Chattering ]

‐ Oh, my gosh!
What's goin' on?
‐ [ Mutters ]

‐ Who are you?
‐ Danny DeMarco. I work here.

Oh, my gosh!
What happened to Mel?
Mel's dead, Danny.

I am gone 40 minutes,
and poor Mel gets killed.
That is horrible.

How'd you hurt your hand?
Oh. Ow! I did that
before I went to the A. T. M.

I just went to the A. T. M.
and the jeweler.

My wrench slipped
while I was working
on the transmission.

This is just terrible.
[ Martinez ]
You had robberies before?

No. People loved Mel.
Why would someone do this?

All right, there's
a blood trail outside.

Oh, that'd probably be mine.
From this. It probably
goes right to the A. T. M.

I went to get money
because I had to take a present
for my mom out of layaway.

Hmm. You sure got the details
of your morning down, Danny.
[ Phone Ringing ]

Should I get that?
No. Wait.

This is Detective Medavoy.

Who's calling?
Is it Paul DeMarco?

Shh. Yeah, Mr. DeMarco, uh,
there's been an incident.

I wonder if we could
come and talk to you.

My dad is gonna be very upset.
He and Mel were partners
and longtime friends.

I‐I‐I'd rather
tell you in person.
Would that be all right?

Oh, that's not far.
We can be there
in about 15 minutes.

All right.
Thanks very much.

Um, this officer here
is gonna take you in
to our station house, Danny,

and, uh, we'll
bring your father in,

and hopefully we can get
all the information we need.

I told you all I know.
We still got more questions.

[ Laughs ]
I got people pickin' cars up.

Well, you're goin' down to
the station house, Danny. Now.

I wasn't doin' nothin'.
I was just gettin' earrings.
[ Continues, Indistinct ]

God, only thing better‐‐
if this kid had a sign
on him, right, Greg?

"Arrest me."
Maybe it fell off on his
way back from the A. T. M.

[ Chuckles ]

Wouldn't bother me
if this was a false alarm.

Yeah. Things seem pretty much on
track again with you and Bobby.
[ Pager Beeping ]

Yeah, pretty much.
We're actually gonna try
to go to a movie tonight.

Oh. Moves the odds up
this will take overtime.

I'm Dr. Rosen. I reported
the possible shaken baby.

I'm Detective Kirkendall.
This is Detective Russell.

My patient's a one‐year‐old girl
with a whiplash‐type injury
to her brain.

Large hematoma
in the back of her head
and smaller one in front.

She also has finger marks
on her shoulder blades and
thumb marks on her chest.

The sitter says she injured
herself falling off a couch.

‐ A fall wouldn't explain
the finger marks.
‐ And no bruising on her skull.

I'd want an M. R. I.,
but shaking's definitely
the likeliest cause.

‐ Is she gonna die?
‐ I think she probably will.

[ Sighs ]
What's the sitter's name?

Amy Chu.
She's right over there.


[ Woman On P. A. ]
Housekeeping, please report
to third floor rehab.

Is Tina okay?
Amy, we're from
the police department.

We're looking into
what happened to Tina.

Um, she fell off the couch.
I'm just away from her
one minute.

‐ And she fell?
‐ Yes.

Why had you left her
on the couch?
I made a mistake.

‐ Is she going to be all right?
‐ The doctors are doing
everything they can for her.

What you need to concentrate on
is helping us understand
how this accident happened.

I made a mistake
for one minute.
What happened? Where's Tina?

Ms. Zheng, I'm so sorry.
Um, Tina hit her head.

The doctor
is taking care of her.
Why weren't you with her?

I made a mistake.
Get us the doctor
of Tina Zheng.

Over there.
Amy, you need to come
to the station house with us.

I have to go?
Yeah, you do.

Ms. Zheng, when
it's convenient for you,
please get in touch with us.

‐ [ Speaking Chinese ]
‐ [ Speaking Chinese ]

Awful girl!
You hurt our baby!

[ Kirkendall ]
Let's go, Amy.

Rudy Moreno?

Detectives Sipowicz and Simone.
Can we come in?


What are you here for?

Do you know a guy
named Leo Ramirez?
My whole life.

‐ Know where he is?
‐ It's a guessing game with him.

Just out of the joint.
Yeah, well, we need to talk
to him about a guy getting shot.

Tony Perez.
[ Sipowicz ]
Know anything about that?

‐ No. Uh‐uh.
‐ You got an address
for us, Rudy‐‐

a place where we can go
and talk to this Leo?

He just crashes with friends.
Kind of lives a wandering life.

Phone number or pager?

A pager, Rudy.
Does Leo have a pager?

‐ I'm not sure.
‐ In the army, huh?

M.P. In fact,
I'm on the list applying
for the police department.

They're doing
my background check.
Is that right?

Well, I'll tell you
something, Rudy.

If you want to get on this job,
a solid here helping us
find Leo‐‐

That's not gonna hurt
your chances.

The flip side‐‐
You don't cooperate,

your investigator's
liable to hear about that.

We know each other since
we're five years old.

If you wanna be on the job,
Rudy, you're gonna be facing
situations like that.

You and Ramirez,
you go way back, right?

Well, he shot a man dead
in the street.

You want me to beep him?

Find out where he is
when he calls you back, Rudy.

Then we'll grab him up
without Leo ever knowing
it came from you.

I'm gonna know.

I'd like to keep trying
my partner's wife. She don't
have to hear it from a stranger.

Uh, yeah. Maxine, could you
set Mr. DeMarco up with
a phone in the coffee room?

‐ Sure.
‐ And whatever beverage
he's looking for.

Your D. O. A. had
some political juice.
Big supporter of the job.

This guy we brought in
is the father of the kid
we like for the homicide.

Uh, while we're
working up the crime scene,

this kid walks in
with a bloodied‐up hand he
supposedly got fixing a tranny.

There's a blood trail
outside the back door
of this transmission place.

Leads to the A. T. M. where
this kid made a withdrawal from.

Yeah, we think he took out
the money to account for having
the proceeds from the robbery.

Yeah. He took the money out
to cover the robbery. Then he
puts himself at the jeweler...

taking out a gift
on layaway.
So, um, the jeweler backs him?

Yeah. Says he was there, but
he was acting awfully nervous.

Jeweler says he thought
he was gonna rob him.

Anyways, uh, we're gonna see
what we get from the father
and then go back at the kid.


Uh, Lieu, uh, as we're leaving
this transmission place,
James spoke aside to me.

This kid did everything but wear
an "arrest me" sign on his back.

Nothing like building up
the boss's expectations.

You think that was
too much fanfare?

‐ Thanks, Maxine.
‐ Okay.

You got my son in here?

Yeah. We, uh, need
some further information
from Danny.

Mr. DeMarco, uh, do you know
if Mr. Eigen had anyone
angry at him?

This was a straight‐arrow guy.
He didn't gamble.

He didn't do drugs.
He didn't run around.

Did your son
get along with Mel?

My son doesn't get on
with anyone. Got a drug problem.

‐ Can't keep a job.
‐ He was working
for you and Mel.

Mel was nice enough.
He suggested hiring Danny.

You know, let him move out
of my and my wife's apartment.

Kid doesn't have one friend.

Not one person to call,
have a social time with.

Mr. DeMarco, do you know
Danny to be violent?

I don't know.

Does he own a gun,
you know?

Where was he anyhow?
He should've been doing
repairs there.

Danny says that he stepped out
to, uh, pick up a present
for your wife.

‐ I want to talk to him.
‐ Not right now, Mr. DeMarco.

‐ Are you done with me?
‐ Yeah. You can go for now.

You tell him if he did this,
I hope he burns in hell.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Ready to go at him?

[ Door Closes ]
Did you talk to my dad?

Yeah. We just finished, Danny.

Is he horrified?
He's pretty broken up.

Because he and Mel were
best friends 30 years.

He tells us you didn't
normally go out for errands
in the middle of a working day.

W‐Well, today I went
to go pick up earrings
I'd bought for my mother.

I got 'em with me.
We stopped by that jeweler
goin' to pick up your dad.

He said you had
those earrings on layaway
since four months back.

Well, I'd saved enough by now.
It's not like Mel and my dad
paid me a king's salary.

Are you directing
suspicion at me?

Danny, your wrench injury's

with what might happen
in some type of altercation.

I explained
every single aspect‐‐

my blood,
my whereabouts.

I resent the implication
because there's a killer
on the loose.

[ Martinez ]
Do you own a gun, Danny?

I went to work.
I did my repairs.

I took a break,
which I am entitled to,
and then Mel was dead.

That is my story.

Are you on drugs
presently, Danny?

[ Sighs ]

I have told you my story.

That was easy, huh, Greg?

I feel very scared.

We understand that, Amy.
We know you're upset
about Tina.

Can you tell us
exactly what happened...

leading up to Tina's having
to go to the hospital?

Um, Tina was on the couch.

Uh, just for a minute
I went into the kitchen
to get a juice bar.

When I got back,
she had fallen.

Did she cry
when she fell?

No. I would hear
and come right away.

So she was unconscious?


Amy, the doctor said
Tina's head injuries...

were different from the kind
she'd have gotten falling
the way you described.

[ Sniffles ]
I can't understand that.

Just generally speaking,
Amy, did the baby cry a lot?

Get you frustrated?
No. Oh, no.

You know, sometimes people
get angry at a crying baby and
shake 'em to get 'em to stop.

No. I did everything normal.
You can check the journal.

What journal?

I mark everything down.
[ Sniffles ]

"7:15, give Tina bath.
8:30, feed her.

9:10, she goes pee.
I change diaper."

[ Russell ]
You do a page like this
every day?

Yeah, everything she do.

Feeding, peeing, pooping,
all of it.

And this was
the Zhengs' idea?
My idea.

I love the baby.

Amy, we're gonna have you
sit here a little while,

and I'd really like you
to use the time to think
through other ways...

Tina might've gotten
her head injuries.


You want a soda
or something?

No, thank you.

[ Door Closes ]

[ Rudy ]
Lot of time on that corner.

[ Simone ]
You need to slide down
in the seat, Rudy,

so you could just see
over the window.

[ Rudy ]
That's him. That's Leo.

Guy with the black jacket,
taking a cigarette?

[ Rudy ]
The one goin' back in.
All right.

[ Sipowicz ]
All right, throw that blanket
over you while we go get him.

We'll put Leo in the radio car,
and then we'll pick this car
back up.

I wouldn't mind talking
to him, explaining things.

Rudy, cover up with the blanket
till we get back in, huh?

[ Man ]
Taxi! Taxi!

[ Chattering In Spanish ]

[ Horn Honks ]

‐ [ Chattering In Spanish ]
‐ Just be cool.

Everybody up against the wall.
Hands over your head.

Get up there!
Hangin' with your boys
some kind of crime, man?

‐ What do you got
in the bag there, Leo?
‐ How do you know my name?

'Cause your ugly puss
is on a surveillance camera
in that K. F. C.

‐ These guys are clean.
‐ I don't know what K.F.C.
you're talkin' about, my man.

The one I'm familiar with ain't
got no surveillance camera.

It's just not up there
where everybody can see it.

I know who told you where
I was at. Yeah, I'll be having
a conversation with him soon.

‐ Shut up!
‐ Let's get a radio car
and take this slime bag in.

‐ That coat was stolen.
Give it up.
‐ No, man. That's hers.

No, I think that must've
been a dream you had.

You guys see a Latino
and gotta hassle him, right?

Oh, yeah,
that's our stick, Leo.

Our specialty's the ones
that murder people on the street
and steal from pregnant women.

‐ Where you gettin' that?
‐ You killed Tony Perez, Leo.

Wasn't me.

Perez's girlfriend
is picking you out, Leo.

Plus that coat your old lady
was sportin' in the bodega.

‐ Yeah, that used to be hers.
‐ Come on. There's a lot
of sheepskins out there.

And that girl‐‐
I wouldn't be so reliable
she's gonna go against a King.

‐ No, huh?
‐ Tony wasn't the first
King she dated.

So why'd you kill him, Leo?
'Cause he wanted to straighten
out instead of screwing off?

You gotta ask
the Crown Jewel's permission.
Anything possible with that.

Crown Jewel being you?

Maybe I say yeah.
Maybe I say no.

So because this guy didn't
want to kiss your ring there,
you figure he deserves dying?

I'm not figurin' nothing,
because I wasn't involved.

My general statement is this:
A member's gotta show respect.

[ Scoffs ]
Ay, caramba.

Love your accent.

You love my accent, huh?
You want a fistful
of my accent?

You're really bad,
aren't you, Leo? That girl's
never giving you up.

That's just about
my position, yeah.

Get up, asshole.

There's your new position.

Mr. and Mrs. Zheng,
how's Tina?

On a respirator.
They don't know
if she will live.

‐ We're so sorry.
‐ Why do you make us be here?

You should be talking
to Amy Chu.
We're talking to Amy.

Why don't we
sit over here?

Would you like
something to drink?
Just ask us what you want.

Has Tina ever fallen before?

‐ No.
‐ Did you or your wife ever have
occasion to set her down hard?

No, no.
This is Amy Chu's doing.

We're certainly looking
at the possibility
Amy's responsible.

She does seem diligent
and very caring
about your daughter.

Tracking Tina's daily activities
in the journal‐‐ meals, when
she would go to the bathroom.

I notice that
there were no entries
for when the baby would sleep.

‐ No.
‐ Did you give Amy instructions
to keep Tina awake?


Mrs. Zheng, a one‐year‐old
needs to nap during the day.

They go six, eight hours
without sleep,
they're suffering deprivation.

we want her to be tired
so everyone sleeps.

My wife and I work hard.
Get home, we want Tina fed,
clean, ready for bed.


Did you ever see Amy
be rough with Tina?

It must be her.

Want to be with Tina.
Want to go.

Thanks for coming in.

[ Russell ]
Thank you.

I'm going to the hospital
to get a statement
from the admitting intern.

So how you
holding up, Wanda?

‐ It's hard, you know.
‐ Did we hear that story right‐‐

the head of that diaper
company's gonna be putting up
money for the baby?

Yeah, he heard on the radio what
happened to Tony. He's gonna
help with the baby's expenses.

‐ So that's a good break.
‐ Yeah, it's gonna help.

We, uh, need you to pick
Tony's shooter out, Wanda.

‐ [ Laughs ] You think so?
‐ Nobody's talking
about testimony.

No, you pick him out
in the lineup. He's gonna
be lookin' to deal.

‐ You think so?
‐ Yeah, that's what we think,
Wanda. You think different?

You think he'll plead out?
You don't know the Crown Jewel.

Which does hint to Wanda's
awareness on Tony's assailant.

Mm‐hmm. This, uh, head
of the diaper company‐‐

Mr. Altmayer.
Mr. Altmayer, right.

Publicity fanatic. You know,
Postcomes out, he ain't in it,
guy goes to bed with a migraine.

Mr. Altmayer finds out
that you did the right
thing here, Wanda,

you're gonna be looking
at a lot more than diaper money.

You think so?
Oh, yeah.

"Widowed Mother‐To‐Be
Stands Up To Fiancé's Killers;

Blowhard Financier Frees Her
From Gang's Clutches."

I'll tell you something else,
Wanda. A guy like this steps in,
he makes a long‐term commitment.

They don't want
no embarrassment afterwards,
anything bad happens to you.

We're talking about
a lifestyle makeover here.

You think so?


I'll tell you who did it
and pick him out.

[ Captain ]
Man, this Danny DeMarco

I'm not gonna pretend
One P. P.'s not puttin' my feet
to the fire somewhat.

We recognize the position
you're in, Captain.

I'm not gonna put Lt. Fancy in
the middle, which is why I wanna
speak to both of youse directly.

I'm not gonna put you
in the middle kibitzing...

how you run your interview
or conduct your case.

So what would be
your point, Captain?

‐ The point is, don't be shy.
‐ Meaning?

Meaning I'm not gonna advocate
one interrogation technique
from another,

but we want a statement
from this asshole before anyone
gets too much older.

And if the room's got
the wrong population,

I think we're all adults,
and we're prepared to sacrifice
for the good of the whole.

So why does that sound like
"Don't walk him, but don't
give him anything to hit"?

Arthur, if that's
what you heard, you're
not listening right.

I got nothin'
against timely hits.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Deal with him the way
you think is right.

I want to be more helpful.
I really do.

Yeah? Then you should be
more candid, Danny.

I wish I could say more,
because there are layers
and sides to every story.

So, uh, what's preventing you
from exploring those?

You ever find yourself
the odd man out?


Out in the cold? Third wheel?
Which is an unpleasant thing.

‐ Absolutely.
‐ That was my situation
at my workplace.

Mel and my dad
are big pals.

Go to lunch every single day
while I brown‐bag it.

Hurt your feelings?

[ Laughs ]
I put up with it, you know‐‐

them bein' all buddy‐buddy
with their jokes.

But, uh, then
they'd laugh at me...

and boss me...

and say I don't do a good job.

Did, uh, Mel
laugh at you yesterday?

I mean, it just isn't
common courtesy‐‐

call someone stupid
and a moron...

and at the same time showin'
everlasting love for Mel.

‐ This is your dad now?
‐ Both.

Both of them best friends
makin' me feel like dirt.

Danny, did all
this resentment,

plus, uh, inadequate wages,
how you felt the case‐‐

‐ Did you finally do
something about that?
‐ No.

‐ [ Clattering ]
‐ Jerkin' us around
a little, Danny?

‐ Lead up to bein' cooperative,
then yank the rug out?
‐ No.

There's other ways we can go
where you'll wish you took the
chance my partner's giving you.

‐ What's that supposed to mean?
‐ You're on the methadone
maintenance, right?

My program gives me up,
that's breach of confidence.

I figure you got good and loaded
before you did what you did
this morning,

not worried at all,
jonesing in here.

I am not worried
because I'm innocent.

You're not worried because
you think your alibi's solid,

and you're still feeling good
from your dose, right?

What you're leavin' out,
Danny, is the chance...

you might get your ass kicked
till you wish you were dead.

I didn't do it,

and you're not gonna
make me say that I did.

I think I gotta tune him up.
Thing is, James, he's
not going for a lawyer.

‐ Indicating what?
‐ Indicating some aspect
he wants to be forthcoming.

How about it's indicating
he thinks he's got
all the answers...

for circumstantial evidence,
and he's getting off
on breaking our balls?

‐ I differ on tuning him up.
‐ 'Cause of your "genie's
out of the bottle" experience?

‐ I don't think
it's right for this kid.
‐ Clock's running on this, Greg.

We don't move him soon,
I'm going upside his head.

It's 4:00, Lieutenant.

Do you know where your
Eigen investigation is?
Give it a rest, Cohen.

Got your crack detectives
Martinez and Medavoy on this.
Meaning what?

Dead guy had a lot of juice.
I don't think you wanna come
out of the jungle empty‐handed.

Lieu, Diane's on her way back.
The baby died.

The babysitter
make a statement?
We'll go back at her now.

She's a baby killer.
Why the lack of enthusiasm?

Oh, kiss my ass, Cohen.

Not an entirely
unappealing thought.

She adored this kid, Lieu.
Forty entries a day
in a journal.

Every hiccup
the kid made.

But do you think
she did it?

I don't think the parents
would've taken the time.


[ Door Opens ]
[ Martinez ]
Thanks, Josh.

It's about time I go.

Yeah, Danny?
You get enough jollies
tellin' us lies?

We'd like to talk to you
a little more, Danny,

on this morning's

Meaning your boss's death.
One of my boss's death.

Right, yeah. Your dad's
your other boss.

Not that he wouldn't rather
that I was out of his life

You know, I tried suicide
three times.

And believe me, my dad
never cried at my bedside...

like I know
he's cryin' over Mel.

You know, you're
a sniveling little asshole.

Why shouldn't your dad grieve
over his friend? Why should that
make you jealous?

He's not begrudging
this grieving, James.

But‐But his dad not showing
equivalent sympathy when
Danny was down himself‐‐

Or maybe he was laughing,
makin' fun,

like "You can't even
kill yourself right,
you worthless jerk."

Oh, Danny, take it easy.

You think that I
am jerking you around?

You think that I
am not genuinely upset?

My life is a failure.

You think I'm glad
I'm on methadone maintenance...

or that no one in this world
cares two cents about me?

Well, put me on that list,
you creepy little jerk.

‐ It's a long list.
‐ Well, put me on the top.


I am so unhappy.

Come here, Danny.

Come here and let it out.

[ Sobbing ]
You think I wanted
things to happen?

All right. All right.

Shh. Tell me what happened.

I got‐‐ I got carried away.

I took a double dose,
and the anger at both of them‐‐

I would've killed
both of them...

if my dad had been there.


I am such a weasel.
And then what?

Then... I had to cover up.

Of course you did.
There, there.

[ Sobbing Continues ]

[ Door Opens ]

[ Door Closes ]

There's no easy way
to tell you this, Amy.
Tina died an hour ago.

Oh, no.

[ Sobbing ]
Oh, no. Poor baby. No.

The doctor said
whatever happened...

absolutely didn't
have to be intentional,

but Tina died from someone
shaking her too hard.

Amy, anyone could tell
from looking at that journal
you kept...

how much you loved
and cared for Tina.

I‐‐ I loved her.

[ Sniffles ]
I took care of her
the best I could.

‐ But now she's dead.
‐ No. No. Don't.

I fed her and cleaned her.

I'm also walking
or holding her.

[ Sobbing Continues ]

Um, I saw in the mirror...

her eyes were closing,
you know.

No, no, no.

My mother, she's very sick
in last year,

and they loaned me money
for the medicine.

I can't‐‐
I can't lose this job.

The last time, the Zhengs,
they said they'd fire me...

if she falls asleep.

But the baby is so tired.

She tried so hard
to stay awake for me,

but she can't keep
from sleeping.

You know I loved Tina.

Okay, Amy.

[ Sobbing Continues ]

Captain Bass
says congratulations.

Yeah. Good.

Yeah. A little T. L. C. from Greg
turned the trick, huh, Lieu?

‐ You did good work, Greg.
‐ Yeah, but I gotta fess up.

You know, if he didn't go,
havin' him in a hug,

I was gonna give him
a hell of a noogie.

[ Chattering ]

Hmm. We're really
going to the movies?

‐ You don't want to go?
‐ No, I want to go.

It's just an invitation
to some kind of natural
disaster or something.

‐ It's Jerry Maguire, Diane.
‐ I'm saying something'll
come up.

Yeah, something's
definitely gonna come up.

That's my hope
for after the film.
That's a disgusting remark.

You're fortunate
you're among friends.

[ Man ]
Detective Simone's in there.

Can you give me a second?
Excuse me.

Come on over here.
How's it going?

Leo's goin' back in, huh?

‐ Yeah.
‐ I got a lot of guilt about it.

Well, you gotta believe
in the future, Rudy.

Turning away is gonna
make you a better person.

Plus you'll be able to do good
for some other people.

I want that.

So is that just
some B. S. tactic,

saying you'd help me
get in the academy?

Your investigator's name
is Earl Collins, right?

I got a meeting with him
tomorrow at 10:15.


We'll be seeing you
again, Rudy.

More wine, Greg?

Uh, no.
Thank you very much.

Oh, yes, of course.

‐ Boo, Greg.
‐ You think I've had enough?

That was, um, "boo"
like a witch.

Oh, I thought you were
heckling my second glass.

‐ She was trying to get you
to relax a little bit.
‐ Ah. Ah. Point taken.

Yeah, "Boo, I'm nothin'
to be afraid of."

[ Laughs ]

So y‐you don't mind if I, uh‐‐
if I have the second glass?

Not at all.

[ Sighs ]

Did you always
want to be a cop, Greg?

I, uh‐‐ I flirted with
being a schoolteacher, Kathy,

but, uh,
I came on the job market
in a budgetary era.

Teachers just
weren't getting hired.

I had, uh, relatives
on the job‐‐

what we call a‐a‐a hook‐‐

and so that's
how things came out.

Kathy's a writer.

Oh, is that so?

Kathy writes copy
for an ad agency.

And she writes poetry,
and she's working on
a wonderful novel right now.

[ Sighs ]
Kathy, I am just so full
of admiration for that.

I‐‐ I‐‐ I very much
enjoy reading.

I‐I‐‐ I sometimes thought
my declining years...

I could write stories
about the job.

‐ The next Joseph Wambaugh.
‐ The next Joseph Wambaugh.
Why not?

[ Laughs ]
I bet you've got
great stories to tell.

Greg is a terrific detective.

Well, you are just
the two nicest people.

I can't tell you
what fun and relief I've had.

Wait till we start singing
sea chanteys after dessert.

I know one, Kathy.
I‐I know "A Capital Ship."

♪ A capital ship
on an ocean trip ♪

♪ With the whopping
window blinds ♪

♪ The wind that blew‐‐ ♪
[ Muttering ]

♪ Dismayed the crew and
troubled the captain's mind ♪

[ All Laughing ]

My God! I haven't sung
that song in 20 years.

Can I just ask you
a question straight out
'cause I feel such rapport?

‐ Sure.
‐ Is that a vagina on the wall?

It‐It‐It‐‐ It was intended
as an art piece.

What have I said? Have I just
made a complete faux pas?

No. No. We should've
taken it down instead
of trying to cover it up.

Have I mortified myself?

‐ Greg?
‐ Yes?

You're a cool guy.

‐ Hardly.
‐ Trust me.

Finish your food.
Finish your wine.

And we're gonna have
great dessert.

And then we can hang out
until you're ready to go.

I'd like to sit under that
so it's out of my field
of vision.

[ Laughs ]
Switch places.

I'm not sure I'm capable
of any more steps.

Sure you are.

So there's even more, huh?

Oh, he's so cute.
Ah, he's all right.

You just wish you could
put your hands around him.
Oh, put your hands around him.

I'm gonna have to send you
back to the academy
for some sensitivity training.

I'm not talking
about Tom Cruise, Bobby.
The little boy.

I knew that.

[ Laughs ]
No, he was cute.

When he gives Jerry Maguire
the hug, it's‐‐

I want some of those.

Oh, yeah? Kids, huh?

Hmm. That's‐‐ That's when
you're supposed to say,

"I want to give 'em
to you, Diane."

Oh, you know I do.

[ Siren Wailing ]

Show me
the engagement ring.

[ Horn Honks ]

[ Laughs ]
You think I tote that thing
around with me?

‐ Where is it?
‐ What?

[ Laughs ]
Show me the ring.

Is it in your pocket?

Come on, Diane.
This is embarrassing.

Somebody's gonna
call a cop on us.

You just don't want‐‐
keep me out of your pants.

It's in the apartment.

Hmm. Well, do they have
transportation in this town?


[ Whistles ]

Here we go.

I love you, Bobby.

[ Sighs ]
Here we go!


Sir, I'm gonna
show her the ring.