NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 4, Episode 19 - Bad Rap - full transcript

Simone and Sipowicz get another case involving the shooting of a rap artist who refuses to cooperate with them in the identification of his assailant. Meanwhile, Abby tells Medavoy that she...

Hey, how's it goin',

E.R. doc called in
a gunshot wound.
The victim's Anthony Actee.

‐ He's got one in the forearm,
one in the calf.
‐ What do we know about it?

Nothing to say how it happened
or where it happened.
He's Daddy Kool.

That's his rap name‐‐ "Daddy
Kool," like with "Kool‐Aid." Doc
said they're not keepin' him.

Put him in a private room,
'cause the E. R. was turnin'
into a circus.

Which room?

All right.
Thanks, man.

[ Sighs ]
Tellin' me night watch
is too tied up to handle this?

You know, this could be part
of that stickup pattern.
Go ahead, Boo. Take the picture.

Fifteen Detective Squad.
We, uh, want to talk to you
about the shooting.

‐ Hey, y'all messed
the picture up.
‐ I better get back to work.

‐ No. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You need a good picture.
‐ Oh, you got the right idea.

You ready to take
another one? Hmm?

Come on. [ Grunts ]
We gonna do this one
player style.

All right. Come on. Why don't
you leave, young lady, or you're
gonna hear profane language.

‐ Go on. Take the picture, Boo.
‐ No. You had your little
Kodak moment there, Boo.

Just guard now‐‐
how you did when your man
here was gettin' shot.

Hey. Let her go!

Come on back and see me
before I go.

‐ Who shot you, Anthony?
‐ Whoever need to come
with somethin' stronger.

‐ [ Chuckles ]
‐ You want to describe
this person...

‐ who needs to come at you
with somethin' stronger?
‐ Nuh‐uh.

You want to describe
what he stole‐‐

'cause I see somebody
grabbed somethin'
from your neck right there.

‐ Hey, Boo, the TV don't work.
‐ Oh, this one's a real peach.

‐ How 'bout you, Boo?
‐ Nope.

That's a pretty big word
there, Boo. You feel like
you need to sit down?

Yo. He didn't see nothin'.
Neither did I. Good‐bye.

Yo, Daddy Kool,
shots in a forearm
and a calf?

That makes me figure the
stickup guy throws down on you,
Boo heads for a garbage can,

and you stand up
about as tough as that guy
in that football trophy.

‐ What's the problem with you
tellin' us what went down?
‐ You can kiss my black ass.

‐ What'd you say? Hmm?
‐ Said, kiss my black ass.

Shut up.
Try wipin' it sometime.

‐ You're gonna find out
that thing is really red.
‐ [ Simone ] Uh, we're good.

‐ Get up off 45 minutes' sleep,
take that abuse?
‐ Tell this jerk he can go, huh?

Why, he wouldn't cooperate?
I'm Anthony's manager.
Is he a'ight?

‐ What's your name?
‐ I'm Nathan Dee.

‐Where you been
the last couple hours?
‐Home in bed. Is Anthony a'ight?

‐ Yeah. He'll be okay.
‐ If you're lookin' for Boo,

he's in there tryin' out
for a new career in TV repair.
And that's a stupid bow tie.

‐ [ Door Opens ]
‐ Good.

I was afraid you wouldn't
piss this new guy off.
Ah, this nation's doomed.

[ Exercise Machinery
Whirring ]

‐ Hey, Greg.
‐ Morning, Abby.

This is a good surprise.
I‐I‐I'm in a must‐resume
situation, Abby.

I'm not even gonna tell you
how many pounds I gained back
with my peanut butter bingeing.

Well, good for you
for starting.
[ Chuckles ]

And how's Kathy?
Good. Fine.

Send regards.
Why don't you do that
in person, Greg?

Well, not
to be pushy,

but you've been
threatening to cook
us a meal.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, to be honest, Abby,
if that would be the setting
for another step...

in whatever step‐by‐step ideas
you have involving me,

I'd prefer
you said the step
right out,

because the other ones
leading up to them
and then subsequently, uh‐‐

I've peanut‐butter binged
and gained a lot of weight
each time.

We'd like you to donate sperm
so that I could get pregnant.

[ Whirring Runs Down, Stops ]

I've, uh‐‐ I've imagined
several times that, uh,

this could be where
the, uh, steps were leading.

And how do you feel
about that?
Like eating peanut butter.

Greg, we just wanted you to
meet Kathy, so that you would‐‐
you would know that...

the baby would have
a stable home life, and‐‐
Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Obviously, you're gonna
have to think about this.

I'm gonna ask you
to excuse me now, Abby.


I hope you're not
goin' to binge.

No, no. I just, uh‐‐
[ Panting ]

I have something
to do upstairs.

‐ What's goin' on, Vince?
‐ Hi. Called you guys
in early, huh?

Yeah. A gunshot victim
over at Bellevue.

What had the night watch
so occupied?
Uh, double in Midtown,

then someone threw shots
outside a nightclub
on Varick Street.

Oh, yeah? What was that about?
Well, I, um, got one of the guys
in the coffee room.

He sells sausages
out on the sidewalk,
just right outside the place.

‐ And he told you‐‐
‐ Well,

but he's the only witness
I had leverage on, off of
no food handler's permit.

But he didn't tell me dick.
What‐‐ What time were
the gunshots, Vincent?

‐ 3:30.
‐ [ Simone ] See, our gunshot
victim got admitted at 3:45.

‐ We probably oughta talk
to this guy, huh?
‐ No one said no one was hit.

‐ Anyone say anyone was robbed?
‐ Definitely not.

All I got was
some street asshole
throwing shots.

Plus, no food permit
for the sausage guy.

what's this guy's name, Vince?

‐ Uh, Lorenzo Sharp.
‐ [ Simone ]
Oh, good.

Yeah. Excellent.

I want to tell you this:
I'm getting those
chest pains again.

Yeah, huh?
Yeah. I want to tell you
somethin' else.

Twelve days ago
I snuck in New Jersey
for a‐‐ a stress test‐‐

injections in my veins‐‐
and I tested abnormal.

And I wanna tell you that now.

‐ You gettin' pains right now?
‐ No, but I'm very upset.

Want someone to give you
a ride home? We'll take a ride.
No. You go ahead.

‐ I'm gonna go in a few minutes.
‐ Hey, you gotta take care of
yourself though, Vince, huh?

Poor bastard.
Shows you can be stupid
and in bad health.

I'm Detective Simone, Lorenzo.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

Y'all drag me in here. Man, I'm
just tryin' to make a living.
I ain't hurtin' nobody.

‐ All right. Don't go to pieces.
‐ We need to know what you saw
on the street before.

Not a damn thing, man.

‐ You didn't see no robbery?
‐ Nope.

‐ Hear no gunshots?
‐ Uh‐uh.

Yes, you did, Lorenzo.
You saw Daddy Kool get robbed,
and you saw him shot.

No, sir.
Just give me my summons.

Lorenzo, now my shift
didn't even start yet,

and three people already
insulted my intelligence‐‐

what occurred, what didn't occur
in this incident‐‐ plus one
tells me to kiss his ass.

Now it's rollin' onto you.
Now we both know
that's not fair,

but you're the one
up for the beating.

‐ You should give up
what you saw, Lorenzo.
‐ Y‐Y'all trying to get me hurt.

You worry about now.
Let the future
take care of itself.

We know you were out there
when this nonsense
went down, man.

‐ Th‐This all
in confidence, right?
‐ Absolutely.

The shots went off‐‐

Daddy Kool and them
comin' out the Ibex, right?

One of the boys get the car
and bring it around‐‐
a Lexus 400 S. C.

Then a dude with a pistol come
across the street. Bang, bang!
So I hit the pavement.

The bodyguard backs off, the‐‐
the thief takes his jewelry,

and then he busts
some shots off, backs off,

a‐and... then just booked
across the street.
That‐‐ That was it.

We're gonna need some
help with what this guy
looks like, Lorenzo.

Word, I‐‐
I‐I didn't see him.

‐ You didn't see this guy?
‐ Look, man, don't‐‐
don't go grabbin' me again.

I'm tellin' you,
I didn't see him
to say what he looked like.

I‐I got the plates
on his ride though.

So this bookin'
across the street‐‐
that wound up in a vehicle?

You get a chance
later on, maybe you
can come back, Lorenzo.

We'll get a reimbursement
of the time you lost
sellin' sausages.

Man, cool.

Maybe we get lucky off
the plate‐‐ get a mug shot for
the other victims to look at.

Maybe we move that singer.
You reason with him,
I let him insult me.

[ Chattering ]
[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Man ]
Let's take 'em up.

‐ How's it goin', Lieutenant?
‐ What's that?

Radio team collared
a drug dealer‐‐

says that one cop grabbed
up his bankroll, 600 bucks.

What do the cops say?

Jones‐‐ that the dealer
don't accuse‐‐ he had
nothin' to do with nothin'.

Does he back Szymanski?
You know the other cop?

Yeah. Does Jones back Szymanski?
He backs him
as much as he saw.

Says he was gone 90 seconds
to secure the radio car.

What does Szymanski say?
Says he's set up.

By who?
The dealer,
his partner, you.

He says I set him up?

He wasn't makin'
a lot of sense.

‐ Will you keep me
posted on this?
‐ Absolutely.

‐ Hey, Greg.
‐ We up?

‐ Nah. Nobody's lookin' for us.
‐ [ Sighs ]

Abby dropped
the entire other shoe
while I was on the StairMaster‐‐

what this, uh, gettin' to know
her girlfriend's been about.

‐ They want me to donate sperm.
‐ Donate it?

That's right.

Want me to get Abby pregnant.
I never heard it
called that before.

Yeah, well, that happens
to be the terminology.
That's the terminology for this?

They don't want me
to do that, James.

They want me, uh, to‐‐ to‐‐
to give my sperm in, like,
an outer‐body experience,

and then, uh‐‐
appropriate time,
it's given to Abby.

I can see why you went
through that peanut butter.

I'm thinkin' on goin'
through the window.

Hey, Greg,
if it's stressful,
just say no.

I don't know if it's stressful.
I haven't done that in so long.

I'm not sayin' physically
stressful. I'm sayin' if
it's a stressful concept.

[ Sighs ]
I got two kids
I don't live with now.

‐ How hard they comin'
at you with this?
‐ It's me, James.

Th‐They're‐‐ They're not
bein' assertive at all.
It's entirely up to me.

Ah, in a way I guess
it's kinda, like,
uh, flattering.

But you don't wanna
wind up like Eddie Murphy
in that professor movie.

Oh, that's where
I'm headed, James.
No question.

That's, uh‐‐
That's the road I'm on.

I'm in the suburb
of that jurisdiction.

Well, anyways,
I was just, uh,
gettin' some coffee.

‐ Thanks for the input, James.
‐ Straighten this out
for yourself.

[ Snores, Clears Throat ]

So, this rapper,
Daddy Kool,
is pretty clean.

‐ Two years probation
for a beef upstate.
‐ [ Sniffles ]

Uh, Robbery Squad says none of
the other victims gave anything
more than a general description.

‐ We got a hit on the plate,
and we got nobody to look at.
‐ Uh, this dildo rapper, he's‐‐

he's gonna have
a complete change of heart.

‐He'll help us when he comes in.
‐I'm Nathan Dee.
I'm here for Daddy Kool.

‐ Scumbag sends his manager.
‐ How's it goin'? We saw you
at the hospital before.

I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.

Nathan Dee.
You're Anthony's manager, huh?



‐ He asked me to come down here.
‐ Uh, actually our request
was for Anthony to come.

You need to understand
that Anthony got a lot
of personal...

and racial history
with the police department,

and that makes him reluctant
to cooperate.
We need to understand that, huh?

See, we would look at it less
Anthony cooperatin' with us and
more him protectin' civilians.

Well, believe it,
I wish you luck with that.
Oh, thanks ever so much.

[ Simone ] Look, Nathan,
there was a bystander out there,
got a plate number on a car.

The owner of this car, he has
a criminal associate been busted
twice for this type of stickup.

Now if we can get Anthony
to go through a photo array‐‐
Uh, he not gonna do that.

Hey. I don't listen
to that crap you call music,

but I know how
World Wide Wrestling works.

Comes out, instead of
some big rap war payback,
this is just a regular stickup,

you don't get to boost
your record sales.

Andy, the industry's tendin'
to phase records out.

This ain't about sales.
Anthony lost a uncle
in a police incident.

‐Oh, here we go.
‐He had a lot of bad experiences
growin' up in Compton.

Police kept hasslin' him
on his way to choir practice?

Look, everybody have
they point of view, right?

‐ I'm just tryin' to tell you
how it is with Anthony.
‐ Hey, Nathan, you know,

how would Daddy Kool look
with his rap fans...

if we let it out,
when this stickup happens,

‐ he offers the perp a hand job
not to mess him up?
‐ Easy, Andy.

‐ Have I been
disrespectful to you?
‐ [ Sipowicz ] Nah, nah.

Your big jerk client
handled that aspect
at the hospital.

Okay. I wasn't there,
so I don't know
what got said first.

I'm just here tryin' to address
the situation, that's all.


[ Paper Rustling ]

Now, I spoke to Anthony
about the incident,

and this is how
he described the guy.

And that...
is off the record.

[ Simone ]
Uh, excuse me, Nathan.
You know, I gotta tell you‐‐

and we appreciate your bein'
cooperative here, but we're
aware about Anthony's record.

We don't get no specifics
on this incident, we're gonna
violate Anthony's parole.

You want Anthony
to go through a bunch
of mug books?

We're talkin' about
a couple photo arrays.
Should go by real fast.

Big Daddy'd be in and out
in five minutes.

You don't violate him
in Buffalo,

and anything he gives you
is off the record.

Nothing gets out
he came in.

'Bout an hour and a half.

With them,
that's two hours
and 15 minutes.

‐ That Szymanski's
a piece of work.
‐ What's he sayin'?

No statement,
won't authorize a car search.

He's gotta let you look
in his locker.
Yeah. We did that.

Nothin' there?

We know 95% of the time
the dealer's just lookin'
to beat the case,

but a guy sets up
how Szymanski's doin'?

‐ He's makin' himself wrong.
‐ And your idea he's not.

‐ Hmm.
‐ You mind if I talk to him?

Listenin' to him,
you're the guy
who put him in the box:

transferred him,
put him with a black cop.

Says he wouldn't be surprised
if you knew the dealer.

‐ Who's the dealer?
‐ Some old... hype named Clive?

‐ He's in the pokey?
‐ Yeah.

‐ Szymanski's
in the pokey.
‐ Yeah.

Feelin' good, Lieutenant?
Use your head,

You think I'd reach out
to all these different people
just to jam you up?

Since the night I stopped you
for that taillight, my world's
turned upside down.

So today, when I.A.B.
grabs me for whackin' up
some dealer's bankroll...

when I never took
a cent in my life,

I don't chalk that up
to bad luck.

Have you contacted
your delegate?

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, boy.
There must be a name for this.

Stop imagining
conspiracy, Szymanski,
and start saving your job.

You mind steppin' out,

Watch 'em screw me
through the window.

He's just about
gone psycho.
He didn't steal that money.

‐ You're sure on that?
‐ Does somethin' wrong,

he has to give up thinkin'
how unfair life's treated him.

I don't know if I want to be
takin' that to my bosses
without searchin' his car.

‐ Can I talk
to the other cop?
‐ Wanna come work with us?

[ Knocks ]

You give us a minute?
Arthur Fancy,
15th Detective Squad.

‐ Hi, Lieutenant. Louis Jones.
‐ [ Fancy ]
You holdin' up all right?

Keep telling myself, I didn't
do anything, I shouldn't have
anything to worry about.

You want to run
the collar for me?

We're on Avenue "D"
drivin' toward Second.

Narcotics has a corner up
two blocks over. We wanna push
the skells in that direction.

Sees us comin',
everyone books except
this one skeevy dealer.

You know Clive's
last name?

Szymanski took the guy
into a hallway while
I secured the vehicle.

I come back, Szymanski shows me
three decks of smack and $11.

So we move the skell
to the radio car.
He starts yellin' he was robbed.

How soon does Bell
repeat the charge
in the house?

Uh, like a half hour.

Holds off sayin' it till
Szymanski would've had time
to get rid of the money.

‐ You're sure Szymanski
didn't do it?
‐ You think he might have?

I don't. No. But I'm not about
to put my badge up for a guy
who says I'm in on a frame.

Szymanski said that
straight out?
Hell, yes.

When the Rat Squad showed up,
said you were too.

Pissed you off
on a... car stop, huh?

Car stop had nothin'
to do with any of this.

Only had that happen to me
about 80 or 90 times.

Would you mind taking
your glasses off?

Hey, check 'em out,
and let's go, okay?

Now, uh, you sure
you don't recognize anybody
in these arrays, huh?

He's askin'
if you recognized anybody.

[ Scoffs ]

‐ You made that perp, didn't ya,
huh? You gutless scumbag.
‐ Boo got the car?

You know, Nathan,
I don't really think this was
a good‐faith effort here.

Hey, what's good faith‐‐
him doin' what you want?

This guy robs or hurts more
people, it's on you, Daddy Kool.
Not that you give a rat's ass.

Let's go, okay.
Many as he takes off, 10 times
that you'll beat and murder.

And everyone of 'em
was innocent, huh, Big Daddy?

Never leave that out.
Catch you on the street,
I'll cut your throat.

‐Catch me on the street, you're
gonna wish you never were born.

‐ Let's go.
Come on, pig. Let's go!
‐ [ All Shouting, Indistinct ]

‐ Get him outta here, boss!
‐ Phony hump!

He's lookin' to make a buck
off leavin' a shooter
loose on the street!

Let it go, Sipowicz!
Get him outta here now!

Think everything's about money?
Think everyone thinks like you.
[ Laughs ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's
why I'm on the job, right?
Enormous financial benefits.

That was the victim
of that street stickup.
He wasn't givin' no cooperation.

We're gonna be
up all night again.

[ Sighs ]

Ah, hump rapper.
He makes that perp,
he won't say,

so we get to sit here
all night hopin' he gets
in his buddy's car.

‐ You're sure he picked him?
‐ That's why I had him
take his glasses off.

It was right in his lyin' eyes.

[ Sighs, Scoffs ]
Look at these idiots.

‐[ Simone ]
Hey, what are they doing wrong?
‐They oughta be asleep in bed.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckling ]

[ Laughing ]
What are you
laughin' about?

Oh, I‐‐
It just strikes me funny,
bein' tired.

[ Coughs,
Sighs Heavily ]

[ Wheezes, Laughing ]

‐ [ Snorts, Continues Laughing ]
‐ [ Simone ] Andy. Andy.

The perp's good
for the passenger. Come on.

[ Grunting ]
You got the driver.

[ Blows, Giggles ]

Police. Pull the keys out.
[ Driver ]
Yo, what's goin' on, man?

Get outta the car.
Outta the car! Outta the car!
Put your hands on your head.

Gun, Bobby!
[ Simone ]
Got ya.

All right. Put your hands
behind your back.
Come on.

There must be
some kinda mistake.
No mistake.

‐ [ Sipowicz ]
What's your name?
‐ Jermaine Brewer.

[ Laughing ] What's your
favorite day of the week?

Forget it.
You're a collar on the gun.

Andy, call for a radio car.
I'll do a car search.

What's your favorite
ice cream?

‐ 15th Squad
to Central, okay?
‐ Who was the fifth president?

[ Radio Beeps ]
[ Dispatcher ]
10‐4, 15.

Hey, who's
the sixth president?

[ Simone ]
Yeah, we need an
available radio car...

at Six and Avenue "D."
[ Laughing ]
How you doing?

How's it goin',

Arthur Fancy.
You the head jack
around here?

I always knew they had
some plans for you.

Well, they got some
for you now, Clive.
Behind that cop robbin' me?

Now, how they gonna prosecute me
for a little bit of contraband?

‐ He robbed you, huh?
‐ $600.

Oh, healthy bankroll.
But it was in transition.

You know, even back in the day
when you was a cop on the beat,

I figured you to be
a brother with a future.

So how come you didn't book
when the cops came
up the street?

[ Chuckles ]

I ain't booked
in 10 years.

All this,
"Feet don't fail me now."

Well, they fails me
all the time.

Well, knowin' that
like you do, Clive,

it's hard to believe
you didn't have a plan
to look straight.

‐ When breakfast?
‐ Why'd you take the collar?

‐ Who you know wanna
be locked down?
‐ What, you owe someone‐‐

lookin' to alibi
why you didn't have
that money, huh?

You got the mind
of a criminal, Arthur.

You'd better get off
your story, Clive.

The black cop
was watchin' their car...

while the white cop
was roughing me off...

and robbin' me
for my money roll.

These two cops, they're
backin' each other up.

They're sayin'
they were never apart.

Now I. A. B.'s gonna come
down hard on you, Clive.
D. A.'ll ask for 20 years.

[ Scoffs ]
Man, it was just a little
possession for my own use.

They're saying for sale,
in proximity to a school.

Oh, man. That's‐‐
[ Sputters ]

Tell me the play, Clive.
I'll see if I can help you.

[ Sighs ]

Man, my mouth hurts.
I got these sores...

from my uppers slidin' up
and down, up and down.

My woman,
she be criticizin' me
all the time.

Plus she say
they be clickin'.
[ Clicks Teeth ]

[ Scoffs ]
And you were holdin' 600
for someone else?

A fella I do some things for.

So you owed
your supplier 600.

You were gonna tell him
the cop took that
when he collared you,

‐ and then use it
to fix your teeth?
‐ [ Sighs ]

[ Exhales ]

Here come breakfast.



If they pull back
to simple possession,

will you drop
the complaint
on the cop?

[ Chuckles ]

You're so deep into knowin'
human nature, Arthur.

How come that don't
make you use dope?

[ Sighs ]
On the gate.

So you do know Clive Bell.

I started thinkin' last night,
I might've known him when
I was a cop. Came in to check.

Same guy?

I think he wants to
withdraw his complaint
on Szymanski.

Lieutenant, I come
to take this guy
to the grand jury.

You're in his cell
without permission
or even notification.

I think he'll tell you
the same story he told me.

Yeah, 'cause if
I put it in the report
that he withdrew it to you,

then I gotta do some explaining,
and then you do.

Szymanski still
refusing cooperation?

Szymanski's screwed anyway‐‐
piss‐poor attitude.

Well, I want you to know,
I'm gonna talk to him.

Sometime when we both
have a few days,

I'd love to find out
what the hell
this is about.

Two collars here, Jermaine,
and a whole pile of evidence
lookin' you in the face.

Oh, that's how you want
to travel, huh?

You were picked out
by the victim and an eyewitness.

Ballistics matched
with your gun.

‐ Ain't got your lab
open this early.
‐ That's a good point.

All we're sayin' here, Jermaine,
cooperate before the evidence
has you in a corner.

‐ That's when
we give it the weight.
‐ Lawyer.

Crow Taylor, huh?

‐ Is that "crow"
like the, uh, bird?
‐ Hey, that's it.

Ask him questions in chirps.

So, uh, you been rentin'
your car out for stickups
there, huh, Crow?

‐ [ Mumbles ] I don't know.
‐ We got your vehicle's
got no signs of bein'...

broken into, has been
I. D.'d by victims in
three separate incidents.

Hmm. Hmm. You know, maybe
somebody made duplicates, or‐‐

plus‐‐ plus I lost
a spare set of keys?

Somebody might be usin' that.

Well, the only problem there is,
your man Jermaine's been
picked out for the stickups.

He told us that
you rented him the car
for a hundred and fifty a night,

and you knew what
he was usin' it for.


[ Slaps Table ]
Stick with the dumb act, Crow,

you will do
the 15 Jermaine does.

You explain your part here,
you're lookin' at 18 months.

Never paid me no 150.
Paid a hundred a night.

[ Knocks ]

‐ What do you want?
‐ Why don't you come in
and shut the door.

I think that dealer's
withdrawing his allegation
about you taking his money.

That's good,
'cause I didn't take it.

You're wrong if you think
that ends it, Szymanski.

I'm sure you've got more strings
to pull. I'll just try to keep
lookin' over both shoulders.

Well, you may not be doing
that on the job if you don't
get straight with I. A. B.

[ Scoffs ]
Those charges are wrong, and
you just said they're dropped.

And you refused a statement.
Fifth Amendment's
only for perps?

You know 15‐A
exposes you to discipline.

I'm finally gettin' what
this is about. You look bad
to I. A. B. off harassin' me.

Use this leverage here
to make me tell them
what a great guy you are.

And you know
what else, Szymanski?
I helped kill Kennedy.

And I helped kill
Martin Luther King.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Look, look.

That wasn't about race.

I'm tryin' to
get you to see‐‐
It's all about race, Lieutenant.

Then let's start there.

Admit part of why you
broke balls at that traffic stop
was 'cause I'm black,

and I'll admit
that part of why I tried
to get you transferred...

to a black precinct was
'cause that pissed me off.

You make it sound like
that's the end of what you did.

Well, it's gotta end
somewhere, Szymanski.

Now when I got your transfer
rerouted to this precinct,

I told myself,
we start with a clean slate.
Oh, it wasn't like,

"Let this Szymanski
see me every day and know
he's under my thumb."

Look, I'm the boss
of a detective squad,
not uniform cops.

Maybe... what you say
has some truth in it.

I don't understand
everything that's
in my heart,

but I promise you,
what went down
with that dealer,

it had nothin' to do
with him or your new partner
bein' black.

And it had nothing
to do with me,

even though it turns out
I did know that dealer
a long time ago.

Is that right?


mistrusting everyone,
it only cuts you off.

Now I'm not
putting I. A. B. up as
great people to trust,

but that's
the situation you're in.

You're innocent.
Tell them that.

You weren't wrong
about that car stop.
Not a hundred percent.

Let's put that behind us.

Guy's been asking
for the statements,
uh, Sergeant Martens‐‐

He's who I'd reach out to.

All right.
All right.

[ Sipowicz ]
I better not say
nothin' in there.

Uh‐‐ Yeah, well,
hang back if you want.
[ Yawns ]

zero tolerance‐‐

They're liable to
ask me what time it is,
I'll hit 'em with a board.

[ Simone ]
Appreciate you
comin' back, Anthony.

No, no. We're here off
you lyin', saying you wasn't
callin' his probation upstate.

Man, you dumb enough
to act surprised.

[ Simone ]
Hey, we got a leg up
on makin' this case.

The only way
we can pressure this guy
is off a victim's I. D.

I'm sorry, but that's
the way it lays out.
We are gonna do our jobs here.

‐ [ Switch Clicks ]
‐ What's that about?

Oh, I'm doin' my job‐‐
prove he cooperated.

I want you to say he's lookin'
at them pictures, and then
we gettin' the hell outta here.

Show me the pictures.

[ Laughs ]

Hang on a second.

I want you to realize
that Detective Sipowicz...

is hangin' back
on this interview, which he's
doin' at his own request.

‐ Tell him
to show me the pictures.
‐ Detective Sipowicz...

recognizes some antagonism
between him and Anthony.

Don't want it to impede
gettin' this perpetrator
off the street.


What he said to me, Anthony‐‐
"Same how this kid
had bad experiences‐‐

"his uncle's death
and so forth‐‐

"I had similar experiences
growin' up:

"beat up in the projects,
my father lost his eye.

"I don't want my bad
experience‐‐ if that would
affect me unintentionally‐‐

I wouldn't want that
jeopardizing if this rap star
is willing to cooperate."

Told you that, huh?


Every one of these stickup's
been black‐on‐black.

Meaning what?
[ Sighs ]

Whatever that
Tupac Shakur, uh,

"Conspicuous" B. I. G.
difficulty was about,
this isn't like that.

Anthony, we got a punk out there
with a gun on the street who's
takin' his own people off.

Plus, this one‐‐
right now, his officer's
just been notified.

He don't cooperate,
his probation gets revoked,

which... I don't say
directly, knowin' that I‐‐
I should stay removed.

We acknowledge that
Anthony is cooperating.

We believe that, given
Anthony's cooperation,

his probation should be
reduced to time served.

Check the tape recorder
was on.

[ Switch Clicks ]

Show me the pictures.

‐ Number four
in the second array.
‐ Yeah.

We'd like you to
take a look at a lineup.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knocking ]

You indicated
you recognize number three.

Where do you recognize
number three from, Anthony?

Outside the Ibex.

All but number three can go.


You out of a job?
About five times a month.

Anthony about somethin',
whatever your cracker partner
might think.

So's my cracker partner.

[ Chuckles ]
You know, me and Anthony, we've
been down since we 10 years old.

And him dealin' with this gonna
be the first night in a while,

I don't go to bed knowin' some
mornin' I find out he's dead.

So long, man.
Yeah. So long.


What's up?
Special Agent Kriegel,
Special Agent Kazmaier.

How's it goin'?
Good to meet ya.

‐ They wanna talk to me?
‐ Actually, I‐‐ I saw you
the other night at Hugo's.

‐ Yeah, huh?
‐ Agent Kriegel was
with Joey Salvo.

Yeah, he, uh‐‐
he stopped over to say hello.

Yeah, you were at dinner
with, uh, Detective Russell.

You've known Salvo
some time.

We've had him up
for five months.
He's a pretty careful guy.

Not careful enough
that he didn't have dinner
with an F.B.I. agent.

Enough he's given me
small stuff that's good,
and nothin' good that counts.

So, what‐‐ you think he, uh,
has you made?

We'd like you
to run into him again.
See what comes of that.

Get him to test you
with a small favor. See how
he moves when you do it.

What's a small favor‐‐
wheelman while he robs a bank?

If you think he's gonna ask
that from you first, you're not
the smart cop everyone says.

Gotta talk to my boss.

You mean Detective Russell?
[ Chuckles ]

‐ [ Chuckles ]
‐ Would you excuse us?


Uh, what it's worth,
your chief of detectives
thinks it's a great idea.

Meaning what, huh? Meaning what
from this smart‐mouthed prick‐‐

I‐I don't do this,
so he transfers me or Diane?

‐ You'd never pin him down
he meant that.
‐ Lieu, there's a whole...

‐ lotta reasons why I wouldn't
be that happy doin' this.
‐ Tell him no.

You heard from
chief of D's?

You don't want to do it,
I can handle the chief.

‐ I gotta think about it.
‐ Absolutely.

Hey, Greg.

Hi, Abby.

Um, I'm here
with my decision
on this entire matter.

You know, some ways I feel
like I've really imposed
on you with all this, Greg.

Not at all.
What's more momentous than‐‐
th‐than wanting a child?

Well, anyway,
it's a little late to apologize.

Abby, I'll be happy
to give my sperm
to you and Kathy.

Uh, naturally, I‐‐
I have some questions,

uh, about the context.

I‐I‐I mean, uh, I certainly,
uh, am aware that, uh,

i‐i‐it's an artificial process.

We find out when I start
ovulating. You ejaculate into
a sample jar whenever you can.

I see. I see. Um, and‐‐
and‐‐ and the interval,
uh, between, uh,

finding out your state
of affairs and‐‐ and my activity
I'm supposed to perform...

and then makin' that available
to you‐‐ what‐‐ what's
the entire interval there?

It all has to happen
in an hour and a half.
Ninety minutes.

but you can do your part
in any men's room,

and Kathy can be available
to deliver it, or I‐‐
Fine. Fine.

Uh, we'll, uh,
work out the gist‐‐ uh, any
performance anxiety, so forth.

‐ Do you wanna sit down?
‐ No. No, thank you.

[ Kisses ]


Twenty minutes
of foreplay wasted?

Wait, wait,
wait, wait. Let's‐‐
Let's get there legit.

This Joey Salvo you met
at dinner the other night‐‐

Stickup guy?

F.B.I.'s had him up for, like,
five months. They want me
to get involved with him.

Were you
and Salvo tight?
Nah. I was into my birds.

This guy was already half
an Ali Baba. He went away
when he was, like, 16.

I saw him
in this fistfight once.

I mean, Joey was always kinda,
like, built up, you know.

There was this kid,
Timmy Flynn, who was thin,
but tough kid.

These two guys,
they're goin' at it
for, like, 10 minutes...

before the gym teacher comes
and breaks it up.
[ Scoffs ]

And that was the first
I saw Joey in a fight
and not walk away a winner.

So that night, somebody
caves Timmy's head in
with a ball bat.

Killed him?
No, he lived
for, like, six months.

[ Quietly ]
Couldn't‐‐ Couldn't talk.

They, uh‐‐
[ Chuckles ]

They used to sit him in the park
in his wheelchair.

Half the days
he'd have seizures.

Joey, he would, uh, always,
you know, crouch next to him,
ask him, "How ya doin'?"

He's a real bad guy.
That's a tough guy
to work.

Hey, if I do him some
small solid, they just wanna
see how he's gonna pick up.

Come here.

What was it
that we were doin' there
in the bathroom?

If you don't want
to do it, Bobby,
don't do it.

Oh, baby,
there's nothin'
I wanna do more.