NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 4 - Heavin' Can Wait - full transcript

Lesniak's preference of her lesbianism quickly gets around the precinct, which gives her mixed reactions. Meanwhile, Sipowicz clashes with Simone throughout their investigation of the ...

[ Sylvia Vomiting ]

How's it goin', Sylvia?
How's it going?

[ Vomiting Continues ]

You're goin' to 27, huh?


All right, I'm gonna
go ahead then, okay?


You want me to stay here?
No. Go to work.

[ Toilet Flushing ]

I made the bed.

[ Vomiting Continues ]

Good morning, James.
How's it goin'?

Checkin' 61s.
You must be feelin'
pretty good.

Yeah, I'm feelin' pretty good.
Stronger every day?

I'm stronger every day,

So you don't have to talk to me
like I'm a patient no more,
or like I'm four years old.


So, James,
how's things with you and her?

Nothin's goin' on.

No. She's‐She's gay.
She's a lesbian.


Whoa. Lesniak's gay.

How about that, huh?

Good morning.
Good morning.

Good morning.

I looked for you
at the speakers' meeting
last night.

Yeah, I couldn't make it.

Andy, that family situation
I had‐‐ I drank over it.

You're supposed to call me.
I called Bobby.

He came and got me.
I stopped after two beers.
Then what happened?

Then we went home.
And then the two of you
pretended it never happened?

Morning, Andy.
Yeah, morning.

Bobby, Andy,
we got a multiple homicide.

Good morning.


Got two dead kids upstairs,
both shot.
Who's in the ambulance?

Woman shot in the head.
Looks like she's going
out of the picture.

It's bad upstairs.
Okay. Thanks.

Looks like somebody put
some money into this place.

Any plans telling me she drank?
I figured it was on Diane
to tell you, Andy.

She didn't talk to you
before we went out?

Looks like a robbery/homicide.
Bodies are on the bed.

Oh, man. Shot in the head.
Little boy, five or six.

This is just a baby,
maybe two months old,
shot in the back of the head.

These kids live here?
We got any witnesses?

They lived here with
their mother‐‐ LaVonna Runnels.

Looks like the mother
went out the window.

Next‐door neighbor
found her shot in the yard.

Gladys Benton's
the neighbor's name.
She lives on that side.

All right. I want Crime Scene
to get a sample of this blood.

Andy, check this out.

Looks like they got
what they came for.

This was drugs or drug money.
I wanna get to the hospital.

If that woman's alive, I wanna
hear if the high life was worth
gettin' her kids killed.

‐ We gotta talk to the neighbor.
‐ But then I wanna
get to that hospital.


Two babies.
They murdered two babies.

I got it.
You Mrs. Denton?

‐ Yes, I am.
‐ What happened over there?

All I know is I heard
a lot of hollerin'.

I looked out the back window.
I didn't see nothin'.

After a little while,
I heard shootin'.

So I looked again.
I saw Miss Runnels
layin' in the backyard,

her head all bloody.

‐ You didn't see anybody
running in or out?
‐ No, I didn't see anybody.

Who's the man livin' there?
Mr. Runnels?

He got sent to prison
must be a couple of months ago.

He's a millionaire.
He's a dope dealer.
That's what you mean, right?

I thought
he was a businessman.

Wearin' $2,000 overcoats
in this neighborhood, driving
around in a Rolls‐Royce?

You knew he was dealing dope
out of that house!

He didn't have a Rolls‐Royce.

I thought
he was in business.

Maybe a banker would like
to live here, huh?

The kind of guy whose enemies
would like to execute his kids.

‐ Whoa, Andy.
‐ Mister, you gonna
talk to me like that?

I'm gonna go.
Hey, you refusin'
to talk to us?

I'm about through
talkin' to you. I already
told the police everything.

‐ You can talk to them!
‐ You wanna do this
down at the station house?

Let's go.
Come on.

[ Clears Throat ]
Detectives, 15th Squad.

You got a LaVonna Runnels
going in for a CAT scan?

‐ Yeah.
They're bringing her down.
‐ How bad was she hurt?

She might be okay.
One bullet went through.

The other's still in her.
But she's talking all right.

‐ Well, here she is.
I gotta take her in.
‐ Wait. Hang on a second.

Mrs. Runnels?

Can't you do somethin'
about my wrist?
I'm Detective Sipowicz.

‐This is my partner Simone.
‐We're really sorry about
what happened to your children.

That little bitch Chantal
done this.

They shot my kids.
What's Chantal's last name?

I don't know.
She's Sister Cecilia's daughter,
live next door.

Asked could she use my phone.
I didn't see the others
till I opened the door.

One of 'em hit me
right in the jaw.

Who were they?

One's her husband.
I don't know his name.

And the other guys,
I ain't ever seen 'em before.

And what did
her husband look like?
Looked Puerto Rican.

‐ Them other two,
they was black.
‐ Chantal knew you had a safe?

How much was in it?

‐ About 20,000.
‐ Mrs. Runnels,
how were the children shot?

They tore up the house.

They thought I was holdin' out.
Said they was gonna
shoot William...

if I didn't tell 'em where
the rest of the money was at.

Then, um, Chantal
said to her husband,

"Shoot 'em."

And, um, then
they shot William.

‐ How old's William?
‐ Five.

And Lonnie was...
seven weeks old.

Did the husband
shoot Lonnie too?

I couldn't look.
I‐I heard the gun.

And they shot Lonnie.
And then they found somethin'
up in the ceiling.

They found something?
They found more money?

And when they was gettin' it,
I jumped.

And that's when they shot me.

I thought I had been hit
with a hammer.

You don't give up
where the money is
while they killed your kids,

and then you tell 'em
so you won't get killed?

‐ You think I wasn't tryin'
to help my kids?
‐ Helpin' 'em how?

‐ Andy!
‐ How are you helping
your kids...

if they get shot in that bed
and you wind up out the window?

What the hell's wrong
with this man?

‐ She needs to go for her tests.
‐ We're not through
talking to her.

I'm through now.
Go ahead and push this thing.

Mrs. Runnels, we don't mean
to upset you, but we'd
like to talk to you some more.

The hell with you, hear?
The hell with you, man!

Andy, you sure
you wanna work this one?
Why? You think I'm screwing up?

Well, yeah. You're lettin'
the mood that you're in
get in the way of your work.

Don't you tell me
how to do my job.
I'm workin' this case.

If you don't like it,
you can get off.

Are you comin',
or aren't you in the mood?


Ma'am, do you live here?

I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.
Can I have your name?

I'm Sister Cecilia.
What's your last name?

Don't use one.
Everyone calls me
Sister Cecilia.

That's how they got me
in the phone book.
How long you been out?

Most of the day.
What's going on here?

‐ There was a robbery next door.
Mrs. Runnels's place.
‐ Oh. She all right?

She's in the hospital.
Look, we got some information...

that the suspects ran
into your apartment afterwards.

‐ Can we come in and
take a look around briefly?
‐ They broke in here too?

‐ They might have.
Maybe they stole something.
‐ Geez!

Come in. Come in.

All right.
Stay right there.
Anybody else live here?

My daughter and her husband.
But I don't think they're home.

They just got married
two weeks ago.
How old is your daughter?

She's 17.

This is the marriage
certificate, huh?

Raoul Calderon?
That's her husband.

‐ You know where
we can find him?
‐ I don't know where they are.

They went out last night. I left
early this morning to market.
[ Chicken Clucking ]

I have to go all the way uptown.
I shop for special food.

[ Clucking Continues ]

What's this all about?

That is where
I do my church work.
You a preacher?

‐ I lead the service.
‐ What church is it?

It is many things.
It's from my country‐‐ Haiti.

Oh, you're from Haiti.

[ Simone ]
Andy, come in here.

You know anything about these?
What is that?

‐ They're bullets.
‐ No.

‐ You don't know
anything about these?
‐ Not at all.

.380s and .38s.
Does Raoul own guns?

I don't think so.
I've never seen any.

I'm gonna have to take these.
Sister, your daughter and Raoul,
they're suspects in a murder.

Those two little boys
were shot next door.

They're dead?
[ Sipowicz ]
Yeah, they're dead.

And your daughter
and this Raoul killed them.
No! You crazy?

‐ They'd never do that. Never.
‐ They were both
identified, Sister.

That Mrs. Runnels,
she don't like Chantal.

She don't like her 'cause
she's a thief and a killer!

Look, what kind of daughter
you raise anyways, huh?

You fill her head
full of this voodoo spells
and chicken sacrifices.

Chantal don't have nothin'
to do with the voodoo.
It's my religion!

It's not Chantal's religion!
But I know
she wouldn't kill nobody!

Look. You just gotta
get out of my house now.

I don't want you goin'
through my house no more.

Thanks very much
for your help, Sister.
Go on!

We really got her
in our corner, huh?

‐ So, both the D. O. A.'s
were kids.
‐ Five and two months.

Mother watches 'em executed.
She don't wanna give up
where the drug money's stashed.

She watched it?
Sounds like that's how
it could've happened.

I'm tellin' you,
that's how it happened.

So did she say who did it?

She said the
next‐door neighbor's daughter
set it up.

‐ We went back over there
to talk to the girl's mother.
‐ A voodoo priestess.

Her daughter did it,
and her daughter's husband
and two other assholes.

We got a call
from Ballistics.

The kids were killed
with a .380.

That matches the ammunition
we took out of
the neighbor's apartment.

So we're looking for
a Raoul Calderon, Chantal‐‐

that's his wife‐‐
and two other skells.

[ Man ] I need to see
a detective, please.
And your name?

So what's going on with Andy?
I don't know, and I don't want
to have to deal with it.

This is Roger Billings.

I'm Detective Simone,
Mr. Billings.
How can I help you?

It's about those
murdered children.

Come on in.
Have a seat.

So, the murdered children‐‐
What do you know about them?

Well, somebody‐‐ Well,
he's actually in the family.

He's my‐my nephew.
What's his name?

[ Sighs ]
Ricky Winston.

He's going to pieces, man.

See, he went out on
a robbery with some people‐‐
him and Arthur, his friend.

I don't know what Ricky
was thinking, man. They told
him nobody would get hurt.

And then somebody goes in
and shoots these children.

Now, it wasn't him,
but he feels real bad about it,
and he doesn't know what to do.

‐ Where's Ricky now?
‐ He don't know I'm here.

See, he's not a bad kid.
I mean, he's not
like that at all.

Mr. Billings,
where can we find him?

I wouldn't want anything
to happen to him now.

I mean, I wouldn't want him
to end up gettin' shot
or somethin' like that, okay?

We wouldn't
want that either.

So, like, this is
the next best thing
to him cooperating, right?

‐ I mean, you will take
this into account?
‐ What's his address?

He's staying at a place
over on 11th Street.

‐ 1647. Second floor.
‐ And you mentioned Arthur?
Do you know his last name?

I don't know.
You did the right thing
by coming in.

Thanks very much for your help,
Mr. Billings.
Please, don't hurt him.

Well, we're gonna try
not to.

Thank you.

[ Knocking ]
[ Man ]

Yo, Ricky!
Yeah? Who is it?

It's the police, Ricky.
Open the door.

We wanna talk to you.

You gonna open that door?

Yeah, I'll open it.

Back! Get off!
Back off!
Where's Arthur?

I don't know!
Where's the others?

‐ I don't know!
‐ Put your shirt on.

Come on!
Get out of there!

Come on! Get out!
Get out!

What's your name?

‐ What's your last name?
‐ Cartwell. Aah!

I knew I never should've
come over here.

I ain't got nothin' to do
with nothin'. I don't know
what Ricky into.

I just came over here
to borrow a book.

Is that what you got
going on here?
Some kind of a book club?

Where's the money?
Where's the money you stole?

‐ There ain't no money here!
‐ [ Simone ] Uh‐huh.


‐ Andy‐‐
‐ You kill those kids? Huh?
‐ No!

Did you shoot those kids
in the back of the head?

Come on.
Let's take 'em back
to the station house.

You tell me what to do
one more time,
I'm gonna get real pissed off!

Oh, yeah?
You're gonna get pissed off?
'Cause I'm pissed off right now!

Just don't order me around!

Andy, I'm gonna start pickin'
up this money before me and you
start hookin' and jabbin'.

Come on!

Hey, I don't know nothin'
about that money.
Shut your mouth.

Take 'em separately?

I got Ricky.

Hey, what the hell
is going on with you?
Huh, Andy?

You got a problem
with what I did with Diane?
I'm her sponsor.

I take it serious.
You sweep a slip under the rug,
it don't go away.

She said she would reach out
to you the first thing today.

Now, if she didn't,
I'm surprised at that.

But none of that lets you
talk to me like
I'm some kind of skell!

Hey, hey! Whoa!
We got two of 'em here.

Anything that puts
them in the apartment? Weapons?

No weapons.
Just a lot of cash.

Somebody else can count
and vouch for that if you wanna
get going on the interview.

No, I'll do it.
Inside. Come on.

Come on. Let's go.

Right in there.

I don't know nothin'
about that money.
What'd I tell you?

Uh, to shut up
till you tell me to talk.

Are you gonna shut up?

You scared?
Well, you oughta be.

The mother of those kids
that you shot,
she's still alive.

That's right.
I just finished talking
to her in the hospital.

‐ I didn't shoot nobody!
‐ She gets one look at you, and
you know where you're going?

Your ass is on its way
to a lethal injection.
Hey, it wasn't me!

I‐I was downstairs
watchin' the door.

I was just the lookout.
And I didn't even have
a piece, man!

I couldn't believe it
when they started shootin'.

So who was it
that killed those kids?

Raoul, I guess.
I mean, Arthur said
he didn't do no shootin'.

And Chantal didn't have no gun.
When you all left the house,
where did Raoul and Chantal go?

We all walked
to the burger place.

How far was it?
I don't‐‐
Two or three blocks.

Chantal called Denise
when we got there, and she came
and picked us up in the car.

What's this Denise's
last name?
Ludlow, I think.

Chantal know her!
I mean, she gave her $1,000.

We were splittin' the money up
in the car, and Chantal gave her
a grand just for driving us.

So where did Denise
take Chantal and Raoul?
I don't know.

She let me and Arthur out first.
She'll have to tell you
where she took 'em.

You know where
this Denise lives?

Over by me at her mother's place
on Fourth Street and Avenue "B."

She got a big poster of
Snoop Doggy Dogg in the window.

What's goin' on?

I'm trying to get
my stomach settled
to hear what you got to say.

Man, I told you,
I wasn't there.

Hey, Arthur, the woman
who went out the window?

She's alive.

She's gonna pick you out.

Maybe you should go
for self‐defense, Arthur.

Say that seven‐week‐old baby
came at you with a handgun.

I didn't shoot nobody.

Maybe somebody‐‐
Uh, uh, uh. Uh‐uh.

Sit down. Just sit down.

Maybe somebody told you
to shoot that baby.

Did Raoul make you do it?

Chantal's husband?

He tried, but I wouldn't.
Maybe you thought,

"If I don't shoot that baby,
Raoul's gonna shoot me."

Is that how it happened?

He keep yelling at me
to do it,
actin' crazy.

But I still wouldn't.
'Cause you're a stand‐up guy.

Man, I just went in
for the money. Wasn't nobody
supposed to get shot.

Everything just went wrong.
Raoul went crazy on them kids.

There's over a million dollars
in that house. Why didn't that
lady tell us where it was at?

‐ Where'd you find
a number like that?
‐ You hear it on the street.

Chantal knew.
Everybody know them
Runnels people is rich.

So Raoul just got pissed off...

and shot those kids?


First, he was just bluffin'.
But she didn't go for it.

Then he just started
yellin' and screamin'.

And then it seemed
like he just lost it.

[ Sipowicz On Speaker ]
Where are we gonna find
Raoul and Chantal?

Where are we gonna find
Raoul and Chantal?

I guess somewhere
in Brooklyn someplace.

I told Raoul
to get rid of the guns,

and he said he'd probably
throw 'em off the bridge once
they got over to Brooklyn.

What bridge?
Manhattan Bridge?


How were they gonna
get over there?

Some girl.
I don't know who she is.

Ricky know her.

[ Sipowicz ]
Write it up like you told me.

Man, I had me a good future.

Did you hear him?
Tail end, yep.

I guess we oughta look
for those guns.

Maybe James and Greg
can look.

My guy gave up the driver
that took Chantal
and Raoul someplace.

Got the block she lives on.
There's a poster of
Snoop Doggy Dogg in the window.

[ Donna ]
You have some messages,

James, Greg,
take a ride with us?
Give us a hand on something?

‐ Yeah, sure.
‐ I got a guy in 1 I'm gonna
send somebody to take care of.

Okay, Detective.
Who's Snoopy Dog?

Some big rap singer who
took a collar for murder.

Probably posters
in every building.

Look at this mess!

Yeah. But what
a beautiful city, huh?

‐ Hey, James, let's check into
this motel over here.
‐ All right.

When you finish over there,
head in that direction.

Ever see the size
of the rats down here?

You had to bring it up,
didn't you?
Big ones.

Ever try this Night Train?

It's pretty popular.
Yeah? I'll get you
a bottle for your birthday.

Hey! Get out of here!
Get the hell out of here!

Hey, take it easy.
I live here!

Get the hell out of here,
or I'll call the cops!
We are the cops.

You ain't cops. You're probably
dumpin' your dead girlfriend
or gun or somethin'.

Yeah? What do you know
about a gun?
Did you find a gun?

If you found a gun,
you better tell us.

‐ I don't have
to tell you nothin'.
‐ Get out of there.

You got a gun?
I ain't got no gun!

Is this your stuff?

‐ Why were you talkin'
about a gun?
‐ I don't have no gun.

‐ I never said I had one.
‐ All right, everybody up!
Let's go!

We don't have no guns, okay?
Pull that stuff
out of there.

Shake it out.
Come on. Let's go.
Why y'all out here bothering us?

‐ All the guns
is out in the street!
‐ Detective!

Got one over here.

Good one.

I'll run it for Fancy.

Yeah. Sit down.

Am I under arrest?
No, not yet, Denise.

‐ Then who are you
telling me to sit down?
‐ Sit down, Denise!

Diane, do me a favor
and watch her for a second.

‐ What are you lookin' at?
‐ Nothin'.

Oh, you're lookin' at somethin'
if you're lookin' at me.

That's the girl that drove
the husband and wife?

She wasn't at the crime scene.
She picked them up at
a burger joint afterwards.

We're lookin' for where
she dropped them.

Well, James and Greg
found one of the guns.
It's a .38.

Yeah? Good.
[ Woman Vomiting ]

That sounds like Sylvia.

She just came in
through the hallway door.

Can you start with Denise?
Yeah, I got it.

‐ Is that a wig?
‐ What?

‐ No, it's not a wig.
‐ [ Vomiting Continues ]

That's your real hair?

‐ You put a lot of bleach on it,
don't you?
‐ [ Simone ] Hey, come on.

We're gonna talk.

Right back there.
Don't be pushin' on me!

[ Toilet Flushing ]

Andy, I'm in here.
I'm just comin' to say hello.

What are you up here for?
Ricky Watson
and Arthur Cartwell.

Uh‐uh. No good.

What do you mean, "no good"?
I don't want you
takin' those statements.

I don't want you bargin' in here
and telling me
what I can and can't do.

You shouldn't be
workin' anyway, Sylvia.
You should be home resting.

They can get somebody else
to take those statements.
I'm not going home.

This could last for months.
I'm not gonna quit doing my job
just 'cause I'm pregnant.

You're sick.
You're in no shape to work.
Now, go home. I'm telling you.

Stop yelling at me.
I'm tryin' to look out for you.
You're sick.

Now, I want you to go
home. I don't want you
listenin' to this crap.

I am not going home!
I am gonna do my work, and
I don't want you to interfere!

You know a Chantal
and Raoul, Denise?

Sure, I know 'em.

When'd you see 'em last?
Three days ago.

Well, Denise,
we know for a fact
that you're a liar.

We know that you picked them
and Ricky and Arthur up
at some burger joint.

We know they divided the money
up in your car,

and we know they gave you
a grand to take 'em someplace.

‐ You got me mixed up
with somebody else.
‐ Hey, Denise.

There were two kids that
were murdered in that robbery,
and you were the driver.

Now, hold it.
I wasn't no driver
like that.

Chantal called me and asked me
for a ride.

Somebody wanna
give me money,
I'm gonna take it.

I don't know where the money
came from. I be a fool
I don't take the money.

Well, you know,
you are either gonna
walk out of here,

or I'm gonna lock you up
as an accessory to murder.

So it's up to you.
I gotta take care
of my daughter.

So where is Raoul and Chantal?
Where did you take them?

Some friend of Raoul's...

out in Brooklyn
by the navy yard.

But he didn't let 'em
stay there, though.
He was scared.

‐ He sent 'em down the street
to some empty building.
‐ You can point it out?

‐ I gotta go in there?
‐ No. All you gotta do
is point it out.

Yeah, I can point it out.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

Police! Raoul, come on out!
Raoul, we got cops
all around here!

Now, get your stinkin' ass
out here with your hands up!

‐ I'm afraid to!
‐ What are you afraid of?

You afraid we'll pump a round
in the back of your head?
Andy, cut it out!

How do I know that you won't?
[ Simone ]
We won't do that!

Give you my word!
Your word?

Big deal!
Raoul, you got a gun in there?

Chantal in there?
She got a gun?

Don't have any guns!
All right, all right.
Just calm down.

Unlock the door,
and just stand back
and stand still.

Nobody'll shoot you.
Just stay still, okay?

You listening to me?

I'm opening the door now!

All right, turn around!
Get your hands up!

‐ Where's Chantal?
‐ She's not here. She didn't
have anything to do with it.

Where's the money? Huh?
Where'd you put the money?

Get off this!

I want you
to listen to me, Raoul.

Listen to me!
Where is Chantal?
I don't know.

You don't know?
Want us to bring her in dead?

‐ No.
‐ Well, that's what's
gonna happen. Where is she?

She's‐She's coming back here.
Oh, son of a bitch.

You son of a bitch!

Then we're gonna have
to wait here until
she comes back here, huh?

There's half a chance
she made us coming in!

We have to get him in a car
and take him over to the house.
Then we have to set up here.

I'm gonna have to stay here
instead of being home
with my wife!

How much money does she have?
Not much.

She just went out
to get us food.

I didn't want her
getting mugged.
Oh, yeah.

The streets today, Raoul‐‐
You're absolutely right.

Let's clear the uniforms
and get set up.

Good morning, Sarge.

How's it goin'?




You find Chantal?
[ Simone ]
No, we didn't.

Get out of there.

We sat in that
manure heap all night.
She must've seen somethin'.

‐ She's smart‐‐ Chantal.
‐ Smart enough to let
you take the fall.

You know, Raoul,
they're gonna love your hair
in the joint, man.

It didn't come out so good.
I just did it for a disguise.

So you could blend in
with the crowd?

What's this?
A new jacket?

Yeah, I needed some new c‐‐

clothes for the trip.

Where you goin'?

Maybe Puerto Rico.

Why didn't you go?
You had the money.

I couldn't have done it
with the cops
watchin' the airports.

I hate to tell you this,
Einstein, but we ain't got
that kind of manpower.

I would never have gotten
out of the airport.
Hey, Raoul.

Where's Chantal?
I don't know.

What do you want with her
anyway? She didn't have
anything to do with this.

All right, you knock off
the stupid lies!
All right?

Don't be thinkin' that
we're as dumb as you are!

Hey, I made some mistakes,
all right,

but that does not mean
that I am dumb.

You are either the evilest
son of a bitch around
or the dumbest...

to rob and murder people
who live right next door to you.

Well, what are you gonna do?

For a million dollars,
you take some chances!

Anyway, I didn't murder nobody!

Those kids' mother lived!

We got her and Arthur

that you pulled the trigger
on those children!

I didn't really do it.

I mean, it seemed like
it was the woman's fault,
her being such a liar.

[ Sipowicz ]
How did she lie?

Saying that she doesn't know
where all the money is.

I mean, she don't care
about the kids.

All she cares
about's the money.

Why don't she say
where the money is?

So you got pissed off
and you shot the kids?

I was fakin', okay?
I was just tryin'
to scare her.

And then something
went wrong in there.

It seemed like the gun
went off by itself.
It was a freak accident.

A freak accident?
Killing both those kids?

[ Yells ]

You are the freak accident!

Those kids didn't mean
no more to you
than a couple of cockroaches!

Maybe being alive
don't even mean
anything to you!

I‐I don't know!

I mean, it just got crazy!

‐ It wasn't supposed
to happen like this!
‐ [ Knocking ]

All I wanted to do
was just buy some
nice things for my wife!

We got Sister Cecilia.
All right.
Can you put her in 2?

And she says if Andy comes in,
she's not talking to anybody.

Yeah. All right.

Go ahead.

‐ I won't talk to the other one.
‐ Yeah, all right, Sister.

Come into my house
and insult me.

Can I get you
something here?

I tell you, he, uh‐‐
he's upset about those kids.

Insults my faith!

Have you spoken to Chantal?

We busted Raoul.

He shot those kids.
He just admitted it.

Maybe you make him
say something.
Mm‐mmm. No, Sister.

He had $18,000 with him
that he stole from
the Runnels's apartment.

We got the other two guys
who were with him,
we got Denise Ludlow,

and they all say
your daughter was there.

She say it a frame‐up
'cause Raoul got a record.

When did you talk to her?
She phoned this morning.

She want me
to bring her money.

She want to leave town.
Where was she?

Some hotel uptown.

What'd you tell her?

I told her
none of this sound right,
and I feel sick,

like I know Chantal
was in that house.

Soon as that happen over there,
how come they never
come back home?

She say the hotel
she was staying at?

No. She just yell at me
and hang up.

Sister, I know how much
you love your daughter,

and I know
how sad you feel.

Knowing what kind of person
you are, when your daughter
asks for help,

it's very hard for me to believe
that you would say no.

[ Speaking Foreign Language ]

Chantal's mind
always full of envy.

She always want

She see something on the TV,
she want it.

She don't want to give.

She just want to get.

There comes a time when
you have to give something up.

Or maybe someday,
something come
and take away...

everything you got.

Did you say
you would bring her money?

I told her I'd go
to the bank for her.

She's coming back home
to get this money?

She's afraid.

She's in the store.
What store?

Where I'm supposed
to meet her.

I'm leaving to go there
when the policewoman
come to got me.

All right.

Excuse me.
Where's the cosmetics?
It's the next department over.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

You see her?

Where is she?

Sittin' in the chair
gettin' her face done.
Wait here.

What's goin' on?
No! I wasn't there!

I wasn't there!
I wasn't there!
Put your hand behind your back.

Mama? Mama,
how can you do this?

I wasn't there.
I was with you.

No, you wasn't.
You dirty, voodoo bitch!

Hey, shut up!
Why you doin' this to me!

Don't you curse at me!

[ Voices Overlapping ]
Settle down. Hey!

‐ You're a lying pig!
‐ Stop it now!

That's your mother!
Now, stop that!
I hope you die, Mama!

Take her out of here!
I got this‐‐
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]

‐ Take her out.
‐ Okay, take it easy.

[ Shouting In Foreign Language ]
Take it easy.

[ Sobbing ]

Just take it easy.
She was my baby.

I know. I know.

Come on.

Come on.

I've been out of line.

‐ I've been out of line.
‐ Yeah.

With Russell, uh,

that was something I thought
I could help with.

You know, I asked her.
She said she did try
to talk to you.

The next morning.
She should've reached out when
she was reachin' for the drink.

Well, we messed up.
That happens.

Hey, I'm not lookin'
to beef with you, all right?

I'm just sayin' I, uh‐‐
I'm out of line.

There's no helpin' anybody.

Russell, Sylvia's so sick,
these kids.

Sylvia's sick?

What's wrong?
What did her doctor say?

She won't go.
You gotta make her go,

She just stays in the bathroom
heavin' all the time.

Everywhere she goes,
she vomits.

That's how she's sick?
Constantly throws up.

Andy, that's gonna pass.

I can't do anything for her.

You hate being helpless.
Thank God she's gonna
be all right.

My first wife,
she didn't get sick like this.

Unless I don't remember.


"Anyways" is not
good enough, Andy.

I saw those two dead kids too.
How many times
you want me to give it up?

You go off like that,
I can't talk to my partner.

I turned down
those sheets too.

I'll tell you somethin' else.
That girl and her mother,
that screamin'‐‐

The two of them oughta be
candidates for a talk show.
Well, maybe they'll get on now.

"Daughters that murder,
and mothers that give 'em up."

Give me a minute,
will you?

I'll see you tomorrow.


Need help with fives?

Boss said we didn't have
to get 'em in until tomorrow.

On that drinkin'‐‐

I know I should've called you.

Only point's gettin' sober.
Now, if you reached out
to Bobby...

not to think about that,
that's no good.

Well, that's what I did, Andy.
I wanted to stop,

and I didn't feel
like thinking about it
till today.

I just‐‐
just wanted to be held.

Yeah, well, I guess
that's understandable.

You going to
a meeting tonight?

I'm concerned about Sylvia.
I'm gonna stay home.

I'll tell you what they say.
Yeah, good.

Find some time for him too.


[ Clears Throat ]

How are you feelin'?

I don't wanna
put a hex on this,
but I feel pretty good.

Is that so?
I didn't throw up
this morning.

I didn't throw up all day.

Maybe I should
stay out tonight too.

It's got nothin'
to do with you.

Andy, you're not gonna be
yelling at me
from now on, are you?

No, I didn't mean to do that.
I just got so worried.

I'm glad you're okay now.

Join the club.

What are you doing?
I'm just watching my birds.

It must've been awful
seeing those kids dead.


I just wanna watch my birds
for a while, Diane.

[ Whistling ]