NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 5 - Dirty Laundry - full transcript

Fancy is less than enthused when Ronnie Drucker, a detective under surveillance by Internal Affairs, is assigned to the squad and Simone is asked to keep an eye on him. Both Drucker and Simone work on a case where an elderly man has been accused of exposing himself to a young boy. Sipowicz, Martinez, and Russell investigate the murder of a pimp in a laundromat which is witnessed by a young homeless woman who turns out to be Holly, the teenage runaway who helped the detectives out on a previous case (from 'The Bank Dick' episode). Meanwhile, John Irvin asks Sipowicz if he should approach Lesniak to congratulate her on "coming out." But she won't listen to his gay pride talk as does everyone else.

Let the traffic through.
Let the traffic through.
What do we got?

D.O.A. is Anthony Garret.
Neighborhood skell.
He was half a pimp.

Street name was Tricky.
Got any witnesses?

Neighbor who called it in
heard shots.
Went over to the window.

Saw a white guy run
out of the Laundromat.

Then she said a minute later,
this girl comes out.

Looks like she's sleepwalking.
We picked her up
a couple blocks away.

Says she didn't see a thing.
Did she give you her name?

Holly Snyder.

Andy. This girl looks like
the one that stood up
in the A. T. M. case.

Let's take a look
over here.

Hey, Holly.
Yeah? What?

Detective Sipowicz.
You remember me?

‐ What happened here?
‐ I don't know.

[ Sipowicz ]
Some guy got shot, Holly.
You were seen leavin'.

I didn't kill anybody.

I think you know
what happened.
I don't know what happened.

Come on with us.

I don't know what happened.
All right.
You don't know what happened.

Let's go to
the station house.
Can I get my laundry?

Where is it?
One of these dryers.

[ Russell ]
Looks like he's been
living on the street.

[ Simone, Indistinct ]

[ Russell ]
So who's the girl?
She helped us out before.

Her uncle was pulling
at some A. T. M. machines.

Turns out the guy was raping her
since she was 12.

She was the one
that gave him up.

Guess they're not there.

Holly, these them?

There they are.

She's screwed up now.
Oh, yeah. Would you get the
Crime Scene guys in here?

Look at all the blood.

Come on. Let's go.

Can I get a drink?
A soda or somethin'?

‐ Yeah. We're gonna
take care of that for you.
‐ Diane.

Wanna run the interview
with Andy?
Yeah. Thanks.

Oh, Detective Sipowicz!


I'm talkin' to somebody.
Maybe later.


Hey, Bob.
What's doin', James?

How's it goin'?

Ronnie Drucker.
I'm assigned here
startin' today.

Name's Martinez.
Nice to meet you.
Where's your P. A. A.?

She's out today.

Ah, I hear she's a babe.

Bobby, this is Ronnie Drucker.
He just transferred
into the squad.

How's it going, Ronnie?
Where you coming in from?
Vice. Public Morals.

‐ You know Rick Girelli?
‐ Since before the flood.

Yeah. He's gettin' on
in years there, huh?

‐ Yeah.
‐ The lieutenant's in there
with the zone commander.

‐ Maybe gettin' the lowdown
on my impending doom.
‐ What do you mean?

‐ There's a big I. A. B. bug
crawling up my shorts.
‐ Oh, yeah?

Nothin' you guys need
to worry about.
Before those humps land me,

I'm landin' on this island.

Undamaged in
tropical storm Marilyn.

Little huts on the beach.
Bring you a pie, some drinks
right to your towel.

That sounds good.

What's he going down for?
He's in bed
with a Colombian woman.

Washes coke money,
and they think she moves weight.

Left his wife over her.
The department wanted him
out of Public Morals...

before they took him down.

They want you to let him catch,
and you treat him
like a normal transfer.

They don't think
he knows he's hot?

I'm just a messenger.
The chief of "D"s
laid him on me.

You're the man
I'm comin' to for help.

Lieutenant, just don't
put him on somethin'
that's gonna take long.

You're Drucker?
Yes, sir.

Okay. Uh, Arthur Fancy.
Our P. A. A.'s out sick.

Why don't you take
her desk for now?
Am I catchin'?

‐ You're a detective, right?
‐ What time is it?

Big cloud over
this guy's head.
Yeah, he was telling me.

They want him catchin' cases.
You keep an eye on him?

Come on.
Yeah, okay.


I was doing my laundry.
I got busy doing something,
and I didn't see what happened.

‐ So you didn't know Tricky?
‐ I knew who he was.
I didn't know him personally.

Do you date guys, Holly?
Is that how you earn your money?

‐ You mean, am I a prostitute?
‐ Are you?

‐ [ Knocking ]
‐ Andy?

Someone just dropped a dime
on that Laundromat homicide.

He said the guy
you were looking for
was named Howie.

"Howie shot Tricky
in the Laundromat.
Howie pulled the trigger."

He hung up the phone.
All right. Thanks, James.

Yeah, no problem.
Listen, James.


Upstairs John
been cuttin' your hair?
Yeah, twice now.

So you're pleased with it?
Oh, yeah.

‐ And the price is right too.
‐ Yeah, he said he don't charge.

So he just‐‐ he just
gives you a haircut?

Oh, yeah, yeah.
That little room off Anti‐crime.

I think he does
a nice job.

Yeah, yeah.
Your hair looks good.
All right, thanks.


Holly says she does date guys,
but she wasn't working
for Tricky.

You got men's clothing
in your wash, Holly.

Whose clothes is that?
I don't know.

Was it Howie's?

Was Howie
in the Laundromat?

Holly, we're gonna
grab Howie up,

and we're either gonna charge
both of you on this homicide,

or you're gonna help us
on what happened.

Jerry's our friend.

And they had made a bet,
and they had a disagreement.
Then Jerry left.

Jerry and Tricky
had a disagreement?

‐ Howie and Jerry.
‐ What was it about?

Nothing. It was stupid.

So then Jerry left.
And then I guess Tricky...

walked by the Laundromat
and saw us in there,
and he must've come in blasting.

Jerry and Howie had a fight,
but Jerry don't have nothin'
to do with the shooting?

Jerry had already left.

But Tricky comes in blastin'.
Why was he blastin'?

Howie had sold him
some junk allegedly, and
it was allegedly weak junk.

And Tricky was telling
all kinds of people Howie's
a dead man, and he had a gun.

And Howie heard it
from so many people,
finally, he got his own gun.

And that's
what must've happened.

You're saying that Tricky
came to kill Howie,
but Howie killed him instead?

‐ He must've.
‐ Is that what you saw, Holly?

I guess.
You did or you didn't, Holly?

I was sick. I went in
the bathroom to get sick
when Tricky was coming in.

So you didn't see the shooting,
but you heard it?

Where's Howie cop?
I don't want
to get him involved.

It's already happened.
Howie's involved.

Holly, we need you to
pick out Howie for us.

When'd you fix last?

He cops outside
that Greek place on Seventh.

All right.
Let's go find him.

Come on.

She gave up a guy.
We're gonna go pick him up.
All right.

Andy, this is Ronnie Drucker.
He just transferred in.

Andy Sipowicz.

How's it goin'?
We're gonna go pick up a skell.

You got 'em here too, huh?
I'm supposed to talk
to a detective?

‐ Um‐‐
‐ I'm up.

You mind if I sit in
with you on this?

Not if that's what
the boss wants.
James, Greg.

‐ You wanna help us grab a scab?
‐ Yeah, sure.

I'm gonna work this
with Ronnie.

‐ Detective Drucker.
Detective Simone.
‐ Hey.

The guy we wanna make
a complaint about,
his name is Markham.

He tried to molest
my son Tommy.

‐ Let's talk in
the interview room.
‐ It's down here to the right.

Sit here, Tommy.

Got some fresh
kicks there, Tommy.

The guy's name is Louis Markham.
418 11th Street, 4‐C.

Tell him about the robe.

He opened his robe
when I was in his apartment, and
he was touching his privates.

How'd you come
to be in there, Tommy?

Tommy picks up Markham's mail
because the old man's got
a bad back.

‐ He did it every day.
‐ Mr. Gennero,
let your son tell us.

I've been picking his mail up
for about a year and a half now,
I guess.

And has that happened before,
what you said your neighbor did?

‐No, I don't think so.
‐I got a serious mind to take
after this fag with a ball bat!


When you say he was
touchin' his privates,

you mean, like,
he was playing
with himself, Tommy?

You know that expression?

He showed his thing,
and then I ran out.
Did he try to touch you?

‐ No.
‐ Did he ask you to do anything?

No. He just showed his thing.

How long were you
in the apartment?
Not very long.

Tommy, could this have been,
like, an accident,

you know, where
his robe just popped open?

How could it be an accident?
The guy shows his joint
and plays with himself.

He didn't say that
he was playing with himself.

Oh, yeah.
I can see where this is goin'.

I don't think
it was an accident.

Was he playing
with himself, Tommy?

Because that makes it
a whole different situation.


Okay. There's a bench
right outside.

You wanna go take a seat
while we talk to your dad?


Thanks for coming in, Tommy.
I know you didn't
like talking about this.

What are you gonna do
about this guy?

Well, what your son just told us
isn't grounds for an arrest,
Mr. Gennero.

What's that pervert gotta do,
lay hands on my kid before
you guys do somethin'?

It's not clear what went on
in that apartment.
I think you realize that.

We can talk to this guy Markham,
let him know we're aware
of the situation.

‐ Think he's gonna confess?
‐ I'm telling you
what we can do.

[ Pager Beeping ]

Sometimes, just knowing
that the police are aware,
that has an effect.

What he oughta do is get out.
Let him go molest
some other kid.

‐ Thanks for coming in.
‐ You'll talk to
this pervert now?

Yeah. That's the plan.

Take your son home, Mr. Gennero.
This is a tough thing for him.

What a hump.
You got the pedigree?

You wanna answer the beeper
before we go?

Ah, she don't put a 911 in it,
she's just callin'
to piss in my ear.

It's my girlfriend‐‐
the broad that's gonna ruin me.

We sit much longer,
they're gonna know
the corner's up.

He cops around 1:00 every day.

You never got on your bus?

I got on.
I met Howie in Raleigh‐Durham.

After a while,
we came back here.

That's him.

‐ In the leather jacket.
‐ The guy in the light‐colored
cap, black leather jacket.

He's coming at ya.
Take him.

Hey, come here.

Chill! Chill!
I ain't holding, man!
Yeah? How about laundry, Howie?

‐ You doing any laundry?
‐ I don't know what
you're talking about.

I'm talking about
you doing laundry for
the first time in six months.

Some guy winds up dead.
I didn't have nothin'
to do with that.

There's a fresh concept, Howie.
You weren't involved.

‐ I wanna hear all about it
down at the station house.
‐ We'll transport him.

Let's go, man.

[ Pager Beeping ]

There she goes. 911.

Colombian bombshell.

[ Man ]
Who's there?

New York City detectives.

What do you want?
What's it about?

Can we talk to you inside,
Mr. Markham?

I don't know what it's about.
Can we come inside, sir?

Mr. Markham, we received
a sexual complaint...

concerning you and the boy
who delivers your mail.

Your neighbor's son,
Tommy Gennero, he says you
exposed your privates to him.

I didn't do anything
to that boy.

‐ Him and his father
filed a complaint.
‐ This is sickening.

‐ It's psychotic!
‐ So you deny the allegations?

Yes. I'd never
do something like that.

Okay. That makes this
an uncorroborated situation.

So we won't be goin'
with the formal charges.

But I want you to know
that we're aware with
this situation, Mr. Markham.

We got a case open on it.
And you wanna stay out
of contact with this boy.

‐ Oh, my God.
‐ It's just a good idea,
whatever went on here.

That boy likes me.
I've only been friendly to him.

Don't you talk about friendly,
you sick son of a bitch!

‐ Get out of here, Mr. Gennero.
‐ I know what you are, and
everyone else is gonna know!

‐ You oughta get
your sick ass out!
‐ You get out!

All of you get out!
Go make a pass
at somebody else's kid!

I'd never hurt a child.

[ Pager Beeping ]

Just, uh, keep your robe closed,
all right?
And get your own mail.

This is a two‐way street here,
Mr. Gennero.
Meaning what?

‐ Beeps me 911 again.
I gotta see what's going on.
‐ You leave that man alone too.

He shows his joint to my kid,
and you threaten me?

This man doesn't get around
so good. It won't be hard
staying away from him.

He should get out!
Did you hear
what I just said to you?

Yeah, I heard what you said.
Thanks for your tremendous help!

You mind takin' a ride?
You don't wanna give her a call,
see what's goin' on?

I'd feel better
goin' up there.

My girlfriend's out of her mind.

Is that why we drove up here‐‐
to check on her mental state?

She's hearing clicks on the
phone. She thinks it's bugged.
Is it?

I.A.B. scummers.
I oughta throw a rock at 'em.

Well, why would they wanna
bug a beauty parlor, I wonder?

Because they figure
she's into other things.

Listen, Drucker,
I'm sorry that you got
all these problems, okay?

But I'm not too thrilled
about gettin' dragged
down here, all right?

That's an I. A. B. tail,
and they're seeing me
comin' out of the precinct too.

She runs an after‐hours joint.
It gives bartenders a chance
to catch a drink after work.

‐ So big deal.
‐ Maybe lets a couple dope
dealers hang out in there?

That's racial prejudice
on your part
just 'cause she's Colombian.

Drucker, don't even go there.
All right?

I don't care who your girl is
or where she's from.

You're dragging me to some hot
spot at the ass end of the Bronx
over here with an I. A. B. tail.

You're gonna put me
in the jackpot.
I'm sorry.

She dials a 911
on my beeper.

I thought they were
dropping the hammer.
Keep me out of your business.

All right.
All right.

Here's what I got, Howie.
I got Holly
puts you in the Laundromat.

I got a lady across the street
hears a gunshot
from the Laundromat.

Crosses her apartment.
Sees you runnin' out.

Now, those two witnesses,
my job's over.

The D. A.'ll go to bat.
I ain't goin' down for this.

I didn't shoot nobody.
You want a guy named...

Jerry Smithers, Smithson,
somethin' like that.

That's a loser, Howie.

‐ Don't give me Jerry.
Jerry was gone.
‐ Yeah, well, Jerry came back.

Jerry came back?

‐ Tricky came in‐‐
the guy that got smoked.
‐ Dead Tricky, right.

Well, he came in
all pissed off at me...

about some little
misunderstanding we had
a couple weeks ago.

‐ When you sold him
the bad dope?
‐ I didn't know it was a beat.

So I explained that to him.
We were gettin' it straight.
Did you find $12 on him?

Tell me your side.

I gave him 12 bucks
to start making the money part
all good.

And then Jerry
comes in with a gun.

'Cause he's an asshole.
He's a crackhead.
He was all tweaked out.

He capped Tricky.
Holly said you and Jerry
were having a beef.

Was he goin' for you?

He could've been.
You know, I don't know...

whether he was lookin' to smoke
me, Tricky or what.

And Holly's in the bathroom?

‐ Did she see Jerry come back?
‐ Nah. She probably
didn't see him.

But that's what happened,
I swear to God.

If I spend time on this, Howie,
and I find that
you're pullin' my pud,

I'm comin' back here and
I'm gonna give you a smack and
I'm gonna hurt you with the D. A.

Now, is this a straight story?

Absolutely straight.

All right. Give me an address.
Come on. The guy'll know
it came from me.

Yeah, he might think
ill of you, Howie.

Of course, he did try
to murder you already.

908 14th, 3‐A.

Jerry Smith‐something.

‐ Howie go?
‐ No. Howie gave us Jerry.

‐ He give us a place to look?
‐ I gotta talk to this girl.
Then we'll grab the guy up.

I'll do the five.
Yeah, great.

How's it goin'?

I want off this guy, Lieu.

What happened?
I just‐‐
I don't wanna work with him.

He puts me at a wrong spot,
on duty, out of command.

Out of command where?
His "goom" beeps him a 911.

We ride over to the Bronx.
They got I.A.B.
set up on her place.

I know this guy two hours.
I'll take care of this.

Don't hurt him, Lieu.
Just take me off him.

I'm not gonna hurt the guy.
I'm gonna sit him down.

Hey, John.
Oh, ready, Detective?

I gotta talk to someone
and pick somebody up.

Would you consider
a possibility?

Just put it in your hopper.

Shorter, more layered,
and blocked at the nape.

I just want a regular haircut.
That would be
a regular haircut...

with the line raised
in back.

I wouldn't be interested
in that.

Fine. No problem.

Just holler when you're ready.
Yeah, I'll find you.

Give me a second here.

How you holdin' up?

Pretty achy.

Holly, could this Jerry
have come back
to that Laundromat...

after Tricky came in?

I didn't see him come back.
How long were you
in the bathroom?

A few minutes.
I guess he could've come back.

That's what
Howie's saying happened.

Jerry came back to shoot him.
He shot Tricky instead.

I know Jerry
was pissed off at Howie.

And you were in
the bathroom long enough,
Jerry might've come back in.

Do you know
where Jerry lives?
Somewhere on 14th.

908 14th.
That's what Howie said.

Sounds right.

You take any aspirins
or anything?

Would they give me some?

Yeah, they'll bring you some in.

Here's the five
on that dicky waver, Lieu.

You're not gonna be
catching anymore.

What's the problem?
Other than the ones
you brought with you?

Why? The bosses are ready
to pull the plug on me?

‐ They want a stationary target?
‐ Just do what I tell you to.

Work your tours at your desk.
Or did Simone pitch a beef?

Conversation's over, Drucker.
Work at your desk.

As long as I'm promoted
to flowerpot,

can I take some lost time,
go see my family?

‐ Where were you just now?
‐ In the Bronx.
My family's on Long Island.

Yeah. Go see your family.

[ Phone Ringing ]

15th Squad.
Yeah, this is Fancy.

What, do you get
a gold star up here
when you rat a guy out?

Nobody ratted you out, Ronnie.

I just didn't wanna
work with you.

Oh. And you figured
the boss would take that
as a big endorsement?

Wait a minute.

First, you do
some half‐ass interview
wanting to get to the Bronx.

No, no, no, no.
There was nothing more
I could do on that case.

We don't know who's zooming who,
do we, Ronnie?

We don't know if the old guy
was lying, or Gennero
was looking to hurt him.

Then we ride up to the Bronx,
and you don't think twice...

about puttin' me in front
of I. A. B.'s headlights?

Did you save my life, and
I don't remember? Is that why
it's okay for you to jam me up?

Hey, Ronnie, you want
that brochure back?

No, you keep it.
In a couple days,
you get a Polaroid.

Me, right on that beach.
I did what I could
on that case.

I was okay at the job.

I guess if I knew you better,
that'd strike me as sad.

‐ I don't think that place
looks so great, huh?
‐ I don't think he does either.


816 11th street.

Who's the D. O. A.?

A guy named Markham.
Found him hangin'
in his apartment.

Hey, what happened here?

Looks like he tied
an electrical cord to the knob,
ran it over the top of the door.

Did he leave a note?
No. Uh‐uh.
That's his son in the kitchen.

He's the one who found him.
Uh, Walter Markham.
Get him down, huh?

Mr. Markham?
I'm Detective Simone.

I'm sorry for your loss.
I guess I shouldn't
be surprised.

Had your father tried
something like this before?

He'd been depressed, though.
He was getting treated for it.

Was that, like, chronic,
or was there something specific
that had gotten him down?

He broke his back in 1991.
Fell down a flight of stairs.

He had a lot of problems
from it.
Physical problems too?

He was in a lot of pain,

and he had some
sexual difficulties from it.

He was seeing a woman
from Albany, but that ended
after the accident.

Your dad was impotent?

Why is that important?

Let us square our part away
as quick as we can and
let you take care of your dad.

Again, I'm sorry
for your loss, sir.

‐ I got him. I got him.
‐ All right.


What happened in there?
What do you mean, Mr. Gennero?

Did he leave
a note or anything?

Come here.

‐ What's that to you?
‐ Hey, the guy killed himself.
He was a pervert wacko.

You got a guilty conscience?

You worried about
what he might've written
on that note?

I got no guilty conscience.
Maybe he had
the guilty conscience.

I'm gettin' a real bad feeling
off you, Mr. Gennero.

Hey, Tommy.
Get back upstairs.

What's the matter?
You don't want me talking
to your boy? Why's that?

You watch
your tone of voice.
Tommy, get back upstairs.

That old man,
he was impotent,
Mr. Gennero.

He couldn't make advances
on anybody.
My kid told me what happened.

Oh, yeah? Did he?
Or did you tell him
and then make him lie,

and then maybe
throw in some new sneakers?

You're crazy!
What the hell's
going on here? Huh?

Is there some kind
of rent bounty
on that old man's place?

You lookin' to earn
off of that man?
You keep away from me.

I'm gonna keep away from you,
'cause if I leaned
on your boy...

and found out that you did file
some kind of false report,
you know what I could do?

I could maybe get you
a 50‐dollar fine.
But let me tell you something.

If you used your boy
to drive that old man
over the edge,

if you made him lie
so that you could work
some kind of angle,

you ruined your boy's life,
and I hope you burn in hell.

I got about 10 minutes.

Let's do it.

Try to relax, Detective.
I did this all the time
in the 27.

I never got a single complaint.
We're printin' a guy.

I wanna let him stew
a little bit
before the interview.

That, uh, layer or whatever
you're talking about‐‐

That "nape at the block" thing‐‐
We're not doin' that, right?

I'll bring in a magazine
and show you what I had in mind.

Let me take a look at that.
There's a photo piece about
the head of Revlon.

He has exactly
your baldness pattern.

Detective, I hope that
you will credit me...

with a constructive reason
for bringing something up.

About what?
For whatever reason,

our paths have crossed
on several occasions,

and I'd like to feel
we have a certain simpatico.
To a point.

At any rate, some gossip
has been circulating...

about the sexual orientation
of a female detective
in your squad.

If it's accurate,
I'm active in an organization...

which could help her
with various workplace
transitions and adjustments.

But, of course, I'm reluctant
to bring up to her...

"a tale
told round the campfire,"
so to speak.

You heard Lesniak's a dyke.

I heard she's gay, yes,
and I'd like very much
to reach out to her.

But only if it's appropriate.
Well, she said it
to Detective Martinez.

I don't know if
she submitted any exhibits.

And Detective Martinez
told it to you directly?
Correct. Yes.

Hey, John.

‐ Oh, hi, Detective.
‐ We got that guy printed, Andy.

How do I stand?
Well, your hair is even.

So it's more or less
a natural stopping place.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I'll bring in a photo
of that haircut for you.

Maybe we'll take a shot at that
"block at the nape" thing.

And thank you
for your guidance
in that other matter.

Yeah, no problem.
On your hair, Andy,

I thought you came to
a natural stopping place
several years ago.

Yeah, very funny.

How do you wanna
go to jail, Jerry?

You wanna go inside
with a big rep?

Cold‐blooded assassin?
Maybe some mafia hit man?

Give me a break!
Mafia hit man?

He's just telling you
how the D.A.
can go with this, Jerry.

He can go with
cold‐blooded assassin 'cause
you went back and got your gun.

I didn't even shoot
who I was shooting at. How's
that a cold‐blooded assassin?

So this got out of hand?

In other words,
this Anthony Garret,

you weren't after him at all?
That's what I'm saying.

[ Medavoy ]
You had no premeditation?

I was shooting at
the other guy!

That's not exactly
a cold‐blooded assassination.

My only point, you know,
he went back and got his gun.

‐ That's the appearance
they're gonna get.
‐ Yeah.

Listen‐Listen to this.

‐ The guy sells beat dope.
He's a welsher.
‐ Tricky?

No, no. Howie loses
10 bucks to me, and then
welshes right in my face.

You two had a bet?

She didn't last four minutes,
and he won't pay the money.

I mean, she's supposed
to stay in there
for, like, 15 minutes, right?

I mean, whatever the length
of 20 cents is.

‐ She only lasts, like,
about three or four minutes.
‐ Who's this?

‐ The blonde‐‐ Doris.
‐ Holly?

Holly. Yeah.
You know he made her
get in that dryer?

You think that's fun for her?
I mean, those things are hot,
and you get dizzy.

I knew she couldn't
stay in there.

So you bet against
a full cycle.

The guy's an asshole.
She didn't last five minutes.

‐ And he beat you on the bet.
‐ Whoa, whoa. He didn't beat me.
I beat him.

She lasts about three minutes,
and then he welshes.

He welshed on the bet.

I was on my way to Huron
when I saw Tricky.

That's the rooming house,
the Huron?

He was after Howie
for, like, two weeks
after burnin' on some smack.

I mean, that's more proof
of what the guy's like.

‐ He sells bad smack.
‐ So I told him where he was.

You told Tricky
where Howie was?

Then I went back
to see what happened.

And this was after
you got your own gun?

And Tricky had his own gun,
and I figured
he was gonna shoot him.

‐ That he'd shoot Howie?
‐ He was in there like a pussy.
He wasn't doin' anything.

But you took care of that,
right, Jerry?

You think this is the first time
that guy welshes on me?

That's like
the fifth or sixth time.

No. Well,
you were provoked.

Yeah. Provoked.

I mean, what's the point?
No way you're gonna make him
responsible for the suicide.

There's no case.

Come down on the kid so you can
charge the asshole father
with a false report? It's nuts.

‐ We ran through that interview.
‐ I never saw you
run through an interview.

We ran through that one.
It was the last thing
that old man needed.

‐ It was Drucker's interview.
‐ Yeah.

‐ [ Knocking ]
‐ Captain.

How's it going, Bobby?
Careful, or I'll tell you.

Monkey's coming
off your back, Arthur.

I.A.B. tail made Drucker
emptying his safe deposit box
a couple hours ago.

He's ready to book.
They're ready to move on him.
They tell you when?

They don't set their watches
with me, Arthur.
My impression? Pretty quick.

Downside: They wanna
make the collar here.

I got a couple things upstairs.
Then you're going
to Central Booking.

You want somethin'?
Some cigarettes.

Kool kings.
I'll send 'em in.

Who's that?
That lousy aim Jerry?

Oh, there's the voice
that ruined my life!

Shut up over there. You got
your own problems, Jerry.
Is he gettin' out?

He's gettin' out, isn't he?
Welshes on a bet,

sells beat dope,
and I'm goin' away?

Yeah, we're harder on murder
than we are on bad debts.

Hey, if they don't have
any Kools, get me any menthol.

Yo, Detective, sir.

Uh, when am I gettin' out?

In a little while.

‐ Yeah.
‐ Hey, is Holly around,
or is she on the other side?

The girl that you put
in that dryer, Howie?

Made bets on like
you were flippin' a coin?

And then he welshed!
Shut up!

You wanna
do yourself some good?


‐ You stay away from her.
‐ All right. Bet.

And when I get out,
I'm gonna make some changes.

So you ain't gotta hit me
with a bus.

All those changes, Howie,

you try real hard
about Holly.

[ Sighs ]
Like monkeys in a zoo.

All they needed was
a bag of peanuts.
Who was that?

‐ The skells from that
Laundromat homicide.
‐ How's the girl?

‐ I'm gonna cut her loose.
You got any aspirin?
‐ Yeah, in there.

Fancy says the rat squad's
comin' for this guy.
Coming here?

That's what Fancy says.

Was there a note?
No, they didn't find one.

I can't believe the guy
killed himself.

Yep. Son says
he was depressed.

He say if he was
a dicky waver?

That story was bogus.
The old man got his back
broke in an accident.

He had nerve damage.
Couldn't get it up.

The guy had to be on
the five‐yard line to kill
himself over a false complaint.

Yeah, well, this report
put him in the end zone.

Uh‐uh. Uh‐uh.
My wife just put me through
that same hoop.

I'm not beatin' myself up
'cause someone else
can't deal with their situation.

Okay, Drucker.
Separated seven months.

I tell her over and over
how it is.
She won't face it.

Tried to give her money,
explain what's gonna happen.
She don't wanna listen.

The two of you probably had
10, 15 years together, right?
Maybe a few kids?

You leave my kids out of this.

I was trying to
square her financially.

With your girlfriend's
freshly laundered coke money?
Last I looked, it spends.

And your wife
wouldn't take it.
Imagine that.

You listen to me.

I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna be on that island...

whether she took
the money or not.

Only difference now is,
she's not gonna be able
to pay her bills.

She's gonna sit,
being the victim, and the girls
don't get taken care of.

‐ Who you talking to, Ronnie?
‐ I got a right to be happy.

My mistake is hanging around.
I should've left
three months ago.

[ Phone Ringing ]

15th Squad.

Yeah. Just a minute.
It's for you.


Yeah, Drucker.

Nobody there.

Someone cuts hair in there.
One of the civilian aides.

Howie's gonna be
on the street, Holly.

You wanna take that
into account.

He might be pissed off.

He's just a good guy
to stay away from.

Any shot you can kick?

I tried a couple times.

I don't have much

When you helped us before,
that took some moxie,

and you said
things were okay
if no one touched you.

I remember you saying that.
And now, you make your livin'
lettin' people get over you.

They stuff you in a dryer.
He told you about that?

Maybe that's why
you're gettin' loaded.

You don't like
how you're livin'.

That, what your uncle
did to you‐‐
that leaves marks.

If you get help with that,
maybe you can help yourself
with the dope.

I guess
I must not want it.

Now, you listen to me.

I made a few calls.

If you reach out,
those people know
you might be callin'.

Okay, thanks.

You're a young person,

Nothing's over yet.

I need to go
wash my face again.

Yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Stay in touch if
you feel like it, huh?

Hi, John.

You just comin' in?
Yeah, I'm on late tour.

We miss you downstairs.
Well, at least I'm still
in the same neighborhood.

Do you have
another minute for me?
Uh, sure.

I'm in G0AL.

The Gay Action League.
Yeah, close enough.

And I just wanted
to let you know,
if you have any reason...

to come to the meetings
or you need any information,
I'd be delighted to help.

but I don't need that.
All right.

You know, people spread rumors.
Well, sure, um‐‐

The way it came to me,
you said it yourself.

I said it
in a particular situation.
It isn't true.

Do you mind telling me
what the situation was?

Someone wouldn't hear
that I didn't want
to go out with him,

and I ran out
of other things to say.
So you said you were gay?

So I finally said
I was gay.

Anyway, this is a list
of our meetings.

If you have any interest‐‐

I guess gay people
have problems
hearing things too.

I heard you, Detective.
It's just a list.

Drucker, let's get this done,
okay? I need your gun.


Ronnie, you're under arrest.
It's done. Give me your gun.

No. Uh‐uh.

Ronnie, take it easy.
You got I. A. B. all over you.

‐ I'm gettin' out of here.
‐ No, no, you're not.

‐ I'm not? The hell I'm not!
‐ Gun!

‐ Don't be stupid!
‐ I'm not stupid.
I know where I'm goin'.

You don't make the stairs!
This ends one way!

Ronnie, he's right.
You wanna walk out of here,
just drop the gun.

I'm going to Barbados.
Just stand the hell back.

‐ Come on, Ronnie.
Stop talking crazy.
‐ Put your weapon down!

‐ I got a right to be happy.
‐ Give it up, Ronnie!

Don't move!

‐ You had to do that in here?
‐ Don't start that crap.

We're wrong if we collar you
at home. We're wrong
if we do it in court.

We're wrong if we do it
in public. You tell me where
we're supposed to do it.

‐ Let it go, Bobby.
‐ I'm calling an ambulance.

Doesn't need an ambulance.

[ Man ]
We need an ambulance,
15th Squad.

Get me somethin'
to put these in.

They never think
it's gonna happen.

They always think that
they got more time.

You should be a shrink, Martens.
You ever figured maybe part
of them don't want to go?

Tell Frankie that floor needs
to be cleaned and disinfected.

He's just waitin'
on Crime Scene to finish up.

They're bringing him down
in a minute.

What the hell they doing
up there? They figure
they're solving a mystery?

‐ They just wrapped it up.
‐ They could've given him
a chance.

He's upstairs
to make the phone call
to tell them the situation.

‐ Was this guy ever a good cop?
‐ Couldn't really tell.

Yeah. All's I know,
he wound up throwin' shots
in the squad.

Is the press outside?
Yeah, there's a lot of press.

Hold that gurney in here.
Bring the ambulance around.

‐ 15 Base to Central "K."
‐ Go ahead, 15 Base.

Girlfriend had him
half crazy, huh?

I'll tell ya.
You show me any broad
walking forward,

I'll show you
what rules the world.

He never said he was taking
the girlfriend with him.

Maybe she didn't even know
where he was going.

Maybe she was just workin' him
for protection. Maybe
he thought he was taking her,

and she'd have
stood him up.

Anyway, I wasn't that eager
to get to know him better.

[ Pager Beeping ]

[ Beeping Continues ]

[ Beeping Stops ]