NYPD Blue (1993–2005): Season 3, Episode 3 - One Big Happy Family - full transcript

Meadavoy and Lesniak pair up to identify who's launched a series of vicious attacks on a man. Meanwhile, Simone tries to locate a possible suspect in a series of rapes. Russell tries to ...

This is eerie, huh?

This is the same floor
James was on.

I hope James doesn't
overdo it today.
Yeah, first day back.

I‐I'll tell you, Adrianne, uh,
you know,

you visiting him as much as
you did when he was at home‐‐
soup and whatnot‐‐

I‐‐ I‐‐ I think
that had a lot to do with
James's speedy recovery.

You think he got sick of me?
No, I‐‐ I meant
as a morale booster.

Hi. What do we got?
A guy stopped at a light.

Takes four .22s to the face,
drives himself here
and then walks in.

[ Sighs, Chuckles ]

Hi. I'm Detective Lesniak.
This is Detective Medavoy.

And this is a lucky man.
Short of a need for dentures,

Mr. Biaggi should make
a full recovery.

If he could write his answers,
I'd rather he didn't talk.

Paul Biaggi. Uh, do you know
who did this to you, Mr. Biaggi?

[ Groaning ]

[ Medavoy ]
"Not an enemy in the world."

Do you remember anything
from the attack
that might help us?

One bullet lodged in
his nasal cavity. One exited
through his right cheek.

And two are actually
embedded in the metalwork.

Well, he‐‐ he had braces?

No, his mouth had
been wired to stabilize
some mandibular fractures.

‐ He already had a broken jaw?
‐ Fortunately for him,
as things turned out.

We wired you up
last Wednesday, wasn't it,
Mr. Biaggi?

‐ [ Slurred Speech, Indistinct ]
‐ How'd you get the busted jaw?

[ Groaning ]

A man with a‐‐
a rake attacked you?


‐ He got hit
with a baseball bat.
‐ [ Groans ]

Who hit you?

Not an enemy in the world.
[ Biaggi Groans ]

‐ Martinez!
‐ Hey!

Welcome back, man.
Thanks, Bobby.

How you feeling, man?
I'm nervous,
like a rookie.

‐ You're not walking like one.
‐ Hey, look who's back, huh?

Hey, Andy, thanks
for that Terminator tape
you sent over.

Believe I'd never seen that?
[ Chuckles ]

I figured there's a guy
that got shot, and he repaired
himself automatically.

It's giving me
something to aim at.

Hey, I already took one bogus
check from this dude, man.

‐ [ Man ] The check is good.
My bank's around the corner.
‐ Besides, he owes me 500.

‐ This number here is a two.
‐ Ain't that Silky "the Pimp"...

that helped us with
that McCabe thing last year?

‐ He agreed to what we said.
You heard it.
‐ I agreed to get my money back.

‐ [ Officer ] Mr. Kerbis said
he'll make partial payments.
‐ The rest when I get paid.

I can't give you
what I don't have.

Andy, do you remember
those rapes last spring...

where the perp used to ask
to make a phone call
to his wife?

Check out this other guy here‐‐
white male,

gold hoop earring,
two‐tone backpack.

‐ I'm gonna check in
with the lieutenant.
‐ Take it easy today.

I'm gonna check which cheek
he wants me to sit on.

[ Silky ] He bounced
a check on me once already.

what's going on over there?

Simmons is on radio patrol.
Black guy flags him down.

Says the other guy bounced
a check on him last month.

You want to look
at this guy for rape?

Let me see if I can contact
some of the victims.
I'll try to get him upstairs.

No way.
I‐I'm not taking this check.
That's not what we agreed.

What's going on, Silky?
Hey, uh, Detective.

‐ Simone. What's going on here?
‐ Uh‐‐

I'll tell you, Detective.

Uh, a few weeks ago, I'm having
a little cash flow problem,
'cause I'm out of the life.

So I decide to sell a few
of my personal possessions.

So I sold Mr. Kerbis here
my video camera.

Mr. Kerbis's check bounced.
He's agreed to make
partial restitution.

Well, yeah, I told him
I would pay him the rest
within a few days.

So, uh, we're gonna
have to keep Mr. Kerbis here
until this check clears, right?

‐ Right.
‐ I‐‐ I got a job to go to.

‐ What's your first name?
‐ Julian.

I'm sorry about that, Julian.
Why don't you come upstairs
and wait with me...

until Silky here
cashes your check?

You will call, right, Silky?

Uh, yeah, absolutely.

Come on, Julian.

Hey‐‐ Hey, Detective,
I'm‐‐ I'm gonna spread the word.

This department goes to bat
for everybody.

I forgot to enter another check.
I wound up overdrawn.

The only perfect guy
I heard about
died 2,000 years ago.

So what's the big deal?
Business slow for you people?

[ Chuckles ]
What's your address, Julian?
579 West Broadway.

What do you
need that for?
It's department paperwork.

Every time I deal
with somebody now
I gotta account for my time.

‐ Oh.
‐ Have a seat right here.

Can I get you
some coffee or something?
Uh‐‐ Uh, can I call my job?

Absolutely. Absolutely.
Donna, good morning.

Can Mr. Kerbis here
use your phone?


‐ Where do you work?
‐ Wall Street.

Commodities desk,
Merianthal and Greer.

Oh, high finance, huh?
That stuff's all Greek to me.

It's just trading the rice
to buy or sell a given
product at a given price.

‐ See? You say it
and it makes sense.
‐ Commodities desk.

Is Miss Stern in?

Yeah, it's Julian.
Uh, I'm gonna be late.

I‐I'll explain
when I get in, okay?

Just have a seat
until we hear from the bank.

You hear anything
from our rape complainants?

She's working it too.
No hit so far.

I got his address.
I'm gonna run him through B.C.I.

Mrs. Taylor,
this is Detective Sipowicz
from the 15th Squad.

Would you please
give me a call when you
get a chance? Thank you.

[ Medavoy Chuckling ]
The guy who got shot's
a regular Mother Teresa.

You know, loves everybody,
no enemies, can't imagine
who'd want to hurt him.

Meanwhile, last week
someone tried to brain him
with a Louisville Slugger.

‐ No I. D.'s on that one either?
‐ No. Uh‐huh.

Uniform did a preliminary.
We'll re‐canvass
where he got shot.

[ Medavoy ] We're gonna see
if his wife's got any ideas.
She was at her mother's house.

‐ We'll talk to her
this afternoon.
‐ The guy's in construction.

We'll look into that.
See maybe if he's hooked up.

Go talk to Mike Francis
at O. C. I. D. on the mob angle.


Hey, uh, should, uh,
we use James on some
of the phone work?

Okay. Sure.

[ Medavoy ] It's good
to have him back, huh?
[ Fancy ] Mm‐hmm.

You know, that's the‐‐
the end result
of, uh, Adrianne's soup.

[ Sipowicz ] Would you please
call me? Thank you.
Detective Simone,

Silky on line three.
Yeah, Silky.

[ Simone ]


Uh, yeah. All right.
No, I‐I'll tell him myself.

Check clear?

Two days, right,
for the rest of it?


‐ Don't grab my receiver
without asking.
‐ I'm sorry.

All right?

[ Exhales ]
Listen, Julian,

uh, let me be candid
with you here.

You know, we're working
on this gas station robbery.
Well, you fit the description.

[ Chuckles ]
Are you kidding me?

Look, my sense of you,
and my first impressions
on people are usually right on,

is that you're a decent,
hardworking guy, right?

If you can spare us
just another hour, we can
straighten this whole thing out.

This is crazy.
Yeah, I know.

You stand in a lineup,
and we won't have to
bother you anymore.

Detective Russell?

A lineup?
[ Russell ]
Yeah, Detective Russell.

What happened?

You want to keep me here,
I want a lawyer.

Whoa, whoa, Julian‐‐
Julian, come on now.

Now, I‐I'm‐‐
I'm asking you this
for your own convenience.

I'm serious.
This is probably total
mistaken identity here.


Bobby, guy's gotta
make a living. We'll show this
to the gas station guy.

We probably won't have
to bother you no more.

Excuse me.
[ Russell ]
Uh, okay, listen,

uh, can you wait for me?
I think he's distressed.

‐ [ Russell ] I'll be
right there. I'm on my way.
‐ I like this guy.

No hits on those calls.
I left messages.
All right.

I've got
a family situation.
Someone sick?

I'll explain later.
Would you tell the lieutenant?

Yeah, sure.

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

Hey, go ahead.
Go to your sister's.
See if I care.

‐ Dad.
‐ He hit me, Diane.

Because you're stupid!
Because you don't think!

Couple of months,
the dog is gonna be walking you!

‐ Dad, knock it off!
‐ He hit her. Two good shots.

‐ She wants to stay
at Aunt Ruthie's.
‐ Diane.

One second. Does the, uh,
bar owner have a beef?

Yes. His place got emptied
when Dad started chasing her.

I think some glasses
got broken.

Stay with Mom.
Stay with Mom for a minute.

Yeah, I called you.

If I can make it right
with the bar owner,
can we make the assault go away?

Yeah, I think, uh,
the magic number's $200.

The guy's, uh,
name is Carr.

You know, you oughta
get your dad some help.

I'm gonna. Absolutely.

Mr. Carr, I'm, uh,
Detective Russell.
I'm their daughter.

I don't care who they're related
to. They cleared my joint and
broke some expensive glasses.

How much damage
you figure you sustained?

I don't know.
Several hundred dollars.

Would, uh, 200
make it right?
You talking cash here?

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

And, um,
I'll owe you a favor.

How's that?

There you go.

Yeah, all right.
Yeah, he's all right.

You got the rest of it?

You want us to stay?
No. No, thanks.
Thanks a lot.

I'll be right there.
Give me a minute.

I got it. Thanks.
No problem.

Look, she pissed me off,
so I came down here for a drink.

And she calls the other one,
and they follow me down here.

Like I really
wanted their company.
It was a secret invitation.

I'm not gonna
take this anymore.
Go to Ruthie's!

Go to Ruthie's!

if you touch Mom again,
you're gonna get locked up,
if I have to do it myself.

Diane, she subscribes
to magazines...

'cause she thinks
that she's gonna win
a million dollars.

Seventy‐eight dollars'
worth of subscriptions!

‐ Did you hear what I said?
‐ So I slapped her once.

‐ That's once too many.
‐ You slapped her twice.

Oh, another county
heard from.

Hey, where'd you learn
that keen eyesight,
at Radio Barn?

Shut up, Dad! Dad!
5.85 an hour, huh?

I want you to stay at my place
until my shift's over.

Look, don't talk to me
like a child.

You're the only one
that had an ounce
of common sense.

I want you to stay there.

And if I call and you don't
pick up, I'm gonna send
a radio car looking for you.

[ Sighs ]

Take him to my place,
all right? He's okay.

Come on.
I'll drive you home.
I was worried about him.

I know.
That's the reason
I called Doug.

It's okay.
It takes two
to make a disagreement!

‐ Dad, enough!
‐ Come on, Dad.
I'll take you over there.

You sure you won't
lose your position? They won't
replace you with a broom?

Just get in the damn car.

In public?
Did you do it on anybody?

Well, they got
some tea down there?
That tea seemed to help.

[ Sighs ]
All right, look, uh,
don't get angry with me, Sylvia.

I'm gonna inquire
should you go home.

[ Sighs ]
I was only asking you, Sylvia.

All right, listen, uh‐‐

I'll talk to you later.
I hope you feel better.

Yeah, bye.

[ Clears Throat ]
Sylvia's sick
at her stomach.

Yeah, huh?
The address that Kerbis gave‐‐
that was a mail drop.

Uh, yes, this is
Detective Simone
from the 15th Squad.

Miss Williams,
if you can please call
at your earliest convenience.

This is in connection
with your case.

[ Clears Throat ]
Hey, Lesniak,
can I talk to you a second?

‐ You're working
that Biaggi case, huh?
‐ Mm‐hmm.

We, uh‐‐
We just zeroed on a canvass.

This, uh, ex‐con
that I helped out
called about a half hour ago.

He's got
something on that.
Is he coming in?

The guy's a little hinky.
I'll probably meet him outside.
I'll let you know what he's got.

Okay. Thanks, Andy.

The sarge sent
this up, Bobby.

I had the F. A. T. N. operator
run that guy
through Motor Vehicles.


The B.C.I. kicked out
a voided arrest on this guy.

So we're having the cop
who filled out the 61
to come up.

Uh, what's going on
with this family situation?

My dad was doing some
interior decoration
on Joe's Bar.

Oh, yeah?
Yeah. It was round two...

after he knocked
my mom around at home.

‐ Is she okay?
‐ I gotta get him
some counseling.

[ Clears Throat ]
Any charges on the bar?

Uh, that went away.

Detective Sipowicz?
Sarge says there's
a Bruce Krieger downstairs.

Yeah, tell him
I'll be right down.

He says he'll be right down.
Your situation all right?

Yeah. Thanks, Andy.

Hey, Andy, you sure
you don't mind walkin'?

I still get a little uptight
being in police stations.

No, let's walk.

You know anything
about this guy Paul Biaggi
getting shot?

Yeah, it's our case. Why?
You know something?

I know this broad.
Ends up she's the guy's wife.

A couple weeks ago,
she gives me a call.

She says her husband's
in the hospital.

When he gets out,
she wants me
to run the guy over.

You know, take him out.

She knows I did some time.
I guess she figures
that makes me a killer.

I'm doing okay with
the towing business, Andy.

I told her to get lost.
I even changed
my telephone number.

[ Man ]
I'll see you in about
half an hour, all right?

Then I heard he got shot.
I figured I should talk to you.


You think you could
arrange another meet?

She's right there.

Hey, Dougie.

How's Dad?
He'll be okay
for a while.

He discovered your cable
gets two different ESPNs, so‐‐

Yeah. Come here.

Dad understands
he's gotta stay
at my place tonight?

‐ He's planning
to talk you out of that.
‐ He's not gonna.

[ Sighs ]
Maybe Mom should go
to Aunt Ruthie's for a while.

I should get back to work,
before they replace me
with a broom.

Oh, Dougie,
you know how Daddy gets.

Yeah, I know.
I'm not excusing him.

I‐I'm just saying try not
to let him hurt you.

Di, you're
the family success story.

And you're the sweetest guy
I've ever met.
You deserve to be happy.

All you need is
to start believing
in yourself.


I'll stay
with Mom tonight.

See you, Di.
See you, Dougie.

She wanted him run over?

Yeah, it's probably her
had him bopped
with the ball bat and shot.

Andy says his tow truck guy's
willing to wear
a wire on the wife.

He met with her before in
the diner about a half a block
down from their crime scene.

James, you want
to contact Intelligence,

set it up for somebody
to wire this guy?

I'll tell you,
I was thinking
I'd call it a day.

Okay. No problem.

‐ Intelligence sometimes
gives you such a runaround.
‐ Yeah.

You can be half an hour
with those people
on the simplest matter.

Yeah. Actually,
I'm not feeling that great.

‐ Your legs
giving you a problem?
‐ No, I've got total feeling.

No numbness.
I'm just, uh‐‐
I'm a little tired, all right?

Greg, why don't you
run James home?

Yeah, sure.
Oh, uh, Adrianne,
you want to do that?

Why don't I call TARU
about the wire?

Okay. Sure.
Come on, James.
Medavoy's Livery.

Yeah, I hate to fade like this.
I remember how tough Andy was
when he got shot.

Where I got shot,
I had a lot more padding.

‐ Take it easy.
‐ Good night, James.

Night, Adrianne.
I'm gonna warm up
some of that soup.

[ Simone ]
Hey, guys.

Andy, you know that cop
voided the arrest on Kerbis?

Did you talk to him?

The cop says Kerbis
rings a doorbell
from this woman's apartment,

says he's got a delivery.

The woman's looking through
the peephole. She gets
this really weird vibe.

She tells him,
"No, no, no, I'm sorry.
I gotta get dressed."

Meanwhile, she's dialing 911.
Kerbis is standing there.
He starts getting nervous.

He books from the building.
The cops grab him on the street.

Nothing to charge him with.
They roughed him up
a little.

They filed a voided arrest
form for our records in case
he turned around and sued.

Guy could be live
for those rapes.

If one of these women
would call back.

Put the coffee grounds
in the filter,

pour the water in the machine,
and then you push the button.

Do it now, Daddy. Just do
a practice run. Then
you won't worry all night.

Okay. Beep me
if it doesn't work. Bye.

[ Phone Beeps ]

Everything he should
be thinking about‐‐

his biggest worry is how
he's gonna get his coffee
in the morning.

My dad was that way too.

You break his routine,
he's like a fish
flapping on the pier.

You think
I should be over there?

Naw, I don't know
the situation, Diane.

I should be.

I sat outside
my building 20 minutes and‐‐
[ Sighs ]

It just gets me so crazy
how he is with us.

Hey, you gotta
take care of yourself too.

I take care of myself
pretty good.

My brother‐‐

he stops there every day,
before work and after,

and just takes
my dad's abuse.

[ Pager Beeping ]
[ Sighs ]

Hi, Daddy.

Did you push the button?

Left side of the machine.

Okay? There you go.

Daddy, I'm gonna check
with those referrals I gave you
10:00 tomorrow morning,

and I want to hear
that you called.

Yeah. And then
you can go home.

Uh, no, I'm gonna stay here
at my girlfriend's.

She's still worried
about this prowler.

Me too.

Daddy, use this time
to think, all right?

Okay. Good night.

[ Phone Beeps ]

He doesn't abuse me.
I'm‐‐ I'm his "precious one."

It's like I'm his accomplice
while he makes my mom
and my brother miserable.

Shh, shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh.
[ Exhales ]

Make love to me.

Okay? Just make love to me.

Dust along the wall,
will ya?

‐ Hi.
‐ Morning, Vince.

Rape‐homicide. No forced entry.
Victim's name, Andrea Lavine.

Boyfriend found her‐‐
Michael Barnett.
Lives in Queens.

What do we think
of this boyfriend?

Seems pretty torn up.
He's in the bedroom.

Go get some sleep, Vince.
Okay. We're outta here.

[ Man ]
Okay, let's go.

This is manual strangulation.
See, there's no
ligature marks here.

‐ Huh.
‐ [ Siren Wailing,
Winding Down ]


She put up some fight.
All her nails are broken.

Well, let's hear
this boyfriend.

I'll, um‐‐ I'll start
interviewing the neighbors.


Mr. Barnett,
I'm Detective Simone.
I know you're upset right now,

but I need to
ask you some questions
while your memory's still fresh.

She's dead because of me.

‐ Why would you
say that, Michael?
‐ Believe me.

When did you
last see Andrea alive?

Two days ago.
But I talked to her last night
around a quarter to 9:00.

While we were on the phone,
she said there was
a delivery guy at the door.

He was at the door
while you were talking to her?

I‐‐ I told her to have him
leave the package. It just
seemed too late for a delivery.

So I heard her say
could he leave it. He said
that he needed her signature.

And he‐‐ And he also needed
to use the phone
to call his boss.

She said he seemed like he was
all right. But I said,
"No, do not let him in."

And, uh‐‐ And I had to get off
'cause I had to get to work.

I told her that
I wanted to hear her
tell him to come back tomorrow.

And once I heard that, then‐‐
then I‐‐ I had to get off.

‐ Right. Get off to work.
‐ Yeah.

But I called her
at 4:15 this morning
to wake her up.

She's a nurse.
She does the 6:00 to 2:00s.

And when I didn't get an answer,
I drove over here.

[ Sighs ]
I'll bet the second
she hung up the phone,

she went and opened the door
to that guy.

I mean‐‐ [ Sighs ]
I got busy at work.
I should've called back.

‐ Where do you work, Michael?
‐ I'm a dispatcher.

Fulton's Car Service
in Queens.

You got people over there
who can verify where you were?


‐ Come here.
‐ All right. Hang tight.

That guy we were looking at
for those rapes yesterday‐‐

I'm driving home last night.
I stopped at one of the
complainants‐‐ Connie Williams.

Yeah. She give up anything?
She wasn't home.

This here is the same apartment,
same color building,
one block over.

Maybe this asshole Kerbis
got squirrelly...

from our roust,
looked to start shuttin'
the witnesses up.

He don't recognize
it's the wrong woman?

If he didn't get
a good look last spring.

Or when he sees she's wrong,
his joint's up,
he does her anyway.

We oughta check out
that building.
I'll take Russell.

All right.
It's 3‐B, 515 Fifth Street.

Connie Williams.
Hi, Andy.

We need to get a cop
to bring over that
Connie Williams case folder.

Yeah, I'll meet you over there.
I want to look at this cop's 61.
All right.

[ Siren Wailing ]

I had a bad feeling
about this guy,
and I let him walk.

There's nothing
you could've done, Bobby.
Hold that, please.

Thank you.

[ Woman ]
Who is it?
Miss Williams, police.

Good morning.
I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Russell.

I got your message
on my machine.
What's developed on my case?

That was in reference
to someone that we had
in custody yesterday,

to see if you can
make an I. D.
Here you go.

Thank you.
Is he in custody now?

No. We had to release him.

We'd like to
show you some photos,
see if you can make an I. D.

Can we come in?
Uh, yeah, sure.

Thank you.

Here, look at these.

Is he the man
you had in custody yesterday?

How do you know
that man, Miss Williams?

He's the man that raped me.

Uh, Miss Williams,
this man knows...

that we suspect him
in your attack
and several others.

And we think
that he may be
looking for you.

‐ He's the man you released?
‐ There was a homicide
earlier this morning...

a block over from here.

It had a number
of similarities to your case.
Oh, my God.

What we'd like to do is set up
here in your apartment.
Oh, my God.

You mean he was trying
to kill me?

It could be coincidence.
But we'd like to stay
on the side of caution.

Yeah. Well, we think
it would be a good idea for you
to vacate for a few days.

If we can set up a‐‐
Do whatever you need to.

‐ Whatever you need
to catch him.
‐ [ Knocking ]

‐ [ Gasps ]
‐ Easy. That's‐‐
That's gonna be a cop.

It's Detective Sipowicz.


She I. D.'d him.
Yeah. Hi.

[ Sighs ]

Boy, I‐‐ I hope James
has a better day today.

‐ I'd worried he'd overdo.
‐ Yeah.

First day back.
He pu‐‐ He pushed too hard.

You should've seen him
go for that, uh,
special Lesniak soup last night.

‐ The minute he walked
through the door.
‐ Greg,

none of us wants James's
coming back to be any harder
than it has to, right?

‐ Yeah.
‐ And if he's coming back...

and he's trying to get back
into the swing of things,

and then he's disappointed,

that could be a setback,
don't you think?


Greg, James and I are friends.

That's what we're gonna be.
We're not gonna be an item.

And I'd really be grateful
if you could tell him this.

I‐‐ I thought you weren't
seeing that doctor anymore.

‐ That doesn't make
any difference.
‐ Don't you think...

you should tell James
this yourself?

Uh, M‐Marie's and my marriage
counselor says that, uh,
expressing unpopular feelings...

i‐is the key
to successful communication
with your partner.

Does your marriage counselor
tell you what to do when
the other person won't listen?

[ Scoffs ] You don't think that
something could develop, huh?
Down the road?

Greg, I'm gay.

‐ [ Woman ] Hi. Sorry I'm late.
‐ [ Krieger ] You got me
sweatin', Mrs. Biaggi.

‐ Here we go. She's in.
‐ Taking out your husband.

And now he gets shot.
I didn't get one dime.

And now I can
get jammed up in some kind
of conspiracy thing.

I think I deserve
a couple of grand
just for how much I'm sweatin'.

Nothing is gonna happen to you.

How do I know whoever you
hired to shoot him, they don't
say I was in on the plan?

I'm an ex‐con.
They're gonna come
looking for me.

Listen to me.
Nobody is gonna say anything.

I got my boyfriend
to do it, okay?

Do you think he's gonna
let anything happen to me?

And besides, my idiot husband
doesn't even want to prosecute.

He thinks
it was random violence.

He wants to forgive
and forget.

Look, can't you just wait
until he's dead?

I had someone recommended
to me, a professional.

It's very difficult
walking around
knowing what I know.

I gotta think
about my situation.

What about my situation?
Do you know what it's like
living with Pauley?

The man makes me
physically ill.

God, I hate him.
That marriage is in trouble.

Excuse me, I gotta leave.
But you've had
several boyfriends.

And now I have a girlfriend.
Is that all right?

Yeah, o‐o‐of course.
That‐‐ That's your prerogative.

Thank you.

I‐‐ I just don't know
why you didn't
tell James about this.

I shouldn't have to tell
either one of you,
should I, Greg?

I mean, no should be enough.

I‐‐ I see. I take your point.
[ Waitress ]
Can I take your order now?

[ Krieger ]
Yeah. I'll have‐‐

[ Simone ]
Any information
you could provide us with.

Well, if you think of
anything that might be helpful.
Okay. Thank you.

Okay. Aiello signed off
on the plan.

The woman's already
out of the apartment.

Okay. Why don't you set it up?
Do a 4:00 to 12:00 with Diane?

Okay, so there's nothing
in this guy's pattern shows
him using a weapon?

‐ No. Mm‐mmm.
‐ How's your access?

We're in the bedroom,
three steps away.

‐ Soon as he lays hands on me,
they'll take him.
‐ Detective Russell?


‐ It's a bad time?
‐ Excuse me for a second.

‐ How you doing, guys?
‐ How you doing?

[ Russell ]
We'll go in here.

All right?
All right.

How'd it go?

They got some lulus
at that center,
I want to tell you.

‐ Some real sick types.
‐ Are you set up there, Daddy?

‐ Three times a week.
‐ Good.

You caught me at a bad time.
We gotta go out on a case.

Diane, I want to
tell you something.

Striking your mom was wrong.

And getting crazy there
at Joe's was wrong.

You're going through
with that course, Daddy, or
I'll get the charges reinstated.

I will go through the course.
I will sit with
all the lulus...

because my daughter
insists on it.

I'm so proud of you,

Detective Third Grade
Diane Russell.

Solving murders,
solving robberies...

and straightening out
her family squabbles.

I've gotta go, Dad.
Maybe I can talk
to you later, all right?

All right.

Did you talk to your mom yet?
Yes, she knows
you're coming home tonight.

Uh, did you talk to her
about the subscriptions?

I talked to her about ways
for the two of you
to get along better.

Good. Good.

Why don't you go?
I'll just pour myself
a cup of coffee.

Take your time.
A big part of her and me
getting along, Diane,

is no new subscriptions.

Hey, Detectives,
I can talk now.

Yeah, that's great.

Mr. Biaggi, I think
we should talk in private.

No. This‐‐ This is my brother.
I changed his diapers.

Mike Biaggi. How are you?
[ Lesniak ]

‐ How're you doing?
‐ Mr. Biaggi, um, it appears...

your wife is responsible
for these incidents.

We believe you were shot at
by her boyfriend.

What'd I tell you, Pauley?
I told you she was trouble...

from the first day you said
you were gonna take her hand.

It's impossible.

Can't you just wait
until he's dead?

I had someone recommended
to me, a professional.

[ Tape Rewinding ]

Do you know what it's like
to live with Pauley?

The man makes me physically ill.
God, I hate him.

You hear that, Pauley?
That's her in reference to you.

I don't think
that's Angela.
That is Angela!

We're gonna charge her
with conspiracy
to commit murder, Mr. Biaggi.

And we want you
as corroborating complainant.

My wife and I,
we love each other.

‐ She doesn't have no boyfriend.
‐ This boyfriend
you're talking about,

would his name be Sal?
S‐Sal Pentola?

‐ You know where I can find Sal?
‐ Pentola Auto Parts,
up by Shea Stadium.

This‐‐ This is not true!
None of this!

You probably took that
out of context.

But I ain't
corroborating nothing.

You put her in jail,
I'm gonna bail her out.

You post the bail, Pauley,
I'll kill you!

[ Crying ]
She's my wife, Mike.
She's my wife.

[ Crying Continues ]

[ Man On TV, Indistinct ]

So you gonna keep it
like this?

No, I'm not gonna
keep it like this.
I'll take a shower.

It'll go right back
to the way it was.

[ Man Continues, Indistinct ]

What? You don't like
my hair straight?

‐ Hey, wait.
‐ Huh?

I saw this before. They put
ink in water, and this stuff
makes it clear again. Look.

[ Man On TV ]
Tar, blood and rust
are gone in an instant.

You've got to
see it to believe it.

‐ You can change it.
‐ You'll become a believer
in the amazing‐‐

[ Officer On Radio ]
15th Squad, a guy in a uniform
just entered the building.

15th Squad. 10‐4, okay?

[ Man On TV ]
We have some of the worst here.
There's a bottle of ink.

I've got that already.
There's some iodine.
[ Intercom Buzzes ]

[ Man ]
Federal delivery.

I‐‐ I got a delivery
for Connie Williams.

‐ Okay, 3‐B.
‐ Fifteen Special.

Okay, this is our guy.
Everybody take positions.
[ Officer ] 10‐4.

Be careful.

[ Knocking ]
Federal delivery.

Yeah, can you leave it,
or do I have to sign?

A‐Actually, you gotta
sign for it, ma'am.


This better be my slippers.

I don't know
what's in the package.

‐ Do you have a pen?
‐ It's right on top
of the clipboard.

I see it.

It looks like
I'm your first delivery, huh?

[ Gasps, Yelps ]
You don't
remember me from last‐‐

[ Shouting ]

You want to lay hands
on somebody? Lay hands on me!
Lay hands on me!

Come on! Lay hands on me!
Bobby, take it easy.

You shut up, Kerbis.

This is hard to believe,
but right now
I'm the best friend you got.

So you better stay
real close to me.

What did I do?
What did I do?

Do not say,
"What did I do?" anymore!

Son of a bitch!

I got nothing to say to you.
You don't want to cooperate
with us? No problem.

We just want to let you know
what that means. Sit down.

‐ Thanks. But I know
what the law is.
‐ Oh, you know what the law is?

So, then you know
that that burglary and assault,
that's a done deal.

That's a felony, Julian.
You're looking at five years,
just for that.

I had a reason for being there,
which I'll explain to my lawyer.

That's the burglary
and assault at Connie Williams's
apartment today.

This is the Connie Williams
that got raped...

in that same apartment
six months ago.

This is the Connie Williams
who is now coming back
into town from Michigan,

rushing back so that
she can I. D. you, Julian.

‐ That's another 15 years
for her rape.
‐ I didn't rape anybody.

‐Then there's the big one,
Kerbis. There's the homicide.
‐I didn't rape and kill anybody.

I said sit down! What are
these scratches from, huh?

That woman
in that wrong apartment
give you those?

Any of this
sound familiar, Kerbis?

"Federal delivery."
"I think I will
take that package."

You remember anybody
saying that to you last night?

This is a case
of mistaken identity, just like
your gas station robbery.

You know what
the difference here is, Julian?

That woman that you raped
and strangled last night?

The neighbor down the hall‐‐
she saw you go
into that apartment.

She saw the whole thing‐‐

How you knocked on the door.
Then the woman wouldn't
let you in.

Then you tried to leave.
And then she called you back.

She saw you, Kerbis.
And this neighbor, she's
a very happy woman right now.

You know why?
She watched O. J. every day.

She's been practicing
her witness skills.
She's comin' in too.

Let me ask you
something, Kerbis.

You're not stupid enough
to think it was an accident...

that we were sitting
on Connie Williams's apartment.

Do you think that we don't know
what you're doing?

You figure we're on to you
for those rapes,

so you are gonna try
to eliminate these victims.

‐ Starting with Connie Williams.
‐ Except you go to
the wrong damn apartment.

You are one block over.
But you figure, "What the hell?

I'm here. I popped a chubby.
I might as well rape
and kill this girl too."

And then you go home.
You get a good night's sleep.

And you go back to get Williams.

And lo and behold,
your dumb ass actually finds
the right apartment!

Except she's not there!
We're there!

Now, you take a minute,

Now, you think about
how all this looks.

Uh‐‐ Uh, you're wrong
about this.

Hey, if there are
extenuating circumstances here‐‐
if you hadn't intended‐‐

Listen! What I'm intending
is to talk to a lawyer.


You ask him if he wants
to take your injection for you.

You got good veins there,

Because when they're
strapping your ass down,
trying to tap for a good one,

sometimes they got
to poke around
three and four times.

And you're thinking to yourself,
"Is that it? Is that it?"
[ Shouts ]

What do I have to do
to take execution off the table?

You give us a statement,
and I really like your chances.

Burnin', uh,
the midnight oil, huh, James?

Yeah. I got all involved with
the monthly statistics here.

How can we be down
22% in robberies
and up 11 in burglaries?

Yeah, I don't know.

I hear you made a collar.
The, uh, guy with
the bullets in his teeth?

Yeah, it was the wife.

Yeah. She used her boyfriend
to try to whack him.

I don't know how far it's gonna
go through the system.

Uh, the husband
don't want to cooperate.

‐ Yeah, we catch 'em. We don't
cook 'em. Right, Greg?
‐ Yeah.


Listen, uh, I had occasion...

to, uh, speak with Adrianne...

on the subject
of the two of you.

Is that right?

[ Sighs ]
Adrianne wants to be
your friend, James,

which she feels
she's failed to convey.

My friend?
You know what that means
when a girl says that?

Yeah. I mean,
if you go to dinner,
you go dutch.

[ Chuckles ]

She told you to tell me this?

a guy your age,
your charisma‐‐

I‐I‐I'd pay a month's salary
to have your prospects...

th‐the minute
your availability is known.

Geez, I thought she was
warming up towards me.


Adrianne has made
a change, James,

in‐‐ in‐‐ in‐‐
in terms of her preferences.

Yeah, away from me.

And towards women.

Get outta here!
Which is absolutely
her prerogative, you know?

But I gotta say,
I‐I'm shocked.
She told you this straight out?

Right in
the surveillance van.

Why didn't she tell me?
Sh‐She more or less
blurted it out.

And I‐‐ I‐‐ I‐‐ I think
her position on it was, uh,

she felt she shouldn't
have to tell anybody.

But, uh, you know,
sh‐she was‐‐
she was getting exasperated, uh,

because her‐‐ her "no"
wasn't being heard.



Good night, Adrianne.
Good night, James.

Hey, I, uh‐‐
I talked to Greg.

He relayed your message to me.
You're gay now, huh?

I just always liked you
as a friend, James.

Yeah. Well, I‐‐
I hope you're happy.

I hope you are too.

Is, uh, she someone I know?

Good night, James.
Yeah, good night.

That was good coffee.
And good brownies, Dot.

He went to that course.
Hope it'll help him.

Mom, you have to
think about yourself too.

If you feel like you should
go to Aunt Ruthie's,
then you absolutely should.

I'm hoping this'll help.

I told them at the course, uh,
we're gonna be married 36 years.

Yeah. Thirty‐six years April.

Yeah. Must be doing
something right.
[ Chuckles ]

Look at those bottles.

She leaves 'em
over here by the door
so that she don't forget.

Hauls 40 of 'em down there
to a machine, pays her a buck.

‐ It's for the ecology too.
‐ I think that's good.

Hey, I'm saying
I think it's great.

Huh? There he is,
"The Boom Box Mogul."

‐ Hey, Dougie.
‐ Hey, Di.

‐ I made brownies, Dougie.
‐ Yeah.

Why don't you go in
and, uh, have a brownie,

and then come out here
and tell us what you know about
the world of answering machines?

Dottie, you got
my beer bottles in there.

It's better than just
throwing 'em away.

The machine doesn't
take beer bottles.

So she hauls them
down there for nothing.

The homeless people take 'em
to another recycling place.

The homeless people
are thieves and junkies.

If they don't turn those bottles
in for drug money,
they use 'em for weapons.

Isn't that right, Diane?
Are not most of
the homeless people criminals?

Daddy, why don't you
just let Mom take the bottles
where she wants?

Yeah, you're right.
She can do anything she wants.

Hey, take all
the bottles down there.
Get your 50 cents.

Hey, I know.

Why don't you take the homeless
all these friggin' magazines...

you subscribe to,
and maybe they can read 'em?

‐ Dad!
‐ Gourmet magazine. Oh, yeah.

‐ Dorothy Russell, gourmet chef.
‐ Daddy, shut up!

He's just tryin'
to make a joke.

Yeah, God made a joke.

[ Chuckles ]
Made a couple of 'em.

I have to go. I gotta go now.

What did I say?


What's going on?


I've had two beers.

I'm about to go
to boilermakers.

And I want to stop.

Let's get out of here then.

You straight
with this bartender?

Come on.

Should you, uh,
call Andy?

I called
who I wanted to call.