My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Glamorous Lady of Summer - full transcript

Kiyoka accompanies Miyo to the remains of the Saimori home at her request. Later, a stunning visitor comes by their home.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What about...

the others who were at
the Saimori house? Were they all okay?

They are all fine.


You're still worried about them,
after everything you went through?

More than anything,
I'm so glad you are safe, Ms. Miyo.

Um, how about the house?

Completely burned down.

Completely burned down...

Sir, I have a favor to ask.

Will you take me
to the Saimori house once again?



Watch your step.


So it's true, it's completely
burned to the ground.


Having lost their mansion in the fire,
Shinichi and Kanoko Saimori

let most of the servants go and are
moving to their villa in the countryside.

Basically a fall from grace, I guess.

Although it's true the Tatsuishi family
caused this to happen,

it's not been made public.

There will be no legal consequences
for the Tatsuishi family.

But to take responsibility,

their eldest son Kazushi will take
over as the head of the Tatsuishi family.

I see.

The new head of the family accepted
certain restrictions under my supervision.

In effect, the Tatsuishi family will be
under the Kudo family's command.

Then, what about Kaya?

She will be sent alone as a servant
to a family known to be very strict.

It would be good for her
to experience the outside world.


What is it?

I'm going out for a while.

Are you okay with so few belongings?

What's that? Are you being sarcastic?

Kaya. This is a new start.

Let's start a new life from here.

We'll rebuild the Saimori family together.

You don't want this to be the end, do you?

Don't talk down to me!

Weren't you going out?

Yeah, I'm going now.

That's nice. Good day.

This cherry tree was planted
on the day my mother got married.

Is this what you wanted to see?


I felt like my mother was
calling me to come here.

What's the matter?

Um, nothing.

I think what I did was uncalled-for.


I'm partly responsible for the matter
becoming as serious as it did.

That's not true.

What you did for me sir,
was not uncalled-for.


You have made me very happy.

Are you done here?


You know,

the engagement ceremony may be difficult,
given the situation of the Saimori family.

The engagement ceremony...

Yeah. It's about our future.

I'm thinking of starting the procedures
for us to get married pretty soon.

We might have to go meet
the former head of the family.

The former head?

You mean... your father?

Yeah. He kept pressuring me to look for
possible candidates to be my wife.

I was fed up with it.

So the marriage offer made to
the Saimori family was from your father?

I have to be sure not to let him down.

Why would he be let down?

The proposal must have been
meant for Kaya.

If that happens, I'll turn him
into charcoal, without question.



Thank you for the other day, Mr. Kudo.

Are you recovering well?

Yes, thank you for asking.

I'm glad.

Miyo, can I talk to you for a minute?

Koji, I'm grateful for what you did
for me the other day.

I didn't do anything.

All I could do was inform Mr. Kudo.

No, he said that he was able to rescue me
quickly because of you.

Is that right?

I have decided to leave this town.

Where are you going?

To the old capital.
I want to retrain myself.

I realized how much strength I'm lacking.

I don't want to be useless anymore.

I'm certain

that Kaya will do her best
where she'll be a servant.

I'll try my best too.

I want to be strong so I can protect
whom I want when I want.

And... Remember?

A while ago, when we had a talk,
I was about to say something?


I'm sorry.

I wanted to help you.

I wanted to be able to laugh with you
in a normal way like we used to.

Because I...

I'm sorry.

I'm not sure what you're talking about...

I see.

No, it's okay.

It's nothing important.

It was good to be able to hear
what you had to say.

Well, I guess I should go now.

Miyo, until we meet again.

I've got to strive to be better, too.

Our engagement
procedure was a simple one.

All we had to do
was write our names on the form.

In the end, the engagement ceremony
was not held by the two families.

With our two signatures,
I officially became his fiancée.


Ms. Miyo.

Soon you will formally become Mrs. Kudo.

Mrs. Kudo? Oh my...

Anybody home?

I'll be right there.

Oh, are you Miyo-chan?


Pleased to meet you. I'm Hazuki Kudo.

I'm Kiyoka's older sister.

You're saying you want to redo
lessons to become a lady?

Yes. Is it out of the question?

No, I have no objection to it.

But do you have to?

Yes. I'll find the teacher myself,
and I won't cause you any trouble.


You don't have to
lower your head like that.

Your face is red.

Do you have a fever?

It doesn't seem so.

I don't have a fever. I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Yes, it's just that I... Um...

Relax, I'm not teasing you.

Well, I guess it's all right.

Thank you, sir.

I know someone who could be a teacher.

I'll invite her over to our house.

Thank you...

Don't worry about it.

It would just be putting
a person of leisure to good use.

A person of leisure?

Please help yourself.

Oh, thank you so much.
I was just feeling thirsty.

So you are
my husband-to-be's older sister.

Yes. Don't we look alike?
People often tell me our eyes are similar.

Oh, yes. Um...

Ms. Hazuki.

It has been a long time.

Oh! Yurie!

It's really been a long time.

How many years has it been
since the last time we met?

I'm glad to see
that you're still doing well.

You haven't changed, Ms. Hazuki.

Good grief.
You really haven't changed, Sis.

Oh, Kiyoka. Don't you have to go to work?

I'm off duty today.

Oh, for heaven's sake!

You're always so grumpy.

Cheer up. You have this cute fiancée now.

It's none of your business.

All right, whatever.

Anyway, Miyo-chan.
Oh, is it okay if I call you Miyo-chan?


Did you know I was called here by Kiyoka
to give you lessons on how to be a lady?


Uh, Kiyoka. You didn't tell her?

Well, I thought I did.

I apologize for him.
Kiyoka always neglects explanations.

I bet he didn't tell you much about me.

Uh, well... um...

It's okay.

I'll take responsibility to make you
into a refined lady.

Th-Thank you for taking me on.

It's the season of tenjikubotan, isn't it?

You know, tenjikubotan
is called "dahlia" in other countries.

Doesn't it sound lovely?

I just love these flowers.

Come over here, Miyo-chan.


Do you have a favorite flower?


I don't know many names of flowers.

Ah, those weeds
are called Asiatic dayflowers.

Do weeds have names too?

Of course. No matter how small,
all flowers have names.

And they're all beautiful.

Dayflowers only remain open
until around noon.

Still, they stand tall and bloom proudly.

You know, I've always felt
that all flowers are beautiful

because they try their hardest
to bloom for the limited time they have.

Aren't we the same, Miyo-chan?

Let's try our best to live beautifully
for the limited time we have.



First of all, you want to learn
the proper behaviors of a lady, right?


I-I'm ready to learn.

Actually, I had an unsuccessful marriage.

But I graduated from Girls' School,
and have taken a ton of lessons.

So I can teach you
the basics with no problem.

You can take it easy, okay?

Um, I... I'm so happy that you came.

I can't believe my husband-to-be's sister
came to give lessons to somebody like me.

I'm very honored.

That's good!

Ooh, she's such a good girl!

Kiyoka, can I take her back home?


Be generous. She'll learn more if she
buckles down and studies with me.


I understand.

If I took Miyo-chan away from here,
you would be lonely without her.

Th-That's not...

Anyway, if you're gonna study, I think
you need some kind of goal.

A goal?

Yes. If you have a tentative goal,
you can work towards it.

There's a party perfectly set
for two months from now.

Both Kiyoka and I are invited.
As a first step, you should come with us.

You'll be fine. This party is like
a friendly social gathering.


Why don't you give it a try?


All your studying won't mean anything
if you can't put your knowledge to use.

I understand.

Please let me go to the party.

Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

I won't suddenly make you
wear a dress and dance.


Your basic demeanor is already proper.
You don't have to worry.

Do you... think so?


I'll make a timetable for your lessons
by next time. Let's work together.


Ms. Hazuki is kind.

I want to become a splendid lady

like Ms. Hazuki.

I want to be a wife
deserving of my husband.

I sense supernatural abilities...

Miyo. I'm coming in.

Stop it...

You'll be all right. It's all right now.

A nightmare again.

The remnants of
supernatural ability feel similar.

The barrier around the house
doesn't seem broken.

It's unlikely
that an outsider has come in.

If interference
by supernatural abilities was possible...


Put the barrier up again!

Pay close attention!

Major General Okaito.


I'm sorry I'm late.

I'm sorry to have interrupted
your work, Kiyoka.

It's fine.

I heard Takaihito
has received a revelation.

I'm having a meeting with him,
I'll also report on Tatsuishi.

I need you to come with me.

Yes, sir.

And before we go,
there's something I have to tell you.

What is it?

There was a tomb break-in.

It can't be...

It's true. We don't have the details yet,

but the Grave was opened.

The time has come.

We're coming for you,


Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno