My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Nightmares and Ominous Shadows - full transcript

Hazuki and Miyo grow closer through their lessons. Worried, Kiyoka tries to get to the bottom of Miyo's relentless nightmares.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Deep inside the forbidden area

is the Grave, where those who had
supernatural abilities are buried.

That is the place where

spirits that turned into Grotesqueries
because of negative sentiments

are meant to be sealed off permanently.

If it is true that the Grave was opened

and the Grotesqueries were awakened...

The imperial city will face
an unparalleled crisis.

It would not be an exaggeration to say so.

Who was it that broke the seal,
and for what purpose?

Prince Takaihito received a revelation
at around the same time.

It couldn't be a coincidence.

Although, he has said
his powers are still unstable

because he hasn't
succeeded to the throne yet...

Nevertheless, we are not
in a position to speculate.

Ah. It's been a while, Mr. Kudo.

Mr. Okaito.

Hey, Tatsuishi.

Are you going to meet the prince
looking like that?

Hmm? I'm not a civilian military employee.

I thought there weren't any rules
I have to follow

besides obeying the Mikado.

Can't you show a modicum
of common courtesy?

This is my formal attire.

I wish you wouldn't be so uptight.

This time only.
I won't let you off the hook next time.

Come now. You should relax more.

Excuse me.

It's Okaito, Kudo, and Tatsuishi.
We have arrived.

Come in.

It is nice of you to come.



It is nice to see you again,
Prince Takaihito.

I am happy to see you are doing well.

I am the new head of the Tatsuishi family.

My name is Kazushi Tatsuishi.

Even though a member of my family
committed a crime,

you have given me permission
to meet you like this.

I want to thank you
from the bottom of my heart.

You do not need to worry.

It must have not been easy for you.

Thank you.
I am humbled to hear those words.

Since then, the Tatsuishi family has been

under the control of the Kudo family,
working at their beck and call.

We intend to try hard to
restore our good name and your trust.

On behalf of Mikado, my father,
I forgive the Tatsuishi family.

You must devote yourself
to make good on your promise.

I appreciate your clemency.

So, Prince Takaihito.

We heard that you received a revelation.

You must know by now that
the seal of the Grave was broken.


A never-ending night
will come from the underworld.

It will be a deep, everlasting darkness.

Beware. A battle is forthcoming.

There may be those
who will lose their lives.

So, is danger approaching

this imperial city?

If I foresee anything else,
I shall inform you.

- Yes, thank you, sir.
- Yes, thank you, sir.

Thank you for your time.


What is it, sir?

I heard you got engaged.

- Finally.
- Yes.

Your fiancée... well,

she may experience many hardships...


You should be able to handle it.

Is this a revelation too?

I will bear this in mind.

- Uh-huh.
- Um, how am I doing?

Let's see.

First of all,
try not to hunch your shoulders.

- Yes.
- Keep your eyes to the front.

- Yes.
- A party is a place for socializing.

Let's change your posture
which doesn't make you look confident.

- Yes...
- Don't forget to smile.


Lift the corners of your mouth to laugh.

Oh yes.

You know, I once took Kiyoka
to a tearoom that serves sweets.

Of course, we ordered some
and they were delicious.


But Kiyoka was more interested
in something else rather than sweets.

What was it?

The pickles that came with the sweets.

He stared at my pickles and said,

"Let me have them if you don't want them."

He's surprisingly greedy
about food, isn't he?

Did he, really? That is surprising.

Yes, that's it!

Try to smile like that naturally.


Good response.

Okay, next we'll practice walking.

You need to walk differently
in Western-style clothes.





Ms. Hazuki is flawless as a proper lady.

Taking lessons every day from
somebody like her

makes me feel that I'm able to
become like her a tiny step at a time.

I feel like one day, I can be

a proper lady deserving of
being next to my husband-to-be.

Prince Takaihito might know...

It seems as though he foresees
what will happen to Miyo in the future.

What is going to happen to Miyo?

Shinichi's first wife,

the birth mother of Miyo Saimori

apparently came from the Usuba family.

The Usuba family.

Among the many families
with supernatural abilities,

they're said to be
exceptionally unique and dangerous.

They have the ability to read minds,
pry into our memories,

and even slip into dreams, they say.

Are Miyo's nightmares related to

the supernatural abilities
of the Usuba family?

But there was no break in the barrier

nor were there any signs
of external interference.

What other possibilities are left?

Get ready to be dispatched anytime.

Hmm? Are you going somewhere, sir?

Yes. I'll be back soon.

Oh, I bet you're going to see
Ms. Miyo, aren't you?

It's work-related.
I'll be back before it gets dark.

No worries here, sir.

What's left is how to introduce yourself,

and the rules of conversation.

Also, I need to teach you what to do
when you are bothered by someone.

Thank you very much, Ms. Hazuki.

It's for my precious little sister.

If I can be of any help, I'll be so happy.

By the way, Miyo-chan.


I have just one favor to ask of you.

It should be okay now
since we've become so close...

Ms. Hazuki?

That way of addressing me.

When you call me,

you don't have to say "Ms."

I want us to be more like family.

That's what we're going to be.

I want you to depend on me, more and more.

I'm sure Kiyoka does too.

He may be grumpy on the surface,
but he'll agree with me.


You don't have to be so formal.

I would be happy
if you casually call me "Big Sister."

Of course, I won't force you.


Big Sister.

What's the matter?


then is it all right
if I just call you Hazuki?

Yes, of course!

Goodbye, Miyo-chan. See you tomorrow.

Yes. I'll be looking forward to it.

I want to be near my husband-to-be.

I want to become part of his family.


what is "family"?

It started raining so suddenly.

Weather in the summer is a pain
because it changes abruptly.

So, did you find any members of
the Usuba family?

I conducted a lot of research, but

records and documents concerning
the Usuba family are non-existent.

Rumors about them
seem to take on a life of their own.

So far,

the only clue we have that links
to the Usuba family is Sumi Usuba.

She's the only person we know of
who went by the family name of Usuba.

It's a fact that Sumi Usuba did exist.

She married Saimori and Miyo was born.

No matter how secretive
the Usuba family is,

it should be impossible to erase
all traces of her existence.


I want any information you can find.

Let's start with a probe
into this woman named Sumi

who lived in the imperial city.

I need to find out

the reason for her nightmares
as soon as possible.

H-How was it?

It was wonderful, Miyo-chan!

Thank you very much.

I think you're ready to go into town
and put what you learned into practice.

Miyo-chan, are you all right?
You look tired.

I'm fine.

Are you getting enough sleep these days?

- Yes.
- Don't push yourself too hard.

Tell me anytime
if you're not feeling well.


By the way, I heard that
Kiyoka has been coming home late recently.

His work seems to
require a lot of his time these days.

Today he said
he has to work overnight again.


Ignoring his cute little fiancée
and working all the time?

He's disqualified as a husband.

No, no. I don't think so.

His working so hard makes me want to

try my best while practicing with you.

Oh my, what a nice smile.
That's the spirit!

Commander, the envoy has arrived
from the Imperial Household Ministry.


But it's miraculous that
the notoriously secretive ministry

actually decided to send us someone.

It shows the urgency of the situation.

Let's try to get him to tell us
everything about what's happening.

How do you do?

My name is Arata Tsuruki.


I was sent here by
the Imperial Household Ministry.

I'm Kiyoka Kudo.

The Commander of the
Special Anti-grotesquerie Unit.

Yes, I know.

You're even famous in social circles.

I heard that you push women away
and are as cold as the tundra.

There's no need for small talk.

What I want to hear is
about the Grave, that's all.

Ah, of course.

Well then...

As you know, the Grave has been exposed.

The Imperial Household Ministry

is rushing to capture
the Grotesqueries that have escaped.

What was the aim of the perpetrators?

We're still investigating, but we found

suspicious men collapsed near the scene.

We figured they were the perpetrators

but we don't know their motives.

What is the reason the ministry
suddenly wanted to give us information?

They were reluctant for a long time.

Currently, only about 20% of
the Grotesqueries have been captured.

There are victims, too.

In other words, we are lacking manpower.

It took a while, but the higher-ups
at the ministry finally understood.

Is anything the matter?

If you don't mind me asking,

how did you end up coming here?

You're not employed
by the ministry, right?

You're as good as I thought, Mr. Kudo.

You are correct.

I'm not affiliated with
the Imperial Household Ministry.

But I've had an association
with the ministry for a long time.

Usually, I run a company
called Tsuruki Trading.

Since what I do daily
is research and negotiation with clients,

I accept jobs like this when asked.

I see. So you are asked to negotiate

when things become entangled,
such as this situation.


In the meantime, before we negotiate,

we've found out some things
about your background, too.

For example,
I heard you got engaged recently.

That's wonderful. How lucky you are.

I also would like to find a good wife

and settle down soon.

But I'm having difficulties.

Getting married
is not an easy task at all.

Anyway, regarding the matter at hand.

There was an official request,
so we will participate in the operation.

Thank you very much.

I'll serve as a liaison from now on,
so I'll be coming here often.

I'll be looking forward
to working with you.

Same here. Let's work hard together.

I wish you good luck, Mr. Kudo.

- Whoa.
- Oh.

This is awful.

If you see Grotesqueries,
report immediately.

If you encounter them,
engage with multiple forces.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

He was found lying down in the bushes.

He does have a pulse,
but he's unconscious.

Just like the men described in the report.

This guy is not just a victim, right?

No. In all likelihood, he's probably
one of the men who opened the Grave.

That means, even if he wakes up

a scary interrogation
would be waiting for him.

Poor guy.

That's a big if.

Not one of the men rescued
in this condition has woken up so far.

Why won't they come to?

Nobody has figured out the mystery.

The curse of the Grave...

Yes. It's safe to say...

they had contact with Grotesqueries
that were released from the Grave.

I see.

Just so you know, the ability I have

is "kaijutsu," which is
dispelling curses and magic.

It can work on living humans,

but I don't know if I can dispel
the curse of the dead.

There's no other way. Just try anyway.

Got it.

How should I say...
It's as if something moved in here.

Commander? What is it?

It's just too quiet.

There are no sounds.

Huh? What happened?

This curse is...

not something I can handle.

Is that...?

Stand back.


am I...?



Even if you are the spirits
of gifted individuals,

since you've become Grotesqueries
that harm humans,

I must destroy you.

Sorry, but I'm going to exorcise you now!

We're almost there...


There are already indications.

The awakening is near.


I will protect her.

Because that is my role.

So these are Grotesqueries of the Grave.

If they were able
to enter the imperial city...

I will never let that happen.

Mister, give me some candy!


Yes, I think you're doing very well.

Your posture and walking are perfect.

Thank you very much.

Okay, let's go.

This is practice for you,
but you should enjoy it too.


Today's practice is in town.

My husband-to-be is working hard too.

I must work hard to get better...

to become a proper lady
deserving of him as a husband.

Ms. Miyo.

Miyo-chan, are you okay?

You look pale.

Hmm? Oh, I'm fine.

It's not good to stress yourself.

Nothing good comes from worrying.

You are definitely showing growth.

So don't push yourself too hard.


I think we should
go home today after all.

But Hazuki, I can still...

No, you can't.

You must go home
and take a good rest. All right?

I understand.

As I said,
you need to stop stressing yourself.

If you get sick at the actual party,
all your lessons would be in vain.

Come gather round!
The picture-card show is beginning!

Hey, hurry up!

Wait for me!

I'm sorry.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- Let's go!
- Yes!


No, I...

I can't faint...

in a place like this...

Are you all right, Miyo?


Are you all right, Ms. Miyo Saimori?

Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno