My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Determination and Thunder - full transcript

Miyo wakes up to her sister and stepmother threatening her. Together with Koji, Kiyoka reaches at the Saimori home and demands to see his fiancée.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Where am I...?



Somebody, help me! Somebody!

Ah, you're awake already, Big Sister.

How are you feeling?

Did you have a good dream?



We need to go faster!

Being impatient like that
won't make things better.

You should calm down a little.

You're awfully calm for someone
whose fiancée was kidnapped.

We have no idea what she's going through.

Are you sure of her whereabouts?

Yes. I'm certain Miyo is...

at the Saimori house.

Since you took so long to come to,
I thought your heart finally stopped.

W-Why are you doing this to me?

You are very irritating.

You should have stayed a servant
or died in a ditch somewhere.

You should know your place!

I order you to reject
Mr. Kudo's marriage proposal right now.

Listen carefully.

You must tell him directly
that you reject his offer.

After all, being a wife to Mr. Kudo
is too much of a burden for you, I think.

That pretty kimono you're wearing,
for example...

Don't you think it's out of step
with your position?

Say, won't you promise us
that you'll reject his marriage proposal?

Otherwise, I will have to remake
this precious kimono of yours...

to match your lowly position, Big Sister.

Since you got him to buy you
such an expensive kimono,

it should be easy for you
to scrap the marriage proposal.

Once I get engaged to Mr. Kudo,

I'll give Koji back to you.

Well, Big Sister?

What are you going to say to Mr. Kudo?



Stop it...

- No!
- That's incorrect.

- Don't!
- Those are not the words I want to hear.

Let me hear from your mouth, Big Sister.

Say that you'll reject

his marriage offer.


Why is this happening?

It would be easy for me to give up now.

But this...

this is the one thing
I don't want to give away to anyone.

What's the matter?
Did you lose your voice?

You are so useless, Big Sister.

I can't...

I can't give in...

to a demand like that.

I won't do it.

Don't defy us!

You little...


Leave it to me.

Like I thought,
the floor suits you better, Big Sister.

Hey. You're a failure, aren't you?

Unlike me, you have neither
Spirit-Sight nor any redeeming qualities.

An embarrassment to the family like you
can't possibly be Mr. Kudo's wife.

It was a mistake from the start.

- Hey! Open the gate!
- Don't you think this'll be good for you?

You'll have this Saimori house
and Koji as your own.

Isn't that what you've wanted
all along, Big Sister?


I am the one...

I'm the fiancée...

I'm the fiancée of Kiyoka Kudo.

I'll never give that up.

What the...

Enough is enough!

You owe me for raising you till now.

But you bite the hand that fed you
as soon as you left to marry, huh?

My, such a nasty child!

I'm not gonna let
someone like you ruin my life!

If it was me from the past,
I would have apologized...

just to let the storm pass...
That's how I lived.

It was easier that way.

But I don't want to give up.

I'm not the person I used to be
who couldn't do anything.

I want to go back...

to where my husband-to-be is.

Hey, stand back a little.


What a poor loser you are!

What was that?!

What the...

I can't believe it.

Let's go.

Huh? Uh, right!

What's going on?!

Mr. Kudo! Stop!

Explain this to me!

Where is Miyo, Mr. Saimori?


If this is about Miyo, she won't be
returning to the Kudo house any longer.

Father! How could you...?

Kiyoka Kudo.

I didn't expect you here so quickly.

Where is my fiancée?

Miyo won't see you anymore.

She said she's not going back.

I'll verify her will by asking her myself.

If you can't answer me,
get out of my way.

I refuse.

If you're forcing your way in,

we won't just silently
sit back and watch.

Then, I will use force to enter.


What in the world is going on, Tatsuishi?

Ask your daughter later.

The main gate was blown to pieces.

If you let him in,
the whole house might get destroyed.

If that bothers you,
then you must lend a hand.

- Hah!
- Hah!

He's the head of
the Kudo family all right.

They're just wasting time.

Is he a genuine monster...?

You're in the way.


They're no match for him.

Their power is like babies in comparison.

So this demonstrates...

the potential of the most powerful
supernatural ability of today...

What was that sound?

I'm tired of your behavior!

Hurry up and say it!

Say that you'll
reject the Kudo family's offer!

No, I won't.

You brat!

I'm telling you to remember your place!

I'll never surrender to you.

For my husband-to-be who believes in me,
I'll stand my ground!


A storehouse?


There is an old storehouse
that's rarely used now.

Perhaps Miyo was taken there.

Show me the way to it.


Don't let him go there!


Using fire in a place like this?

How could you be so foolish?

This is dreadful...

I won't let you take Miyo!

That's enough.

I just knocked him unconscious.

Let's hurry.

Why is this happening?

Say it already!
Say that you won't marry him!


In the past,
I was just waiting for my time to die.

Every single day
brought more suffering and sadness.

I was tired of living
with my emotions shut off.

There wasn't any place where I belonged.
That's what I always thought.


I was wrong.

I'm the one who wants you to be here.

This was the place where I belonged.

Next to him.

Say it! Hurry up!

I won't... I'll never say it...

Say it!

I will be...

by his side...

Mr. Kudo?



He really came for me.


I... never gave up, sir.



You'll be okay now.

You came all the way here
for someone like me.

Thank you... very much.

What's with all this noise?

No... This can't be.


What were you doing to her until now?

She had no way to resist.
What were you trying to achieve

by hurting her this much?

I didn't do anything wrong.

All I wanted to do was
to correct a mistake, that's it.

A mistake?

Big Sister doesn't have Spirit-Sight,
her appearance is scrawny,

and she was even incompetent as a servant.

It must be a mistake for a person
like that to be accepted into your family.

My father and mother both say
that I'm the best one.

They say I'm nothing like Big Sister.

I'm superior in every way to...

Shut up.

I don't want to hear
any more nonsense from you.

Why? Why don't you understand?

It's not fair!

I've heard enough of your stupid bragging.

There's not a chance in hell
I would choose an arrogant woman like you.

Get out of the way.


How can this happen?

Kaya, we should evacuate too.

I wasn't wrong.

Let go! Just leave me alone!

Be quiet!

What are you doing?

Big Sister is the one you love, right?

You don't care about me.
Just flee on your own!

Yeah, you're right.
The one I care for is Miyo!

But Miyo would lament your death
if you die, even if it's you.

It would leave
another painful scar on her.

And it would be because of you...
no, because of us.

That's why
I'm not leaving here without you.

My, you've grown, Miyo.


I'm sorry you had to go through
so much hardship because of me.

You have to believe in yourself.

Believe in the power you have inside you.

The power...

inside me?



Such an annoyance.

That useless Tatsuishi.

At this rate, the Usuba blood
will be possessed by the Kudo family.

Your Majesty.

I would like to ask for your permission.

Please give us the opportunity
to fulfill our long-cherished wish.

So that the thing
is placed where it belongs...

The situation will change soon.

I authorize your action.

However, do not get the timing wrong.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Then as discussed,

we will commence the plan.

Do not fail

to crush that supernatural ability.




Yes, it's me.

Don't push yourself. Stay in bed.



Are you really all right?

Yes. Uh, sir...

This all happened
because I was not careful enough...

It wasn't your fault.

Not at all. None of it was.

You're not to blame.

Thank you very much,


Ms. Miyo!

Ms. Yurie.

Ms. Miyo! I'm so relieved!

I'm so glad you've awakened!

Ms. Yurie, please raise your head.

I was so worried about your condition.

If something happened to you, I'd...

We're so happy you're safe, Miyo.


Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno