My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Ripples - full transcript

With envy, Kaye tries to thwart Miyo's engagement to Kiyoka. Miyo leaves the house and forgets to bring the good luck charm Kiyoka gave her.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Will you look at that?
The color is perfect too.

It matches your complexion.

I can't wait till you try it on.

It's the color of cherry blossoms,
like the kimono my mother used to wear.

It suits you very well.
Don't you think so, Young Master?


But sir?

I can't possibly take
all of these nice pieces of kimono.

It's to say thanks for the hair string.
Just accept them.


It was Mr. Kudo himself
who chose this pattern for you.

I'm happy for you, Ms. Miyo.


Thank you very much.



I never thought she would
win the heart of Kudo.

That's quite a feat.

Mr. Tatsuishi, is that some kind of joke?

It's no joke. It's the truth
about your older sister.

Don't you want to know
how Miyo is doing now?

That man...

It's the man I saw that time.

As you can see...

Miyo is getting along well
with Kiyoka Kudo.

This man is Kiyoka Kudo?

I still can't believe his bride
will be that girl, Miyo.

Honestly, it's causing a problem
with our plan.

- We wanted her to be Kazushi's wife.
- I won't forgive her!

Shinichi didn't want you,
his beloved daughter,

to marry into a family with a bad
reputation like the Kudo family, I'm sure.

I'm going to go ask Father.

You're concerned too, aren't you?


Leave it to me.
My father can't say no to me.

What a foolish girl.

Thanks to her,
I don't need to do anything.

My husband-to-be arranged for me
to have a meeting with Hana.

To show my gratitude,

I decided to have a dinner party

and invite Mr. Godo as well.

Boy, am I excited to see Ms. Miyo again!

You'd better behave yourself.

Aren't you on night patrol from tomorrow?

Wow, Ms. Miyo's cooking...

I wonder what we're having?

Don't say her name like that!

Why? Are you jealous?

Of course not.

I just had a momentary urge for violence.

Which is basically jealousy.

Did you say something?

Uh, no, nothing.


Hurry up and get out!

Hey, you don't have to be so rough!

I'll tell Ms. Miyo on you!


It's all right if you disappear now.

Give me a break...

Welcome home, sir.

Whoa, Ms. Miyo!

Mr. Godo, welcome to our home too.


You look especially beautiful today.

Sir, I...

You're so... beautiful.

You look good in that kimono.

Maybe I should go home after all.

Oh, pardon me, Mr. Godo.

Please come in.

Big Sister, happier than me?

I will never...

ever allow it.

Thank you for the meal!

It's delicious!

It's really good!

Please help yourself.

To think of being able to eat
Ms. Miyo's delicious cooking every day!

I'm jealous of you, Commander.

Oh, I want to try this too.

So good!

Mr. Godo, shall I pour you some?

Oh, thank you very much.

Mr. Godo, thank you for helping me
meet with Hana the other day.

Um, all I did was drive her here and back.

But you did use your precious time
for somebody like me.

I truly appreciate your kindness.

Ms. Miyo! I'm happy because nobody has
ever said anything like this to me before!

Why don't you leave the fiendish commander
and marry me?

Godo! What the hell?!

I'm just kidding.

Um, Mr. Godo.

I appreciate your offer,

but I prefer my husband-to-be.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't think you'd take it seriously...

I guess the fiendish commander
is a human after all.

Did you say something?

Uh, no, nothing.

Good grief. He definitely
had too much to drink.

And he's aware that
it's going to get busy.

Was this dinner a problem for you?

No, no. It's not that.

Well, it was surprising when you said
you wanted to invite Godo for dinner.

Were you able to accomplish
what you wanted?


Thanks to you, I was able
to show my gratitude to Mr. Godo.

Thank you very much.


It doesn't matter.

Forget about Miyo.

But I'm the one more worthy
to marry into the Kudo family.

You just can't.


Why won't you listen
to what I have to say?

Kaya. If you have too much free time,

be good and go do some training
to become a good wife.


You're different from her.
You must always be superior to her.



Why are you here this late at night?

Listen, Koji.

Wouldn't you rather
get engaged to Big Sister?

- Stay away.
- Help me.

- Help...
- Help me...

- Stay away...
- Help...


Think about what you did.
Don't show your face until you're sorry.


Remnants of supernatural ability...?

But there's no sign
of the barrier being broken.

What does it mean?

I'm so...


Miyo, wake up!

Are you all right?

Huh? Sir?

You were groaning in your sleep.

Were you having
a bad dream or something?

A dream...

You don't have to
force yourself to remember.

If anything unusual occurs,
don't hesitate to tell me.



No matter what happens,

I will always be there for you.

Understood, sir.

Wouldn't you rather
get engaged to Big Sister?

Mr. Tatsuishi said he'll cooperate.

You'll cooperate too, of course, right?

What are Kaya and my father thinking?

There, done.

He's going to be so happy.

The Young Master tends
not to bother with meals when he's busy.

He's probably famished by now.

I hope he doesn't mind me
going to his workplace.

It'll be all right.

As soon as you're ready,
we should bring these to him together.


Ms. Miyo?


Why don't you bring
this drawstring pouch today?

The Young Master chose this pattern
so it would match that kimono.

It's pretty.

I think you should use it.

The Young Master would love to see it.

I will use it. Thank you.

Okay then, shall we go?

I think we should hurry a bit,

so as not to be late for lunchtime.


Father. Do you have a minute?

Yes, what is it?

Oh, Koji.


Why are you here?


I'm here to trade
fiancés with Big Sister.

Will you stop kidding around?

Kidding? I'm not kidding.

I know you like Big Sister better than me.

Your father didn't give permission, right?

There's no way it would happen
without his consent.

But what if
Big Sister herself agrees to it?

What are you up to?

Well, you'll see. Just trust me.

All you have to do is watch.

Miyo. Yurie.

What are both of you doing here?

Good day, sir.

Sorry to bother you at work.

Well, I was worried
you hadn't eaten properly.

So I brought you lunch.

Oh, right.

That's helpful.

It must have been tough walking here
under the blazing sun.

Do you want to take a rest inside?

No thank you.

I appreciate it, but I don't want to
be in your way, so I'll go home.


We'll be going, then.

Miyo, do you have the amulet with you?

Yes, I have it in here.


I just wanted to make sure.

Commander Kudo!

I'll be right there!

I would have liked to drive you home,
but I don't have time at the moment.

It's okay.

I'm sorry to have bothered you
when you're busy.

No worries. Take care going home, you two.

The Young Master was being shy, wasn't he?

Ms. Miyo? What's the matter?

Well, I... um...

I seemed to have left the amulet at home.

Oh dear!

It must be because I rushed you.

No, I was not mindful enough.

I promised him I would always
bring it with me.

Ms. Miyo, we must go straight home,
without delay.


I can't believe I messed up.

That was a precious amulet
that he gave me.

I was so excited about my new pouch
that I forgot about the amulet.

Ms. Yurie!

Ms. Miyo!

Ms. Yurie!

Ms. Miyo!

Ms. Miyo!

Kaya, Father, what are you
trying to do to Miyo?

We're going to make Big Sister turn down
the marriage offer from Mr. Kudo.

Right, Mr. Tatsuishi?

You know we can't just stand by
in this situation.

Anyway, I'll be waiting for you
at the Saimori house.

It's the only way to get that girl.
I have no choice.

After all this time? Why?

This is a matter between families.

Miyo being isolated in her family was
beneficial to us, the Tatsuishi family.

What the hell...?

You wouldn't understand.

I would do anything
for the continuance of our family.

It's my duty as
the head of the Tatsuishi family.


So all this time...

you looked the other way
on Miyo being treated awfully

for your own advantage?

I won't forgive you!

Oh? Do you intend to fight me
using supernatural ability?

I don't want to hear anything
from you anymore.

It's futile. Stop it now.

I won't let you have your way
with Miyo's life anymore!


Impressive. I didn't know
you had this much power.

Huh? Why won't it...?


You idiot.

There's no way a barely trained
novice like you can withstand my power.

If you think you can defy me,
stay there on the floor and sleep it off.



Let's go.

Yes, sir.


If you want something,
you have to select the means to get it.

You're perpetually second-rate
because you never have any strategy.

I am an idiot.

Are you going to face down like that

and wait for time to pass again?

Big Brother...

Damn it.

I couldn't do anything again.
I can't even win against Father.

I'm still so immature.

Then, are you going to give up?

Of course, it's easier not to
get involved in complicated matters.

But why did you stand up to him
in the first place?

Go wash your face.

Someone is waiting for you, right?


I'm not going to give up.

I've got to save Miyo...

I'm sorry, Young Master.

Miyo was kidnapped?!

I was supposed to keep an eye on her.

I'm so sorry!

What about the amulet?

She must have had it with her.


She realized she hadn't brought it
with her after we left you.

Ms. Miyo...

I know who did it, in all likelihood.

I know where Miyo must be...

Hey! There's no trespassing here!

Let me go! I've come to meet Mr. Kudo!


Mr. Kudo!

I know I'm out of line to ask you
something like this.

But, please.

I can't save Miyo alone...

Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno