My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - About My Husband-to-Be - full transcript

Determined to be of use, Mayo wakes up early and prepares breakfast, but Kiyoka accuses her of trying to poison him and refuses to take a bite.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[gentle music]

[Miyo] What a beautiful person!

- [Kiyoka] So you're the new fiancée?
- [gasps]


[Kiyoka] Listen.

While under my roof,
you will obey me no matter what.

If I tell you to leave,
then you will leave.

If I say die, then die.

There will be no discussion.

[Miyo] Yes, of course.


Is there anything else
that I should be aware of here?

[soft grunt]

Thank you for teaching me.

[Miyo] This
marks the quiet beginnings of my new life

as fiancée to Kiyoka Kudo.

[theme music]



All right, Miss Miyo,

this will be your room,
so use it as you see fit.

[soft grunt]
Thank you for your kindness.

Miss Miyo.

[Miyo] Yes?

The Young Master,

I know there're a few rumors
circulating about him,

but he actually has a kind heart
and a sweet temperament.

In any case, I'll be heading out now
if that's all right.

Yes. Thank you very much.

[exhales sharply]

[gentle music]

[Miyo] What a luxurious bed!

I was expecting
mockery and insults from him.

I had braced myself
to have been kicked out right away.

He thinks I'm one of the gifted.

Why arrange this
marriage otherwise?

All Saimoris are
born with abilities.

But not me…

Let us begin.

We'll confirm if either of you possess
the gift of Spirit-Sight.

[Shinichi] Miyo, Kaya,
keep your senses sharp…

[both] Right.

[Shinichi] I will
now open the box.

[both grunt]


- Ah! You stay away.
- [young Miyo] What?

- [young Kaya whimpers, screams]
- Kaya!

[terrified gasp]
No! Leave me alone!

If you have the ability
to see Grotesqueries,

then you have Spirit-Sight!

When you grow up,
you'll have supernatural abilities.

Well done, my girl!



[young Kaya giggling]

[Shinichi] So you've seen
even more since then, have you?

[young Kaya] I was even able
to move a paper shiki yesterday.

I'm amazing, aren't I?

[Kanoko] Well,
of course you are, sweetheart.

You're our daughter.

You're absolutely nothing
like that other silly child.

Much more talented and beautiful.


Miss Miyo…

It's going to be all right.

- [young Kaya giggles]
- [young Miyo] I already know.

It's no secret.

Everyone's spreading
rumors about me.

[Hana sighs]


[young Miyo] I'm not gifted,
I'm completely useless.

[Hana] Miss Miyo…

[young Miyo]
Mother's cherry blossom tree and I

are exactly the same.

- I'm unwanted, aren't I?
- [worried exhale]


[Miyo] A dream.

[soft groan]

I won't be waking up
in that house anymore.

I can't do much
but I have to find a way to be useful.

- [stomach growling]
- [soft groan]

What's that?
It smells great.

[bright music]

So nice!

- Oh, Miss Miyo.
- [gasps]

Uh, Miss Yurie, g-good morning.

Good morning to you, Miss Miyo.

I'm surprised you're already up.

You only just arrived
and are making breakfast so early!

I apologize. It
was selfish to dirty this room.

Selfish? Now what
are you going on about?

You are the fiancée

of our Young Master of the house.
[soft chuckle]

[Yurie] Looks
like you know what you're doing!

I hope the extra effort
wasn't too much trouble!

Preparing meals for the household
is usually my responsibility,

but I'm getting older now
and not moving as fast as I used to.

Any help I can get in the kitchen
is appreciated, so thank you!

Uh, of course.

Come now.

We still have a little bit of time
until he wakes up for the day.

I'll go finish up
some other things.

Would it be all right
if I leave this one to you, Miss Miyo?

Yes, if you're
comfortable with it.

[Yurie] Good
morning, Young Master.

[Kiyoka] Morning.

Yurie, I am not "Young Master"
if others aren't here.

Good morning to you, Lord Kudo.

Oh, yes. Miss Miyo prepared breakfast
for you this morning, Young Master.

[Kiyoka] I see.

[Yurie] I
heard she's very skilled in the kitchen.

It made my job much easier.

Come sit beside me.


Now, take a bite of the food.

[Miyo] What?

[Kiyoka] You won't eat it?

Um… Uh…

[Kiyoka] It's poisoned, isn't it?

An obvious ploy.

- Huh…
- [Yurie] Poisoned?

I won't be eating anything
with unknown contents in it.

[Kiyoka] Have it thrown out.

You'll have to try
harder than that.

- [Yurie] Uh… Young Master!
- [somber music]

Young Master!

[Miyo] The
first way I tried to prove myself…

ended in a failure
beyond anything I could've ever imagined.



The Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit
welcomes you.

Here, you will sharpen
your abilities like a sword.

Strict training will
hone your technique.

You have the Gift.

These latent supernatural abilities
are part of your soul.

You may have telekinesis,
pyrokinesis, clairvoyance.

Or one of the many
other supernatural abilities.

You should all be proud of this.

Consider them
materialized powers of the soul.

[Yoshito] Grotesqueries have lived
in this country since ancient times.

Also called demons and ghosts,
they've been known to harm humans.

Our supernatural abilities
are the one and only power

that can effectively respond
to these ethereal threats.

When's the last time

we even saw Grotesqueries?

All this preparation
for no actual work

- feels like a waste of time.
- [Kiyoka grunts]

Therefore, we must be ready
for them to appear

at a moment's
notice… Ugh!

[all gasp]

[soldiers exclaim]

[both gasp]

Yes, the number of Grotesqueries
have decreased over time.

Missions to subjugate them
have decreased as well.

That being said,
when a great disaster actually strikes,

we can expect
massive damage from it.

I expect you all to
have strong resolve when you fight.

The front lines may need you.

[soldiers] Sir!

- [knocking on door]
- Come in.

Commander, I brought you
the documents you were asking for.

You know, after
training this morning,

the new troops
seemed real fired up.

Oh, is today not a good day, sir?

You seem kind of busy.

Hey! Pay attention to me!

Don't tell me another one of your fiancées
went running for the hills after seeing

- that gloomy face of yours?
- [Kiyoka] What witticism. Now leave!

Wow! So I guessed right.

I'm going to kill you.

Okay. Uh, I can take a hint.
I'll just make myself busy elsewhere.

[awkward chuckle]
Please excuse me, Commander.

[door opens, closes]


[Yurie] Young Master,
are you listening to me?

[Kiyoka] Yes, I'm listening.

I don't think it was necessary
to behave that way earlier.

Miss Miyo worked very hard
to prepare your meal

with her whole heart and soul.

She doesn't seem
like the type to poison anyone.

[Kiyoka] Yurie's
never bothered to defend anyone like that.


Stop it! My mind keeps wandering.
I can't keep slacking like this.

[Miyo] It's no surprise. I just
arrived and I've already failed.

If he's anything
like the rumors say he is,

I may not be allowed to stay.

Your room is ready for you, Koji.

Please use it
freely going forward.

I really appreciate it.

Although you'll certainly be quite busy
with the marriage upcoming,

I have every confidence in you.

I know you'll be
able to handle it.


How about this, Miss?
Where should we take this luggage?

[Kaya] Just
go store that in my sister's room.

- [Koji] Good evening, Kaya.
- [Kaya gasps]

[Kaya] Well,
well, if it isn't Koji.

That looks heavy.

Why don't you take a break
and I'll carry it.

[Koji] It's no trouble.

Look at you being nice to the servants
even if they aren't my sister.

What an admirable fellow!

[soft chuckle]

I can't believe this
is where Miyo lived.

[Koji] If
she gets kicked out…

If she's forced
to start begging in the streets,

I'll be there for her,

- no matter what happens to me.
- [Kaya] Hey, Koji!

- Come here!
- [gasps]

Can I have you move this too?

[Koji sighs]

Yes, I'll be right there, Kaya.

[Koji] There
has to be something that only I can do.

[Miyo] Welcome
back home, Lord Kudo.

I want…

[Kiyoka] What is it?

[Miyo] I
want to apologize about this morning.

I let myself get
carried away…

If I were in your
position, Lord Kudo, I…

I wouldn't eat anything
prepared by someone

that I didn't know or fully trust.

I'm so sorry that
I didn't consider that beforehand.

Dinner is waiting for you.
Miss Yurie has prepared it by herself.

I swear to you on my life

that it will contain
no trace of poison.

If you're not...

Know that I wasn't actually
suspicious of you this morning.

I simply didn't want to eat food
made by someone I don't know.

[Miyo] Please forgive
my carelessness!

[Kiyoka grunts softly]

[pensive music]

It's already cold.

I am terribly sorry.

There is no need
for you to apologize.

After every breath you take,
an apology follows.

Tell me…

Why do you do it?

- I'm sorry...
- That's enough!

Repeating the apology cheapens it.

Now, tell me. You
aren't eating, why?

Uh, I, I didn't…
but I'm not…

[Kiyoka] Did
you not make yourself anything?

Yurie has already gone, right?


[Kiyoka] She didn't make
enough for you to eat as well?

[Miyo] Uh…
it's not her fault.

Uh, I just didn't
have an appetite.

I told Miss Yurie
that I didn't want anything.

Are you not feeling well?

[Miyo] I'm okay.
This just happens sometimes.

[Kiyoka grunts softly]
Very well then.

Thank you for the meal.

I will go heat up the bath

- for you right away.
- I'll handle it.

But, uh…

It's something that
I've always done.

One of my abilities
is manipulating fire.

It's much faster than having you
starting and stoking one manually.

[exhales nervously]

[Kiyoka] Don't take
on unnecessary work.

[Miyo] I don't have any abilities.

I couldn't even heat up
the bath if I wanted to.

In this house,
I'm just as useless as I was there.

[Kiyoka] Can we talk?

[soft gasp]
Of course.

[Kiyoka] I'm sorry
for refusing your food this morning.


Yurie… will be arriving
later than normal tomorrow.

I'm counting on you for breakfast.

You… you're certain?

Of course. And if you do try to poison me,
you won't get away with it.

[gasps] I
would never do something so awful.

[Kiyoka] So
there won't be any issues then?

[Miyo] No.

[Kiyoka] The bath is still hot.

Take one before
the water gets cold.

[Miyo] Uh, um…

I don't know what to say.
That is so kind of him.

[Miyo] I
wasn't even able to thank him properly.

The Young Master,

I know there're a few rumors
circulating about him,

but he actually has a kind heart
and a sweet temperament.

[Miyo] He
even gave me the opportunity to try again.

I can't fail tomorrow,
no matter what.

[young Miyo] Hana!

[young Miyo] Hana!

What's wrong, Miss Miyo?
Are you all right?

[young Miyo]
They're gone!

My mother's mementos
and pink cherry blossom kimono!

Everything's gone!

How could this have happened?
I don't understand.

[young Miyo] It
must be Miss Kanoko.

That's it. I'm getting back
my mother's mementos!

Miss Miyo… Please!
We don't know what she'll do to you.

It'll be okay. I'll
just tell Father if anything happens.

- [yelps]
- [thuds]

I can't say I'm surprised

since you're the daughter
of that thieving homewrecker.

[Kanoko] You have the nerve
to accuse me of stealing.

How wicked are you
to imply such a thing?

What is this?

I guess I must have missed it.

- [young Miyo] No, stop!
- [evil chuckle]

That's all that I
have left of her.

[Kanoko grunts]


[Kanoko] I don't wanna
see your face again

until you've reflected
on what you've done today.

- Lock the door.
- [door creaking]

No, please!
Don't! Let me out!

- Someone, please! Father, please!
- [somber music]

- [young Miyo] No! Father!
- [Hana] Madam, Master, please!

- She's just a little girl!
- Be quiet!

[Kanoko] Just who do you think you are?
Know your place!

- [Hana] You can't treat her like this!
- [gasps]

- Hana…
- [Kanoko] I can do whatever I want.

- She's punished for defying me.
- [sobs]

Please, someone…

Please help me!


Again. Every
night is the same…

[Miyo] I
wonder how Hana's doing these days.

She was fired on the spot
for trying to help me that day.

I haven't seen her since.

I truly hope she's
happy wherever she is.


Time for repairs again.

[rice rattling]

- [soft gasp]
- Ah, good morning.

How are you, Miss Miyo?

Miss Yurie?

[Yurie] That's two days in a row
you're up so early.

Uh… yes, but…

I thought you'd be coming later.

Mm-hm, after yesterday morning
was so eventful,

I thought it might be best
for me to get a head start.

Why don't you go
relax in the living room

and I can handle preparing breakfast
to make it all easier on you?

Well, um, you see…


[Yurie] My, my!
Young Master?

After the fuss he made yesterday,

I'm happy to think
he'd like to try your food.

I'm thankful that he's going to give me
a chance to do this.

But I'm not feeling
too confident about it.


Well, then, Miss Miyo,
since I'm already here,

why don't I help
you with a few things?

Oh, yes.

[Miyo] It
tastes okay, but will he like it?

[soft breathing]

- [Miyo] Thank you very much.
- [Yurie] I do this all the time.

That's why I'm so fast.
I can't guarantee how it tastes though.

Probably as good as it looks.

It's not very exciting,
but I'll gladly take the compliment.

Flattery is always appreciated.

[Miyo] Will
he really eat the food I made?

My cooking is nothing special.

Still, this is my only chance.

Now then, he should be waking up
right about now.

Would you mind carrying the food
into the room for me, please?



[nervous exhale]
Good morning, Lord Kudo.

[soft exhale]

[soft gasp]

Let's try your food.

You eat as well.

I… Um, uh…

[Miyo] Thank you.

[Miyo gasps, breathes nervously]

It's good.

[soft music]

[relieved breathing]

The flavor is a little different
from what I'm accustomed to.

Not bad though.

Thank you very much.

[soft gasp]

What's wrong now?
Why are you crying?



[soft sob]

I'm terribly sorry.

No. No apologies.

[Miyo] Okay.

[Miyo] How long has it been

since anyone complimented me?

When was the last
time that happened?

[Kiyoka] I can't get a clear
picture of her upbringing.

Her kimono is tattered.

She's thin and sickly.

Obviously, there was something substandard
in her day-to-day life at home.

Her hands are
rough like a servant's.

I find it hard to believe
she's from a reputable family.

[Kiyoka] Yurie.

Is it possible that
she wasn't raised

as a normal daughter
in her prestigious family?

I would say so. Yes.

Do you think she'd tell me
if I asked her about it?

[Yurie] I
highly doubt that she would.

[Kiyoka] Pay
attention to her discreetly.

I'll investigate the Saimori family
on my own.

I'll look after her.

In any case, Young Master,

I've never seen you
so interested in one of your fiancées.


[Yurie] There, there.

Expressing your emotions
is very important.

You don't want to drive her away
now, do you?

[Kiyoka] If she leaves,
it'll be her choice.

All of the fiancées
that have come here so far

were only interested
in my money and power.

Well, Young Master,
I think she suits you quite well.

I mean as a wife.

You're awfully confident.

I'm counting on you.

I can handle things here.

[Kiyoka] The

There aren't
many gifted families out there.

Hopefully, I won't find
anything unsettling.

[Minoru over phone] Hey!
This isn't what we agreed on, Saimori!

Do you have any idea
how much she's actually worth?

There was no agreement.

And just who are you to try and harp at me
about my own daughter?

I've heard enough here.

- Now, you promised me, Shinichi!
- [tense music]

That girl…

will marry into our family.

[Minoru] She carries Usuba blood!

[closing theme music]