My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Meeting - full transcript

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[Miyo] The cherry blossom is cascaded,
surrounding me and my broken heart.

[sobbing softly]

In the rain of dancing petals,
I cried, always alone.


The gentle warmth
of sun in the spring,

summer's light through the trees,

the bright glow of autumn
through cloudy skies,

the morning sun
on winter's snow…

No trace of light ever
found its way to me.

Happiness felt like a cruelty,

always beyond my reach.

Every brief hope would
vanish before my eyes.


It all felt so

If this was the person I was destined
to be, why was I born at all?

But everything
changed when I met him.


[Kaya] What is this?

It's bitter! You
brewed it for too long!

I'm terribly sorry.

Your apology means nothing.

Miyo, how long do you intend
to stay down there?

Go and re-brew it at once.

Yes, right away.

Excuse me.

Goodness! She
can't even make tea properly.

She's a Saimori like me,
so shouldn't she at least be embarrassed?

It's a wonder that incompetent girl shares
any relation to you, Kaya.

Just like that
wretched mother of hers.

Kanoko, please
darling, don't blame me.

[Kanoko] You're the one
who made that woman give birth to her.

[Shinichi] The past
is dead and gone.

Why don't we let it stay that way?

[housekeeper] Good morning to you,
Mr. Tatsuishi.

To what do we owe
the pleasure today?

I'm meeting with Shinichi
to discuss a few things.

These are for the
servants. Please enjoy.

Ah! We do always appreciate
your generosity.

Of course!
Now, pardon me.

[servant] I heard that
Mr. Tatsuishi arrived a little bit ago.

I wonder if he's here
to make marriage arrangements

- for the young ladies?
- [Miyo gasps]

Yes. It would make sense as both Miss Miyo
and Miss Kaya are around that age.

And Miss Miyo is
already 19 years old.

She is. But
her Master isn't concerned, right?

It's sad, but
Miss Miyo doesn't really count.

Why are your mouths moving
instead of your hands?

I believe you're supposed
to be doing the laundry.

Do you want to work or not?

- Uh, my apologies, madam.
- My apologies, madam.

[Kanoko] Ladies, can someone come
to the living room?

Go on, our Madam
is calling for you!

- Yes, ma'am, right away!
- Yes, ma'am.

Koji… Oh!

Tending to the yard again, Miyo?

Your hard work shows.

Hello, Koji.

How are you?

Our fathers are having
some important meeting today.

The plants you
have here are so nice.

Thank you. We're
happy to have you.

Yeah, um… I, I, uh…

I asked to join him
because I was hoping we'd get to talk.

[soft chuckle]

Hey, put your hand out.

- [Miyo] What is it?
- [rattles]

They're milk caramels.
It's a chewy candy.

When I had them for the first time,
they just melted in my mouth.

[soft chuckle]

[chuckles softly]


I'm glad that you enjoy them
as much as I do.

I got them from my big brother
who knows all the trends.

It's just as good as you said.

If you ever want more,
I can get you some whenever you want.

If it's something that makes you smile,
it's a small price to pay.

Koji, I'm so grateful for you.

Moments like this,
I dream of them going on forever.

[Koji] I…

I want to save
you from this place.

You're always saving me.
Please don't worry.


It's hardly enough.

I'd like to… to help
you however I can,

whatever it takes,

so that there's always
a smile on your face.

You know…

[soft chuckle]

[Kaya] Hey, Father.

I was hoping beyond hope that I could get
a new kimono to wear for school.

Is that alright?

Ah, I suppose
the new semester is starting soon?

Well, if that's the case, why don't you
buy yourself two or three more then?

Oh! Wow! Really?

[Kaya] Thank you so much, Father!

My goodness, sweetheart.

You really do love spoiling
your little girl, don't you?

[Kaya] The one I'm wearing now
is getting all worn out.

- [Shinichi] Miyo.
- [Miyo gasps]


What do you normally
do at around noon?


That's the time I do my cleaning.

[Shinichi] Alright.

The day after tomorrow at noon,

I would like for you
to be ready and available. Yes?


I will be. Yes.

[Miyo] Why
bother with asking me at all?

I'm basically their servant.

I have no choice in the matter.

My father knows that there's no reason
to tell me to be at our home tomorrow.

I am always here.


[Kaya] Mother?
Where are you?

Hey, have you seen
Mother anywhere?

[servant] Oh, let me think,
she might be in the annex.

Will you two be
going on an outing?

Yes. I'm getting a new kimono
since school is starting soon.


Well, would you look at that?


My dear elder sister,
why don't you go wash your face?

It's disgusting!

On your face!
You've got soot on your face.

[Miyo groans softly]


Don't you dare try to welcome
a guest into the house

with that mucky face of yours.

You're already enough
of an embarrassment to our family.

I didn't mean
to. I'm sorry.

[birds chirping]

[broom swishing]


He's here!


[soft chuckle]
Good morning, Koji.

Your clothes… You decided
to wear the Western-style today.

They look so dashing on you.


[soft gasp]

Anyway, what's the occasion
for your visit?

Uh, right…

It's just a discussion,
uh, with your father.

My father?


- [Koji] Here.
- [gasps]

A souvenir snack.

Please share it
with everyone else.

[Miyo] Thank you very much.

Well, um, I'll see you later.

Uh, Koji…

[Koji] Why
does it have to be this way?

- [housekeeper] Miss Miyo!
- [Miyo gasps]

Master is calling for your attendance.
You should hurry over there.

[Miyo] Huh?

[housekeeper] He wants you
in the drawing room at once.

Yes, right away.

[soft gasp]

The day after tomorrow at noon,

I would like for you
to be ready and available. Yes?

[Miyo] It
would be pointless to expect good…


…when I know
it's going to be something bad.

arrangements with Koji…

I can't get my hopes up.

My head already knows that.


[deep exhale]

It's Miyo. May I?

[Shinichi] Come in.

Excuse me.

[Kaya] What's taking you so long?

Could you please
just come in and sit already?

[Koji grunts softly]

[soft exhale]

[Shinichi] Let me be clear
about our topic today.

Marriage arrangements
with the Tatsuishis's

as well as our family's future.

We've decided to take in Koji.

He will be our son-in-law
and our successor.

The new head of the Saimori's.

The daughter who will support Koji
in marriage for our family's lineage…

- will be Kaya.
- [gasps]


[Miyo] I
tried so hard to brace myself for this

and I still wasn't ready.

[sobs softly]
It hurts… so terribly.

Why do I continue to hope?

Why do I yearn to be accepted,

to exist as one of them?

All I want is a bit of peace.

[Shinichi] Miyo,
we're sending you away to be married.

[soft gasp]

You'll wed into the Kudo family.

You will become
Kiyoka Kudo's wife.


[Kaya] Isn't that wonderful?

Just how lucky are you to get to
marry the famous Mr. Kiyoka Kudo!

[shaky breath]

For someone with no
redeeming qualities,

this arrangement is
more than you deserve.


I'm so curious to see how many days
you'll last in that man's house.

I guess we'll find out.

You will gather
all of your belongings at once.

That said, you will be leaving
first thing in the morning.

But, uh, Father...

[Shinichi] That is
all that concerns you.

If you heard what I said,
then go get ready.

And don't cause a scene.
You will not embarrass us.


[soft grunt]

[Kaya chuckles]

[Miyo] Of
course. Excuse me.

[Miyo sighs softly]

- [rain pattering]
- [Shinichi] Well, then, Koji.

Let's plan the
engagement ceremony…

[servant 1] The rain's not going to
stop any time soon.

[servant 2] There goes any chance
of putting the laundry up to dry.

[soft gasp]


[Koji] Wait a minute!

Why does it have to be me?

Don't make me repeat myself.

You will marry into the Saimori's
with Kaya as your wife.

[Koji] How can I possibly accept
all of that out of nowhere?

You say you want
to save Miyo, yes?

This is how you must do it.

Shinichi and I have
sorted everything.

She'll marry Kazushi.

And she'll be fine.

As you wanted, she'll
be out of that home.

When you think about it, son,

isn't that what would be best
for her life?

What about what she wants?

Why do I have to be the one
who ends up with Kaya?

Everything has
been decided for you.

Your only task is
to obey silently for your family.



[Miyo] My
mother's cherry blossom tree…

I could always come here
when I was sad or afraid.

It was the only comfort
I had in this place.

But I won't be able to
come here anymore.

Thank you for always loving me.

Goodbye, Mother.

[approaching footsteps]

[Koji] Miyo.

[Miyo] Koji.

[Koji] I'm so sorry.

I was totally
worthless in the end.

[sniffles] I
couldn't do anything for you.

[Miyo] Oh, Koji!
Please don't apologize for this.

It isn't your fault.

It was luck. And
mine just so happened to be bad.

[Koji] Don't say that!
It's not about luck!

It's alright.

I may find happiness
with the family I marry into.

I'm not concerned
one way or the other.

So you don't…

you really don't
resent me for this?

How could I resent you?

I've distanced myself
from any sort of feelings.

I only ever wanted to save you,

to spend all of our days
happy together like when we were kids.

- I wanted us to be...
- [Kaya] Oh, Koji?

[Koji] Kaya.

What are you two talking about?

I… It's nothing.

Then come inside.

- [Miyo] Koji.
- [gasps]

I'm grateful.

Thank you for everything.

[footsteps receding]

[soft chuckle]

[somber music]

[housekeeper] Miss Miyo,
may I open the door?

Yes, come in.

The Master said that
he would like you to have this.

It's a new kimono for tomorrow
for when you leave.

He said that you
should arrive in this.

My father said that?

[housekeeper] You're to wear it
to your new home.


Please listen to me, Miss.

Kiyoka Kudo is rumored
to be a ruthless, cold-hearted man.

He has already had fiancées
and they all left him.

So be cautious, Miss.

I understand. Thank
you for your concern.


There must be more.

[housekeeper] Is
that all you're taking?

All of the mementos from my mother
were thrown out long ago.

I have nothing
else to bring but this.

I see. This place
hasn't been kind to you.

Take this. I hope it will help you
with your journey tomorrow.

[soft chuckle]

I'm sure it will.

Miss Miyo…

Take care and safe journey.

[Miyo] This kimono is so nice.

There's no way it would ever
look good on someone like me.

[soft sigh]

[door slides open]

That's it. I have no
home to return to.

My whole world was here,
and all of my memories…

[gentle music]

[panting, sobbing]




[cicadas chirping]

[playful grunts]


[somber music continues]

[somber music continues]


[music ends]

[Miyo] Is this the right way?

Does the head of the Kudo family
really live in this forest?

[birds chirping]

[soft gasp]

This is the house?

His home is more
modest than I thought.


[Miyo] Hello?

[servant] Just a moment.

What are we here for today?

Uh, nice to meet you.
My name is Miyo Saimori.

I'm here because of
the marriage arrangement

my family made with
one Mr. Kiyoka Kudo.

Oh, it's Miss Saimori.
I was wondering when you'd arrive!

You may call me Yurie.
I am a servant in the Kudo home.

[Miyo] It's a
pleasure to meet you.

[Yurie] I've heard
some chatter about you.

Please come in and
make yourself at home.

Uh, thank you very much.

[Yurie] The Young Master should be
in the study.

You can settle in later,
so why don't I take you to him right now.

[soft gasp]

[Miyo] It is a
pleasure to meet you.

My name is Miyo Saimori.

Thank you for taking
me into your home.

[Kiyoka sighs]

[Kiyoka] How long do you intend
to stay that way?

I'm terribly sorry.

[Kiyoka] I didn't
ask for an apology.

Well, then, please raise your head
whenever you feel ready to.

[Miyo] Uh… oh, alright.

[Miyo gasps]

[Miyo] From the moment I
saw him, I felt something shift.

What was once a
dark space in my life

has a sliver of
light, a flower…

so small, blossoming
through the snow.

I'm Kiyoka Kudo,
head of the Kudo's.

[gentle music]

What a beautiful person!

[closing theme music]