My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Our First Date - full transcript

While Kiyoka takes Milo out of town, he quickly notices that she behaves very differently from other wealthy daughters he's encountered.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Are you getting used to living here?


What do you do during the day?

Don't you have too much free time
if housework is all you do?


I read magazines Ms. Yurie lends me,
and I sew some things.

Actually, I'm thinking of
going into town this weekend.

All right. What should I do about
preparing your lunch and supper?

You're coming too. We're going together.


You haven't been to town once
since you came here, have you?

That's true.

Don't you want to go?



I can't go.

I don't have a reason to go,
and I'll be a bother to you.

You won't be a bother,
and you don't need a reason to go.

B-But won't I be in the way?

You won't be in the way at all.

You can wear the same furisode
you wore when you came here.

Is anything else worrying you?


Be ready to go, then.

Thanks for the meal.


At that moment

I didn't have any idea
what my husband-to-be was thinking.

Thus, our first date
was suddenly scheduled.




Ms. Miyo, may I come in?

Y-Yes, please.

How are your preparations going, Ms. Miyo?

Um, fine.

Please don't hesitate to use this mirror.

How ill-matched we are.

Ms. Miyo?

Wouldn't you like to put on some makeup?

I... I haven't tried using makeup so much.

Oh, then leave it up to me.

B-But I don't own any makeup or tools.

You don't have to worry. Here.

I have all the tools you need.

This is so nice.

Although I don't have anything
new and fancy,

I'm sure this would look beautiful on you.

I'll start applying the face powder,

so would you please
close your eyes for a bit?

There. It's done.

I wonder how Young Master will react

when he sees how pretty you are, Ms. Miyo.

Are you about ready yet?

I'll be right there.

Pardon me for keeping you waiting.


Uh, no. You didn't keep me waiting.

Sorry to have rushed you.

It's all right.

Shall we go?


Sir, where are we going today?

Oh, didn't I tell you?
We're going to my workplace first.


Don't get so nervous. I'm just parking
the car there before we go into town.

I... I see.

So this is where he works...

Let's go now.


Could it be?


So it is you, Commander.

Aren't you off duty today?

Yeah, I just came to park my car here.

Oh, I see.

Uh? Um... Hmm?

And, who might this be?

My companion.
Don't pry into my private life.

Whoa! Commander has a companion?
That never happens!

And such a beautiful companion at that.



I said don't pry into my private life.
Didn't you hear me?

Oops. Excuse me.

Stop fooling around and get back
to your post right now.

Yes, sir! Have a nice day, sir.

Good grief...

He's my close aide, Godo.

Despite his behavior, he does have
superior supernatural abilities...

although I'm reluctant to admit it.

Okay. Is there anywhere you want to go?


Don't you have something
you need or want to buy?


Nothing in particular...

What should I do?
I can't think of anything I want at all.


Then, you should accompany me
for my shopping.


Are you enjoying yourself?

I-I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have gotten
so enamored with the scenery...

Don't worry about it.
You can enjoy the scenery all you want.

Nobody here disapproves, including me.


You don't have to think about
causing any inconvenience.

I'm the one who asked you
to come into town with me.

Got it?


Just pay attention and don't get lost.

I'll be careful.


How is he rumored to be
a cold and merciless man?

Look at how kind he is.

We had a deal, didn't we?

What deal?

Don't play dumb!
Why did you give Miyo to the Kudo family?

I asked you to let her marry
our eldest son.

Oh, that deal.

At the same time, we had a marriage offer
from the Kudo family we couldn't refuse.

Miyo's mother is from that Usuba family.

But Miyo didn't inherit
supernatural abilities.

Even so, Miyo might have children
who inherit supernatural abilities.

You're that desperate to obtain
the Usuba family's powers, aren't you?

You know the Usuba family's powers
are said to be exceptional!

If the Kudo family gets even more
powerful, our positions will be in danger.

Kudo will surely get rid of Miyo when
he finds out she doesn't have abilities.

When that happens, you can go ahead
and bring her into your family.


She'd be thankful and crying with joy
if you picked her up.

No matter how much he loves
his younger daughter,

he must be insane to want to
abandon Miyo.

Miyo could be the goose
that lays the golden eggs.

So are we in agreement that the Saimori
family will have no say in Miyo's future?

Yes. We basically abandoned that child.

I'm not interested in her future,
regardless of whether she lives or dies.

I see. Understood.

It will be us, the Tatsuishi family,
that will have Miyo Saimori as our own.

I'm not letting the Kudo family
take her from us.

Hey, you.


What's Father talking about with him?

I don't know the details, but it seems
they are discussing Ms. Miyo.


Why did Big Sister's name come up?

I-I'm sorry, Ms. Kaya.

Kaya, you shouldn't
raise your voice like that.

Koji, are you trying to lecture me?


Why do Father and Mr. Tatsuishi
have to talk about Big Sister now?

Don't let it bother you so much.

I know! Since it's such a nice day,
why don't we go out shopping?

That department store opened last week.
Didn't you want to go?

I guess we could go.
There's nothing else to do anyway.

There's a new shop in Nakamichi.

I heard the shop has...

Koji probably still has
feelings for Big Sister.

For all we know, she might already be dead
at the Kudo family residence.

Gosh. How annoying.


This shop is called Suzushimaya.

Our Kudo family has been
their loyal customer for years.

I heard they've made garments
for the Emperor.

That is very impressive.

Welcome to our shop, Mr. Kudo.

I need your help today.

We've already selected some fabrics
based on your request.

Please come inside.


Mr. Kudo, I see you've finally...

It's not what it seems, really.

You don't have to be embarrassed.

You've never brought a lady here before.

Well, that is true. But...

Young Master, have you noticed?

Ms. Miyo seems to be mending
her old clothes herself.

I was going to say something,
but I don't think she wanted us to know.

She wears worn-out clothes
like a poor rural farmer.

Probably the only proper kimono she has
is the one she's wearing now.

She hardly owns anything
that a girl of her age

who comes from
a prominent family should have.

Mr. Kudo.

Oh, excuse me.

What would look good on her?

I think that soft colors like these
would suit the lady.

Also these, and in these combinations.

How about that one?

Oh yes.

That's a very fine fabric, too.

But it takes a while to tailor the kimono,
so the season might be a little off.

I see.

It would be perfect... on her.

What would you prefer?

Uh, yes.

Make one with this.

And also some using the selections
you made would be nice.

Very well, sir.

How about this?

Do you want to take this home today?

Yes. I'll take it now.

By the way, Mr. Kudo.

What is it?

Don't ever let go of that lady.

She's like a diamond in the rough

with a myriad of opportunities to shine.

The items you bought today
are only the beginning.

With your love and wealth,
you must polish her and never let her go.

And then...

And then?

You'll have the enjoyment of dressing
a beautiful lady without hesitation!

Oh... Good lord.



How is it?

Um, it's good.

Your expression doesn't really say so.

I-I do think so.

I never see you smile.

Oh. I'm sorry.

No, I'm not accusing you.

It's just that...

I kind of want to see you smile a little.


Sir, I think you are a bit strange.

Please forgive me
for saying something brazen.

I'm not angry at you at all.

So don't cower like that.


You and I

are supposed to get married
if all goes well.

I think it's better if we are able to
say whatever we want.

I'll be happier if you express
your honest opinions to me,

instead of apologies.

Supposed to get married...

He probably still doesn't know

that I don't have supernatural abilities.
I must tell him myself someday.

But now I can't help but hope.

I'm hoping I can stay with him
as long as I can.

I'll accept any punishment for it later.

So please, let this last a little longer
until I can take responsibility.

Until that day...

Oh, Young Master.
Ms. Miyo is taking a bath.

Yurie, why are you still here?

"Still here?" Isn't that a bit rude?

What is that?


Is this...?

Settle down and just accept it.

I can't accept such an expensive gift.

There's nothing to worry about.


Don't worry.


It was you who put it there, right?

A comb as a gift has the meaning
of a marriage proposal.

This one doesn't mean anything special.

You're asking her
to marry you, aren't you?

It's only a comb.
I'm saying it doesn't mean anything.

Of course, you're right.

Ms. Miyo has been using
a half-broken comb.

Young Master giving her a new comb
at this time is nothing special.

Ms. Miyo is different from any other woman
who has come to this house.

I can't agree with you more, Young Master.

Like I said, it doesn't mean that...

I'm sure Ms. Miyo will be very happy.

Anyway, just go ahead and use it.

Thank you very much, sir.

I'll take good care of it
while I'm using it.

I guess it's a common domestic squabble
in a family of supernatural abilities.

Nevertheless, it's excessive.

At least it's not behavior
expected from a prominent family.

Kanoko Saimori, her stepmother,
must have held a huge grudge.

She and Shinichi Saimori were lovers,
but his family forced him to marry

and have a child with another woman.

They were the worst parents.

What about the main issue?

Yeah. As you assumed, Miyo Saimori
doesn't have supernatural abilities.

But her sister Kaya already
had Spirit-Sight when she was three.

That was probably when they started
to treat Miyo, the elder sister, badly.

Oppressed by her stepmother
and younger sister,

without love from her birth father.

She grew up all alone in that family.

I bet buying her a new kimono
is not nearly enough to heal

the wounds of her heart.

Oh, by the way,

there's one thing that concerns me.

Shinichi's first wife,
the birth mother of Miyo Saimori

apparently came from the Usuba family.


It was surprising. I didn't think
the Usuba family actually existed.

The Usuba family bloodline has
the supernatural ability

to interfere with the human mind.

Is that information accurate?


Miyo Saimori's
mother's name was Sumi Usuba.

I couldn't find out how
she entered into the Saimori family.

Good grief...
I truly feel like I'm not myself

ever since she arrived.

How foolish. Such nonsense.

These are mere simple shiki-gami.

Who could possibly be behind this?

Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno