My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - My Mother's Legacy - full transcript

Yoshiro Usuba tells Miyo about how her mother came to marry her father -- and why she made a decision that changed her only daughter's life forever.

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I'll tell you everything.

I'll tell you why Sumi married into
the Saimori family,

and why she sealed off
your supernatural ability.

It was a few years before you were born.

Tsuruki Trading failed in negotiations
with a certain leading client

and were performing poorly.

Since we were backed by Tsuruki Trading,

we had a heavy debt load
and were facing a predicament.

That is when...

the marriage proposal was brought to us.

They had heard from somewhere
that the Usuba family was in crisis.

They said they would pay off
our huge debts

if Sumi married their son.

They were persistent,
sending offers frequently.

I rejected each offer.

But one day...

Sumi accepted their offer on her own
without consulting me.

Do you realize what you have done?

It will mean that we'll be
giving the Usuba blood to another family.

If we don't do anything at all,
it's over for the Usuba family.

Sumi! You don't understand anything.

What do you think you'll be able to do
with such a frail body?

This is the only way forward.

Father, I'm sorry.

You're such a fool, my child.

The family she married into
was the Saimori family.

After the finalization
of this contract we call "marriage,"

they cut off our means
of communication with her.

As a result,

our family ties were broken.


I have something I want to show you.

You possess the ability of Dream-Sight.

Even Sumi didn't develop
that supernatural ability.


Go ahead and touch that tree.

This woman from the Usuba family...

she's not very friendly.


This is not just a political marriage.

You do understand your role,
don't you?


To conceive a child with
her family's supernatural ability.

I'm counting on you, Sumi.

You did it!

This girl.

She has the ability of Dream-Sight.

Haven't you confirmed it yet?

No. Well, Miyo is still an infant.

If we don't quickly obtain
the Usuba family's supernatural abilities,

the Saimori family will be downgraded.

We went through the trouble
of getting their bloodline.

And there's no telling when
she'll fall ill.

If Miyo's no good,
she must hurry to have another child.


I'm sorry, Miyo.

I don't have much time left.

Your supernatural ability

will be discovered when the time comes.

Then your ability of Dream-Sight

will be misused by this family,
and the Usuba family will...

You will have to live
on your own from now on.

You might encounter sadness and hardships.

You might wonder why you don't have any
supernatural abilities.

But for now, let me seal off your ability.

I'm sorry, Miyo.

You could see it, couldn't you?

At first, it may be difficult
for you to accept it.

It's best for you
to rest your body for now.

Damn. They just keep on coming.

Godo, at this rate we'll...

Don't give up so easily!
We have to withstand it somehow!


All of you!

I want to commend you for holding out.

We won't just leave you here
and die, Commander.

The reconnaissance unit reports

most of the band of Grotesqueries
have already been exterminated.

Let's proceed to get rid of the rest
of them all at once!

- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!

Let's go!


Good morning, Miyo.

How are you feeling?

Your supernatural ability
is not acting up anymore, is it?

Even if you don't tell me,

your healthy complexion is proof.

By the way, please wear these clothes
while you are here.

A robe for the maiden of Dream-Sight,

handed down through generations
of the Usuba family.

As for the clothes you were wearing,
I will keep them for you, so don't worry.

I was released from my nightmares,
and my body was making a recovery.

But as time went by
in this small birdcage,

my feelings for my husband-to-be
and my regrets

were getting stronger by the day.

I should have told him the answer
I decided long ago.

It was completely my own fault.

Aren't you going to eat, Miyo?

You still can't forgive me?

Or do you have a problem with your room?

Maybe the food wasn't to your liking.

I'll get you something else right away.

That's not it.

I'm stumped. What's the matter, then?

I want you to give me back
my cherry blossom kimono.

It's my precious kimono
that my husband-to-be gave me.

I can't do that.

Is it not possible at all?


I want to talk to my husband-to-be again.


Because I was wrong about everything.

I'm ashamed to face him.

But I think I should
apologize to him in earnest, and...

Do you want to leave this house?

We will not allow that.

Listen, do you know
how desperately I waited for you?

Do you know
how much happiness I'm feeling now?

You don't know.

I want to protect you.


Because it's my job.


All I want to do is to see him.

I want to see him and tell him
what I couldn't but I should have said.

We've been adhering most faithfully
to the code of our ancestors.

We cannot use our real family name.

We are permitted to marry
only within our kin.

We cannot have close friends
or romantic partners.

The Usuba family's duty

is to subjugate the out-of-control
supernatural ability possessors.

But that has never been asked of us
since I was born.

No matter how much
we adhere to the code, it means nothing.

There will never be a day when we
accomplish the duties of the Usuba family.

I want a role that is all my own.

When a maiden
of Dream-Sight appeared,

a member of the family
with supernatural abilities

was chosen to protect the maiden
with their life, it is said.

In the present day, that would be my role.

Presumably, doubling as your spouse.

I beg of you, Miyo.
Please stay here with us.

I want to protect you.

I don't want to cede this mission
to anyone else.

I thought...

you were the same as me.

Someone who had lost the purpose to live
and was feeling hollow, like me.


We did it!

We defeated the band of Grotesqueries!

Victory is ours!

Godo. Turn the battle formation
back to the initial position.

We'll regroup the search unit.

Yes, sir!



- Commander!
- Commander!

How do you like living here?

Are you experiencing any inconvenience?

No, not particularly.

Um, is it utterly impossible
for me to see my husband-to-be?

I'm sorry,
but I just can't let you do that.

I don't mind if it's just once.


Your stubbornness reminds me of Sumi.

If only I hadn't...

been so cruel to cut her off.

I probably wouldn't have
lost my daughter so early,

and you, my granddaughter, wouldn't have
led such an unfortunate life.

For all your hardships through the years,

I apologize.

Essentially, we are a family
related by blood.

If anything happens to you,
we will come to help and support you.

From now on, I want you to rely on us
without hesitation.

I don't know what to say, being suddenly
told I'm part of your family.

Even if you want me to,
I don't know how to rely on you.

To begin with, what is a family?

I don't even know that.

People must think I'm strange.

I angered my husband-to-be.

Um, I'm very sorry
to be telling you meaningless things.

No, it's all right.

I'm glad you told me
what you really think.

Just let me say something
grandfatherly to you.

As you said just now,

I think that sharing a burden you cannot
carry by yourself is what a family does.


Relying doesn't mean
leaving everything up to another person.

I think it means asking someone
to carry some of your load

that you can't carry by yourself.

It's okay to disappoint them
or anger them.

The bond of a family won't be broken
by something like that.

Was it that way when my mother
left this house?

It's true that I lost my temper
at that time.

Didn't it make you hate my mother?

Of course, I didn't hate her.

I cared for her more than
I felt it was unforgivable.

Looking back, I regret it now.

I misjudged what I should protect

and because of that,
I lost my beloved daughter.

And Miyo,

I care for you
as much as I did for your mother.



Since Sumi got married then,
you were born.

And our family was able to survive.

I feel great happiness

from meeting you like this.

I didn't know my grandfather
was feeling the same way as I do.

He said things that were
not true to his heart,

which hurt someone important to him,
and he regrets it.

And my mother
wished me happiness when she...

Someday, the time will come...

When your ability will become necessary.



I love you.


Apparently, Sumi's seal has now
been completely broken.


What is it?

I just received a message
from the military.

What? Are you saying that Kudo...?

What's happened to my husband-to-be?

Kiyoka Kudo was attacked
by the Grotesqueries and collapsed.

I don't have the details.

He was injured during a maneuver
and hasn't regained consciousness.

Can't be...

Where do you think you're going?


Let me go and see him!

I... don't want to give up.

I can't let you go.

You can't stop me. I'm going at any cost.

You have it wrong.

The one who is making you
stay here is not me.

I made a deal with someone.


I don't want to lie to Miyo anymore.

The one I made a deal with is Mikado.

Our family had long wanted the maiden
of Dream-Sight back.

Mikado agreed to help us.

In return, he said

Miyo must not have contact with any
other people with supernatural abilities.

He ordered us to completely
hide the existence

of the maiden of Dream-Sight.


I don't fully understand
what His Majesty is trying to do.

But if you disobey his order,
surely not only the Usuba family,

but also you will be severely punished.



I can't give you up.

Just as you can't give up Kiyoka Kudo.

But I made a decision too.

You want to go see Kiyoka Kudo, right?


If I'm going to let you see him,
I'm accompanying you.

Because I want to protect you.

My, my. What can I do?

You two are both
my precious grandchildren.

Supporting you two
is the role of a grandfather.

Well, go on.

Thank you very much.


Please be alright.

Why? Commander...

Why did he have to get hurt instead of me?



Oh, good, you came!


You're alive...

Since you two were apart,
I was so worried.

What if this was his final day
and you weren't here?

What would I do?


He will wake up.

I know he will.

I will never give up.

Miyo, you possess the power
that could awaken Kiyoka Kudo...

the supernatural ability
of Dream-Sight.

My supernatural ability...

I can't say for sure,

but I think it's worth trying.

I'll do it.

If that is what I can do.

Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno