My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Light in the Darkness - full transcript

Miyo's powers are everyone's last hope of waking Kiyoka from his unconscious state. But before she can rescue him, she must face the shadow of her past.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Where... am I?

What happened since then?

Am I dead?

Is this reality?

Or is this hell?


Visualize strongly now.

You will leave your body now.

Your soul will be detached
and enter Mr. Kudo's body.

Once there, try to find his soul.


Ms. Miyo... Please be safe.

Miyo-chan, I know you can do it.

Ms. Miyo...

Everyone here believes in you
because we all care for you.

Are you ready?


I will surely return...

with my husband-to-be.

I'm ready to go.


This looks like...

The Saimori house...

The Grotesqueries which were destroyed
are now reappearing one by one.

I was with Godo and the others,
but now they're gone...

What is this place?

It certainly isn't the mortal world.

All I know is...

no matter where I am, I cannot die here.



Miyo! Where are you?!

If you're here, answer me!


Where's my husband-to-be?

Who's there?!

Is anybody there?

Over here...

Wait a minute!


Here... Over here...


You are...

Catch me if you can.

What... is this?

This way.

I have to hurry
and find my husband-to-be.

This door...

I recognize it.

Are you...



I must go to her.

I was going to bring Miyo back.

How pathetic am I...?

I must see her once more... and apologize.


will I be able to?

No, I have to!

I can't be trapped in a place like this.

I can't die yet!

What are you doing here...?

You won't see him.


You are not... good enough for him.

You're going to be alone.


Because it's easier for you.

That's how you've been living until now.

You know it in your heart, right?

He gave you so much kindness.

You flatly refused it

and hurt him.

Because of you, he is now wandering
on the brink of death.

Everyone who comes across you...

meets misfortune.

That's why...

you shouldn't be beside him.

That may be true.

I'm a failure in many ways.

I've been wanting to change
and stop seeing myself as a failure.

As you said,
I'm not good enough to be with him.

I thought so, too.


I don't anymore.

Since you achieved a supernatural ability?

That doesn't matter.

Thanks to those around me
who care for me,

I now feel that it's all right
for me to be beside him.

Don't lie.

You yourself think that it's easier

to stay all alone.

No. That's not true.

Don't lie!

After Mother died,
every day was a living hell.

So before long,

you made your heart go numb
so you wouldn't feel anything.

There was no other way.

That was the only way to live.

I thought that was my life...
to be living that way.

But... I believe I can change.

It's too late to change!

You've always given up
on every little thing, haven't you?

But... I decided not to give up anymore!

It's impossible!

It's not impossible!

It is impossible!

Giving up is easy,

and you won't get hurt!

That's who you are.

You hurt his feelings

so that you wouldn't get hurt!

So that's why
I have to apologize to him.

My husband-to-be was always on my side.

Although he believed in me,

I couldn't believe in myself.

I was scared to get hurt.

It's all my fault.

Don't come near me!

The possibility of getting hurt is scary...

but I won't run away anymore.

I believe in my husband-to-be.

And because he believes in me,

I'll believe in myself too.


I want to be beside him!

I'm going to find him and bring him back

so that I can live a happy life with him.

I hope... you can.

It's his kumihimo cord.




Stand back!

What is this...?


I've come to take you home.



You're badly injured...

Don't worry.

It's just a scratch.

More importantly...


Your Majesty!

What is the situation?

Your Majesty.

A girl who seems to be
part of the Usuba family has appeared.

Damned Usuba...

Your Majesty, please rest your body.

It's our highest priority now to eliminate

the Kudo family which poses a threat to us
as well as the power of Dream-Sight.



Please take my hand.

Your hand?

Would you please...

believe in me?

Of course.

Let's go home... together!



Kiyoka Kudo!

Miyo Saimori!

Miyo! It's coming!

You pesky little rats!

Be gone!

Where are we?


Although it was my job to protect you,

you saved me instead.

Sir, this...

This kumihimo cord

guided me to where you were.

Oh, so that's how...

I thought I had lost it in the battle.

I'll tie it for you.

Can you crouch down, sir?

Yes, thank you.

There, it's done.

Thank you.

Um, sir?


At the Usuba house,
I was asked what I wanted to do,

and I answered, "I don't know."

Do you remember?


It was a lie when I said I didn't know.

I'm sorry.


I'm the one who should apologize.


I didn't mean to hurt you,

but I lost my temper and I said
something unreasonable.

I sincerely apologize.

It's all right.

I... want to be beside you, sir.


Please let me always be by your side.

That was always my intention.

If you don't mind someone like me,
I want you to be by my side.


Of course.


I didn't know what I'd do
if you had said no.

I would never say no.


Ms. Miyo!

- Commander!
- Mr. Kudo!

- Miyo!
- Commander!

- Kiyoka!
- Miyo!




everyone is waiting.

Let's go back together.

Yes, let's go.

- Commander!
- Young Master!


Commander! Wake up!

- Miyo!
- Commander!


I'm relieved...

Ms. Miyo...


Are we... back?


We were so worried about you!

Sorry... to have made you worry.


Goodness, don't cry.


I'm so glad you're okay!

Hey, Godo!

Don't cling to me! It's stifling!


Um, are you returning home?

My work here is done, it seems,

so I'm excusing myself.

I really don't know what to say
about all of this, but...

You don't have to mention it.

I just did what I wanted to do.


I still can't...

go back to the Usuba house with you.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize for something like that.

You are family to us.

Arata Tsuruki...

I'm going to request a rematch someday.

I won't lose next time.

Very well. I'll be ready anytime.

Until then...

What? That can't be...

Mikado has already lost
the ability of revelation.

The fear of not being able
to see into the future

has taken over Mikado.

He committed a sin by opening the Grave and
placing many people's lives in danger...

We will surely have to...

make him atone for it someday.

It feels like we were away
for such a long time.

It certainly does.

Welcome home, sir.

Well, it's good to be home, Miyo.

Thus, my everyday life
regained tranquility.

The restless nights of nightmares
became a thing of the past.

And now, we are finally able
to enjoy having meals together

while having trivial conversations.

The time I am able
to spend with my husband-to-be...

is what happiness means to me.

These days,
I realize that even more strongly.


Peaceful days flew by quickly.

And before I knew it,

the day I was to try out my skills
learned from Ms. Hazuki

had come.




Thank you for waiting.

Uh... uh-huh.

Um, sir?

How do I look?

Oh, you look beautiful.

Thank you very much.

You look dashing too, sir.

What are you saying, all of a sudden?

I-I'm sorry.

Shall we go?



I want to ask you again just to make sure
since we're not in a dream right now.

I know how troublesome I can be.

But will you marry me?

You're not troublesome at all.

I'm much more trouble...

How about you?

Won't you regret your decision?

There's no way I'll regret it.

I'm the one who chose you.

I know I'm inexperienced,

but it will be an honor.

Likewise. It will be an honor.

Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno