My Happy Marriage (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Summer Cherry Blossoms, and the Mistake - full transcript

Arata reveals his true identity and introduces Miyo to the grandfather she never knew. They claim they can cure her nightmares -- on one condition.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Are you conscious?


I'm okay now.

I can walk on my own.

Please put me down.

Are you really all right?



Why are the cherry blossoms blooming?
It's midsummer now.

That's strange.

I feel like I've seen this before.

Finally, you've come.

Mr. Tsuruki...?

I was waiting for you.

Welcome to the Usuba house.




I'm impressed that
you found your way here.

Um, why Usuba?

Oh, actually, my real name is Arata Usuba.

Tsuruki is my pseudonym.

Arata... Usuba?

Yes. I'm part of the same family as you.

I'm your cousin.

From the look of things,

you must already have an idea
why we came here.

To stop Miyo
from having nightmares, isn't it?

Miyo's nightmares...

The Usuba family's blood
is the cause, isn't it?

I won't deny it.

But to say it more accurately,
the cause of the nightmares is...

Miyo's supernatural ability.


Are you saying Miyo has
a supernatural ability?

Yes. I have no doubt she does.

Not only that, the ability is dangerous
and powerful.

N-No. That's impossible.

Because I was tested for Spirit-Sight
and found to be...

You're right.
Usually, if you don't have Spirit-Sight,

it's a sign you won't develop any
supernatural abilities.

Then I cannot have...

But the Usuba family has a special kind
of supernatural abilities.

Whether you have Spirit-Sight or not
doesn't matter.

You do have a supernatural ability.

I am certain of it.

Right, Grandfather?

You resemble your mother, Sumi.

I'm the head of the Usuba family.

My name is Yoshiro Usuba.

I'm Sumi Usuba's father,

and Miyo, I'm your grandfather.


Aren't you feeling a bit better now
since coming to this house?


Now that you mentioned it,
my body does feel lighter.

That's because of Usuba's barrier.

If you stay in this house,

your body should be
back to health in no time.

What happens if she goes
outside of the barrier?

Will she start having nightmares again?

I reckon she will.

Isn't there a way to release her
from her nightmares?

Of course, there is.

But if you want Miyo to be saved,
there's one condition.


Kiyoka Kudo,

will you turn over Miyo to us?


What on earth is your intention?

To us,

Miyo's existence is very special.

To the Usuba family,
she's worth more than anything else.

If so, why now?

Why didn't you ask for her before?

Ah... We also didn't think that Miyo would
develop a supernatural ability.

However, just recently,

we noticed she was showing signs
of having supernatural ability.

And furthermore,
her ability is a rare kind

among the Usuba family's abilities.


The ability Miyo has is Dream-Sight.

It's an ability to intervene
in people's dreams.

The reason why Miyo keeps
having nightmares is probably due to

her Dream-Sight ability.

If the Usuba family
doesn't directly control it,

someday it will certainly
lead to calamities.

That's how dangerous the ability is.

What do you intend to do to Miyo?

It's simple.

We're only trying
to return her to where she should be.

As she has developed
the ability of Dream-Sight,

there is no way we can allow her
to be outside the Usuba family.

There's no use in trying
to take her away from me.

Mr. Kudo.

Just know that we are
giving you this explanation

as our utmost consideration for you.

Do you really think
that I'd say yes to your nonsense?

Please keep calm.

This is about the Usuba family.

- Um...
- Stop joking around.

Miyo staying with the Usuba family
is not possible,

because Miyo is my fiancée.

- I said this is about the Usuba family.
- Um, sir...

So you are an outsider.

You've been ignoring her this whole time,

but you seek her because you know
she has a supernatural ability.

Do you think such logic
will go unchallenged?

No matter what, I won't let you have Miyo.

I'll protect her.

Do you really think you can protect Miyo?


During the Saimori family incident,

you let them kidnap Miyo
and she was wounded.

Not only that, you can't stop her
from having nightmares,

and you've made her suffer needlessly.

Can you honestly say that
you are protecting her?

Besides, you have more important things
to do than being here.

The Grave was opened up.

We are in the middle of a national crisis.

How can you make the time
to protect Miyo?

You bastard...!

Because of me,
he pushed himself so hard...

And I caused him to worry about me...

What do you want to do, Miyo?




I don't know.

If I said "I want to be with you" now,

I would be tying him down forever.

I see.

So, Mr. Kudo, no amount of talking
would help us reach an agreement.

Let's do this fairly.

How about we have a duel
and the winner takes Miyo?

A duel?

If you win, I will teach you the method
to control Miyo's ability.

That way, she won't have to suffer
any more nightmares.

I've never meant for
anything like this to happen...

A duel for me?

I accept. I'll take you up on your offer.

Thank you.

Well, then.

Shall we have a manly, serious duel?

If you win, the Kudo family

and if I win, the Usuba family

will become Miyo's home.

That goes without saying.

I thought I said a serious duel.

This will suffice.

I will not be holding back, you know.


Too slow.

Oops, forgive me.

I was aiming for the hilt of your sword
but I seem to have missed it.

Too bad. You missed too.

You certainly are something, as expected.

Your supernatural ability is
no longer effective on me.

Oh, yes. I'll tell you
something that's beneficial.

In the Usuba family,
most of us with supernatural abilities

do not have Spirit-Sight, me included.

Can you guess why?

Spirit-Sight is necessary
when battling Grotesqueries.

This means, our supernatural abilities
are not for battling Grotesqueries.

The abilities that we have

are for battling humans
with supernatural abilities.

Like this.

What do you think of this?

Aren't you gradually having trouble

believing what you're seeing?

You're overconfident.

Amazing power.

If a wielder of a supernatural ability
as powerful as you loses control,

and tries to hurt somebody,
would anybody be able to stop them?

With Usuba's supernatural abilities...

we're the ones that are able

to manipulate minds directly, we can!

This is why the Usuba family has stayed
hidden in the shadows of history.

We have secretly served Mikado

and existed as the ultimate weapon against
rogue wielders of supernatural abilities.

What's the matter?

Is that all there is to the Usuba family's
supernatural ability?


Nobody has ever reacted
at that speed to my illusions.

It's about time to finish up.

I can't let you do that.

The Usuba family cannot lose
to a wielder of supernatural ability.

It's just impossible.

As I told you, your illusional ability
is no longer effective on me.

Sir, please stop now!

You'll be caught in their battle
if you get any closer.

Do you want to die?

Can you dodge this?

It's over.


I win.


Wait, don't go.

Aren't you going to shoot?
I thought this was a serious duel.

I don't need to shoot.

It's clearly settled.




You are strong.


protecting Miyo...



That's my job.


The situation is worse than predicted.

Did another problem arise?


According to reports,

each one of the Grotesqueries
has been acting alone until now.


now they've started to move in bands.

That can't be...

We need to adapt to their movements

and change our formations accordingly.

Contact Kudo immediately.

Yes, sir.

I can't believe it!

You just came back here
moping after you lost?

With wounds too.

I'm sorry.

If you have time to apologize,

Go and get Miyo-chan back right now.

I can't do that.

Huh? What are you say...

I lost the duel.


don't have the right to get her back.



It doesn't matter
what a loser like you thinks.

You can't just leave
poor Miyo-chan like that.

But Miyo wasn't sure...

which one of us she should be with,
me or Usuba.

She said she didn't know.

You fool!

Think harder about this situation.

No matter how harsh you were with her,

you know she wouldn't say
something like that for revenge.

She blames herself.

She thinks she was bad
for not realizing how you feel.

She wants so badly to stay by your side.

But she knows that
if you turn her away, it's over.

That's why she wanted to improve herself.

She wanted to be needed by you.

Of course, she was afraid
to confide in you.

Then I guess...

I really made a big mistake.

Pull yourself together!

You are all she has.

Understood. I'll be right over.

I'm going to the headquarters.

You're kidding.

Are you just going to ignore Miyo
and go to work?

An emergency situation has occurred.

But, that's not a reason to...

It's a matter of life or death
for everybody.

Suppose I treated my mission lightly,
and there were casualties as a result.

That would most certainly
make Miyo blame herself.

So I have to go.

When I'm done with everything,
I'll bring back Miyo without fail.

If that's how you feel,
try to finish your work in a jiffy.

Okay. I'm going now.

Wait for me, Miyo.

Is anything the matter?


I have an uneasy feeling...

But I suppose
all I can do now is believe.

It's almost here.

That day will come soon...

when everything that poses
a threat to us will cease to exist.

They are finally
approaching the imperial city?


Please report to me
the movements of the army as they happen.

Right. Goodbye.

If by any chance
the Special Anti-grotesquerie Unit

can't stop the Grotesqueries...

What will happen to this imperial city?

In any case, since Miyo is back here
with the Usuba family,

I shall concentrate on performing my duty.

Hey, Grandfather?

What is it, Arata?

How long do I have to wait
until I get my own duty?

I don't really know.

Well, don't worry.

That day will certainly come
in the future.

And you will have a job to do.

You will have a role only you can fill.

That day has finally come.

Now I must do my job...

in a role only I can fill.


Ms. Miyo, how are you feeling?

Um, how is my husband-to-be?

Is he all right?

All I did was send him out
of our property with the barrier force.

He arrived home safely, and now he's
back to work as usual, I heard.

He sure is coldhearted.

He chose his work over you.

It turned out fine.

Everything worked out as it should.

This is how it's supposed to be.



Ms. Sumi had the supernatural ability
to connect with people's minds.

She had telepathy.


She was able to transmit thoughts
into people's minds.

And it is said that a child
of the wielder of that ability

sometimes develops unusually rare
supernatural abilities.

And that's the ability you have,


So actually, what I described to Mr. Kudo

was only just a part of Dream-Sight.


Dream-Sight ability is the power to enter
any individual's mind while they sleep

and manipulate their dreams.

All humans need to sleep.

So no matter how strong they are,
their minds can be manipulated

or even be brainwashed.

But that's not all.

As your Dream-Sight improves,
you'll be able to see in your dreams,

the past, present, and future.

All of time could be viewed.

Such a powerful ability...

And I have it...?

Excuse me

for giving you
so much information all at once.

Then why...

didn't my supernatural ability
awaken until now?

There is a reason for that.

It's because someone sealed off
your supernatural ability.

Sealed off? Who would do such a thing?

It was your mother,
Sumi, that sealed off your ability.


Why did Mother do that?

I'll have to start the story

from just before you were born...

for me to explain the reason.

I'll tell you everything.

I'll tell you why Sumi married into
the Saimori family,

and why she sealed off
your supernatural ability.

Subtitle translation by: Ikuko Ohno