Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 3 - Manhunt - full transcript

Murdoch pursues former Inspector Giles after he escapes from prison to vindicate a murderer.

♪ ♪

Give us a hand here.

Lay it by the hole.

Bastard was fatter
than I thought.


What's this one?

Does it matter?

Oh, I'm just curious.


A stupid, fat thief.

Anyone care to
say a prayer?

We'll leave him to you.

Let's get a drink.


I'll do better
than words, buddy.

For the journey ahead.

[loud rattling]



And you see
it's quite small.

I could carry it
in my pocket.

And I have
no doubt you will.

And it's surprisingly powerful.
I've tested it.

Let me see.
Oh, william.

What should I look at?

-Um, today's headline.
-No. Really?

Oh, my goodness.

Yes, I can--

Oh, my goodness.

What is it?



I thought he would have
been released by now.

I would have
thought so as well, sir.

Why would he escape now,
after so many years?

Especially someone
like giles.

Never been a more
straight-laced bugger than him.

Well, he did bury a body
in a police station, sir.

Oh, yeah.
There was that. Huh.

Sir, with your permission,
I'd like to take the day

To look into this.

You're going to kingston?

If I catch
the 9:10 am out of union

I can be back by nightfall.

Carry on.

Ogden: How much time
do you have left to serve?

Three months.
If I last.

We'll do our best
to ensure

You're properly
treated, mr. Giles.

In fact, we'll see if we
can do even better than that.

Thank you.


Arriving, kingston station.


Exploratory surgery?
For what?

My husband believes I may
have damaged my womanly parts.

Your reproductive organs?

We've been trying
for months.

But you haven't

He's in medical school and he's
heard that vigorous activity

Can lead to
permanent damage.

What kind of activity?

I've been playing
a game with my friends.

We call it mintonette,
though some call it volleyball.

Have you heard of it?


It's like badminton, only you
use your hands and a ball.


Well, then I suspect your
womanly parts are just fine.

Do you menstruate

Every month, yes.
Like clockwork.

Well, the problem could be
your husband's sperm count.

Has he ever been tested?

No! He doesn't
believe in onanism.

I see.

And yet he
would consider

Subjecting you to
unnecessary surgery.

Warden: He picked
the lock to the morgue...

Pried open the casket
and pulled the lid down

By means of an
improvised ratchet.

Giles was set to be
released last year.

What happened?

There was an incident
with a fellow inmate.

One of the clan na gael?


A condemned man by
the name of jimmy mortimer

Attacked mr. Giles
in the common.

Jimmy mortimer.

Killed a young woman
a few years back.

Ah, yes, and then escaped
on his way to prison.

Yes, he was
recaptured last year.

When he set eyes on giles,
he attacked him.

They fought.

And for this giles received
more time on his sentence?

Well, he attempted to strangle
the young man, detective.

He was lucky to
get three years.

Still, it was

He'd been a model
prisoner to that point.


No bird dogs sniffing one
another's hind ends.

I want people out there
with bloodhounds,

A pack of them with
their noses to the ground.

I want 'em to trace
his every move.

Detective samuel,
this is detective murdoch.

-How do you do?

We have a credible
sighting here,

Four miles west
of pitts ferry.

You think he's
gone down river?

'course he's gone down river.
He's heading to america.

It's just a question
of where he's crossing.

That's assuming giles
is indeed seeking his freedom.

Well, I don't think he
executed this brazen escape

To go fishing,

Toronto constabulary.

And your
interest in this is?

The same as yours.
I wish to find mr. Giles.

Have at it.

-Do you have horses?
-Two in the stables.

I'm commandeering them.

Do you have an office
with a telephone?

You can use
the one down the hall.

So, detective,
how can I assist you?

I was hoping to see
mr. Giles' correspondence

Over the past year.

I'll have it
brought to my office.

Anything else?

I'd like to speak
with jimmy mortimer.

I'll arrange that.

Sure, I attacked him.

Not many of us get
the chance to punch out

The bastard
who put us here.

You blame him
for your conviction?

He planted my knife
where they found her body.

Chief constable giles?

That's who we're
talking about, isn't it?

I'd have killed him
if I could have.

Instead he got
the better of you?

tougher than he looks.

He grabbed my leg
as I was kicking him.

Next I knew, I was on
the ground in a chokehold.

You want to know
what's funny?

You want to know
what mattered most

As he was squeezing
the life outta me?

He wanted to know
how I escaped.

Can you believe that?

Seven years inside
and he's still a copper first.

You're closing your practice?

I don't feel I can
represent my clients

In my current state.

What's wrong?

I just feel this...

This overwhelming

Some days I can't
even leave my house.

What does george say?

Oh, he always says
the right thing.

I fear he'll soon
start to pity me,

And I can't bear that.

I know you've
practiced in this field,

And I thought you might
help me snap out of it.

I have studied this,
effie, but more importantly

I've... I've been
through it myself.

You have?

Years ago.

I thought that
I would bounce back,

But there were days
I couldn't get out of bed.

William was

That's exactly
how I feel.

I was always
so strong.

Now I feel as if
a hole's opened beneath me.

You were kidnapped
and left to die.

It's left a very
deep impression.

I'm afraid there's no
snapping out of it.

You seem fine now.

It took time.

And effort.

You need to fight the urge
to shrink away from the world.

What on earth kind
of game is that?


I think they
call it volleyball.

Is that louise cherry?

It's a ball, not a bullet.

You're supposed to knock
it back, not duck!

Fine, leave.

You were just
taking up space, anyway!

Really? Is that how you
plan on winning games?


It appears your teammates
have abandoned you.

They were useless.

Perhaps we should
give it a try?


Another thing that can help
is vigorous exercise.

Have you ever played before?

Sure it can't be
that hard to pick up.

-How do we do it?
-Stand there.

Is this everything?

We don't keep a record
of any outgoing correspondence.

There isn't much here.

He didn't have
many friends.

Well, he once did.

He used to move in
fairly high circles.

Now he's...

A homosexual who
buried a body.

Do we know who "j" is?

I'm afraid there's no
return address on that one.

What does it say?

Nothing of note.

Just an account
of the recent weather.

Take as much time
as you need.


Yes, detective.

A rowboat has been
reported stolen

From a boat house
just west of howe island.

You think he's
rowing across?

Not the whole river,
he would be too exposed.

I expect he's rowing
across the strait.

He's going to leg it
over wolfe island

And he's going to swim
the rest of the way.

You've notified
the american authorities?

They have mounted patrols
from clayton to saint vincent.

They have two steamboats on
either side of carlton island.

They're going to give him
a nice, warm welcome.

Unless it's a ruse.

A ruse?

I suspect you'll find
a scuttled rowboat nearby.

I believe he's
staying in canada.

Oh, that's right.

You don't believe
he's seeking his freedom.

You follow that theory.

I'm going to follow
where he actually went.

As you know, an escaped
felon can be shot on sight.

He gets one warning
and then it's bullets.

Stay out of my way.

Detective, you wanted
to tell me something.

Just that my
inquiry here is complete.

Brackenreid: You were right
to keep it to yourself.

-I know that bugger.
-Detective samuel?

He was at station house one
in the early 90's.

He was as relentless as giles,
but more ruthless.

Giles' best hope is
that you find him first.

Good to know.
Well, this is tate street.

How do you know it's
tate street, toronto?

There must be tate streets
everywhere, murdoch.

Just following
my instincts.

But the note
did specify a coal bin.

Huh. Why do I ever
doubt you, murdoch?

It's empty.

Giles must have
got here first.

That was my only clue.

Who sent the letter?

Someone who signed off
with the initial j.

Think, murdoch.
Who would stay loyal to giles?

Who would he trust
after all these years?

Hodge. John hodge.

Tom, william!

I'm just closing up,
I'm afraid.

We're not here for a drink,
neil walker.

Tell us about 14 tate street.

We know it was you
who wrote the letter, hodge.

What was in
the coal bin?

Just a pair of
dungarees and money.

That was it, I swear.

I haven't seen
or talked to him.

Where's the letter?

I burned it.

You're a terrible liar, hodge.
You always were.

Hodge, the man that's after
giles will kill him

If we don't
find him first.

Where is the letter?

The bedford park hotel.

That's up on yonge street.

If you hear from him,
let us know.


Bed hasn't been slept in.

Maybe he got scared off.

Sir, would you trust your life
to john hodge's ability

To keep a secret?

Not bloody likely.


It would be an excellent way to
find out who was following you.

Do you think
he's watching us?

Sir, please turn
off the lights.

It's giles.

Damn it!

This is the room.


Certainly left
in a hurry.

Murdoch, look at these.

Page from
a telephone directory.

He was looking
for someone, then.

That's an evidence log
from our city morgue.

The morgue?

What's he bloody after?

Mrs. Hart.

What can I do for you?

A man I'm seeking broke
into your morgue last night.

I saw no
indication of that.

He likely picked the lock.

And stole this
from one of your files.

I need to know
which file.

A knife wound
to the heart.

You don't see
too many of those.

There's no date,
so it may go back a ways.

I'll take a look.
It shouldn't be too long.

Thank you.

Murdoch, they're putting
these up all around town.

They know he's in toronto.

Better keep
his head down.

I need your assistance.

Look up every name
on this page.

Who they are,
where they work,

Pull any files
we may have on them,

But do not contact
them directly.

Certainly, sir.

There are just
a couple of things

I need to take care of first.

What am I looking for?

Any connection they may have
to former chief inspector giles,

However tangential.


Ah, mrs. Hart.

Mrs. Hart, what have you?

It was from
this file here.

Pearl wallace.

Pearl wallace?

Wasn't she the young girl
that was murdered

A few years back?

Some street thug did it.

Jimmy mortimer.

Was anything else
missing from this file?

I looked up the list.

The only other thing
that was missing

Was a sketch
of the murder weapon

Taken from the wound impression.

Thank you.

Why is giles looking into
the murder of pearl wallace?

Sir, jimmy mortimer is the man
who was convicted of the crime.

He had an altercation
with giles

A little over
a year ago in prison,

Which is why giles'
sentence was extended.


Not bloody likely.

Giles used to pal around
with the girl's father,

Fenton wallace.

Well, well, well.

Gerard samuel.

Murdoch: Detective samuel.
You've come to toronto.

We found a rowboat
scuttled offshore,

As you suspected.

Clearly, he wanted us to
think he'd crossed over

To the american side.

He probably scuttled the boat
knowing that you'd find it

Thinking he was
still on this side,

When in fact,
he swam across.

Yeah. That's very clever.

Giles is nothing
if not clever.

But we've had reports
of sightings this morning.


One at the docks,
a man in a grey sack suit,

And one at castle frank,
a man in dungarees,

Both match the description.

Giles has been
seen in toronto.

He made contact with
a man named john hodge.

That's very clever.

Bedford park hotel.

He had cleared out
by the time we got there,

But perhaps you'll find
something we missed.

That's very good,

Keep me apprised
of anything else you find out.

That'll keep 'em occupied.

So, you're heading
to castle frank?

Well, sir, we aren't
going to find giles

By looking where he's been.

We have to predict
where he's going to be.

I'm going to have a word
with fenton wallace.

Carry on, murdoch.

Percy giles.

Haven't heard
that name in years.

He's made no attempt
to contact you?

Oh, heavens, no.

We were friends once,

But he turned into
a rather unsavoury character,

As you know.

So, you have no idea
why he may be looking into

Your daughter's murder?

Pearl? What could she
have to do with this?

I'm afraid I don't know.

Perhaps it's
connected to the man

Who was convicted
of the murder?


You know him by his
christian name?

-He used to work for us.
-Worst mistake of my life.

He became obsessed
with pearl.

she toyed with him,

Let him believe his
affections were reciprocated.

As if he was
worthy of her.

She just wanted to
make whitney jealous.


Jacobson. Her fiancé.

Yes, fine lad. Good family.

Jimmy mortimer killed
my daughter, pearl.

And killed her mother, too,
as far as I'm concerned.

Mother had consumption.

She went downhill
quickly when pearl died.

Fenton :The only time I want
to hear that name again

Is when they announce
his hanging.

Until then,
if it's all the same, detective,

I really don't want to
talk about this anymore.

Sir, I went through
all the names,

As you requested.

There were quite a few,
as you know.

Did you find anything?

Well, sir, I noticed one
was listed as a police guard,

So I called all the agencies
and he's not currently employed.

But seven years ago, he worked
for regency guard services.

They provide guards for
prison transfers and such.

Is there an end to
this story, higgins?

Well, sir, he was
the guard in charge

When jimmy mortimer escaped.

There's that name again.

Allen suddon, sir.
Clarence avenue.

In his altercation
with mortimer,

Giles kept asking
about that escape.

Giles was seen here.

Allen suddon
lives here.

He's making his way
through the ravine.

Of course,
he'd have to.


Giles was last seen in
castle frank an hour ago.

Well, you'd better
cracking then, murdoch.


I was just on my way out.

We're here to see
the inspector, actually.


Well, then I'll
see you at dinner.

I don't know why
this is necessary.

It's necessary for our
collective sanity, miss cherry.


What can I do
for you, ladies?

We've decided to form
a team to play volleyball.

It's a new game.

There's a ball. There's a net.
They want a coach.

Are you up for it?

I'm not too familiar
with the, uh--

Inspector, we need you.

We would never have
won the roller races

If it weren't
for your support.

That is true.

[knock on the door]

Hello. I'm detective william
murdoch, toronto constabulary.

I'm looking for
an allen suddon.

You and everybody else!

You're seven
years too late.

Have you seen
this man, by chance?

Yeah. He's in my kitchen.

[door opens in the distance]

I beg of you, murdoch.
Let me finish what I started.

Jimmy mortimer escaped
while his guard

Was supposedly
inspecting a broken axle.

-The guard was paid off.

According to his wife,
he came home with 1000 dollars.

A thousand dollars?

In crisp, four-dollar bills
from the toronto bank.

But who could have
paid such a fortune?

No one in his family? Friends?

I intended to lead an
investigation into the matter.

Why didn't you?

You arrested me.

After that,
I forgot all about it.

Until he attacked you.

He accused me of planting
his knife at the scene.

I hadn't, of course, but it
was the one bit of evidence

Of which I was unsure.

And for this you
broke out of jail?

If mr. Mortimer's

And hangs for a crime
he didn't commit,

It would be
entirely my fault.

You felt you
had been biased.

I disliked the lad,

I wanted to convict him

And I was blinded
to the possibility

Of evidence
to the contrary.

Why break out of prison?

Why not simply
ask me to help you?

On what evidence?

All I have is an unease,
as deep as my bones,

That a terrible injustice
is about to unfold.

Though I suppose
I am asking you now.

How much time do we have?

Three days until he hangs.

I'll help you.

Thank you, detective.



Sorry to trouble you, ma'am.

We are trying to locate
an escaped felon.

Have you perchance
seen this man?

We have reason to believe

That he may have
come through this way.

Suddon: What took you?
They went out back.


The man you're after
and the man who's after him.


This way.

Head downstream.

Wait for me
at the river.

Good one!

For crying out loud.

Do you not know
where your hands end?

Cherry, it's just a game!

Hide and seek is a game.
This is a competition.

To be honest, I don't
know where my hands end.

Ladies, ladies!
Ball, please, miss cherry.

Right, then, ladies.

I think I've got
a handle on this.

Basically, it's just tennis
with a big fat ball

And no racket.

What we need is a man
up front by the net,

Taller the better.

That would be you,
miss newsome.


Brackenreid: Just knock down
anything that comes over.

At the back we need
a powerful server,

Someone who can
serve the ball

As far into
their side as possible.

That would be you,
miss cherry.

Doctor ogden,
just float around.

Right then, ladies.
Let's play ball!


Ogden: William,
I'm so glad you're home.

I've discovered
the most wonderful game!

Julia, there's something
I need to tell you...

Mr. Giles.

This is what you
retrieved from the morgue?

It's a sketch dr. Grace
made of what she deduced

Was the murder weapon
based on the wound.

It appears to show
the tip missing.

Yes, I can see that.

It's possible that the tip
broke off the blade

When the knife
hit the sternum.

Dr. Grace never found it.

[knock at the door]

Well, that will
be the inspector.

Ogden: If the tip
dislodged in a chamber,

It could have been swept
into the aorta

And traveled quite a distance
in the heart's final beats.

In which case it should
still be in her body.

Yes, but I wouldn't rely on
a sketch of a wound impression.

Unless the putative weapon
were missing a tip,

It's simply not convincing.

Excuse me.

of stationhouse three.

Thank you, inspector.

Any word on detective
samuel's investigation?

Funnily enough,
he asked the same about you.

Ah! So, he's
off the trail, then.

Perhaps. But he won't
be off it for long.

Here we are.

Mortimer's knife,
with his fingermarks

And as you can see,
the tip is very much intact.

And what is this?

Oh! That would be
pearl's diary.

It was found
in her purse.

The last page
has been removed.

Presumably by the killer.

I assume you've looked through
it for any possible clues?

Of course, but it was mostly
the kind of romantic nonsense

One expects these days
from young women.

"my bounty is as
boundless as the sea.

My love as deep,
the more I give to thee."

That's from
romeo and juliet.

Precisely my point.

She was about to marry, so
I suppose it's to be expected.

And I assume they've included
the witness statements?

Yes, family mostly.

Mr. Mortimer was clearly
obsessed with a woman

Who was in love
with another man.

Well, there's your
motivation then.

As obvious as it was
lacking for everyone else.

You think he was innocent?

I honestly don't know
what to think, inspector.

Hold it.
Who was she in love with?

Her fiance, of course:
Whitney jacobson.

Well, he's not romeo.

She calls whitney
the "prince of cats."


Romeo's rival and the man
she did not want.

How did you miss that?

I'm afraid my
tastes are modern.

I'm not so well-versed
in the classics.

So who's romeo then?

Well, the man she's not
permitted to marry, of course.

Jimmy mortimer.

All along it was in front
of me and I didn't see it.

If I was looking
for motivation,

I'd be looking
at the fiance.

Jealousy. Yes! Of course!

We need to talk to
whitney jacobson.

He's not back in
town until tomorrow.

Then in light of
this new evidence,

I say we make use
of the darkness

And pay a visit to
the scene of the crime.

you should arm yourself.

You're bringing
a fugitive in, remember?

I don't think he's
likely to run, sir.

Not for giles.
For show.


Please be careful.

This is where
she was killed.

Murdoch: Why kill her
at her family's gravesite?

Oh, it was assumed that
the murder was her punishment

For the entire family
for keeping her away from him.

It's a reasonable motive when
jimmy mortimer was the suspect,

But why would whitney want
to punish the entire family?

I have absolutely no idea.

It's a very good question.

Where was
the murder weapon found?

In the bushes over there.

That's an odd place
to hide a murder weapon

With your
fingermarks on it.

Yes, I thought so, too.

That's why I had doubts.

Jimmy mortimer
was no intellectual,

But he certainly had
a street boy's cunning.

[loud bang]

Samuel: Percival giles,
put your hands in the air!

Oh, no.

Do as he says,
mr. Giles.






Giles! Giles!




Are you mad?

Two inches lower and that
would've gone through my head.

I told you to stay
out of my way!

I'll tell you what,

I will buy you
a brand new hat

If you could explain to me
how an officer of the law

Was abetting a fugitive
from justice.


You were hot on his trail
at suddon's house.

Ten hours later I find you
chatting like old pals.

I'm intent on bringing
mr. Giles back to prison.

And how were you
proposing to do that?

With just your good looks
and your sweet talk?

Homburg, is it?

Mr. Giles was intent on proving
a condemned man innocent.

That's why he
escaped from prison!

He's trying to
save a man's life

And prevent a tragic
miscarriage of justice.

I don't care.

It's a close call, sir.

A little too close
for my liking.

I'd hazard a guess
and say it nicked a few hairs.

[both laugh]

What's the word on giles?

Well, sir, they're searching
ashbridges bay and the harbour,

But so far,
no body has turned up.

So, what's next then?

I have whitney jacobson
coming in for an interview, sir.

I'll pop to toronto bank,
see if they have a record

Of a cash withdrawal for,
what was it?

Thousand dollars?

On or about July 7th, 1902.

And if it came from jacobson's
account, we've got him.

Mr. Jacobson.
Please, have a seat.

So, I understand
percival giles is on the loose.

Any luck in locating him?

Mr. Giles
is still at large.

So, how can I
help you, detective?

I have some questions
pertaining to the murder

Of your former fiance.


Percival giles escaped prison
because he believes

Jimmy mortimer is
innocent of the crime.


Well, I'll help
any way I can.

Were you aware that she was
infatuated with jimmy mortimer?

I know that he was
infatuated with her.

We have reason to
believe it was mutual,

Which gives you motive.

To kill pearl?

Where were you
the night of her murder?


Some kind of
wedding business.

I don't remember.

It has been seven years.

You don't remem--

Pardon me a moment,
mr. Jacobson.

This is a record of a
thousand-dollar cash withdrawal

From the bank of toronto

The day before
jimmy mortimer escaped.

The exact amount given
to allen suddon.

Yes, but it wasn't drawn
from jacobson's account.

Where from?

It came from the general
expense account

For the household
of fenton wallace.

That is preposterous!

The bank has made
some sort of mistake.

1902, is it? What day?

July 2nd.

July the second.

I don't understand.

Who, beside you,
had access to this account?

-Well, roddy, of course.
-Father's accountant.

Who else?

My wife, the house manager,
the cook...

Why would someone
from this house

Want to free the man
who murdered my sister?

Perhaps they believed
him to be innocent.

No. Never.

Do you believe him
to be innocent?

I believe it's possible.

Why? What do you
know that we don't?

Pearl was not in love
with whitney jacobson.

She was in love
with jimmy mortimer.

She called him her romeo.

She was infatuated.
That is all.

So you knew.

He was the one
infatuated with her.

She was of the gentry.
He was a common street rat.

It was impossible.
She knew it.

She went to tell him
and that is why he killed her.

They found his bloodied knife

In the shrubbery nearby.

It had his fingermarks.

The knife was planted.

Good god!

One of you went up
to his room,

Found his knife,

Took it away and planted
it at the murder scene.

Someone call the police!

All in due time, fenton.

I've made an arrangement
with detective murdoch

That I will
return to prison

At the conclusion
of this investigation.

The truth is
jimmy killed my sister.

There is no one else
that it could have been.

Unless she was intending
to run away with him,

Which would have
been a disgrace

To your family's

-Are you suggesting that?
-No. Enough!

I won't hear of this.

Jimmy mortimer
killed my daughter!

And as for all your
scurrilous fantasies,

You do not have a shred
of proof he did not.

Have you?

This inquiry has
concluded, percy.

Time for you to return
to prison where you belong.

Not quite, mr. Wallace.

We may not have proof
this very moment,

But I believe I know
where we can get it.

I don't understand.
What tip? What knife?

We believe the tip of the knife
that killed your sister

May have broken off
in her body.

If it's in there,
that means that jimmy's knife

Could not have been
the murder weapon.

Well, there we have it.

That's proof.

Have you found it then?

I was so sure.

Mr. Wallace, did you
plant jimmy's knife

At the murder scene?

It was him!

I had to do something!

He killed her!

There's something else
here under the body.

What is it?

There's the murder weapon.

My mother, she must
have put it there.

There's something else.

It's the missing page
of her diary.

Murdoch: "oh happy dagger
this is thy sheath."

That's from
juliet's death scene.

That's what she says

Just before she
stabs herself in the heart.

So, pearl killed
herself, then.

She was in love with
a man she couldn't have.

And suddenly it
all makes perfect sense.

It was her mother
who discovered the body.

Better a daughter murdered than
suffer the shame of suicide.

Hey! Come on!

Oh, no.

It's detective samuel
and his men.

They'll be here
any minute.

Well, that's excellent
timing, detective.

I need to surrender
myself to your custody.

They'll add years
to your sentence.

Such is the price I must
pay for the truth.

The truth at
all costs, eh?


Escaping from police
custody is a serious offence

And, as you're no doubt aware,
there may well be...


I had to see ava again.

To make amends somehow.

Bring her in
with dignity.

To get at the truth.

The truth at all costs.

But you and I are not
arbiters of justice.

We are merely
servants of the law.

It is no simple task to
remain incorruptible,

Especially in defiance
of one's own conscience.

Cold comfort,
eh inspector?

You're no longer
a servant to the law.

What are you saying?

Take this knife,
point it at me.

[train whistle]

That's the coal train
leaving the port.

It will be coming up
the valley in three minutes.

Take my weapon,
drop the knife

And you can be free.

The choice is
yours, mr. Giles.

-Bloody hell.
-Everyone stand back!

I see 'em. Let's go.

There they are!

They're over here!

He was spotted in buffalo.

Perhaps he's scuttled
another boat?

Detective samuel,
I see your quarry has escaped.

It's in the americans'
hands now, regrettably.

Although maybe you
have no regrets.

I regret he took
my sidearm.

Well, I can't prove
that you let him go.

Bloody right you can't.

So, I guess a deal
is a deal.

[both chuckle]

Are you sure
it's not broken?

Yes. But it may be bruised
for another few days.

-I'm so sorry.
-Don't be. It's fun.

Besides, miss cherry's right,
it's more fun to win.

Oh, dear.

Just keep your hands up
in front of your face,

Miss newsome.

So, we have a new
member of the team

Joining us
today, ladies.

Oh! Mrs. Hart.
Welcome to the team.

That's a coat
I can't afford.

Have you played before?

I've had the rudiments

Right then ladies,
here's the plan.

It's not enough to bat
the ball back and forth

Until someone fluffs it.

We need to work the ball
to the front of the net,

Get it up high
and then hammer it.

-Hammer it?

Hammer it down,
like driving a spike in.

They won't know
what's hit them.

-Oh! Of course.

Right, ladies!
Let's volleyball!

[all cheer]


Parcel for you,
from winnipeg.

♪ ♪