Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 2 - The Things We Do for Love: Part 2 - full transcript

Dr. Ogden proceeds with an unorthodox operation. Murdoch must outwit the Black Hand and return his son to Anna Fulford. George needs to break away form his captors. The real family member missing from an Asian family is determined.

What sort
of man are you?

What did miss Fulford
ever do to you?

-Answer me.
-She's a paycheque.

She is the mother of a child.
His only parent!

Didn't you say that detective
friend of yours knocked her up?

Or did I hear that wrong?

Watch your mouth.

Maybe you play your cards right,
you'll get lucky, too.

Unless it's past your time.



See about taking
Harry outside for a walk.

Of course.

She's a pistol.

Oh? Maybe I shouldn't
have stopped her.

Well, it's good you did.

She hits harder than you.

Detective, we both know our
current situation is untenable.

Seems like you
can keep me here

or kill me.

What is your plan?

You said something
about a deal.

Let's hear it.


Come on.

Not too much,
or too quickly.

You'll vomit.

And I do apologize,
miss Newsome.

But blood is blood,
and my sister was determined

to have George.

-She loves him.
-Love at first sight.

-It was.
-And I wouldn't worry.

You are so smart
and talented

There's sure to be
another man for you.

-You're mad.
-Don't say that.

Oh, she's just upset.

Anywho, what's done is
done and George and Amelia

Are now man and wife.

It was the only thing
I could do to save you.

And this is
what you want?


Even though
he doesn't love you.

Love doesn't always appear,
sometimes it grows.

You won't get
away with this.

So help me!

Effie. Effie!

Stay where you are,
George Crabtree.

Miss Newsome is in no
state to do anything.

And I warn you...

You have only
seen my sunny side.

It would be very wise
that you mind your manners.

-What happened?
-Jack Larkin is dead.

I know that.
How did that happen?

Ah, Mrs. Hart
is investigating.

Do you think
the son did it?

I think so.

So now he's a murderer
because we couldn't make a case.

What about the woman
Larkin was with?

She's recovering but says
she didn't see anything.

So are you going to bring
this Keiji fellow in?

We're looking for him.

No luck at the address
he furnished.

Bring the parents in.
They'll know.

You sure?

They're already suffering.

They're parents.

They live in a world
of perpetual suffering.

At least that's something

You'll never have to
worry about, Watts.

Get on with it.

Wish me luck.

You tell the Falcones
you have Anna,

You lead them to me,

Then I won't pursue
the matter further.

Providing you furnish
me with proof

That Falcone authorized
the murder of Anna Fulford.

I can do that.


Why are you
willing to trust me?


Because if you renege,

Or if any harm comes
to Anna or the boy,

I'll hunt you down
and kill you.

just have a seat.

We don't know
where our son is.

And our daughter
is gone.

Can you please
just leave us in peace?

I just need
to talk to Keiji.

And I don't
know where he is.

Why are you doing
this to us?

If your son is a good man,
no harm will come to him.

And sometimes even
a good man must kill.

Do you think
he did it?

He would not do it.

He would not
take a man's life.

I know my son.

Do you have children,

I do. Two boys.

And would you believe
them capable of murder?

Take a good look.

The man's name
is Keiji Nakamura,

25 years of age,
of japanese heritage,

So he shouldn't
be hard to find.

If at all possible, bring him
in without harming him.

I need to question him,
not arrest him.

Yes, sir.

Poor dear had
a terrible ordeal.

I'm bored.

I'm supposed to
be on my honeymoon.

I want my new life
to start.

I agree.


What's done is done.

Perhaps it's time

To introduce my new wife
to the world.

Really, George?

I don't think
that's a good idea.

I thought you wanted your
sister to begin her new life.

Please, Dorothy. Please!

You don't expect her to live
in this room with me forever.

She comes with us.

-Well, that's not necessary.
-Mm-hm. It is.

And she'll have a gun
in her back the entire time.

You try even
the slightest funny thing

And I'll kill her.

Thank you,
doctor Ogden.

We're not out
of the woods yet.

But you've given
us a chance.

Hello, Beatty.


This is quite
the bloody bother, isn't it?

Oh, Andrew!

Is this the woman
who saved me?

She is indeed.
Bless her.

So, is he going
to come back?

That's what
I'm counting on.

And you trust him?

I'm hoping he fears
what I'll do to him

More than the Falcones.

What do you
do about him?

Return him
to his mother.

Hopefully grant him
a normal life.

Are you sure you want
to curse him with that?

As long as
he's safe.

What about you?

What about me?

He's your son.

Are you prepared to let him
walk out of your life?

If it means no harm
will come to him, so be it.

I'm sorry, William.

So am I.

All I'm suggesting ladies,

Is that I've seen your work
and you're all as capable

As any man.

And it's not beyond your
capabilities to become doctors.

And, frankly, the profession
would be better served

With more women in it.

But Dr. Ogden, I'd never
be admitted to medical school.

She's right.
I wouldn't be, either.


Well, with my reccomendation,
you might.

Doctor, doctor!
It's Andrew.

Come with me.

Good Lord! Help him.

Nurse, prep for surgery.
Get a gurney.

You two,
help me with him.

Will he be all right?

So, when am I
getting my bag back?

Rest assured, ma'am, I'll have
your bag to you in a moment.

I've been waiting.

George Crabtree
and his harem of women.

Quiet, Dorothy!

This is so exciting.

My new life,
a policeman's wife.

Who would have thought?

Dearly beloved...


Come here!

I'll shoot her!


Let go of me! Let go of me!

George! George!



Ah, it's good
to see you sir.

I was afraid some ill
had befallen you.

Oh, I'm fine.
Thank you.

But there is something
I need you to do for me.

That's why I'm here.

Is that your son?


You are a lucky man.

Oh, I would
hardly say that.

Well, the circumstance
in which you find yourself

Is less than fortunate,
but the fact you have a son

Is indeed
a good fortune.

Yes, Georges.

So, what is it
you require of me?

You wish me to escort these
two to the train station?

Oh, ah, no, that will
be my responsibility.

I need you to do
something else.

Amelia's behind bars.

Why did you
marry her?

It wasn't a real
marriage, effie.

It was ordained by Higgins,
for Pete's sake!

And I did it to keep
you safe and you are now.

No, I'm not.

We'll... We'll find Dorothy.

Maybe you should go home
and get some rest.

George, perhaps you
should have married her.

In earnest.

Then maybe all
this would be over.

Effie, I don't think
you're thinking straight.

I suppose I'm not.

Ah, Constable Paul!

Would you escort
miss Newsome home?

Maybe stay with her
until I get there?

Of course.

-Let me go! Let me go!

It's fine.

Drink. You'll feel better.

It's funny.
That's all I did last night.

And I don't.

You slept in
the alley?

If that's where
you found me, yes.

You know
Mr. Larkin is dead?



But I did not do it!

I was drinking all night.

Talk to the bartender.

Busy bar.

But with one
Japanese man in it.

He'll tell you
where I was.

It wasn't him.

You said you didn't get
a good look at the assailant.

That's true.

So, perhaps I should say
I don't think it was him.


Well, I only had
a glance at the person,

But he was much
slighter than that man.

You're sure?

No matter what you may
think of Jack Larkin,

I had a great
affection for him.

If I thought that was
the man who killed him,

I would say so.

All right. Thank you.


I talked to
the owner of the bar.

He said the Japanese man was
in there until late last night.

Is he certain?

He had to
throw him out.

That's probably why he
ended up in the alley.

I see. Thank you.


Ah, could you escort
miss Day home?

Of course.

City Morgue.

I don't want to talk to you,
George Crabtree.

-You have to.
-No, I don't. Mm-mm.

I hate you.

You took my heart,
and you broke it.

I had no choice.

Ooh! How could you
lead me on like that?

You're certainly not the person
I thought you were.

Well, nor are you.

I should have made you seek
help the first time we met.

There's nothing wrong with me.

Except you!

You could have taken
what I had to offer.


Where's your sister?

How should I know?

Amelia, any assistance
you can give at this point

Can only help your cause.

I'm not telling you.

She didn't do much
to help you, did she?

She sacrificed you
while she made her get away.

Now, where did she go?

oh where, oh, where

will Dorothy go?


Oh where?

Oh, where will she be

with her hair cut long?

Oh, where, oh,
where will she be?

You like science?

I don't know
what I like.

I haven't been
in school much.

It just looks

Wait right here.

You don't
have to worry.

Nobody's following us.

How do you know that?

I've been watching.

I always do.

My mother told me to always
keep my head on a swivel.

Well, hopefully, you won't have
to do that for much longer.

For you, young man.


Thank you.

You'll be going
on a long journey.

You'll need something
to occupy your mind.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry.

Please. No. No, no.

We did everything we could,

But he began to hemorrhage
and there was no way to stop it.

What am I going to
do without him?

Combine these
two chemicals

For a great surprise.

Uh, but only do
that outdoors.

I would like it very much
if you would come.

As would I.

But I can't.

I have to be certain that you
and your mother are safe first.

What about after
you've done that?

There'll be plenty
of time to discuss it.

I've bought
two tickets.

I will accompany
the boy to New York.

Very good.

I would be
forever grateful

If you would see them
both safely to England.


You'll see to the bill?

Of course.

All right.

You'd best be off.

You'll be brave?

I'll write you
once I do the experiment.

I would very much
like that.

But only once I've told
you it's safe to do so;

Not before.


I'm glad I met you,

As am I, son.

As am I.

M sorry, detective.
I'm no closer to an answer.

Have you tried consulting
with Dr. Ogden?

I doubt that'll
be necessary.

I think it is,
Mrs. Hart.

Lack of knowledge can only
be remedied by asking questions.

In that way your job
is no different than mine.

If you just
give me more time.

I'm sorry,
that's something

I don't currently
have an excess of.

I could request
doctor Ogden myself

If you find
the matter unpleasant.

No. I'll do it.


Detective Murdoch.

Mr. Falcone.

I take it you're enjoying
your time in la belle province?

Mr. Rhodes told me
you had the woman.

Give her to me.

-I don't think so.
-You didn't hear him.

We're here for the woman.

Drop your weapon.

-Take them in, Georges.
-With pleasure.

This one, as well.

What do you think
you're doing?

I'm saving your skin,
Mr. Rhodes.

Making this
look good, huh?

Yeah. All right. All right.

Yeah, it's good.

I see.

They're called osteons.

Oh, yes!
I remember.

Both human and animal
bones contain them

And in some circumstances,

There's easily
identifiable osteon banding.

In this case,
I'd say almost definitely

This is animal bone.

But they said they cremated
their daughter.

Then they were
likely lying.

My best guess?
This is pig femur.

Thank you, Dr. Ogden.

But I do think
I should have known that.

Well, you don't
have as many corpses

Under your belt as I do.

Not yet, anyway.

This was rather a pleasant
diversion, actually.

I lost a patient today.

Oh. I'm sorry.

There was little that could
have been done for him.

I tried. It failed.

Well, have our
questions been answered?



Your suspicions
were right, detective.

What we're looking at here is
an extremely charred pig femur.


Not human at all, then.

So, the two of them
were lying to you.

So it would seem.

It would also seem their
daughter is indeed alive.

And now her
husband's dead.

Bring them in.

Pressure them into
giving us something useful.

And if they don't?

Charge them with murder.

So, the parent should pay
for the sin of the child.

You better tread
carefully, Watts.

Mrs. Hart.

Ah, doctor Ogden.


I was wondering if I might
impose on you a moment?

Of course.
What do you need?

I'm hoping you'll have
a word with a suspect

I have in custody.

Who is it?

Until recently,
she was my wife.

Well, that may require
further explanation.

Where shall I begin?

So, tell me...

When did it become a crime
to take a train to Montreal?

When that trip

Is for the purpose
of committing murder.

Oh, good luck
proving that.

I have testimony that
posits you commissioned

The murder of
Anna Fulford.

She isn't dead.


But conspiracy to commit
murder is also a crime.

And I have a witness
that any jury

Would be compelled
to believe.

If you go ahead with this,
you're signing the death warrant

For all of those you
hold near and dear.

I'm not afraid of you.


It isn't me
you should be afraid of.

The reach
of the Black Hand

extends far beyond
these walls.

Good day,
Mr. Falcone.

You're risking a lot

for a bastard son.


Who are you?

My name is
Dr. Julia Ogden.

That's funny.

-What is?
-A lady doctor.

If we're playing pretend,

Then I'm princess
Amelia Ernst.

Not Mrs. George Crabtree?

Now, that's not funny.

I was supposed to be
Mrs. George Crabtree

But he deceived me.

But he will
love me someday.

Why do you
believe that?

When he sees
the error of his ways,

He will come back to me.

And if he doesn't
come back to me,

Then he's in for it.

We'll see to that.

-Mm. Uh-hm.

Dorothy and I.

Fool us once,
shame on you.

What makes you think
that George is the one?

Because I read
his words.

He is my soulmate.

We are destined
to be together.

One way or another.

What do you
mean by that?

It means

There are more worlds
than this one.

And I don't care which one
we are together in.

You planning on
releasing me anytime soon?

I will. Not just yet.

I'm uh...

Kind of a sitting
duck in here.

Never know
who's going to come

Walking through
those cell doors.

Patience, Mr. Rhodes.

You had no right to disturb
my daughter's remains.

That is a pig bone, sir.

You did not cremate
your daughter.

In fact, I believe
she's very much alive.

That's not true.

I'm afraid it is.

A scientific test
has proven that bone

To be animal in nature
and, as the inspector said,

Most likely a pig.

What was the nature
of your ruse?

Our daughter is dead,
and that man killed her.

And the woman before her.

He is the guilty man.

Did you know about this?

So, is this how
you want to play it?

Right, then.

All three of you
are charged

With the murder
of Mr. Jack Larkin.

You had all better
think carefully

About what you are doing.

I would like to make
a formal statement

Saying that station house four
have entered formal charges

Against Mr. Hakuri
and Mrs. Yua Nakamura

In the murder
of Mr. Jack Larkin.

Yes. Thank you.

What are you doing?

I'm letting the press know
that we've done our job.


Amelia's not well, George.

She should be in prison
for kidnapping.

I'd like to see
her committed.

It's possible her
condition is treatable.

And if it's not?

Then the asylum
is where she'd reside.

I suppose I should have
a charitable mind about it.

She does have excellent
taste in men.

How is miss Newsome?

She's a bit shaken up
by the whole ordeal.

I can imagine.

Should I reach out to her?

I shouldn't think so.

Effie's made
of stern stuff.

A good night's sleep,
she'll be fine.

Have you spoken
to the detective?

Yes. He found Harry.

Oh, that's good news.

So, he'll be
coming home soon?

Yes. I suppose.

What do you want?

A moment of your time.

I have nothing to say to you.
I have a lawyer coming.

Oh? You may want
to hold off on that.

And why's that?

Because I'm about
to make you an offer

You had best not refuse.


The boy can live.

And the woman?

Depends on what you
are prepared to offer me.

If miss Fulford
is granted her freedom,

Then I will have no reason to
pursue any matter against you,

Or any other member
of the Black Hand.

Except Mr. Falcone?

Except Mr. Falcone.

He will be put away
for a long time.


Then the woman can live.

You can give me
this assurance?

The matter
of Anna Fulford

is only of concern
to the Falcone family.

The rest of the organization
would rather not be involved

in chasing some silly woman
who did nothing wrong.

You can assure me
that his grievance

isn't shared by any other
member of the Black Hand?

If Falcone is out
of the picture,

We will wash our hands
of the whole affair.

You have my word.

And what's that worth?

As much as yours.

I wish your son
a long and happy life.

No sign of her, George.

I imagine she's
far away from here,

If she knows
what's good for her.

Right. Higgins, look at this.

What is it?

Windsor newspaper archives.

Here's a story
about a house fire;

An entire family
was killed.

Sounds like a shame.

There were two survivors,
a couple of children

That the family took in.


Twin girls.

-And they murdered the family?
-Well, I don't know.

I suppose it could've
been an accident,

But it says here there
were rumblings at the time,

Something funny
about the fire.

Well, there's nothing
funny about a fire, George.

And I speak
from experience.

Ruthie almost burned our
house down a few nights ago.


Warming milk.

Good Lord. Don't you have
a nanny, or some such?

She quit.

And you didn't
hire another?

She quit, too.

Ruthie can be
quite demanding.

Little Jordan can be
quite a handful, as well.


I don't know where you
came up with that name.

Came to Ruthie
in a dream.

So, are you still going to
ask miss Newsome to marry you?

I don't know, Higgins.

Now hardly seems
like the right time.

I think that as long
as those two are out there,

There's never going
to be a right time.

Enjoying your
grape juice?

You know they didn't
do it, don't you?

I don't care.

Then let them go.

They're up to something.

If they wanted to
kill Mr. Larkin,

They had ample

And so did
the daughter.

And up until recently she's
had the perfect alibi: Death.

So, what does arresting
them accomplish?

If she's a good person
she'll come forward.

The whole of Toronto considers
her parents to be murderers.

Let's see if she
can live with that.

And if she can?

I'll let them go.
Right now I'm just fishing.

You're troubled,
aren't you?

You're very

You want to talk about it?

Just leave it, Watts,
all right?

Oh, of course.

About time.


You aren't
going anywhere.

We had a deal.


But I've made another
deal with the Black Hand,

A better deal.

I'll recant everything
I told you,

Every bit of information
I gave you.

You go ahead.

I have others who will swear

That you and Falcone
acted alone.

Acted alone
about what?

You murdered an innocent woman
and put her body

In a barrel of lye
and who knows how many

Countless others
you did the same to?

We had a deal!

You were going
to kill my son.

You're a dead man.

We all are eventually,
Mr. Rhodes.

Get some sleep.

I hear it's
good for you.


I would like to see
my parents released.

We'll decide that once we hear
what you have to say.

I killed my husband,
a Mr. Jack Larkin.

And I acted alone.

You hardly did that.

Your parents helped
you fake your death.

That was only
to escape him.

Uh, your family
did more than that.

They accused him
of murder.

He is a murderer.

He killed
his first wife.

How do you know that?

He told me on more
than one occasion.

And you never went
to the police?

He would have killed me.

So I needed
to escape him.

And you had escaped him

And yet you
went back to kill him.


He beat me.

Almost every day.

And I let him.

I thought once he was
arrested it would be over

And no woman would
ever have to suffer him.

But then I saw him free.

And with another woman.

I couldn't have that
on my conscience.

You should have come
to the police.

You had him.

And you did nothing.

let my family go.

They did nothing wrong
except try and save me.

What happens now?

We recommend leniency.

A japanese woman kills
a well-respected white man.

What sort of leniency
will be granted?

Hopefully enough to
save her from the noose.

I am in your debt,

Ah, it was pleasure enough
to be of assistance.

I've told your superior that
you are a most able officer.

Thank you, but that
was hardly necessary.

You are destined
for greater things.

I am French, sir.

The position I hold is as
far as I will ever advance.

The Montreal police is
not favourably inclined

toward its
French officers.

Hm. Of course.

I have faced something
similar in Toronto.

The Constabulary does not
look favorably upon Catholics.


What would
a Neptunian make of us?

A Neptunian?

A being from
another planet.

What would they think
about how we on earth

Are dividing ourselves?

Especially since we are,
essentially, all the same.

But I wonder
what Neptunians

think of Venusians.

Ah, not much I would think.
They are a bad bunch.

Would you mind if I
accompanied you to the train?

I would
appreciate that.

Have you given
much thought

To other species
inhabiting this earth?

Like, uh, mermen?

Oh. I think mole men
are far more probable.

I feel that,
as well.

If you are ever in Toronto,
there's someone you should meet.

For the journey home.

I have converted you.

We'll see.

What is it?

You son's in Winnipeg.

-We have friends there.
-Reliable friends.

Is he safe?

As far as we know.

The rest of
your payment.

We haven't brought
him back yet.

I don't want you to.
His life is his own now.

What he does with it,
that's up to him.

I appreciate this.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

Stay out of trouble.

Sometimes you don't know

how your day is going
to turn, do you?

I didn't expect it
to come to much,

But today was
a very good day.

I do feel like I'm
starting to fit in

with the people
I work with.

Julia Ogden helped me
with a case today.

Perhaps I'm not

But she seems not
a bad soul at all.

Maybe she just needed
a second chance.

Which got me

We all need a second chance
sometimes, don't we?

Would you like one?

Thank you.

This is our
second chance.

How do you feel?


I feel grateful.




Oh, George.

You're all right.
You're all right.

You're all right.

-What was that?

That noise.
George, at the window.


There's nothing there.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Oh, good lord.

Dearest Anna.

I do hope you are
settling into

what will be
a normal life.

I think the threat
to you has passed

and you may be able
to live in peace.

If there is occasion,
I would dearly love

to see Harry again.

Yours, William.

If you would rather
I not send it, I won't.

Of course not,

It's clear that
you share something.

And he's your son.

He should be a part
of your life.

Our life.

Yes. Our life.

Although I'm not sure
how I'd tolerate two of you.

You could.

He has a keen
interest in science.

Not much of a surprise.

It's not something
I ever thought I would need.

I've always known
that about you, William.

And I'm glad
you have it.

Thank you.

I'm going to
get ready for bed.

I'll join you.

I should hope so.

Like this.

That's very good.
Very good.

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