Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 1 - The Things We Do for Love: Part 1 - full transcript

The Black Hand are in pursuit of Anna Fulford and Murdoch's son. An Asian family is in turmoil after their daughter was murdered at the hands of her Caucasian husband. George Crabtree has been kidnapped by two deranged twin sisters.

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My mom told me about you.

Your mother. Where is she?

She's dead.

When did you
last see your father?

You're him, aren't you?

I am.

I'm going to ask
effie to marry me.

I bought the ring
and everything.

- Where's effie?
- I don't know.

You're lying! Tell me!

Let go of my sister, george.

She made me do it.

She's lying.
Eh, fine. Maybe I am.

Miss fulford put her earrings
in the drum with the body.

To make it appear as
though she were dead.

But her fingermarks
are on the lid.

Where's harry?

He went to the water closet.

What's going on?

Anna fulford might
still be alive.

Murdoch: Julia, he's gone.

75 rue saint-mathieu, montreal.

Are you the police?

Ah, yes.


It started about an hour ago.

So you said.

I told them to stop,
but they ignored me;

Probably don't even
know the language.


I don't know what the
devil they are doing,

But it certainly isn't safe.

You there. What are you doing?

Please, be quiet.

Ah, you can't be doing this.


We are saying goodbye
to our daughter.

- Your daughter?
- Yes.

Her soul is now on its journey.

The man who killed her
is inside the house.

He is alive.

- You are police?
- Yes.

Then he is now your

Now, please leave
us with our grief.

All right.

Are you all right?

I want those two arrested.

They appear to want
the same for you.


They say you killed
their daughter.

I killed?

She's my wife!

I did no such thing!

Now get them off my property.

Where is your wife?

I don't know.

Ask them!

They seem to think she's dead.

Maybe they're right.

And why do you say that?

I haven't seen her in days.

And so you burned
your daughter's body?

It is our religion.

And highly irregular.

Shintoism requires that
the body be cremated.

We were afraid that it
would not be allowed.

You're probably right.

And you say her
husband killed her?


And why do you say that?

He beat her. Often.

She tried to leave. Often.

And he also had
wife before minori.

He also had her killed.

You have proof of this?

I know.

Please, do not disturb her.

Her ashes need to be
returned to the ground.

Of course. She is yours.

And you?


What will you do to see that
our daughter receives justice?

Ah, george! You still
look so surprised.

Is it a good surprise?

What have you done with effie?

Effie, effie, effie.

It's always effie, effie, effie.

Effie had to go away, george.

Don't you understand that?
She wasn't right for you.

You know, I was
married once before.

I did not know that.

Swore I would never do it again.

Well, that was before
you met mr. Crabtree.

Exactly. It's funny
how the right man

Can change a woman's mind.

Oh, I'd say that cuts both ways.


A little liquid courage?

Oh, dorothy, you're a devil.


I am that.




Miss newsome does like a drink,

But I'm sure you
knew that, george.

She's no good for you.

Well-liberated women
love their libations,

So it didn't take long.

No good for you at all.

Um... Uh.

She is a long woman.

Oh, no.

For a time I thought I
had given her too much.

- If you've harmed her...
- Oh, please, george.

Sit down.

She was alive and
breathing when we left her.

What condition she's in
now is entirely up to her.

We've done it. We've done it.

Let's get out of here.

So when are we going to do it?


You'll have to make your
preparations, george.

Does it not matter
that I don't love her?

No, but you will!

Once you get to know me better.

And I want it to be
proper, in a church.

You hear that, george?

Yes, I heard.

Oh! And george?

Only two people in this world
know where miss newsome is.

You tell a soul, and we
will both go to our graves

Without telling anyone
where to find her.

This is madness.

The road to true love never
follows a straight line.

You really are the
poet in the family.

Hart: So, it's a busy day,
but I shouldn't be too late.

This seems to be right one.


Everything signed.

Thank you.

I'll see you tonight.

Don't get up to
anything I wouldn't.

I'm hoping freddie
has gotten to her,

But I haven't found anna.

And what about harry?

He's been to the flat,
but no sign of him.

Are they safe?

Murdoch: I certainly hope so.

Are you well, william?

As well as can be expected.

You'll find her, william.

I'm sure of it, both of them.

Of course.

And what will you do
when you find them?

I'll make sure that
they're both safe.

Of course.

William, I have to go.

I love you, julia.

As do I.



There's a patient
I need you to see.

- A day off?
- Just one, sir.

Have you not noticed
all the empty desks?

It's important.

I don't think I can.

Well, then, I quit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
crabtree. Hold your horses.

What's so bloody important?

Sir, it's a personal matter
I'm inclined not to share.

Look, take it if you need it.

Thank you.

Thomas, what is going
on? Where's bobby?

- I don't know.
- Are you even looking?

Of course I'm looking!

Well, it certainly
doesn't look like it.

What it looks like is that
you're sitting on your backside

While our son is in trouble!

You believe them, don't you?

You believe our
son's a murderer?

Constable, I need you to
dig up some information

On a mr. Jack larkin.

- I can't.
- It would be a great help.

I said I can't.

- George?
- What?

What's wrong?

I can't talk about it.

Well, maybe I could help.

Actually, maybe you could.

I like the blues' chances.
They're a strong side.

Are you joking?
For the grey cup?

- That's what it's called?
- Yeah, it was just announced.

And you think the blues
will beat the canoe club?

They have a good chance.

50 cents says...

You were told to stay
away from my son!

Now get here!

And I did, tom!

Don't lie to me.

- Sir?
- Stay out of this, constable!

You sent a man to attack him.

I did no such thing.

Now get your hands off of me.

I will when I'm
finished with ya!

You let go of me now, or
I will have you arrested

For attacking a fellow officer.

Fellow officer?

You're hardly that.

The chief constable came to me,

Gave me a stern
warning, which I obeyed.

Unlike you and your
boy, I have no problem

Living under the
rules which govern us.

Who's the man that
attacked my boy?

How would I know?

The warden said you put
him in the same cell.

I arrested the man!

I hardly put him in the cell.

I'm not to blame for this, tom.

Now, your boy has got the blood
of two dead men on his hands.

I think it's time you
look to your own business.

I thought she was a good woman.

And what made you
think she wasn't?

I had just hired her.
She worked three days.

I paid her a week's
wages in advance.

- Where'd she go?
- I don't care now.

I didn't ask you that.

She mentioned something about
visiting a policeman in toronto.

I imagine you're him?

Then she didn't
return for any reason?

As far as I know, she went to
toronto and never came back.

- Thank you.
- Four dollars.

I beg your pardon?

If you see her, she
owes me four dollars.

Not everything grows on trees.

Freddie pink, I presume.

One word and you say
goodbye to the boy.

Or the boy says
goodbye to you first.

You choose.

Hart: Well, they certainly
burned something.

Didn't the family say
the remains were sacred?

They did.

But we do have a
job to do, don't we?

Is there a way to
ascertain if that bone

Is from their daughter's body?

I'm no magician, but
I doubt they're lying.

And why's that?

I know what lying
looks like, detective.

I've no doubt you
do, mrs. Carmichael.

Well, if that is all,

I have a reservation
I must keep.

If you don't mind me
saying, I can't help notice

A certain spring in your step.

Are your romantic
problems behind you?

They're certainly
on their way out.

Hm. I envy you.

She may be with another woman.

Detective murdoch,
I can't help you.

This is a city of
half a million people.

Surely you could spare
an officer or two.

My men, they have their duties.

Sir, she's being pursued
by the black hand.

Then she is already dead.

I don't believe
that to be the case.

Anna fulford is a
very clever woman.

Cleverness does not
trump brutality.

I believe quite the opposite.

Then your experience with
the black hand is limited.

Excuse me, sir.

Are you detective
william murdoch?


Oh, mon dieu. Mon
dieu. It is an honour.

I have studied your

With great interest.

It is an honour.

Thank you.

I can help you.

Your inspector stated...

Ah! He thinks little of me. He
won't even know I'm missing.

Please, you might actually
find me quite useful.

If only to be your guide.

Or do you know the city
well enough already?

I could use the help.

Then you shall have it. Now,
let's locate your lost love.

Oh! She's not my lost love.

Ah! Let's find her, anyway.

William murdoch!

I say bring the family in first.

Not mr. Larkin?

What cause would
you have to do that?

A bad feeling.

Not enough.

Find out if there's any truth

To what the family is saying.

They're saying he's a murderer.

Doesn't make him one.

Uh, any news on
your son, inspector?

Just that a lot of people
are calling him a murderer.

Do you want to convict
him as well, watts?

Are you sure? He's
close to death.

His condition is untreatable.

Are you saying the surgery
will not extend his life?

Not by an appreciable amount.

He and his wife, beatrice,
are very decent people.

They have both been valued
friends to this hospital,

They bankrolled
our pauper's ward.

If your actions can grant them
a little more time together,

I'd like to give it to them.

Well, I may be able to relieve
the pressure on his skull.

Doctor cushing's technique
has proven quite successful,

But it won't cure him.

Then do it.

And we hope for a miracle.

You're the surgeon?

Yes. Yes, I am.

And you will help my husband?

I will do what I can.

Georges: And, uh, the
men who are pursuing her,

They are from toronto?

Yes, but they have
associates here.

Oh, they certainly do.

I can assure you, sir, montreal
is not as pristine a place

As the city fathers
would have you believe.

Crime is highly organized here.

I'm aware.

And there is no love
lost between the members

Of the black hand and
the falcone family,

Contrary to what they
would have you believe.

And what's that?

That the organization is
one big, happy family.

I can assure you, it's
far from that. Steamie?

I beg your pardon?

Is a hot dog, steamed
shut inside a bun.

It's something of
a delicacy here.

I think I'll defer, thank you.

Ah, your loss. I'll take one.

No, make it two. This
is an auspicious day.

You were saying,
about the falcones?

- I was?
- And no love lost.

Oh! Of course.

Um, I was momentarily
lost in paradise.

Uh, falcone, the
elder, he had respect.

His son is tolerated
for his name only.

I think most of the organization
would be happy if he was gone.

I may be able to use that.

That's the reason
I was providing you

With the information, sir.

Mm. C'est bon.

So you were on duty the
day that my son escaped.

You mean the day
he killed a man?

What happened?

The two of them had
words earlier that day.

Then when they were in
the yard they fought.

What kind of words?

How would I know?

Perhaps my boy was justified.

Every man in the place thinks
their actions are justified.

Not every man settles his
problems with one of these.

That's the weapon your son
used on the other fellow.

Where did he get that?

Made it himself.

Clever little bugger.

Both of them ended
up in the infirmary,

But your boy wasn't as
badly hurt as he let on.

He overpowered the trusty
on duty and escaped.

I see.

Like I said, clever
little bugger.

I know. I heard
you the first time.

It was important she be
cremated in her home.


So her kami could be released
to the worlds beyond.

Her kami?

Her soul.

Oh. I see.

I don't expect
you to understand.

No, no, no. I
understand completely.

There are worlds aplenty
beyond our mortal grasp.

Why are my parents here?

I simply had a few questions.

Well, let them go. They
have done nothing wrong.

Not exactly true.

They did appear to
assault mr. Larkin.

Only to deliver him to
you. He killed my sister!

Their daughter.

Why isn't he here
instead of them?

I have no reason
to bring him in.

He's done it before, you know.

At least once.

A miss catherine
wilson, his first wife,

Mysteriously disappeared
and now my sister.

We don't know...

He brutalized her, sir.

She tried to leave many times.

We wanted to take her home.

He wouldn't let her.

And now she is dead.

Would you please let my
parents grieve in peace?

Rhodes: Where is miss fulford?

I don't know.

Please, don't lie to me.

If you're with the boy,
you know where she is.

That is a ridiculous

You're a very pretty woman,

So I would like for
you to stay that way.

I want you to know that, uh,
none of this is personal.

I just have a job to do.

My mom did nothing wrong.

That's not for me
to decide, kid.

Now, I don't know how you got
yourself messed up in all this,

But I know you know more
than you're letting on.

I don't want to have
to kill the two of you,

But if I have to, I have to.

Do what you like
to us, if you want.

But we are not
your real problem.

No, my real problem
is anna fulford.

No, it's not. It's
william murdoch.

And you're going to
have to get rid of him.

I got no quarrel with him.

He certainly does with you.

You're holding his son captive.

What's your point?

I can bring him to you.

If you let me and
the boy go free.

Do I look pretty?

- You look pretty as a picture.
- What kind of picture?

Oh, you.

Are you ready?

Am I?

Priest: I now pronounce
you man and wife.

Oh, that's so special.

I believe I was able
to substantially

Relieve the pressure.

He should awaken soon.

Thank you, doctor.

So, it was a success?

As much as it could
have been, yes.

Will I be able to
bring him home?

Honestly, I don't know.

But you do believe
he will awaken?

I do.

Well, then, we take one
miracle at a time, don't we?

Thank you, doctor.

Andrew, it's beatty.

I'm right here by your side, hm?

For now and always.

This isn't the first
woman in your life

To meet an unfortunate
end, is it?

I am simply a man who's lived
a life of tragic circumstance.

You took your sweet time
getting here, jones.

- Apologies.
- Jack, are you all right?

Watts: What's this all about?

Miss day here is prepared
to say that she was with

Mr. Larkin for the
last three days

Before his wife's disappearance.

You mean before his
wife was killed?

Uh, I was led to understand
there was no body.

As there was no body
for catherine wilson.

As far as I know, catherine
walked into lake ontario

With a sack of
rocks in her pocket.

I grieved her death deeply.

So the source of
these accusations

You've hurled at my client

Are based on a mound of ash

And the ravings of some asians?

You know, they never
wanted their daughter

To marry a gaijin.

That's what they called me.

So, why did you marry her?

I was seduced.

Those women are devils.

How was it you were
found at your residence?

I had been with eliza
the two nights previous.

He was.

And I was intending to make
that arrangement permanent.

We were very happy.

And when I arrived home
they had already started

That ghastly fire.

The boy took me by surprise
and knocked me out.

And now I am here facing
ridiculous accusations.

We were well within our
rights to lay charges.

But I understand
they are grieving.

So, if you just let me go,

The matter can be
considered done with.

Are you prepared to
charge my client?

- Well...
- No, we're not.

Thank you.

This woman, she means
something to you, right?

She's the mother of my son.

Oh, your wife?


Tangled web. No offence.


I saved her from
the black hand once.

But then I reneged on a
deal that I would not keep.

Since then, she's been
in their crosshairs.

For some reason she
returned to toronto.

Why would she do that?

Perhaps for me to meet my son,
or she had nowhere else to turn.

May I be bold?

Of course.

There is something you
are not telling me.

There is?

Well, uh, you mentioned
another woman to my inspector.

Who is she?

Freddie pink.

Ah, the detective.

You know her?

Every policeman in montreal
knows freddie pink.

And not favourably.

How is she involved in this?

When I learned of miss
fulford's location,

I contacted freddie pink.

She and I have a
long acquaintance.

Oh, do you now?

Not like that.

If you say so.

I dispatched miss pink
to find her and hide her.

I believe she may
have done both.

And, uh, the boy?

That I don't know.

We will find them.

If miss fulford was dead,
we would already know it.

Same with the boy.

The black hand are not shy
about showing their power.

Each death is a
warning to others

That they are not to be crossed.

And you? You're
willing to cross them?

Truth and justice, sir.

There is no more
noble a calling.

Andrew never thought
it was very manly,

But I know down deep
he loved the smell.

It's beautiful.

We acquired it in
tibet three years ago.

It was a wonderful journey.

Feels like a lifetime ago.

Doctor, is he comfortable?

If he's showing no
outward signs of distress,

Then he's in no pain right now.

Thank you.

I don't think we're
ever prepared, are we?

To say goodbye?

To the love of our life.

No, I don't think we are.


What do you want to
talk to us about?

We haven't done anything wrong.

Living on the right side
of the law now, inspector.

Model citizens.

I need you to find my son.

He broke out of jail.

Did you hear about that?

We can ask around.

What's in it for us?

Same again if you
find him unharmed.

We can't promise that.

I didn't ask you for a promise.

You find him, you bring him to
me, no one else. Understood?

No need to get the
law involved, right?

Don't get smart
with me, sunshine.

Ah. Qu'avez-vous, georges?

Excuse me.

What have you... Discovered?

Ah. Guiseppe leone, the
capo of the black hand,

Is planning to entertain
two visitors from toronto

This evening.

He's not happy about it.

The falcones.

The young falcone and his
righthand man, anthony pucci.

Was there any sense as
to whether they'd been

Successful in
finding anna fulford?

They are alone,
so I would say no.

And frank rhodes?

Who's that?

He's an assassin that
works for the falcones.

You keep adding names
to the list, sir.

I, uh...

This man. If you see
him, steer clear.

He's very dangerous.

We are swimming in a
sea of dangerous men.

Ooh. Pardon the imagery.

You haven't touched your cake.


This will be the perfect
little love nest.

For now.

I have fulfilled my
side of the bargain.

It's more than a bargain.

It's a vow!

In front of god almighty.

It's a promise of
love everlasting!

You promised you'd get effie.

Not until you eat your cake.


Harry! Harry!

Harry, stop!


Harry. That's enough. Stop!

Good job, kid.

Now, come on.

Sure you got some
catching up to do.

Never send a woman
to do a man's job.

- Is anna safe?
- Hello to you, too!

I got her on a
train to new york.

She is to wait there
for further instruction.

I have a friend
I trust with her.

I'm sorry I got you into this.

Oh, don't be! It was my idea.

Your idea?

I figured you'd be bright enough

To get all three
of us out of this.

So, where will we live?

I do like the city,

But I must admit I'm
more of a country mouse.

But I suppose we should stay
in the city for a while.

So you can move up the ladder...

In your job.

But will our children
be safe here?

The city is such
a dangerous place.

What do you think?

I don't have an
opinion either way.

Oh. Um...

Well, there is time.

And we do need time,
don't we, georgie?

I suppose it is rather
a lot to take in.

When is dorothy getting here?

She'll be back!


I'm sure of it.

And I wouldn't worry, george.

About us, I mean.

Many loving marriages have

Been born out of
stranger circumstances.

Oh, yes, I'm sure.

Who knows? Maybe one
day we'll be at a place

Where my wife doesn't need
to hold me at gunpoint?

Your wife.


Oh, I do love the sound of that.

Mrs. George crabtree.

- All right.
- Don't!


You released him?

There's no solid basis
on which to hold him.

- He killed my sister.
- There's no proof of that.

It's obvious.

If it was, there would be proof.

- Do your job.
- I'm trying to.

But, for now, I
had to let him go.

The law requires reasonable...

You're a slave to the law, then.

Not in all cases.

But in this one?

As I told you, I
had to let him go.

Then you're responsible
for what happens.

Mr. Nakamura!

You said you had something.

Good news.

Son's alive.

- Where is he?
- Don't know that for sure.

Man I trust said he saw him
boarding a train at union.

Where was he going?

He's headed west.

Train goes all the
way to vancouver.

Anything else?

Yeah, but, uh, might not
be what you want to hear.

Go on.

Your boy killed
that man in prison.

And he wasn't shy about
telling anyone who'd listen.

Well, when you want people
to keep their distance,

You lie about being
a dangerous man.

Yeah, sure, inspector.

That's probably all it is.

There's a chance I may be
able to save your husband.

Oh, lord.

There's a tumour near
his pituitary gland

And I may be able to remove it.

Then do it.

It's an operation that
I've never done before.

Very few have.

It's a very risky procedure.

What would you do?

It's not my decision.

I understand. But
what would you do?

Given the choice between
my husband's certain death

And a chance at his survival,

No matter how slim,
I would take it.

Then I put my faith in you.

Is the boy safe?

If rhodes wanted him dead he
would have done it already.

He may be awaiting
further instructions.

Or getting them now.

None of this is your fault.

I feel like it is.

Well, it isn't.

How would you like to help
us to get out of here?

And this is the last of them?


And mr. Carmichael is in
agreement with all of this?

His signature is right there.

Of course he is.

Well, congratulations,
mrs. Carmichael.

You are now a wealthy woman.

Carmichael house alone
is worth well over...

I'm well aware of
what it is worth.

Well, if that is it,
then I shall be off.

Ah! There is one more thing.

I would like to revert
to my given name.

I am no longer mrs.
Arthur carmichael.

I am mrs. Violet hart.

As you wish.

I do wish.

I need your
assistance, mrs. Hart.

Good lord!

- Detective watts?
- Yes.

She's still alive.

The lucky one, it appears.

Bad news, I'm afraid.

Seems the powers that be aren't
interested in the detective.

They want miss fulford.

That's who I've
been looking for.

Not asking you.

Where is she?

I was looking for her, too.

She's an elusive
bird, isn't she?

No less than three searchers
and she's evaded them all.

Hey, where's the kid?

Now, harry!

You two make a good team.

I suppose we do.

- Effie!
- George! George.

Are you all right?

No touching! Get down.

You're a married man now.


George, wh-wh-what are
they talking about?

I am now mrs. George crabtree.

What an absolutely
marvelous day!

Juliette's had a sale that
was absolutely scandalous.

Marcel will bring
dinner by later.

Chateaubriand for two.

I thought you'd like
to share with me.

Oh! And thank you so much
for signing those papers.

I'm really starting to feel

Like we're true partners
in this marriage-

Like we're really
getting somewhere.

You've made me so happy.

So, what do you
plan on doing to me?

Surrender you to
the montreal police.

Won't solve anything.

I am just the bullet.

Falcone's the gun.

And all he's going to do
is find another bullet.

I'll get him as well.

Yeah. Yeah.

And then one day you slip up

And the woman and
the boy are dead.

Doesn't have to be that way.

You help me.

I help you.

Why should I trust you?

I am a man for
hire, nothing more.

Falcone's the one with
the burr under his saddle.

I'll cancel the
contract for my freedom.

You should listen
to me, detective.

I'm the best chance you've got.