Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 4 - Blood on the Tracks - full transcript

It's just...

- I don't want to bring it up again.
- But you will.

It's just if we all
practiced more, like I said,

we would have won.

That Rochester team played
like a finely tuned machine.

We all have busy lives, Miss Cherry.

Yes. But one can always make time.

What about the at-home exercises?

The finger press, the arm lifts.

Volleyball is not
cut-throat competition.

- I thought you wanted to win.
- I do.

But it's also supposed to be fun.

You know what's fun? Winning is fun.

What about you?

- Did you do the exercises?
- No, I'm afraid I didn't do any.

You had the time. You're
not working right now.

You did wonderfully.

Wonderful job of letting
the ball hit the ground.

Miss Cherry! That is quite enough.

Now then, ladies, what's all this?

Someone on the team doesn't
believe in losing graciously.

I assume, Miss Cherry,
that that someone is you?

If wanting to win is a crime then, yes,

guilty as charged.

I thought this was
supposed to be relaxing?

- Well, it would be...
- Miss Cherry,

I think you've said your piece.

When we're back in Toronto we can
talk about scheduling practices.

But, in the meantime, who
would like a cup of tea?

I would love one.


Take no notice of Miss Cherry.

I thought you did a
cracking job out there.

Thank you, Inspector,
but I know that I need

a great deal more practice.

I'm absolutely terrible, aren't I?

The worst I've seen.

- Oh.
- Where's the porter?

This train is going awfully fast.

Well, it is an express.


No, something's wrong.

What the bloody hell's going on?

The train is going to crash!

Everyone brace yourselves!

What happened?

To state the obvious, the train crashed.

- Are you all right?
- I believe so.

A little bruised, but okay.

How are you?


My wrist! Landed on it.

Let me take a look.

You're lucky, it's just sprained.

- You'll still be able to write.
- Just sprained?

This is my serving arm.

Just keep it elevated and still.

- What are you doing?
- Making a sling.

Hurry up, then.

Would you prefer a gag?

Are you all right?

Is everyone all right?

Oh, dear.

You've hit your head.

Mrs. Hart!

This man has a nasty gash on his head.

He'll need stitches.

You'll find everything
you need in my bag.

But I'm not a doctor.

You've stitched a corpse.

Same principles except these ones move.

So be very careful.

Miss Newsome! Miss Newsome!

Effie! Effie!

Is everyone all right in here?

Everyone seems fine, but
Miss Newsome's trapped.

Effie! Can you hear me?

- Uh-huh.
- Okay.

Don't move.

Your legs are trapped. We
need to get this off her.

Excuse me! Are you the porter?

Yes, sir. Cliff Adams.

Mr. Adams, give us a hand with this.

Sir, sir, if you could give
us a hand with this, please?

One, two, three!

Effie, try not to move at all.

Mr. Adams, can you go
and get my medical bag?

Ask for Mrs. Hart, she should have it.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Inspector,

can you gather some napkins?

And we need water.

What happened?

Just stay very still, Effie.

Here. Relax.

Oh, thank you.

That cut on your brow.

It won't need stitches,
but I can see that

- you're favouring your side.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.

Did you hit it when you went down?

Caught it on the edge of the bar.

Wouldn't be the first time.

I just think I've bruised my side.

Well, I need to take care of Effie,

- but then I want to look at that bruise.
- It can wait.

Look, I'm going to have
a look in the engine car,

see what happened.

If anybody's injured,
I'll come and find you.

Oh, thank you!



I'm going to give you some laudanum.

It will help with the pain.

Inspector Brackenreid,
Toronto Constabulary.

Can you tell me what happened?

Damned if I know.

I went to slow the train
coming into that curve,

but the brakes didn't react.

The brakes failed?


Were you alone in the engine car?

Yes. The fireman should
have been with me, but...

There he is. Pinsky!

Where the hell were you?

I was in the privy.

The privy?

Tell me more about the brakes.

Well, I had a look and
the only way I figure it is

at least one of the angle cocks
on the brake valve was turned off.

How does that happen?

Somebody turns them off.

Are you saying that someone
did this deliberately?

Looks that way to me.


Oh, sir. I wasn't expecting
you here on a Sunday.

Ah, yes. I'm here to work
on my ground-controlled

aerial surveillance camera.

Have you brought your daughter to work?

I had to, sir.

Ruth is celebrating a new
holiday called Mother's Day.

Apparently, it's all
the rage in America.

A day solely to celebrate mothers.

- Lovely idea.
- It's not just that.

According to Ruth,

it's a day where mothers
can do whatever they please.

Without their children.

Yes, she has quite the busy
day with her friends planned,

doing whatever it is they do.

- And Sunday is the nanny's day off, so...
- I see.


Well, that's enough of that.

Ah, come on. There we go.

Yep. There we go.

But, sir, I assure you I'm
just on desk duty today,

so it's going to be fine.

You won't even know we're here.

Newsstand robbery at King and Portland.

We have to go.

There's no one else?


well, how would you like to
take a little walk then, hm?

Henry, you can't bring
a baby to a crime scene.

Well, it's a newsstand robbery, sir.


Ah, of course.

Ah, Detective Watts,

perhaps you could watch Jordan?

Just for a little while.

Oh, I'm sorry. I have plans.

I'm only here waiting for a friend.

Well, it can't be too dangerous.

The robbery has already happened.

Oh, Henry, I'll watch baby Jordan.

Thank you, sir!

I promise she'll probably
sleep the whole time I'm gone.

You won't even notice she's here.

How is she?

I've given her some laudanum.

It should help with the
pain and get her to rest.

Is her leg badly damaged?

No lacerations, but
possibly a fractured tibia.

Her pulse is strong, though.

She looks so pale.


I can't treat her properly
until we get to a hospital.

Could we send a party ahead to
the train station to get help?

They'll know something's wrong,
they're expecting the train.

They'll send people.

They'd better hurry.

Just stay with her.

If she wakes up, give her
three drops of laudanum

in a glass of water.

You haven't heard of this?

- No.
- Oh, it's in all the books for tourists.

Meu postilhao foi atingido por um raio.

- And in English?
- My postillion has been struck by lightning.

Oh, wonderful. I'm sure one would need

- to say that every day in Portugal.
- We should go there.

Portugal is only about
a week's boat ride away.

- Llewelyn, I...
- Make up an excuse.

You have a dear old uncle in Porto

- and you must see him before he dies.
- I couldn't.

Well, then at least
let's go to my place.

No, we're going to the track.

You don't know what it's
like with a baby at home.

I love Samuel, but I need a break.

I haven't placed a bet since 1902

when I lost every penny I had.

Well, then today you can lose
your money buying us drinks.

As you wish.

Now, how many horses are there?

Mrs. Hart.

How are Miss Newsome and
Inspector Brackenreid?

The inspector's as stubborn as ever.

He refused an examination.

But I'm worried about Effie.

Her leg was badly injured in the crash.

- Will she be all right?
- We'll see.

Oh, this is Mrs. Dooley.

I've cleaned and dressed her wounds.

The porter found the
first aid kit for me.

It looks good. You did well.

It's a lot different
working on live bodies.

- Excuse me?
- Oh, I'm a coroner.

Well, you're a little early
to the party, aren't you?

Dr. Ogden, could I have a word?

- Did you find out anything?
- I spoke to the engineer.

He said the brakes were
checked at the last station.

They were in perfect
order. Now they're not.

- Someone tampered with them?
- He thinks so.

But if the brakes were in order

when we left the last station

then whoever tampered with
them was on this train?

Who'd derail a train that
they were travelling on?

It's too dangerous! It
doesn't make any sense.

Just checking on people, seeing
if they're doing all right.

Luckily, I'm a doctor and we have
the coroner on board, as well.

Oh, hopefully his
services won't be needed.

Her services and, yes, I
think we've escaped that just.

Right. How about the
people in the cargo car?

Who's in there?

A Toronto policeman
travelling with another man.

They wanted to sit by themselves.

In the cargo car? Why?

I don't know.

Let's have a look.

Bloody hell.

I don't have to ask, do I?


You don't need to ask how, either.

Look at the handcuffs.

I'm guessing the prisoner killed him.

And now he's on the run.

It's curious.

It appears the killer
tore off his suspenders.

You'd have thought he'd taken
his jacket and cap as a disguise.

This must be his satchel.

The shard went through the jugular.

He would have died very quickly.

Poor bastard.

Walter Rydell.

It seems he was escorting a
prisoner by the name of Ben Miller

from Rochester jail to Toronto.

Do you think this Ben Miller
took advantage of the crash,

killed his escort and
then made his escape?

Or he killed him first,

then he derailed the
train as a diversion,

then he made his escape.

I have work to do, baby Jordan.

What we need is a safe, contained area

for you to play in.


How is she?

She woke up in pain, so
I gave her more laudanum.

Is there anything else I can do?

Just stay with her.

If the leg starts to swell, let me know.

The two passengers
nearest the cargo car door,

they didn't even know
there was anyone in there.

They didn't see anyone go
in or out before the crash.

Well, if they're
correct, then Ben Miller

didn't leave to tamper with the brakes.

And if Ben Miller didn't
derail the train...

He had an accomplice.

Pinsky. I want a word.

Exactly where were you
when the train derailed?

Why do you want to know?

I was talking to your engineer.

He said you left your
post just before the crash.

That seems a bit suspicious to me.

Ah, like I said, I was in the privy.

Where are the angle cock valves
that you were telling me about?

I've been checking the valves
and the only ones turned off

were at the back of the engine car.

- And?
- I wasn't there.

I'll ask around, see
if anyone saw you there.

You would have had to pass that
valve to get to where you were going.

Sure, I suppose.

Do you know a man named Ben Miller?

No. No. Who's that?

That's the man that the
constable was bringing to Toronto.

They were in the cargo car.

No, I swear to you, I
have no idea who that is.

Do I need to talk to your engineer?

All right.

I may as well tell you now.

I was in jail five years
ago for petty theft,

but now I got a wife and a child,

and I wouldn't risk that
life I've built for anything.

I'm looking for an escaped convict.

Are you going to help me or not?

I may have seen the man you're
looking for after the derailment.

I'm listening.

After I was done checking
the valves, I saw someone.

He was on the other side of the train.

- Are you all right?
- Never mind me. Never mind.

Did you get a good look at him?

No, I didn't see his face. I
just saw his tall, brown boots.

Show me where you saw him.

So, he was standing about here.
Then he went off in that direction.

What's that?

It's blood.

Was the man you saw bleeding?

I don't know.

Blood leads to the door.

If that's Ben Miller,
he got back on the train.


Here we are.

Perfect little spot
for baby Jordan, huh?

Oh! I know!

You must be hungry.

Would you like...

Hmm. Uh...

What about...

Some milk?



Now this is a book I wrote.

I have several copies left over.

Perhaps you...

No. Perhaps not.

What about this?

I know. Uh...

wait right here.

Watch it!

I've given you seven stitches.

Don't put any pressure on the leg,

they'll open up.

You're tying it too tight.

Look, I'm a coroner, not a doctor.

But I'm the best you've got right now.

Now, have a seat if you'd like,

but stay off it as best you can.


Violet, how are you?

Better now that I've seen to everyone.

How does it feel to
stitch up living people?

It took some getting used to.

I stitched up a man's wound fairly well.

It would have been more serious,

but he tied suspenders above the wound.


Were they his own?

I'm not sure.

Could you find the inspector, please?

Tell him to come here quickly.

I'll be right back.

Hello, baby Jordan!

I can see you.

Well, I think I've done it.

With the help of this device,

I'll be able to control the drone,

which will be buoyed by large balloons

and fans will help control the direction

so I'm able to take a photograph

from exactly where I want.

But, first, I have to
inflate the balloons.

Mrs. Hart said you wanted to see me.

There's a man on this car
with a gash on his leg.

He used these suspenders
as a tourniquet.

Suspenders. Which man?

There, with the hat over his eyes.

Are you all right? You look very pale.

I'm fine.

The fireman just told
me that he saw a man

get off the train after the derailment,

who then got back on.

He was bleeding.

He must have been wounded,
then taken Rydell's suspenders

to staunch the bleeding.

That's him.

Excuse me, sir.

Are you Ben Miller?

Ah, come back here!

Oi! I said stop!

Oh, excuse me. Excuse me!




Get his shirt open, now.

- Did Miller do this?
- I think he sustained an injury in the crash.

His pulse is very weak.
Check his left side.

There's a large discolouration.

- It's likely internal bleeding.
- An organ rupture?

We don't know. We'll have to operate.

- Anything I can do?
- Find the porter.

We need towels and hot water,
as much as he can muster.

First, help us get him up
onto some of these crates.


Jordan! Baby Jordan!



What are you...

How did you...

Murray marble's two mover!

I've had the pieces set up
for weeks and I can't solve it.

You are one troublesome baby.

Very sweet, but troublesome.

I have a boatload of work left to do

and I can't take my eyes
off of you for one second.

I could...

Ooh. That's too drastic.

It could work.

There you are.

I'm going to go do a bit of
work. Why don't you have a nap?

Or play with your doll?

Very good.


Hopefully she won't remember this.

Keep absorbing the blood, Violet.

I'm trying. There's so much.

I was worried it was collecting
in the peritoneal cavity,

but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Are the spleen or colon ruptured?

- They're intact.
- That's a relief.

But I still can't find
the burst blood vessel.

I'm running out of towels.

Put your hand there.

I can't see where the
blood is coming from.

Keep steady, Violet.

How're you feeling?

I'm scared.

My leg hurts so badly.

What if I can't walk again?

- You'll be fine.
- How do you know?

Because Dr. Ogden said
that you'll heal in no time.

Why are you being so nice to me?

I'm just trying to make sweet so
I can get an exclusive interview

about your kidnapping.

That was six months ago. Did
you have to bring that up?


Bad attempt at a joke.

You probably think I
should be over it by now.


You were kidnapped,

- it's going to take time to heal.
- Please change the subject.

Do you and George plan to get married?

I don't know.

Every time I look at George,
I remember what happened.

- He had nothing to do with it.
- I know, but

they are still out there.

Perhaps it would be best for
George and I if we never marry.

And let them win?

You're better than that.

You two will find a way.


I'm going to tell
people you have a heart.

Now you've gone too far.

I need some more...

More of the...

You've had two doses already.

Dr. Ogden says that you
should have plain water.

Two drops.

I'm almost finished
the exterior incision.

Are you sure the blood
vessel stitches will hold?

As sure as I can be.

Are you feeling all right?

Yes. Why?

Your hands are shaking a little.

I haven't had anything
to eat or drink today.

It must be catching up with me.

Well, I've finished the stitching.

Just need to clean
the area one more time.

If you don't need me anymore,
I'm going to get some air.

Of course.

Where is my screwdriver?


Oh. Uh.

Oh! Oh, baby Jordan. What is it?

Oh! Oh!

It's all right.


My goodness.

Where is your doll?

What have you done with your...


Right here.

How on earth did you get this

all the way under...


Uh, Jordan.

What have you done?

Huh, Jordan.

The keys.

Get the keys.

Yes. Yes!

Oh! Very good. Yes!


Bring the keys to me.


Jordan, please?

Please, no, come back. No, no! Jordan!

Come back! The keys, Jordan!

Jordan! Come back! Hello!

Help! Someone!


- Oh, excuse me. Can you help me, please?
- Yes, ma'am.

I've been knocking at this
lavatory door for ten minutes.

- Did you see anyone go in there?
- No, but the door is locked.

Is anyone in there? Hello?

Is anyone in there?

What's wrong?

Mr. Adams, get the door open!

Is he dead?

I think I should leave him
in here and lock the door

- and we can wait...
- Mr. Adams.

Let me through, please.

- We should leave him be.
- Just a minute!

One large cut to the throat...

Severing the left carotid artery.

I'm not seeing any defensive wounds.

Might have been forced into
the lavatory and then murdered.

I'm going to lock the door now, ladies,

and we can wait for the authorities.

Mr. Adams, for all intents and purposes,

right now we are the authorities.

So, please, just stand
back and let us work.

If you insist.

Found this in the pocket.

We found this on Ben Miller.

It's his transfer paper
from the Rochester jail.

He was released into the
custody of Mr. Rydell,

to be a witness in a court case.

- Well, we were wrong.
- About what?

Whoever derailed the train.

We thought it was
someone on Miller's side,

an accomplice helping him escape.

So why would this person kill him?

To stop him from testifying, perhaps?

Or protecting themselves
or save whomever's on trial.

Whatever the reason, there's
a killer on the loose.


- Henry!
- What's going on?

Let me out!

How did you get locked in the cell, sir?

I can explain!

Well, first I had baby
Jordan locked in the cell.

You put my baby daughter
in jail? What did she do?

Oh, no. No, Henry! No.

I was outside working on my
aerial surveillance camera...

I can't believe you'd put a
baby in jail. My baby in jail!

Well, she's quite the
little escape artist.

Well, where is she now?

She escaped.

What? You've lost my daughter?



Jordan! Jordan?

- Henry! Henry!
- What is it?

I left the nipkow disk running.

It may have recorded
which way Jordan went.

Well, hurry! We have to find her.

Should be somewhere around here.

That was her! She
crawled past your office.

Looks like she was headed
toward the front door.

Where is she?


Do you see her? She can't
have gotten very far.

Henry, there's a possibility...

A possibility of what?

A possibility she may be up.

What? Well get her down!

Well, I can't find the remote...

Get her down now! My baby's up there!

Do you think Miller knew someone
on the train wanted to kill him?

Probably not, or he would have
taken his chances escaping,

even with a serious injury.

I've been around the train again.

I'm fairly certain
there's no one missing.

So whoever killed Miller
is still on this train.

Let's keep close together.

I'm going to check on the inspector.

I just said we should
stay close together!

I can look after myself.

Thank you, Mrs. Hart.

Oh, Mr. Adams,

did you see anyone near the lavatory

before we found Ben Miller?

No, I didn't.

Though I've been wondering about
that fireman being in the area.

- Fireman?
- Mr. Pinsky.

Your friend, the inspector,
talked with him a few times.

I think with some suspicion.

Is that so?

Did you know Mr.
Pinsky is an ex-convict?

No, I haven't spoken with him.

I don't know about
his personal life, but

maybe he still has one
foot in the criminal world.

- Mr. Pinsky?
- That's me.

I'm Dr. Ogden, travelling
with the inspector.

May I ask where you've been
since you spoke with him last?

Oh, you think I had anything
to do with that man found dead.

Just answer the question, Mr. Pinsky.

I already spoke to your inspector

and I'm going to tell
you what I told him:

I had nothing to do
with that train derailing

and I certainly had
nothing to do any murder.

I never heard of any
Ben Miller before today.

You haven't answered the question.

- I was outside, smoking.
- Alone?

Look, I can't be around
Sitwell, the engineer.

He hates me, I hate him.

But I was talking to Cliff, the porter.

For a while. But that's it!

You know everything there
is to know about this train,

don't you, Mr. Pinsky?

You'd know how to derail it.

- Perhaps you were doing someone a favour?
- Look, I'm straight now.

I wouldn't risk my job, or my
family for anybody or anything!

Again, I told all this to the inspector.

Could you empty your
pockets, Mr. Pinsky?

No, no.

If you're innocent, as
you claim, you won't mind.

Explain that, Mr. Pinsky.

I never seen that before!

This was used to kill Ben Miller.

I never killed anybody! That's not mine!

You're going to be locked
up until the police arrive.

No, I'm not! I never did anything!

Get into the pantry.

There's no way I'm going to let
you women tell me what to do!

- Mr. Adams, can you help us get him in?
- No!

I tell you... No! Let me go! Let me go!

Lock the door!

Well done, everyone.

Get that thing down! Get
my baby out of the sky!

- I can't.
- Well, figure it out!

But, Henry, I don't know how.

Aren't you supposed to be the smart one?

About most things, yes.

- Ah. Perhaps we could use something?
- Use what?

That's not going to be long enough!

No, no.

Do you suppose we could shoot it down?

With a gun? No!

No? No, no.

Ah. Well, it's going up!

Perhaps we can catch it from the roof?

The roof? Yes! Very good.

- Let's go!
- Oh, wait. Wait.

It's heading toward those wires.

Ah... oh.

- Ah, Jordan!
- Oh, no!



Look who we found.

Oh! Jordan!

- My remote control!
- The baby was playing with it.

We were walking past and found this
little one sitting on the ground.

And then, uh...


You really should be
more careful, Henry.

Oh. Oh, Jordan. Hi, baby.

Ah, thank you.

Oh, you scared me.

Effie, how are you?

Feel so woozy from that laudanum.

Never had it before. I feel...

As if I've been removed from my body.

I suppose right now that's a good thing.

Your pulse is strong.

Can you feel anything in your leg?

That's a good thing.

I heard some shouting.

Well, we did find out
who killed Ben Miller

and derailed the train. It
was the fireman, Mr. Pinsky.

Where is he now?

Locked in the pantry.

Did he jingle?

Did he jingle?

The man who killed the other man.

I think you need a
little more rest, Effie.

They came right by me:
A man in brown boots,

limping, and a man in black
boots. He was jingling.

They were over by the lavatory.

They had a bit of a scuffle.

Did you see anything, Mrs. Dooley?

Uh, no, dear. I'm afraid I didn't.

But I did see the fireman
you're talking about, Mr. Pinsky.


Before the crash.

He was on the runner board,
near the passenger car,

whistling as if he didn't
have a care in the world.

That doesn't prove anything.

I didn't say it does.

But I saw him outside, too,
after the Miller man escaped.

- Are you sure?
- He was having a few nips from his flask.

Maybe he didn't like to tell you ladies.

Are we sure it's Mr. Pinsky?

He did have the murder weapon on him.

What's his connection to Ben Miller?

- Mr. Adams.
- Hmm? Oh.

I've been trying to piece
together what happened today

and there's something
that's bothering me.

Did you see Mr. Pinsky
at all in the train?

It seems to me he spent the day outside.

No one saw anyone near the lavatory

when Mr. Miller was killed.

And he still had the
murder weapon in his pocket.

Why would he keep it
and not try to hide it?

I don't claim to know the minds of men.

Well, you said it was Pinsky.

We'll just keep him locked
up 'til the help comes.

Yes. But there could be
another suspect on the train.

Perhaps someone who knew Mr. Miller?

Maybe. Maybe not.

You should just let this go.

Well, I've learned to trust my instincts

when they're telling me
something isn't right.

Just leave it alone.

Did you have anything to do with
derailing this train, Mr. Adams?

I can't believe this.

Well, I can let this go for now,

but perhaps there's a connection

between you and Mr. Miller that
you're not telling us about?

You just keep sticking your
nose where it don't belong.

- You don't understand.
- Tell me, Mr. Adams.

Help me understand.

Ben Miller was going to
testify against my brother.

And he'd be lying, just to
keep himself out of jail.

I couldn't prove it, but he'd be lying.

And I had to stop him.

So you killed him and planted
the razor on Mr. Pinsky?

I wouldn't have had to frame Pinsky
if it wasn't for your meddling.

Now I'm going to have
to take care of you.

Don't be stupid.

I've seen how you are.

I let you go, you won't forget this.

I don't want to do this.

You left me no choice!


That did the trick.

What are you doing
up after your surgery?

You're welcome.

Come on inside.

All right, Jordan.

There we go. All right.

I suppose I should thank you
for taking care of her today.

Oh, Henry, I am so sorry
about what's happened today.

Don't apologize, sir.

Watching a crawling baby is tricky,

even for a great detective.

Henry, do you ever wonder if...


If perhaps baby Jordan is
highly advanced for her age?

You mean a genius?

Well, I've never considered that.

Of course, you're a bright baby.

I suppose I've never
felt outsmarted by her.

I've never had need
to really consider...

No. No, of course not.

Never mind.

Ah. Well.

Ah, sir?

I think it might be best if
we never mention today to Ruth.

I would appreciate that. In fact,

I think it may be best we
never speak of it again.


Yes, sir?

Henry, someone has
solved my chess problem.

It's been here for weeks.

And, aside from you, no one
else has been in this room,

except for baby Jordan.

Well, that's impossible, sir!

Girls can't play chess!

Oh, Detective!

I can't believe you fought the
porter, Inspector, in your condition.

Tough as old boots, me.

- Yes, you are.
- Old boots.

Brown boots. Black boots.

Close your eyes and get some rest.

Can I have more of that drink?

I think you've had quite enough.

I think you've had quite enough!

So, Mr. Adams' brother is on trial

and he wanted to stop Mr. Miller
from testifying against him.

Apparently, he truly believed
his brother is innocent.

And risked everyone's lives on the train

to help him win his court case?

But we're all still
alive, thanks to Dr. Ogden.

- And Mrs. Hart. Thank you, Violet.
- Good job.

Oh! I hear something.

Oh, thank God!

Doctor, you should go and
talk to whoever's in charge.

- There's lots to explain.
- Yes, I will as soon as I get you and Effie

off to the closest hospital.

Will they have some
more of that drink there?

They'll have lots and
lots and lots of it.

We better go!

Today was exactly what I needed.

For me to buy the drinks all afternoon?

That and a bit of,
uh, spirited shouting.

It is strangely cathartic, isn't it?

It's still early.

Could go back to your place.

Uh, yes, there's a
book I want to lend you:

Martin Eden, Jack London's latest.

It sounds good.

There's Clara, uh, with Samuel.

I suppose you have to go.

Next Sunday.

Next Sunday.

Samuel cried all afternoon.

I had to take him for a
walk to calm both our nerves.

- He loves the fresh air.
- He does.

But he missed his father.

Let's go home.