Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 16 - It's a Wonderful Game - full transcript

A charity basketball game turns grim for Murdoch and his colleagues when a friend of the game's inventor is murdered

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Season 15 Episode 16

Episode Title: "It's a Wonderful Game"
Aired on: January 31, 2022.

Mr. Crabtree,
how fast are we going?

I bet 100 miles an hour.

Oh, I can't imagine
it's quite that fast.

Sir, what do you think?

This train?
I'd say 40 miles per hour.


At least.

40 is pretty standard.

That's correct.

if the track was in better
repair, this train,

the 89, a model 260 mogul,

Weighing 60 tons,
built right here in Canada,

- would be capable of speeds...
- That's all right, sir.

I don't need to know much more
than how fast it goes.

- George, a word.
- Yes, of course.

Have you given much thought to
which position Harry will play?

He's an excellent passer.

He really should be
one of the guards.

Uh, Julia, perhaps we should
let George make those decisions.

He is the coach, after all.

Yes, but George should be made
aware of his full abilities,

Don't you think?

Yes, of course.

I'll take your suggestions
into serious consideration.

Thank you, George.
I just want to be helpful.


Welcome to our fine town,

the illustrious
detective Murdoch.

It is an honour.

You must be Dr. Ogden?

Alex McKenzie.

- Pleasure.
- Likewise.

- Pleasure.
- Likewise.

Ah, where's the team?

Oh! Our coach is just
getting the boys settled.

Most of them have never
been outside of Toronto.

(McKenzie chuckles)

Well, we're very grateful
that you could come.

The basketball tournament
has been a big draw

at a much needed time.

Of course. The fire must have
been devastating for everyone.

It certainly was.

A large part of
the main street burned down.

But with the money
the tournament has raised,

We should be able to restore
most of the buildings.

Oh! Here he is now. Doctor...

I know who this is.

Dr. James Naismith.

An honour.

James, let me
introduce you, please,

to detective William Murdoch
and Dr. Julia Ogden.

Dr. Naismith invented
the game of basketball.


Does one invent a game,
or does it simply evolve as...

- William.
- Shall we get started?

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to Almonte's
Basketball Tournament.

We've already raised
1,340 dollars

And 50 cents!

Whoa ho!

The fifty cents I'll be
keeping to cover my expenses.

(crowd laughs)

And now almonte's favourite son

and the inventor of one of
the world's most popular games,

Dr. James Naismith.

(crowd cheers)

In recognition of the honour
that you have brought our town,

I'd like to present you
with this key to the city.


(Naismith): Thank you so much.
Very honoured.

On with the tournament!

You can borrow balls
from our equipment room.

It also doubles
as our weight room.

Ah! Weights.

An activity I'm
very familiar with.

Is that so?

Yes, it is.

Lads, stay back.

Oh my god.

It's the mayor.



Well, at first glance,

the cause of death seems clear.

He overexerted himself?

One too many presses
and his arms gave out.

It's possible.

Well, that's interesting.

What's that?

Both of his heels are scuffed
on newly shined shoes.

As if he was dragged?

That would be my guess.

Well, if he was asphyxiated
due to pressure,

he would have bled
from his nose and mouth

And there'd likely
be petechiae in his eyes.

From the exertion of trying
to lift the bar.

And there's not.

His skull is damaged.

It's a serious wound.

Likely not from this.

He was hit from behind.

With a heavy, dull object.

And then this bar was placed
across his neck

to make it look
like an accident.

Well, it seems we have
a murder on our hands.

Shall we wager that all of
the money he was waving around

is gone as well?

I wouldn't take
that bet, William.

(hart): I've checked
at least three times.

There's no doubt this is the
knife that killed Clara Walker.

Jack's knife.

Yes, sorry to say.

Just because it's Jack's knife
it doesn't mean he killed Clara.

Of course it doesn't.

Do you have any further
need for the body?

- Detective?
- What's that?

Do you have further
need for the body?


Then I shall be returning
her to her parents.

Of course.

Here you go, dear.

Thank you.

Your friend cassiopeia
was by the house today.


She didn't say.

I see.

You seem perturbed, dear.
Is she not welcome?

This is not any of
your business, Arthur.

You can go now.

Good lord.

Poor Alex.

I'll assume the funds raised
by the tournament are also gone.

The reason for the murder,
I suppose.

- Could there be any another?
- I would think not.

Alex McKenzie was a good man.
I've known him my whole life.

No one would wish him ill.

Someone did kill him.

Of course.
And it's a damn shame.

I apologize for asking this,

But could you keep
his death quiet

until the end
of the tournament?

The town was
devastated by the fire

and... the game is a huge
boost to their morale.

I still need to speak
with witnesses, suspects.

I can't make any promises.

I understand.

This is a small town.

I doubt it would stay
secret long, anyway.

I wouldn't be so sure
of that, doctor.

Many secrets are buried
in a small town.

Dr. Naismith,
I can't help but notice

that you aren't wearing
your ceremonial key.

I seem to have misplaced it.

I hung it on a hook
in my room,

but in the morning,
wasn't there.

William, I hope
you're not suspecting

Dr. Naismith of being involved.

He invented basketball!

Speaking of which,
our son's game is in an hour.

- There's been a murder.
- There's always a murder.


But there's only one
boy's first game.

I'll be along shortly.

But I'm not quite finished
with Dr. Naismith.

(strange): So Mr. Walker
is gone with the wind?

I've had no luck finding him.

Well, I am not a policeman,
but the conclusion seems clear.

Oh? What's that?

He killed his wife,
stole his child and ran off.

Although why one would want
to burden themselv...

He did nothing of the sort.

Jack Walker is
an honourable man.

An honourable man
who betrayed you,

married a woman
he did not love.

- Enough!
- Detective.

There's a problem
at the Walker house.

On my way.

No need. They're on
their way to the station.


Clara Walker's parents.

(referee): Here we go!

(crowd and player commotion)

Someone cover
the tall blond!

Oh, goodness.

How old is that chap?

All right, look remember
what you did in the streets.

Do what you did there!

But you said that
was illegal, sir.

I don't mean that, sid.
I mean in the game.

You can do the behind-the-back
drop, the block.

The trip up?

Yes! No!
No tripping allowed.

And, uh, Harry?

I think you should, um...

I think you should
take Fred's place.


Just get in there
and shine, son.

All right, lads, let's go.
Let's go!

I thought you wanted us to win?

I'll get you in next
game, Freddie.


Here we go!

- Over there!
- He's open!

I'm open!

Here! Come on, boys!


Wait! That was a foul!


Nice try, squirt.

And you'd never seen
this man before?


He came in looking
for the child?

- His name is Samuel.
- Yes. Samuel.

Oh, of course.
He came in looking for Samuel.

Then what happened?

We told him we didn't
know where Samuel was.

And he didn't believe you?

Worse than that.
He nearly killed Franklin.

I'll survive, dear.

Would you be able to provide
me with a description?

As best I can.

Are you're sure
you don't know him?

That's what we said.


Well, it seems to me
that whoever did this

has some sort of
connection to your family.

I can understand taking
the money, but why kill him?

Perhaps Mr. McKenzie
walked in on the thief.

Why would he have had all
the money in the exercise room?

We don't yet know where
the murder took place.

I believe that
Mr. McKenzie's body

Was moved to the exercise room
after his death.

The killer then
set the scene

to make it appear as though
it were an accident.

Certainly devious.

It is.

And would you know
anyone in this town

capable of something
like that?

Plumbing for secrets,
detective Murdoch?

Comes with the job.

You said you knew some?

They might know more.

Daisy Stewart
and Robert shanley.

Who are they to the victim?

Alex McKenzie and I grew
up with all of them.

We grew apart over the years.

I sense they are
deeply resentful

of Alex and my

So you might also be a target?

I doubt that.

It's sad.

The friends of our youth
become our enemies.

Even worse when
they become murderers.

Ways admired Alex's
determination to stay in shape

but... he was no spring chicken.

You have to acknowledge
your limitations,

No matter what
they are.

Unfortunately, Mr. Shanley,

I don't believe Mr. McKenzie's
death was an accident.

You mean someone killed him?

I believe so.

The money he'd been
holding was stolen.

Dear god.

You'd known him a long time?

Since we were children.

And Mr. McKenzie was well liked?


As well-liked as any politician.

Why are you asking
about enemies?

You just said over a thousand
dollars had been stolen.

It was.

Well, a fire just destroyed
a good part of this town.

There's no shortage of people
in need of a thousand dollars.

Other than yourself,
who else had access

to the exercise facility?


You hardly need a key
to get into the place.

This is a sketch of a man who
was inquiring after

the whereabouts of Clara
and Jack's child.

He also assaulted
Clara's father.

Bad penny, then?

I'd say. Could it be he is also
the man you saw

prowling around
Mrs. Walker's house?

I suppose.

I had assumed
it was Mr. Walker.

Who else would be
prowling around?

And now?

Well, it very well could
be this other fellow.

Make up your mind, woman.
Do you know who this is?

I do not.

I apologize for
my detective's outburst.

We appreciate your help.
Thank you, madam.

From now on, watts,
you report to me on this case.

No, inspector,
that's not necessary.

It bloody well is!

Your judgement
is clouded on this one.

(knock on door)



Thank you for coming.

How did your team fare today?

Not very well.

Well, the almonte lads
are a strong side.

I have something.

What is it?

It seems that Alex had
designated the amount of payouts

to each business that
was a victim of the fire.

- Strange.
- What's that?

(Murdoch): One business is
receiving significantly more

than the others.

And the mayor's signature.

It's different.

Likely not written in his hand.

Who is Lillian belton?

She's the woman
who greeted you,

the organizer
of the tournament.

She probably just wants to make
sure Harry gets in the game.

So we can lose.

And we sure will with
a lady coaching us.

Lads, let's just
give her a fair shot.

I thought you were supposed
to be in charge, Mr. Crabtree.

- Yeah, coach.
- Just...


Well, it's just a pity
that I can't play for the team.

Now, do you want to learn
a little bit about basketball,

or do you want to leave
the tournament early?

If you're so good then how
come Harry is so terrible?


Because he's yet to receive
the benefit of my wisdom.

Now line up.

Here. Have a go.


I noticed in your first game

that you're not utilizing
the dribble enough.

All right.
Well, try again.

Hard bounce, nose over toes.

All right!

And again.
That's why we call it practice.

George, can you
gather the balls?

All right.
Who's next?

Somebody else.

Miss belton.


This will all need
to be replaced.

An expensive proposition.

Is that why you forged
the mayor's signature?

What are you talking about?

This was you, was it not?

Mr. McKenzie had approved
that amount, verbally.

I just wanted it on the record.

With a forged signature.

I am the only woman
proprietor on this street.

I don't have a husband's
money to fall back on.

I suppose I'll never
see that money now.


I heard it was stolen
by whoever killed him.

Well, that doesn't mean
you haven't seen it.

If the mayor learned that you
forged his signature

perhaps that led to
an altercation and...

You think I killed him?
For a thousand dollars?

You certainly needed the money.

I was at home with
my brother all evening.

You can ask him yourself.

And I am hardly the only one
in this town in need of money.

All right.
Who else?

I don't mean to speak ill,

but you should speak
to that one there.

Daisy Stewart?

I do feel sorry for her,

But she's never been able
to make a go of anything.

she does other favours,

if you get my meaning.

Especially for Alex McKenzie

And I don't mean
just darning socks.

I see.

Perhaps she expected
something from Alex

that he wasn't
prepared to give.

What do you think?

Well, it's certainly
something a woman could handle.

Yes, but could she have
struck him with it?

It's in keeping with
the actions of a woman spurned.

I see no traces
of blood on them.

There wouldn't have been much.

Perhaps when his
head hit the floor?

But still, I find it
hard to believe

that the scuffs on his
shoes would have occurred

over such
a short distance.


What do you suppose this is
doing in a men's exercise room?

Well, that would all depend
on what the mayor was up to,

wouldn't it?

Oh! Dr. Naismith.
Thank you so much for coming.

- Do you mind, William?
- Of course not.

I asked Dr. Naismith to show us

some of the finer
points of the game.

He did invent it, after all.


Very good.

Where did you find that?

Are you familiar
with this, Dr. Naismith?

It's Daisy's. I gave it to her
when we were courting.

You and Daisy Stewart?

I wasn't aware.

It was a very long time ago.

And then, for a time,
she was due to marry Alex,

but he decided
against it.

Do you think it's possible
that miss Stewart

could have killed
Mr. McKenzie?

He did break her heart.

I hear sometimes
those never heal.

But the Daisy I knew

was the farthest thing
from a murderess.

Would it help if I told
you it wasn't mine?

Dr. Naismith confirmed that
he gave it to you as a gift.

I also have a witness who stated
they saw you

leaving the charity event
last night with the mayor.

That would be Mrs. Belton.

I'm not at Liberty to say.

Well, you don't have to.
I know.

And, yes, I did leave
with Mr. McKenzie

and we did share
an intimate moment.

So you admit to being at the
scene of the crime last night?

There was no crime committed
while I was there.

Miss Stewart,
where is the money?

Do you mean the half dollar
he so generously offered up

for my services?

I'm talking about the thousand
dollars that was stolen.


If I had that, I sure as blazes
wouldn't be

standing behind
this cart now, would I?

Mrs. Hart
wants to see my books?

She is a partner
in this business.

A junior partner.

Whose financial
contribution was key

to getting
this place open.

- Is that not so?
- It is.

But I sent her my books
just two days ago.

She asked me to take
another look.


I don't know.

I'm merely an employee.

We're doing quite
well, are we not?

We are.

But between you and I,

my intention is to buy
Mrs. Hart out

The first possible

Oh. Why's that?

Perhaps I don't want someone
looking over my shoulder.

If that happens,
I'll need the expertise

of a man like

Hurry up, man.

All right.


Keep going the next block over.

That's enough here.

I'll be at the station house.



Based on your actions,

you may be the man
I've been looking for.

Oh, well, today's
your lucky day.

'Cause I've been found.

So I devised an idea.

Hence, the peach basket.

I nailed a peach basket
to the wall

and the players had
to throw it in.

Two years later, I had the idea
to cut the bottom of the basket

for easy retrieval.

The ball would just
fall through.

It took two years for you
to make that idea, sir?


Well, enough of that.

You'll be my first volunteer.

Give it a try, son.

Boys, I need your
attention for a moment.

William, we're in
the middle of a practice.

This will only take a moment.

I need to know if any of you
saw anyone strange

lurking about
in the locker room?

Just that flower lady.

Anyone else?

I saw someone.



I was there.

I was trying to dissuade Daisy

from having an assignation
with the mayor.

She's a good woman

and I didn't want to
see her degrade herself.

Was it your business?


But she meant something
to me once.

So, her welfare was
important to me.

But I certainly had nothing to
do with Alex's murder.

He was a friend.

And I have no need
of the town's money.

Almonte is my birthplace.

I would do nothing to harm it.

Thank you.


I must admit for a moment there
I was concerned

that I struck
you too hard.

You'd do well to let
me go right now.

I'm a police officer.

That's not all you are.

I know all about you
and your deviance.

That so?

Where's Jack Walker?

I don't know.


You and him, you took my son
and I want him back.

Your son?

Me and Clara's.

Hardly yours.

You walked out on her.

If Mr. Walker hadn't done
the honourable thing.

There is nothing honourable
about men like you.

- Nothing honourable at all.
- All right.

You tell me where
Jack Walker is.

And my boy.

If you do that, you'll live.


- Pass!
- Let's go, let's go!

Pass, pass!
Excellent, lads.

Good stuff.

You suspect Dr.
Naismith of murder?

I'm not sure.

Well, it seems unlikely,
doesn't it?

Stranger things.

And the theft as well?

Yes, but not for him.

What do you mean?

I believe Dr. Naismith has a
strong affection

for Daisy Stewart.

And now with the fire, her life
has become even more difficult.

He may be trying to
do right by her.

I suppose being a doctor
he would be clever enough

to stage
a murder.

Thank you for reminding
me of that.


He's not very good, is he?

No, he's not.

Ah, detective.

Um, I need to speak to you.

Mr. Crabtree, you have to
put him on the bench.

- He's useless.
- All right, Freddie.

That is enough.

No, he's right.

I'm useless.

Uh, Harry!



And she hopes to be
able to buy you out

and take ownership
of the club.

She does, does she?

She is making a tidy profit.

So, you've done well for her.

And for myself.

- May I speak?
- Of course.

Financially, you are currently
in very good stead.

You hardly need the money
this club generates.

That is true,

but circumstances
can always change.

It's best to keep irons
in many fires.

She's a good woman,
Mrs. Hart.

If that were the case,

what is she doing sniffing
around into my affairs?

Mrs. Hart. Oh! Excuse me.
Am I interrupting?


- Have you seen detective watts?
- I haven't.

Is something wrong?

He was supposed to bring me up
to date on the Walker case.

If you see him, tell him
I'm looking for him.

Of course, inspector.

Right, then.
I'll, uh, I'll leave you to it.

This is the locker
Mr. Naismith was using.

He and Mr. McKenzie both enjoyed
physical exercise and, well,

The door was ajar,
I noticed.

So, when I went to close it...


Uh, see for yourself.

No blood on it.

But he could have hit his head

on the floor
after he was struck.


My, my.
Look at that.

Dr. Naismith's
key to the city.

The donation box.

Thank you, Mr. Shanley.

I can't believe this.

How could Mr. Naismith
do this to our town?

This is likely
the murder weapon.

This key proves that you
were at the scene of the crime

after the ceremony.

And this cashbox, that up until

held over a thousand dollars,

all were found in a locker
that you were using.

They're not placed there by me.

Can you prove that?

I cannot.

But answer me this.

If I killed my old friend
and robbed this fair city,

where's the money?

You'll not have my boy.

I told you I don't
know where he is.

This is all part of
your game, isn't it?

Take my son and turn him
into one of yours.

I don't think that's
the way it works.

You unclean, ungodly sinners!

I'm a sinner?

You killed
your son's mother.

Because she surrendered him
to the likes of you.

I told you I don't
have the money.

Can we finish this charade so
I can get back to my tournament?

You're still under suspicion.

But am I not charged?

Not at this time.

There you are.

What is it?

Harry's quit the team.

He did?

George said he'd try
and talk to him, but...

but what?

I think he needs to
hear from his father.

Oh, right.

- Where is he now?
- The gymnasium.


What is?

What's miss belton doing with
Daisy Stewart's flower cart?

I'll speak with miss belton.
You go talk to your son.

All right.

Everything all right?

You heard?

I did.

Well now you know everything
is not all right.

I do not want to play
this game anymore.

I can teach you to get better.

No you can't.

I'm not good.

Well, you certainly never will
be if you don't at least try.

What's the point of trying

you're never going
to be good at?

Well, sometimes practising
and getting better

Is a goal in
and of itself.

Yes, but what if you never
get good enough?


For the fun.

Believe me, this is not fun.


Perhaps I could have
a word with the boy?

You'd be better served
minding your own condition

than prying into
the matters of this town.

I was just curious

As to why you've assumed
miss Stewart's business.

I have no business of my own.
So I bought hers.

And why did she sell it to you?

She said she was leaving town.

She was fed up with this place.

And she had the money for that?

The money I gave her would have
been enough for a train ticket.

You know, Harry,
when I was a young lad,

I wasn't much good
at all kinds of things.

Uh, riding horses,
playing cards,

tying knots.

I would always just
end up with a...

well, a knot,
I suppose, but...

oh! Croquet. I once broke
two toes playing croquet.

I was dreadful at it. I was
dreadful at all kinds of things.

But you got good at them.

No, I didn't.

And you know what?
There's no shame in it.

I know. I don't feel bad
because I'm bad at basketball.

I feel bad because
I have to do it.

Well, you know what?

You don't.

My parents.

Your parents want
what's best for you.

I know that to be true.


But even parents can
be wrong, even yours.

Look, stay with the team.

But I said...

Not as a player,
but as my assistant.

Seems like you have
enough of those already.

yes, it seems I do.

But I suppose one more
won't do any harm.

What do you say?
Assistant coach Harry.

Let's go.

Said he was going back
to the station.

Well, he never did.

Any idea as to where he's at?

I don't know, sir.
I'll keep looking.

Good lad.

- Miss Stewart.
- Oh!

You're not staying for the
final game of the tournament?

Oh, no.
I'm afraid not.


Dr. Ogden said
I might find you here.

You're taking a trip?

Indeed I am.

Might I have a word
before you leave?

About what?

Well, for one thing theft.

And for another murder.

I don't know what you
are talking about.

Mr. Shanley.
A word.

Don't let her get on the train.


You won't tell me?

I've had enough of this.

You and me both.

- Oh!
- Oi!

That's a policeman
you're assaulting.

And a fairy.

Who stole my child.

You're the father?

And Clara Walker's killer.

All right, then.

It's time to pay
the Piper, sunshine.

All right, then.

Stay down!

Do you want to take
a swing at him?

He's not worth it.

Finish your bloody pretzel.


Right, you.
Get up!

How about slim
and fast Freddie?

Yes, that just might work.

- (Harry): They're good.
- George!

George, stop him!


Nice shot!

- Look at all the money!
- Holy crow!

- Go get it!
- Look at all that money!

Mr. Shanley, I'd like a word.

Take your hands off the money.
That's not yours.

Actually, boys,
I'll give a ten-dollar reward

if you can
collect every bill.

Sir, that's very
sporting of you.

I didn't mean to kill him.

What happened?

I picked the lock on his locker
while he was exercising.

He caught me taking the money
out of the cash box.

I panicked.

What the hell are you doing?

Give me that money, you!

I grabbed for
anything I could find

and someone had left
a weight bag there

And I hit him.

And he fell on the floor.

And hit his head?


I went to check on him.

Wasn't breathing.

(Murdoch): So you decided to
make it look like an accident.

I did.

And when that didn't work,

You decided to direct
suspicion onto Dr. Naismith.

I knew you would never
find him guilty.

I just needed some time.

(Murdoch)so that you andd
miss Stewart could leave town.

But she didn't know
anything about any of this.

On my word.

You killed a man for her
and she knew nothing of it?

I wanted to give her

the life she deserved.

I love her. I...

I've always loved her.

I couldn't bear to see Daisy
living the life she was living.

I was going to give her the
money and we would,

we were going to
leave town.

You were buying her affections,

Not much different
than Mr. McKenzie.

I was going to
give her the money

whether she wanted
me or not.

I didn't want any
of this to happen!

You won't hang for it.

What will, uh, happen to her?

If she's truly innocent,

Thank you.


Now, I've given this a great
deal of thought, Julia.


The key to winning at this game

is understanding the underlying
scientific principles.

Take, for example,
shooting the ball

at the basket.

In the basket.

Yes Julia, in the basket.

Now I've done some
rough calculations.

The average height of each
of the boys on the team

is five foot,
four inches.

Arms extended overhead

Increases that average
to six foot, ten inches.

Leaving a gap from
the tip of their fingers

to the top
of the basket

Of three feet,

give or take a few inches.




Has your team won a game yet?


You think you two are helping?

Well, we are trying.

A word of advice...

How are you qualified?

(nurse): Well, I've spent
my entire life in locker rooms.

You need to let the coach
coach the team.

The boys need one
voice to listen to.

Let the man lead.

I suppose you're right.

Yeah, I know I'm right.

By the way, what's
your team name?

Well, we don't have a name yet.

Team needs a name,
something fierce.



Trust me.
It'll catch on one day.

Who was that man?

Must be from the circus.

At any rate,
the distance...

Here we go, lads!

Quick passes!

Keep passing!





Are you all right?

Can you play?

I don't think so, sir.

We forfeit unless
we field a full team.

I'll play.

Are you sure?

We're not going to
lose by forfeit.

Now, young Harry,

What you
need to do here...

Ah, Dr. Naismith, please.

I'm coaching this team.

Harry, just do your best.


I can see.
I can see.

Here we go! Come on!

Nose over toes, nose over toes,

nose over toes,
nose over toes.

I think he broke his ankle!


Somebody get him!

Harry, we're running out
of time, take the shot!


We won a game!

That's my son.

That's my son.

(Crabtree): Well done, lads.
Great effort. Excellent.

- Nice shot, squirt.
- Thanks.

Nicely done, Harry.

It was a one in a million shot.

Well, sometimes, young Murdoch,
that's all it takes.

(all cheer)

Well done!

Llewellyn, I've been
looking for you.

I would like to apologize
for my disparaging remarks

I made
about your friend.

He did look guilty.

Even I thought so.

Does he know that's
no longer the case?

I don't know.

I've passed on word
to all who know him

that he's no longer
under suspicion,

But I fear he
will not be back.

Perhaps he's taken
this opportunity

to forge a new life
for himself.

At times like this,
opportunities abound.

Can I buy you a drink?

You can now.

(Woman): Your apartment's
at the end of the hall.

And it'll be three
dollars a week.

Of course.

Now, have you found someone to
look after the young one?

Uh, Samuel.
His name's Samuel.

Well, you'll be
in need of a job

and he'll need
be looked after.

My daughter is most able.

Very good.

You'll be most comfortable here.

This is the new world.

[♪ ♪]

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