Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 15 - Rawhide Ralph - full transcript

Murdoch's son Harry is visiting from boarding school when Julia and William are abducted by a vengeful foe

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Season 15 Episode 15

Episode Title: "Rawhide Ralph"
Aired on: January 24, 2022.


This is more uncomfortable
than I would have thought!

It's all right.

It doesn't make you feel sick?

What's that?

Reading while in motion.

Why would it?

It does for many people.

Well, not me.

So, why didn't I come
straight to Toronto?

Well, I was informed that
the railway line was damaged

and rather than make you wait
for the repair,

I thought I'd come
and get you.

Your father's very
excited to see you.

Then why didn't he
come to pick me up?

Well, he was occupied at work.

Besides, I felt
like the journey.

I thought it would be
a nice opportunity

for you to see
the country.

Yes, well there it is.

Come on. Hep.

- What's the matter?
- Oh, nothing.

Don't lie to me.

I've seen my mother's
face look like that

when something's wrong.


That doesn't sound
like nothing to me.

Don't shoot at us!

(Ogden): Please don't shoot!
We're coming out.

You two, out of the coach.


I said no one was to get hurt.

Least not yet.

Ralph fellows.

Dr. Ogden. What a pleasure
to renew our acquaintance.

Oh, this must be young Harry.

Oh, pleased to meet you.


- I'll wrap it as best I can.
- It hurts.

The bullet went
straight through.

Do you know these men?


Let's get going, doctor.

When I'm finished.

It doesn't look too bad to me.

- Surprised you hit him.
- I meant to wing him.

It was deliberate.

That's a laugh.

Okay, you two.

- Ready to go?
- Born ready, boss.

- Can you two ride?
- I can ride.

Oh, well, aren't you something?

All right, well, as they
say in the vernacular,

let's saddle up.

Oh, you, too.

Unless your condition
doesn't allow for it.

I can handle it.

So, you will be
at the party tonight?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

How could you not?
It'll be a lively affair.

There'll be music, readings,
a female imposter.

So, a low-key affair.

Llewellyn, there's very little
I do that is low-key.

And I'd very much
like you to come.

I don't think I can.

I'm still in the employ
of the constabulary.

As such, discretion... for the cowardly.

And I fear I'm starting
to count you among them.

Besides, I already
have a friend.

You know that.

Yes, I know you have a friend
who is married to a woman.

Llewellyn, you deserve
better than that.

I'm not asking to be
your one and only:

Just your once
in a while.

You're being a bit forward,
Mr. Strange.

There's no other way to be.

If only that were so.

- Here you are, my queen.
- Oh, thank you, Arthur.

What time shall I gather you?

- When I call.
- Very good.

You know what they say:
Happy wife, happy life.

Do you believe that
to be true?

I do.

And your happiness is
not of concern to you?

Good day, detective.

All right, rest time's over.
Let's get going.

Don't worry about leaving
an obvious trail.

Come on.

- Otto, keep an eye on them.
- Yes, sir.

- Where are you taking us?
- (fellows): Uh, you'll see.

A good looking young man.

One can definitely
see the resemblance.

If you harm him,
Mr. Fellows...

Good-looking people have it a
little easier, don't you think?

I guess some people
are just born lucky,

others have to make
their own luck.

So, I guess yours was all bad.

Well, you got spunk.

Not really.

I was simply taught
to tell the truth.

Well, at least you have a little
more wit than your old man.

Very little.

Let's get going.
Otto, come on.

I don't like him.

Not many do.

Don't worry.

I'll make sure
you're all right.

- Watts.
- Detective.

I'm heading out.

That is apparent.
Anything of interest?

Yes. A woman has
been reported missing.

But I wouldn't want to tear
you away from your reading.

Mr. Strange's work is
a little over my head,

but I do find it


Poets see the world
through different eyes

than the rest of us.

I'm sure they do.

And who is this missing woman?

A Mrs. Clara Walker.

- Good lord.
- What?

Clara Walker.

That's Jack Walker's wife.

The butcher?

Uh, with your permission,
could I take the lead on this?

Can you remain objective?

Of course.

Yes. Yes, yes.

And when did you notice
Clara was missing?

Uh, she had taken Samuel to her
parents' house last evening.

She never returned.

And Samuel?

He's with her parents.

So, she disappeared sometime

after dropping Samuel
off at her parent's home?


Jack, are you sure
she didn't just leave?



Why do you say that?

She had become
displeased with me

and my relationship
with you.

Enough to abandon her child?

I don't think so, but

I don't know for certain.

What's your feeling
on this, Watts?

I'm not sure what you mean.

I imagine you know
the family some.

I do.

Would Clara Walker abandon
her husband and child?

Her marriage is an important
symbol of stability for her.

Proof that she's not
a fallen woman.

Even if her husband
doesn't love her?

Jack has great affection
for Clara.

Perhaps affection
wasn't enough.

You need to see this.

"Coach from guelph
to Toronto attacked.

Woman and child
taken prisoner."

That's Julia and


Uh, telephone the livery...

Go. I can handle
what's happening here.


I do hope you enjoy
your new accommodations.

You'll be staying here.

You stay with 'em.

When do we get paid for this?

I have told you.

You will get paid
when the job is done.

We have the woman and child.

Isn't the job done?

Oh, no, my thick-skulled


Not by a long shot.



You're not looking
for your wife?

She left on her own accord.

She won't be found
lest she wants to.

I thought she was...

comfortable with
the arrangement.

So did I.

- Well I still need to find her.
- I know.

- The child...
- I said I know!

Whatever Mr. Fellows
is paying you,

I can pay you more.

Just to let us go.


That's if he pays you at all.

Not interested.

At least let the boy go.

- He's done nothing wrong.
- No can do. Sorry.

I could outrun
the two of you, you know.

Can you outrun a bullet?

I've seen you shoot, so I'm not
worried much about that.

Watch your mouth, son.

Heard he grew up
without a father.

And what of it?

Means he never had a chance
to learn manners.

Isn't that right?

That's right.

What's your excuse?

Out of my way.

What are you going to do
if I don't?

Sit down!

Mr. And Mrs. Cartwright.

Where's detective Murdoch?

He had urgent business.

More urgent than the fact our
daughter is missing?

- Well, it's a different...
- So, we're stuck with you?

It would appear so.

Well, this is less than ideal.

I am more than capable
of finding your daughter.

Yes. We know all about you
and what you're capable of.

Our daughter told us.
It's shameful.

Be that as it may,

I am still charged with
finding out where she is.

She's been taken prisoner,
or some ill has befallen her.

- You're sure about that?
- Yes!

She was happy!

And she loved her child and she
would never leave Samuel.

And she had come to terms with
her husband's


Despite her...

Unfortunate circumstances,

she was happy
and she was content.

Something has happened
to our daughter, detective.

Detective Murdoch?


Billy Williams.
I'm sorry.

There's nothing we could do.

- Are the woman and child safe?
- When I last saw them.

I tried to follow,
but I was in no condition.

- How many were they?
- Four men. All on horse.

Any idea what direction
they went in?

No. But I have a man
who could find them.


Seems the detective will be
requiring your assistance.

Then he best ask for it

If you need someone found around
here, Uriah's the man for you.

- That so?
- That is indeed so.

Dollar a day.
Ten when I find them.

- I'm a police officer.
- No matter to me.

You still pay me
for what I'm worth.

Man here tells me that

the missing are
your wife and child.

- That so?
- Yes.

Then I think they're worth more
than a dollar a day.

And you can find them?

You want that to happen,
we best start looking.

We got light
on our side.

I trust your animal still has
some hours left in her?

- Yes.
- Good.

All right.

If I could have done
anything more, sir.

I'm sure you did all you could
under the circumstances.

The man who seemed to be the leader,
he left me with this.

(Fellows): All right, that's it.
Back in the barn.

He hasn't finished eating.


Now he's finished.

Yeah, quite the thing, huh?

Yeah, you fall in that,
one second, you're here,

Next second,
you're gone.

Are you trying to scare me?

Well, the child, actually.

Well, I'm not scared.

Oh, good for you.

Where's your husband?

On your trail, probably.



I've been waiting
impatiently for him.

We have unfinished business.

Come on.

Someone's lucky day.

Not funny.

Although with her out of the
picture, I can safely say

the lucky day is not mine.

What a curious fellow.

Mr. Strange?

No, Mr. Walker.

Why do you say that?

Well, look at him.
At work.

It's unusual behaviour
for a man with a missing wife.

If my ruthie were gone,

I'd be turning over heaven
and earth to find her.

Six horses, I'd say.

Two from the wagon.

How can you tell?

I shoe those horses.

These tracks bear my Mark.

Funny, though.

What's that?

They're not making
an effort to stay hidden.

Harry, no! You're only
going to hurt your wrists.

- I can get out.
- No, you can't.

That's a constrictor knot.

There's no way
to get out of it.

How do you know that?

Your father's not the only one
who knows things.

I guess.

Now, young Harry,
I have a question for you.

Which of these three men do you
think is the weakest link?

The German.

And why do you say that?

He's not a real cowboy.

And he thinks he's gonna be
cheated out of his pay.

If he had a better offer,

He would double-cross
these guys in a heartbeat.

My thoughts exactly.



Who's there?

(Watts clearing throat)

Excuse me?

- Oh.
- What are you doing here?

All her things
are still here.

She wore this...

every day.

St. Christopher.

The patron Saint
of travelers.

Whatever's happened to Clara
was not of her own making.

I understand your suspicions,

but I know Jack Walker
to be a good man.

I never said he had anything
to do with it, did I?

But someone has taken my
daughter, detective.

And if someone's taken her,
we will find her.

Believe me.

I wish I could.

They were here
about five hours ago.

Which way?

The only way you can tell is by
picking one.

See if we can
find the trail again.

Not very scientific.

Here, call it.

Heads are left,
tails are right.

Looks like we're going left.

What if we're wrong?

We double back,
go the proper way.

So, I hear Mr. Fellows
hasn't paid you any money.

I know him, you know.

Be quiet.

He's not a trustworthy man.


Yes, please.

I have money.

A lot more
than Mr. Fellows.

If you let us go...

(Henchman): You getting
friendly, Sauerkraut?

Just giving them water.

- Yeah?
- Mm.

Well, they had enough.

Hope the German wasn't
getting fresh with you.

He wasn't.

Well, just so you know,
he has it in him.

So be mindful.

Don't worry, Harry.

I'm not.

Neither should you be.

I've been in worse.

Have you?

You know what?
So have I.



I was buried alive once.



- Wow.
- I don't recommend it.

Do you need something?

Who are you?

Detective Llewelyn Watts.
Toronto Constabulary.

What other Constabulary
would you be from?

Very good.

Is this about Clara?
I'm her neighbour.

And what do you
know about Clara?

I know that she is missing.

Her mother told me.

And do you have any wisdom as to
what might have happened to her?

I do not.

My family and I
keep to ourselves.

Despite the fact you're keenly
interested in her fate.

Who said that?

Well, why would you be
in here if you weren't?

Only because there
is little else to do.

I see.

And have you
noticed anything

around here lately?

Define suspicious.

Something out of the ordinary.

You know, yesterday,
I thought I might have.

What's that?

I saw a man
prowling around here.

A man?
What can you tell me about him?


At first, I thought he was
a strange man. But...

In retrospect, I think it might
have been her husband.

I see. And...

Why would you consider
that suspicious?

Mr. Walker is never
around during the day.

He leaves at sunup for work and
arrives back home after sundown,

Regular as clockwork.

It's almost as if
he hated being home.

I see.

And I do understand that.

Do you?

There are rumours about him.

Ah, what sort of rumours?

That he is a bit of a Molly.

That when he wasn't playing
loving husband,

he was gadabouting
all over town.

I see.

And you believe the man
you saw prowling around

Was Jack Walker.

I do.

Uh, one more question.

Of course.

Do you know where
Clara would go

when she wanted to be alone
with her thoughts?

She often took Samuel
down by the pond.

For a married woman,
she had the demeanour

of someone
very much alone.

(Door closing)

Get your hands off me!


You have money?

How much?

One hundred dollars.

Give it to me.

When you let us go.


What are you doing?
Why are we stopping?

Not going any further tonight.

Not unless you want
to kill your horse.

My wife!
And my son!

I'd say if whoever has them
wanted them dead,

they would have shot them
when they took the coach.

Wouldn't you say, detective?

I suppose.

No supposing about it.

Where are the horses?

No horses for you.

Then how are we supposed to
get out of here?


Main road is ten
miles that way.

Madam, better get going.

Come, Harry.

Not much call for
a man like me anymore.

Why is that?

You have telephones.

No one goes missing
unless they want to.

- Want some?
- I don't drink.

It's just water.

I don't drink either...
Not on the job.

Why are we waiting?

'Cause in the dark,
we'd just be running in circles.

We'll pick up the trail
first thing.

Don't worry.

He's not going to hurt her.

That's the second time
you've said that.

How can you be sure?

What kind of man would hurt
a woman with child?


Are you all right?

A bit winded.

I just need a moment
to catch my breath.


Thank you, Harry.

Are you sure you're all right?

How could I not be with such
a thoughtful travel companion?

Want to know a secret?

I most definitely do.

I always kinda
wanted a brother.

You might end up with a sister.

I wouldn't mind that,
as long as she's tough like you.

(Ogden laughs)

It's not exactly
how you imagined

your trip back to
Canada to go.

Unexpected things.


My mother told me to expect
unexpected things.

So you're never surprised?


That's a shame.


Think we'll be making
our way back to town.

- Please, no. Just let us go.
- Can't do that.

So, let's be quick about it.

(Man): Little further
down the shoreline!

(Man 2):
All right, mind yourself there.

(Man 3):
It's a little deep.

Just a few moments more, lads,

then we'll bring
this to a close.

(Mosquito buzzing)

Not a moment too soon.

(Men chatting in background)

Been through here?

(Man 2):
Ah, no, not there yet.

Oh, dear.

Fellows, I think I've found

You got 'er?

Get Mrs. Hart, please.

It's hardly necessary, is it?

Even I can tell she drowned.

Drowned, or was drowned?

Makes her equally dead.

On your knees.

I will not.

Don't touch me!
I'm with child.

Gentlemen! Manners.

After all, we are civilized.

Get her a chair.

How'd you get away?

- We got away by ourselves.
- Remarkable.

- Isn't it, Mr. Rooster?
- Indeed it is.


Although it does
make one wonder.

How did Otto get a hundred
dollars in his pocket?

- I know how it got there.
- So do I.

How much am I paying
you gentlemen?

Nothing, yet.

How much have I promised
to pay you men?

One hundred fifty,
divided three ways.

What would that be
divided by two?


I'd say it's now 75 a head.
That right?

Is now.

What about the hundred dollars
that the lady gave Otto?

Oh, let's not be greedy,
Mr. Smith.

After all, I have
funeral expenses.

(Both laugh)

I suppose it is possible.

You always told me
she was happy.

I may have been
lying to myself.

And you.

We both live in lies, don't we?

Sometimes they're necessary.

When will you be
releasing her body?

Once our coroner has done
a full investigation.

Will she be able to find
a broken heart?

- What are you saying?
- That I as much as killed her.

I married her to save
myself from shame,

to save my

She obviously
couldn't cope with it.

Don't blame yourself.

Who do I blame?


Did you enjoy it?

I did.
Thank you.

You should have come in,

dined in more pleasant

Oh, this suits me just fine,


What happened to this
poor unfortunate?

She got married.

Sometimes a fate like hers is
the end result of a poor union.

You're a hard woman,
Mrs. Hart.

When need be.

A quality I very much adore.

I know that, Arthur.

I should get back to her.

(Men chatting indistinctly)

Oh, good lord!

I think that's good.


I take it those are the two
you're looking for.


That'll be twelve dollars.

You're leaving?

I done my job.

I could deputize you.

And I'd refuse.
I'm not a violent man.

Judging by the situation,
I'd say trouble's brewing.

I got my own troubles.

Fair enough.

Good luck to you.

Maybe your husband's
love isn't so true.

Excuse me?

Well, his wife and only son

abducted by a violent gang.

Where is he?

Especially since we
didn't hide our trail.

We're really easy to find.

Maybe the man's enjoying
his freedom.

Little time off from the brat
and the ball and chain.

You're a coward,
Mr. Fellows.

And not half the man
my husband is.

I wouldn't be so sure of that.

You're a hotel detective
pretending to be a cowboy.

And despite your many
attempts to harm us,

you've done
nothing but fail.

You watch your mouth.

How does it feel?

How does what feel?

Living your life as a failure.

I am the farthest thing
from a failure.

I am a victim

Of unfortunate

Well, that is something
a failure would say.

My father will find you.

That's what I'm counting on.

I'm sorry, Harry.

For what?

I should have gotten
you out of this.

It's all right.

We're still going to get away.

I wish I had your confidence.

It's not confidence.

Wha... What is he doing?

He's sending a message.

They won't let me see Samuel.

A reasonable enough reaction.

He is my son.

And you are not the father.

I'm as good as.

And I'm the only one he has.

Detective Watts.
A moment?

Is this about Clara?

My attention is directed
at the detective, sir.


What is it?

There may be more to Mrs.
Walker's death than suicide.

Her spine was pierced.

- Pierced?
- Yes.

With a filleting knife,
I'd imagine.

Something a fishmonger
or a butcher would have.


Mr. Smith!

What do you want?

My son needs to use
the latrine.

Huh, tell him to hold it.

I have been!


Or are you not man enough
to corral a small child?

All right.

No funny stuff.

- Henry?
- Yes?

I need you to go
back to the swamp.

The swamp.

I need to see if you can
find a knife somewhere near

where the body was found,
I'd imagine.

What sort of knife?

A murder weapon knife, Henry.



Oh, hello.

Have you thought more
about that party?

I confess I have not.

You've heard more about
your friend's wife.

I have.

And not good news?

How can you tell?

I can see it on your face.

Well, you're right.

It's not good news.

Did he kill her?

Why would you say that?

Some peop...

People in our position...

Well, it is a hard
life to lead.

Especially when
you're living a lie.


Perhaps he needed an escape?

The man I know
is not capable of murder.


You want to hurry it up?

Hurry it up or I'm
going to come in there.



- Come out here!
- Father.

Are you all right?

- How many more are there?
- Just two.

Shouldn't be much
of a problem for you.

Oh, I appreciate
the confidence.

Harry, stay right here.

Drop your weapon.

Toronto constabulary.
Drop your weapon!

Ain't that special.

Drop your weapon!


Then I'll give you
a fighting chance.

If all goes well,
I'll be needing you soon.

Stay here.

T want to think
about what happens next.

I've never lost.

How many duels have you had?

- Two.
- Just two?

But I lost neither one of

You want to count it down?

All right.
Dealer's choice it is.



Wait! Ah!

You cheated.

You never said we
were counting to three.


Is everything all right?

Where were they keeping you?

What are you doing?

Clara was stabbed.

We don't think
she took her own life.

And I did it?

Where's the missing
knife, Jack?

Get out.

Answer the question!

I don't know.

- I misplaced it.
- Well, you better find it.

I can't believe you would
think this of me.

Your reluctance to help me
is only fueling my suspicion.

I don't give a damn what
it's fueling. Get out!




Are you all right?

I'm lovely.

You can't do this here.

I didn't mean to.

I must confess morpheus
got the better of me.

Go home.

- Come with me.
- No. I have work to do.

I am your husband.

I want you to come home.

Right now, what you want is of
no concern to me.

Violet, I will let you know

that I am starting
to tire of this game.

- Julia!
- (ogden): William!

It seems I'm holding
your future in my hands.

Detective, I hate swamps.

I'm going to have to bathe
in calamine tonight.

What did you find?

Well, that is the good news.

Good news for some, I suppose.

Yes, thank you, Henry.

I'm sorry but you're
leaving me no choice.

- Ahh!
- No!

(loud splash)

Stay here!




Are you all right?

- I think I'm all right.
- And fellows?

Oh, I don't know.

I don't think he
fared too well.

Whoever is in there
is made of stern stuff.

Kicking up a storm.

You don't have to
tell me that.

I suppose not.


Is that what was going
to happen to you?

I suppose so.


Quite the end
for Mr. Fellows.


All right.
That's enough, Harry.

- Want to know something funny?
- All right.

When I was with my mother,

I spent my whole life running
from the black hand.

How is that funny?

I visit you two times
and I get kidnapped both.

But, to be fair,
you ran away once.

I'll give you that!
But I still got kidnapped.


Well, you are a Murdoch,
so every day's an adventure.

He's gone!

- He's gone!
- He's gone!



Good lord.

Jack Walker just marched into
our home, and he just took him!

I tried to stop him,
but he overpowered me.

He stole our grandson.

Also his son.

He is not.

Jack Walker never
fathered that child.

He has no claim to him!

Well, that may not be exactly...

Please, please, please!
Just stop talking.

Please just go and find him,

Yes, yes.

He's gone.
He's gone.

Hello, sir. Where to?

Anywhere but here.

Where specifically?

Just drive.

[♪ ♪]