Murdoch Mysteries (2008–…): Season 15, Episode 17 - Bloodlines - full transcript

Violet Hart investigates when a protester dies at an event for Black people's rights

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Season 15 Episode 17

Episode Title: "Bloodlines"
Aired on: February 21, 2022.

Thank you.

Bloody hell.


Ah, Mrs. Hart!
What a lovely surprise.

- Going on holiday, sir?
- Uh, not quite.

Margaret's in niagara
visiting her sister.

For some unbeknown reason,
I'm required to join her.


Oh, excuse my manners.

Inspector brackenreid,
this is cassiopeia bright.

Entrepreneur and owner
of the star bright club.

- How do you do?
- Pleased to meet you.

A club owner, how exciting.

What is all this?
Where are you all headed?

Are you assuming that all the
coloured people on this train

are headed to the same place?


Don't worry, we are indeed.

(Both laugh)

We're going to see
w.E.B. Du bois...

Pronounced du-Boise.

Oh, is that a fact?

Oh, Dr. Du bois
and booker t. Washington

are speaking at today's
niagara movement meeting.

It's a once in a lifetime event.


Oh, good heavens.
The civil rights leaders.

Ah, of course.
Please forgive me.

Dr. Du bois founded
the niagara movement.

My father attended
the inaugural meeting in 1905,

At the erie beach hotel.

- They're American, aren't they?
- Yes.

Why are they coming to Canada
for the occasion?

Apparently, the hotels south of
the border refused to host them.


I reckon we're a lot more
tolerant up here in Canada.

You people need to go back
to where you came from!

Let's make our way inside.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

- We don't want you here!
- May I help you gentlemen?

Yeah, you and your kind need to
get the hell out of my town.

Sir, we've rented this venue
and have every right to be here.

You don't belong!

Go back across
the border and keep going.

Why don't you leave?
You're the damned problem!

What you say, boy?

Watch your tongue,
or you'll lose it!

No, no!


Gentlemen, you are carrying on
like a bunch of cats in a sack.

I assure you, sir,
our people will be no trouble.

If you and your lot
don't clear out,

Can't be responsible
for what'll happen.

(Crowd member):
That's right.

Here you are.

What have you got there, Harry?

A rat trap.
I call it the rat-o-matic.

It's my project
for the science fair.

Are you sure this is how you
want to spend

Your last weekend
in Toronto?

We could do something fun!

What's more fun
than inventing?

A boy after my own heart.

Tell me all about this.

It's an enclosure
with an automatic door

triggered by the photoelectric
sensors inside.


It beeps to alert you so you
can release your catch.

(Ogden): Why would you
want to release it?

This trap is perfect for
collecting scientific specimens.

What do you mean?

Subjects for experimentation
and dissection.

Rats are usually so
hard to catch alive.

Have you had
any false triggers?


The door keeps closing before
the rats get all the way inside.

Perhaps you'll want to
adjust your arrangement.

William, let him do it.

I'm sure the boy
wants to win, Julia.

What do you suggest?

Perhaps you want to
put your sensors

in an x formation.

This would increase the surface

That the rat gets to walk on

Prior to triggering
the sensors.

It's just one idea.

With that in mind,

I want to announce that
the niagara movement

Will be

(All murmuring)

(Crowd member):

(light applause)

To make way for
a new organization

Called the
national association

For the advancement
of colored people.


We will fight for equal
job opportunities

And voting rights

Never pick a fight you
can't win, du bois.

The great accommodator,
ladies and gentlemen!

Booker t.


Why, thank you, Dr. Du bois.

I feel just like
a pig in slop.

(Crowd laughs)

Ladies and gentlemen,
do not be led astray

By unrealistic

This man will tear down
all the good work

We have done
down south.

We tear things down
to build anew.

(Crowd member):
That's right!

There is a compromise in place.

We adhere to the law
in exchange for jobs,

and education.

Our survival depends on this.

Your compromise hasn't
stopped the race riots.

You're just a fool seeking
favour from your master.

We are outnumbered ten to one.

Fighting is suicide and you,

You will never be
on the front line.

Don't speak to my constitution.

Well, I will speak to
whoever I please.

Or do you not value freedom?

(Distant scream)

(Crowd member):
You hear that?

- One of us is down.
- (Hart): Cassie, look.

Is he?

Excuse me.
Please do not touch the body.

The name's Isaiah Buchanan,
private detective.

Who may you be?

Violet Hart, head coroner
at the Toronto morgue.

Oh, Toronto is lucky to have
a coroner as beautiful as you.

Smart and capable one, too.

Indeed. I defer to your
expertise, madam.

There's a contusion
on his forehead.

See markings here
on his neck, as well.

Several small cuts.

Consistent with strangulation.


What is it?

An obituary?

Of a coloured woman.

There's petrol and matches here.

The locals were none too
pleased about the meeting today.

Do you think he was trying
to set a fire to scare us?

And got killed before
he got the chance.

What is this symbol
supposed to be?

I'd suggest it's a warning.

Get away from that body!

Sirs, my name
is Mrs. Violet Hart.

I serve as the coroner
for the city of Toronto.

I didn't ask for your
life story, sweetheart.

I asked you to back up.

Well, would you like to hear
my findings thus far?

Not your jurisdiction and none
of your damned business.

Constable jope, this is
Ethan lowell, isn't it?

Hmm. In the flesh.


How do you know him?

I don't, sir.

Then why were you
messing with his body?

As I said, I am a coroner.

I thought I could
lend my expertise

As I was the most
qualified person

On the scene
at the time.

She was trying to help.

Quite full of yourselves,
aren't ya?

You want to know what I think?

I think you two were up here

Covering up your
own wrongdoings.

With all due respect, inspector,
if I were to kill a man,

I wouldn't be so sloppy.

This is bad.

The police aren't going to take
kindly to a dead white man

Winding up here with us.

And it looked like
they knew him.

We need to investigate
on our own

To ensure this case
doesn't end in disaster.

I could ask around
amongst the attendees,

Try and get ahead
of the police.

And I have some connections
at the station house

That I can use.

And you'll share with
us what you find?

Certainly. I'll let you
know what I find out.

Well, la-di-da.


He likes you.

Can't you tell?

No, he doesn't
and I'm married.

I don't think that'll
be a problem for him.

Not many children have
qualified for this competition.

The finest young inventors
in the city, I'd wager.

They only choose three
people for the finals.

I hope I make it.

(Murdoch): You'll have
just as good a chance as any.

Well, better, I should hope.

He is the son of the great
inventor, William Murdoch.


What is that?

It's a flying device.

I call it the twisty top.

What does it do?

It flies.


Oh, that is fantastic,
young lady!

How did you even
conceive of this?

This is quite something.

It's just a flying top.

Correction: It's a hovering top

With a battery-operated

- It's marvelous, young lady.
- Thank you.

You should be an engineer
when you grow up.

There are girl engineers?

There are some.
You could be one of them!

Oh, I don't know. I just
make these things for fun.

This is ingenious, young lady.

How did you even
conceive of this?

You think her invention
is better than mine?

No! No, no, no.

It's flashy, is all.

Yours is far more practical.

People like flashy things.

Well, yes, but what would one
even do with a spinning top

That mimics Da Vinci's
revolutionary flying machine?

Nothing at all.

It would just...

Both of these
inventions are great!

It doesn't have to
be a competition.

But it is a competition.


But you should both be proud
no matter where you place.

How about a wager?

What shall we bet on?

Whoever places lower in the fair

Has to buy the other
a banana split.


We'd best get ready to give
Harry money for two banana spl...


I'm quite certain that
Mr. Washington and his group

Are all innocent.

All of them?

You can't possibly know that
after one conversation.

I was seated with them
at the front

And we were all together
and accounted for.

You're a bookerite.

I see.

I take it you prefer
the philosophy

Of Dr. Du bois, Mrs. Hart?

Indeed. I've never been
a 'go along to get along' woman.

Well, following the rules
is not going along.

You have to take things
step by step,

Be willing to work with people
to make the changes you want.

That starts with
following the law.

The laws were not
written for us.

Instead, they're used
to harass us.

Laws bring order to the chaos,

It makes sure
everyone's in step.

It allows others
to step on our necks.

Did you all realize that Mr.
Harper wasn't in the ballroom

The entire time that
Dr. Du bois was on stage?

The same man that
had the scuffle

With Mr. Lowell
this morning?

Sounds like we have
our first suspect.

Mr. Harper, where were
you during the murder?

I was down in the kitchens
making lunch preparations.

Mr. Harper does have
a temper like firewater.

What are you implying?

Uh, no need to hurl

You have some nerve,
Mr. Washington!

You and your group only came
here to disrupt the meeting

And stop the naacp.

Y'all probably did it.

Mr. Harper, my followers and I
would never

Do anything
of the sort.

As much as du bois
and I squabble,

Our goals
remain the same.

It's Dr. Du bois,
thank you very much.

And our goals are
far from aligned.

So, you will have us stay

While I'm moving
the race into the future.

Incorrect. I want us to stay
alive as we move forward.

Why are we even listening
to these two?

Who do you think you are?

Please, we're just trying
to gather enough information

To make sure that this
investigation goes fairly.

See, du bois,
this is what you can do

When you work
within the system.

Well, they can
investigate all they want,

But the cops
won't help them.

By god, du bois,

You don't even have
faith in your own people?

Mr. Washington.
We have a few questions for you.

Did you leave the ballroom
at any time for any reason?

I did not.

You sure?

Gentlemen, there, uh, must
be a huge misunderstanding.

We're, uh, all reasonable
people here.

Mr. Washington was in front
of me in the ballroom

For the entire event.

He could not have left
without everyone seeing him.

I'm conducting
an interview here.

Don't interrupt me again, boy.

Step back.

Apologies, sir.


- He has a walking stick.
- Yes, he does.

Why would anyone want a rat trap
that spares the rat?

When do we get to kill
the pesky little bugger, hm?

It's for people
who love animals.

Well, rats aren't animals,
they're pests.

But, I suppose,
with a device like this

There would be no
need for ratting.

And it works well enough.

She said your device works well!

That's something.

She didn't like it.

Did she say that?

No, but she doesn't understand

Why I want to save the rat.

In my opinion, rats are far

And much nicer than people
give them credit for.

Dr. Du bois?
Do you mind if I sit with you?

Not at all.
No, please.

How are you holding up?

Eager to see which of us
the police pins this on.

That's not going to happen.

Maybe I should've kept this
meeting a bit more quiet.

Absolutely not.

My father was quite
inspired by your words

And I share in
his admiration.

What happened today,
don't let it discourage you.

We must stand up
for ourselves.


Your optimism is
quite refreshing.

Is this your walking stick?


Our friend has bruising

With a rod-like object,

Not unlike
this walking stick.

And a witness said you
got into an argument

With the victim
this morning.

And you almost came to blows.

It was merely
a small disagreement.

You probably caught Ethan
trying to ruin your conference

And you killed him for it.

You're under arrest.

- Let's go.
- Please!

What are you doing?

Step back!

It's okay, Harper.
Call my lawyer.

- Do you know who that is?
- Back off!

I won't tell you again.

We need to do something!

Calm down.
He couldn't have done it.

He was on
the floor all day.

We need to speak some
sense into those officers.

Let him go!

(Du bois)
Harper, go back inside.

I warned you!

Mr. Harper!

(Hart): Constable, sir, I'm
certain you have the wrong man.

Dr. Du bois is innocent!

I was holding his walking
stick during the event.

Is that so?

What's this?

That's not mine.


You're damn right
it's not yours.

Nabbed it off the body after
you murdered him, didn't you?

No, I didn't!

I've never seen
that in my life.

Ah, save it.
Take him in.

Come on.
Let's go.

- Come on!
- I didn't do this!

(Du bois): All right, Harper.
We will fix this.

Come on.
Now get in there!

(Harper): I'm telling you
I didn't do this!

Dr. Du bois, are you all right?

I'm fine, I'm fine.
But this-this can't be right.

Mr. Harper would never
do anything like this.

The police are certain
they've found their man.

This murder will spell
the end of the naacp.

Police are looking
at this case makes no sense.

The cause of death was
strangulation, I'm sure of it.

So, it doesn't matter
who had the walking stick.


If I could just get some
more time with the body,

I can confirm it
once and for all.

If Mr. Harper killed him

To stop him from ruining
Dr. Du bois' speech,

It makes no sense that
he would then Rob him

Of his pocket watch.

They're looking for
the easiest person to blame.

We have to prove them wrong.


It's the symbol.

"Purity. Loyalty. Strength.

Join a brotherhood of patriots."

Someone in here
must know the victim.

This is not a good idea.

Definitely not a good idea.

Ooh! I think the judges are
about to post the results.

You all right?
You look a bit nervous.

Well, it's not every day
we get to participate

In a science


Hey, Harry!
Have you seen my wonder Clay?

What does it do?

You know,
you squish it.

And you can put mica
on it to make it glitter.

I guess we don't have
much to worry about.

Here are the finalists.
Gather round.

There I am!

Me too!

- Me three!
- Yes!

(Man): You were supposed
to go with him!

Ethan told me to go home!

He said that he didn't
want me there.

You always hated him!

You left him to be murdered
by those animals!

What are you talking about?

(Both gasp)

Are you all right?

Were you talking about
Ethan lowell just now?

Did you know him?

Who the hell are you?

We are investigating
your friend's death.

Before he died, he painted
that symbol on the wall.

Was he a member of your group?

It's not your business.


Let's go.

Sticking your nose where
it don't belong, are you?

I assure you we're...

You people just need
to learn your place!

Let go!

Let her go! Stop.

Don't let 'em get away!

And you got away?

Not before miss cassiopeia
bright nearly got us killed!

How are we supposed
to get anything done

If we're too scared
to move forward?

You're too reckless,
miss bright.

It did give you the opportunity
to save both our hides.

It was quite magnificent.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

Au contraire.

This is not funny.
Do you know where you just were?

This town is not like Toronto.

People like us have to
keep our head down.

I assure you, Toronto has
its fair share of prejudice.

Not like here.

I've seen many coloured
townsfolk beaten to the bone

By men just like
the ones in that bar.

That is awful.

(Buchanan): You have to
watch your step around here.

I don't want you to get hurt.

I appreciate you
looking out for us.

We'll be more careful.

We still aren't any closer to
proving Mr. Harper's innocence.

What do you have?

The police have overlooked the
ligature marks on lowell's neck

And maintain he was
beaten to death.


Niagara police tend to
have a one-track mind.

They latch onto a theory
and that's the end of it.

If the cause of death is wrong,

The entire case is wanting.

Bright: Maybe you should
take another look at the body.

That's impossible.
It's already in the morgue.

Don't you have connections
with the police department?

Will they be willing
to help us?

Well, I didn't mean
connections in that respect.

What did you mean?

I work there...

As the janitor.


So, you lied to us.

No, I help people
in the community,

I just don't get
paid for it.

I've always wanted to
be a constable,

But the colour
of my skin prevents me.

So you made us believe you
were something you were not.

I'm sorry.

I may know someone
who could help.

Hey, there, little guy.

It works.

Of course it works.

Have you given any thought to
what you'll do with it, Harry?

You should leave it in there
for the judges to see.

Perhaps he should
keep it as a pet?

Can I?


Harry! What have you
done with my project?

I didn't do anything to it.

It's missing!
You hid it to win our wager!

You're a cheater!
A thief!

Just a moment, young lady.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

Harry is not a thief.

I went to the water closet
for five minutes

And now it's gone.

Harry's booth is closest to mine

And he is the only one who
would want to sabotage me!

Harry, did you notice anyone
come by when Florence was gone?

Did you see anything?

Are you suggesting
Harry did this?

No, I'm just
asking a question.

I didn't see anything.

Where did you last see it?

It was packed in my wooden crate
and wrapped with a tarp.

I was only gone
for a few minutes.

The tarp!



There we are.

So, someone could
have left with it.

No, no one's been let in yet.

If it was stolen by another

And stashed
beneath his booth,

It should be
easy to spot.

All right, then.
We'll have a look.

Don't you worry, Florence,

You have Toronto's best
detective on the case.

Isn't Harry a little too young
to be considered Toronto's best?

Let's search.

Sorry to disturb you, inspector,

But we've run into
some trouble down here in town.

What's happened?

Our event has been targeted.

A member from our group was
wrongfully arrested for murder.

I've only been away for a day.

It has been an ordeal.

I would not call if there was
anything else we could do.

- (Margaret): Thomas?
- Not to worry, Mrs. Hart.

You're actually
doing me a favour

By getting me
out of here.

I'll see you first thing
in the morning.

Thank you, inspector.

Oh, and, uh, stay out
of trouble until then.

Yes, of course.


Just the three of us.

We'll have such a lovely
time tonight.


He'll be here in the morning.

But I would still like to take
a look at that body before then.

Then we shall do just that.

No, they're not just going to
let you two into the morgue.

You are the janitor.

You have the keys, do you not?

Absolutely not.

Please be quick about it.

We'll be out before you know it.

Just as I thought.

The marks are much darker now.
There's a pattern here.

What does that mean?

The bruising will match whatever
was used to strangle him.

What about the walking stick?

These bruises could have been
caused by any stick or club.

Presently I see
bruising on the arms...

And this contusion,
which is superficial.

It would not have been fatal.

The cause of death
is strangulation.

Miss bright, help me with this.

You want me to touch him?

Turn his head gently.
And quickly!

We need to get these
photos developed.

We can ask Isaiah
if there's a place in town.

Did you find anything
in the police report?

There isn't anything about
strangulation in here.

No mention of
the ligature marks.

They're disregarding them?

There's this.

I can't believe it.

They're releasing the body
tomorrow for cremation

Without doing
a full postmortem.

This doesn't seem right to me.

We don't know who
the murderer is.

It says here that
Mr. Harper confessed!

Is this the obituary you
found in the...

(door opening)


Come on, Cassie.


Constable jope?

What are you doing in here
this time of night?

I forgot to pick up
Ethan's personal belongings

For the release tomorrow.

Who's picking him up?

Huh. His brother.

No love lost between
those two, eh?



What do you see?

The box at Owen's booth.

There's something inside.

It's him!
He's the thief.

Now, now.

One piece of
circumstantial evidence

Isn't enough to
condemn a man.

I have more than that.

Well, let's hear it.

Substantiate your claims.

He was very interested in
Florence's device yesterday

And was upset that she wouldn't
let him take a turn flying it.

You believe he stole it
because he was jealous.

That could be motive,

But that's hardly enough
to build a case, Harry.

It's him.
I know it!

What are you doing?

- That's my mica glitter!
- Sorry, Owen.

I was just, uh...

Looking for something.


You see: Motive by itself
is hardly ever enough.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Why would Mr. Harper confess
to a crime of murder?

Perhaps he is guilty.

The inspector said the lowell
brothers don't get along.

That would be Daniel lowell,
another town troublemaker.

We have to question him.

The cavalry has arrived.

Where's the fire?

Inspector, you've arrived
at the perfect time.

This is your inspector
from Toronto, Mrs. Hart?

That's right.

Inspector brackenreid,
this is Isaiah Buchanan,

Niagara's finest
janitorial inspector.

Pleased to meet you, Isaiah.

So, ladies, fill me in
on to what's been happening

And I'll let the dog
see the rabbit.

Sir, the police are holding
a man from our group

For a murder
he did not commit.

But we have
substantial evidence

That contradicts
the police's theory.

What have you found out?

The police say the victim
was beaten to death,

But take a look
at these.

Where did you lot get
these photos from?

No, on second thought, I don't
want to know the answer to that.

(Hart): The body is due
to be cremated today,

So the window to prove
Mr. Harper's innocence

Is closing.

What's that?

The victim painted this symbol.

We found the same symbol
at the local bar.

I've seen this kind
of thing before.

All this rubbish about
bloodlines and purity.

These are dangerous people.

Well, right now we need to focus

On getting Mr. Harper
out of prison.

Right, you lot stay here.

I'll go to the constabulary.

See if I can get to
the bottom of this.

All right.

I need to get to work.
Be careful.

We will.

We need to find Daniel lowell.

If we search his home,
we may be able to find a weapon

That matches the bruising.

Here's the address.

The brothers lived together.

(Brackenreid): I heard you got
a man for your murder yesterday.

I came down here to check
out your suspect.

We had a similar incident
in Toronto recently.

You did, did you?


A negro man killed a good white
man for no reason at all.

Oh, you can't find reason
with those sorts.

Do you mind if I ask him a
couple questions about my case?

- Have at it.
- Thank you, chief.

It isn't with any
of the participants.

What will I do?

Well, there is one place
we haven't looked.

It's locked.


Oh! No, it's not.

You see anything?

Oh, here!


Thank you.

Thank you.

Good job, father.

Good job, Harry.

But we still have work to do.

You built a mousetrap

And we need
to catch a thief.

Should we interrogate suspects?

What if we built a mantrap?

Bloody hell.

I'm here to help.

I doubt that.

Did you kill Mr. Lowell?

I didn't even know him.

Not what I asked.

Yeah, I killed him.

Is that what you want to hear?

I want to hear the truth.

No, you don't.

Let's say I killed him.

Let this charade be over.

I'm not interested in a charade.

I'm interested in just...

I'm interested in justice.

Well, you sure as hell
ain't gonna find it here.

That's the man from the bar.

Let's go.

What if he comes back?

I thought you wanted
to solve this.

The door is locked.

This is a bad idea.


Where did you learn to do that?

In a past life.

Let's go.

This is illegal. They can't just
bar us from seeing Mr. Harper!

Maybe if you had asked nicely

Instead of charging in
there like a mad man.

You'll never change.

Your pacifism only serves to
prop up the system

That is
oppressing us!

Your agitation results
in negroes getting hurt,

Which is worse!

Excuse me, gentlemen,

What can you tell me
about a Mr. Harper?

Who are you?

Someone who wants to help.

You the police?

I am.

Then we don't need your help.

Don't listen to him.
What can you tell us?

Listen, don't bother with him.

Du bois, he is offering to help.

We don't need his help!

- All you cops are the same.
- That's not true.

We took an oath
to serve justice.

We don't take that lightly.

Well, with all
due respect, sir,

There is no justice here.

Police will always protect
the police, no matter what.

Isaiah, come here.

We need to get your friend out
of there as quickly as possible.

They've beaten
a confession out of him.

He's not in a good way.

Well, if that's the case,

It proves that
they're framing him.

(Brackenreid): We'll need
a little bit more than that.

Look, we need to
tread carefully.

Not everyone around here
is necessarily on our side.

That is wretched.

According to the police, Mr.
Lowell was beat to death

With a cane
by Mr. Harper.

Mrs. Hart does not believe
that to be the case.

(Brackenreid): Well, we need
something to support that.

Well, how do I do that?
The body's gone.

You work in there.
Find something.

Use your imagination.

(O'Malley): What do you think
you're doing in here?

Nothing, sir.

What are you doing snooping
around my office, boy?

Well, I'm just, uh...
I'm just doing my job, sir.

Weren't you one of the mokes
down at the crime scene?

Sir, that's Isaiah,
the cleaning man.

Been working here
for months now.

Is that so?

Never seen him before.

That's the Mark of
a good janitor.

I don't like the look of him.

Trust me, he's one
of the good ones.

I like him.


Get out of my sight.

Yes, sir.


Aren't you forgetting something?

That one, too.


(Police laugh)

There's nothing here.

We've got to keep looking.

Look at this.

What is it?

It's the newspaper lowell
ripped the obituary from.

The welland daily.
It's a small town nearby.

Why would he do that?

And that?

Census report.

Take a look at the name!

Good lord.

(Electronic beeping)

My invention's gone!

But there's nobody in there.

Well, I guess it could trap
a mouse, but not a person.

Oh! Don't be so sure about that.

Judge perrywinkle, a word?

About what?

About stealing
a child's invention.

I did no such thing.

Then why are you
covered in glitter?

What glitter?

The mica we borrowed from the
boy who made the wonder Clay.

That mica was triggered

When the door to
the closet was opened.

(Ogden): How could you Rob
a child of her invention?

I simply opened a door.

Madam, I'm prepared to
prosecute this fully.

Or you can return
the young lady's invention,

Your decision.

This child has no idea
what she has here.

Just give it back!
It's just a flying toy.



It could be so much
more than that!

I have never seen
such engineering.

I was going to patent
the mechanics

To make larger
flying machines.

I could have been
a revolutionary!

(Ogden): You should be
ashamed of yourself!

Miss perrywinkle,
you're under arrest.

Harry, your device caught her.

It did!

Thank you.

I suppose he won't
mind spending money

On that banana split,
after all.

What are you doing with those?

These were used to
murder Mr. Lowell.

This is ludicrous.

No, I'll tell you
what is ludicrous,

A copper joining
an organization like that.

(O'Malley): We are a community
of likeminded individuals.

(Brackenreid): Mr. Lowell
was a member, was he not?

What was it, O'Malley?

Was it a power struggle?

Get out of here.

Why don't I just get a
confession out of you

Like you did Mr. Harper?

I was across town
investigating a robbery

When lowell was killed.

Then you ordered one of your
own to do your dirty work.

You have nothing.

What are you two doing here?

Saving your bacon.

What are you talking
about, miss Hart?

Take a look at this.

It's a census report
Mr. Lowell requested

Before he was murdered.

It's for Genevieve Walker,

The coloured woman in the
obituary lowell was carrying.

When the census was taken,
she had a different surname.

Her surname from her
first marriage was jope.

You're coloured, aren't you?

You're crazy.

I don't think so.

I think Mrs. Walker
was your grandmother.


That's why you were
at the morgue last night,

To steal back
the obituary.

It was proof
of your identity.

This is insane.
Do I look coloured?

If this is
your grandmother,

Then there's no
denying what you are.

It's in your blood, boy.

(Brackenreid): So, you killed
to stop this getting out.

I-I'm not...

I-I didn't... y-you all have
no proof of anything.

If I were to lift the
fingermarks from these nippers,

I wouldn't find yours on there?

It was you.

You and Ethan
have had tension.

You almost came to blows
at the last brotherhood meeting!

- Ain't that true?
- (Hart): He found out.

And was going to
reveal your secret.

You'd have lost everything.

Your job, your friends
and your life as you know it.

He said I was coloured.
He was going to destroy me.

So you got there first.

I'm not, I'm not coloured.

I don't want to be coloured.

I don't care who,
or what, you are.

Coloured or white,
you killed a man.

And that is the only thing
you need be ashamed of.

Look at us, at all of this.

Being who we are should be
something to be celebrated.

Perhaps jope thought
the only way to get along

Was to go

And live a lie.

We all do, don't we?

What's that?

Live a lie.

Present one side of ourselves
for the world to see.

I don't.

I don't believe that.

Excuse me.

I heard what you did today,
sneaking into O'Malley's office.

Just trying to do my part.

A part that,
while very brave,

Was also very stupid.

Well, perhaps I was trying
to impress you.

Is that so?

Next time be more
clever about it.


He's only ten years old,
so please try to keep an eye

On him for the entire journey.

He's going to windsor
station, in Montreal.

Please be sure not to
let him miss his stop.

He's meeting
a miss Freddie pink there.

I've made his lunch, so, if
you could make sure he got it?

I'll be fine.


Thank you for the banana split.

(Harry): She has entered
the Montreal competition.

And I'll be happy to
lose to her again.

Could I sit with you?


(Florence): Here, I'd like to
show you what I have for...

Harry, be sure to write
when you arrive in Montreal.

I will.

Bye, Harry.

Sure he'll be all right?

Oh, I should think not.

He seems to have fallen
for a clever woman.

He's in for
a lifetime of trouble.

[♪ ♪]