Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Year 2017 - Spring

Morio Fishery - President
Morio Shinichiro


Full amount, Half amount, rejection

Full amount, Half amount-

Since we'd be unable to collect it, I can't give you any more

Enough to pay the staff's severance will be fine

I implore you


Forgive me

Me and your old man go way back, but

I can't do what I cannot do

Please understand.

Would you consider it again?

I'm sorry

And now, onto the news

Off the coast of Hamaura, Shizuoka prefecture

An unmanned wooden boat of unknown nationality was found adrift

The Shizuoka prefecture Police are carefully investigating

as they found characters engraved on the hull, and rubbish that was left onboard, and suspect that someone may have smuggled in.

Saimon Dan


Don't steal food from outside

Dan's Mother
Saimon Megumi

If you're hungry, just come home

Are you okay?

It stinks

You alright?


Used to be a house here

Do you know where the people who lived here went?

Do you mean the Aunt Saimon-san?

You know her?


It's just that ...

She died a while ago

Did you know each other?

Was she ill?

What caused it was...

She passed away about 2 months ago

2 months


Originally, she had trouble walking

Until now

She closed herself off from everyone

Can you stand?

So then?


She starved.

She was close to me


I'll drive you

Are you okay?

Stay with me

Big mistake

Do I have to try again?!

If you tell the guard, I'm gonna cut you.



You Japanese?

If you tell the guards,

I'll kill you.

Not like this

Don't touch!


It's been a while since I last spoke Japanese

What are you doing?

Tracking the sun,


the flow of time


Two thousand...

Year 2011?

It's 2011?

What is this?

Don't touch it

I made it from a part of the bed

and this?


Meat fat

Paper - sheets

Pen - feather

Ink is soot

I could probably make a saw

With your spine

Who are you?


...did you come here?

20 years ago

20 years?

Now that you know,

You need to return to your room

Tell me...

Why am I here?

Shut up, be quiet

I beg of you, I'm innocent!

Please tell me!


What's so funny?

It's a small world


Where you needed to deliver the letter was

TI Fund Management

Wasn't it?

I think it was something like that

Teikichi Iruma

Iruma Teikichi, leader of an investment company

I'm familiar with the man

TI Fund - Chairman
Iruma Teikichi

He's a man with strong connections within Rhadel

The one I'm talking about is a detective

It's probably Teikichi's son, I can't think of anything else

Detective of the Metropolitan Police
Iruma Kouhei

You must have been their scapegoat

You were unlucky


Luck has nothing to do with it

When he asked about the letter

The detective said

That there was an anonymous call

You must have talked to someone about the letter


It's time for for the guard to come.



Hey, Dinner's up!

It'll be alright now, as soon as we can confirm your innocence

I'm impressed you were able to make it back like that

Take care of the Kaishinmaru, Dan

Old man

Are you trying to escape?

You think I'm looking for treasure?

How long do you think it'll take?

15 years

If I help, we can do it in half

I refuse

I will definitely get out of here



Please let me help

That's hot

Don't beat it blindly, you bloody idiot

Look at the habit of the bedrock

The cutting edge is 45 degrees

Shut it old man, you some kind of king?

I am no king

I'm a former President


Former President of the Republic of Rhadel

Former President of the Rhadel Republic
Faria Shinkai

Faria Shinkai

Didn't you learn it in school?

As I thought, you're insane

Niccolo Machiavelli


"Money is like fertiliser, It's only good if you spread it around"

Francis Bacon


“It takes the whole of life to learn how to live"

It's not Aristotle...






Is it ancient Rome?

This time.

I feel sick

"Humans are those who are free to rule their destiny"



I mean...

We were dominated by our destiny

It means we're less than a human


I'll make my own.

You know it



Byzantine art

A system of art developed in the Eastern roman Empire from the 5th to the 15th centuries.

Hellenistic style, Whilst similar to Roman art, it is a unique in that includes eastern christian elements.




Treaty of Fontainebleau

1814, France

Peace treaty concluded at the end of the war of the 6th coalition

But seriously, Did you think Marie Louise would make it back to her husband?

I don't think so.


What's wrong

Stay with me

Ain't nothing

Just... felt a bit dizzy...

Lets take a breather


If I die,

Don't say something so ominous




I can hear the waves

Old man

We're almost there

Go on without me

What are you saying, we promised to leave together

Oh shullup

You heard the sound of the waves

Are you sure the direction is right?

Well, as long as you have calculated it right

Do you remember the PIN? [Spanish]

Tell me again after we've left [Spanish]

I have nothing left to teach you [Chinese]

I'm stupid, so I'll forget it all very quickly [Chinese]

You will inherit it won't you [Italian]

my son? [Italian]

Take it all yourself [Italian]

Use it for your revenge, I don't mind


I will be happy

Don't say any more

The light...

Go towards...

...the light's...






When I brought breakfast this morning,
I saw he wasn't even moving at all

I was worried about him

What does he know, that's all I want from him

You've done well to live this long

Take the body and bury it out to sea


Okay old man

It's swimming time

How could an old man be so heavy

When did you get so weak?

Sorry sharks

It's only skin and bones

Come! Lunch time!

You're awake

I'm glad

Does your leg hurt?





Where am I?

Ah, This is my company

And you are?

I'm Morio

I'm sort of the president

Though I'm more like my father's representative

//Subs by Tezu\\


Help yourself

Go ahead

You okay?

Thank you

Also for the change of clothes

I'm sorry that I only have old clothes

It's fine, it helps a lot

Where's the ship?

Just now, I saw the picture


We had her in the past, but

We had to let her go

As for now, We use that one

To be honest,

It's all we can afford

Where is...

your father now?

In hospital for liver failure

I see

Thank you for everything you've done for me

No worries

I will repay this debt someday


You don't need to do that

Excuse me

Is your leg alright?

I guess you really do take after the president

You think so?

To help a homeless stranger

I'd say you're too kind,

or too loving

Thank you for the Onigiri

Love will always win

No matter what

Cause you'll take it back

Sign: Open for business

Door: Free Karaoke Songs

Don't just stand there, here



Oh, uhh

What's your name?


You can call me Hina-chan

I see


I'm glad

You're glad?

About what?

Oh, uhh, sorry

The last time I came to this store,

A woman owned it, and I thought you were the same one

You mean Sumire-san?

You know her?


Could you be...

One of her fans?


I guess there are some like you

Even though she's just a Cooking researcher

That's an old face

What's a cooking researcher?

You don't know?

Where is she now?

Well obviously Tokyo,

Her husband is famous after all


She got married?

Give me a second

You really don't know anything

Are you Urashima Taro?

There it is

That Nanjo Yukio is her husband

The Ideal Couple

Nanjo Yukio