Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Year 2018 - Spring

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

You okay?

I'm okay.

Eyes forward Asuka


The paddle!

Stop!, I'll get it

Hold on

Hold on

Hold on to the boat

Hold tight

What do we do?

Have a drink

Thank you

But you should drink it

What's going on?

If it become night...

But, It'll be okay

The stars could lead us back

to where?

Back home

That's what Mum said

Is that so?

Excuse Me!

Over here!

Excuse me, we're over here!

Please help us!

Please help us!

They're coming back

What happened?

We lost the paddles

I'll bring you aboard now

Thank you very much!



Don't move

Until I've finished

Yes ma'am


Wow, you're pretty good

You can have it,

because you saved our lives

Thank you

I'm glad

For me,

Something similar happened in the past

The ship stopped moving

But you're here now


At the time , I was scared


For one so small, you did well not to panic

Actually, give that back


I decided to keep it

I see


Seriously, Thank you!

Really, for everything

Above all, you're safe

If you'll excuse me


If it's not too much trouble,
Would you like to go to Asuka-chan's house?

When I contacted her parents, they said they'd like to meet you.

I will introduce you to them

You drew all of these?

I hung them up because I liked them.


which one do you like the most?

Maybe that one?


It's dad!



Thank god

Thank god you're okay


It's Shinkai-san you should be thanking

I'm Nanjo

This time,

I'm really grateful to you.

She told me everything

She's a wonderful girl

I heard she offered the last of the water

In that situation,

even adults cannot do it easily

Normally, they would pull the rug from under others to survive



Nanjo Yukio

I've met you somewhere before haven't I?

No, I think this is the first time

Please, take a seat

Eda Airi

Dad is famous after all

Primary School Student
Nanjo Asuka

Nanjo here is an Actor, and I'm his management

So that's why

What do you do Shinkai-san?

Monte Cristo Shinkai

I... well...

It's a boring job

What is it?

You're Joking

Asia's greatest investors - Top 10

Monte Cristo Shinkai - 4.1Bn - Singapore

Citizen of Singapore, Fluent in Japanese, English,
Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and is a Nikkei.
In 2017, Founded the F&D Investment Co, Ltd
in Singapore.
In just one year, It has seen rapid growth with it's
umbrella of companies in shipping, medicine, and catering.
By actively engaging in charitable projects like
constructing schools in Cambodia, and the Philippines,
he became the investor gathering the most attention.

Could this be about Shinkai-san?

You're an investor?

Based out of Singapore

Constructing schools around Asia...

Charitable projects as well?

Way to go

Over half of what's written on the net is a lie

Ah, it's mum!


Are you alright?

Any injuries?

I'm fine already! It's was actually exciting

Cooking Researcher
Nanjo Sumire

Sumire, Shinkai-san

My wife.

I'm Nanjo Sumire

My name's Shinkai, Nice to meet you.

It seem you saved my daughter

Seriously, I don't know how I can thank you


I got to meet such a wonderful family,

That alone is enough.

If you'd like, Do you want some Chiffon cake?

It's freshly baked

My wife is a cooking researcher


Come on Shinkai-san, Let's eat

Do your homework first Asuka

I don't wanna

Can't you let her off for today?

Not happening


Demon, but still no

You've got to do your homework

homework.. no..

Go on, No need to hold back

Then, I'll have some

I hope it's to your liking

Thank you

Shall I send rehearsal videos?

If you could


Now that looks delicious

Airi-san, here you go

I'll do it myself

Don't eat before the guest


Asuka-chan is doing her homework

Thank you

Then Shinkai-san...

Take your time

Please, eat up


As expected of a pro

You flatter me

Why are you in Japan, Shinkai-san?

To fulfill a long awaited dream

What sort of dream?

Well, It's something to look forward to

Oh yeah,

As thanks for the delicious cake,

Would you like to come to my villa next weekend?

I was actually planning on having a little party

I am free then,

And Asuka has cram school

Then, the both of you can join

I will send out your invitations later

Give them an invite

As you wish

Right now.

This was a nice buy, right Tsuchiya?

Yes Sir

Why this this villa though Shinkai-san?

I liked it

It's quiet, and has a nice breeze.

The sea is nearby, so I can also fish

I've had my eye on it since then

Since then?

Even still, it's pretty quiet,

No one would notice anything here, even if you kill someone.


It's a joke.

Do you hate it here?



Are you hiding something?

Shinkai's Butler
Tsuchiya Shigeru


Sorry for doubting you

I'll leave the party preparations to you

As you wish sir

How many guests will there be?

For now

Ultimately, there should be 5 people

Kagura Estate - President
Kagura Kiyoshi

We've been waiting for you, come in.

Pleasure to meet you, I'm Kagura, from the Kagura Estate

Today, I've come to finalise the contract, and would like to meet Shinkai-san

I'll show you in.


I really wanted to meet you.




I have an interest in the real estate business

Rumour has it that your company is the fastest growing company in Japan

No, no, We still have a long way to go


I look forward to your future custom

And I as well.

Oh yeah,

We're having a party here this weekend, and I'd love for you to come.




I'm planning on having people from various industries join us

Thank you

I'll confirm with my schedule and get back to you

Excuse me for asking, Are you married?

I am

If you'd like, You could bring your wife

Just spending a day off with a bunch of men,

Doesn't sound very fun, does it?

That's true



As a mark of a new beginning, here

My rod has,

a reputation for catching wealth when being displayed

Thank you

Monte Cristo Shinkai

Kagura's Secretary
Ushiyama Naoki

Suddenly appeared in the Singapore Markets last year, and has been acquiring companies left and right

Currently has Shipping, Pharmaceutical, fast food, restaurant,

companies under his umbrella

Other than Singapore,

Also owns companies in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lampur

Estimated total value of assets is

Hundreds of billions of Yen

Hundreds of billions?

Is it a national budget?

Where did he come from,

that monster like man.

Does it matter?

His money is like a gift from god

I will accept it gratefully


Then, what about the party?

I will go

I'm knackered

Welcome home

I have returned

Thanks for the hard work

Honey, you hungry?

There's still some Beef Stew


Could you tell her for me?


This weekend, The president is going to the villa of an important customer

Dedicated Housewife
Kagura Rumi

We ask you to join him.

Very well

It smells nice

It's the President's favourite

Would you like to stay and have some?

May I?

I am pretty hungry

Of course, Take a seat

Excuse me

It's already clean.


Can I count on you again?



Good Evening

That's a nice gown

I don't need any small talk

I don't need a kiss

Welcome back

You were still awake?

The wind feels nice


It's chilly

You'll catch a cold

The Nanjo's have confirmed their attendance

Kagura and his wife also

That makes 4

I see

You said there would be 5 people,

What of the last?

Two more people.

You've increased the number of people?


Metropolitan Police - Detective Supervisor
Iruma Kouhei

Good Morning




What's wrong?

As tonight will be fish,

Please don't eat at lunch.


See you later

Take us out


Dedicated Housewife
Iruma Erina

Are you okay?

Please take a deep breath



Found it

Is this it?

Excuse me

University Graduate
Iruma Miran

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good,

I'm already feeling fine


It's not itchy

You don't need worry about me

But, You should still be lying down

It'll be rude when we have a guest here



The symptoms have really gone down

Well then, I shall take my leave

No, no, At least stay for the tea, and have a little bite, really.

Excuse me

This medicine I got,

It works great.

But, It's not sold in Japan is it?


I have dealings with an overseas pharmaceutical company, that's where I got it

You know a lot about medicines, don't you?

Erina-san is from the Department of Pharmacology


You two are?

The daughter

The mother

Reception Student
Iruma Eito

The real child


Just because you're cute



Even though you're busy, was it alright to come back?

Yeah, It's fine

Welcome back

Eito, Go play in your room

Miran-chan, please

Let's go, Eito

This is my saviour, Shinkai-san

Seriously, Thank you very much

Above all, she's safe

Come, lets sit and talk

Then I'll prepare some tea

Don't worry about it

//Subs by Tezu\\

Thank you very much, it means a lot

But, why did you have an allergic reaction?

I have no idea

The bottle?

I had them check at the hospital,

But they found no traces of buckwheat

Just the usual beard of corn tea

The medicine,

Why didn't you use it on yourself?

I looked, but I couldn't find it the bag.


Where did you find the needle?

Under the passenger seat.

Stop, it's like an interrogation

You're not at the station

That's true

Sorry about that

My husband is a copper


Go ahead,

Interrogate all you want

No, no, I'm sorry


I'm interested in knowing what a professional interrogation is like

Oh my

My apologies, for not knowing such a wonderful person


I'm honoured to be able to meet you, Iruma-san

The honour is mine

That's right,

This weekend, I'm having a party at my villa,

If you'd like,

You and your wife may join

As much as I appreciate the offer,

In this line of work, you'll never know when
you'll be called in, So I cannot attend

Well there are a lot of people like that around,

So I cannot blame you.

For instance,

Kagura Estate's president, Kagura-san


You know him?

We've met a few times

Then that's perfect


It was just during the course of my work

I see

It's unfortunate

How about another drink?

Thanks, but I've had enough

For now, May I just leave you with an invitation?

In case you change your mind

Very well

Well then,

Excuse me


Can I take this Skipjack?

You found a good one

I landed that one in Shizuoka just this morning


No, whole will be fine

Thank you!

Hey, Put this in ice!


How far you taking it?

Ah, to Kamakura


Hey, Fill it with ice


You've come quite a long way

No matter what, I wanted to buy from this shop

Speed it up Shinichiro,


Want me to carry it to your car?

It's fine

Tominaga Fishery Employee
Morio Shinichiro


I'm truly happy I was able to come today

Thanks for your custom


You look happy

You think so?

Sumire-san Sorry

What's wrong?

It looks like my PC has a virus

The photos of the Quiche that I took yesterday are gone


Won't they still be on the camera's card?

The card was in the PC when it crashed

Upload was tonight wasn't it?


I'll make it again

I'm really sorry

It's alright, it wasn't your fault

It's too bad, that I can't go to the party

Then, I'll call Shinkai-san and let him know

You can go Yukio

Since I made this,

Take it to Shinkai-san

Lets hurry Airi-san


Hey, What're you doing?

Lets go

It's here?



I'm going home


For some reason, I feel sick.

I said we'd both come, and

You only have to sit and laugh. Let's go.

Welcome Kagura-san, I've been waiting for you,

Your wife as well.

Welcome to my humble abode

This is my wife, Rumi

Thank you for today.

If you'd like, Here

What's this?

A thank you for the rod from the other day

May I open it?

Of course

It's a reel.

Thank you very much

I will treasure it

Everyone else is already here

Please, join them

Go ahead


Kagura Estate's, President Kagura

and his wife, Rumi-san.

Kagura-san , as you may already know

This is the Actor, Nanjo Yukio-san

Nice to meet you


And, Over there we have,

The Detective Supervisor of the Metropolitan Police, Iruma Kouhei-san,

and his wife Erina-san.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Kagura-san, Hello


Fancy meeting you here

You know each other?

I've met him a few times

First time meeting his wife though, isn't it?

Hello, My name is Iruma

Nice to meet you

I'm the wife, Rumi

I'm Erina

It looks like we're the only women,

I hope we'll get along

As do I


Please enjoy yourselves


Bring drinks for Kagura and his wife


Excuse me

Ma'am, Please, take a seat.

It seems you did gather people from various industries

Shinkai-san, Why these members?

I invited all of those whom I would like to be friends with.

Does anyone have a problem with that?

No, none.

Looks like it'll be a fun party.


Then, please take your time and relax.

What's wrong?

Did you see a ghost?


I'm hiding something...

I've been here before...

22 years ago.

Did someone invite you?


I was struggling in life,

When it was empty,

I entered.

22 Years Ago

I thought no one was there


I could hear a woman sobbing,

I thought about trying to get away,

I saw something unbelievable

I was worried, so I followed him


Buried something like a box, under the Statue of Mary.

After those two left,

I dug it back up,


I found a baby inside

I thought it was dead,

It started crying

So, what of the kid?

When I noticed it...


Smothered it,

Until it stopped moving.

Ever since...

The child's cries,

Don't fade away.

What brought this up?

Those two.

Those two?

Back then,

The woman who gave birth was...

Kagura's wife, Rumi-san


The man who discarded the child was..

Iruma Kouhei-san

Inviting the two people who abandoned a child at this cursed villa...

It's some coincidence

Shinkai-san, You...

You already knew, didn't you?

That's why you hired me as your secretary,

and bought this villa

What are you plotting?

An enjoyable party

That's why, Tsuchiya

What I need from you...

Is to continue you give your usual excellent service.

You understand?


It might be a little bloody

You're Joking, right?

Calm down


Near Mary, at least

No, It was brilliant

You wouldn't think it was cut by an Investor

Normal people can't do it, right, Yukio?

Shinkai-san, were your parents fishermen?

No, Maybe a sushi restaurant?

I practiced it

As I thought, professionally made tastes completely different

Thank you, My wife would be happy to hear that

Shinkai-san, For your sake,

It seems my wife made it better than usual,

So please, eat up.

You really haven't eaten any?

It's really delicious.

Thank you,

I cannot eat another bite,

but later, I'll definitely have some.

How about it everyone,

Shall we step out into the garden for some fresh air?

I really want to show you the scenery


Sounds good

Tsuchiya, show them the way

Please, Bring your glasses


It's like a French castle

Say, Why is there a bouquet over there?

Oh, that?

Actually, when I was tending the garden,

I dug up the soil,

Under the statue of Mary,

What do you think I found?


Very sharp!




I apologise for the inconvenience.


Was it...

Surely not a human, was it?

Indeed it wasn't,

I think,

The belonged to a small dog or something.

In any case,

It looked like it was from a newborn baby

It was a really thin bone.

So that's why you put the bouquet there.

Shinkai-san, you really are a gentle person, aren't you?

No, Not at all

The bone was thrown away, with the rest of the burnable rubbish.

Please, come this way

It feels good to go for a walk.

What's wrong?

Are you okay? You don't look good

I don't feel too good

I'm going on ahead, Excuse me.


You're being rude to Shinkai-san

No, It was my fault, sorry.

For telling such a strange story.


Ahh, doesn't look good

You really look sick

Shall we adjourn, everyone?

At least for today.

You're causing trouble.

I'm sorry

I got scared

You're the only one I can speak to about this

It'll be better to forget it.


All in the past



I've already forgotten

From now on,

Please refrain from approaching me personally.

I know that.


It gets cold at night,

Please be careful

The same as before


Please stop with the half-hearted kindness

I'm home

Welcome back

Was everything okay with work?


I see,

Thank you

I'm knackered

How was it?


Shinkai-san's Villa

Ah, It was fun

Everyone enjoyed your sweets



That's a relief

I'll get it


Who was the call from?

It was an insurance cold call

At this time?

It's true


I wonder if you actually liked this villa

A lot


Why did you send a fax to Nanjo Yukio?

I'd appreciate it if you don't do things on your own.

Then, Shinkai-san

Please enjoy

You used too much buckwheat flour as well

Just a little more,

And you might have killed Erina-san

Found it

Ambulance please

Do you not like my way?

Is there a reason for doing it in such a roundabout way?

It looks like my PC has a virus

It's too bad, that I can't go to the party

It would be better to take those 3 out quickly

Killing them is easy

Then what is it you're planning?

True misfortune,

Do you know what it is?

I'll destroy it,

What they hold dear,


Goodnight Airi.

I will sleep alone tonight.

Next Time

I told you

I will destroy everything they hold dear

The demon of revenge's means, go beyond that of humans

Don't ever use my fucking money again!

I want to have fun

"The forbidden couple" and, "Living Hell"

It's nice to keep talking.