Monte Cristo Haku (2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

I'm off

Dan, it's lunchtime

Come on, wake up!

Hey, rise and shine


Miss, The line's pulling

Dan, could this be ...


I will definitely make you happy

Please marry me.

I will.

I did it!


What the hell

I had no idea

Congratulations to Dan and Sumire on their engagement!

And so, though you may not be able to tell from that proposal,

Saimon Dan-san and Meguro Sumire-san are the romantic couple

Thank you

It was well made

Year 2003 - Spring

You have no idea how much work it took

Dan's Fiance
Meguro Sumire

It never showed at all on Dan's face

Dan's Best Friend
Nanjo Yukio

With something like this, wouldn't it be better to leave it until closer to time?

Don't worry, I'm sure he'll come back

Well, guess I'll make cutlet curry

Do we have carrots?

Tuna Fishermen missing, navy continues searching

In the waters around 450km northwest from the Pacific Solomon Islands,

There was a distress signal from the Ocean Tuna fishing boat

The last communication with the Kaishinmaru was 2 weeks ago

The surrounding waters were rough at the time due to a storm,

This the Morio Fishery, where the 7 men worked

"The search costs of the Japan Coast Guard is a waste of taxpayer money,"

All sorts of complaints are coming to the office.

A waste of money?

Do you think that money is more important than their lives?

I didn't say that..

but, it's been 2 weeks, hasn't it?

maybe it's about time to think about it

They're all still alive

also, Baraji is an amazing captain

That Baraji is the problem,

You know he's a suspected member of the Terrorist Organisation "Kukumet"

I get it

Morio Fishery - President
Morio Eiichiro

Baraji is naturalised to Japan, and is working
himself to the bone in Hamaura Town

Morio Fishery - Fisherman
Kagura Kiyoshi

The world doesn't see it that way!

If they find that you're using taxpayer money for a suspected terrorist

The port will go down with you

They have Dan, he will ensure that the ship will return


At this rate, We'll start losing more fishermen and their families , you see?


Everyone will say the company is over before your time comes

With this injury, I'm already disqualified.

Ah, Shinichiro... What's up?

Mum says you haven't eaten anything

Do you want to eat together?

Eiichiro's Son
Morio Shinichiro


Weak, Normal, Strong,

Weak, Normal, Strong!

It says

Let me borrow it


I'm begging you, please watch over Dan

Dan's Mother
Saimon Megumi

You remember when you baked sweet potatoes here?

They were delicious

Land Speculator
Terakado Rui

You know, it must be hard taking care of such a large space

What'll you do when you're alone?

I won't sell, no matter what!

I'll get it


Yes, Saimon here

Dan is..

Hold the fort

Hey, The harbour is the other way!

Are they all safe?

It seems there are some are injured or dead,


But, I don't know the details

Don't come!


It's fine, I'll take you by car-

So you can get rid of me?!

This and the land are two different things

I'll push

As fast as you can.

The missing ship Kaishinmaru has reported been found, and many people have come out to see it

Look at that! A ship! A ship has returned!

It's the Kaishinmaru! It looks like it was caught in the storm.

In response to a report from the private sector that there is a ship resembling the Kaishinmaru,

The Japan Coast Guard was dispatched

Also, The Coast guard have already boarded the Kaishinmaru offshore to confirm the safety of the crew.

Let me through

I can't let you through

They're our sailors!


Are you alright?


Please pass!


Good work on making it back

Where's Baraji, or Dan?


You're joking

Morio Fishery - Captain
Baraji Iskuran




Sumire-chan, Sorry, excuse me,


Morio Fishery - Fisherman
Saimon Dan


Dan! I got you

I couldn't save the captain,

Baraji... in the storm... hit his head-


It's fine... Look, Go to them

We're his family!

Let us through

He's my friend

Stay back

I'm also family

Sumire... mum

I'm sorry for making you worry

It's your bride you shouldn't be making worry

Come on, give him a hug

If you insist


I'm home

Welcome back



With Baraji dead, won't you be the next Captain?

You really are a twat

What are you saying, I'm your senpai.

Give me a smoke

Excuse me

One moment please

I'll finish this quickly

Metropolitan Police Detective
Iruma Kouhei

I can't find anything

Looking for something?

Thanks, The ship

Sumire, sorry.

I stink don't I?

Yes, real bad

That's all for today

Excuse us

How was the engine?

It would be better to replace it

I see

I thought it would be more repaired than that, was it Roy?

No, It was Dan


It was written in the logbook

After Baraji died, it seems Dan took command of the ship as Captain


My face is pretty bad,


The storm killed the engine, and the communications and GPS are also dead

So how did they make it back?

They navigated using the stars

Take a look


This is the route Dan charted

By watching the stars?

He's not too bad

"You can't, I'm not a good woman"

"No, You are an amazing girl"

"The only thing that was wrong, was that you killed a person"

"You doubted me from the beginning"

"No, I loved you"

"Then, Why am I the culprit?"

That's not going to be a practice for Yukio

Stupid, I'm just reading the lines

Yukio, when will you hear the results from tomorrows audition?

I should hear from the company by end of day

We should celebrate at Sumire's tomorrow

I'm being discharged tomorrow as well,
so lets eat some of Sumire's delicious food.

It's too early for that

I'm heading back to Tokyo

So soon?

I need to practice some more

Well, you two should take it easy today

Thank you

Good luck with the audition

Oh, Yukio

I'm sorry

For being your practice partner

I'm truly glad you're safe

Hey Yukio


Long time no see,

Playing as Sumire's chaperon again?

A little, I was worried

Must be tough going back and forth


I'm getting called again tomorrow

I see.


Oi Oi, This isn't a love hotel

Oi Oi, This isn't a love hotel


Please knock it off

The door is open

We were waiting for you


Welcome back, How's everyone?

All okay, Dan was pretty lively

Thanks for your time

No problem, Thanks for coming

A detective?

It seems they were looking into Baraji

Huh? You mean like the Terrorist Organisation Kukumet

Seriously, It's not like they're going to find anything

They even searched the Captain's locker

We haven't even held a funeral for him yet

They must be looking for something

Anyway, Kagura, Do you have some time?

Just a bit



Hey Shinichiro, You late?



Good morning

Kagu-Nii, morning


You're here early

Oh, I'll do it

It's fine

Are you preparing for the next sail?


I came here...

...To say goodbye


It took good care of me,

You can't be scrapping the Kaishinmaru

Of course not, I'll be getting off

Then why?

Because of you, Dan

I heard it from the president

You're the next captain

I can't be

The captain-


It's better this way

I thought he'd choose you

You were able to make it back like that

It's amazing

Yeah but, The captain should be you

That's the thing, I'm an office worker

Because I was told to support the company because of my right arm

You were out on the seas fishing

Whilst I stayed behind and crunched numbers

Team play, in these times?

Oi, say something

What are you doing Kagu-nii

Take care of the Kaishinmaru, Dan

I will.

I'll try my best.

Idiot, You have to live up to Baraji's Reputation

You're right


Have you ever been to Shibuya?


Going to a strip club before you get married?

It's not that

um, Baraji asked me to do something there

It seems like Baraji had something to deliver to a friend there

When he was dying, he asked me to make sure it got there


What will you do?

I'll deliver it tomorrow

I promised him

Okay next, Nanjo Yukio-san please


This way

"You are an amazing girl"

"The only thing that was wrong was..."

"that you killed a person"

"You doubted me from the beginning"

"No, I loved you"

"Then, Why am I the culprit?"

"Your hands"


It hurts!

I'm sorry

Are you okay?


Can I try again?

It's unusual for you to invite me for drinks, Did something happen?

Not really, is there something wrong with that?

I got it, you've been lonely since Dan came back

I'll seriously hit you

Don't lump me in with someone like you.

I heard about it, That you're jealous of Dan

That before he came, you were like the hero of the company

Why, Why, Why, Why, Why. Why.

I'm your senpai, right?

It's Yukio

Hey, daikon over there!

Let up on the actor

Hey Yukio, let's drink

I would, but I have to go to Sumire's

It's still early, come and join us for one

Join us, daikon

I'll order you a daikon salad

The ships engine and communications system was damaged, is that correct?

Yeah ... uhh...

The engine was...

The engine's cooling system was damaged

So I fashioned a cooling device myself

Um.. Oh yeah... With everyone-

Dan is famous now

Everyone's all "Dan-chan, Dan-chan." Give it a rest, seriously.

He's the hero of the town

What are you saying? His woman is your world

Me and Sumire are not like that

What's with the attitude?

I'm your senpai!

Oi, You daikon salad -

Even so

One thing worries me about Dan

What's that?

Did you know that Baraji was a suspected member of Kukumet?


//Subs by Tezu\\

What's Kukumet?

I hated them

The stars in the sky



Though they might look pretty elsewhere

The city lights looks more beautiful to me.


For as long as I can remember, I could never see the stars in the sky

The "glittering rush"

But, you know what?

I wanted you to invite me... I pretended to like them

But then, I started to like them

You're... pretty cute

Aren't I?

What's wrong?

I thought I was done for

The engine and communications were damaged,

and even working day and night, there was no guarantee it could be repaired.

After a week of just drifting,

Baraji had died

Nothing but water, never raining

We had no idea what to do

Whilst everyone slept,

I was alone on deck,

lying on my back,

and I thought,

I would never get to see this with you again


I almost gave up.

I'm sorry.

Love will win

Wherever you are

Because you'll take it back.

I have to return to the shop

I suppose


And, lift.

Please forgive me, Always the house-

You can afford to drink in bright daylight, hey.

How about paying your debts?

Will you ever catch some land?

What are you doing, Tera?

Wait a minute

Okay, okay, I'll get it

You'd better

Approaching fishing spot!

It's a good wind

The sonar is pinging a spot 200m below

Plotting course

Hard to Starboard

Full rudder

Arriving on Track 2, the train bound for Tokyo

Please wait behind the yellow line

Arriving on Track 2, the train bound for Tokyo

*We regret to inform you that you have failed this time. We wish you luck for the next time.*

Is it not too flashy?

Then, what about this one?

The crane? that one stands out too much

What's wrong with that? Your son will only get married once

If I get this, I may stand out more than the bride

It's fine, I'll make sure to shine even more

Really? Then might have shine even more

Dan, what do you think?

Isn't that one okay?


Look at you with your cat tongue

It's not even been that long

I'm in a hurry, Thanks for the food, I'm heading out

Where are you going?



I was asked to do of something

I'm not going to a strip club


Are you Saimon Dan?


I'm Detective Iruma

Shall we have a little chat?


Me, part of a Terrorist Organisation? You're joking

Why am I being suspected?

We have information from Rhadel, that says Baraji had been in contact with an active member.

I had planned to ask him about it when he returned.

But, You said it yourself that it wasn't a problem.

I had intended to close the investigation

But then, we got an anonymous call

An anonymous call?

Saying that you are a member of Kukumet

Of course we didn't believe it

It's just that...

They said that you have a letter or something from Kukumet

Does that ring a bell?


Baraji gave it me

Does that mean that he entrusted it to you before he died?


Have you checked it's contents?


Do you have it now?


Do you mind checking it now?

Yeah, but

A lot of people's lives are riding on this

Please cooperate with us


What's wrong?

It's written completely in English

I don't understand a word of this

Could you let me see it?

What was Baraji going to do with this?

He was going to deliver it to a company in Shibuya

This is it,

Excuse me

What did the letter say?

I'm sorry, but I cannot answer that, as it's a confidential matter

May I take this letter as evidence?

I can't, I promised that I would deliver it


This letter is more dangerous than you think

Just by holding this,

You could put your family in danger.

I promise not to cause you any trouble

So, please trust me


Oh, also,

Please don't mention this to anyone.

For the safety of you and and your family.

Well, of course I will

Good work

What's up?

It seems there was a hostage negotiation proposal from the Rhadel Republic to The Ministry of Foreign affairs.

What is it they demand?

The person in Japan that Baraji's letter was addressed to,

If we hand that person over, they'd be willing to trade them for the Foreign Ministry employees that they have.

The official residence?

It seems that negotiations are already under way at the embassy with Murakami

How was Saimon Dan?

Have you finished there?

What happened?

He was just checking a few things about the incident at sea.

What about Shibuya?

Well, it's getting late,

I'll do it another time.

Did something happen?




Excuse me, who are you?

Wait just a minute!

Sorry, I couldn't stop him.

It's fine, leave us.

Excuse me.

You are...

...Rhadel Republic's terrorist organisation...

...Kukumet's Financial backer, aren't you?


is a written request for an extra $5 million of assistance.


You're a worldwide investor, you know that...

So why do you finance a terrorist organisation?

Kukumet are...

People who were driven out of the capital by a coup d'etat

It is a gathering of the figures from the former government

They are not terrorists

They're the only ones who can bring true prosperity back to that country.

The world governments recognises them at terrorists.

The Rhadel Republic contacted the Japanese Government.

Requesting to exchange the recipient of that letter,

with the Japanese who are being held hostage.

The government is optimistic

I'm fine with being traded

with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees.

It's the obvious choice.

I have to hand you over

I'm prepared for what's to come

Do you arrest me in the name of "justice"?

Or are you using this cause to protect yourself?

What is it you choose, Kouhei.

Do not use my name so casually.

I broke contact with you a long time ago.

To have someone like you as my father,

Do you know how hard it was...

to get to my current position?

TI Fund - Chairman
Iruma Teikichi

I guess the gods saw fit to have you find that letter


Thank you for waiting

Excuse me


Why are you just standing there, You not going to say anything?

Sumire, sorry... I'm at my limits

What are you saying now?

I , uh... need to loo badly

Why are you embarrassed, Just go.

Where you going Dan?

Oi, Captain Dan!

Gotta take a leak, sorry.

Be back in a sec

You can be so stupid at times

Hey Yukio, Drink up


Why are you not pouring me one?

I'm your senpai.

Can't you dance without it?

What are you talking about?

You can't dance either.

There's no way, seriously.

You're Saimon Dan-san aren't you?


Thanks for coming today

Who were you again?

You're under arrest on suspicion of financing a terrorist organisation.

What the hell

Let me go

What the hell, I've done nothing wrong

Okay okay okay, Okay


Move it!

Shut up!



Oi! What are you lot doing?


Let go!

This is official police business, Do not interfere

There must be some mistake

Tell Sumire what happened, Yukio!

Take care of Sumire

Should I thank you?


Dan was...

Stop resisting!




Please wait outside

You're from that time

Tell me what's going on here

This isn't funny

I'm sorry

It seems my subordinates were a little rough


You'll be released soon, but we just had to borrow you for a bit,

Please wait a bit longer

It's my wedding day

It's a once in a lifetime, It's the bride's dream stage

I'm truly sorry

I'll try and make this as quick as possible

That's obvious

Could you confirm this for me?

What is it?

Can you confirm this is the same letter you gave me?

As I said before, I cannot read English

Oh, I'm sorry

It's a rule

It's alright now

Soon your innocence will be proved

Be quick about it

All okay already?

I'm really glad, Lets go

Huh, This again?

Is it really alright?

You can remove these now.

Ah, I get it

Police Protocol

Who has my mobile?

I have to call Sumire and Mum, They're probably really angry

Those two have short tempers

Is a wedding ceremony insurable? Is it possible to do it over?

I'd better be able to do it again

I don't know

I keep telling you

You said you didn't know

Who did you give the money to?

I don't know anything about any money

It seems the government wants money

One more time

Get a better interpreter!


Please, Please hear our story

He was unjustly detained

An Appeal


Please speak with us

Who did you give the money to?

I know nothing

Rhadel Republic Prison

Rhadel's prison of over the top!
~Prison on the isolated island is too dangerous~

Where did the money go?

It was the Detective Iruma

Please tell us of the money


Please tell us of the money

Tell us where you sent it

don't know

Please take one

Please help us find him

He's is innocent!

Please tell us of the money

Who in Kukumet did you pay?

*Terrorist's House*

*Haji of Japan*

Please say who got the money

Please Sign, Saimon Dan is innocent!

Good work

I'm knackered

*Retirement Request*


Let's go to the next one

Join us for drinks

Shut up!

You shut up!

Please tell us of the money


You dogs!

- honour of this country

22nd of October, Heisei 15 (2003)

Out with it

Take care of this guy

Do you seriously know nothing?

We stop here

Torture is over.

You are the government's dirty bastard

This is where you die.

Year 2017 - Autumn

When you know the truth...

Next Time

I have to try and get out of here

Go towards the light's direction


The one who betrayed Dan

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