Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Schoenen Uit! - full transcript

Ashraf returns with the cargo from Italy, but Samira's problems with 'Taxi' are not solved yet. Otto wants to prove his worth and takes an unexpected step. Adil and Meltem are further cornered.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Get the bag.

Fill up that bag.

Bro, what the fuck are you doing?

We're in.
Do you think you're free now?

You think those people aren't going to look for you?
Tell me: What are we going to do now, patron?

This shit isn't right.

This is never gonna happen again.
I'll fix this myself.

You gonna pay back my shit.

After that we'll be friends again
that hang around in the fucking playground.

Go, come.


Who is this?
- Meltem.

Find her.
-Oke, sure.

WOMAN: Our country's most
wanted man is liquidated...

and you want to keep it a secret?

Younes El Saddiqi is about
to give us all information...

to round up that Ancharad group.

You do not even have the authority
to get my children here.

Younes, just think for a second, man.

What do you think is
out there that you can get?

Where are you going, man?
To your wife?

Yes, maybe.

SAMIRA: As soon as possible, I want...

to get around the table with those people
who are waiting for this shipment.

I want my money back and
I want it before I leave.

I want my money back
and want it before I leave.

I made a deal with Pope,
not his toddlers.

What we don't understand,
let alone tolerate...

is when you start talking to
other people behind our backs.

Dishonesty is not accepted.

Let this be a lesson to you.

Now put your weapon on the dashboard.
You're going to take me to Chaouki.

I swear, if I catch you, Pencil.
I'm going to find you.

I'll fuck the life out of your
mother's cunt, son of a bitch.


Hello? Gerben, sorry
for the ungodly moment...

but you really need to hear this.
You want to know this.

It's not like I was asleep.

A few weeks ago,
the FIOD raided...

an apartment in West.

It was the standard story: a
young girl with nimble fingers...

who did something with designer
bags on Marktplaats and the like.

You know who's talking on the
phone right now, don't you?

Yes, yes, yes.
Nothing special really...

so that forensic investigation
of the suspect's home...

got to the bottom of a stack
and when it got to the top...

the detective on duty
was on vacation.


Fingerprints of El Haddaoui.

The entire fucking flat was
covered with El Haddaoui's fingerprints.

I told you I'd take care of it.

How are you?

Really good, now that this shipment is in.

That is not what I meant. Are you
all right, niece? How are you doing?

Fine. Things are fine.

Do you know when things
would be even better?

If I can spit on the corps of
that fucking dog called Pencil.

Don't worry about Pencil.
Even if I have to go around the world.

That fucking dog is dead.
Yeah? Okay?


Good. Let's get to work.

There are a couple of your
boys outside the door.

There are a couple of your
boys outside the door.

They're asking about you.
I know one of them.

Do you have a clipshoot?

I've got something for you.


Plus interest. We're finally even.

And do you want to do business or what?

do you hear him?

I also brought a present.

Small one?

He sold you quickly.

BOY: Hey, what the fuck?

Get out of here, bro.
Fucking shit.


Fuck off.

The only place I want to see you is on
fucking TikTok. Did you hear me?

Fuck off.
Nobody's gonna rip us.

No one, you fucking faggots.

Get those boys, clean
up this fucking mess.

Hey, fuck off.

Oh. Sorry.

What the fuck are you doing here?

What's up?

Nothing, go to sleep.
I thought I heard something.

Hey man.

And now I also have to
meet with you secretly in the car.

Why can't we meet at the office?
In all honesty?

Because my partners don't
want a bomb on our doorstep.

Hey, everything a bit...
Everything a bit indeed.

Do you have everything?
It's not too late, is it?

I know you don't trust them,
but come on, man.

It's not safe out here either,
is it?

Paul, please. Please.
I don't have time for bullshit now.

Give me those statements and then...
I'll see.

My life in a fucking backpack.

Younes, we've come too far
to go back to square one.


Then where's the little rat?
Stinking in his nest.

TV: What can you tell about
the case in which Jaouad A...

Hey, did you already know about this?
Crime reporter Mathijs Harderwijk...

Did you already know this?

...was liquidated in Italy.

Fuckin' chaos.
But yeah, it's his own fault.

Fuckin' chaos.
But yeah, it's his own fault.

That was in Italy. I'm worried about
what's happening in Amsterdam.

Where's Otto?
No idea.

Oi oi.



Can't say that anymore,
huh, nowadays.

Nothing, dude.

Yes, nice. Go ahead.

Thanks man.

You did not get any sun, old man, did you?

Yes, I asked if they had
a room with a balcony, but...

they were already taken.

Grab one if you want.
- No thanks, man.

What's it like here?

not bad.

I'm doing my best to keep things
together now that my dad's gone.

Yes, man. My condolences.
How did it actually happen?

Yes, man. My condolences.
How did it actually happen?

Long story.

By the way, condolences
to you too for Joey.

Yes, mate.

Yes, it is what it is.
Can't do anything about it, huh.

What are you saying?

Well... It is what it is?

Listen, mate.
It should have never happened.

Ah yes.

What are you doing here?

Well, I have some
powdered sugar for you.

Powdered sugar?
Yes, about 30 pounds.

It's in the car.

Let's go there then.
We'll just walk there then.

Show it.

How much do you need?

For you eight grand.


Seven and a half. Yes?
All good, man.


You could have wrapped that
up a bit better. Don't you think?

For that price, you're not going to
complain about those bags, are you?

Do you want to take it?

That price, huh.

Do you know what it is?

The ATM here is broken,
so I have no cash at all.

And you know, even if I had cash...

then you and that fucking brother of yours
would be the last ones to get a dime of it.

then you and that fucking brother of yours
would be the last ones to get a dime of it.

You have some balls I must say.

That you still have the balls to come here after
what your fucking brother did to me.

Or are you even dumber than your brother?

Hey, what the fuck are you talking about, man?
I'm standing right here. Not my brother.

I suggest you get in...

and drive straight back to that fucking Eastern
Bloc country of yours. Yeah?

Excuse me, are you going
to screw me up my ass?

Do you fucking realize who
we're working with, moron?

Those fucking mocro's whose
top dog is no more.

Get in before I change
my mind and blow you to pieces.

Hey Harry, you don't want this, man.
Come on, give me that cash.

Come on, moron.
It's been good. Come on.

What are you going to do?
What the fuck are you going to do?

Fuck you.

Fuck you?

Sit. Sit down right now.

You really don't want this, Harry.

Shit, motherfucker.

By the way, don't forget to say hello
to that little fucking brother of yours.

Just say see him soon. We are waiting for him.

Fuck off.

Party time, boys.

Hikmet, K.O., bro, let's go outside, come.

What are we going to do?
-Last minute thing.

In Amsterdam, a chick.
-You can fix a chick yourself, bro.

Shut your fucking mouth, yeah.

Dogan, that German, for whom
we got that mask the other day.

I don't know what that chick did,
but bro, he was a fucking freak.

Come on man. Now.

Let me take a leak first.

Pick it up. Fuck.

Who is this?

Hello Mrs. El Haddaoui,
You don't know me.

I am Gerben van Jaren,
District attorney.

You may have seen me in court...

during the hearing of your son.

Could I perhaps come in?

Mrs. El Haddaoui, I am
here out of respect for you.

Because I know, despite
everything you've been through...

that you too are a victim.

Make no mistake,
we know everything about Adil.

We know about the tape
that he sent you recently.

We know that he is in the Netherlands
and that he is not, like everyone says, in Morocco.

We know the address where he stayed
and with whom he is hanging out.

You lost him.

You don't know where he is.

I appeal to you as a mother,
Mrs. El Haddaoui.

Your son is known as an
armed and very dangerous fugitive.

What that means for the
police force in charge...

you have experienced yourself

You must not be mistaken.
Those cops won't hesitate...

if they get involved in certain
situations with your son.

I ask you to help
me when Adil is found...

we don't have to return
him to you in a coffin.

Because he will get
caught one day. Believe me.

Do you know where she is, by the way?

I don't know where she is, but
her father will talk. I do know that.

Maybe you should tell
Dogan to use Tinder, bro.

Or don't they have that in Germany?
They do, right?


Fuck, answer.



GERBEN: You've had trouble
with the law before. Right?

Your husband.
That was in the past.

Of course. Of course.

However, a unique opportunity
has now presented itself, also for you.

The chance to stand up for yourself and
take matters into your own hands.

Stop being the plaything
of the men in your life.

Those days are over, aren't they?

In the Netherlands
everyone has a voice.

Regardless of religion, gender, origin.

You can be an example
to the women around you.

For the other victims
of this endless drama.

For the other victims
of this endless drama.

For society.

Don't get me wrong. I understand
very well what I am asking of you.

And it isn't nothing.
So you just think about it.

But not too long.

Before it's too late for your son.

Thank you for the
tea and for your time.

I'll let myself out.


Daddy. Daddy.


Dad, why don't you pick up the
phone when I call? Come with me, now.

We have to leave right now, Daddy.
-Take it easy. I just woke up.

Fifth floor to the left.

Tick tock, get in, get out quickly.

If that father doesn't
talk, take him right away.

Take him? In broad daylight?

Dad, come with me.

If that shit doesn't work out, you know.

But he's going to talk anyway.
He's going to be scared.

Come with me.

Hikmet, go.

Shut up, bitch.
Against the wall.

Dad, shut up.

Drop those guns.

Lower your fucking gun now.

Bro, I don't know what's going on here.

You came in with shoes.

Do you hear what I say?
Lower your fucking gun. Now.

Brother, keep that gun down.
Lower your weapon. Now.

Hey, look at me. Hey.

We can resolve this together.
This is not necessary.

You came in with shoes.
- Dad, shut up.

Bro, I don't know what's going on here.

Lower your fucking gun. Hikmet.
Both of you, shut your mouth.

Your feet are really big.
-None of your business.

Dad, shut up.

Fuck you.

Everyone's gone mafia, man.

Put that gun down.
Put that gun down.

Put that gun down.
Put that gun...

We have to leave now. Yeah.

Come on. We have to leave now.
Listen to me. Hey.

We have to leave now, yes. OK?

No. No.

No, I don't drive.

I'm having a break.
You can get in next door.

Hey bro, if anyone sees you.
Come on, I don't want any bullshit.

You don't get any
shit if you just listen.

Get out, please.
I need to speak to my wife.

I don't even know who
you're talking about.

Don't act like that.
You know who to look for.

Let Samira know I need to
talk to her as soon as possible.

Please, bro. Just help me.

Selem aleykum. -Aleykum Selem.


Ahmed, how is your wife?
Extra meat. ONE fries.

Thank you.
There you go.

Everthing okay?
All well with you?

With the little one?
Yep, almost done with high school.

Time goes fast, huh.
Little boys grow up.

How is business? Good?
We can't complain.

SELIM: I had to report that
your husband wants to talk to you.

Our Younes?

And he wanted to talk to me?
Yes, I swear.

Okay. Thank you.

Younes on the loose.
No, that's not possible.

If you ask me...

Ah, I missed that, man.
Please, here you go.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Bro, don't you need someone else?

For a few evenings per week or something.

I've known you for a long time and
you know: I wish you the best in the world.

But I have to think about
myself and the business.

Yes, but, bro...
My children live upstairs.

You got this from me.


What? What do you mean?

Clothes off, mate. Change.

Did you get a library
and a pencil case?

Did you give ass too?
Look what they give you.

Testimonial Statement Younes El Saddiqi.

I, Younes, am the biggest
coward on this earth...

because I tried to screw the people who
have been with me all our lives...

so hard that they
went to Abu Graib...

hey, son of a bitch, and
never to get out again.

Sure. There.

I'll be right back, yes.

Come on.

You wanted to send me to
Guantánamo, didn't you, asshole?

Sorry for your loss.

Can I sit down?

How are you?
And the kids?

You sat there with all the infor