Mocro Maffia (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Je Praat Teveel - full transcript

Samira, Tonnano and Ashraf must decide what to do with the corpse, while Potlood pushes ahead with his short but brutal war. Adil gets an opportunity from an unexpected source. And on the hunt to collect his last kilos, Tatta must...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Where's Otto?
- No idea.

I have some powdered sugar for you.

Powdered sugar? -
A good 30 kilos.

That you still dare to come here after
what your cancer brother did.

Get in before I change
my mind and blast you.

What happened between
you and Cobus?

I'm trying to sell our
coke to Neef Harrie...

and it just ripped
us. - What?

I want my money now.

We can't pay you today.
We're ripped.

You get all your shit back. -
I'm going to charge interest.

You understand that right? I'm gonna get some
of those terminators of yours, okay?

It's not safe outside, is it?

Just give me those statements
and I'll see.

Clothes off, friend.

I'm here for Kaoutar and Rayan. Someone
must be thinking of them, right?

Just give me those kids and then you
can be whatever you want to be.

What did you tell them? - Everything.
But they are vault statements.

If they do use them, you
will be acquitted.


You lost him. You don't
know where he is.

Put that gun down.
Do that...

I think they're screwing
it up at the OP...

that crazy Gerben just comes
to ask me nicely...

if I want to leak something in
that sewer newspaper of mine.

Family is the most important thing.
We leave tomorrow, okay?

Create peace in Amsterdam.

Peace after a small intervention,
a small war...

to make short work of what's
left of Pope's organization.

Good luck.

What time does that whore
go to sleep, man? - Now.

Do you already have it?

You have to press it. The
damn thing doesn't work.

Hurry up.

How did it go? -
Fuck. Listen.

This thing faltered. Fix that shit.

Bright? -
Is good.

Are these the weapons from Moldova?

We caught them all. They were
only ten grand or so.

And the shock absorbers? - Don't
stress with that shit.

Each car can handle 500 kilos.
No stress with that.

Are you sure? -
Yeah dude, 100.


Come here.

Long time ago, patron.
Said you landed...

I would have sent someone
to pick you up.

The less people know,
the better.

All I want to know
is if we're ready.

We are ready.

Sorry it took so long.

The police were delayed
with the paperwork.

That's all they can do, ma'am. - Can
I hand this over to you in advance?

Take as long as you want. Just
call when you're ready.

oh, uncle...

oh, uncle...

Jaouad, Jaouad...

I have already booked tickets to
Al Hoceima. - I'm not going.

What do you mean? You have
to go to the funeral.

What I have to do is get those 2000
kilos gone as soon as possible.

Listen, niece, I put
that deal off.

Who told you to postpone
that deal?

What's up with you? What's more important,
business or your brother?

It's my brother, isn't it? Jaouad gave
me a task and I will accomplish it.

And Pencil? - Pencil
is for later.

Which later? Are you going to make
me sick? Which later? Hey?

Patron said to me: My sister,
my sister, my sister.

Is good. Tonnano is with you
everywhere. Does not matter.

Now it's a lot. That's why Tonnano
goes through fire, huh, human.

She already knew this, did you know that?

You knew it too.

And what am I?

I have to go.

Ashraf, call those men and tell them
to pick up that cargo tonight.

That must be worth about 60 million.

I'll make sure you both get your
share. After that it's done.

No disrespect or anything, but
this is completely wrong.

You get that, don't you? After
everything Pope has built...

What are we going to do now?

He has to go to Morocco.
We're going to bury him.

I'm going to that Tia,
see what's there.

He just came into my office,
so I'll tell him right away.

And apologies, eh, I should have
intervened much sooner.

Yes thank you.

I know I went out of my way
with that article...

but it did work.

I just received a call
from Mrs. El Haddaoui.

That taxi driver's lawyer
just filed a formal suit.

How do you get it in your head?
- It was the only option.

It was the only way to get him to
release those vault statements.

I kept it quiet to keep
you out of the wind.

Did you keep me out of the wind? -
I worked alone, I can prove that.

Let me negotiate with
Al Saddiqi's lawyer.

I'm dragging out an arrangement.
- Twenty-five years, Gerben.

We have worked together
for twenty-five years.

And this is how you break it
all? Like the first amateur?

You leave me no choice. You are
inactive until further notice.

And then the ministry has to decide...

whether you are entitled to a severance
package after that stunt.

I'm sorry.

Yes, I'm sorry too.

This is the voicemail of...

Meltem. If you hear this,
please come back.

I understand.
I'm sorry.

Please call me back.

Hey Otto.


I should have listened to
you, Rinus. I didn't.


I'm gonna fix this shit, okay?

Hey, give that boy another
chance. - One more chance?

Second, third, fourth, fifth,
thousandth chance.

Come on. - Did
you forget?

Those nights when Dad came home at
night and beat up the whole mess.

Who always jumped in between? Who
always took all the punches?

Night after night.
- Shut up, please.

Put that fucking key there and
get out of my fucking life.

You're lucky you don't have
a bullet in your head yet.

Sad thing you are. Loser.

Fuck off with me,
friend. - Who...

spent most of
his life...

because he ended it...

and dad put a hammer in
the back of his head?

That was me, Rinus. And
what was the deal...

that we made before
I went to jail?

You would take care of Joey.

What happened to Joey, Rinus?

And what happened to you?

Look at yourself, man.

Listen, friend.

It's not your fault,
it's not my fault...

it's nobody's fault. I want
you to put that key here...

and that you get out of my life and
never come back, understand?

I'm gonna fix that shit.

And when I come back...

I want my brother back.


Thanks for your time.

I admit, I was surprised
they sent you.

They're all at the
funeral, home.

Terrible what happened to Pope.
Sorry for your loss.

Pencil will pay for this.
With his blood.

What can I do for you? - I
want to discuss business.

The next shipment will
arrive in two months.

Yes, but I need it sooner.
Maybe in three weeks?

We don't want to lose our momentum.
We don't want to lose customers.

I'll see what I can do.

One more thing.


What happened to Pope was
horrible and unnecessary.

I'll do what I can to
help you find Pencil.

You know, I've always
wanted peace. Always.

I wanted peace, but your brother...

Sorry for your loss.

Jaouad poisoned everything
he touched.

Always been like that.

I know Ashraf is on his
way to Al Hoceima.

I also know Tonnano
is with Tia now.


Did you think I could have done all
this without her permission?

You're out of soldiers, Samira.

Stock only.

Patron, we have to go. - All
right, I'll be right over.

Tia commissioned me...

to wipe out the entire organization
of Jaouad.

To the bone.

So you too.

That fear you feel right now...

i wish i could feel it too.

It means you're alive.

The last time I felt something...

was when my child was still
in my wife's tummy.

We both know how
that ended.

I am not Jaouad.

You have 48 hours to disappear.

Don't you...

then the costs of your children's
funeral will be mine.

Look at me.

Go away, Samira. Disappear.

Bring your kids. Be a mother
to them, a good mother.

Give it to them.

48 hours.

Stay calm. - In
my leg, man.


Fuck Otto.

You're about to give me a heart attack, crazy.
- Put those bags in that boat, Harry.

What? - Put those bags
in the boat. Now.


Calm down, Otto. We are family.
We don't get along...

This is what happens when
you try to rob me, dog.

Just like your father, huh?

Hey shit. - What,
what is it?


Nothing, come on.
- Come on.


Guys, what did I
say? Come here.

Grab your bag, Rayan. Kaoutar too.

Pack everything you need.
You too. come.

Mr. Al Saddiqi, you need
to get out of here.

I need to see my kids. - Your
kids aren't here anyway.

We had to write them
out when we heard...

what you and your wife
are all about.

You should be ashamed. -
You must shut up to me.

I didn't flirt with you, did I? -
Go away or I'll call the police.

Then call.

Yes, call.
- Go away.

I'm doing it, huh.

Get off now.


Mom's a little tense, okay?

But mom isn't mad at you, okay?

I want you to pack your bags,
to take what you want...

because we have to get out of
here. - Where are we going?

I'm going to make sure you're
safe. I promise.

But I don't want you to
be afraid of Mom. Okay?

The answer is no.

I get you, dude.

But I need your help.
You have to help me.

Must? - I have
no choice.

You're the only one I can turn to.

I need money.

I'm sorry. It's the first
and last time. I swear.

If I come by your place again after that,
you can spit on my face, okay?

What happened to you, man?

You, Romano, Pencil...
- Fuck Pencil.

He's back, isn't he? Chaouki.

What will he do then?
Fuck him off.

I'll handle that money. Are you
going to get dressed and taped.

Taping in? For what?

Because it's still a
gym and not a hotel.

Listen, I have one more request.

Do you remember where my mother lives?

Would you like to visit her and tell
her that everything is fine?

I don't want her to worry.

Is good.

God bless you.

Brother, what's the plan? - The plan
is that we're going to rob Pope.

He's in a villa, cockroach
that he is.

Come on.

I know last time I said
it was the last time.

So next time...

that you call me for something
other than coffee or tea...

I hang up immediately.

Hey Chaouki.

What can I do for you?

There's someone for you.

What is she doing here?
- Ask her yourself.

I stay out.

Hey. -

How did you know I was in the Netherlands?

Your action wasn't exactly subtle, was it?

Why am I here? - I want
to make you a proposal.

On behalf of Borsu.

Romano's little
nephew? - Yes.


Can you sit down for a minute?

Chaouki, please. Can you
sit down for a minute?

He's not so little anymore.
He has taken it all.

Involve him in your new line and he can
give you three new neighborhoods...

We no longer do territories.

No, I know. You
just do loads.

But those pounds have to
go somewhere, right?

You owe it to Romano.

I don't owe anyone
anything anymore.

Take care of yourself.

I killed Romano.

bull shit.

It was the only
way to be free.

You know as well as I do that Romano
would never have let me go.

I will never be able to lead
a normal life again.

Just like you can't anymore.

Help me.

I have a new supplier for you.



But niffo...

That bastard went over to Pope,
didn't he? Are you all right?

What can that man do for us? -
Hundred kilos, every month.

At least, if you can handle it.

You are full of surprises,
aren't you? Damn.

Pencil was there, wasn't it?

When Romano and I left
him in Germany.

How did you find that man?
- Does not matter.

He wants to see you tonight, but if you don't
want to, then I cancel, don't you?


What time does Pencil want
to meet? - Nine o'clock.


Adil KO, Adil KO, Adil KO

You look tired.

Are you sleeping well? -
Are you sleeping well?

Getting better.
- Dirty Dog.

This man.

Last time I saw him, he wanted
to throw me off a roof...

in Dusseldorf, remember?

Do what you have to do.

Adil, Adil, Adil.

Things are not as black
and white as you think.


Who defected to Pope?

Romano is dead because of you.
Nadira is dead because of you.

I think it's pretty black and white.
- Nadira wanted to get back at Pope.

For Mouse.

I had warned her.

But yes... stubborn. Just like you.

And Pope...

I was not with Pope.

I belonged to Pope. Like
a fucking slave.

But he's also dead now.

And believe me, he's been through more
pain than all of us put together.

And now?

I whipped it up, we
all whipped it up.

Half of Amsterdam is underground
because of us.

Speak for yourself.

What are you doing? Hey? What
is this? What do you want?

Fleeing for a lifetime?
Is that what you want?

Or a new life?

That's my plan.

I'm done here.

Tonight I'll be gone, then
I'll fly to Dubai.

A normal life.

No more looking over my shoulder
every ten seconds...

waiting for that bullet
with my name on it.

A normal life, bro.

That's what I'm here for.

If you want, you can come along.

Or you stay here whining and
whining like a bitch.

Tonight there is one last meeting
with some partners.

Finish last business.
I want you there.


Don't screw me.

I will see you tonight.

Mr Al Saddiqi?

Hello? The doctor will be with you shortly.


Ouch. Hey baby.

I've missed you. - Oh, honey.
I missed you too.

Everthing okay?

I didn't expect you here.

The children need their
father, Younes.

Why suddenly now?

We can also leave again,
right? - No.

I want you to stay. - Are
you still in pain?

No, honey, not anymore.

And you, old giant?

Are you there?

How is the situation there?

Okay, be careful not to make any mistakes.

Take care of yourself. Bye.

Rest well.

We leave tonight.
- Tonight?

In this state?
- Yes.

Salam alaikum.

What is?

Listen, I want you
to go to Pencil.

I'll handle this. - What are
you going to arrange?

Nothing, just a message
for your mother.

Out of the way, friend.
- Guard.

Mrs El Haddaoui, I am really,
really glad that you...

you still changed
your mind.

It's a really good
decision you made.

My sole purpose is to help Adil...

to safety without

Do you understand?

When did Adil last
contact you?

Cup of tea?

No, thank you.
- Manners.

Excuse me?

Those are things I learned
at home, manners.

That's why I offer you a cup
of tea. - Yes. But...

I would like to know something
about Adil. When did Adil...

Quiet. Enough.

The last time we spoke, you
told me I'm a victim.

And that all women from my environment
and also from my culture are victims.

That's not what I meant at
all, Mrs El Haddaoui.

No. It's too much for me.
I am done. Enough.

But I just want to talk
to you about Adil.

This is what I want to talk about.

Anyone who wants to take on Adil
wants to take on him through me.

Even you. I'm sick of it. Enough
with this bullshit.

Everyone, the neighbors are talking about me.

Please leave me alone.
Leave me alone.

Go away and leave me alone.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Are we waiting for Thuisbezorgd, or what?

Boris, welcome.

Everyone else knows each other,
so let's get started.

The reason I brought you together
is transparency.

We are going to set up a
clear, secure operation.

With a clear hierarchy...

and a short communication line.

Prince's Day. - Indeed. Today
is our Prince's Day.

In which we will determine our budget
and set out a policy plan.

Today is also the only and last day
that you will see me face to face.

What is this? Not even started yet
and you're already saying goodbye.

Don't worry, Idris.

Mounir will take care of the
day-to-day management.

If you have any questions,
you can contact him.

I heard Tia supports you.

It doesn't matter who supports me, Idris. The
most important thing is that I support you.

Delivered every two months,
same time, same price.

For that I give you my word.
In return, I want your word.

No unnecessary liquidations.

No rip deals.

No war.

Anyone who makes even
one mistake is out.

My financier has no patience for
bullshit and neither do I.

Are there any questions?

I'm going to the toilet.

Glad you wanted to meet me.

The last time I saw you, I asked
for your help and you left me.

My apologies.

What is?

I thought...

you probably wanted to see this.

How did you get
here? - Ro...

Celine? - Romano,

They took me.
- What?

Where is Elvira?
- He's not here.

What? - They only
took me.

Where's that cockroach?

Why are you showing this to me?


Those men from Romano...
- What?

Which you are suddenly doing
a lot with. I thought...

if they get their hands on this, then...
- What do you want from me?

thank you

You can go home, Leo. You don't
have to post tonight.

Mr Van Jars, you know
that is not possible.

I appreciate you very much, Leo.

Of course, no problem. - Thank
you for everything.

Rich rolly there.

Lower. Lay down.

What's this, man?
What is this?


To fail. - I'm not
here for you.

But this whore kid,
this faggot... Huh?

Have we enclosed you nicely.

You are our food today.
- Then we eat chicken.

Would you like some chicken?
Roasted so nicely?

Look at her.

What is?


Go inside.

We're not going without you.
- Go inside already.

I'm coming.

Come on, Pencil, we're invited
by Samira. Come on.

Do you remember?

Cousin, are you okay?
- With you?


I do not understand.

I do not understand.

I gave you the chance to disappear.

To be free from all this shit.

I feel sorry for you.

With you.

With your children.

You talk too much.

Ashraf, nephew...

Everything fine? -
One more thing.

Bring me that whore's head, Colombiana,
whatever her name is.

Tia? -

Tia? Do not worry.

Tia is my concern now. I
have a plan with her.

You get her from me.

Bring her to me, I just
want to check on her.

I'll arrange that.

So you can take
a look. - Good.

We need new suppliers.

Didn't I say I'll take care of
that? - Okay. Then arrange it.

That supplier is my business, niece.
I have someone in Antwerp, so...

That's my business, right?

Your case? Okay, show
what you can do.


I was mistaken.

You are not like your brother.

You're even sicker.

Therefore. Go.

Take good care of them.

Where is mommy?